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Brandon Derive, Erin Highberg, D. Wade Hyde, and Christopher Levy.

Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:9:2) in the Y'Toub system: Gilded Thranta and Nar Shaddaa (Little Hutta: Jarga the Hutt's palace and Spaceport).


Commander Derek Atio, K6T-2, R4-K9, Flight Officer Zan Shelby, and Emi Shinohara.


Derek Atio had spent several days deep within the bowels of the palace of Jarga the Hutt in a damp, dirty cell with no sunlight and a barely functioning ventilating unit. He had been tortured by the Hutts for information on the location of his Rebel base, which he found an odd thing for a Hutt to be concerned with. His left cheek was battered, his eye swollen shut, and his shirt was torn in a way that revealed several marks indicating he had been whipped. He was covered in filth, sweat, and blood and was in desperate need of a long stay in a refresher ... even more so than usual. He had told them nothing as he had been conditioned by his friend in Alliance Intelligence on how to survive such an ordeal, but that did not mean he was not nearing his breaking point.

Seeing his commanding officer return from interrogation wasn't a surprise, he had grown accustomed to this type of predicaments as this would be his tenth incarceration. Being in a Nabooian prison, then several Imperial ones, as well as work camps. His experience would come into play soon enough. He prepped his mental fitness for he knew he would likely be next in line for questioning. "You look just peachy boss, hope they offered that medical care package and retirement home," The timing of his joke could been seen as cruel and unusual, but others that knew Zan well, would know that it was way of dealing with difficult situations.

Just when she thought her luck couldn't get any better, yes, sarcasm, there Emi was. A prisoner of a Hutt no less. She knew it was a matter of time before they would try again to get information out of her. Tactical training such as interrogation and torture was something that she'd actually gone through. She had kept quiet. Knees pulled to her chest as she sat quite aloof in the back corner of the holding cell. Emi's dark brown eyes darted from Derek to Zan as she'd rest her chin on her knees. Arms moved to wrap around her shins. Slow deep breaths were taken as she'd use some kind of breathing technique to keep herself calm and collected. The diplomat had clearly seen better days. "We can all agree to never trust a Hutt, ever... Right? Okay glad that's been discussed." Her words dripped with anger as her body jerked with a small huff of an exhale.

Yeah, going to make a deal with a Hutt had been the wrong move. It wasn't exactly a surprise, considering Jarga was a slimy bastard, but it still hadn't been a nice few days relaxing on the beach. No, there had been torture and they had been left to languish in their own filth. At least they had been kept together, however, which seemed strange. They could hear the snorting of the Gamorrean guards at the end of the hall as they talked their piggy small talk. A moment later there was a pause. They could hear a *tweedle dee boop boop deep* ... an astromech droid, it sounded like ... then the Gamorreans spoke back in their oinking tongue. There were another series of beeps, then the sound of an electrical discharge. There were squeals, then two heavy thuds. An R4 unit rolled up to stand outside the cell. "Tweedle-dee-deep!" If anyone actually understood binary, he was saying, "I'm here to rescue you!" Then, he went to a control panel. His slicing appendage popped out and stuck into the port, spinning this way and that until the force field went down. A moment later, the cell door unlocked. "Deele-dee-boop-beep!" It was an excitable little thing, wasn't it?

Derek leapt up as he heard the sound of the astromech approaching wondering what was in store for them next. As he had worked as an engineer for two decades he had picked up enough to learn how to basically communicate with them. "Here to rescue us? Who sent you?" he whispered to the droid in hushed tones as the cell door opened. He had activated his emergency distress beacon prior to being stunned and could only assume this was part of some elaborate escape. "That's right, ambassador. Never trust a Hutt, but hopefully we can trust a droid..." he said to her, before moving to step out of the cell. There was still the matter of them not having any weapons and the more practical lack of a layout of the facility. He knelt down next to the little R4 unit, and began to examine it more closely. "Do you know the way out of here?" he asked the droid, before motioning for the others to follow him so they would not miss their opportunity.

"A droid to the rescue? There's something you don't see everyday or year, and if my pistol is on the seat, I'm gonna be pissed off a little bit. OK maybe not a little" Zan stood up slowly as he was more than ready to leave the palace and more in fact: this planet. He glanced over to the R4 droid and he was a little suspicious at first. "R4, where is our shuttle and what is the exact amount of security currently with the palace walls at this moment?" Zan said with a confident but half insanity smirk across his face.

The droid turned its head to Derek first and tweedled off a long message in binary. "I'm from the Rebellion, of course! You called for help!" R4 zipped its head over to Zan next and beeped on about the security of the place, which was very tight as he described it. However, he went on to say, "There's a secret way out that is lightly guarded. I can get you out. You'll need these!" He opened a front compartment and inside were two holdout blasters. He waited for them to be claimed, then rolled off down the hall and out of the prison. The Gamorrean guards there were unconscious, a few electrical burns on their bodies.

Derek reached into the droid and removed the hold-out blaster and examined the power cell to ensure it held the proper charge. He then quickly handed it to Zan before reaching back in to grab the second one for himself. "Do you know how to use one of these things, kid?" he asked Zan, before examining the second one. "Lead the way, R4," he said to the droid, before moving to help the ambassador out of the cell.

"Not my preferred choice of weapon, but it will do" Zan picked up the hold out blaster that was handed to him, before examining it for an effective charge. " If we don't need to use the blasters, I'll sleep just fine. But I won't lose sleep either if the Hutt were to die in our escape attempt," Zan smirked at his subtitle verbal suggestion, thinking that they weren't the only prisoners in the palace.

R4-K9 stopped and swiveled his head around to look at Zan. "Tweedle-boop-beep. Beedle-dee." Derek would be able to tell that he said, "The Hutt's well guarded. Ordered to get you out." And with that, he turned his head back and kept on wheeling along. They came across a silvery blue protocol droid a little further down the hall. Dolt.

"Oh my," Dolt said. "I do not believe the prisoners are meant to be from their cells at this time. We shall have to-" *Bzaaaap!* R4 popped out his shock arm and blasted the protocol droid. Electricity coursed through Dolt and had him sparking here and there as he said, "O-oh ... my..." And the droid dropped with a clunk.

R4-K9 turned back to look at the other rebels and tweeted happily, then zipped off down the hall past the fallen droid. The place was unusually quiet, but they seemed to be taking all the side passages leading toward the back of the compound.

"Good job, R4!" Derek said, as he followed behind him down the corridor, his hold-out blaster at the ready. As they moved through the compound they were confronted with all sorts of hideous sights and sounds and he would surely need to burn this pair of boots should they emerge from this. He was careful to make sure that everyone was keeping up, because if they were separated down here they likely would never be able to find one another again.

Zan smirked at the zap of the protocol droid, before focusing back to the task at hand. He remained close to R4 as the droid lead them to down halls, trying to keep focused as he refused to look at other prisoners as he muttered under his breathe. "I promise my brothers and sisters, I'll be back for you. Even if I have to burn the palace down, it was easy for Zan to keep up. Mostly due to his slimmer and tone built and his combat experience in close quarters. "After this boss, I'd like to request personal time off. You'd probably guess the reason why."

R4 said nothing as he led them the rest of the way out. At one point, he stopped suddenly and beeped for them to hide behind a nearby curtain. A few Gamorreans passed by harmlessly and he beeped that it was safe to come out. Then, they continued on. When they reached their destination, they had come out of a hidden door leading out to the Hutt's personal landing field. There were a few speeders and ships, including the air speeder they'd been transported in to get here. "Grab a speeder and let's go." This was said in a series of whistles and beeps to Derek. He waited for the rebel commander to do so, and once he had, the droid used his rocket boosters to get into the vehicle.

Now that they were out in the open his senses began to focus as the potential of danger usually most occurred when they were closest to their escape. Derek helped the ambassador into the back of the airspeeder, before climbing into the back and readying his blaster to cover them. "Zan, take the controls!" he ordered to the pilot. This had been too easy he thought to himself, but he was not about to allow an opportunity like this to pass him by. "Get us back to the shuttle, but be mindful," he warned Shelby before turning to make sure the others were all right.

Zan was on the air speeder before Derek even mentioned him to do so, he kept the speed to a manageable thrust as he didn't want the sound of the air speeder to draw attention as he approached the shuttle. After a brief time on the air speeder, he had arrived to the shuttle they had arrived in and Zan was already naturally suspicious and he drew out the blaster as he moved towards the shuttle in a defensive demeanor. He approached slowly towards the rear of the shuttle craft, already not liking the feeling in the pit of his stomach. Still being cautious as he checked the outer hull for anomalies, such as explosive grenades or tacking devices, for Zan wasn't always a pilot. He couldn't shake the feeling of being watched, as he lowered the blaster closer to his thigh. " If you are a warrior like i suspect, you would avoid the deception bounty hunter."

R4 rocket-hopped out of the speeder and wheeled along behind Zan, deedling for them to hurry up and get the hell out of there. There came a series of oinks and shouts and suddenly blaster fire came slicing through the air toward them. From a space several ships down, a Gamorrean and a woman in heavy armor were firing at them with blaster rifles. R4 could do a little zapping, but he wasn't equipped for this. He zipped around the shuttle to hide.

As Derek was helping the ambassador emerge from the airspeeder a blaster bolt impacted the craft, causing him to quickly ready that hold-out blaster the droid had given him. "I knew it was too easy," he muttered under his breath before taking cover near some crates that were going to be loaded onto another ship. "Get down and stay down!" he said to Emi, before slowly raising his head to see exactly what they were up against. "Two targets," he said to Zan, before raising up with the small blaster to open fire on the Gamorrean.

Zan quickly ran aboard the shuttle and retrieved his Naboo royal guard blaster from his pilot's seat, he came running back out like a crazed madman, wielding both pistols as he fired full salvos towards the camped Gamorrean guards, his firing overwhelming one guard out right and hurting another before Zan knocked him on his back with a shoulder charge, before he punched the creature in it's face repeated with one anger filled punched after another, before reaching for the Guard's rifle and pulling it close to the guard's head and pulling the trigger during their violent struggle. There was no squeal from the creature as it laid dead, with Zan emerging slowly as if by dramatic effect. His normal demeanor was that of a shy pacifist but once battle started, he would go into full lunatic mode to overwhelm his enemies. "Come on boss, you're getting slow for your age."

The Gamorrean got a blast from Derek, but the two managed to pin him down. The exchange of fire allowed Zan to get to his other pistol and absolutely massacre the two enemies. With the two dead, R4 zipped around the corner, his scanner going first over the bodies, then resting on Zan. He turned his head to look at Derek and tweedled, "Your friend is scary." Then, he wheeled on up the ramp into the shuttle.

Derek battled the Gamorreans up until the point that Zan managed to dispatch them and gave an almost confused look at the Nabooian pilot, before pushing the carcass off him and moving towards the shuttle. He waited for everyone else to board the shuttle, while he remained at the bottom of the ramp to offer cover fire if necessary. "Get her warmed, Zan. I want to get out of here as soon as everyone is aboard!" he shouted, as he reflected on their time on Nar Shaddaa. They'd been captured, tortured, and were walking away with nothing to show for it. The entire affair had been a waste and one he would soon wish to forget in a lengthy refresher stay. Once the passengers were secure, he stepped into the rear of the Gilded Thranta and pressed the control to raise the ramp. "Prepare for takeoff!" he yelled at the passengers and the newly acquired droid, before moving swiftly to the cockpit, where he would get himself strapped in.

"Be Careful what you wish for, sir. She may like it and stay around afterwards" Zan laughed under his breathe as he picked up the hold out blaster and his customized DL-18 blaster from Naboo. Walking up the ramp as he dusted himself off and went over to the lead pilot's seat and activating the controls for a quicker takeoff as soon as the rest of the crew was aboard, Zan still living off the rush from his quick fight with the Gamorrean guards. With the rest of the group aboard and strapped in, Zan took full control as the shuttle lifted off and away from the Hutt's palace. The arc of ascent for the shuttle was high as he couldn't stand the smell and sight of the planet any longer, a calm finally replacing his anger and rage as he leveled the shuttle for a smoother flight. "Now you must have some questions, sir," as Zan turned his question towards Derek.

Before Derek had a chance to talk to Zan a blast hit the shuttle, causing it to violently jolt. "That was a laser blast," he angrily commented as he checked the sensor suite. "Couple of old Z-95s," he said to Zan as he turned to angle the deflectors. Another blast impacted the shuttle causing a lightning like flash to appear in the cockpit as the energy collided with the shields. "Try and hold them off for a few minutes while I get the navicomputer working," he said, calmly, as he turned his attention towards the navigation computer. He began the process of downloading the coordinates for the rendezvous point where they would regroup with the fleet. A third blast impacted the small shuttle causing a similar brilliant flash of light.

Zan wasn't exactly thrilled at the Z-95's hunting them from behind, luckily for the shuttle's crew and Zan himself, He had experience with both craft. "Sir, you may want to ditch your lunch and buckle up. No one attacks my ass without a ten drink minimum or a Twi'lek. Long story," Zan kept the shuttle at a med range distance from the two fighters behind them, just out of range for effective missile attacks. Weaving the shuttle from side to side as well as he pushes the shuttle to make it out of the planet's atmosphere for the preparations for lightspeed. "Sir, if i may suggest, I know the perfect group willing to trade supplies, but I would need to contact them first" After his third turn to right and then left, Zan began pitching the shuttle into lengthy barrel rolls as he got his speed to match the fighters behind them, getting to the point to where one could see the pilots out from the shuttle front window. "I got you now pretty boy," Zan made a hard right turn to make one of Z-95's turn an even harder right and clip off the tip of the second fighter's wing, taking it out of commission.

"Good flying, Zan," Derek said to the pilot as he watched the Z-95s fly into one another dramatically. The navigation computer began to beep alerting them that the coordinates for their destination had been safely downloaded. "I'll be glad to get out of here," he said, just before moving his hand forward on the hyperdrive controls. An instant later the Gilded Thranta streaked forward as it made the jump from hyperpsace out of the Y'toub system.

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