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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:22) in the Hosnian system: Hosnian Prime (Darropolis: Baby boutique).
Lord Marcus Rodney and Lady Zara Rodney.

Marcus and Zara had been ushered into a luxury speeder at the loading dock behind their hotel due to the increase in noble watchers who had gathered at the main entrance of the building. The first stop was The Haberdasher where Marcus quickly purchased a hat in the local fashion. It was flat and wide and featured an exotic feather from a local avian. He was not entirely sure the hat was meant for a man, but the milliner assured him it was. Regardless, it did cover his bruise on his forehead, which would allow them to continue their shopping spree without drawing attention to his wound. A pair of gloves also found their way onto his hands, to conceal yet another injury he had suffered during what was supposed to be a brief trip to the Hosnian system. The comlink was beeping every hour with a message from Delaya, but he never answered, and in fact by now had turned the device off. Hopefully they would not send a search party to find them. "Where to next?" he asked, as he turned his head to look at her, which caused the feather to flutter above him.

It seemed as if there was nowhere but the chalet to hide from their adoring fans. The chalet was only safe because it was cradled in an extremely cold environment. Zara had let her anger go surrounding the mishap with the doctor. Once she had entirely simmered down, they'd discuss a new doctor. For now, she was excited to be out with her husband, shopping in a relatively carefree environment. They were able to hide all signs of their oh so abusive relationship between a hat and gloves. Zara avoided holding his injured hand. She also tried not to think about how his hat reminded her of a certain someone. Hmmm...

She knew that Delaya was calling. If Marcus was correct, the circulating news had killed both his father and mother. She thought it was too soon to start singing *ding, dong the wicked witch is dead* like a good little munchkin. The idea of them both dying at once was just too sweet. If they sent a search party, Zara had a dozen pillows worth of a pillow fort to hide in back at the hotel. Sometimes it was better to take the immature approach. She looked up at Marcus, internally giggling about the flowy movement of the feather on top of his hat. She was going to have to try that thing on later! Squeezing his good hand, she replied, "Wouldn't you like to know?" Her eyebrows wiggled. Though she teased him, she took direction and led him to the next store, which happen to be something in the likeness of Babies "R" Us. A baby superstore with everything you could ever imagine for a baby...and things you couldn't imagine! It also had a boutique inside of the store with maternity clothing, something Zara was in desperate need of. Her hand released from his only for her arm to hook with his. She leaned against him, smiling wide. "You gotta keep a tight hold on me in this store, okay? There's lots of cute stuff. If you let go, I'll be gone forever." Clearly, someone had been utilizing the HoloNet to digitally window browse. Until now, her focus had been on all things baby blue...but now ... now Zara knew there were two.

As Marcus went with Zara into the baby store it suddenly dawned on him that they were going to need *two* of everything. He froze for a moment, his heart skipping a beat in his chest, before he was reminded of just how wealthy he was. He wondered how the commoners managed, before turning to take hold of his wife as instructed. "My dear we can purchase whatever you feel the children need," he said, as he was still getting used to the fact that there were going to be two of them. "We probably should also get some gifts for the refugee children in Tarkintown," he said, as he looked over all of the essentials and non-essential toys. He laughed when he saw the giant stuffed bantha plush toy that was nearly as big as the real one. Fortunately for him, his line of credit with Alderaan Express was in good standing, and he never left the castle without it. "You may indulge yourself," he said, before gently patting her arm with his bruised hand.

When you broke down the price of twins, it was pretty intense. Two cribs, two dressers, clothing, and other essentials all needed to come in duplicates. Zara was *really* glad that Marcus hadn't lost his mind over them winning some crazy genetic lottery. Zara had no idea that twins ran in her family, though, with further research, she'd find out it was all on her. Now Marcus was letting her loose in a baby store. He'd said magical words...the kind of magical words that made her think of cuddling the babies. She knew that parenthood wasn't always going to be a walk in the park. There would be sleepless nights, hard days, and that moment when both the children had poopy pants at the same time. Regardless, she was happy. This would have never happened with Marcus...and his silly feathered hat! His idea to purchase gifts for the refugee children was *amazing*. It was the kind of thing that gave Zara a massive heart boner for her husband. "That's a great idea! Let's do it!" She couldn't resist kissing him on the lips quickly. "Let's go!" She squeaked, heading off into the mess of feeding essentials. An employee cornered them the very moment Zara stopped moving. The employee presented them with a holopad, where they could scan the items they wanted to purchase. The items would then be prepared, and taken to the spaceport, if they wanted. "Great. They have to make it that easy, don't they? Let's get some blankets, bottles, and stuff for the refugee children as well as fun stuff."

"So she can just get whatever she wants by pressing a button on the datapad?" Marcus asked, sounding incredulous to the clerk, as he watched her scroll. "I mean ... great!" he said, catching himself, as he adjusted his feathered had uncomfortably. They had made it much too easy, he thought to himself, as he watched her click with the same ferocity he had brought to HoloNet porn during his adolescence. "Do we really nee-" he again stopped himself, as he watched over her shoulder. "Oh yes. That will look great in the nursery!" he said, before leaning forward to plant a kiss on her cheek, which would hopefully distract her. In the back of the store the droids began to set to work, loading their speeder truck almost as quickly as Zara clicked. Could the Nerf Herder even carry it all? he wondered silently to himself. He was going to have to get a much larger ship, something more practical for family use, rather than the smaller, sporty ship he had used during his bachelor days.

It was probably the worst invention ever. She showed some self-control, promise! The problem was that her little hacker fingers moved so quickly. So, blame her employment history! Hurricane Zara was disrupted by the kiss. Her smile grew, and, thankfully, her fingers stopped moving. She momentarily stopped to kiss him on the lips. Could the Nerf Herder carry it all? That was the question of the hour. The single reason why she hadn't asked him if they could get the gigantic bantha plushie was because of how large it was. Despite the fact that it sounded epic to sit on top of it, acting as if she was riding to battle on the massive beast. "Here, you drive." She thrust the datapad into his hands. She wanted him to be involved every step of the way. In return, she'd be there to be his support coach when he sat down to put together crib number two. She stopped thinking about living in the Rodney castle in the city entirely. It could be better used to house refugees. Zara hovered. She was glad no one had been sent to take them home yet.

"Me? Uh?" Marcus stammered as he was handed the datapad, not quite sure what to do with it. He began to scroll down and suddenly he was less a husband and more a father and he, too, fell victim to the ease of purchasing and began to click far too much. "For the refugee children," he said, justifying the massive amount of items that were being loaded into their virtual shopping cart. Yes, he purchased the giant bantha, as he never had a sense of space and proportion. Perhaps they could string it to the top of the Nerf Herder and fly back to Delaya very slow? Finally he got an error message saying they had crashed the app with a record number of purchases, which was a good sign they should stop, he thought to himself, before handing the broken datapad back to the sales associate. "I don't think they have anything left," he said, before he turned to his wife, smiling down at her. His arms wrapped around her, and he drew her burgeoning belly against his stomach, and wrapped her in a loving embrace that was topped off with a passionate kiss.

It was good to see someone else get as addicted to the datapad as she did. She swore his fingers moved at a speed that combated hers. Zara probably should have played the voice of reason, but she couldn't. For the refugee children! She was actually looking forward to delivering the presents to the children, not because she wanted positive publicity, but because the children of Alderaan had a damn hard life. She'd do anything to make it better. Once the north's environment improved, she fully intended to work on getting housing for the refugees put there. Zara couldn't have missed it when Marcus purchased the gigantic bantha. Internally, she hoped that was for them to keep so she could live out her bantha dreams. Who cared if they had to tie it to the top of the craft?! She laughed that it was Marcus who broke the device and not her. "Yeah, they are going to have to close to restock after what we just did." She happily inched in close to him. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Her swollen tummy nuzzled against his. "I love you," those three words had always felt so good to say to him. It didn't matter if they were fighting baddies together, or wrecking a baby store, everything in life was better with him. Zara's lips locked with her husband's. She kissed him with all of her love until other things started entering the kiss.. like lust. Between his injuries and the lurking press, she knew she probably shouldn't but...

Zara was adventurous. There was a look in her eyes. It was a very specific look that he'd seen many, many times. She said nothing. Her hand grabbed his uninjured with authority. She didn't know the store well, but she assumed that they had dressing rooms for pregnant woman. She imagined they'd be bigger and likely include sitting areas, so, the naughty little teenager led him towards a place where she could satisfy other cravings.

Marcus was led by Zara through the store until they reached the back of the store where the changing rooms were located. "Zara..." Marcus protested, knowing full well what she was up to. He knew her well enough to know exactly what she had planned, before they even entered the changing room. "I'm sure there's cameras," he said, pleading with her, as the door was quickly locked behind them. Before he even knew what was happening they were kissing and stripping off their clothes. "Well. I suppose we bought so much they really can't call the sector rangers," he said, as his shirt was lifted over his head, knocking his new hat to the floor. This was what happened when one married a woman half their age with an insatiable sexual desire ... not that he was complaining. "I love you," he said, as he smiled at his adventurous young wife. As he stripped her down, he was kissing her feverishly, and stripping her out of what was left of her clothing. If there *was* a camera the HoloNet was about to get a much hotter, much scandalous video to profit from.

Protest if he'd like, Zara had gained Hulk-like strength when she was in the mood. Had she been in the right frame of mind, she would have thought about things like knocking out the cameras with all of her awesome hacker skills. But no. She was too busy considering the quickest method to sharing a lovely, if extremely inappropriate, moment with her husband. It was amazing she remembered to lock. From there, the passion and heat increased at an alarming rate. Clothing was disappearing at an alarming rate. It became heaps on the ground at their feet. "I love you," she responded just as she undid his pants and pulled them down. The amount of good the gifts would do for their image probably wasn't going to offset the amount of *bad* that the video a camera overhead was catching. If there was one thing that could be said about the royal couple, it was that they'd never be caught in a cheating scandal. They were damn committed.

Within minutes of arriving in the dressing room, Zara was nude. Her hands touched all over his face while they shared yet another kiss. Her fingers darted through his hair. "You're so amazing. I'm the luckiest woman ever." Zara's mind was grinding to action. What was the best way for them to do this? She could easily have him sit on the padded bench in the dressing room and ride him. However, the full-body length mirror offered Zara a deal she couldn't resist. The little thief turned her back on Marcus. Her hands pressed on either side of the mirror. She bent over, wiggling her rear to entice him. "You should wear the hat." She giggled while saying it.

The naughty Delayan couple had a *serious* problem with keeping their hands to themselves. Granted, this one was all Zara's fault. After one hot, sticky session inside of the dressing room, both man and wife were left feeling exhausted. She was still catching her breath as quietly as she could manage, now seated on the bench inside the dressing room. She hadn't bothered to cloth herself just yet. The young woman was happily basking in afterglow. Her mind had checked out to a place where nothing but happiness existed...only...her happiness wasn't made to last. No sooner had Zara's heart moved back into her chest did a loud knock rock the door of the dressing room stall. She jumped, roughly fifteen feet in the air, and immediately reached for an article of clothing. She said nothing, because the Alderaan guard outside did the talking. He wasn't stupid. They weren't in the dressing room to try clothes on. "Ahem," he coughed, "Lord Marcus? Lady Zara? Your presence is requested on Delaya. I've been ordered to escort you back to the Rodney Castle." The little thief didn't say a word. This was awkward beyond awkward!

Marcus felt exhausted after their voyeuristic love affair in the changing room of the baby store, but before he could catch his breath the Alderaan Guard was on the scene. He kept quiet, but began awkwardly getting dressed, as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately for him, at first he put on Zara's top, but he quickly rectified the situation. After far too long he was finally dressed ... his pants and shirt were on, but they were badly wrinkled, and his feathered hat was on backwards. He waited until Zara was decent, unaware of just how bad he looked, and then excited the changing room to meet with their guard. "We'll be with you shortly," he chastised them, as he shood them away. "Is my father all right?" he asked them, as he adjusted his wardrobe, doing his best to act as if *nothing* had happened, when in reality *everything* had.

Zara's mind was grinding to action. It panicked to the point where she couldn't even dress herself. She willed her arms to move, yet they remained limp at her sides. Helplessly, she watched Marcus put on her top. *Wait no*. That was wrong. Didn't that belong to her? He was nearly dressed when Zara started functioning again. She was so busy trying to hurriedly dress that she didn't realize how screamingly obvious what they had done was. Even her clothing was wrinkled. Somehow, while redressing, she managed to put her shoes on the wrong feet *twice*. It was pathetic.

The guard looked scolded. He knew full well that he should have patiently waited. "Duke Julius' condition is stable." The guard reported robotically, "It is Duchess Livia who sends us. She became worried when you didn't respond to her messages. She wishes to see you and Lady Zara."

Speaking of Lady Zara, she made her way out of the changing room. By some form of magic, Zara looked flawless. Her silver hair sat flat. Her clothing was arranged properly. She managed to look collected in front of a guard who knew they'd just had sex. Her arm looped around her husband's. She decompressed with a sight then nodded her head, "We'll start back home within the hour. Please contact her and let her know as much."

"Well ... that was *embarrassing*," Marcus said to Zara, as soon as the guards left their presence. He frowned at first, pretending to be upset, but he could not maintain that displeased look for long. "...but I wouldn't have passed it up for anything," he told her, as he moved forward, pressing her against the wall, and lowering his mouth to place a forceful kiss upon her. By now most of the shoppers and employees of the store were watching, but that did not stop him from kissing her. Some of the shoppers were taking holorecordings, but be reasoned that there was so much Zarcus material out there already what harm could a few more images do. At least, he thought, everyone would know their love for one another was true and they shared a genuine passion. "Now. Shall we see what your stepmother wants?" he asked, raising his eyebrow and laughing, as he teased her viciously about how mother wanting to see them.

She probably should have felt bad for letting her passions take control. However, she simply didn't. Her stern attitude faded as soon as the guard did. A smile began to curl up her lips. "Me either." She agreed with him just before she was swept up in a lovely, aggressive kiss. Her hands took up residence on either side of his face as she returned his kiss with wave after wave of her love. It didn't matter how big of a crowd they drew, because right now, Zara was having the time of her life. She couldn't help that the residence of Delaya ate up Zarcus stories like they were the most craved dish. He left a smile on her face and a fluttering heart in her chest. It was a special moment; one where she realized how deeply she had fallen in love. His teasing was meant with laughter. "Probably to skin me and make me into a rug in her massive castle. Doesn't that sound about right?" She teased him back. At this point, she understood the depth of crazy going on in the Rodney family. The worst part of it was how much she belonged right there with her crazy family.

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