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René Figueredo, Andrew J. Fowler, Christopher Levy, and Michael Whittaker.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:16) in the Ralltiir system: 42-D, and Lucky Arrow, and Ralltiir (Salibury: Tenelton Ridge depot).
Corporal Jason Athol, Lieutenant Ellison, Sergeant Korr Machton, Captain Dressel Opendale, and Jett Rhade.

The Imperial Depot outside of Salibury was home to bustling Imperial activity that saw the presence of a large number of Imperial craft leaving to and from the surface. Among the many vessels that were scene were a slew of T-4a Lambda-class shuttles, Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transports, Delta-class DX-9 Stormtrooper transports, and TIE/gt starfighters. There were a constant patrol of Imperial Stormtroopers around the perimeter, who had been rotated out of the front lines of battle. Many of them viewed being assigned to the depot as a 'vacation' from the battle that was raging in the front. Every 20 meters there was a watch tower equipped with scanners, a search light, and a mounted E-Web emplacement. The patrols consisted of two Stormtroopers, each armed with their standard issue E-11 blaster rifles. The mechanical screeching of an AT-ST walker moving through the compound could also be heard ... a fearsome sound indeed.

Lieutenant Ellison, who had always been considered a 'nice officer' by his friends and colleagues, was just getting off duty from his assignment at the depot. He had been flying milk runs between the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Renown and the surface for the past eight hours and was eager to tie one on in a local dive bar. He had heard rumors that some of the local women were making themselves 'readily available' for Imperial Officers in exchange for being spared of the harsh policies of the occupation. A confident smile upon his face, he adjusted his finely polished rank insignia as he began navigating his speeder down the road from the depot to Salibury proper.

It had been a long day already, with no signs of abating. Due to the ineptitude of Rake, and the pleas for time off by Derek, Jason had taken the services of another of the Alliances' pilots to make his way to Ralltiir. His point of contact was another Rebel, a former pathfinder named Korr. A quick review of his prior service record, and the last encounter they had been in, would be enough to quiet his sixth sense for trouble.

Jett had just landed the Lucky Arrow on the outskirts of Salisbury, not too far from the depot. He did not want to attract any one's attention. He looked at Jason and asked, "Got everything you need? If you need anything else, just ask me before we get down." He was excited. It was his first mission for the Alliance. It was not smuggling anymore. It wo not be that hard, he thought.

The soft hum and sputtered cough of a repulsor engine could be heard in the vicinity of the Lucky Arrow. Sergeant Korr Machton struggled slightly at the controls of his work-in-progress landspeeder, with the X-31 having survived two rather intense skirmishes over the last few days. The Sergeant glanced at his dusty display board, noting the location of the landed Rebel ship. The rear compartment of the speeder was packed with all manner of weapons and equipment, with their final mission load-out yet to be decided. The Rebel commando slowed as the Lucky Arrow gradually came into view, and he began slowly looping the X-31 around to the rear of the ship.

"I'll be fine. You're safe to leave now unless you want to stick around. This part of the mission will be a bit intense, probably with some blaster fire. We're just waiting on the contact to get here." Grabbing his backpack and slinging it on, it was all waiting on Korr to get there. He always hated this part of the mission.

"Alright. I've seen many things around the galaxy and I think I'd love to stick around. You know, just if you guys need a hand. Here you'll find copious amounts of weapon, but tonight I think it's better to go lightly." The hatch of the Lucky Arrow opened up, and they proceeded to descend. He meant to hide his ship there, in case trouble showed up.

"Blast," Korr muttered under his breath as the left-hand engine suddenly began sputtering smoke. He had replaced the damaged parts with droid components from his recent safe house stay, though the modules were clearly not suited to the high heat levels of the speeder. The engine groaned as he approached the Lucky Arrow, with the speeder banking sharply to its side. Jamming on the steering controls, the Sergeant managed to stop the X-31 before it collided with the ship. Sighing to himself, he glanced up at the opening hatch of the freighter. Time to get to work, it seemed ... he just hoped his new toy would survive the day.

"About time you got here Korr. You should have that speeder checked. I noticed a single imperial craft heading this way, so we'll ambush the occupants and bring them back for interrogation. Today's objective is simple. We are stealing a troop transport." He would give them a moment to absorb that and ask the obvious questions.

"Hi there, Korr. I don't know if you recall me. We met during recruitment. I'll be joining you today. What do you have in mind? Jason and I are eager for some action." The ship's hatch was already closed. He looked at her, then at Jason and asked, "She'll be fine, right?"

Korr smirked at the two Rebels as he hopped out of his open-top speeder. He had seen his fair share of action over the course of the week, though such was the way of the Rebellion. His mind flashes back to meeting Jett not too long ago as another prospective member of his nascent squad. He would be glad to have the help, as his 'team' currently consisted of himself and the Iridonian. The Sergeant moved to the rear hold of the speeder, opening the hatch and revealing an assortment of weapons and equipment within. "Well the gist I've gotten is we're going to be...covert." Korr laughed softly to himself ... his last two stealth missions had ended in rather violent firefights. "See anything you like?" He stepped back from the compartment, gesturing towards the assembled tactical supplies.

A dramatic roll of the eyes was given before he turned to face them both. "Correct, this is a stealth assignment. We need to acquire an officer's credentials. Once we do that, I can forge a requisition to commandeer the transport. Then we just have to fly it off. Korr, I'm assuming you have enough piloting background to get the ship into hyperspace? You will also be donning the officer's uniform and making the attempt to gain the transport. I've been given strict orders not to reveal my face unless we have to." With the basics complete, he turned back to allow them one last chance to ask questions.

"Jason, after all these years as a smuggler, I believe I have enough experience to fly an Imperial transport. No need to worry, I'll just leave the Lucky Arrow here and get it back later. Korr can do the 'silencing' job." Jett chuckled. "Oh and Korr, I have my own DL-44, but this E-11 you have here will be fine. I like its rapid fire.

With a slight grimace Korr retrieved the E-11 as he closed the rear compartment of the speeder ... the rest of weapons he had worked so hard to obtain were apparently not desired for use yet. He turned and leaned back on the X-31, folding his arms across his chest. While he could indeed fly a ship if need be, he had wanted to bring the smuggler aboard his team for just such a purpose. "Given the constraints of time, ambushing that inbound speeder is probably our best bet." He handed the E-11 rifle to Jett, the weapon having been freshly-delivered from another savvy smuggler contact. "I'm following your lead," he said as he turned towards Jason. "Seems I could still use a lesson or two about sneaking around."

Jason glanced up at the Luck Arrow. "I would advise you store the officer in your cargo hold. We can meet up after the acquisition to finalize details. Korr, we'll need to move quickly to set the ambush point, about 300m over that ridge."

"Oh I'll manage." The Sergeant frowned slightly. He could get a ship from location to location easily enough, as long as there was no tactical maneuvering involved. "Look after her?" he nodded sideways towards the X-31 ... he had a number of plans for the speeder, provided he ever found time to work on the vehicle. Standing upright and glancing towards the horizon, Korr began zipping up his dark brown jacket. "Shall we?"

"Yep. I'll stay on the ridge to set the trap up. You'll head down and be ready to grab him." Securing an ion rifle and checking the charge, Jason nod to both and start making his way down to the vantage point. "Let's move people, time is of the essence here."

Jett was already waiting, with the Imperial rifle loaded up. This reminded him of his smuggler times, but now it was something important, something more challenging. He was looking at his companions on the ridge, and he was making signs trying to know how many Imperials were approaching on the speeder. "OK, let's make it worthy." he thought. The speeder was not in his visual range yet.

The Sergeant was breathing heavily as he jogged towards their targeted stretch of road. He had yet to fully adapt from the life of driving repulsortanks to traveling on foot, though he would certainly need the conditioning to prepare his operations in Salibury. His left hand fell to his hip holster as he ran, briefly checking his blaster pistol. Given how the last few missions had gone, he only held out a faint hope of not having to utilize the weapon on their current quest.

Lieutenant Ellison was looking at the rearview mirror, smiling widely as he picked at his teeth. He was hardly paying attention to the road as he was more interested in his own appearance so that he might pick up a woman that evening. He had been warned to be mindful because of recent Rebel activity ... but he was one of those officers who assumed that it would happen, just not to him. Suddenly a stun bolt impacted his chest, knocking him unconscious in the driver's seat of the speeder. The vehicle spun violently to the right before ending up stopped on the side of the road.

The speeder roared down the empty road, its pilot accelerating the vehicle at full speed. Sergeant Korr Machton was delighted to finally be in control of an operational craft, and he was going to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Clad in an Imperial officer's uniform that was kindly donated by the captured Lieutenant, Korr would arouse no suspicion on his trek back to the Imperial supply depot. He glanced over to the passenger's seat at his helmeted companion, the man clad in an unceremonious laborer's garb. "Feeling alright over there, Jett?"

"Terrific." Jett answered. He somehow managed to hide the E-11 rifle, so he would not look suspicious. A worker with a Stormtrooper's weapon would not look so good. "So, I guess we expect some company in the depot, right? Let's try to make it quick. Oh and, what kind of transport are we talking about?"

The high walls of the supply depot were gradually coming into view ... Korr began slowing the shuttle accordingly. His right hand moved to adjust the code cylinder on his uniform tunic. Athol had ideally reprogrammed the device to indicate Korr's identity as a duty officer from a cross-town facility, along with forging the appropriate datapad documentation to take their target transport back to Brentaal for maintenance. The slicer's skill would be tested soon enough. "Sentinel-class," Korr remarked, "bigger than I'm used to flying. I trust you'll be up to pilot the thing?" Landspeeders and fighters did not handle all too differently from one another, though freighters were another matter entirely.

They were getting closer to the depot. "Yeah, don't you worry about that. I'll handle it. Look, we seem to be close to the entrance. Remember, don't be suspicious. If something goes wrong, I'll be ready to shoot. What a nice cylinder you got there!" The speeder started to slow down. It was a big facility, there where surely many transports in there. So words were better than firing this time, Jett thought. "All set, Korr?"

The Sergeant smirked as he glanced back at his companion. "Don't be a hero with that gun. If things go south, we'll stand a lot better chance of escaping from captivity than trying to fight off the entire base." Easing back on the throttle, Korr's facial expression dropped to mild indifference as they began passing the perimeter patrol guards. The speeder fell into a queue of vehicles entering the base, with the line being processed by several entrance guardhouses. The Rebel tapped the throttle slightly, sending the speeder gliding next to one such checkpoint. Not bothering to attempt a Coruscanti accent, Korr grasped his code cylinder and handed it to the waiting pair of Imperial attendants.

"Let's just keep it calm and pretend to be good Imperials." Jett thought. He was looking at the two attendants attempting to process the code cylinder given by Korr. Then he glanced at Korr, like trying to say that everything was going to be alright. If not... now that would be a real problem. Waiting in the detention area was not what he had in mind. Not during his first assignment, at least.

The closer attendant grabbed the code cylinder and turned towards his computer console, placing the device inside. He began entering the routine commands to access the information on the security measure, ensuring only authorized personnel were allowed access to the base. "I tell you Jamie turned three last week?" he muttered to his fellow attendant. The other man leaned back against a comm station, watching the cylinder's information flash on a screen. "Twice already." Neither man was particularly motivated for their position ... the pair had been manning the same post for three years and had seen little excitement, war or no war. The computer console chimed pleasantly, and the first attendant retrieved the cylinder and handed it back to the supposed Imperial officer. "Thank you, sir," he mumbled tersely.

Korr returned a curt nod as he grabbed the device, pinning it back to his tunic as he gently accelerated the speeder into the base. He mentally began running through the map of the depot in his mind, attempting to recall the exact location of the vehicle yard. Banking to his left, he passed a row of ominous-looking Sentinel-class Shuttles. "One of those is ours," he said as he nodded in the direction of the Imperial ships.

"Oh I see them. Yeah, they can carry up to 50. Do we need permission to take one of those? Or do I have to make a 'general checking' of the transport, sir?" The speeder banked close to the shuttles. "Okay, just face into the shuttle direction, and see if no one's watching directly."

The speeder dipped to the right as it banked around the edge of the shuttle field. Korr spied a fair amount of activity occurring among the rows of the various craft ... cargoes were being unloaded, pilots assigned and ships inspected. It seemed they would need the forged orders after all, if the datapad had indeed been forged convincingly enough. The Sergeant stopped the speeder across from a drab gray durasteel office, likely the yard manager for the shuttles. "Stay by the speeder," Korr said as he opened the speeder door, "and if anyone asks...I trust you can improvise." A smile flashed across his face as he nodded to Jett. A somewhat haphazard move to be sure, but his new squad had thus far proven their abilities to adapt in the field. Straightening out his officer's uniform, Korr began a brisk walk towards the gray building.

"You go get that authorization, Officer. I'll wait here... and watch for anything, too." Jett stood next to the speeder, pretending to be a worker waiting for orders. He liked being there, in the middle of an Imperial facility, in a worker outfit. He liked his squad very much, because of the way they thought and moved. He was watching Korr heading to the office. "He'll be fine, I know."

The rhythmic crunching of heavy boots could be heard rapidly approaching the Rebel standing by the speeder. Clad in the black uniform of an unarmored Stormtrooper officer, Captain Dressel Opendale was a man on a mission. Clearing his throat loudly as he reached Jett, the Imperial narrowed his gaze as he eyed the man. A worker standing idle? In his shuttle yard? Not while he was the watch officer. "You, crewman. What exactly are you doing for the Emperor this minute?" Opendale was firmly committed to the New Order, and the rest of his men were expected to be as well.

"Captain, sir. I was just heading to check one of the Shuttles for maintenance. I was just grabbing a toolbox I needed, Sir." He rapidly went into the speeder expecting to find something... "Thank goodness!" he thought. "Here it is, sir. My apologies, sir." He was grabbing what it looked to be a metal lunchbox, but it could pass as a toolbox, expecting to remain closed, off course.

The Captain eyed the metal box. He recognized its purpose as a lunch container, as he too had the same model, but he assumed the worker had merely brought more tools with him than actual food for the day. A man who placed work ahead of his own comfort, it seemed. That, the Captain could respect. "Very well. Shuttle 42-D needs an inspection immediately, come with me!" The man turned on the heel of his boots and began marching back down the shuttle line, confident the worker would follow behind in his footsteps.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Jett answered. He started following the same path of the Captain, expecting to have Korr in his visual range. And there he was, but he was kind of far to be called by voice. But not that far for being called by a loud cough, he thought smiling. So he coughed and cleared his throat very hard, and he saw Korr turning around. "That will do, I hope." The Captain gave him a glance. "Health issues." Jett said, and they kept walking. They were heading towards the shuttle.

Korr had been conversing with the flight officer outside of the flight office, attempting to explain his need to take the shuttle for immediate repairs on Brentaal. The orders from the forged datapad were accepted as valid by the flight officer, though the man was reluctant to let one of his valued shuttles leave his possession. The Rebel Sergeant heard the rather loud cough from the direction of the stolen speeder. Turning about, he swore as he saw Jett following the black-uniformed officer. Korr muttered something to the flight officer and began briskly walking back towards the shuttle yard.

The Imperial Captain paused as he reached Shuttle 42-D. The gleaming Sentinel-class craft did not appear in obvious need of repair, though the Captain folded his arms behind his back as he began slowly pacing around the vessel. "Crewman," he began, "I will need you to begin replacing the landing gear stabilizers and rear exhaust hydraulic vents. This is to be done at once, and I shall fetch additional men to aid in this task." Turning once again, the officer walked off in search of other hapless workmen to descend upon.

"Yes, Captain. Right away!" He was right there where he wanted to be. Only Korr was missing. Korr. Where was he? He started looking around, until he saw him. He was heading to the shuttle direction. He glanced at him, and gave him a few signs, trying to tell him what was happening with that Captain heading in another direction. "Get over here, c'mon. You got it. We can get out of here right now." he was thinking. Korr was already nearby, or almost.

The Rebel made a brief diversion from his course towards Jett's position, instead moving to cross paths with the black-clad officer. He quickened his pace and the two men brushed shoulders in passing ... Korr glanced at the Imperial's rank insignia. A captain, the Sergeant thought to himself, that could surely complicate their escape. Korr reached his companion's position at shuttle 42-D and eyed the craft. "Glad you're alive. Our problem is we need Shuttle 32-E." The Rebel nodded down the long line of identical craft. "Let's move." He began briskly walking, attempting to avoid interdicting any of the other personnel bustling around the yard.

"I thought this one was the appropriate one. Alright, let's move it quick." he said. "I think I got that Captain on his nerves. I told him this was a toolbox. He let me come this far." he added while showing the lunchbox to Korr. "Just look over the walls for the 32-E transport, this is the 42-D, it must not be very far."

The Sergeant grunted in reply as they swiftly moved through the shuttle ranks. He was breathing heavily once again, still somewhat strained by the 300-meter dash earlier in the day. Personal fitness and spy craft codewords were the two areas he would work on whenever he found the time. He glanced at the designations of the passing shuttles until the two men reached their desired spot. Korr stopped suddenly in his tracks ... shuttle 32-E was nowhere to be found, its spot a deserted patch of ferocrete.

"Well our ride isn't here. Can't we just take another shuttle? What about the 42-D? The crewmen working in the shuttle would need a supervisor, don't you think? And the Captain is way too busy for something like that. He'd find you useful, be convincing! Like the idea or have something better in mind?" Time was running out, as well as the supply depot. They had to turn back. "Or... we could take the Captain with us, if you know what I mean." A last idea was given by Jett.

Korr laughed softly as the two men began retracing their steps. "A loud guy like that? They'd probably notice him the moment he vanished." The Sergeant reached into his trouser pockets for a comlink, briefly activating the encrypted device. "Athol, I need launch orders for Shuttle 42-D." The brevity of his message ideally conveyed its importance, while also avoiding detection from Imperial scanners. "Our problem is," Korr glanced at Jett, "without the proper launch orders, they'll blast us out of the sky as we try to take off." He slowed his pace as they reached the shuttle. "Care to start the pre-flight startup? I've got faith our slicer will come through."

"Shuttle 42-D? What happened to 32-E...can't you two even get something simple done easily? Bah, hold on while I slice in and work. Give me a few minutes." Now that the two had complicated issues again, he Jason sat down and began working. First step was to hack into the database and rewrite the launch order for the new designation. Step Two was to push it on an urgent but not critical update to all towers and controllers.

The hatch of the transport opened. "Sure, it will just take a minute. After you, Officer" Both of them got in the shuttle and they positioned themselves in the cockpit. "Oh, nice view." Jett started setting everything up in the Sentinel cockpit. A few seconds later, the engines started roaring. "Alright! Now that's what I call teamwork! Nice job Korr, thanks. I would probably be working in a mine in one of those Imperial facilities in Kessel without you. I owe you!" he laughed. "Ready for takeoff?"

Korr wandered aimlessly around the cockpit for several moments, glancing at the various indicator lights spread across the bulkheads and ceilings. He felt the vibration of the ship as the repulsor engines flickered alive and he retrieved his small datapad from his pocket. The forged launch orders still identified the nonexistent shuttle 32-E. "Athol..." he muttered slightly, staring at the pad as if to update the orders through sheer force of will. "We still need a moment, standby," Korr said to his partner. His gaze turned towards the cockpit window, through which he saw the black-clad Imperial Captain rapidly approaching. Rolling his eyes, Korr began to make his way back down the landing ramp. "Stay frosty, we may need to take off pretty quick!" he shouted as he descended.

With the urgency in the voices obvious, it was time to push the order out. With no one double-checking it so far, it seemed to be good. "Updated orders sent. Get the heck out of there in an orderly fashion, do not give yourselves away." His voice was a tiny bit annoyed at this point.

"Gee, I thought we weren't going to see the Captain and his friends anymore. I'm having everything ready now." He turned to see how Korr was heading down again to entertain the Captain. All they need now was the launch order. Was Jason going to make it in time? "C'mon Jason, c'mon." The engines were set. He stood up and went a bit close to the ramp to see what was happening, with the E-11 rifle loaded up again. "Hope not to use it in this moment.", he thought. He saw Korr talking to the Imperial Captain, he really seemed an important officer. Then he heard a beeping in the navicomputer, he ran back to the cockpit to check what it was. It was Jason sending the forged 42-D shuttle launch order. "He made it!"

"...without my consent and orders, how dare you try to usurp my authority," the Imperial Captain muttered in a huff.

"And you stand in clear violations of my directives, assigned by Colonel Tortana himself! Or would you prefer to answer to him for why his personal shuttle has not been repaired?" Korr attempted to retort.

"Do not lecture me, Lieutenant, on the virtues of directives and orders. This yard is my realm, and I will not be deprived of my command authority!"

"Yet you undermine the New Order by blocking my duty!" Korr was filling his words with empty rhetoric, hoping to stall long enough for the orders to go through. He glanced back at the landing ramp, calculating how long he could continue his verbal battle.

"What's taking him too long? I better get closer." Jett saw Korr struggling with Captain, he glanced at him, and letting him know that the order was already in the computer, so the Captain could see it himself from the Flight office.

Catching Jett's glance, Korr closed his eyes for a moment in relief as he turned back to the Captain. "Sir!" he shouted, breaking the other officer's string of retorts, "I am departing immediately. If you have further issue with this, take it up with the flight controller." Without waiting for a response the Sergeant swung around and began marching up the landing ramp, pressing the retraction button as he walked. He followed Jett back towards the shuttle cockpit. "Let's get out of here before he starts asking too many questions."

"Yeah, kid, too many questions for today already! Okay, hit it!" Jett pushed the command of the shuttle and it blasted from the ground. "Let's get the hell outta here." "This is Shuttle 42-D to Flight control, launch order received?" "This is Flight control. Launch order received, you may proceed to leave." "Woo-hoo! We made it kid! You contact Jason, tell him to leave this rock and meet with us at the rendezvous point! I'll keep the E-11 rifle with me, do you mind?"

The Sergeant slumped in his chair, staring out of the viewport as the blue sky began fading away into the blackness of the upper atmosphere. "I'll have him bring up the Lucky Arrow, if you don't mind. He'll come aboard the shuttle and hitch a ride to Brentaal with you, and I'll take the Arrow back down to Ralltiir and await your return. Won't get a scratch on her, I promise."

"Not a scratch. Eh, kid? I trust you, don't worry. You're a Corellian too, right? She'll be in good hands, I know.", he chuckled. "I'll set the coordinates. You may rest now if you want. I'll set it in automatic. We're safe... for now. How about a match of Dejarik? I played against Chewbacca once and I won. I almost lose my arms. He's alright, heh." Jett set everything for the rendezvous with Jason and the Lucky Arrow."

"Might as well," the Sergeant replied, resting in his chair and staring out of the viewport as the stolen shuttle cruised along to the rendezvous point.

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