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Josh Barton, René Figueredo, Andrew J. Fowler, Christopher Levy, Tara McLaren, and Michael Whittaker.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:27) in the Ralltiir system: Ralltiir (Salibury: Yellow Tail Cantina).
Corporal Jason Athol, Commander Derek Atio, Sergeant Korr Machton, Jane Minersha, Jett Rhade, and Valeria.

"Well that's the building," remarked Sergeant Korr Machton as he gazed through his macrobinoculars, "now only the question remains, is it a legitimate ISB safe house or just a trap for us?" The Rebel soldier lowered the binoculars as he stood near the first story window within the abandoned cantina, though his gaze was still fixed on a building several blocks down the street. Command had assigned the Sergeant to conduct surveillance activities on the suspected Imperial location to confirm his exact question, though the hours were slowly dragging along during the mission. Sunset was approaching over the city of Salibury, and the ever-present sounds of warfare boomed in all directions. The Rebel was not particularly worried, though given his track record of successful stealth missions, perhaps he should have been.

"Well", Jett gasped. "I think it would be better to go take a look, don't you think? It's too quiet in here." Jett took a look through Korr's macrobinoculars. "Mmm, I'm telling you, it'll be a mystery until we go and check it out." Jett took a deep breath and looked over the sunset. "Even with all this bombing, I find Salibury to be kinda nice, you know." he said, looking at Korr. "C'mon, let's get going, but slowly, kid." Jett handed back the macrobinoculars to his companion.

The Sergeant chuckled at the smuggler's comment and turned to face the man. "And if we knock on the door only to be greeted by a squad of Stormtroopers?" With the flash of a grin he turned back towards the window, watching as an unmarked speeder approached their targeted building. "Besides, Command has mandated we remain hands-off for now. I've got a feeling if this building checks out, though," the Rebel paused for a moment, "we'll probably get the assignment to bring it down." Zooming the binoculars in on the speeder occupants, he watched as they nonchalantly exited the vehicle and stood outside the structure. "How's your aim with a sniper rifle?" Though his squad had been promised a top marksman, the soldier had yet to arrive. If they were indeed going to assault that building at some point, a reliable shooter would prove most helpful.

"I'm okay. Want to take those out of the scene?" Jett gallantly asked, and then added, "Well, I believe you might be right for the moment. We could pass over the place to see how it is going. No mess, I promise. That speeder surely would be of great use. Gimme that sniper, I'll take a shot, or two maybe." He was eager to prove his Corellian blood, his Corellian sense.

"I feel you there," Korr remarked as he moved the binoculars slightly. A squad of Stormtroopers patrolling in front of a pair of AT-PTs were slowly moving down the street, though still several blocks away from the Rebel position at the abandoned cantina. "Well, given how this operation turns out..." the Sergeant's words trailed off as he watched the troopers suddenly motion towards something unseen. Before he could react a flurry of laser fire began striking down the Stormtroopers and glancing off the AT-PTs. "Damn, get down!" Korr knelt to the ground in front of the window as he turned in the other direction. Several blocks down the opposite end of the street, a small group of gunmen were firing away at the Imperial patrol. The Sergeant drew his blaster pistol instinctively as he crouched, attempting to stay out of sight from the window.

"Whew, there goes one! Better get covered now. Do you think they saw us?" Jett looked at Korr, but he was not worried at all. At all. "Hah, these damn Imperial troopers. They don't know what hit them." He added: "And those AT-PTs? What about them?" To be a smuggler, Jett looked like some important marksman ready to face the whole Empire. "It better be worthy. I don't plan to get shot, at least not here, not now. I have plenty to do yet. What do you think?" Jett moved to take a shot. "Taking position now."

"Hold you fire," Korr said as he continued to watch the growing crowd of Rebel gunmen across the street. Turning towards the Imperials, the Sergeant noticed a third AT-PT had joined the patrol and was firing its blaster cannons towards the attackers. "I don't think they noticed us, but no reason to draw their fire. We haven't got the guns to knock them out." The sharp piercing of a distinctive hell scream suddenly cut into the Sergeant's thoughts. Raising his macrobinoculars towards the sky, Korr caught the blurry images of several fast approaching TIE Fighters. Small bursts of light were emitted by the TIEs, the telltale sign of missile fire from the g/t models. Dropping his binoculars, Korr turned towards Jett and pointed at the central bar of the cantina. "Take cover!" The Sergeant rose to his feet and rapidly began running towards the main bar.

"Oh, blast!" Jett saw part of the cantina falling apart while he ran towards the center of the cantina. He took cover in the central bar where Korr had just reached. "Watch it!" The building started to tremble. The engines of the TIE fighters could be heard, as the place filled with dust and the roof began collapsing. After a few moments, Jett asked to the air, as he could not see where Korr was: "Are you alright? I think we got pinned down. They were so close to being silenced! Aww, I think I got my arm hurt a bit. Are you there?" Part of the debris fell over Jett, striking his left arm. He tried to move, and was able to push the debris that was covering him.

The Sergeant was breathing heavily as he strained to hear any sounds outside of the cantina, though, his ears were ringing from the blast. Though he had only felt two distinct impacts, the Rebel had spotted at least three fighters on the attack run. "I'm alive..." he began as a third explosion suddenly ripped through the building. The concussive force of the blast shattered the remaining cantina walls, and the ferocrete ceiling continued falling in chunks and smashing the scattered chairs and tables. Korr attempted to squeeze closer to the central pillar that was located in the middle of the round bartop, hoping the structure would hold firm. Their surroundings became dark as rubble formed a blanket across the once festive bar, most likely trapping the men inside. Coughing from inhaling the plumes of dusk, Korr strained to see his companion. "You still in one piece?"

"Yeah, although I could use a good drink right now, hah. Are you able to move?" Jett was rising up. He was all in one piece, luckily. "Oh there you are. Gee, what a mess. I wonder how are we going to be out of this." "I lost the rifle, it must be under all that ferocrete now. Let's just stay here and wait, it might be the best to do, they must think this hit us badly." Jett looked all over the place. It was all covered in dust and debris. The cantina was just ruins by now. There was nothing left but the walls, a part of the roof, and the central bar. It was kind of dark because of the gray dust. Dark and blurry. "I still have my blaster, but my comlink is broken. I'm not that good in repairing things, so I don't think I'll get it to work. Any ideas?"

Patting himself down to find any gashes or broken bones, Korr sighed at the realization of his luck to survive the demolition of a building without any significant injuries. "Aye, I'm all set. Hell, I don't even think they knew we were here. Standard Imperial procedure has been to blast any Rebels within a block radius," he paused as he searched for his blaster pistol, "and we might've just been the collateral damage." His hand found the hilt of the battered weapon, and he brought it towards his face for a visual inspection. "We'll bring the building down on us if we try to blast our way out, though I believe..." Korr shifted to retrieve his comlink ... the device appeared still functional. "Standby a moment." Flicking the switch to activate the device, he coughed for a moment before speaking. "Sergeant Machton to Bravo Platoon, if you're receiving this, we're in need of evac at the recon site. Out." Korr immediately clicked the comlink off, keeping the encrypted message brief to avoid detection.

Derek Atio stood in front of a crate of A280 blaster rifles that had been successfully smuggled through the restricted space around Ralltiir. The Tetan commander was verifying serial numbers off a datapad and it seemed that it was indeed the shipment that Sector Command had long promised them. His eyes scanned towards Jane Minersha and he smiled at the half-Chiss, nodding his head at her in gratitude for getting another load of cargo to the war ravaged planet. The middle-aged Rebel looked more like a freighter pilot than a military officer, but in the kind of war that was raging on the surface being caught in a uniform was an effective way of ending up at a premature funeral. With grease stained fingernails he slipped the cover back on the crate as he cut loose a terrible groan of discomfort as he began to carry it towards the nearby repulsortruck. The distant sound of blasterfire could be heard in the distance as the city of Salibury seemed to remain in a constant state of battle. "Everything looks good with the shipment," he informed them, as he leaned against the back of the repulsortruck, panting like a worn out Kath hound.

Jane was happily sipping away at a bottle of her favorite juice as she watched Derek check over the shipment that had just been delivered. Tonight, her hair was tied and braided straight down the back of her neck. Her many pocketed vest was unzipped, and the normal skin tight shirt she typically wore was instead a black, sleeveless tank top. Not her usual attire, but, her eclectic nature had kicked in and she was feeling odd recently. Maybe it was Valeria reappearing in her life, maybe it was her absence from Sprocket and the sounds of her ship. She mentally shrugged as she yawned. "I suppose its all there, yeah?" She said with something of disinterest in her voice. To Valeria, and maybe to Derek, they would pick up on her boredom.

Valeria was currently preoccupied as well, the sleeve of her leather jacket rolled back as she tapped on her wrist comlink. If Jane were to check in on her she would see that she was adding up her credit balance. "Everything we took on is there. I'm sure I'd remember my astromech asking to have a blaster rifle installed in his chassis." The short smuggler glanced up and smiled, showing those large and prominent right teeth as she closed down the program on her comlink. The Rebellion was apparently a very stressful place, she had decided. They were always getting shipments only in the nick of time to spare them from utter destruction. It was not a life that appeal to her.

Derek quickly picked up his transmitter when he detected an incoming distress signal. "Damn it," he muttered, as he brought the device up to the side of his ear and listened to the message of Sergeant Machton. His eyes looked to Corporal Athol and then to the two smugglers. "We've got a recon party trapped in a building fifteen klicks from here..." he said in a panicked tone, as he thrust the transmitter into his cockpit and jumped into the driver's seat of his waiting Arrow-23 landspeeder. "I'll pay you two extra if you can give us a hand..." he said to both Jane and Valeria as he powered up the vessel's repulsor engine and the craft began to roar to life.

Something...exciting? "Oh! Derek!" Jane said quickly, unzipping one of her pockets and pulling out a small, silver flask. She handed it to him quickly and gave him a wink. "Since you don't like Juice I picked you up some Corellian Brandy. Take a shot before we get there!" She grinned and put her juice bottle in the little holder she had on her belt for it and bumped Valeria with her chest before she zipped that vest up... but only halfway to still show off her bluebies. "Whaddya say, wanna go make some holes in some plasteel armor?" she said with a chuckle as she saw what Val was doing.

Valeria looked over towards Derek and smiled wistfully. "Judging by her reaction, I think you have a "yes." Besides, I need to protect my investment. Be right back." The smuggler hurried up the boarding ramp of her ship, returning in less than a minute with a powerful looking swoop. It was a Mobquet Flare-S, an angry vehicle that should have no problem keeping up with a speeder. Valeria hopped onto it as she checked its weapons systems. There was obviously room for Jane to get on behind her. "We'll be right behind you."

Derek caught the flask that was offered by Jane and immediately took a swig of the Corellian Brandy that seemed to instantly build his resolve. His cheeks flushed red as the liquid burned the back of his throat and he shook his head dramatically in response. His hands moved over the controls of the speeder and he began quickly accelerating through the streets of Salibury. Within moments Imperial Stormtroopers and AT-PTs began to appear in the distance and he brought the speeder to a halt. He raised his comlink to his mouth and signaled Valeria. "The boys we need to rescue are on the other side of ... that," he said, as he looked at the full might of the Galactic Empire that was displayed in front of them. "Guess we could go around?" he asked, as his eyes nervously spoke to the others on the comm.

Jane watched as Valeria went up the boarding ramp and returned with that swoop. She had seen it on the few trips she had made with her these past couple weeks, but never had she seen it in action. Now, she was bouncing in place... she wanted on. And the way things seemed to be going for her, with Valeria and her 'shoot first ask questions later' attitude kind of rubbing off on her, she had a feeling that she was going to expend more than a few blaster power clips. Since she had been riding with Valeria on the smuggling run, Jane did not think she would mind at all as she swung a leg over the large seat of the speeder and pressed herself right against her back. "I hope it goes fast" she said with a grin as she leaned forward over her left shoulder and put her feet on the passenger foot rests. The smuggler did not want to fall off as she was blasting away from the speeder, which was probably going end up happening. Before they went after Derek, she disabled the safeties on her blasters and set them to kill still in their thigh holsters.

"Oh, only about 650 kph." She grinned back at her passenger before looking over to Derek. "I don't think your ceiling is high enough on that thing to go over, so its either around or through. Your mission, your choice." Valeria double-checked the power on the swoops weapons ... a pair of repeating blaster cannons of Colicoid design. She would obviously be a little too busy piloting the swoop to be able to use her pistols, so she would have to rely on Jane for that. Speaking of which... "I hope my hair doesn't get in your way." Valeria's gold striped red hair was long. Waist length long. It was also probably going to be blowing in the wind pretty shortly.

Derek continued to stare ahead at the Imperial opposition and began to navigate his Arrow-23 landspeeder around to the right of the primary AT-PT, but they were spotted and the lead AT-PT began firing on them. The first blast went wide of the Rebel's speeder, but the second blast struck home and caused a fire to began that quickly caused him to lose maneuverability of the speeder. "I've been hit ... try and break through," he said over the comm to Jane and Valeria as he ejected from the burning vehicle. There was a squad of Stormtroopers upon him and he began wildly firing with his QuickSnap 36T blaster carbine. There was a quick shot from an E-11 blaster carbine that caused him to take cover behind the disabled Arrow-23. "Uh. Could you rescue me before we rescue the others?" he nervously asked over the comm as he came up from behind the speeder to shoot two of the Stromtroopers in the head.

"It won't" Jane said with a smile as from one of the many pockets, she pulled out two things. One was a pair of Goggles that she normally wore when she was on her speeder, the second was an elastic hair tie that she quickly used to pull Valeria's hair back and tie it in a ponytail so that she could not get a face full of hair... not that she minded, but when it came to accuracy in firing, she did not need it. Not too long after she drew the twin Death Hammers did She see that the Arrow was hit and billowing smoke quickly before she saw the fire. She began to worry a bit, but then saw blaster bolts coming from behind the wreckage, which comforted her slightly. "What do you say we rescue him, hm?" She spoke with her mouth literally touching Valeria's ear so that smuggler could hear her over all the other noise.

"I'm just not sure he's going to like my method of rescue." It was a rare experience for Valeria to have her hair tied back, but she did not have much of an opportunity to complain. She would change the course of the swoop so it was straight at that squad of Stormtroopers, the twin blaster cannons mounted on the front of the vehicle blazing away. It was hard to tell what she was planning to do, but from the way she gestured with her free hand it looked like she was indicating for Derek to get ready to jump on the bike while it was in motion. That is, the front of the bike, straddling the metal chassis.

Sergeant Machton leaned back against the rubble pile inside the ruined cantina, considering Jett's question. "Why did I join the Rebellion? Heh, I thought it would be fun. How bout you?" An honest answer, perhaps, though Korr had primarily deflected the question.

"Well, I'm a smuggler. Han Solo told me about it. I met him once, in some spaceport. Thought it might be interesting to join. Besides, smuggling can get really dangerous sometimes." Jett looked at Korr and asked: "Where did you say you were from, Korr?" He tried to clean himself up from all the heavy gray dust. Somewhat worried, the smuggler asked, "Did you get an answer from the Platoon?"

"Negative," the Sergeant replied as he stared towards the rubble. "Given the interference, and that the damn thing may be broken anyway, we could be stuck for a bit." Korr rose into a low crouch and began maneuvering around the bar. He opened the remains of a liquor cabinet and examined the broken bottles, with his attention quickly drawn towards several containers still intact. "Fancy some Bespin Port?" The Sergeant grasped the bottle of dark alcohol and tossed it towards Jett before retrieving a container of Corellian Brandy for himself. Opening the glass cylinder, he smirked at his companion. "And fighting on the side of a ragtag Rebel force is less dangerous than smuggling?" He gestured across their current surroundings. "Seems like you traded one deadly job for another. Though as a fellow Corellian," he paused as he took a swig from the Brandy, "I certainly understand your need for adventure."

"You, I thought you were a Corellian too, since the beginning. Where from? Have you been part of the Alliance all the time? Have you done anything different before?" Jett paused to examine the bottle. "This Port looks alright," he said as he tried the liquor. "Nice and tasty, those guys in Bespin sure know how to make wine. And I thought they only knew about Tibanna Gas." he chuckled. Replying to his fellow's comment, he said: "Yes, these chores might be deadly, but I'm not on my own. I know that by my side there's someone who I can rely on. Don't think I'm getting mushy here, but when I used to smuggle, most of my errands and jobs were by my own flesh. I've been pursued by bounty hunters, Imperials, pirates, everything. And who covers you? Still, I loved it." Jett was curious. "How about you, kid? Are you from Coronet?"

Taking another deep drink of the Brandy, the Rebel reflected for a moment on his home. "I'm from Kor Vella, if my damn name didn't give it away. Parents swore they didn't choose that on purpose." He sipped again, with the dark brown liquid burning as it went down. The city was known as a location for luxury and lavishness, where residents could easily purchase their every whim. He typically avoided that question as well, as he still held his own guilt about the carefree lifestyle he had once enjoyed while others suffered untold fates. "Haven't been home in a while though. I've been bounced around to a number of planets in the last few years, and drove repulsortanks for a good while too. Next thing I know, I'm on Ralltiir leading a squad. So it goes, eh?"

"I'm from Coronet City. Kor Vella's nice. Been on its mesa several times, it brings peace. Even if it's a location for luxury, I find Kor Vella to be peaceful at times. It depends on where you go. Anyway, let's say that I haven't really been home either." Jett continued to drink his Port. "My father went to the Imperial Academy, and I didn't like that much. I started going to the Corellian Security Force Academy, and some time later I went to Coruscant. I started going to the Coruscanti Pilot Institute, but when I knew they wanted us to go the the Imperial Academy for one year, I quit. I went back to Corellia and I argued with my father about my decision. So, after a while, I fled from home on a transport, you know those Rebel ones? I landed on Tatooine, and lived in Mos Eisley for a while and started my life as a smuggler there. Still, I think I have the military running in my veins. It seems that my father passed that into me somehow. And yes, so it goes... Now I'm with you guys." Jett sure knew how to handle weapons and fly starships, he was well prepared. He took another long drink of the Bespin Port.

Korr nodded as he listened to Jett's story, impressed that the smuggler had at some point attended the military institutions. The Sergeant himself had never particularly felt the call for service before he was swept up with the Rebellion, and even that was a series of accidents and misinformed decisions. Though he was no longer the flippant child of his youth, Korr still wondered at times how he had come to be entrusted with other mens' lives. "Hah, and with us you are. Hope you're in for the long haul though...I don't see this fight swinging our way anytime soon." Another deep thought, another swig of the Brandy. "Victories like Yavin are perfect for morale, but when the Empire has tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Star Destroyers out there..." his voice trailed off as he attempted to visualize the indomitable strength of the Imperial military.

"Ah, Star Destroyers! Yes, those are tough. Were you at Yavin? Destroying a battlestation sure is exciting. I wonder how all you guys felt. Seeing something of the size of a moon blowing up is something you don't see everyday. Do you know how to fly a ship? You know, the ship I have now, the Lucky Arrow, I won it in a sabacc match. It doesn't have anything very special, just a few modifications, but she's deadly enough to fight anything, seriously." Jett was looking around him. It was now clearer. The sound of war was outside that cantina. "I think it's better to wait right here. I'm sure someone will come. Our guys before the other guys I hope." He took another drink from the bottle of wine. "When this day will be over, I'll buy you drink."

The Sergent chuckled as he kicked a nearby rock with his torn combat boot, watching as the piece of debris rolled across the floor. "Don't give me that much credit. I was over on Brentaal when Yavin went down, and when the Empire tried to blame the destruction of Alderaan on us. They're the heroes, the ones that never came back from attacking that battlestation. Hell," he swirled the bottle of Brandy as he spoke, watching the liquid spin within the blue tinted bottle, "I can barely fly a shuttle, let alone a starfighter. Ground combat is my realm." Korr raised his wrist, glancing at his timepiece. Jett's assessment about being rescued was hopefully accurate, as the pair had missed their designated comms check in. "I'll gladly take that drink, and a shower too." The remains of the cantina were becoming more visible, though the dust continued to settle on the two Rebels.

"I see your point. Still, the important thing is to do your own assignment. Otherwise, others' missions would be useless." Jett gasped and stood up. "Well, I think I can walk too. It's all blurry. This dust is nasty. What should we do? Damn, my eyes." Jett cleaned up as he could. "Can you stand up?" He was going to help Korr.

A trio of Stormtroopers were virtually obliterated by the blaster fire from Valeria's swoop bike, and Derek felt as if the numbers were growing larger and closing in on him. "Now would be a good time," he yelled over the comm, as he watched the bike begin to close on his location. The portly commander surged forward and jumped on the front of Valeria's bike, immediately causing considerable strain on the vehicle. His brown eyes looked up at the half-Zeltron pilot of the vehicle, and shook his head at her defiantly. Not her best of ideas, he thought, as he held onto the vehicle for dear life.

Jane gave Valeria's earlobe a kiss as she drew both of her death hammer pistols. Since the safeties were off, power packs charged to max capacity, and the guns were set to kill, she barely took aim. Every third shot hit either an Imperial body or hardware. She even managed to shoot the power pack of one of those E-11 Rifles, causing it to explode and send the trooper skidding across the ground dying or dead. She did not slow down in her firing, giving Derek plenty of cover to do whatever it was Valeria was planning on him doing. After this was all said and done... she planned on getting Valeria alone somewhere. If they survived.

"Hold on!" Valeria smiled to Derek as he hung onto the front of the swoop. In truth, her expression looked a little bit worried. It was then that she would lean forward on the swoop, one of her hands gripping onto his flight jacket. She would then bring the swoop up to its maximum velocity and climb straight upwards. It was her hope that Jane could provide enough covering fire to keep the Stormtroopers busy. Once they were at 350 meters altitude, she doubted they would be able to hit the swoop...although there was the matter of Derek being unable to survive a fall from that height.

"Of course I'm going to hold on! You think I'm going to let go?!" Derek screamed at the top of his lunges as the speeder accelerated upwards at a dramatic rate. He felt like he was going to be sick, but he swallowed quickly to resist the urge to vomit on the front of the craft. Blaster fire was going off around him and one of the random blasts scorched at his trouser leg. That was too close, he thought to himself as he felt them begin to level out. Oh that was much better ... if they were not 350 meters off the ground. He could only roll his eyes at the half-Zeltron pilot, terrified that any other movement would send him falling to his death.

Once Jane realized what Valeria was going to do, a few things happened. First was she immediately holstered one of her death hammers and fastened the snapping strap so that it did not fall out. As they climbed, she wrapped an arm around Val's waist while squeezing her legs tightly around the seat and speeder. She was very tempted to move her arm lower than that, but she did not want to distract her. She also aimed that blaster behind and below them, looking back but not taking very careful aim. She did manage to hit a few as they gained altitude, and when they finally leveled off, she relaxed... but just a little. She replaced her other blaster into its holster, sighing as she looked down "So, what now?"

At 650 kilometers per hour, it did not take long for them to reach the site of distraction. It was not exactly a comfortable ride, of course. Valeria had someone clinging upon to her for dear life while she held onto Derek, who was straddling the front of the swoop. Out of the corner of her eye she was able to see the drop point as it had been described to her, and she used her feet to cut the velocity in midair. They were now falling, engines off, straight for the ground. Valeria's free hand kept the swoop's forward cannons firing. Taking advantage of free fall, she tried to pull Derek into a better position on the swoop. When she brought this thing to a halt ... hopefully without slamming into the ground ... she did not want the Rebel commander to fly off to a pulpy death.

Derek struggled for dear life to hang onto the speeder as they descended rapidly towards the ground without the aid of the engines. "What are you doing?" he said quietly so that they would not be heard. His eyes went wide as he looked down at the ground that was growing increasingly larger with each second. He could not believe she was shooting while all this was occurring, and was even more amazed to see that she had taken out three of the Stormtroopers on the ground. He whimpered slightly as the swoop came to a dramatic halt barely a meter from the ground and he was quick to descend. His hands shook badly and his face was pale and white, as he turned to look at the duo of smugglers. "This...this is the last time!" he exclaimed as he looked down at waist, grabbing the flask that Minersha had presented him earlier and took a steady drink of all the Corellian Brandy that was left.

With the coordinates finally sent to Corporal Jason Athol, the A-A5 Truck was loaded and heading out to the designated cantina. Why did they always have to meet in a cantina anyway? Giving the others a chance to arrive and scout the location, Athol would deliberately arrive a few minutes after the set time, and take a few moments to look around himself. Hopefully Atio and the others were paying attention this time.

Jane resisted the urge to scream. She would make a quick assessment of her life up to this point. She grew up well, had loving parents, had her life destroyed, got away with her ship and droids, met some interesting people, and drank a lot of tasty juice. All in all, not a bad life. So, in the quarter of a second it took her to think of all that, she decided she was just going to enjoy the ride. Her legs gripped that speeder like her life depended on it... because it did. She hugged Valeria close with one arm while she held onto Derek with the other. And as they fell, she let out a shout and a maniacal laugh. If this was going to be the end of her life, at least she was holding onto the best looking girl besides her in the whole galaxy, and she was laughing. If they crashed, maybe the laugh would haunt the people who saw them turn into a puddle of chunky bits. The laugh slowed and finally stopped once they landed safely on the ground. Seeing as how they had not died yet... she leaned forward and whispered something into Val's ear.

Valeria turned off the swoop, swinging her leg over the side and dismounting. She would start to sprint towards the cantina, before her normally pink face would...kind of turn green. For a moment Valeria looked like she would vomit, slowing down. It was only a short hesitation, however, before she began to clear off rubble. "Any landing you can walk away from..." She trailed off. Better not push her luck with Derek so soon.

Derek gave a crisp nod to Corporal Athol as the Corellian Brandy restored color to his middle-aged face. "Let's dig these guys out before the bucket heads show up," he exclaimed as he rolled up his sleeves and prepared to let the others get to work. He stood there for a moment watching the others clear the rubble before he began moving away the lightest of the debris. Anyone aware of what he was doing would immediately understand why he was not in the best of shape. "Come on," he exclaimed, as he moved aside a paper thin piece of duracrete. "We got men in here!" he yelled, as he began sweating profusely despite the minimal possible effort he was delivering.

"Just blast the debris!" Jane said as she hopped off the speeder and pulled out a pair of full fingered work gloves and, even though she was small, she was tossing aside chunks the size of her head. She thought about taking her own advice and just blasting away at the rubble with her pistols, but she thought better of it as she worked as fast as she could, trying to pull the debris out of her way. This would be so much faster with either a labor droid or someone far larger than the three of them.

Corporal Athol glanced at the smuggler as he approached the destroyed cantina. "Blasting would be a bad idea. Draw every Imperial in the area. Afternoon Derek, who are we digging out now? And how did you get here in the first place?" Moving over, Athol would begin assisting in removing the rubble, slightly confused as to what was going on, again.

"Beats me." Valeria pulled aside a section of wall, wincing as she cut her hand on something that pierced straight through the armorweave-reflec polymer of her modified Thinsuit. "I'm not sure I want to try pulling Gs like that on a speeder bike again any time soon." The smuggler looked more than a bit subdued, apparently still slightly queasy from that breakneck maneuver. "I'm through to the other side," she said as she removed a particularly large piece of debris.

"Sergeant Machton and one of his men," Derek replied to Athol as he poked his head through the hole Valeria had made. "Oh no!" he exclaimed as he looked inside the cantina and witnessed the horror inside. "They've destroyed most of the quality bottles of the good stuff," he frowned, as he yelled out to the group. Getting more serious, he turned his attention to moving more debris out of the hole so that the two Rebels could extricate themselves from the rubble.

"We've still got a few bottles of port inside!" came a sudden reply from within the rubble. Sergeant Korr Machton staggered to his feet, keeping his head low within the remains of the former cantina. Unholstering his blaster pistol, the Rebel turned towards Jett and flashed a grin. "Let's roll." Korr grasped a bottle of Corellian Brandy with his free hand as he began making his way towards the small opening in the pile of debris. Not an ideal exit, though for the former tank driver, it was certainly large enough to crawl through. Holding his breath to avoid the plumes of dust, the Sergeant attempted to climb up to his rescuers.

Behind Korr, Jett came out of the hole and started making his way through all that debris. He waved and said, "Well, hello! I thought you were never gonna make it! Finally! Here, have some fine port. Sorry about the other bottles, it's not our fault." He started making his way out, and he constantly coughed, there was still a lot of dust. Before he was pulled out, he handled the rescuers the bottle of Bespin Port, he enjoyed tasting it. "Alright, I'm all set, pull me out!" He was carrying his holstered DL-44 and nothing else, though was totally covered in dirt. "Good to see you all! Take us out of here, I'd like to take a shower, a long shower! Hah."

Athol frowned as the two Rebels emerged from the rubble. "Less jabber, more movement. Unless you all want to become 'guests' at an Imperial Detention and Reeducation Center. I have a speeder truck outside, so figure out who's going with who. Did we decide on where the next point is, and do remember Derek, I need to be back on Brentaal before too much longer unless you want Rake running around unsupervised. And half the planet blown up." The Corporal motioned towards the still running truck with some urgency.

Jane helped pull out the pair who were trapped and stood back beside Valeria. Looking down at her hand, she winced. "Are you alright? Let me bandage that up... " she said as she dug into one of those many pockets in her vest and pulled out a small roll of sealed, sterile bandages. Before she could protest, the package was opened and she was already wrapping that hand, stopping the blood flow from the cut and keeping any other debris out. A temporary solution at best, but it would work until they got back to the ship. "Lets take the advice and get outta here. I don't want those icky Imps getting their grubby hands on us." And with that, she went quickly to Valeria's swoop and got back where she was sitting during the harrowing ride to the cantina.

Valeria grinned as her fellow smuggler bound up her hand, not objecting despite the fact that it was only a slight injury. She would hop onto her swoop and start the engines again, nodding towards the Rebels who had still not loaded onto the transport. "I'll clear the area in front of you. Try to keep up." She winked to show that she would not really be trying to leave the rest of them in the dust.

Derek certainly would not be riding with Valeria and Minersha this time, but he was quick to reach into his pocket and pulled out the credit chip he had put aside for the smuggling operation. "Here you two go," he said, as he tossed it to them in gratitude before moving to the speeder truck with Korr, Jett, and Jason. As Imperial forces began to approach the cantina wreckage, the two speeders made their way through the desolate streets of Salibury back to where the ships had been stashed. It had been a close call for the Rebels that evening, but with some ingenuity the group had survived.

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