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Sean Brandt and Rachel King.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:34) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Captain Serra Eona and Kia Kaen.

Kia yawned, then stretched, she had been studying the data being funneled in from Zevrin's system for what felt like hours. Her gaze went to the backpack at the foot of her bed and the small 'projects' inside of it, She still needed to field trial the micro explosives, but they should work as intended. Rolling over, she grabbed her datapadd, and was swiping through the folders trying to find something other than petty gossip or exaggerated opinions. Honestly, this person was *supposed* to be an intelligence officer, and this was the smut she decided was 'newsworthy'. More swiping and she paused, an amused grin spreading across her face as she read the name of the folder that had been recently created. Kia tapped it to open the folder, poking about for anything interesting on new person aboard the ship. At least she hoped it was more than 'I think this person looks fat in a dress uniform' not that she expected much more than that from Zevrin.

Just what would Zevrin have regarding one of the latest additions to the crew of the Warspite? Well, quite a bit, in fact. Intel always sent a full service profile when transferring an agent; it was their way of pretending to show cooperation and transparency, while silently hinting to just how well they could make things appear as they needed to at any given time. Captain Serra Eona, Operations Bureau. No service record prior to the Academy where she was graduated into Imperial Intelligence. Once with the Operations Bureau she served first with Surveillance then moving to Infiltration. Her record showed a number of successful operations in each, and from there she moved on to Destabilization, otherwise known as 'the quiet branch'. Several years of service with Destabilization were shown, but as was often the case with those who served in that particular division, her records were blacked out. From there it indicated a return to Surveillance and Infiltration, with her assuming what appeared to be more of a consultant position. Records showed her mostly working out of Intel core facilities, though with certain lapses in time that were explained as field operations. From there she was sent here, serving as a liaison between the local branch of the ISB, providing them support or assistance from Intelligence as needed.

Rolling back onto her stomach, she finally found something interesting to poke about in, a little cross referencing to find the various departments and their 'missions'. Just because she was good at finding data, didn't mean she knew every part of it without some research. Why did it seem like every 'spook' she met disliked her. Zevrin, Serra, the potato... Muttering to herself, "Wonder why the new spook got sent here ... who's bad side did she get on..." Suiting words to actions, Kia blinked, noting the fact that her new 'friend' was sent here to be a liaison, Poor Serra.. she started pulling up the recent actions and looking for the transfer orders to the Warspite. Backtracking into the those field operations, looking for anything that might have gotten her on the wrong side of someone and sent to 'assist' Zevrin.

Kia was going to get a small but very important lesson in the workings of the Intelligence world. For all her poking and prodding, for all her digging, nothing suggested that Serra had done anything wrong or crossed any path she shouldn't have to find herself in this position. In fact it was quite the opposite; she was an exemplary agent. There were, however, a series of notations that might have been picked up on if paid close attention to; up until her move to Destabilization, she had been increasingly assigned to missions that were focused on rooting out internal threats to the Empire. Rebel spies within their ranks, traitors, informants...Serra personally had a significant body count when it came to those kinds. Cross references and attached death records showed an agent who wasn't sadistic in her methods, or particularly brutal; notations on her service record often commented on 'lack of emotional blockages regards to duty' and showing 'great efficiency with high intestinal fortitude re: disposal of undesirable personnel'. If anything, the sudden change from Destabilization to what amounted to a desk position and then duty on the Warspite seemed abrupt and entirely unwarranted, with no notations as to why she would have been given such an extreme shift in duties.

The teenager looked almost disappointed, "Note to self, don't seriously anger this person, no matter how picture perfect her career looks, she's boring but dangerous. Or they're really good at whitewashing data, and this is all a really pretty smoke screen." It was said more to herself, as she skimmed through the data again, frowning at the jump from what looked like a really good posting to a paper pusher...then to here. It might be hidden here, but she had to have done *something*. Kia sat up straighter, a curious thought lighting in her mind, what if she had been sent here to spy on Zevrin! She bit her lower lip, looking at her comlink, then back to the data padd, she was not forbidden from contacting anyone ... one more inquiry before she made a decision. She tried finding any information or discrepancies in the information around the time she was transferred from Destabilization. As that data pulled up, she began copying some of the information that was most damning on Zevrin onto a different data card. Absently, she grabbed the comlink, turning it on, paranoia kept such things turned safely off. Adjusting the frequency, she sent a very short message, "I think we might have gotten off to a bad start ... please come to Inquisitor Thanor's quarters, if you wouldn't mind."

The period of time spent with Destabilization was incredibly difficult to find, but it was there. Kia would eventually be paid off with a few fringe worlds that Serra had been assigned to during her time in Destabilization; corresponding reports showed that the areas had been potential hotbeds of rebel resistance. Within the time frame of her service, those worlds had fallen to anarchy and ultimate pacification, citing as a major reason for this the intense violence of the rebel sympathisers in the area. With a little knowledge about the tactics and methods used by Destabilization, it was an easy logical conclusion to see that they had likely been behind that violence, pinning it on the rebellion. The atrocities were horrific, but then that was often expected of the quiet division. There was a reason they were not spoken of. As to the message, it came through during a small bit of downtime that Serra was taking, sitting in her temporary quartes and smoking a cigarra. She was somewhat limited, after all, not wanting to do much sensitive work until her proper quarters were repaired. The new door was scheduled to be on today, so that was nice. Serra was a bit surprised at the message, and at first wondered if it had come from the Inquisitor herself. It did not seem the woman's style, though. So who? The apprentice? Perhaps, or someone wanting to catch her up to something she should not be. Serra stood, finishing the smoke and stubbing it out. She secured a new DL-18 in the concealed holster at the small of her back then put on her uniform jacket, making sure she looked the part of the professional before heading out. No response was sent; Kia would find out that Serra had decided to show up when there was a knock on the door.

Kia had sat back, rereading the information, feeling a little bad for those worlds that had been damaged, things like that were what she had been learning about from Mali. She was starting to realize this Captain was a lot more dangerous than she'd first given her credit to be. Trying to find something in those missions that caused her to be reassigned, she felt a little sick at the details, Mali had been teaching her about the 'horrible things' the Empire was doing, but this confirmation just kind of stunned her. The data copy had long since finished, and the card removed from it's reader, either this was a fool's errand or she might make a new friend out of apparently a very dangerous person. The light flickered on for a new incoming video feed, but she didn't want to get drawn into it, if Serra actually did come there, being caught with that data feed up likely would not be a good thing.

Serra did, in fact, decide to come to the Inquisitor's quarters and find out just what this was all about. It was not often someone sought out to have a conversation with an Intelligence Officer, particularly not one like her. It was usually the other way around if anything, and even then, Serra didn't tend to seek out casual friends. At any rate, she arrived, and gave a few knocks at the door. While almost any other door would have been opened with her access, an Inquisitor's room wasn't. Oh, she could have found a way to get in, but that wouldn't have been a good move. So, instead, she knocked.

Kia actually jumped when the knock on the door came. Hastily making sure that Sanu was not going to gnaw the woman's leg off or something, she scrambled off of the bed, and straightened her tunic over the armorweave jumpsuit Serine had gotten her. For someone aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, she had her part of the room looking almost normal, the potted plant had been moved and was now part of her space, there was a multi screen display and a small box like computer terminal that was not connected to the ship in any visible way, her data padd and multiple cards were on the bed, and her training equipment was stacked neatly in the corner. The rest of the room however, could have been copied from the Intel officer's quarters in lack of decoration. The smartassed comment about getting the Captain a potted plant might make a bit more sense now if she even bothered to remember it. Swiping the door control, she tried looking as best like her teacher as she could, she just could not get the hang of 'menacing' or 'intimidating' she looked a bit coltish as she was still growing into her height. "Hello, Captain. I found some things that I think you might be interested in, would you come in?" She certainly lacked in subtlety, but motioned for her to enter.

Serra did not seem to be the least bit bothered by the hints of awkwardness about the teenage girl. The intel officer did not seem to be bothered by much of anything at all. Her expression was as bland and cold as her record, every bit the professional, aged slightly by a life that did that sort of thing and a habit that didn't help. "Evening, Kia." With the motion she stepped inside she took her time to get a feel for the room, inspecting the style and design...which was not unlike her own, actually. If the nexu was there it would get a lingering look, which was about as close as she came to obvious wariness. Only after this did she actually turn back to the young girl who had brought her here. "So, what is it you've found?"

Stepping back out of the doorway, Kia made her way back to her desk and the chair she kept pushed in. She pulled the chair out enough so the other woman could sit, as she settled back on the bed, a bit more comfortable in her own space, she eyed the diminutive woman trying to place her in the actions the reports had detailed. Starting slightly, she looked to the data card, "Well, I think I figured out why you were sent here. You're trying to spy on Zevrin. Aren't you? That's one of the only things that makes sense, and I've been taught to follow things that make sense. I wanted to help if that's what you're here to do." She would learn the finer arts of this type of thing eventually, but straight to the point seemed to be working for her. "That's why you're the liaison. I want to help. Anything that knocks that woman down a few pegs..." Kia trailed off, looking a little hopeful that she would be able to put her skills to more use.

Serra regarded Kia for what was likely an uncomfortable amount of time for the girl. Just staring, saying nothing, showing less. Eventually she reached into her jacket and produced a cigarra, starting to ignite it before pausing and addressing Kia. "Do you mind?" As if already given a go-ahead, she lit the cigarra and took a drag, exhaling before she spoke again. "So, you and the Inquisitor aren't fond of Zevrin?" No immediate answers were given, of course. That was not the way she operated. "I'm here to serve as a liaison to the sector ISB and assist them as needed. If that means weeding out problematic people in their own service, then that's what will be done. What sort of information do you have?" Serra was, like an experienced agent, careful with who she discussed what. The wrong assumptions about someone or incorrect placement of trust could be lethal.

Kia stared back, not wanting to let the woman intimidate her, she was trying to extend a hand of friendship after all. "Answer for an answer. Not one shrouded in so much if's and maybe's." Her nose wrinkled at the smell of the smoke, Serine would probably have her hide for that smell in the rooms. "I happened to come across some information that might be useful if you are going after Zevrin, if not, there isn't reason to give it to you. I really didn't mean to interrupt your interrogation. I hadn't seen an interrogation before, and wanted to ask some questions too." Picking up the data card, she turned it over a few times, looking from Serra to the card and back again. "From that you probably guessed or did your own ... research ... on what I can do. Here is further proof of it."

She had to smile. It was a small, icy sort of smile, one lacking much real joy, but it was there, and that was something. The girl was bold, most likely because she was under the wing of a powerful sith, but it still hinted at Kia's inherent demeanor. Not that Serra was about to reveal so blatantly that she liked her boldness. "Intelligence is nothing without research, after all." She held out a hand for the data card, the cigarra resting at the side of her lips, plucked free only so much as she could exhale a breath of smoke and talk. If she got the data card, then her eyes would be there rather than Kia when she spoke. "If you survive your time with the Inquisitor, eventually you'll learn that there are never really any answers that don't come with ifs and maybes. It's the language we speak, and it's my native dialect these days. Much like an alien with too many tongues, I'm designed to speak that way, and I don't often change it. As for going after Zevrin, this day and age, everyone is going after everyone, for some reason or another." There was a pause, of course, a chance to smoke or look over the data card more, or both. "If you want to sit in on an interrogation, all you need to do is ask. Inquisitors have that privilege. You'll get bored with my style, though. I don't have the fancy tricks your master does, and besides, that sort of interrogation isn't what I do." If anything, when Serra had to deal with a subject, it was a slow and torturous process. She wasn't well versed in the art of extracting useful information; that's what Serine and her ilk excelled at. Breaking that was an art she could work with.

Kia laid the data card in the woman's hand, a faint grin on her face. "Maybe this will help bridge whatever damage I caused previously? I don't want all the spooks on this ship to dislike me, and you seem the most competent of the bunch. Follow logic. In this case it sent me down a rather interesting rabbit hole, and I am going to continue learning from Master Thanor. I plan on surviving whatever's thrown at me." There had been a hint of a stubborn streak there at the end, another clue at her personality. "Research and knowledge make the world run smoothly, not all secrets have to be so. Some do, for everyone's sake, but shedding light on that petty excuse for an 'Intelligence' officer, that's just fun. If that information helps, you know where you can find more of the same. Maybe you can teach me more about your methods, and in return, you can have what I find on her? After I officially become Master Thanor's apprentice, I will be able to sit in on your interrogations, with her permission."

Serra did find it a bit amusing that Kia was trying to buy her way into Serra's good graces regarding the disruption during the interrogation. The funny thing about it, of course, was that she wasn't in the least bit in Serra's bad graces. Not yet at least. The interruption had been a very minor thing so far as she was concerned. It hadn't caused an issue with her work, hadn't created any problems. Serra skimmed over the data card still, getting an idea of what sort of info it contained. There was a certain expectation of skill at play; Serra had an idea of what the girl was capable of. Follow logic. Where had she seen that before? It struck a familiar note. She'd have to look into it. "Our lines of work will prove rather different once you become an Inquisitor...but that doesn't mean there aren't a few things you could learn from a veteran agent. Get your master's approval, though. For now I'd rather she didn't think I was teaching her apprentice behind her back." Serra wasn't afraid of the sith, per say, but she knew how violent they could be, and Serine was a prime example of the kind to kill without thinking. Eventually she stowed the datapad inside her jacket, then fully addressed Kia again. "I don't dislike you. I don't know you particularly well. What I do know is that you were obviously worth the attention of an Inquisitor that doesn't seem the kind to give that easily, and you have a history that makes you one of the most valuable teenagers I've come across. We're on the same side, at least I hope we are, and so long as you don't prove otherwise, there's no need for concern. Any further information you come across, on anyone...feel free to pass it my way. Trust me when I say that I'm the right person to give it to."

The surprised look that she would even have considered *taking* instruction without clearing it with Serine flashed through her expression. "I would never do anything that would put me at odds with Master Thanor's teaching. I know that our methods will differ, I just want to learn all the different ways that other people do things, because I might find something I can incorporate and change to fit the methods I'll be learning." The thoughtful look on the girl's face was replaced with a surprised but incredibly pleased/proud of herself grin at the words of the Captain. "We're on the same side. As long as you're on the same side as Master Thanor. You can count on that I don't filter information. Picking and choosing what is important isn't what information gathering is about after all. Otherwise you might miss parts of the bigger picture." Kia had not learned yet how to mask her expressions or emotions, so likely was far more of an open book than she realized. Blinking a few times at the other woman, she bit her lower lip, "You're not going to turn the Warspite into a Mon Cal are you?" Her tone made it clear she wasn't referring to the ship design. Also the question gave away her other topic of 'research' lately.

Kia might be easy to read, but on this one occasion it would prove to serve her well. The fact she wasn't trying to mask and hide things from Serra was an endearing quality, something that helped when it came to building trust. Serra herself wasn't making a conscious effort to be a mask; the woman had simply become that through the years. "Precisely. That said, be very careful who you share with. Trust myself and your master with information you find. No one else." She took another drag from the cigarra, but this time, after exhaling, disposed of it in a waste chute. No need to leave too much of it in the room, after all. The last question got a small huff of a laugh out of her. The sound was almost dead, but it was still undeniably a laugh. "No. If an Imperial ship becomes so compromised it needs that sort of purging, then we've all failed." The first and one of very few straight answers Kia was likely to ever get from the Captain.

The teenager looked relieved at the answer, nodding her head a few times, "I trust Master Thanor with my life, any information I get is a given that it would be entrusted to her as well. No one else on the ship is competent enough to know what to do with information..." It was a scathing remark, and rather precocious for a teenager to be making that broad of a judgment call. "I'll give you this piece of advice, even though it will make my job harder. Do a sweep of your quarters. I can give you a subroutine to run if you need one, it creates a static field for any listening devices or anything else in the room. Destroying them would let the mistress of that web know it was discovered..."

It was a rather harsh remark to make, but Serra was not the sort to jump to the defense of the crew. Most of them, the vast majority, simply did their jobs. Many did their jobs well, and they were good and loyal servicemen to the Empire. It was the few who chose to act against them that drew her attention. She simply smiled at the advice and gave a nod. Serra had, of course, seen to that, though not in such an obvious way. "For now I'll let her believe she's clever enough to spy on an Intel Officer. No need for her to learn otherwise." The more intelligent others thought they were, the more they thought they could get over on Serra, the more likely they were to reveal themselves. "I'll trade you advice for advice, though. Don't make your contempt for others obvious. Sometimes an idiot is just an idiot, and sometimes they're playing you for one. When it comes to someone in the position you're soon to be in, the less people know about how you feel, the better. They'll fight and claw to stay on your good side so long as they don't have a reason to think they can't get there."

Kia grinned openly at that advice, "I think I might try that on Kerrie! Some people though ... don't deserve even that consideration. Zevrin hates me, because Master Thanor doesn't. Isn't that a stupid reason to hate someone?" There was her age showing again. "It's not just you, it's the ship. She's a petty little spider at the center of an unraveling web." The youth sounded far too pleased at that.

The girl's age did show through in plenty of ways. Oh, she was rather mature and her abilities were unquestionable, but there was very much that youth about her, that certain bravado and judgmental nature that went hand in hand with being so young. The hints of a smile faded, not because of Kia, but simply because Serra's features weren't accustomed to any sort of display of emotion for very long. "She also happens to be the head of the Imperial Security Bureau in this sector. Inept or not, she does have a certain amount of sway. Unless she's proven to be unfaithful to her position or the Empire, she has to be given some amount of respectful consideration." Her words were chosen with care and she made it clear that they were, hoping that the teenager might pick up on her decision to use tact to get her point across rather than overtly saying anything.

With a heavy sigh, Kia nodded. "I understand. Sometimes squashing a spider takes a much bigger shoe than you have handy. Hopefully that data card will aid in finding a more suitable shoe." Glancing at chrono on one of the displays, she frowned, "Unless you want to watch me stare at a rock for about an hour, I need to get to my evening studies."

Another small burst of sound that served for laughter, and Serra was heading for the door. The girl was intent on the downfall of the ISB Officer, but that was not necessarily a bad thing; those very sorts of feelings often lead to revelations about potential internal threats. It could be beneficial, if used correctly. "We'll talk again. Thank you for the information. It won't go to waste." Serra absolutely meant that, too. If this was as damning as Kia wanted it to be, it might be the very sort of thing Serra was looking for. Granted, she wouldn't stop with just one; she had much more to do, but it was an excellent start.

Before the Captain was even out of the room, Kia had cleared the spot by her bed, and had four balls, two in each hand, she had settled into a seated position and seemed to be intently concentrating on something unseen. Lightly tossing one of the balls up in the air, it floated there as if caught by an invisible hand, the process was repeated for the other three balls and once they were all in the air, she began to weave them in a complex rhythm based on which ball was lit up.

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