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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:9) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Marcus Rodney's chalet) and Nerf Herder.
Petrus Flosgermen, Lord Marcus Rodney, Lady Zara Rodney, and Luna Ta'em.

It may have been icy cold in the northern portion of Delaya, but it was warm like the summer in Zara's happy heart. She couldn't believe her sister was alive. It was so irrational and crazy that she felt like she should ask for genetic testing. That was irrational and crazy in itself, however. She had briefly explained the situation to her husband on the way back home; she *had* seen her father, brother, and mother dramatically hung for all to see. However, she mentioned that she had an older *and* a younger sister whom she assumed were swept up in the chaos when her family was captured. After years of searching had gone by, Zara had to stop. It was only hurting herself to keep looking for something that may never appear again.

Until now.

The pregnant woman wore a grin on her face. She had just finished making two mugs full of hot chocolate complete with a pile of whipped cream on both. She waddled her way back towards the living room where Luna sat on the window seat near the recently repaired window. Zara still internally snickered when she thought of her and Marcus tumbling through it like naughty little teenagers...well, she still *was* a naughty little teenager.

Though she felt sad about Jelena's funeral as well as the bomb she'd set on Claudius, she couldn't help her pleasure over her sister. She sat beside the short-haired woman, placing a tray between the two. Zara picked up a mug, happily digging into its warm liquids. "I can't believe you're here!" She exclaimed, "You *have* to stay for awhile. I'm sure Marcus wouldn't mind us having some house guests. My baby shower is in a few weeks. I'd love for you to come. I feel like there's so much of life for us to catch up on."

Luna wasn't nearly as pleased as her little sister. The chalet was nice, but it absolutely wasn't her thing. She *hated* the bitter cold of its environment. The exposing parts of her dress felt miserable to the point where she borrowed one of her sister's fluffy, furry jackets just to stay warm. Luna wanted nothing better than to retreat to a private island where she could freely fuck, drink, and celebrate the new wealth that she and Petrus would share. Those kind of thoughts kept her smiling when they talked. They also made it easier to pretend she liked hot chocolate, when, in reality, she was no fan of sweets. Luna laughed, "Slow down, sister. We'll stay for as long as we can. Remember? No one is about to kill us. We can come back for another visit. I *do* want to try that ice cream place you were rambling to me about earlier..." Auntie Mae's, which had currently become a war zone. "...I can come back for the baby shower. How is it?" She said, eyeing Zara's stomach. "Are you due soon?" She was so B-I-G! Luna didn't look at procreation as the beautiful thing that some people did. She wasn't sure if she'd ever want to breed and risk the same fate as Zara: twins. She felt sickened when she looked at her sister's growing stomach. What was wrong with her?! It was a mistake! That was the only logical explanation.

The doors to the chalet suddenly flung open revealing an exhausted and soaked Petrus Flosgermen. "We ... almost ... got him," he said, as he stumbled forward, and collapsed into the entryway. He was soaking wet, with a mixture of lake water and blood from the tauntauns. "Never ... never seen anything move so fast," he explained, as he looked towards the Ta'em sisters. As much as he wanted to grab up Zara and begin their ransom plot, he knew they had to spend some time with them and right for the most opportune moment. Grabbing a pregnant woman was easy enough, but getting away with her was another thing altogether. As he tried to catch his breath, he rose from the floor and began to move towards Marcus' well stocked liquor cabinet. "Good selection, Marcus. I suppose the rumors about you are true," he said, flashing a grin as he poured himself a glass of the very expensive Whyrren's Reserve.

"Don't worry. Don't worry," Marcus said, as he moved in behind Petrus in a similar drenched state. "It's not our blood. Three more tauntauns lost to the creature," he reported grimly, as he pulled off his gloves one at a time. He unholstered his rifle and lay it by the door, as he offered a smile towards his wife and her sister. He thought it a good idea to get Petrus away so the sisters could talk amongst themselves, and so that he could evaluate the kind of man his sister-in-law was marrying. He did *not* like the look of the bruises on her face. When the man moved to his bar he did not object, but the comment about his past did sting, if only because he knew it irritated his wife and he did his best not to continue mentioning his playboy past. "Help yourself, Petrus," he said, but refrained from drinking, as he moved to check on his wife. "We may have to retire from our lifestyle as rural tauntaun ranchers," he said, with a frown, before kissing her upon the cheek.

Zara was aware of what the men were up to. As such, appropriate threats were made. She mentioned something along the line that if Marcus did not return, she would allow Livia to raise the twins into Drusilla Number Two and Drusilla Number Three. The Rodney family was *not* ready for such a catastrophe. As the doors burst open, she knew exactly who to expect. A smile pulled over her face. Her future brother-in-law was entirely soaked, making her worry about the condition of her husband. The comment about Marcus' past made her stabby. Petrus was already walking on thin ice (or he had broken the thin ice) because of her sister's bruises. She suspected something was going on there, but hadn't mentioned it. "Thank you for that clarification, sweetie." Not his blood. Sorry Petrus, you have very low value to the young, pregnant woman. She looked relieved, kissing his other cheek while he kissed hers. "I'm not keeping score with that monster anymore. Maybe we can consider a more efficient enclosure." She suggested.

Luna had *no idea* what the men had gone off to do. Zara spoke of the monster in the lake like it was a pet.. Or perhaps a future meal. She moved towards the soaked Petrus quickly. She pawed at him, legitimately concerned that he had been hurt. "What did he make you do!?" She snarled under her breath while pouring herself a drink. "It's too cold for you to be soaked like this," her voice showed a little more concern. Her fingers plucked at the wet material of his clothing until she was stripping him right in front of her relatives. "Hey, what's the deal with your brother?" She randomly asked Marcus. She couldn't resist the urge to stir the shit pot. "Lord Rodney had his hands *all* over his companion." Luna was a horrible person. If for no other reason, she would go to hell for all of this.

Petrus enjoyed the affection that Luna was showing him, even though he suspected it was an act as part of their cover as an engaged couple. "Apparently your sister and brother-in-law are being plagued by a vicious sea monster that leaves beneath the ice and periodically emerges to devour their herd of tauntauns," he explained, as she disrobed him, right there in the family room. As the clothes came off they would be treated to glimpses of his muscular physique, younger and more toned than the other man in the room. There were old scars that became visible as well, that made him draw in Luna in an attempt to cover them up. He did not want them becoming suspicious of him. He offered her a sip from his glass of Whyrren's Reserve, trying to calm her down so she would not further antagonize their hosts. They were nearly ready to execute their plan ... why risk it now?

Marcus listened as Petrus described the monster from the depths of the frozen lake that adjoined their chalet and a shiver ran up his spine. As the fire crackled in the large, ornate fireplace that once was the central meeting place of hunters in the former lodge, he was slightly glad that he and Zara were not alone. While he detested politics, there was something about having family around and people to talk to. Soon they would be joined by Darrus and Sia, but for now they'd make do with Petrus and Luna. "My brother? Which one?" he asked, as he pushed Zara aside slightly, so that he could squeeze in next to her. "The Imperial Grand Moff who's never around, or the bastard?" he asked, as he placed an arm around Zara, squeezing her against him.

Luna laughed delightfully, "That would be a good joke if it wasn't true." She was more than happy to nuzzle against her boyfriend. These parts were too authentic to be an act. She liked being close to him. Her arms secured themselves around his waist to provide him with her bod warmth, as well as the warmth from his drink. She took a sip from his glass, her eyes locking with his briefly as if to remind him that she'd be on top of him at the very first opportunity. "The one that brought us here. The Imperial Grand Moff." She confirmed. Her body did well to hide his scars. She was greedy. Her nose nuzzled against his neck. She started to bite him before she remembered her guests.

It really was nice having guests. Besides the Alderaan Guards who had *mysteriously* disappeared, no one had dared step foot inside of their chalet. She may have had a spicy sex tape on the Holonet, but she didn't strip down her husband in front of the whole room. Instead, she snuggled against him and offered him her cup of hot chocolate. The twins were just as happy as their mother. As soon as their daddy was near, she felt them begin shifting inside her like they were trying to catch his attention. "Claudius? For real?" Ohno. It ran in the family. Darrus was going to be a force to be reckoned with.

"Claudius left home for a diplomatic career decades ago, which turned into a military career, and he hasn't spent much time here since," Marcus explained, as he shifted again, uncomfortable, with his head ending up upon Zara's shoulder this time. "He's a good man ... bit too preoccupied with his career though," he explained, perhaps a bit too forward, as he felt safe with his wife and sister-in-law. "After memorializing his daughter ... our niece ... he's expected to renounce his claim on our father's Duchy, and then I suspect he'll never come back here again," he said, almost remorsefully as he imaged the dissolution of his growing family. Would this be the last time they were all together. "So what do you two do?" he asked, pushing back, as looked across, smiling to Luna, but keeping a watchful glance on Petrus.

"Noting so splendid as you, Milord," Petrus replied, as he finished that first glass of the Reserve. He planned to drink this man's wealth before he stole it, and he quickly moved, with Luna as a human shield, back towards the bar. "Here. Let me fix you a drink, my love," he said, as he placed a large chunk of ice, hand cut from the lake, into each of their glasses. "A double?" he suggested, as he filled each of their glasses to the brim. They were beginning to overstay their welcome, but the funeral was nearly upon them. He had learned it was always best to strike in chaos, and there was nothing more chaotic than a state funeral was a planetary hero.

It was sad to think about. Marcus had made Zara a lot more family-centric than ever. After all, she had gone through much of her life assuming that they were all gone. Even Claudius, who she had originally hated, belonged within that family. She kissed his forehead softly. "We can go see him. After that mistake with Doctor Degor, no one is as trusty as Doctor Tohan. We'll be on the star destroyer anyway." She had decided that Claudius' hands were not stained with the blood of her birth family. She may not agree with him, but he was currently enduring a very hard time in his life. She *tried* not to make it harder ... and failed. As soon as the little incident in the castle, she'd found Marcus, crying and explaining to him that she'd killed his brother.

Luna was untouched emotionally. If you were stupid enough to be a Rebel *or* an Imperial, then you were going to die eventually. This was war. She shook her head, looking distressed. "Poor man. Maybe we should gift him some of this?" She asked, poking the bottle which her and Petrus were currently consuming. "Thank you, dear. A double, please." She was all smiles and sweetness towards the man whom her sister suspected was beating her. They were both thinking alike again: the funeral. People would be mourning and not paying attention to *Lady* Zara. Her sister had already been complaining about exhaustion. "I teach dance at a studio," she smiled, prodding Petrus with her elbow. "Petrus works as a bodyguard. He's the primary earner," she laughed softly. "He's just kind enough to let me follow my passions." It was a good cover to explain his wounds. "What have you two been doing? All we've seen is the Holonet stories... Which, I'm sure you've heard enough about. Are you excited to be a father? Of *two*?

"I thought you said he reminded you of a frog?" Marcus said, turning to examine his wife, as she suddenly announced her decision to change doctors mid-pregnancy. He was surprised, but it was her decision to make and there were more appropriate things to argue about than her choice in a doctor. "My brother has been scouring the galaxy for as much Alderaan ruge as he can acquire given that it can no longer be produced. Suffice to say his wine cellar outshines even mine," he explained, as he listened to her describe her muscular companion's career. "A bodyguard, eh?" he asked, as he perked up, lifting his head off his wife's shoulder as Luna had gotten his attention. "Well who's guarding your body?" he asked, nodding his head up at her once in reference to the cuts and bruises on her face. But before he could sink in his claws the mention of the HoloNet came upon them, causing him to lose his nerve and back down. "So ... you've seen it then?" he asked, as his cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. "...and yes. Yes I am very excited to be a father of two, and how many more she chooses to bless our home with," he said, as his arms wrapped around her. "Have you felt the baby?" he asked, Luna, as he placed his hand upon Zara's growing stomach. A smile formed upon his face, causing him to put everything else from his mind.

Petrus did not appreciate Marcus' dig about Luna's face and for a moment he forgot he was the one that caused the injuries and became defensive. "I protect her," he snarled, but before he went any further, he remembered where he was and what was at stake, so he buried his face in the glass of Whyrren's Reserve. "Isn't that right Lunypoo?" he said, making up a dreadful nickname on the spot with the help of the alcohol. He took hold of her, pressed his lips firmly against hers, and then shoved his tongue down her throat right in front of her sister and brother-in-law. He did not care who was watching or what they thought ... he was still the *Demon*. When the kiss broke he turned, glaring towards Marcus, and wondering if he ever kissed his wife with such a passion. As his eyes moved towards Zara he knew he had the cream of the crop with Luna when it came to the Ta'em sisters. His hand moved down his fiance's back, until it settled just over her behind. His hand slapped her butt gently, but not enough to make a *smack*ing noise, and then groped at it, kneading her cloth covered flesh between his strong fingers. The man had too much to drink and his distaste of nobles was beginning to bleed through the act he was required to perform.

Zara giggled, "He does. I'll take a guy who reminds me of a frog over a woman who spills our secrets to the press. I would end up killing her during childbirth just to make sure she doesn't destroy our privacy." It was important to her that nothing ruin those special first moment with their offspring. She didn't realize that Claudius was hiding so much Alderaan ruge! No one tell Julius or Livia about that. Those damn drunks would make it disappear overnight. She didn't miss Marcus' off-hand comment, nor did she think it was out of place. Something bad was clearly happening to her sister. You didn't get bruises and cuts like that from dancing.

Why had everyone witnessed their wedding but only spoke of the sexual part?! The wedding was beautiful, damn it! Zara was so over it. She dared them to make a comment. She simmered down quickly. Marcus was entirely too sweet. She looked upward at him with a big, bright smile on her face. Ever since Mug had appeared and dared to take the Duchy, things had been better between them. The lack of a gigantic stresser made her feel better, for the most part. The babies were happy to feel their father's presence. They kicked and punched at his hand like they were practicing to become the next Nerf Herders. She was happy that twins hadn't killed off his want to have *more* children. She could already tell that their family was made to grow.

Brother-in-law had overstepped. Luna had to resist the urge to roll her eyes and laugh in their faces. The lame, married couple had *no* idea what it was like to have a passionate relationship. They probably slept together in separate beds and touched each other once a month. Luna stood with Petrus, "That's right. Petrus is good to me." She said firmly... Lunypoo? He was never going to live that one down! Sooner or later, she was going to start calling him Pettie. Unexpectedly, his lips overtook hers. Luna's hands cupped his face. She kissed him hard. Her tongue desperately fought against his. She wanted to be bent over and promptly fucked. She yearned for him to rip her dress off. Urges played behind her eyes at the end of the kiss. How long could she wait to fuck him? More importantly, how was she *not* going to fuck him in front of her sister and her brother-in-law? Luna couldn't stop herself from moaning in response to Petrus' kneading. Her hips grinded against him roughly.

Then she pulled away, leaving him mostly exposed. She came close to Zara and Marcus, peering down at her belly. "I haven't felt them yet..." She sounded uneasy as she extended her hand. Zara was normally not okay with people besides Marcus touching her belly. This was an exception. She even reached out, guiding her sister's hand onto her belly so she, too, could feel. The experience freaked Luna out. She wanted to take three kinds of birth control and run towards the hills. It took everything in her not to snap her hand away from Zara when she actually felt movement. She laughed nervously. "Wow. It feels so weird! Is there really two in there?"

Petrus let out a soft sigh as Luna pulled away from him to be with her sister. She had awoken the little demon and there was no way known to place him back in his hole. As sweet as the moment between them was, he surged forward towards Luna, and placed his arm possessively around her. "I apologize how late we have kept you this evening," he said, in a fake accent that slightly mocked Marcus. "...but as you have your niece's funeral to prepare for, so we will take our leave of you for the night," he said, before he suddenly lifted Luna without warning over his shoulder. He turned, carrying her like a firefighter, as he moved towards the stairs to carry her up. "I hope twins aren't a Ta'em thing, or I won't be able to carry you like this," he said, as he moved with her up the stairs to the guest room that had been provided for them.

Marcus watched their public display, resentfully, as he felt he had a couple of deplorables staying under his roof. However, he was glad that Zara had reconnected with her sister, as his family was proving to be so large that he worried it might overwhelm her. When they were gone, there was a deep sigh of relief on his part, and he began to undo his wet clothes. But then just as suddenly a series of loud thumps began from up above, causing the ceiling to rattle, and duraplast dust to fall to the ground. "Oh my," he said to Zara, as he rolled his eyes in regards to what the two young lovebirds must have been getting into up there. "They'll probably be at that for a while. I almost prefer the comfort of the sea monster," he said, jokingly, as he moved to turn the HoloNet receiver on ... at max volume. "So what do you think of them?" he asked, yelling loud, over the sound of the melodrama that was broadcast on the terminal and the thumping ... and now moaning ... that was beginning to descend from above. He blushed, clearing his throat, as his eyes moved towards the bar. He needed a drink, but he would abstain for Zara's sake.

Luna needed an out. She did not want to touch her sister's weird, mutant belly. She was extremely uncomfortable until Petrus swept her away, making quite a convincing act for Zara and Marcus, who already thought the man was abusing her. She waved goodbye to her sister once he had lifted her off of her feet, then proceeded to scratch along Petrus' already abused back. Maybe they had it wrong. Maybe it was Luna who beat him. "They *are* a Ta'em thing," she sighed. "You damn well better still carry me like this. If I end up like her, I won't be able to walk." She spoke only once they were out of earshot. Her fingers continued to scratch over his flesh, "I'm going to fuck you *so* hard. They'll need to gut our guest room when we're done..."

It was a little awkward watching her sister and future brother-in-law nearly get down and dirty right in front of them. As kinky as she and Marcus were, she didn't even know if it was possible to hold an erection around his brother. She was glad to see them depart, having made herself rather tired while she pushed herself to keep up with everything going on. There was no time to admire Marcus' form when the noises started coming from upstairs. Zara's cheeks turned red. "Maybe we should sleep in the Nerf Herder tonight..." Sleep was precious, after all. Maybe it was part of Luna and Petrus' plan to keep them away all night, ensuring that Zara would feel horrible the next day.

"Sir Tentacles is so quiet. He may have a Tauntaun addiction, but he's the best neighbor I've ever had. Sorry things didn't go so well with him." The sound of the HoloNet receiver *almost* drowned out what was happening upstairs. Zara stood, following Marcus towards the bar. Like Luna, she wanted to keep her lovey warm. Instead of groping him and humping him, Zara wrapped her arms around him from behind and nuzzled him. Her little body was so warm. "I like them. Well, my sister anyway. She hasn't changed much since the last time I saw her. Always wild. Always getting into trouble..." She yelled too. "I don't know about that guy. I saw her face! He's hurting her. You should have let our sea monster eat him!"

"I just can't..." Marcus said to his wife, as the duraplast dust continued to rain down upon them. It seemed like whatever was happening up there it would only be getting louder. He moved towards the closet, grabbing hold of her fur coat, and quickly draping it over her. "C'mon. We'll sleep in the ship. It'll be like the old days. A camp out," he said, as he hurried her out the door to let his in-laws destroy the guest room. "We'll have to burn the sheets ... and maybe the carpet," he said to Zara, as he led her across the frozen tundra to his transport. Never had he been so happy to be out in the extreme cold that surrounded the chalet at night. "Wonderful family we have," he said, as he moved her up into the Nerf Herder as quickly as possible. "Did they mention how long they planned to say? Wait. Don't answer that. My heart could not take it," he said, as he placed a tender kiss upon her before laying down in the cot with her. As he lay his head down on the pillow, his arm wrapped around his wife, and he allowed himself to smile contently at the peace and quiet. But then ... a scream ... the monster had gotten hold of *another* tauntaun. There was no peace to be had anywhere on Delaya that night.

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