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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:32) in the Essesia system: Interrogator.
El-Nay Darr, Dimona Xirie Nuebla, High Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Flight Captain Randi Trainor.

El-Nay Darr had been sitting on the floor in the hangar bay of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Interrogator for quite some time. She had been released from sickbay, and was cleared to leave, but for some reason ... she could not ... she had nowhere else to go. She had just completed the most profitable and noteworthy bounty of her young career ... nearly at the cost of her life ... but she had no home to return to, no loved ones to see ... nothing. She closed her blue eyes and leaned her head forward, placing her forehead on the front of her cold helmet, forged from Mandalorian armor, which rested upon her knees and was gripped firmly by both hands, as if she were afraid to let go. She hated the Empire for what they were doing to Mandalore, but at the same time they gave her a sense of purpose that hopping from system to system chasing bounty contracts did not. And then, there was Serine, the Inquisitor who had so gravely tortured her, but also one who could give her a purpose in life ... something that was sorely lacking. She had been thinking for quite sometime, getting quite a bit of stares from the technicians who were going about the extensive repairs for following Dimona's explosive introduction, but none of them dared question her given the fearsome reputation of her people. And so, she sat in silent contemplate, alone ... until she was not.

"You need a ride out of here, orange marmalade?" Captain Randi Trainor asked, as she moved towards the young Mandalorian in the bright orange armor. She had been working on repairs to the Darkened Oblivion, the Inquisitor's beloved Conqueror-class assault ship, that had been catastrophically damaged in Dimona's crash landing. The technicians wanted to simply push it out of the hanger into open space like the countless TIE fighters and Lambda shuttles they had to abandon, but the Darkened Oblvion was special, and Randi was not about to let her go without a fight. As she worked she had noticed the Mandalorian just sitting there, obviously struggling, but as no one had gone over to check on her, she decided to take a break from her repair to see if there was anything she could do. Fortunately she was wearing a black uniform, for she had become covered in grease and paint from her repair efforts.

"Gaah," El-Nay stammered when Randi suddenly approached, forcing her to open her eyes and look up at the bouncing blonde Imperial speaking to her. She began to immediately panic, wondering if she was in the wrong place, and struggled to hurriedly put her helmet back upon her head. As her hand moved to attach the strap that held the helmet in place, she took several deep breaths to focus herself and regain her composure. Once it was on, it was as if she were a different person, and she rose to her feet, and puffed out her chest in confident posture. She thought about the Captain's question, but simply stared across at her, without uttering a reply. Did she need a ride out of here? she thought silently to herself, before tilting her head to the side in deeper thought.

Never being known one for patience, Randi simply pursed her lips, and reached forward with her right hand, making a fist. She knocked three times on El-Nay's helmet, doing her best to get the woman's attention. "Knock, knock. Anyone awake in there?" she asked, with an excited tone of voice, as she tried to get the Mandalorian's attention. The technicians around Randi began to panic, and they hurried out of the possible range of the expected blaster fire or column of flame. "I said..." she began, in a whining, drawn out voice, while repeating herself. "Do ... you ... need ... a ... ride ... out ... of ... here?" she spoke in a slow tone of basic, accentuating each word to ensure the Mandalorian understood her. Maybe they did not even understand basic, she thought to herself, as she began to scratch the side of her head. She raised her arms up and down, flapping them like the wings of a bird. "Me fly," she said, explaining the best she could, as she began to spin in circles, waving her arms, and making the sounds of a bird. "You, need fly?" she asked, as she finally came to a stop, panting, her cheeks flushed red, and a thin layer of sweat forming on her.

El-Nay stood silently, but became startled when the pilot knocked on her helmet, causing the sound to bounce around inside of her helmet and give her a slight headache. But before she could respond the pilot unexpectedly began flying around the room like a bird, causing her to take an awkward step back to get out of her way. This girl is not quite right, she thought silently to herself, as she began to smirk beneath the anonymity of her helmet. When the display finally stopped, she took a step forward towards the pilot, and raised her head confidently. "No. I am staying," she declared, somewhat unexpectedly, as she cast her lot with the Inquisitor and her hijinks. It was time for her to grow up.

Dimona seemed to have the luck of the ages. She needed to learn how to bottle it and sell it for outrageous profits, because damn, how the hell did she manage to survive this new bout of insanity? She did not even understand it fully herself. Not only did she not die with the crash landing on the Interrogator, and not only did she not die after having special fun time with Inquisitor Thanor, she actually got hired by the Inquisitor to continue to do more outlandish and dangerous activities she would have *paid* to do. It did take her a few days to recover from her injuries but as soon as she was cleared from medical bay, was she strutting around the Interrogator halls like she damn owned that place. Friendly, charismatic and exceedingly spicy, she would make eccentric and inappropriate comments to nearly everyone she passed, all while delightfully sipping a glass of Reactor Core. The looks she got ranged from amusement to death glares and she loved every second of the attention. She was extremely curious to know the fate of her beloved ship, Adventurer, so she had made her way towards the hangar bay ... and she wondered if anyone would be pissed at her for causing so much havoc earlier. She grinned devilishly with that thought as she realized she now had a certain amount of immunity because she had been personally hired by Serine. What was even her job title? Who cares! It could be Sex Slave Hussy for all Dimona cared. But what she was not expecting was to see El-Nay Darr still worming around the Interrogator. "Sup Bitch!!" She yelled from down the hallway while taking another sip of her drink. She could spot that obnoxious orange armor a light year away. So ... they fixed it for her? And she was alive? Well, Dimona did not feel so bad for beating her ass now, it seemed to have all worked out.

Just when El-Nay was starting to feel good about herself and develop some confidence, the one person who could destroy all of it came drunkenly stumbling into the hangar. She felt more disappointment than anger, having hoped this would have been the end of Dimona. "You!" was all El-Nay could muster from beneath her clenched jaw, turning her body immediately to face the rival bounty hunter. "What are *you* doing here?" she demanded to know, roughly brushing the pilot aside, and moving in a deliberate stride towards Dimona. Her hands involuntarily balled into fists, as the rage began to flow through her young body. "I oughta kill you for what you did to me," she said, bitterly, before coming to a stop a few feet in front of her. Her eyes swept from side to side, as a swarm of Imperials began to form around them, in anticipation of what might become a throwdown. Good, she thought silently to herself behind the confidence of her helmet. Let the crew see who the best one is. Then finally she would have a place where people would respect her and take her seriously.

"What are you talking about? I work here, you fake blonde strumpet. Get your ass off of this ship, no one likes you." She took another sip of her drink, her cheeks obviously flushed a little more red than usual, but that haughty grin never faded and was very characteristic of the crazy bounty hunter. She rolled her eyes so heavily at the other's claim that they almost popped out of her head. "Please, the only times you are ever successful in anything is when I hold your hand." Green eyes washed over El-Nay's form but for a moment, then her attention started shifting to the growing crowd. Realizing they were anxious to see the two woman brawl it out, Dimona decided to stay on course and do what she does best, instigate. "I see they fixed your shitty armor. They probably should have just thrown it in the trash, along with you." Harsh words were not completely how Dimona viewed the young woman, but they were not that far off either. Though a little intoxicated, a spark of interest and excitement for a throw-down gleamed in those glossy eyes.

Randi reached out to pick up a package that was marked 'LT B. Sheppard, Warspite' and quickly removed a handful of cookies from it. One of her last actions before departing her last command was to intercept and steal her friend's care package, as she knew it always contained fresh cookies baked by her mother. "Om nom nom," she mumbled to herself as she began to stuff more cookies into her mouth that would fit at one given time, resulting in crumbs spilling down onto her uniform. "This *munch* is *munch* going *much* to be *munch* good," she tried to tell the others, before beginning to choke on the cookie crumbs. Her cheeks turned red, as she gasped for air, continuing to choke. She reached for the only thing nearly to clear her throat, desperately, and quickly drank it down. It did the trick of clearing her throat, but unfortunately, it was hydraulic fluid.

The words Dimona was saying cut her life the sharpest blade. Was she right? Did no one want her here? Were her roots showing? These questions raised self doubt, causing her to take a few steps back while she considered these and other pertinent issues. "This armor is not *shit*!" she snapped back angrily, as she began to consider activating her jetpack and tackling her again ... it had worked once. "My mother forged this armor on Mandalore. It is made of Mandalorian armor. Nothing is stronger. You are weak!" she shouted across at her, while bringing up her left hand to pound on her chest excessively, as if it were a shield. It was then that she raised her other wrist to the woman, unleashing a quick column of flame from her wrist gauntlet towards Dimona. Almost immediately afterwards, she activated the jetpack, sending her up and away from Dimona's location. It was time to change her strategy.

Dimona had to quickly dive out of the way of a jet stream of flame coming in her direction, but as she did so, her drink spilled all over the place and then caught on fire. Soon a whole shipment of crates went up in flames, crates that had contained new equipment to fix the disaster she had caused earlier. So here El-Nay and Dimona were causing havoc once again, this time though, it was a contested fight. El-Nay had flown a bit too far out of reach and obviously had the air advantage. "Are you really sure you want to be fighting in here?" Dimona yelled up at the woman flying overhead. "If so, then let's fight! Come down here and stop being such a huge pussy!" As she said all of this, a technician with a fire extinguisher rushed to the scene to put out the fire while glaring at the bounty hunter like he was seriously going to murder her. "You got something to say? Then say it, or get out of my face." Dimona turned to him in a threatening matter as if she was about to scrap with him instead of El-Nay. Her eyes growing wide but that smile never faded. Insanity can be a dangerous thing for everyone involved. Seeing that this woman was not mentally sound, he backed up from her cautiously after putting out the fire. "That's what I thought."

As El-Nay buzzed around the upper reaches of the hangar like a pesky bee, she decided it was time to begin using her range and superior weaponry to her advantage. Far too often she was simply rushing in, like a fool. As she hovered above, she angled her wrist in the direction of Dimona, and smirked as she depressed the button to fire a wrist rocket down at her. The rocket flew from her gauntlet at impressive speed, carrying an explosive tip that would detonate upon impact. The brazen Mandalorian was going to great lengths to rid herself of the pesky Dimona. She was quite confident that she finally had the upper hand in their long term struggle.

Usually right about now El-Nay would totally fail, probably either missing and blowing up half the place, or her jetpack would malfunction and she would explode. But this time, it appeared as if she was getting better at not being a total loser, because her aim was on point and if Dimona did not dive out of the way luckily behind a large piece of equipment, she might have actually sustained critical damage. Unfortunately the technician did not have Dimona's incredible speed or reflexes and he died in a spectacular plume of smoke and fire. Mangled bits, body parts and bloody gore cascaded down with a severed arm falling next to the thrill seeker. She eyed it briefly before speaking directly to it, as if the arm could hear her. "That is generally what happens when you get involved." Eyes then drifted back up to the woman floating around and raining down death and destruction. "Well! Guess I gotta call my boss and stuff. I'm telling you, what a day right?" She flipped out her comm unit that already had Inquisitor Thanor's information coded in. Dimona wanted the Inquisitor to be able to easily contact her now, but that went both ways, and it gave her unhindered access to that woman's ear. Numbers were keyed in and suddenly she was connected to Serine. "So, how's your day? Just thought I'd let you know that El-Nay just totally murdered someone in the hangar bay and she is trying to kill me too. Nice chat! See you around boss." And she hung up with a huge smile, not even giving Serine the chance to ask any questions, likely making that woman come here in person. "Oh man, you are in so much trouble El-Nay!!!" she yelled while still hiding behind the equipment.

Trouble? What trouble? El-Nay thought to herself as she listened to Dimona rat on her like a child. The Inquisitor's people wanted Dimona brought here ... clearly she was of no use to them. What use could she possibly be to them when *she* was available? She was feeling quite sure of herself, as she tried to get a better angle on Dimona. "Stop hiding, bitch!" she cursed, before raising her hand to her helmet to bring down the targeting scanner over her right eye. "Come out, come out wherever you are," she taunted, before firing off a few random shots with her DT-57 heavy blaster pistol at the crates she was hiding behind. She was not going to make the same mistake on Nal Hutta, when she went in search of the hiding Dimona. It was time to use patience.

A strand of intestine landed on Randi Trainor, causing her to shriek in horror, but only because some of it got on her cookie. "You ... you ruined it," she pouted, before trying to get the blood and debris off the cookie. There were so few left, and she doubted she could shuttle over to the Warspite just to get more cookies. "You two stop this right now..." she suggested, as she moved forward towards the flying Mandalorian, without removing the intestinal debris. "...that's an order!" she shouted, though she was quite unsure of herself. Could she give an order like that? Well, she *was* a Captain. Maybe it would work. Maybe.

This had really been a strange couple of days for the Inquisitor who was quite honestly just trying to not be bombarded by insanity for a few meager moments. Apparently that was too much to ask for because soon her comm unit started beeping that actually caused her to jolt briefly in surprise. No one had this number but a very few limited and chosen individuals. Snapping the unit into her hand quickly, she glanced at the readout to see that it was... Dimona? The bounty hunter had just left her office but a little while ago. What could possibly be so important that she had to use this private number... Activating the device, Serine would be quickly onslaught by a series of sentences in quick succession without giving her anytime to respond, then the call went silent. However brief the call was, she had the information and it caused her to shoot up from her desk in a boiling rage. Was El-Nay Darr really such a fool to start another series of events that could lead to her painful and untimely death when the Inquisitor actually let her off from the previous slight, with handsome pay even! As irrational as Dimona was, Serine did not believe that bounty hunter would lie to her, even during the entire interrogation Dimona was truthful. Whatever the happenstance was, Serine would severely sentence whoever was at fault here. And soon did the Inquisitor storm from her office to once again head towards the hangar bay, apparently the center for all that was chaos onboard her ship. As she approached, officers that were onlooking the building scene quickly stepped aside and averted their gaze. Serine got a good gander and it astounded her that it was even more idiotic than she thought. El-Nay was perhaps too focused on murdering Dimona, that she likely did not notice the Inquisitor approach. Soon the unfortunate hunter would find herself being ripped from the very air, her entire form, despite the jetpack propulsion, was sent hurtling down to the cold durasteel deck with a resounding crash. And since El-Nay had at that moment been hovering over the remains of the technician, that bloody stain that used to be a man was splatted all over her suit and visor in addition to the bone cracking force involved.

El-Nay felt an energy surround her that she could not explain, and then suddenly, as if a hand had literally grabbed her and thrown her, she began hurdling towards the ground against her will. Her body smashed into the deck, sending a reverberation of energy through her entire body that nearly shattered her bones. Her face slammed forward inside of her helmet, busting her nose, and causing it to bleed all over her face. Worst of all? She had landed smack dab in the middle of what was left of the technician she had obliterated. It took her a moment of laying there to realize what had happened and where she now was. Slowly she raised her head and saw the imposing sight of the High Inquisitor standing before her. She used her hands to push herself up and she began to scramble towards her, but she slipped on the blood and landed back on her face once again. Feeling quite embarrassed, she chose to rise more slowly the second time, and eventually managed to end up in a position kneeling before the Inquisitor, head lowered. "Inquisitor, I was attempting to remove the stain of Dimona Xirie Nuebla from your presence once and for all," she explained, unable to accept that Serine might actually *want* Dimona around.

Dimona once again got a front row seat to the Inquisitor's destructive power, grinning all the way as El-Nay was swatted from the air and splattered on the ground like the bug she was. "Oh..!" Dimona called out softly and winced with a wide smile as she witnessed El-Nay crunch upon the deck right into that puddle of gore. "Yummy..." She was even more amused as the woman started crawling through that carnage to further smear it all over that orange suit. It was very fitting in Dimona's mind. The fortune seeker stood behind the Inquisitor and a little to the left so she could be out of her boss's way but also watch the scene unfold. Silently, she pointed firmly at El-Nay then dragged that finger across her own neck in a display while flopping her tongue from her mouth like she was dying. That pretty much summed up what Dimona thought may happen in the next few minutes, a terribly exciting decapitation. And although she did not want El-Nay to die, she really had very limited love for that woman who seemed to just be a pain in the ass all day long.

There was an ever growing crowd of officers lingering in the entry into the Hangar bay. Too intimidated to venture further, they would either strain their necks to see over shoulders or shove through bodies to gawk. In sheer annoyance, the Inquisitor unclipped her lightwhip then gave it a hearty flick causing it to crack menacing in the air. "Get back to work!" She yelled at the group that immediately dispersed like a startled gathering of insects. This all seemed to remind Serine of something... and then it hit her. She had a similiar experience in the past with Major Kiley when Serine had first been transferred to the Warspite. They had nearly fought to the death, and their collective exertion had drew the attention of half the Warspite crew in which bets had been placed in a rowdy unprofessional affair. It had been one of the very few blemishes on the Inquisitor's record. It appeared that just as there had been a brief rivalry between herself and Kerrie, that there was a rivalry between El-Nay and Dimona in a similar fashion. It did not make the act of killing off one of her technicians any more forgivable, but the Inquisitor was at least mindful of the situation. Hunter Darr was more than just a little familiar with Serine's lightwhip, and she used that fact as an intimidation play. The agony it brought should still be fresh on that young woman's mind, and thus the whip was flicked once again so that its many coils were laid out before El-Nay, displayed in a foreboding fashion. A few coils had so delicately rested right across the leg the Hunter was kneeling with. "Take off your helmet." Said coldly. The Inquisitor was not interested in speaking to a bloody visor.

"Aww, but Serry," Randi said, the intestinal fragment still hanging off her shoulder, while she fed upon a cookie. She was incredibly frustrated that they were being dismissed just as things were getting good, but she knew not to disobey ... most of the time. She turned swiftly, causing both her pigtails and the entrails to fly about aimlessly. She then stormed away in a huff, muttering about missing all the 'good' stuff, as she headed back towards the partially reconstructed Darkened Oblivion. As she knelt in front of the engine she was working on, she positioned a reflector in front of her, so that she could view what was happening with the trio behind her. There was no way she was going to miss this, she declared to herself as she happened her to the penultimate cookie.

El-Nay maintained a kneeling position in front of the Inquisitor, but when the coils hit the deck in front of her, a strong chill ran down her spine, causing her to tremble. The order to remove her helmet was one that she did not expect, and she was not prepared for it. At first she did nothing ... she did not answer, nor did she move. The silence was deafening as she hesitated, but then, remembering what the Inquisitor had done to her previously, she came to heel and moved her hands unsteadily towards the side of her helmet. When she removed the helmet a column of blood poured to the deck in front of her, and all of the color retreated from her face leaving her looking quite pale. She could not bring herself to look up at the Inquisitor, and instead she continued to stare at the ground, jaw clenched, and trembling.

It had been assumed that the Inquisitor had desired the woman to take her helmet off in order to see her face. That would have been the correct assumption, but not for the reason of conversation. In truth Serine had wished to see El-Nay's expression as she choked the life from that woman. It was obvious now that the Inquisitor had not made things clear enough the first time. Without explanation or implication that an attack was coming, the whip flailed suddenly, causing the coils to violently wrap around El-Nay's throat and dig into the flesh in a cruel display. Serine's right hand twisted the middle of the whip around her knuckles to get an even tighter grip as she pulled ruthlessly upon it, causing those coils to ever tighten and begin to collapse the trachea, slowly cutting off that unfortunate woman's access to air. "Perhaps you need me to spell it out for you!" A piercing glare bore through the kneeling form of El-Nay as she continued her onslaught. "Your business upon this ship has been concluded... and yet you dare kill one of my crew members?!" Serine had thought she had been surprisingly merciful by not only allowing that hunter to live, but paid her extremely handsomely for a job that could be argued she did not complete. But apparently that was not enough for El-Nay! Perhaps she should end this woman's life and take that money back as clearly it was too good for her. That murderous rage was burning in those silver eyes as a thumb dangerously played with the activation switch.

This was all fun and enjoyable, and Dimona was having a great time watching this scene unfold brilliantly, but she was quickly realizing that El-Nay might actually be executed right here and now. It took her a few moments to gather her thoughts about that and ultimately decided she was not totally okay with that and maybe she should say something? Maybe it would be fun to keep El-Nay around just to kick her ass from time to time. Regardless, watching that woman's head be burned off would probably make her feel bad, at least for a few days before she got over it. Dimona did not want to feel bad for a few days. "Umm... hey, boss? Look, uh, we are fine. I mean, that guy that died, he was a real jerk and it was an accident. I'll escort El-Nay myself and kick her ass out. You won't have to do anything." Dimona was trying her real darnedest to save that moron, but it was a delicate process to ask anything of Serine. She just did not know yet how much verbal sway she had in this employment. For all she knew, Serine could turn right around and choke her to death instead. It was a tricky juggling act. Dimona was hopeful that her charm and quirkiness would save not only El-Nay but also any backlash on her own person from the Inquisitor.

El-Nay's gloved hands moved to her throat in a desperate attempt to loosen the coils that were wrapped around her neck. She tried to speak, but the whip was so tightly wrapped around her neck that she could not form words. Her eyes were beginning to grow heavy as the flow of oxygen was being restricted. The last thing she expected, however, was to hear the voice of Dimona speaking up to try and spare her life. Her eyes turned to look towards Dimona, her eyes nearly rolling in her head as she wondered what her rival was up to. Her cheeks began to turn a ghastly shade of blue, as the blood vessels were bursting. The poor Mandalorian just had not learned how to behave around the Empire, and this time her misdeeds may have cost her, her life.

The intensity of Serine's rage slowly abated, but not to the point of fully releasing El-Nay. The coils laxed briefly allowing the suffocating woman the ability to breathe once again, but the Inquisitor still held that woman in the clutches of the lightwhip. It was obvious, thanks to Dimona's interruption, that Serine was now a bit undecided on El-Nay's ultimate fate. She was a bit uncertain on why her newly acquired thief would defend the other woman's actions. But what was clear was the wounded bounty hunter no longer deserved any payment and it was still up in the air if she deserved her very life. Eyes flicked towards the pouch hanging on the hunter's belt. "Dimona, I believe you should be the one to receive that payment. You after all completed the job." As odd as that may be, but it had been concluded that Dimona had captured and turned *herself* into the Empire.

"That is really generous of you, Inquisitor!" Dimona did not waste any time just waltzing right over to the still kneeling and nearly choking form of her rival to snatch that small purse away from El-Nay's belt. With an obnoxious bow towards her rival as a 'thank you', she moved back to stand behind Serine. She was not even sure how much the bounty for her was, and being extremely curious, opened the small bag to be rewarded with thousands of credit chips! "Damn! I feel totally special now. You paid her a lot for me. Oh, Inquisitor, you shouldn't have." With a wide triumphant grin, she promptly pocketed all of that money that now belonged to her. El-Nay Darr, what a sucker and a loser for sure, but at least she may live now, and that was at least something.

The loosening of the coils around her throat allowed her to take in a temporary, modest gulp of air, which temporarily restored the color to her face. The relief of having the ability to breath was quickly dispelled by the loss of all of the hard earned credits she had received for her ordeal. She had earned those credits by being crushed by a bolder, having her arm broken by a sledgehammer, being pummeled to the point of unconsciousness, crash landing aboard this strip, groped by the Intel operative, burned by the Inquisitor, and whipped to the point of death ... and now she had nothing to show for it. She sank into a dark corner of her soul, as she had been left utterly broken by the entire ordeal. Naturally the tears began to fall, joining the blood from her broken nose, to form a horrid crimson mask upon the once beautiful young woman. There was nothing left. Nothing.

"Oh dear..." Dimona witnessed the crumbling of her rival in a way she had never seen before, and it did in fact disturb her. She was not a hardened criminal despite her many many crimes. She did all of this for the love of adventure, not for the love of money. It had merely been another jab at El-Nay to claim that credit pouch, but apparently the hunter was at her breaking point and shattered in result of it. Dimona turned away from El-Nay and towards Serine to whisper to her and attempt to negotiate here. "Okay, so she is an idiot and is barely functional. But I see promise there and I swear she is getting better. Can I just give her this money back and send her on her way? And then if I ever mention the name El-Nay again, you can slap me in my mouth. Deal?" It was a bit of a half-truth, but there was real concern in Dimona's eyes for the livelihood of the other hunter.

Serine was actually starting to consider a completely different route. It may indeed prove useful to have a Mandalorian at her disposal, even if this one was in a sad state of affairs currently. A stern gaze snapped to Dimona. "Don't overstep your bounds." Was a single warning to that woman before her stare fell to El-Nay again with a considerate look of contemplation in addition to mild disgust. "She did not earn that money, but that does not mean she can not *earn* it." The Inquisitor was not yet sure if she would regret giving this woman yet another chance, how rare that opportunity was, but she had been willing to give Dimona another chance, and these two seemed to almost be a package deal. "I have succeeded in breaking you. You life is now forfeit and it belongs to me to do with as I see fit." The coils of the lightwhip finally unraveled before being wound and placed back upon her belt. Eyes washed over the vile visage of El-Nay's busted tear-laden face in distaste. "Now get out of my sight! And don't return until you carry yourself with respect." She quickly turned to Dimona. "And you, clean this disaster up." Blame was placed upon Dimona for her failure in preventing such destruction and loss of life, as that woman should have been skillful enough to stop El-Nay Darr's rampage. Before she departed, a final look was given of disapprovement and perhaps regret already from her decision to spare the both of them.

"What, why me?!" Dimona threw her arms open exasperated with the thought that any of this was her fault. Soon she glanced upon the puddle of gore a bit queasy now knowing she had to clean all of this until her reflection was visible. "Damnit El-Nay! This is so sucky! You have got to help me over here, you did this! Don't pretend like you didn't." She frantically looked around for someone she could rope into helping her but everyone was wisely avoiding the oozing bloody mass. With a huff that blew up a few of her dark sienna bangs, she went in search of some way to clean this, perhaps she could sucker a droid.

El-Nay was in complete agreement with Serine's assessment of her condition, and therefore said nothing, other than to offer a nod of obedience. For the first time in as long as she could remember she had a purpose, and someone wanted her, which filled her with an enormous sense of self worth. The only problem was that she seemed to owe it all to Dimona. She was frozen in place for a long while she came to the realization of what had just transpired. She hated Dimona, but she lived a life of a Mando'a that had a code that she could not simply ignore. She rose to her feet and turned to Dimona, walking towards her slowly and deliberately in a way that might at first seem threatening. She raised her right hand, placing it upon Dimona's left shoulder, and she looked her directly in the eyes. "Vor entye," she said, confidently, with a firm nod of her head, telling her in her native Mando'a that she accepted a debt. She would obey Dimona until at such time she felt she had worked off the debt, and as such she began to clean up the mess she made without arguing or talking back. "As you wish," she said, obediently, more like a slave than a warrior, as she began collecting what was left of the technician she had accidentally destroyed.

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