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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:11) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle) and in the Brentaal system: Nerf Herder and Red Garto Casino.
El-Nay Darr, Luna Flosgermen, Petrus Flosgermen, Duke Marcus Rodney, and Duchess Zara Rodney.

There was no sleep to be had for either Zara or Marcus Rodney. In the hours following Sia's kidnapping, the guards had continued to search throughout the planet for her. By the time night fell, the truth was all that they could face: Sia was gone. Zara was currently settled at the Holonet terminal within her and her husband's hidden layer. She had changed from the exquisite clothing of a Duchess to the form-fitting armor she had worn in her heyday. In a mode of extreme paranoia, Zara had brought the bassinet into their lair. Now, Darrus was sleeping beside her soundly where she could *see* him. In her hands, she held a battered box. There were tools sprawled throughout her lap...things she hadn't used in months...all there to help her recover Nana's last recorded moments. Zara was working for a solution, but, as she watched the droid's files on one of her devices, she recognized the hollow feeling inside of her. They needed to get their daughter back.

Her head fell. Strands of her silver hair fell across her bloodshot eyes. She began to cry out of concern for her baby girl. It was *Luna*. *Luna* did this. The videos only confirmed Zara's worst nightmares. Luna didn't understand how to care for children. She imagined Sia crying for her mommy and daddy. She was probably starving, as Zara provided the only food source to both twins. What would Luna do? What would Luna do to shut her up? She hid her face behind her gloved hands. She had allowed Luna to live too many times. This time would be the end ... but how would she ever find her daughter?

Marcus Rodney had failed to protect his daughter, which had kept him up the entire night in a form of mental anguish he had never thought possible. The remnant of the shattered Alderaan Guard had done their best, but not a trace had been found. His wife's belief that her sister was behind this made things all the more difficult for his decision not to kill her had now impacted his innocent daughter. It was all his fault. He was seated in a window seat looking out at the vastness of the mountains through a sky that was getting cleaner by the day thanks to the presence of the Ithorians. It was a view he wanted to share with his daughter, but it seemed that it would not be possible. It came as no surprise when a member of the guard arrived to hand him a recording of a transmission they had received. He held it in his hand, debating whether he should watch it before showing it to Zara, but in the end he simply rose from the window and began moving towards where Zara was. "We've received a transmission. I assume it's a ransom," he said, in a low, raspy voice caused by exhaustion. He moved towards her, placing an arm around her with one hand, while handing her the disk with the other. He knew that Sia was worth nothing to them dead, but he did not know if they would keep her alive after they paid.

Zara shot up at his sudden arrival. She had been so engrossed in her work. Her head was wrapped up in her thoughts as she tried to decide how best to find Luna. She had tried to keep track of her if only for the sake of knowing where she was in relation to her family... What good that had done. There were no leads. No leads made her panic. Her eyes widened when Marcus brought her the answer she needed right now. "A transmission." She said. Zara didn't have the strength to watch it. She didn't want to see Luna and Sia... Her eyes fell. They were carrying this heavy weight together. There was no promise Luna would return Sia, so paying the ransom didn't matter. Luna had never planned to return Zara after she was paid. She leaned into her love, wrapping her arms around him while shifting so all her tools fell to the ground. Suddenly, it all clicked. "*A transmission*!" She yelled much more loudly than she intended to. The slicer gasped the disk and turned to one of several computers. She slid the disk in. "I know how to find Sia." Her fingers were dancing quickly over a keyboard. Line after line of coding appeared on her screen, which she navigated through in search of the information she *needed*. "Luna isn't smart enough to hide her location from me... C'mon. Where is it? Where is it?" She needed to get to her daughter quickly. Sia needed them...and Luna needed a beat down. At last, Zara stopped in the mess of coding where she was able to retrieve coordinates. "Marcus! There it is! This was only recorded thirty minutes ago. They could still be here." She pointed out the coordinates. She sounded desperate. Just as she was showing him, a notification on a different device began blaring at her. An old Kom'rk class starfighter was landing on one of the castle landing pads. It seemed the Mandalorian had heard of what was going on.

"What's going on?" Marcus asked, as she began yelling and getting to work on the transmission. He did not have her technical or slicing skills so he did not initially pick up what was going on. "You can find them .. from this?" he asked her, sounding a bit confused and slow on the uptake. "I need to go there *immediately*," he told her, but as he turned to prepare himself he could suddenly hear a loud commotion in the corridor. "Get down!" he shouted to Zara, as all of his concern was now for Darrus. He moved quickly towards the bassinet where the boy was, while his hand moved to the Model 434 blaster pistol that was strapped to his thigh.

"Let me in, damn it," El-Nay Darr snarled at the Alderaan Guards who were getting ready to blast her. The last time she was in the castle she had fired a rocket that had caused considerable damage and her orange armor was well known to everyone in the castle. "I am here at the request of Grand Moff Rodney and his wife," she said, as her hand moved over the DT-57 heavy blaster pistol in her holster. Finally she was let through, pushing through the guards until she arrived in the room containing Marcus and Zara. As she entered, she was confronted by the sight of Marcus and his blaster. "Gaah!" she yelled, as she raised both of her hands defensively in front of her head. "Everyone is so jittery," she said, as she moved to take a look at Zara's screen. "Hmm. Whatcha got there?" she asked, unable to make hide nor hair of it.

Zara grasped at the blaster pistol that she had begun to carry since Sia had gone missing. It was one way to mentally prepare herself to the fact that she was going to kill her sister to protect her family. Her eyes fell on Marcus, who was prepared to protect their son. She focused herself on the doors leading into their quarters. Thankfully, she could hear El-Nay beyond the doors proclaiming that it was their brother and sister who sent her. Zara remained tense. "Our baby was stolen!" She snapped, then quickly recoiled. It wasn't El-Nay's fault. For once, she had no reason to drain her spleen on the woman. Her eyes fell back on her screen as she slowly holstered her weapon. "The way we're going to get back our daughter. These are the coordinates to where my *sister* sent the ransom transmission. She's probably waiting there to see if she gets the credits or not." Zara rose. She slammed her hand down on the keyboard and all screens associated with her work station went dark. She made her way over to the bassinet where Marcus and Darrus was. She stared down at her son, who had awoken in the ruckus of El-Nay's arrival. Her fingers ran over his hair softly. "We have to go together. Luna is my responsibility. Time and time again, I've allowed her to get away with hurting us. I can't anymore...and I won't ask you to kill her for me. She drew herself in close to her husband. Zara couldn't bring herself to watch the transmission.

Marcus raised his right index finger at El-Nay as if to say 'not now'. With the orange menace momentarily at bay his attention shifted back towards his wife. "Wouldn't it be better if I went? Then you could stay with Darrus," he suggested, as he attempted to convince her not to go with him. He was concerned that the emotional issues between Zara and her sister could spill over, endangering Sia. This had to be handled just right. He could see in her face that there was no way she was not going, and that he was just wasting precious time that could be sent recovering Sia. He closed his eyes, extending both of his hands out from his body as he attempted to calm everyone down ... especially himself. "Fine, fine, fine. Let's just get going," he said, as he turned quickly, causing his crimson cape to fly behind him. As he neared the door he reached down, grabbing hold of his AXM-50 and began moving with determination through the castle. "If you want to come then you need to keep up," he shouted over his shoulder, his teeth clenching tightly from the anger he felt towards those who had taken his daughter.

The idea of leaving Darrus did not sit well with Zara. She wanted Sia back home so she could cling to her family and *never* let go again. As torn as she was, Sia needed her right now. Zara knew how long it had been since her last feeding. Her poor little girl had to be starving. Tears were fighting to escape Zara's eyes, but she forced them away. Instead, she bent into the bassinet and gave her baby boy a kiss. "I love you, Darrus. Mommy and daddy will be back with your sister very soon." To El-Nay, Zara seemed to become human. "Our nanny droid was destroyed when they came for Sia... Can you protect Darrus while we're gone?" She looked *defeated* while scrambling to collect her own weapons. She knew she'd catch up with Marcus quickly. She needed El-Nay's reassurance.

El-Nay looked towards Marcus, and then to Zara, as events seemed to move faster than she was prepared for. She was about to follow Marcus towards the ship when Zara stopped her, with news that she would be left behind and asked to babysit. She froze for a moment, lowering her head, and letting out a deflated sigh. She was going to miss another battle. "Alright, your Duchessness," she said, as she moved over towards the bassinet where the baby was asleep. "You better hurry," she suggested, with a quick shift of her head. "Good luck. Kick some ass for me," she said, but when she looked down at the baby she quickly tensed. "Uh, I mean kick some butt, uh, er, tushy? Hell I don't know. I mean heck!" she said, before lowering her head again. Everywhere she went there were impressionable youth. Her vocabulary would need a dramatic overhaul.

Reluctance built up inside of Zara. What if someone took Darrus from them while she was away? What if El-Nay accidently hurt him? She bit her lower lip and debated having El-Nay go in her place. "Thanks..." She said, looking down at her son one more time. She forced herself to turn around and run after Marcus...

"We're almost there." Zara said from the copilot's seat. She was worried about her family. She couldn't stop thinking about all the ways Luna could have hurt Sia. Neither her nor Marcus had ever been away from one of their children for so long. It was wearing on *both* of them. One of her hands had remained rested on his arm throughout the entire flight. As the Nerf Herder exited hyperspace just outside of a M-Class Luxury Liner. She looked confused at first. After triple checking the coordinates, she discovered that this was the right place. There was a lit up sign visible on the edge of the luxury liner reading 'Red Garto Casino'. Zara's anger began to bubble and boil. Luna had taken her perfect little girl to a place like this!? Zara grasped her helmet and put it on her head. "We're going to get her now." She squeezed his arm. As difficult as this ordeal was, it was made easier by him being with her through it all.

Marcus sat at the controls of the G-1A starfighter Nerf Herder as they traveled towards the Red Garto Casino to retrieve their daughter. "This was an interesting choice to take her. There's going to be a lot of people," he warned her, as he began guiding them towards the hangar bay. "Once we're on board, how do we find her?" he asked, as he slowly landed the ship in the expansive hangar bay that was filled with transports and starfighters of every variety. When the landing sequence completed he began to check over his weapons, but he was concerned about what would be safe to use with their daughter in the vicinity. He would not put it past them to use her as a human shield. "We need to get her," he said, as she squeezed his arm. He needed his family back together. He needed his family to be safe.

His question was one she wasn't sure how to answer. Zara had not considered the possibility that Luna would, boldly, bring her daughter someplace so public when there was a convenient cage inside of her and Petrus' ship. "The seeker droids. We'll send them in first. We need to know how many people are in there, and where exactly Luna is holding Sia." Her voice cracked. Her heart wasn't whole without their daughter. She wanted nothing more than to rain kisses down on her baby girl and tickle her tummy until she squeed. Zara moved towards the back of his ship to activate all three droids. "Give us some eyes into this casino." She told the droids as she sent them off down into the hangar. She met back up with Marcus to watch the feed. "We're going to get her. We *have* to get her. After we go home, we're going to increase security around the castle and I'll make some additions to our nanny droid. This will *never* happen again." She told him. Luna had finally killed off the last of Zara's love for her.

Petrus Flosgermen was sitting in the corner of their cabin aboard the Red Garto Casino. He had not slept either, but for a decidedly different reason. "Oh can't you shup that baby up?" he asked her, as the child had been screaming all night long. *All night*. Any thought he had of having children quickly went out the viewport after one night with his niece. "Maybe if you had grabbed the right one we'd have a little peace. She takes after her mother. Never stops," he complained, as he brought his hand up to the side of his head to rub his temple. "I need a drink," he complained, as he rose to his feet and began to pace around the cabin. "Why haven't they replied yet? Where's our money?" he asked, as he was suddenly in the mood to blame Luna for everything that was going wrong. The incessant wailing of the baby was sending a shrill sensation down his spine ... he could not take much more.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Luna Flosgermen yelled at the baby. On paper, this had seemed like a great idea. Steal the future Duke, demand a ridiculous amount of credits, and then dump the baby somewhere to make Zara suffer more. In reality, the baby had not stopped screaming since Luna picked her up in the castle. She had tried *everything* to silence the baby. In all of her efforts, she had discovered that she had nabbed the wrong baby. This was her *niece*, not her nephew. The tension between Petrus and Luna was growing as neither had slept. Luna's ears ached. Her lack of any maternal skills was showing. "You didn't know which was the right one either!" Luna snapped. She was pacing the room. Her niece was laying on their bed with tears rolling down her cheeks continuing to cry. It was those cries that would attract Marcus's seeker droids and give up their location.

Luna grasped at her short hair and pulled it. " I don't know! Go get a drink! Get *me* a drink! Ask around and see if there are any baby sitters. I can't take this kid anymore." She paused, leaning over the bed. "Shut upppp."

Marcus raised his left forearm and brought his right hand across to activate the control panel of his trio of seeker droids. The group surged from the inside of the Nerf Herder and began to fan out through the corridors of the Red Garto Casino. On the terminal in front of them each of the camera feeds began to appear along with the structural plans of the ship. "If she's here ... the droids will find her," he vowed to Zara, as he watched them do their work. "Wait! Listen to that!" he shouted, as he heard the sound of a baby screaming on one of the feeds. He quickly made an adjustment on his control panel to focus the other two droids in on that location to attempt and triangulate where the sound was coming from. "Do you ... do you think that could be our girl?" he asked Zara, unsure of whether or not this was the kind of place one would bring a baby.

Over the camera feeds, Zara watched with growing anticipation. She feared if Sia was not here. She had never placed any sort of tracking devices on Luna's vessel. If Sia wasn't here ... would they ever get her back? Pain spread throughout her body at such a horrible thought. She wished she could break down and cry and scream on the floor of the Nerf Herder. Keeping it together was difficult...especially when she heard crying. It was a cry unlike anything she had ever heard from Sia. Regardless, it still sounded like her. Her body began to panic as she heard the distress of their daughter. "It's her. It's Sia!" Zara exclaimed with a sharp sniff. She hovered closely to Marcus while the droids worked to triangulate the sound. To her relief, they were successful. "We gotta go *now*. Zara insisted. Sia seemed to be away from the main area of the casino in some private area. She was already halfway down the ramp when she stopped to wait for her husband. They were so close to being reunited with their baby.

"Zara! Wait!" Marcus shouted, as he chased after his wife to prevent her from rushing in. "Just because we know where she is doesn't mean we can knock on the door, walk in, and pick her up," he reminded her, emphasizing with her desire to get their daughter back as quickly as possible. "They have her. They're armed. And they won't hesitate to harm her if they feel cornered," he explained to her, as he reached out to grasp his helmet and place it upon his head. "We need a plan, or we won't get Sia back," he told her, frowning from beneath his helmet. "Now, think, Zara. How can we get past the door without explosives?" he asked her, as he reached up and touched her shoulders in order to calm her down and get her to focus.

He was right. Retrieving Sia wasn't going to come easy. Beneath her helmet, she let out a sigh and refocused herself. They had to get in without the use of explosives. Smoke bombs and flash grenades weren't an option either. "Um. I saw bartender droids on the feed. We can use them to create a diversion near where they are hiding...-" Zara stopped talking suddenly, focusing on a plaque in the hangar bay. It bore the name of the establishment followed by its owners. "Luna co-owns this place. The only language she understands is credits. We can draw them out with a destructive bar brawl." She suggested.

"A bar brawl!?" Marcus exclaimed, in disbelief, as a smile came upon his face beneath his helmet. "I haven't been in a bar brawl since..." he began, but then stopped himself, as that was not a story his wife would want to hear ... especially at a time like this. "Alright. Let's trash their bar," he said, as he raised his AXM-50 "Blast and Smash" and continued down to the surface of the hangar. As he looked around he spotted aliens from across the galaxy and the tactical overlay was identifying multiple targets with considerable bounties. He could have made a killing if he were not there for his daughter. Moving through the corridors he eventually made his way towards the bar, and as he stepped forward the weapons detector obviously went off. "Pardon the interruption," he said, with a smirk and a snicker, before raising his weapon and firing off a projectile at the bar. The droids attempted to get out of the way but when the projectile impacted countless expensive bottles of alcohol were destroyed and debris was sent everywhere, causing the patrons who were sober enough to flee to flee. "They should be leaving soon," he told Zara over the comm, while programming his droids to monitor the room where the diabolical duo was holding their daughter.

She hoped this plan worked and didn't further endanger their daughter. Zara clutched her blaster rifle with one hand while adjusting her helmet with the other. She walked at Marcus' side with the intent of ripping the casino in half to get her daughter back. Only once Marcus moved towards the bar did Zara split off with him, instead deciding to unload on a row of occupied casino games. Chaos had instantly erupted in the casino-bar. People were screaming and flooding towards the hangar. Those who were too drunk to understand what was going on remained and attempted to fight. "Then we should make sure to do as much damage as possible before they come out." She whipped around, shooting at a rather drunk male Lasat as he ran towards Marcus.

The crying was making Luna want to cry. She let out an annoyed scream. "Make it stop!" She yelled at Petrus. "The credits aren't worth it! Just make it stop!" Luna's pleading was met with the sound of people screaming inside of the Red Garto. "A fight!?" She said, perking up. "Let's go, let's go, let's go!" Her hands collided with Petrus' back as she pushed him towards the door. "Hurry! We're missing all the fun!" Thanks to Sia, she didn't need to tell him twice. No one wanted to be inside of the room with her anymore. Luna took off as soon as the door was opened. She joined the bar brawl. "Hey bitch! Stop fucking up my bar!" She said as she jumped on Zara's back.

Petrus grabbed hold of his red helmet and placed it upon his head, before moving to grab his TL-50 heavy repeater, and exited his cabin to move towards the bar. *Finally* there would be some action, as he had been forced to be on his best behavior for far too long. After being pushed into the corridor Luna surged forward, much faster than he could keep up with. "Luna, wait!" he yelled, but in vain, as she was already gone. By the time he arrived Luna was already on Zara's back, losing control of the situation. He turned, spying Marcus Rodney in his bounty hunter attire ... they had been found out ... again. He raised his repeating blaster and began firing off the hip, tearing apart tables, and gunning down countless fleeing patrons.

"Zara!" Marcus yelled over the comm, when he saw her and Luna begin to clash. He was about to rush to her aid when Petrus began opening fire with his repeater. He leaped over the bar as the patrons began dropping around him. As he took cover with his back to the bar, he began reading his weapon for a counterattack. Meanwhile, he programmed the droids to enter the room where Sia was being kept, and fortunately they were able to locate her. From what he could tell in his video feed she seemed to be okay. He was thankful for that. As he rose from behind the bar he raised his weapon and quickly pulled back on the trigger to unleash another projectile in the direction of Petrus. With one eye he was locked onto the hunter, while with the other he was receiving a live feed of his daughter.

They had successfully drawn Luna *and* Petrus away from their cabin. Zara almost felt relieved when Luna jumped on her, but the woman wrapped her arms around Zara's neck and immediately constricted her breathing. She sucked in a breath, stepping backwards to slam Luna into one of the casino games. "M..Marcus!" Zara repeated the process. "L.. let go!" She yelled. The third time she slammed her sister into the game, the woman released. Zara whipped around. She was breathing heavily. Luna had made her so angry. She had dared to creep back into her life months ago under the rouse that she wanted to be family again. She kidnapped her. She kidnapped her sweet, baby girl. Now it was time for Zara to see that it never happened again. "Is Sia safe?" She spoke over the comm despite the fact that her husband was engaged with the behemoth.

Luna fell to the ground after having sustained injuries to her back. "Bitch!" She growled, reaching behind her to slid out both of her vibrorapiers from the sheathes on her back. "I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill your husband. When I'm done with him, I'll kill your daughter too!" She charged Zara with her swords. Luna had complete faith in her Demon. Petrus could easily take care of the over privileged royal brat.

Petrus was so preoccupied with unleashing a barrage from his repeater that he was not prepared for the single projectile launched by Marcus. Unceremoniously, he threw himself forward, slamming himself onto the ground as the projectile sailed over him. When it impacted the explosion sent a torrent of debris raining down upon him. "No more weapons, Nerf Herder. Show me what you have," he said, as he rose back up to his feet without his rifle. He then began surging forward towards the bar where the old bounty hunter had taken cover. "You had your day, old man ... but it's my day now," he told him, as he threw the first punch, directly at Marcus' side.

Although Marcus wanted to be rid of Petrus and reclaim his daughter, there was still a code he lived by, and when Petrus approached him unarmed he felt he had no choice but to discard his weapon. The first blow was well chosen by Petrus, as he cracked a rib and caused him to take in a sudden gasp of air. In his next motion he leapt forward over the bar, clenching his hand into a fist and throwing it at Petrus' sternum. Both men were wearing helmets that were so reinforced that a punch to either's head would likely do more damage to their own hands than one another. They began fighting their way through the bar, knocking over tables and chairs, as they exchanged body blows, and knee lifts.

The fight between Zara and Luna grew much more serious once Luna had unsheathed her swords. It forced Zara into a defensive position. She began to back away from her sister, grasping at her belt for a small piece of metal. She whipped it to the side, causing it to extend into a staff. It was a weapon she didn't often rely on, but it was necessary against Luna's vibrorapiers. As if to make matters worse, Zara spotted Luna's black and white cat droid lazily approaching its owner. With a clash, Luna and Zara collided. The Duchess said nothing to her sister. She was entirely focused on defeated her, reclaiming her daughter, and getting away from this terrible place. Zara could see that each strike that connected with the staff was quickly destroying the metal. She wouldn't have it for much longer. The next time Luna's blades hit her staff, she stepped forward and kicked her sister in the stomach with her boot.

All the recent down time had made Luna *very* strong. Day in and day out, she and Petrus were forced to watch pricy bounties gallivant in and out of their primary source of income. They could do *nothing* about it. She had so much pent up inside of her that she was using against her sister. "I can't believe you, Zara." She growled. "A Duchess on an Imperial controlled planet? Dad would hate you even more than I do!" She jabbed her swords at her sister. Her cat droid began to near them. "I thought it was pathetic enough that you released a porno with someone's sloppy seconds. *But no*. You gotta go piss on all the work Dad did." It was Luna's emotions that would ultimately make her lose the battle. They had already provided Zara with an opening that made her fall to the ground. She quickly recovered. She performed a quick side kick which collided with her sister's ankles and made her fall to the ground. From there, Luna was quickly on top of her. "Blow her up!" She demanded of her cat.

As Marcus battled Petrus on the other side of the bar he was beginning to wonder whether or not Petrus was right about him becoming 'old'. Married life, fatherhood, and the failed infiltration of the Imperial garrison on Delaya had all served to weaken him. His heart was racing, and despite the fact his suit was environmentally controlled the sweat was beginning to pour off him. He was no longer fighting for himself, however ... he was fighting for Sia. When a blow connected with his stomach he placed his hands on his knees and gasped for air, momentarily staggering. He was feeling light headed and he knew he could not take much more. And so he rushed towards Petrus, attempting to drive him directly in front of the support columns with the last of his strength.

"Give it up, old man. I don't want to kill you. I just want to bankrupt you," Petrus said, after delivering what he hoped was a crippling blow to the man's midsection. But the reaction he got was one he did not expect, and he soon felt himself lifted off the ground and being slammed into one of the supporting columns. The force Marcus used, combined with the strength of his armor caused the column to snap in two. As he crashed through the column he fell to the ground, with Marcus quickly coming down upon him. Without the column to support the bulkhead above them, a large piece of durasteel broke loose and crashed down upon them, and revealing the upper level through a newly formed opening in the ceiling.

Zara witnessed Petrus punch her husband in the stomach. "Marcus!" She cried out. Petrus was a large man. She could only imagine how much power was behind his punches. She didn't get the opportunity to help out like she wanted, because Luna had taken her to the ground and immediately began disarming her. The cat was coming closer. Time was running out.

"You were always such a little brat!" Luna continued on her tirade from the ground. "Mom and dad never wanted you. You were just some oops baby they had." She revealed all the while forcefully yanking Zara's helmet from her face. Her sister was clawing at her and fighting back. "That's why I had to spend my time taking care of you! Everything was always about you and your brother!" She grasped Zara's head with both shaking, vicious hands. She pounded her sister's head into the ground. "I'm so sick and *tired* of it...*always being about you*!" Her last words were made all the more meaningful by the way she continued to clobber Zara's head into the ground.

Luna had broken Zara's heart time and time again. All the memories she had of her sister seemed to have been tainted. Zara could never remember growing up like Luna did. It hurt...but it didn't give her sister an excuse. The woman had exposed her face, but she was too focused on Sia to care if anyone saw who she was. Somehow, Luna gained the upper hand in their fight. Each time the back of her head collided with the ground, Zara let out a little whimper. She wasn't as good at this as she had once been. "S-stop..." She coughed. Momentarily, she thought she could hear Sia crying in the back of her mind. She *needed* her mommy and daddy. She needed them *now*. Zara let out a scream. She rolled her hand into a fist. Even with her limited weight behind it, Luna felt it when Zara's fist collided with her nose. It broke upon impact, and gave Zara the chance to roll. On top of Luna, she grasped at her small, vibroblade knife at her belt. She didn't think twice, she simply began to viciously stab her sister. "I can't take this anymore, Luna!" She screamed. All Zara could see was red. There was a rushing sound in her ears. She didn't even hear when part of the durasteel crashed down on her husband. For minutes, she was entirely focused on the act of making her sister pay a severe price. When the clouds of bloodlust cleared, Luna looked as if she might really be dead. In a daze, Zara stood. She grabbed her helmet and placed it on her head, then stumbled over to the durasteel. "Marcus?!" She called out to him over the comm, grasping the durasteel and pulling on it with all of her might. The front of her armor was *covered* in the blood of her sister. "Marcus!!"

When the durasteel was removed Marcus' unconscious body was discovered, but there was no sign of Petrus. The old bounty hunter had nearly given his life to drive off the young one long enough for Sia to be rescued. Gradually he came around, but unfortunately the blow to his head had him seeing double. "Get Sia," he said to Zara, weakly, as he began to claw his way off the ground into a pushup position. "Don't ... don't worry about me ... get her," he begged of her, before rolling over onto his back and laying back down. He had no idea what happened with Petrus or Luna, but he did not want to take any chances or risk any delay. He was coughing up blood beneath his helmet, but he was alive, and from the live feed in his helmet he was able to determine that Sia was too. "Follow the droids," he told her, as he lay there, trying to collect himself. Beneath his helmet he was starting to smile ... he still had *it*.

As soon as his body was revealed, Zara dropped to her knees in front of him. She needed to know he was still breathing before she went to get their daughter. "Marcus! Are you okay!?" Beneath her helmet, she was crying. They had been living in absolute hell since Sia had been taken. It was catching up with her after murdering her sister and finding her husband like this. "Just stay here.. I'll be back for you ... with Sia." As badly as she wanted to stay with him, they both knew that there was someone who needed her even more than Marcus. Zara took off after the seeker droids. They led her into the cabin where her precious daughter lay crying on the bed. "Sia!" Zara cried. She picked up her baby girl. "Sia... Oh, my Sia. Mommy's here. Mommy's here!" She removed her helmet. Once she had, their daughter stopped crying. "My poor little girl.." Zara wiped away tears from Sia's cute, chubby cheeks. "It's all okay. We're going to get Daddy and go home."

Zara hugged Sia to her on the way back towards the bar. She kissed her over and over again, showering her daughter with her undying love. She was moving much more carefully with their precious daughter in her arms. She crouched down beside Marcus. "She's safe..." The words were relieving to say. The one-ton pound of stress slowly lifted from her. "Look. It's daddy! He came to rescue his princess too." Zara was crying.

The time Zara was away felt like an eternity. When she finally returned with Sia he began to cry tears of relief from beneath his helmet. He reached up towards her, still weakened, as he attempted to caress his daughter's face with his soiled gloves. "Let's go home," he pleaded with Zara, as he pressed his hand on the ground and began to push himself up. As he stood he suddenly felt very dizzy, which caused him to momentarily stagger, but he soon collected himself. He looked over towards Luna, who was covered in blood, and down into the rubble that was covering Petrus, and assumed neither of them would bother them again. Placing his arm around Zara both for affection and support he began to lead his family back towards the hangar bay. "Heh. First bar fight since I met you. ...and I thought you had me behaving," he teased her, as he slowly walked towards the ship with her. "I think you'd better fly," he added, as he used his free hand to press against his side where he was convinced damage had been done. Perhaps he would need a stint in a bacta tank when they got back, but at last his family was intact again.

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