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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:3:35) in the Chandrila system: Chandrila (Nayli: Fawn Pleshette's estate) and Demon Cat.
El-Nay Darr, Petrus Flosgermen, Assemblywoman Fawn Pleshette (death), and Luna Ta'em/Flosgermen.

Petrus Flosgermen found himself back at the controls of the Demon Cat as he embarked on an unwelcome mission for his Imperial overlords. He considered simply flying off and never returning, but with the tracking device and explosives the Empire had affixed to his ship that idea quickly left his mind. He was not morally or ethically opposed to serving the Empire, but they did pay less ... particularly since they had been forced into a type of indentured servitude. Still it was better than being locked up in the mountain fortress they had spent the past month in, and it did give him an opportunity to commit acts of violence that were sorely needed for his mental health. He could learn to live with this arrangement, given time, but what he could not stand was the fact that they had to bring the annoying young Mandalorian with them. That was going to get old fast. His eyes looked across the cockpit at Luna thinking she looked great in her infiltration suit, so much so that he nearly lost focus on the fact that they would soon be exiting hyperspace at their destination.

El-Nay Darr was no stranger to missions for the Empire ever since she, too, had been forced into serving them. Her success rate left something to be desired, but she was always eager to prove herself ... perhaps too eager. "I don't see why I couldn't pilot," she complained from the back of the ship, as she had done the entire journey so far. Her small frame was covered by her vintage Mandalorian armor in the Nite Owl fashion, which had been coated with garish orange paint that made her quite the easy target. But as the color represented lust for life in her culture no one could convince her to change it ... no matter how many blaster bolts were fired in her direction. She did not like the thought of working with Petrus and Luna after their past history, but she had been given no option. With Kerrie absent on some assignment she, too, had become bored, and even lonely, in her isolation in the Empire's secretive mountain base on Esseles. She would not let her dislike and distrust for the sycophantic duo deny her the opportunity of a mission.

Life had really *sucked* lately. Luna was bitter that there had not been a proper celebration after successfully kidnapping her sister and robbing the Rodney family silly. Instead of living a life of absolute luxury with Petrus, she was trapped in a goddamn isolated fortress where she trained with a bunch of people she didn't like. Luna Ta'em required freedom. While she had no qualms with working for the Empire, she did hope that enough successful missions would grant them with some breathing room. Maybe they could even move into the city instead of dealing with captive living. Regardless, Petrus made it easier to deal with. If she hadn't been able to relieve her frustration through sex, she may have snapped and attempted to kill as many people in the fortress as she could before being shot down like a wild animal.

And so, she sat in the copilot's seat. The Demon Cat was embarked on their first Empire ordered mission. She looked irritated. Agent Orange was driving her insane. The whining grated at her nerves until she felt raw. Rather than snapping at El-Nay, Luna kept her cool. El-Nay could pilot on the way home when she was too busy fucking Petrus to care. Her eyes lifted, linking with Petrus. "Please tell me we're almost there. I'm about to settle the score with Agent Orange back there." She growled loudly enough that the third wheel would hear it. She reached across the cockpit to rub a gloved hand over his arm. "It's nice to see something besides our cage. We'll have to have some fun when we're all done with our job." Luna winked. Her hand moved away from his. One of her cat companions was seated in her lap. She had used the duration of the trip to install some upgrades.

"Now, now," Petrus said, as he shook his right index finger at Luna in a mock gesture of condemnation. "Wait until *after* the mission at least," he said, as the swirling blue column of hyperspace in front of them vanished suddenly, replaced with a vibrant starfield. "No time for games now. We're coming up on our target," he said, before reluctantly summoning El-Nay from the back of the transport. His hand moved to the center console where he began punching in their mission briefing. In front of them was the holographic representation of their target. It was a simple estate on Chandrila with an older human female target. A member of the local government who actually supported the Empire. "Remember. We can't simply blow her up with a rocket and be done with it," he said, as he looked at each of the two reckless individuals with them. "They want this to look like she was assassinated by the Rebellion for whatever reason," he said, taking them each to task before they even began. The Empire hoped that by falsely painting the Rebellion as terrorists more moderate politicians would join their cause, and Rebel sympathizers would withdraw their support. It was a carefully considered plan on flimsiplast, but the trio of hunters still had to execute it successfully.

El-Nay brought her gloved hands up to either side of her helmet before ripping it from her head, revealing her young face and artificially dyed blonde hair whose true colors were showing on either side of her shaved head. "Do I get to kill her?" she asked, excitedly, her gray eyes almost lighting up as the blue light from the hologram danced upon the delicate features of her face. Her bloodlust was second to none and the thought of being the one to pull the trigger appealed to her greatly. She stood behind Luna, with a case of resting bitch face, keenly aware of how she had nearly incinerated her some time ago. It was most definitely a toxic work environment.

Luna let out a hard laugh. "No wonder why I love you so much!" Petrus was a tiny bit of logic to the otherwise insane mind of the huntress. Beating El-Nay silly prior to their mission wasn't a good idea, even if it would briefly silence the woman. She paid attention during debriefing. The target would be easy to kill had there not been a catch to it...framing the Rebellion. Now Luna understood why a crate of terrible Rebel clothing had been packed onto their ship. An idea had already begun to form inside of her head. She didn't understand why they had brought El-Nay. This was a mission for two. "We all need to change then. There's a crate of terrible, gaudy, Rebel clothing in the back. With a simple estate like that, it's unlikely that our target has cameras. We'll want to leave a piece of our clothing behind. Like a patch from a uniform."

She placed her robotic cat on the ground. "Go. Find the estate and get inside. I need your eyes." It seemed like the robotic cat looked more realistic every time she worked on it. Luna stood and turned. She was now face-to-face with Agent Orange. "Not when you're getting all blood lusty like that. Get dressed. Maybe if you're a good girl and don't get into any trouble, I'll allow it." The short haired woman headed towards the back of the transport. She picked through the clothing until she found something that would fit over her skin tight bodysuit. She dressed herself right there in front of everyone. *Great*. Now she had to wear a little orange too. Orange was the worst color in the universe. She tossed something towards El-Nay then opened the hangar so her cat could escape. This wasn't going to be as easy as it looked. She needed to see what was going on inside the estate. "Ready everyone?"

"Hey! Where'd you get one of those? I want one of those!" El-Nay said, as she watched in amazement as Luna's robotic cat went off to do its work. She moved towards the crate of Rebel uniforms in the cargo hold of the Demon Cat, but nothing seemed to fit her. They also smelled badly, causing her to hold her nose and her skin to change slightly green. "Gaah. It smells like someone died in these things," she complained, indicating she was refusing to wear them. "I'm sure nobody will be able to identify me ... I'll have my helmet on!" she said, excitedly, before placing the helmet with its iconic T-shaped visor back upon her pretty little head.

Petrus was already losing his patience when it came to the El-Nay situation, rolling his eyes at her before moving towards the crate of Rebel attire. "They smell like someone died in them, because they did," he said, before starting the process of getting dressed. "Do what Luna tells you to do," he said, before throwing a glance towards his partner. What had they gotten themselves into? Apparently they had to babysit on top of their mission. "Of course they'll recognize you. You're the only Mandalorian stupid enough to paint your armor orange," he said, before he completed the task of dressing himself as a Rebel captain. "I'm ready," he said, but not before grabbing at the tightly cut hair of Luna and placing a fierce, biting kiss upon her lips. "For luck," he said, with a wink, as the kiss broke, licking his own lips to get that final taste of her.

With El-Nay's hideous taste in color, Luna could only imagine what kind of cat the Mandalorian would like. Neon orange. Ugly. A rough tabby cat would suit her better, the woman decided silently. The whining was never ending. Luna rolled her eyes. She appreciated Petrus backing her. They hadn't had much of an opportunity to complete many jobs together before El-Nay had rudely barged into their lives. Luna didn't see herself as a team leader, or much of a team player for that matter. She was driven to succeed. She laughed, wrapped her arms around his neck. Luna kissed Petrus. Her fingernails dug into the back of his neck. Even the sickening smell of the clothing didn't turn her off. There had been worst situations, after all. "For luck," she repeated with bright eyes. "If you want that kill shot, you should probably listen up, Agent Orange. Neither one of us want to get into trouble with Kiley."

As soon as everyone was ready, Luna shrugged on a sack. She headed out of their prized ship and began leading the way through the bustling city to the target. Her hand slid into Petrus'. She spoke, caring not if El-Nay heard or not. "I'm so pissed we got stuck with *her*. I thought we'd get some time alone." Grumble, grumble. There were perks of this mission. Seeing Petrus dressed as a Rebel captain made her that much more inclined to take off his clothing. From a device in her sack, she heard a series of beeps. "Looks like my kitty found the estate. Good." They would have eyes from the inside when they arrived. "I have a feeling that today is going to be a *very* good day."

As Luna kissed him, Petrus returned the kiss with a bite on her lower lip. He did not even acknowledge the Mandalorian as he changed into the Rebel uniform, which quite clearly still had the smell of death upon it. He was not a cloak and dagger man, and preferred a more brutal, frontal assault that had earned him the demon moniker, but this was what his employer wanted and he would deliver. "We could leave her here," he suggested silently to Luna, before turning his head over his shoulder and offering a fake smile at El-Nay. When Luna's droid reached the estate he began reviewing the information that came in. "Not very defended. No reason to be," he mused to the two of them, before checking the power pack in the captured Rebel A280 blaster rifle he had for this mission.

El-Nay was oblivious to the the comments being made by Luna and Petrus about her, as she too busy being excited about the mission and complaining about having to wear the Rebel uniform. The dirty brown clothes that the Rebels called a uniform were quite baggy on her, hiding her feminine frame, and forcing her to use one hand to hold her pants up as she walked. "This is ridiculous," she muttered to them, as she tried to follow behind them, but kept falling behind due to the ill fitting attire. The political implications of their mission were beyond her somewhat limited mental capacity, but she was eager for a kill. She kept being reminded that if she just behaved it would be hers, but she resented having to listen to either of them. The hand that was not holding her pants up was tense around her blaster pistol, hovering over the handle of the blaster, and itching for a shot.

In between Luna's hands, she held a rectangular device which streamed the live feed from her cat. As insane as she was, it was always intelligent to go into a mission knowing at least a little about the playing field. That was the reason why she sent her robotic cat ahead of her when breaking into Petrus' apartment. The idea of leaving El-Nay behind sounded wonderful. In her head, Luna weighed the pros and cons. Pro: No El-Nay to fuck things up. Con: Can you *imagine* the ride home!? The girl's mouth didn't stop moving when they treated her decently. "Mrrr... We have to take her." She decided, whilst almost entirely ignoring the Mandalorian. If she didn't mess things up, then Luna would award her with the kill.

Her fingers idly tapped the screen, programming the cat to find ways for them to get in. There were windows, mostly too small for Petrus to comfortably squeeze through. "C'mon, there *has* to be a backdoor... Oh! Looks like our target is enjoying some Real Huttese Wives." She could see the woman parked in a chair idly sipping her drink. The cat continued roaming through the home until it found a backdoor. It happened in conjunction with the time Petrus, El-Nay, and Luna arrived at the estate. Luna crouched in some thick bushes, whistling. "Damnnnn. Do you see that place, Petrus!? We're going to purchase a *much* nicer home as soon as we can. Three stories. A basement for all of our..." She stopped talking and winked. "I suppose I shouldn't talk about that in front of the youngin'. The backdoor is unlocked now. Let's head inside."

The comments Luna were making about shopping for a new home made him realize just how much they would need the credits they would be earning on these Imperial missions. It seemed like Luna could be quite the expensive wife, particularly now that her sister had married into the nobility. "Focus," he said in a sharp tone, as he was more interested in entering the structure than using it as inspiration for future decorating. He was still marveling over these droids, but would have preferred to simply blow the door open. He raised his index finger sharply at El-Nay to warn her to be careful, before leading the trio into the lavish estate. As he entered the lower level of the estate he looked around, noting the lights were off. "She's old. Probably asleep," he said, quietly, before moving toward the stairs. The second level was nothing but bedrooms, and he slowly moved towards the master suite at the end of the hall. There was no sense in being loud and waking her now. He opened the door to the master suite, spying the older woman asleep in the bed. He raised his weapon, but did not pull the trigger. It was then that another idea crossed his mind. His eyes slowly moved towards Luna as a smirk crept upon his lips.

It was time. Luna felt adrenaline release into her veins. It pumped through her body until she felt satisfied and prepared. No longer needing the eyes of her cat droid, she slid the device into her backpack. Ignoring El-Nay entirely, she marched towards the back door. It was as simple as walking up to the door and turning a knob. In an anticlimactic way, the trio had arrived. Luna took a moment to collect her cute droid and add it to the growing collection of electronics in her backpack. She traded it out for a blaster which she kept as waist level while they moved through the house. The decor didn't matter anymore. What mattered was successfully killing the woman, framing the Rebels, and receiving payment for a job well done.

The woman was easy to find. The TV in front of her was blaring. A gigantic female Hutt was screaming hysterically while crying yet the woman did not budge in the bed. Old people slept like damn babies. Lingering over her bed, Luna realized that they could easily accomplish the job right here and now. El-Nay had behaved, but Luna was always going to give the kill reward to her lover over Agent Orange. When he didn't pull the trigger, the young woman peered upward at him. His smirk said that the wheels were turning in his head...but what was he thinking about? Luna didn't need to know to start feeling excited. Her own devilish smirk drew up over her face. "Whatever you're thinking, do it." She mouthed silently.

"Mine!" El-Nay said loudly, before raising her blaster pistol in the direction of the old lady in bed. Unfortunately for her, as soon as the blaster was raised her pants fell to the ground. But before she could squeeze off a shot from the weapon, Petrus had grabbed hold of her, lifted her into the air and slammer her to the ground. "Ugh," she groaned, slightly dazed, as she began to see stars fluttering over her head. Her back was killing her, and when she tried to get up she began to feel a pain in the small of her back. This was not what she signed up for at all.

"Not yet," Petrus warned her, angrily, as he looked down at the Mandalorian on the ground. Unfortunately, all of the commotion woke up their target in the bed. He moved swiftly towards the side of the bed, placing his hand on the woman to hold her down before she could reach the panic button. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked, before signaling for Luna to come over towards him to help. It was then that he pulled out a datapad that had a marriage document for him and Luna that needed the approval of a government official. "Authorize this ... *please*," he said, as he hovered it in front of the woman's face. "Not very romantic, but cheap and efficient," he said, with a smirk in Luna's direction. The frightened woman quickly looked over the document, baffled that they had broken into her estate for something like this. Eventually it was authorized and as simple as that Luna and Petrus were legally married. "Thank you," he said, before looking down at the broken Mandalorian. "Now," he said, shaking his head at the pathetic puddle of a bounty hunter on the floor.

Luna watched Petrus in awe. There was something absolutely beautiful about the way he grabbed El-Nay and slammed her to the floor like she was a weightless doll. She looked like she wished she could do the same. Physical strength was his thing. Luna cast a dark look towards the Mandalorian, making a 'tsk, tsk' noise under her breath. The frail, old target was awake. She rushed towards the woman to help keep her down without accidentally killing her. She was surprised to see that Petrus had brought a datapad with with a marriage certificate ready to go. Her heart fluttered in her chest. It *was* romantic! Her free hand ran over his arm. "Oh, Petrus! I'm so happy!" Now Alice would need to learn how to spell Petrus' last name without reference. She brushed away tears while the woman authorized the document, thus marrying them. Luna squeezed.

While El-Nay took care of the kill shot, Luna approached Petrus. She nuzzled in close to him. "You may now kiss the bride." She said playfully, holstering her blaster. The woman's lifeless body lay right beside them. The scent of death continued to linger in their clothing. Despite all of this, Luna managed to kiss him with enough heat to take his breath away. She hadn't seen this coming and she liked it. Petrus was absolutely unpredictable. With her arms locked around his neck, she wrapped one leg around his waist. When she was sure he was prepared for her weight, she did the same with the other. "Mmmm. Petrus.. My husband." El-Nay was going to have to pilot them home.

"What the..?" El-Nay asked, as she gingerly made her way back onto her feet. "Did you guys just get married?" she asked, bringing her left hand up to scratch at the side of her shaved head while pulling up her pants with her other hand. What a disaster, she thought to herself, before moving to take hold of the DH-17 blaster pistol she had been given. "Sorry to interrupt the romance, but we have a job to do," she said, trying to sound professional, but it was a difficult thing to accomplish when she needed a free hand to hold her pants up. "Sorry, lady, whoever you are," she said, as she raised her DH-17 at the woman's chest. She pulled back on the trigger unleashing a deadly bolt of crimson energy that left the woman dead instantly. "Woo!" she cheered, before holster her weapon. "I got one," she gloated, before moving down the stairs to head back towards the ship.

"My wife," Petrus said, possessively, as his hands roughly grabbed at her backside, drawing her body in as close to his as it would go. He placed a kiss upon her as she wrapped her legs around him, and he began trying to walk down the stairs with her in his arms. "I thought I was just supposed to carry you over the threshold, not everywhere," he joked, as he placed his hands beneath her behind to hold her up as he walked. "I own you now. Legally," he told her, completely serious, as they reached the bottom of the stairs. Their mission had been accomplished with a little added benefit. It would have been perfect if not for their third wheel.

Well, everyone would be going home happy. El-Nay had her kill. Luna and Petrus had been able to get married, something which she had been wanting to do badly. The woman was dead within seconds after she was shot. The mission was over. She thought El-Nay's presence would doom them all to failure. Thankfully, Luna had been wrong. Maybe she would be kinder to Agent Orange next time ... *unlikely*! She decided that she was going to stay in Petrus' arms instead of use her own legs. Admittedly, it was *much* better. She laughed. "I promise that once we arrive in our ship, I won't make you hold me anymore." Luna nipped at his lips. "Oooh. Does that mean I can finally get 'Property of Petrus' tattooed on my ass?" She liked being owned. She loved the way he possessed her. For certain reasons, it took them a lot longer to reach the ship. When they did, Luna was back to barking orders at El-Nay. "Agent Orange! Take us home!" She demanded while wiggling her way out of her Rebel jacket. It was time for the best part of any mission, especially this one: celebration.

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