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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
718 years before the Battle of Yavin (683BrS:1:19) in the Corellian system: Corellia (Coronet City: Couture & More).
Raeni Corliss, Niloth (Darth Diabolus), and Baron Germanicus Rodney (Darth Crassus).

Coronet was the shining capital of Corellia. The city was second only to the massive Galactic City that spanned Coruscant in terms of commercialization. It was among the millions in the city, human and alien alike, that Germanicus Rodney had chosen as the ideal shopping destination for Raeni. No one would recognize them here. He could quietly improve her wardrobe before introducing her to Alderaanian society as he began his bid for power. He had found some dark robes ... men's clothes that he had grown out of ... for her to wear. The two of them blended in nicely, particularly amidst the dark of night, but they looked rather impoverished for the neighborhood they were in. The rich and opulent of Corellian society ... and indeed the entire core ... were shopping this night for clothes, jewelry, and accessories. He knew that the judgmental, superficial society that the nobility existed in demanded a fine wardrobe. He doubted her ability to pick out something suitable for herself, but fortunately each of these boutiques had a personal shopper and stylist to help. "Say nothing," he instructed, treating her more like a child than a student. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then transformed himself into the charismatic figure that high society demanded. "Hello," he said as he entered the boutique, with a broad smile and a winning attitude. "My ... friend ... here needs an entire wardrobe suitable for life at court," he said, as he stood next to the shopgirl. Together they both looked at Raeni, judging her, and measuring her, before a rack of dresses was brought forward.

The second trip inside of the starship was much easier than the first. Raeni only felt the discomfort of being cold and nude before a man who had just tried to drown her. Testing her or not, she was *still* angry with him about that. Much to her satisfaction, he didn't make her descend into the city in nothing but a damp towel. He found something for her to wear. As strong a woman as Raeni was, Corellia was a whole new playground for her. She had never had a wardrobe. She had never owned clothing that fit her. She had never been to a city like Coronet either. Content to study all that transpired around her, Raeni remained the silent pupil. The first store which he took her to was overflowing with lavish clothing, jewelry, and various accessories that she didn't even know what one would do with them. Reluctantly, she remained silent as the man switched his masks and became social.

She could feel both of their eyes on her...judging her. Germanicus' plans for her had yet to be revealed. Her first sneak peek was that he wanted her ready for life at court. Her blood was not noble. She had never experienced anything like that, yet she was confident that she could pull a convincing act off for the man. Raeni eyed the dresses. The clothing was so crisp and clean. The shopgirl spoke up. "If you'd like to try something on, you can find the dressing rooms over there." The girl pointed towards an open door at the corner of the store. Raeni select a deep red dress. Her clothing needed to fit properly if she was going to be the trophy on his arm. "You're going to need to fill me in as to your plans eventually." She said to him in a quiet voice on the way to the dressing room. She closed the dressing room door behind her. He had the chance to see her nude enough today.

It took more time to dress when she wasn't wearing frumpy, large clothing. In truth, the dress she took fit like a glove. It spoke a convincing case against Raeni ever having worked in a spice mine. She stopped to adjust her breasts in the mirror. She looked vastly different now. Even she was shocked by it. Confidently, Raeni stepped out of the dressing room to show him.

"Right now the only thing I want you to fill in is this dress," Germanicus said, as he pulled a blue one off the rack and threw it at her. He then scooped up a flute of sparkling wine, drinking it down quickly, because after all it was free and they would spending a great deal of money. As he watched her go through the clothing and try on several of the garments he was remarkably pleased by what he saw. Unfortunately, others in the store were not, and two women, who were as high on their horse as they were in society, were condescendingly shooting sideways glances at Raeni and obviously talking about her. Germanicus noticed, but for now neither did, nor said nothing. But in the back of his mind a plan began to form. "We'll take everything!" he declared to the obviously ecstatic shopgirl in a moment of impulsiveness. Where they were going, and what they would be doing she would need an extensive and varied wardrobe.

One by one, Raeni tried several of the dresses on. It was enjoyable to have such tight fitting clothing. It was enjoyable to feel *beautiful* for the first time in her life. Her confidence was soaring so high that she didn't give the two female shoppers a moment of her time. She simply batted her eyes and continued on her way. Her head didn't come down from the sky when she dressed back into the black robes. "You're enjoying yourself too much." She teasingly commented to him. "It's upsetting the hags." Her eyes rolled towards the condescending women. "Where are you taking me next? If you're going to make me your fashion project, then I'll need accessories, shoes, makeup.. And whatever that is.." She said, pointing towards a crown that was behind roughly a foot of thick glass.

"Crowns are won ... not purchased," Germanicus scolded her, as he instructed the shopgirl to add the accessories to their bill. As the two women who had been gossiping about Raeni exited the store, he grabbed hold of Raeni and began to leave, walking behind them. "The force has a strong influence on the weak mind," he whispered to Raeni, as they walked across a walkway on the streets of Coronet. "Excuse me, ladies," he said, loud enough for them to hear. Although they were busy, they nevertheless stopped in their tracks and turned to look at them. They were not at all pleased that it was the two dirty people from the store who were taking up their time. "Watch and observe," he said to Raeni, before he focused his attention on the two. As he swept his right hand out in front of them they both went silent and ceased movement, almost as if they were in a trance. "You *will* jump off the walkway," he said to the first woman, concentrating intently on her weak mind, which was putty in his hand. "I *will* jump off the walkway," she said, obediently, before she jumped off the walkway and crashed down to her death in the undercity of Coronet. "Now, you try," he said to Raeni, as he stepped aside to let her have at the other one.

A crown. Looking down at it, Raeni decided that she would wear one someday. She walked along at his side feeling increasingly more excited. Her new life would give her the respect that she deserved and never received in Ylesia. She was not amused to find that the woman from the shop were now in front of them. They moved slowly which grated on her nerves. His words made her grin. She had a good feeling that the was about to provide a demonstration for her...and what a lesson he gave! If she hadn't watched the whole thing, she would have doubted that it was possible. Before her, he took control over one of the woman's minds. She heard his request: she saw the woman jump to her death. Raeni's face displayed shock and pleasure. "That was incredible!" She said. The second woman had begun screaming and crying frantically. Like him, she reached out to the woman. It was much like penetrating into the gigantic sea creature's mind, only it was so much easier. It was like cutting through jello as opposed to cutting through a well done steak with a spoon. She grasped the woman's mind in her hands. "You will step into the roadway when you hear a speeder approaching." Raeni commanded the woman in a calm voice. The woman mindlessly repeated the words. "I will step into the roadway when I hear a speeder approaching."

Within seconds, one came bounding down the roadway. With no objections, the woman stepped out in front of it at the last second. She was dead upon collision. Her body was ripped into pieces. The driver of the speeder screeched to a stop. She could hear the driver crying over the dead woman. Raeni smiled. She slid an arm into Germanicus'. "I've decided I enjoy shopping with you." She reported, strolling away from the traffic jam that she had caused.

From the shadows across the way Darth Diabolus watched carefully as his wayward apprentice caroused with some girl. He was using his powers like a cheap magician ... showing off. In that instance he had become convinced that he had chosen poorly. The future of the Sith was now in doubt due to Germanicus Rodney's lack of patience and poor attention span. The girl, however, showed promise, and he could sense in her she had a legacy far greater than either of them ... and that scared him. If he had known the disturbance in the force he felt was centered around this girl he would have never sent Germanicus to investigate ... he would have went himself. As he withdrew in the shadows to contemplate his next move he knew only two of the three of them could survive if the legacy of Darth Bane and the Sith were to live on. And as far as he was concerned Germanicus Rodney was the odd man out.

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