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Sean Brandt, Christopher Levy, and Shawn Lovelett.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:27) in the Chandrila system: Audacious, Chandrila (Hanna City: Canna Omonda's estate), and IDT-978.
Captain Serra Eona, Sergeant Major Jonas Garrett, Major Kerrie Kiley, and Canna Omonda.

"Major Kerrie Kiley stood inside the hangar deck of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Audacious orbiting the planet Chandrila. The Clawdite commando was wearing the obsidian black armor of the dreaded Imperial Storm Commandos. She was flanked by a heavily armed squad in matching attire, each of whom was nearly half a meter taller than her. She hated the Imperial Security Bureau ... they had plagued her for nearly half her life, and the thought of having to go an operation with them was detestable. But the orders came from high above and she saw this as an opportunity to prove herself once again. Extending the stock of her E-11 blaster rifle, she stood at the ready in front of the Imperial Dropship Transport, waiting for the other officers to arrive.

Captain Serra Eona's own armor was far less impressive than that of the commandos, but then again it wasn't as if she trained to make use of anything that heavy. While still black, the color was muted and dull, the insignias barely standing out against it. For a change, Serra was visibly armed; a DL-18 blaster was strapped to her thigh, sporting a few minor but clear modifications. Her expression bore no enthusiasm as she made her way onto the hangar and towards the dropship, but she didn't seem particularly bothered either; if anything, the Intel officer showed signs of little more than apathy. She drew up to a halt in front of the Major, giving no hint as to whether or not she knew who the Clawdite was.

Jonas Garrett turned the corner clad in the ISB Stormtrooper armor along his belt were numerous grenades glop, Bothan spore, smoke, shrapnel. He holstered an FWG-5 flechette pistol into the left holster as he started his approach, stopping before the commanding officer. He dropped a satchel with secondary equipment from his shoulder beside a custom slug thrower that ran along his back. The gear added an extra fifty pounds but Jonas had often to carry more equipment in the field, his speaker squelched as he started to speak, "Sergeant Jonas Garrett reporting for duty Sir." the voice said sternly, as he then went to attention.

It was no secret that this was a high profile mission; if there had been any doubt, the presence of a full squad of Imperial Storm Commandos removed it. Serra, of course, had no such doubts, something she was about to reveal as she shifted in such a way to best divide her attention between the pair that she would be addressing. "Sergeant Garrett, Major, I assume you read the mission brief, but I feel it deserves repeating that our target, Canna Omonda, is a serious threat to the security and peace of the Empire. Coordinated efforts between Imperial Security and Imperial Intelligence have provided us with an opportunity to apprehend this traitor and suspected terrorist sympathizer. The burden of her capture is now ours. We should be able to make our approach without serious resistance, but as soon as they realize who our target is, expect their response to be swift and fierce. We must be swifter, and fiercer. A display of our path of approach, both via dropship and then on foot, will be provided in the ship. Any questions?" Her tone was cool and even, lacking the ferocity of many who held command but betraying no hint of frailty. Emotions, it seemed, simply weren't something she chose to deal in.

"Sir, will we be dropping in and eliminating enemy resistance quietly, or are we going in loud?" Jonas asked as he slid the custom slug thrower rifle off his back, and double checked it's load for armor cracking, before returning it to his back, he had very little time from post the ceremony to being called in for duty to check the weapon's previous load out. Jonas retrieved the satchel, and then boarded the drop ship. Jonas removed the heavy weapon from the satchel, and removed two grenades from his belt slipping them into the Z50 grenade launcher. He kept his thoughts to himself in regards to Kerrie, he found her sloppy and a soldier that would more than likely get the others killed.

Kerrie grimaced beneath her helmet, her faux human lips curling downward in despair after hearing the orders. Having served in the Ringali Shell for a year-and-a-half she knew that a move against a public figure like former Senator Omonda would only serve to inspire the Rebellion and lead to their message becoming all the more difficult. <Click>"Understood, Captain."<Click>, the young woman said between two audible clicks on her helmet's comm system. With that, she rose her left hand and signaled her group of Commandos to take their position on the Imperial Dropship Transport. Being the last one to board, she checked over each member of the squad to ensure that they were ready. Most of them were replacements after the deaths at the hand of the rogue Jedi they encountered earlier that year, she was uncertain how each of them would fair if things were to get out of hand.

"I think it goes without saying you don't bring a full compliment of Imperial Commandos when you intend to do things quietly, Sergeant. That said, avoid collateral damage at all cost. We are here to apprehend rebel sympathizers and kill those who fight for them, not inspire others to join their cause." If Serra had any distaste for Garrett due to his being assigned to ISB, it didn't show. There was, of course, good reason she had been sent to work with them. Serra filed onto the dropship behind Kerrie, taking up her position. As they waited for the take off, she maneuvered to stand near the Major, her voice at a casual level despite the noise. She knew well enough that helmet would pick up her words. "You failed to introduce yourself, Major. Not quite the level of professionalism I would expect from a Commando." Sounding like a simple statement more than anything else, her eyes resting on nothing in particular directly ahead rather than look at the commando she spoke to.

<Click>"I assumed you ISB already knew my life story, Captain. But if you wish to be formal, Major Kerrie Kiley,"<Click> she replied, in an introduction that was ripe with disdain before she attached the safety harness that would keep her in position before the descent. In what seemed like an instant, the Imperial Dropship Transport fell from the hangar of the Audacious and began dropping at its maximum speed towards the planet Chandrila below. As the vessel entered the upper atmosphere, the shielding began to glow as the temperature began to rapidly increase. All aboard were jostled about as the winds in the upper region began to pick up. Unexpectedly, one of the young Storm Commandos would vomit inside of his helmet ... it was his first combat drop and it was not at all what he expected. Major Kiley could all but cringe at the trooper, wondering where the Empire was finding these people. It felt as if most of the resources had been diverted to operations in the Outer Rim and all she was being assigned were recent graduates and wash outs from more priority sectors. Looking through the polarized lenses of the helmet, she saw the estate in the distance that the craft was rapidly approaching. As yet, she could make out no sign of opposition. <Click>"Captain, we're approaching the target,"<Click> she informed the woman, motioning with her free hand to the looming structure.

Jonas regulated the MFTAS within his helmet, taking note of the two most likely to cause interference before he clicked into place a grenade within the Z50 launcher locked a shrapnel before looping it's strap to his belt, the safety was already on. Jonas paid no mind to the green trooper as he heaved into his own helmet, it only decreased the chances of success of the mission someone else for him to be concerned about endangering the mission's success. If they had wanted it done cleanly they would have sent Jonas in alone, he reminded himself. He slid the rifle off from his back, and popped out the weapon cartridge, before sliding a new one in place, then with a click he checked to make sure the first round fired had an explosive tip on it, the man looked like a walking armory.

"ISB knows what they know. I work for Imperial Intelligence. I knew precisely who you were, Major Kiley. That doesn't change the fact that formality should always be your default way of interacting with Imperial Officers." It wasn't really voiced like a scolding, and Captain Eona didn't intend it as one. Simply good advice from the sort of person who was in a position to know what she was talking about. The rest of the drop could pass in silence so far as she concerned, up until it was announced that they were on their final approach. Her voice rose enough to give orders to all the soldiers within, including the two who would be commanding them. "Canna Omonda is to be taken alive. Lethal force is authorized against anyone else who offers resistance."

<Click>"I doubt there will be any resistance, Captain. These politicians only have token security and we have the element of surprise,"<Click> Kerrie said, a sense of arrogance and overconfidence oozing from each word, looking over her shoulder at the Intelligence officer. Suddenly the sky around them illuminated with blaster bursts from an E-Web that had been hastily erected on one of the estate's balconies. The pilot attempted to correct, sending the Imperial Dropship Transport into a sharp turn to starboard that would cause several of the troopers to be awkwardly thrown from the craft to an unpleasant demise in the rocky terrain below. Enraged and embarrassed, she threw her left arm forward in the direction of the estate. <Click>"Take out that battery, pilot!"<Click>, she ordered, not realizing that if he did so it would likely destroy the structure and kill the former Senator.

"Belay that order, pilot!" For the first time Serra's voice rose, her hand gripping the safety as she was jostled violently by the emergency maneuvering. "Re-route to point Beta-Seven-Ten. Prepare for hot entry." The new drop point was farther away, but it would give the pilot some measure of safety for the drop. They would simply have to go farther on foot.

The pilot of the Imperial Dropship Transport was very confused by the conflicting orders, but ultimately followed the instructions of the Intel Captain, who was recognized as the mission commander, despite the lower rank. As the ship ducked below the line of sight of the balcony, the fire gradually suppressed and a more safe approach was attempted. Beneath her helmet, Kerrie was now furious at the Intel Captain for countermanding her orders. So much so that for an instant her true Clawdite reptilian appearance flashed as she lost the focus to maintain her false front. <Click>"Prepare to evac upon drop!"<Click> she ordered to what was left of the Commandos, as the dropship touched down upon the rear of the compound. As they landed, the black armored troops leapt into action and established a perimeter around the landing zone with her at the forefront.

Jonas' tongue switched the comlink channel to private directly to Serra, his voice was cold and measured as always, "Requesting permission to change Major Kerrie from asset to liability." Jonas asked with no sense of humor, it wasn't the first time he had requested or even been granted such liberties within a field operation. This was the second time Jonas had been in an operation with the Major, though the first time he had been falsified opposition, still he knew a bad soldier when he saw one.

"That's not within the capacity of my rank, Sergeant." Serra didn't have a helmet, but the comm interface attached over her ear and extending down into the collar of her armored uniform could be swapped to private channels, which she did, briefly. After the reply she was back on open comm to the team. When the dropship got within range of the ground she made the jump, landing in a crouch, drawing the DL-18 blaster pistol as she rose and waited for the soldiers to form up. "Major take point, cut a path and get us inside. Sergeant, assign a rear guard. Lets go." Serra, of course, would form up somewhere in the middle.

Jonas found the command poor in judgment on both counts, he had switched the comlink to open, and then switched channels to the troopers that he would be working with. "When we hit ground, I want all possible entrances covered in standard two men formation." Jonas then glanced at the tactical screen. "Soldiers OR-322, OR-323, OR-326 advance and cover future retreat with package." He looked over them seeing acknowledgement he gave a double click over the open channel that his team was in the green.

Suddenly, there was a hail of blaster fire cascading down towards the oncoming Stormtroopers, being leveled by two security personnel wielding standard blaster pistols. They had good cover, and by all accounts it seemed as if they knew to expect such a breach in their compound. "Damn it!" Kerrie muttered beneath her helmet, as one of the young commandos left cover and took a fatal wound, dropping to the grown just inches next to her. Raising her E-11 blaster rifle she took a careful aim utilizing the multi-frequency target acquisition system in her helmet, returning fire in an attempt to salvage an operation that had quickly gotten out of hand. She could smell a setup when she was in one, and clearly they had been tipped off. <Click>"We need more men,"<Click> she suggested to the Captain, as one of her crimson blaster bolts impacted with one of defenders, scorching his chest and sending him to the ground.

The suspicion was there when they were hit with the E-web, but now that they were taking fire on a zone that should have been relatively safe, it was all but a certainty. Someone had leaked information about this ISB operation. Serra Eona no longer had any doubts about the validity of what she was here to do, but that would come after they handled the immediate situation. Serra, of course, remained in cover for the moment, assessing the situation, and quickly making a decision. "Sergeant Garrett, clear this obstruction and make a path." She knew he had the firepower to manage it, after all. He was wearing more firepower than most had access to, it seemed.

"Sir, yes, sir." Jonas said simply, as he motioned back his troops, he slid the custom slug thrower rifle from his back, with his right hand and with his left slid out the FWG-5 pistol from it's quick draw holster. That was when Jonas waited until the rookie that vomited in his helmet to try and play hero before firing off a single capsule which exploded in mid air sending a storm of heavy shrapnel towards their placement, and have a possibility to ruin any equipment. Then with a practiced hand he dropped the FWG-5 back into it's holster, and let his left hand come up to support the slug rifle, he fired the shell cracker round after taking aim, ignoring the targeting system in his helmet finding that it often wasn't always exactly on target. The shot fired penetrating a helmet of one of the opposition, he pulled back the hammer, and loaded up a second shot, before retreating back into cover, he felt the blood pumping through his veins & his muscles he kept himself even, as he spoke over the comm unit. "Hostiles eliminated Sir, requesting permission to secure area." Jonas asked as he glanced back towards Serra his steel blue eyes hidden behind the polarized lenses of that skull like helmet.

Serra watched, of course, looking out from the cover as the entrance was cleared. Now that was how it was done. "Sergeant Garrett, secure the entrance and show us in. No point being quiet now. We need to cut through this building as fast as possible and apprehend the target. Major, relieve the Sergeant's rear guard and re-assign Commandos to the position. I require the Sergeant's men at the front." Without further word she was on her way to fall in behind the Sergeant and his unit, leaving the Major to her assignment.

The Major paused for a moment, listening to the Captain's orders in a state of disbelief. She wondered if this was meant as some kind of public embarrassment at the hands of Major Zevrin, the ISB Sector Officer. She stood for a moment staring at the Captain, but saying nothing .. she would not violate regulations, nor would she jeopardize the lives of their men while still in the field. <Click>"As you wish, Captain,"<Click> she eventually said, a faithful servant of the Empire, and with a series of hand gestures she began to position the remaining members of the Commando group in a defensive position around the dropship. She let out a weary sigh beneath her helmet, before taking a seat on the deck of the transport. "Is this what it's come to?" she asked herself, without activating the comm, preventing anyone else from hearing.

If Jonas Garrett was assigned to an operation he saw it through, "Standard crack & grab op 324." Jonas said over the comm unit, the ISB troopers spread out towards the entrance as Jonas took point. He glanced over at OR-323 as he started to slice a wall terminal, while Jonas advanced on the door, he glanced over at the sparking E-Web cannon and over the corpses of the two men that had been arming it, their gear was hardly a threat not to someone like Jonas. He removed a Bothan spore grenade from his belt with his left hand. Then he took position against the door as OR-322 took position opposite of him, he threw the grenade into the man's hand, before taking a second for himself. Jonas started to count down in his head after seeing OR-323 gave him the thumbs up, he nodded and the door opened with a hiss. Jonas activated the spore grenade and tossed it forward over a wave of blaster fire. Then he watched as OR-322 did the same, his throw wasn't as lucky he took a glancing blow off the right shoulder plate but managed to land the grenade on the other section of the room. Jonas started to count down in his head he couldn't use the Z-50 grenade launcher without risking damage to the package. He charged into the room rolling beneath now random shots of incoming enemy fire, and landed behind a console, smoke was billowing up and the opposition was scattering as the grenades did their work. "Unit advance." Jonas said, "OR-323 give me eyes on package." He asked, the commandos advanced firing stun coils before filing into the room taking up multiple positions.

"Room opposite of you sir. Three targets, other three are retreating to advancing reinforcements, cutting power to turbo lifts will increase operation window time possibly by two minutes." OR-323 said as her eyes narrowed down onto the computer screen.

Jonas glanced back towards the others, he had been given the order to advance so he would advance, he unhooked the Z-50 grenade launcher from his chest, and tossed it into OR-322's hands, "If the opposition was this prepared for us then that means we may be expecting incoming enemy ships, go assist 'Major Kerrie' I do not want our evac terminated when I acquire the package." Jonas said, as his right hand slid to his back, and he pulled the Echani vibrostaff from it's sheath.

"Yes, sir." OR-322 turned, and started back out of the office as his fellow unit started it's own advance taking control of main office hall that was filled to the brim with bothan spore.

Jonas advanced he found comfort in the heat of battle and an objective, he advanced on the door and glanced down at it, he placed the top piece of the vibrostaff against the door's lock., and activated it. A cortosis weave blade shot forth manually forcing the door open with a hiss, he held back as blaster fire sporadically fired in his direction. Jonas slid the grenade from his belt, and tossed it into the room, the flash bang did it's job blinding the security team within the room, so he assumed he rolled in, and slid the butt end of the staff towards a man. Jonas activated the weapon's second blade piercing his stomach, he ignored the man's scream of pain. As he grabbed the man's blaster with his left hand and fired two shots at the second security officer who bellowed in pain. Jonas kicked the man off his blade, and swung the staff back around to kill the last guard, he pulled back a bit prepared to fight the package expecting her to be armed.

Former Imperial Senator Canna Omonda was waiting in her office for them to arrive, her back to all of the commotion that was going on behind her. She had used the time to write messages to loved ones, old friends, and write her last bit of hate speech against the Emperor and his New Order. She stood there in quiet repose, hands folded behind her back as she stared out the massive windows at the idyllic mountain ranges that populated the area. There was nothing left for her to do now, but await her fate.

The fighting had been tracked through comm chatter more than anything else. Serra Eona had gone through the standard training, of course, but it had been a long time since she had been expected to be a grunt, and she wasn't about to take on a duty that she was neither equipped nor prepared for. Once the ISB unit had cleared the way only then did the Captain make her way inside, coming into the office and approaching the former Senator in even, measured steps. "Canna Omonda." Quite intentionally leaving the title of senator out of it, or any proper title for that matter. Serra came to the desk, saw the notes. She began to gather them as casually as you please while she spoke. "You have been deemed a potential threat by Imperial Intelligence, and will come with us for questioning regarding your connections to the Rebel Alliance. Your cooperation is appreciated." The letters and notes she wanted were formed neatly in her hand. The rest would be gathered at some point, of course, but she wanted to get what she could now. "Sergeant, take Miss Omonda into custody." Then her voice came through the comms. "Major, we have the target. Prepare for evac."

Jonas had finished shaking the blood from the blades of his weapon before shutting it down, and sliding it back into the sheath between the body glove, and the back piece. He stepped to Canna quickly, and examined her his hands efficently searching her for any nasty surprises. He didn't say a word after slaying three men in front of the Senator, he didn't address the Senator when he spoke through the audible speaker. "Standard clean sweep for a 324?" Jonas asked, assuming that this had not been a new operation for her, he asked as he locked the binders into position securing Canna's wrists behind her back.

Canna snarled in discomfort as the cuffs were roughly applied to her. Having until that moment lived a life of a privilege she had never before experienced such rough treatment. "You can arrest me, but I promise you a thousand will rise up in my place!" she defiantly shouted at the Captain, refusing to go down with anything less than her head held high. "This star system will defy you and your false Emperor until there is nothing left of his bold New Order but ashes," she said, followed by spitting on the ground in front of the officer.

Serra didn't seem particularly bothered by what Canna had to say. It wasn't that she failed to listen; Serra very much was, her attention focused on the woman that the Sergeant now had in bindings. Even the spit was given its due moment before the cold eyes of the Imperial agent were back on the traitorous senator. "A thousand may rise, but they will just as quickly disappear once they've been given a few reminders of just what they are trying to rise against. I'll speak with you later, Miss Omonda." In answer to the Sergeant's question, Serra simply shook her head, and gave the motion to move out and back to the dropship. Someone had told them they were coming; people would know this was the work of the Empire. No point in trying to disguise that now.

"Sir, yes, sir." Jonas said, as he pushed Canna forward towards the direction of the transport. "Abort clean sweep, Captain ordered full retreat with package, still eliminate any footage of entrance, and exit OR-323." Jonas said, over the internal comlink of his helmet. The prattle between the former Imperial Senator and the Captain did not interest him because it was not within mission para maters, he already knew how his report would go regarding the Captain and that would file a note that the Major was a liability. Jonas now knew why he had been sent on the mission possibly evaluate the Captain, in an already shoddy operation. Jonas re-secured the prisoner's wrists in front of her so that she could sit a little more comfortable before he locked her into a seat on the transport. The helmet's speakers picked up the sound in the far distance, as the last ISB trooper mounted the deck. Jonas took the Z-50 grenade launcher back from OR-322, and as he felt the ship begin to lift he caught sight of the Z-95s in the distance. He raised the launcher, and then watched as the ships veered away, the Empire had won. Jonas secured the weapon to his chest, and hit the hatchway twice signaling to OR-323 to close it, he stepped to his seat near the former Senator and stayed there watching her on the trip back to the Audacious.

Major Kiley did not make so much of a sound during the trip from the planet's surface back up towards the Star Destroyer. Her head hung low, as she looked at the terrain beneath them, rapidly vanishing as the craft accelerated upwards. This mere Captain had just put her in her place, and she had not felt such disgrace since she had been reassigned to Gateway Space Station. Although she did not realize it, both of her firsts were clenched so tightly she threatened to fracture the armor that was covering her hands. When she was offered this assignment years ago she had assumed she would be guarding priority targets, not a landing zone. Now all she could bring herself to do was plot some foolish method of redeeming herself.

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