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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:29) in the Essesia system: Interrogator.
El-Nay Darr, Captain Hakan Jarl, and High Inquisitor Serine Thanor.

Deep within the infernal bowels of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Interrogator, the pseudo-Mandalorian El-Nay Darr was held captive by the Inquisitorius. The young woman was forced to kneel on the ground, with her wrists tightly bound above her, pulling her forward, and greatly restricting her movement. The poor young woman had been caged aboard the vessel for days now, being kept alive for some purpose yet unknown to her. All morning a doctor had been present, bringing in a large assortment of medical equipment. There were monitors on her, checking every one of her vitals, which showed she was generally in good health, despite what she had been subjected to. Her attention shifted towards the doctor, her blue eyes looking towards him sympathetically. "I really feel much better. I'm sure I don't need a doctor..." she said towards him, before exhaling with a dejected sigh. No bounty was worth this, she thought silently to herself, biting down at her lower lip in a pout as she waited for the inevitable.

Doctor Hakan Jarl had done a miraculous job restoring the young Mandalorian to health after the horrid abuse that the other bounty hunter had subjected her, but he knew that would pale in comparison to what the Inquisitor was about to do. He could not help but allow a small smile curl upon his lips as the delight of working so closely with her swept over him. He moved to connect the final series of leads to the woman's chest, choosing not to acknowledge her question, nor make eye contact with her. Once he was finished, he began to triple check all of her medical readouts to ensure everything was in order for the Inquisitor. She wanted the young woman kept alive during the interrogation, and the Inquisitor personally tasked him with the responsibility of ensuring that she did not become overzealous in her actions. He viewed this as his biggest opportunity yet to capture the attention of the woman he had come to admire, even worship. When he was sure everything was in order, he pressed a button on his comlink alerting her that everything was ready. He then turned to look at the bound young woman, smiling softly.

It was unlike members of the Inquisitorius to wait so long to fully interrogate their prisoners. It had been quite sometime since El-Nay Darr and Dimona Xirie Nuebla had made a crash entrance upon the Star Destroyer Interrogator. It seemed rather uncharacteristic of the High Inquisitor to show that amount of restraint and patience, but there was always a reason for what Serine did. She needed both of them in their best health, because if not, neither prisoner would ever survive even the first round of questioning, not with what Serine had planned for the both of them. Once summoned, it did not take long for her to make her way down to the holding cells where no doubt El-Nay was being prepared by the good doctor. She was trusting his expertise in this fashion, and that was not something she generally did, because often enough, others were incapable of performing their duties correctly. However, the occupants onboard of the Interrogator were a special breed, and thus Doctor Jarl had her confidence. However, if he were to fail in his obligation, and the young El-Nay were to die, the grisly actions she planned upon El-Nay would be far preferred than the punishment he would receive. Her high priority password was keyed into the panel of the cell and once Serine entered inside, the door quickly slid shut and was locked behind her. Surely no one would dare interrupt an Inquisitor performing her service to the Empire. Silver eyes fell immediately upon the form of El-Nay, confirming she was prepared appropriately before her gaze snapped up towards the master surgeon in the room. "Doctor." She said quickly as she desired to begin rapidly but needed only the confirmation that he was indeed ready to proceed.

The young Mandalorian's head rose when the Inquisitor entered the cell, her blue eyes locking on her with a sense of dread and foreboding that sent a violent chill up her spine. "Oh ... shit," she said in a defeated tone, before looking towards the doctor helplessly. A sigh escaped from deep inside of her, deflating her as if Serine had just arrived at her seventh birthday party and popped her balloon. Her head sunk as low as the restraints would allow, and she began to weep quietly. Her last encounter with the Inquisitor was brief, but memorable, as she was nearly destroyed by a door that was telekinetically hurled towards her. "I-I-I ... I don't understand," she said, from behind tear stained eyes, as she began to hyperventilate. "I did what I was told. I found her for you," she said, in a panic, stammering now, as she tried to plead her way out of what was sure to be a horrific experience. The worst part of this entire experience had been the fact that it now appeared that her father was right ... she was not cut out to be a bounty hunter. That realization hurt her more than anything that had been done to her, or would be done to her.

The young doctor held no sympathy towards the young Mandalorian and her plight, as he was too enamored by the Inquisitor to consider the needs of anyone else. "She has been thoroughly prepared, Inquisitor," he said to her, with a firm nod of his head. He stepped aside, closer to his instruments, to allow her greater access to the patient. "So exciting..." he mumbled beneath his breath, slowly rubbing his hands together in growing anticipation. He had never been this close to her before, and when he was first assigned to her, he did not expect to ever be so close to her during an interrogation. The young Mandalorian's begging seemed to make it all the more delicious.

The prisoner's pathetic whimpering was wholly ignored as Serine took further steps into the cell though the Doctor's antics received a brief stern gaze from the Inquisitor as she passed him. If he at all annoyed her through this process, she would promptly remove him and none too gently. She took her interrogations extremely seriously and was rather professional. However, it would soon be realized that Serine's goals in this meeting was not entirely to question the bounty hunter. While El-Nay was correct in her assessment of the job performed, she indeed had been successful, the destructive means of which she delivered Dimona had infuriated the Inquisitor and ended valuable lives. The Inquisitor stood before the bound woman with a glare of heavy scrutiny. She was already privy to her emotional and mental state thanks to her personal Psychoanalyst, so she knew what kind of personal she would be dealing with ... a sad easily manipulated one that quickly broke under pressure. "El-Nay Darr, you have been charged with premeditated murder, assisting the known Imperial criminal Dimona Xirie Nuebla, espionage, and destruction of His Majesty's Imperial property. Due to the massive scale of destruction that the Empire wishes to cover and your relative unknown status, it has been decided that you will be executed far from public eye." Serine was fabricating this entire thing, but presented it in a way that was extremely believable. The goal was to put the other woman under an immense amount of pressure in hopes she would quickly fracture and begin ... explaining everything without Serine even having to ask.

"Executed?!" El-Nay squealed, as she rolled her eyes in dramatic fashion, feeling quite incredulous at what the woman had just said. "Murder? Who did I murder?" she asked, lowering her head, closing her eyes and trying to think back on whether or not the accusation was actually true or not. She was panicking now ... all of the color was leaving her face, and a thin layer of sweat was now beginning to cover her entire body. "I didn't assist that bitch!" she shouted, as she felt the room begin to spin. Was this how her life was to end? She thought to herself, pathetically, as she knelt there in front of the witch. "Oh just get it over with," she said quietly, in utter defeat, resigned to the fact that there was no way out. The room was now spinning more violently now, and she looked up at the lights in the room, which seemed to grow brighter by the second. She looked at the Inquisitor for a moment before her head suddenly dropped ... she had passed out from her panic attack.

There was a low growl that rumbled in her throat that the intended outcome was not the result she received. Instead of a stream of constant excuses and bits of information, the prisoner was overwhelmed, seized and then seemed to accept her fate. An Inquisitor's goal is to eventually get their subjects to break, but starting with an already broken prisoner makes it surprisingly difficult at times. It was almost as if El-Nay had nothing more to give or to live for. A normal person would cling to life desperately and fight or resist, and only until their will was truly broken would they surrender up the information requested. Fortunately the Inquisitor did not need El-Nay to answer too many questions, but it was still overly frustrating to be given such a weak woman to interrogate. Serine was actually a bit surprised to see El-Nay pass out... if the woman so quickly succumbed, this did not bode well for what she had in store. An angry look shot up at the doctor, as if this was in some part his fault. The wellbeing of the prisoner was his responsibility after all. "Doctor! Is this what you call being prepared? Wake her now!" She turned to him in an aggressive dangerous posture. "And she better not black out so effortlessly in the future, understand?!"

The Doctor began to panic as the young Mandalorian passed out, and he moved towards her before Serine had time to finish her chastisement. "R-r-right away, Inquisitor," he said, as he moved to examine her. "She is in excellent physical health. It is her mental health that is the issue," he assured her, trying to explain the situation in a way that reflect positively on him, but negatively on Luscri. Without warning or instruction from the Inquisitor, he began to slap the unconscious El-Nay on each of her cheeks violently, which he felt would prove the best remedy to revive her. "There. She's coming around now," he said, rising back to his feet and turning to look at the Inquisitor, with a proud and confident smile. "You may resume," he said to her, nearly winking at her, before he returned to monitor her vitals.

El-Nay's eyes slowly opened by the fifth or sixth time the doctor struck her face. She groaned slightly, for a moment wondering if she were dead and entering the afterlife where she would meet the other honorable members of her clan who preceded her. As her eyes began to focus and she saw the Inquisitor standing there, looking more angry than just a moment ago, she realized that she was still, unfortunately, very much among the ranks of the living and her day was about to get a whole lot worse. Her breathing was very light now and she looked at the woman, although she was not sure if that was the word best used to describe her, and waited.

Serine looked on slightly amused actually that the Doctor chose to slap his patient over and over until she awoke. She was certain that the man knew he had other means at his disposal to revive the woman. She figured he just... wanted to slap the prisoner. That action had mildly entertained the Inquisitor so she let it pass for now, but it was a bit irritating that he, much like Doctor Hunter Luscri, took unauthorized initiatives with her captives. "This is a fair warning Doctor, your job here does not include manhandling the prisoner. Doctor Luscri made that mistake, and paid for it earlier." Serine mused that both of her interrogation ward's doctors were rather fierce and combative with their subjects. This was no doubt Tremayne's past influence. And although it may have been acceptable then, Serine had other standards and did not appreciate anyone else maltreating what was *hers*. Her attention once again turned to the now somewhat conscious El-Nay with a renewed intensity. Quickly a hand snaked through El-Nay's hair before snapping backwards roughly, forcing that woman to look up at the Inquisitor. "You were ordered to bring Dimona in, not to destroy half of my ship!" She savagely screamed at the other woman, making it rather obvious that it was her main grievance.

El-Nay let out a sharp squeal as her short, dyed blonde hair was grabbed, causing her roots to pull and a surge of pain to flow from her scalp. "I didn't destroy anything!" she said, as loud as she could muster given her fear and exhaustion. "I don't know what happened to your ship. I was strapped to a table," she admitted, perhaps inadvisably, as she tried to squirm her way out of the Inquisitor's grasp. "You wanted Dimona. You got Dimona. Bitch is cray," she explained, trying her best to calm the Inquisitor down. "Anything that got broken was her fault. Didn't you know who you'd be getting with her?" she said to her, rolling her eyes as she did her best to relate the unrivaled bizarre behavior of Dimona. She should have known better than to get involved with Dimona again, but she was not the kind of woman who learned from her mistakes.

Of course Serine knew El-Nay had been tied to a table, her medical first responders sent her a report with that information, which she had found odd at the time. She had all of the information she needed already before this session even began, but that did not make it any more coherent. The motivations and intentions of Dimona were what was ambiguous. The hand that had been gripping El-Nay relinquished as Serine took a single step back while pondering just for a moment. "While it is true you were successful in that regard, you pathetically failed in every other task. Dimona overtook you, imprisoned you and delivered *you* to the Interrogator. And here I thought, the roles there were supposed to be reversed." Serine did not think she would get to the bottom of Dimona's antics in this conversation, she would save that for when she questioned that woman next. But the Inquisitor was trying to glean whatever else El-Nay had still ricocheting around in her empty head.

"No no no no no," El-Nay repeated, excessively, as she pleaded with the Inquisitor for her very life. "I was just leading her on to believe she had overtaken me, knowing that she would end up here you like wanted," she said, trying her best to tell the woman that she wanted to hear. Her mind was racing now, and the doctor would note that her heart rate was dangerously elevated. "I'm really sorry if she damaged your ship ... heh ... but that's Dimona," she said, trying her best not to laugh, but that smirk could not help but appear on her lips. She knew the smirk was a mistake, so she quickly lowered her head to break eye contact with the woman.

The Doctor stepped forward, motioning to the heart rate monitor, which was behaving as erratically as Dimona. He waved his right index finger side to side at El-Nay, indicating she had been naughty. "She is not being entirely truthful, Inquisitor," he said to her, before folding his arms in front of his chest, feeling quite sure of himself. He was getting a wonderful lesson from the Inquisitor, and he hoped his role would prove useful for her. She was as ruthless as she was beautiful, and he could not keep from letting his cheeks flush red with warmth. She was exciting every fiber of his being with this enticing display. He turned to the monitor, examining her heart rate carefully. He thought the girl too much an imbecile to get away with lying, even without the machine.

Serine did not need the doctor's monitor to tell her that the woman had been lying, but it was convenient to have her suspicions confirmed by a readout. What El-Nay had claimed was plausible, but for someone far more clever and far less dense. The failed bounty hunter had neither the mental stamina nor the intelligence subterfuge needed to be able to lie to the Inquisitor or make it not matter. There was a shared look of disgust and disappointment as the High Inquisitor began to pace around the prisoner. It was almost a shame that this was the woman that she needed to discipline, since she would have preferred anyone else at this time, but the fault fell upon El-Nay alone. She of course had not forgotten about Dimona, that woman would have her turn and then truly would be executed, but El-Nay had been responsible of the damages due to her complete ineptitude. As Serine paced around the bounty hunter considering the options, her hand fell to her lightwhip and the coils were toyed with absentmindedly. After a few moments of these rotations, El-Nay would most certainly notice Serine unclipping the lightwhip from her belt. It was very clear now that Serine was no longer pondering what questions to ask the prisoner anymore. She was pondering what her fate would be. "This is a unique situation." Serine mused, more to herself than to El-Nay. "Despite the consequences of collecting the bounty, you were indeed successful..." The Inquisitor's pacing placed her directly behind El-Nay so that she momentarily disappeared from view, but she would not reappear for her pacing halted. "You see... the damage to my newly acquired ship can not be ignored." Though the other woman would have difficulties looking at Serine, the slowly darkening demeanor of her voice was clue enough of where this was heading. The sound of lightwhip coils unraveling upon the durasteel plated floor left a resounding vibration. "Every TIE fighter, every shuttle craft and every lost personnel will be paid for." Serine said darkly, and it was obvious that she did not mean by credits.

El-Nay stuck her tongue out at the doctor in the only show of defiance she could muster, given her bound state. She became increasingly more nervously, particularly as Serine disappeared out of sight behind her. The demon was all the more frightening when she could not be seen. Her entire body began to shake, and the sound of her teeth colliding with one another as they chattered filled the room. Her breath began to increase rapidly, with the heavy panting more associated with a domesticated pet than a human being. Was this it? She thought to herself, as she heard the whip fall to the deck behind her. The hairs on her neck began to stand up, and small goosebumps began to swell up and down her arm. "Look ... just take it out of my pay," she suggested, unwisely, shaking her head back and forth, side to side. She tried her best to turn her head around to see the Inquisitor, but her head barely moved. "I can work it off!" she said, her voice becoming increasingly more desperate, as she had now resorted to begging.

Serine was no longer interested in sharing words with the prisoner as there was nothing more to be learned. This fact became obvious as a crack was heard before a few coils wrapped immediately around El-Nay's left arm above the elbow. The action itself was not particularly painful because the coils were merely loosely attached, but the action that followed was most certainly devastating. The weapon was soon ignited and brilliant crimson engulfed the coils as they began to sear into flesh. The coils were skillfully held in place so that they did not severe the appendage, but slowly burned the skin away until the area began to blacken. With a firm and gradual tug, the coils drew up the arm in an agonizingly slow event, scorching the entire upper left arm and leaving hideously grotesque third degree burns in its wake. With a flick, the coils were released from the left arm but the weapon remained activated. There was a disturbing sensation of eager ambition lingering in the air. This was merely the beginning of El-Nay's suffering for Serine's losses.

El-Nay inhaled sharply in a sudden gasp when the coils of the lightwhip touched her shoulder, before they had been ignited. It was not so bad ... she thought maybe she could endure it. But then in a sudden, horrible instant everything would change. "Ahh!" the young woman screamed as the coils ignited, causing the most excruciating pain she had ever felt. Eventually the scream went silent, but her mouth was held open with no sound escaping her lips. Her head was falling now, directly into the foul stench coming off her burning flesh, which caused her to begin to dry heave. There was nothing in her stomach, and nothing more than stomach acids and disgusting green bile erupted from between her lips. "No ... no more ... please," she said, before she tried to lift her head again. Her head did not make it very far, and once again the lights went out, and she faded into the dark oblivion.

Doctor Jarl reached into his pocket to pull out a small cloth, immediately placing it in front of his mouth and nose to keep away the scent of El-Nay's burning flesh. He gagged suddenly, coughing up a bit of phlegm, which he attempted to conceal from the Inquisitor. He feared being viewed as weak and timid, and worried if she knew just how this was affecting him she might not include him again. When the woman blacked out again, he did not wait for the Inquisitor to instruct him, and he moved swiftly towards El-Nay with a syringe. He shoved the needle directly into her neck and pumped her full of enough stimulants to wake a rancor. "She should not black out again," he assured the Inquisitor, before withdrawing from the close proximity of her smoldering wound to check the monitors. "Her heart rate is elevated. Her blood pressure is up. You might cause a heart attack. Fatal," he warned her, as he adjusted a dial on the terminal.

Once the woman passed out, Serine flicked the glowing lightwhip impatiently causing a few sparks to flare around her but causing only minor damage to the floor. The High Inquisitor was satisfied that the doctor was quick to respond this time and in a more professional manner, but was annoyed that he chose to wait until now to give her those stimulants. "That would have been useful earlier, Doctor." she criticized openly. She scoffed at his report that El-Nay's vitals were beginning to waver. While it was true that Serine had told him to stop her if the prisoner was dying, the threat of a heart attack was a far cry from that. The respite of darkness would not comfort El-Nay for long as there was no escape from the Inquisitor at this point. The moment life began to stir back into the bounty hunter, she would be greeted with another onslaught of agony. The glowing lightwhip snapped around the woman's right arm now, in the same spot as the left arm and burning into flesh all the same. An encore of torment. After long moments of lingering, the whip was once again dragged down the other arm, making it just as forsaken as the first in a merciless display of cruelty.

El-Nay's eyes opened almost immediately after the first trace of the stimulant entered her blood, causing her mouth to again open suddenly with a fast intake of air. Then, before she could react, that horrible burning sensation reappeared, and began to cause pain all throughout her body. It was too much for her to bare, and before too long she became so overwhelmed with pain that her bowels released, causing her to soil the shorts she was wearing. She began sobbing uncontrollably, humiliated by what was happening to her. "Stop," she begged, between sudden gasps of air, the pain seeming to worsen as she moved to next arm. "Please stop," she begged, lifting her head up so that the inquisitor could hear her better. It was very difficult to hold her head up and it soon fell down again, but because of the stimulants she could not lose consciousness.

The smell of burning flesh and El-Nay's bowel movement permeated through the air causing the doctor to become nauseated once again, but this time he had no choice but to look away from the Inquisitor's victim to keep from throwing up. He lowered his head, pressing the cloth to his brow to help him regain his composure. It was only then that he noticed El-Nay's readouts on the monitor. "Inquisitor," he said, weakly at first, before he turned to look at her, forcing himself back to top form. "Inquisitor, I'm afraid you've very nearly ended her," he admitted to her, nervously, as his hand instinctively moved to his collar to adjust it. He suddenly felt like he was wearing a tunic two sizes too small.

It was going to be very difficult to halt the blood rage of the Inquisitor with mere words. The doctor's warning was completely unheard as Serine was far too focused on the task at hand ... punishment and revenge were all that was driving her at this point. Once both of the prisoner's arms were brutally blighted, bloodied and ruined, did the coils from the whip release and deactivate. This might have been misinterpreted as a semblance of mercy, but that false pretense soon became clear as Serine readied the whip tightly in her hand. What followed was a relentless and savage series of lashes that connected with El-Nay's exposed back. Even when un-ignited, the lightwhip was a devastating weapon and the metal lace tore into skin, muscle and bone, flaying the unfortunate bounty hunter inhumanly. These vicious attacks were far more dangerous and life-threatening than the torched skin could ever hope to be. The blows were tenacious and unyielding, one after the other in repeating succession in such intensity that with each returning lash, blood sprayed from the deep gashes. The flesh on El-Nay's back started to peel off in large jagged pieces, exposing rapidly degenerating muscle beneath. Soon even the muscle began to be stripped off, exposing parts of the woman's shoulder blade bones. Despite the Inquisitor falling into blood lust, her attacks were precisely executed with each lash landing safely from the woman's spinal cord as a single hit there could paralyze or kill her. Unfortunately for the bounty hunter, this meant Serine knew exactly how to continue to onslaught her until the woman bled out in a pitifully grim fashion. The doctor himself would not go unscathed here and found the victim's blood splattering towards him and his monitors.

El-Nay looked to the doctor, in the hope that his statement about her condition might cause the Inquisitor to relent. Little did she know, however, that once Serine got started it was impossible for anyone to stop her. Her head surged forward, attempting to pull her body away as the whip made contact with her exposed back. The skin was being torn from her in large chunks, causing a large amount of blood to fly from her and splatter everywhere. Her head eventually lowered, and she sunk into herself, too weak to scream as the whip ravaged her relentlessly. Her breathing became more shallow, and the medical readouts began to show that her heart rate was falling. Soon, across the board, her vitals began to plummet ... the Mandalorian was failing. As the Inquisitor continued to abuse her weakened body, she closed her eyes and thought of her mother. "Buir," she cried out softly, speaking the Mando'a word for 'mother', before the lights went out for the final time. El-Nay Darr was dead.

Doctor Jarl became terrified as he saw the vitals begin to lower, but he could not stop the Inquisitor before El-Nay flatlined. "You've stopped her heart," he yelled at Serine, before he moved towards the victim with his medical equipment. He placed a small device upon her heart, which he then began to power up. It blasted her chest with a surge of electricity in order to restart her heart ... but nothing happened. The doctor increased the voltage of the device and sent a second surge through her that was even more intense ... but again, nothing happened. He looked up at the Inquisitor and shaked his head at her, wishing she had listened to him. Finally he turned the device up to its maximum setting and fired a blast into her ... after a moment the terminals began to show that her heart was beating again. "I must insist that you stop this at once, Inquisitor. Unless you wish to rid yourself of her permanently," he informed her, before placing two fingers upon her neck to physically verify her pulse rate.

It was only until her victim succumbed to her injuries and when the monitors began beeping rapidly did Serine get snapped from her frenzy. El-Nay Darr dying to deep lacerations had not been her initial plan, in fact she had no desire for the bounty hunter to die, merely to be punished. But all of that had changed once the Inquisitor slipped into a contested blood lust. Silent and rebounding from the ordeal, the High Inquisitor took a few steps back to allow the doctor to tend to the body. Her lightwhip was coated in blood and it continued to drip from the many coils. A few were covered in gore as large strips of muscle slipped from the metal to splatter into the pool of blood that had collected under El-Nay Darr. He was supposed to stop her from doing this ... but perhaps that had been an unrealistic order. She watched as Hakan attempted to resuscitate the woman with no success but that final attempt brought her back and she wondered if he would be able to mend what had been torn asunder. The damage was immense. Eyes drifted around the room and in nearly every inch was splatter or tendrils of carnage. This had not been mere punishment, this had been a slaughter, and it had not even been intended. "Perform what we had discussed, Doctor." Serine managed despite still being in a haze. She took one last look at the devastation before heading from the room. There would certainly be no one to stop her as she made her way down the hallways, her steps leaving blood behind.

The Doctor set to work after the Inquisitor left, releasing the badly injured El-Nay from her restraints, and calling in the medical droids. She would need a burn unit and presumably have to spend time in a bacta tank. The fact that she had survived at all was something of a small miracle, a miracle he credited to himself. Gradually the young woman was placed in a gurney for the trip back to the main sickbay where they would do her work. He placed the helmet of her Mandalorian armor and a pouch containing several thousand credit chits on the bed next to her. Turning her over to the ship's physician, he went about putting a record of her vitals into the database to note limits of future interrogations. The excitement of it all was almost too much for the man, and the closeness to the Inquisitor nearly sent him over the edge. He was smitten utterly by the white haired minx.

When the helmet was placed beside her, El-Nay quickly grabbed hold of it, despite the burns on her arms, and cradled it against her. A serene smile came upon her face, believing the ordeal was now over, and she could move forward with her life. Hours transpired before she regain some sense of where she was and what was going on, and she slowly and painfully moved to place the helmet upon her head. It was one of the most gruelling experiences of her life, as the muscles in her back were badly torn and exposed by the whipping ... each inch she moved resulted in a mile of pain. She felt immediately more relaxed and comfortable once it was on her, providing her with some anonymity. Like most simple creatures she believed that if she could not be seen she could not be hurt. It was only then that she noticed the pouch next to her on the bed. She opened it carefully, not sure what to expect given with the Inquisitor and Dimona had put her through. "Holy shit!" she said when all of the credits fell out, giving her an unintentional money bath. "Almost worth it," she said to herself, as she began to count each and everyone. It was the biggest score of her career. Losing herself for a moment, she tossed the credits in the air, making it rain upon her. It was her only hope that Dimona would get the worst of it next.

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