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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:3) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Bombad Gungan Restaurant and Rodney Castle).
Doo-Doo Fast, Dee-Mee Foost, Duke Marcus Rodney, Duchess Zara Rodney, and RO-E11.

Don't worry, Nana. I've got this. Zara took me to a class," Marcus informed the nanny droid, as he attempted to change Darrus' diaper. He had been at it for 45 minutes, but Darrus had yet to get his new diaper on. At one point Marcus had somehow managed to put the diaper on the boy's head, which caused the nanny droid no end of consternation. "Hmm," he said, as he took a step back to examine the problem. "Oh that's what's wrong," he said, before diving back into the bassinet and attempting to put the diaper on once again. This time, he only managed to get half of his son in the diaper. This was the biggest challenged since the two Barabel on Ord Mantell. "Bring up the technical schematics," he ordered the droid, as he was beginning to lose his patience.

"There are no schematics, Duke Marcus. It is a diaper. Not a space vessel," the Nanny droid replied in a sassy manner as she watched the Duke fail at basic parenting. "Oh just let me do it!" she said, sounding flustered for a droid, as she began to spin around from a surge of power from becoming fed up with how long this was taking. It was then that her audio sensors heard the sound of footsteps. "Milord, someone is coming. Given the hour of the day and the volume of the footsteps I would say there is 98.7 degree probability that it is Duchess Zara," she warmed him, as her white photoreceptors angled downed towards the half diapered baby in the bassinet.

"You did such a good job, Sia!" Zara grinned at her daughter as she made her way up the stairs leading to their quarters. The little girl had her hands planted on her mouth's chest. She was smiling brightly at one of her father's three seeker droids, which she and her mother had been doing some diagnostics on. "When you get older, I'll teach you how to repair daddy's ship. I'll have you fixing engines in not time." Zara made her way into their room. She spotted Marcus and Nana. "Hiii." The nanny droid seemed distressed. "What's going on guys?" She strolled towards the bassinet where she found her son half diapered. "Hi baby boy." She said, bending down to kiss Darrus on the forehead. She turned to Marcus. "Here Nana. Can you take Sia? I give you an A for effort, my love. That baby class we took wasn't too helpful when it comes to diapering. Baby Ithorian bodies are wayyyy different than baby humans." When the droid had taken her daughter, she moved to the side of the bassinet where she would play teacher. "Okay, first step of diapering...grab the diaper!"

"It was ... uh ... the droid ... might want to run a diagnostic," Marcus said, as his cheeks reddened and he became slightly embarrassed. Hearing this, the droid turned, and bopped him on the back of the head with an arm on the side of the body that was not holding Sia. "Ow!" he said, as he began rubbing the back of his head. "Can't we have a human nanny?" he muttered, as he threw a sideways glance at the droid. "Alright. Alright," he said, as he moved next to her, leaning over the bassinet to look in on Darrus. He reached down, taking hold of the diaper, and beginning to start again. "We'll get it this time. I'm sure of it," he said, as he began messing up already. "Ithorians don't look like this at all..." he said, making excuses, before letting out a sigh.

Zara smiled knowingly. "Okay. I'll run a diagnostic." She winked. There was nothing for him to be embarrassed about. She giggled softly. Their nanny droid certainly was feisty. "Nooo. No human nannies. I can't program them. I'd have to install so many nanny cams around the castle that I might as well bring in the ISB." She ran a hand through Darrus' thickening dark hair. He reminded her so much of Marcus. "Next, you grab Darrus by the ankles and lift him up a little bit, then slid the back part of the diaper underneath his cutie little booty." She instructed. "I'm not great at this either, you know. I haven't been able to consistently figure out how tight to make the diaper at the waist. When I woke up with Sia the other night, I didn't put the diaper on right, then she peed... And I had to take a shower." Zara admitted her own embarrassing story in attempts to make him feel better.

Suddenly a bomb went off. It was powerful and threatened them all. It had been so long since Darrus' diaper change began that another poop had just emerged, thus negating all of Marcus' hard work. "Oh no! Oh no!" he said, as he began to fan the air in front of his face. "Maybe ... maybe I should let the droid do it," he confided in Zara, as he took away the diaper with the poop and brought it to the trash. "Wanna grab some dinner?" he asked her, as he looked helplessly at his wife from across the room whilst the droid went to work properly putting the diaper on the boy within minutes.

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!" The smell came first, then the rest. Luckily, there had been a diaper there otherwise the young prince would have made quite the mess. Zara couldn't help but laugh. "That explains why you were smiling so much." She told her son, poking his button nose with her finger. "Okay, you're off diaper class for now. I'll teach you later." She said, stepping aside to let the nanny droid to her work. By the way Sia was smiling, she wondered if another poop was on its way. Her hand snuck into one of Marcus'. "That sounds fun. Come on, hurry!" She said, pushing her husband out of their room just as she heard the nanny droid confirm that, indeed, Sia had pooped. Zara giggled on her way down the stairs. "Crisis averted." She squeezed his hand. "L-Let's stay away from Auntie Mae's tonight... It's so weird that she's bothering us for a sex holovid."

"Aww. But Brad the Bantha said Prince Pollix punch is a limited time only. I don't want to miss it," Marcus said, as they scurried down the stairs, with Marcus acting as young as Zara. As they moved through the castle, he informed the guard to prepare their speeder. They did not need protection now that the Empire had driven the refugees off world. He led her out into the speederport in front of the castle, where he helped her get in the passenger compartment, before he circled around to drive himself. "What are you in the mood for?" he asked, as he drove them down the mountain pass to the city of Leiliani. Suddenly a Gungan jumped out in front of the speeder, which forced him to have to slam on the breaks. He extended his arm in front of Zara to keep her from flying forward. "Damn fool," he muttered, but soon the Gungan was excitedly hopping up and down. As he looked out the window he noticed they had arrived at the Bombard Gungan restaurant which had a huge sign saying 'Wesa Open'. "When in Coronet," he said, quoting the old saying, before parking the speeder. "Let's try it. At least we'll have a story, and they might be able to help with our next crib," he said, as he raced around the speeder to open the door and help her out.

"Oooh fine. We can go to Auntie Mae's. I gotta say.. That commercial for Prince Pollix punch is hilarious. You brother really bad that guy up." Zara giggled. It was one of the many highlights from their ball. She was glad that they didn't need guards. After the problems with cousin Gaius, the Alderaan guard had been left all sorts of broken. Zara had combed through the lives of those who remained to ensure herself that they weren't going to go the way of Gaius. Ultimately, there was only one person she was one-hundred percent sure always had her and her children's best interest in mind: Marcus. She quickly placed a kiss on her husband's lips before making her way into the speeder. "Hmm... What are *you* in the mood for?" Zara parroted back to him while displaying her indecisiveness.

She stared out the speeder window as they headed into the city. She was so pleased with all the changes to her planet's environment. It was already infinitely different than when she had first arrived on Delaya, and the work wasn't finished. If only she could get the eyesore that was the Imperial garrison out of the picture... Sigh.

All of a sudden, the speeder came to a fast stop. "Eek!" She squeaked, grasping Marcus for support. "What the heck was that?!" Her heart had officially relocated to her throat. "A Gungan. Run it over!" Zara complained, only being half-serious because it had scared her so much. Her eyes followed his to the restaurant. Zara laughed. "Okay, let's check it out. We could use the help with our next crib..." She shuddered, recalling the Gungan instructions that made her feel crazy as she muddled through translating them. "I hope I don't accidentally order a fish tank again." As she stepped out of the speeder, she kissed him again. "If we get sick from this place, I'm blaming you." She took his hand and led him inside the Bombad Gungan restaurant. The interior decor was something straight out of Otoh Gunga. They found themselves standing in a of many that surrounded each table. There were lit up tanks filled with fish native to Naboo and a sign that bore the words '*Yousa pick it, wesa cook it*'. Zara smiled. "This place is amazing already."

Doo-Doo Fast, the owner and operator of the Bombad Gungan restaurant went crazy when he saw Duke and Duchess Rodney enter his restaurant. Everyone knew what their patronage did for Auntie Mae's, and he imaged his restaurant becoming the culinary center of the core. He ran towards Zara, his ears bouncing up and down, before taking her hand and shaking it ugly. "Mesa glad to see you. Mesa love you. Mesa called Doo-Doo Fast," he told her, as his yellow eyes widened at the sight of her. "Yousa doin a grand thing coming to eat here. Wesa gonna makin you a bombad dinner. Yousa be seein," he said, as he led them to a table in a center of the restaurant where everyone could see that the Duke and Duchess were in attendance. Unfortunately, the restaurant was practically empty, as Imperials were prohibited from dining at restaurants owned by non-Humans.

"Uh!" Zara shook the Gungan's hand back. Despite a year in the limelight, she had never gotten used to *everybody* knowing who she was. This Gungan was already a fan...wait! Did he say his name was 'Doo-Doo Fast'?! Zara wanted to laugh so bad. Mentally, she repeated the name over and over again. Each time, it only sounded more funny. Her cheeks were beginning to turn red. She tried to hard to internalize it. "I-It's nice to meet you, Doo-Doo." She showed him a smile that was her only way to stop herself from losing composure. Her blue eyes met with her husband's as she attempted to share the mental joke with him. "Ooh. I'm so excited. Thank you." She said, trying her best to act like the diplomat she was instead of the teenager that she also was.

They were taken to a table inside of the biggest bubble. If the restaurant had been crowded, it would have been the place where their presence drew the most attention. Instead, it was nearly empty. Zara was certain that simply being here would change business for Doo-Doo Fast. Once she was seated, she looked at Doo-Doo. "What do you have to drink?" She asked him, *still* trying not to laugh.

The moment the Gungan told him his name, Marcus was forced to bite down on his lower lip to keep from bursting out in laughter. Instead, he simply shook the excitable Gungan restaurateur's hand, and began walking with Zara to their table. He certainly hoped that his name did not indicate what would they would experience after the meal. As they moved into their table he looked around, before taking a glance down at the menu. "...probably just wter," he said to her, as he wondered what he had gotten them into. "Do you see anything that looks ... uh ... edible?" he said, but before he could get another word in food was already being placed on the table. It was entire platter of fish heads. Just the heads. The waiter informed them they were being served a Ten Course Tongue-grabben Feast. "Oh. How wonderful," he said, as he looked across to Zara. Beneath the table he began playing footsy with her to make up for the debacle.

"Umm..." Zara looked down at her menu. There were some pictures. "Bongo bouillon soup... It looks relatively safe. It's the only one where I know everything that's in it. Ew!" She closed her menu suddenly. There was a picture of a gross looking fish dish. They'd never get the chance to order, because a platter of fish heads had arrived. Zara stared down into the blank eyes of the fish. "Aren't they. . . aren't they supposed to remove those first?" She said quietly, prodding the fish's mouth with her finger. She couldn't help herself. She picked up one of the heads, forcing the mouth to move. "Ohai Duke Rodney! Mesa Doo-Doo Fast!" She said with a smile. She placed the fish head down on the platter just as the waiter returned with a neon green drink. "Oh, thank you so much." Zara said. Her feet toyed with his beneath the table. She was having fun with the strange restaurant, she simply wasn't sure if they'd leave with full stomachs or not. Or if this would be the first time they saw their dinner tonight. She reached over to the cup. "Marcus... It's smoking..." She said as white smoke poured out from the top of the drink. She decided to be brave and took a little gulp, then shrugged her shoulders. "It's actually kinda good."

"It looks like they removed everything else. It's like they followed the instructions backwards," Marcus theorized, but while he was trying to understand it, Zara was about to start playing with her food. "Oh don't make me laugh," he said, as he brought the napkin up to his face to prevent the Gungans from seeing that he was laughing. They were all watching their every move, counting on them to save their restaurant. For the sake of the Gungans and being a good leader he ate one of the fish heads, the bones crunching in his mouth. "Oh the eye," he commented to Zara, before dabbing his lips. He was just about to catch his breath when he saw the strange drink she was about to consume. "No. Don't," he pleaded, but he could stop her she was already sipping it. Before he could react another course was being served, which seemed to be some kind of eel soup. "Well, how bad could soup be?" he asked, before sticking his spoon in the soup. As he did the eel jumped out of the bowl, landed on the floor, and began to slither away. "Okay. Um," he said, as he took a cautious sip of his water.

Zara wore a bright smile on her lips. Marcus had been born for this. She was a little savage. Somewhere, Livia was rolling in her grave over Zara becoming Duchess. She cautiously watched her husband eat a fish head. "Oh Marcus... You are a brave, brave soul. I will take care of you when you're sick later on." She promised, reaching across the table to pat his hand supportively. The next course came far too quickly. Zara was reminded that this was a ten course meal. She looked down at the soup, which was an interesting yellow color. "There's going to be eight more courses. What can they possibly feed us for eight more courses?!" Marcus took the hit for the second time, but when his spoon met with the soup, a live eel jumped out! "Woah!" Zara watched it slither off. "Ewww. Okay. You took two hits for the team, it's my turn." The third round arrived just as the head of the eel in Zara's soup began poking out. The next round was a fish that looked alike to an angler fish. The body was perfectly intact, but the mouth was wide open. It was stuffed with some mystery meat, vegetables, and an array of other colorful edibles. Zara whimpered softly. "Oh dear." She picked up her fork and shoved it through the fish's jagged teeth and into the mouth. She brought a tiny bite of the stuffing to her lips and quickly ate it. "Oh dear..." She said, not commenting about the flavor though it was obvious how terrible it tasted.

"You promise? Don't let the nanny droid near me," Marcus said, as he leaned back and placed his hand on his stomach. He was not sure if he was getting sick, or if it was just Zara's comment that was having a mental impact on him. "I don't think I can get through ten courses of this," he said, as he reached across the table to place his hand on Zara's. Suddenly an angler fish arrived on the table ... a stuffed angler fish. He grabbed hold of the fork and began probing the mouth, going for some of the more simpler vegetables that he might have recognized. Unexpectedly, as they picked away at the fish dessert began to arrive. "Dessert? Already?" he asked, hoping that it might indicate that the meal was nearly over. Unfortunately, for this Gungan feast dessert would be inexplicably served within the middle.

"I'll protect you from Nana." Zara said reassuringly. A single bite was enough for her. She wasn't beginning to feel full, her stomach simply rejected eating the strange food presented to her. And then there was dessert. "Sweets!" Zara exclaimed, acting quite like Ewwiekewwieikkie. She attacked the dessert with renewed gusto. However, she made the mistake of shoving a large spoonful of the incredibly rich dessert. She could feel all the sugar in the dessert on her tongue. She made a noise and closed her eyes tight until she could swallow it. She reached for his hand to stop him from making the same mistake she had. "Don't do it, Marcus! It's not worth it!" She held on to him. "You should tell the owner that the meal was amazing and we're so full. I don't want to see what else they are going to bring out. They served us live eels. Live eels!"

Doo-Doo Fast returned to the table, but this time he had a Gungan band with him. They were playing the worst music that couple would have ever likely heard, but to them it was wonderful. "Yousa enjoyin' the meal?" he said, as he reached out to place a hand on each of their shoulders. "Yousa maybe tellin' the Governor wesa stayin' open?" he asked, as the purpose for his sending so much food suddenly become clear. "Our bombad chef be workin' hard to make'a yousa five more courses," he said, excitedly, as he swayed to the music. "Yousa maybe not bein' believin' what mesa sayin', but he never makin' this meal before. Can you believe that?" he said, as he slapped each of them on the shoulder.

Marcus was just about to sample the dessert when Zara spared him, causing him to recoil his arm with the spoon. He was just about to stand up when Doo-Doo suddenly reappeared. It seemed whenever he least expected it Doo-Doo snuck up on him. Doo-Doo had a way of doing that. "Oh. It was wonderful, Mister Fast," he said, as he leaned back and rubbed his belly. "But we're not used to eating all of this delicious food. We are positively full," he said, as he nodded to his wife. "We can try the other five courses on our next visit," he suggested, trying to be as diplomatic as possible.

Oh no! Doo-Doo Fast was coming back! Zara tried to shrink into herself. She tried to disappear. She tried to do anything to spare them from more time in this crazy restaurant. The music was worse than the slitherhorn Prince Pollix had been playing. "Oh yes. Thank you, Mister Fast. The food has been amazing. Please send my compliments back to the chef." She didn't feel confident about what the state of their stomachs would be like in a few hours, especially when Doo-Doo revealed that the chef had never cooked this meal before. "Gosh, I can't believe that at all!" She wiped her mouth off and prepared to make a run for it. She nodded in agreement with her husband. "Yes, yes. We'll have to pick up our last courses next time." She stood up, grasping his hand. The door was in her line of vision. They could make it there... They *had* to make it there.

Before Zara could react the young Dee-Mee Foost was climbing up onto her lap having arrived for nowhere. "It is yousa!" she said, as the young Gungan child stood up on her lap. "Mesa needin' a picture with yousa, okeyday," she said, as she turned, so that she was facing the same direction of Zara, with one foot on each of her thighs. She smiled happily as the other Gungans took holovids of the young girl standing on the Duchess. "Yay!" she said, as she turned around and gave Zara and a hug and kiss, before settling down on her lap. "Lookit dat!" she said, as, without being asked she began attempting to eat the dessert that Marcus and Zara were content to let go to waste.

The Gungan child had come out of nowhere, prompting Zara to wonder if the child had been hiding underneath the table all along. Her target demographic was young children so Zara was glad to see the little girl. "Um, okeyday." Zara said, placing her hands on the child to support her so she wouldn't fall. It made her think of all the Ithorians at the medcenter on Jubilee, which she had continued to visit since they were taking care of Delaya. "Careful..." She warned. She smiled while Gungans took holovids of the two together. Zara gave the Gungan girl a hug. It seemed she and Marcus had become a party of three for now. "You can eat as much as you'd like." Zara said, giving the girl a clean spoon. "What's your name?" She asked. She was still smiling behind the girl. Since the twins had arrived, Zara had become quite the mommy.

No one needed to tell Dee-Mee Foost that she could eat as much as she liked, because she was already eating way too much. She turned around with a face messy with dessert, as she offered her spoon up towards Zara's mouth. "Mesa called Dee-Mee Foost. Yousa bombard Duchess. Mesa love you," she said, as she attempted to force feed Zara some of the dessert. She thought she was helping, which made her smile as big as possible. Already the sugar was beginning to flow through her, causing her to shake excited on top of her. "Om nom nom," she said, before settling back down on Zara's lap.

Marcus looked across at Zara as the Gungan came to dominate her, and suddenly he was reminded of his sister-in-law and the Squib. Everywhere the his family went they seemed to encounter children of every species. When the bill came he was astonished to see it was for 874 credits, which made him cough noticeably. His hand shaking he moved to take hold of the glass of water, sipping it slowly. It was *a lot* of money and they had not even ordered it, nor was half of it served, nor did they eat much of what *was* served. However, as he looked over towards Doo-Doo he could not bring himself to protest the bill. Instead, he simply put the credit shit down and vowed never to come again. Unfortunately, if there were cute children here it would be hard to keep Zara away.

There was no objecting to the little Gungan. Zara allowed the girl to force feed her. She was having a year's worth of sugar at a single sitting. It was even harder to keep a straight face with so many people watching. She was touched that Dee-Mee proclaimed to love her. Zara loved the children. The younger audience perceived her well, for they didn't know about that fateful day on the Sea Islands. There was a noticeable shaking from the Gungan that made Zara wonder if the little girl was going to explode. "It's nice to meet you, Dee-Mee. Let's be friends." She grinned, hugging the girl another time. She looked above her head to see Marcus viewing the bill. She wondered how much it was, as any price more than 20 credits was too much. She could see Doo-Doo taking care of the bill. As much as she liked Dee-Mee, she didn't know if that was enough to eat such terrible rancid food. The girl did make her think of her brother-in-law's adopted Squibs. She needed to take them here to consume the sugary dessert and play with Dee-Mee.

With the dinner damaging his bank account as much as his stomach it was time to say goodbye to Doo-Doo and Dee-Mee, as hard as that was. "Come Zara," we need to be going, he said, as he helped the little Gungan girl off Zara's lap and onto the table so that she could more easily access the dessert. But as they exited the restaurant they came into contact with a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers. "This structure is to be closed by order of Governor Arundel," the squad leader rudely informed Marcus and Zara as if they had no title whatsoever. As they pressed past the Duke and Duchess they began to forcibly close the restaurant, clearing the remaining patrons, and putting up signs that indicated it was closed by Imperial decree. "What is the meaning of this?" he demanded, as he did not want to see this happen to the Gungans, despite their awful food. "Failure to pay Imperial taxes. Clear the area. Move along, move along," he ordered them, as he raised his E-11 blaster rifle in their direction. Not wanting to risk Zara being shot, he quickly led her towards their speeder. The battle was with the Governor, not these troopers. Nothing could be accomplished here.

"Okay, Dee-Mee. I've gotta get going. I'll see you around." As Zara stood, she patted the top of the girl's head. The meal certainly wasn't worth the credits, but the company was. Zara wasn't ready for the sight of Stormtroopers outside the restaurant. Their armor gleamed in the sun. She let out an audible groan. It seemed Papius was feeling better and back to his sinister ways. "What are you doing?!" The wild side of her wanted to strange all the Stormtroopers and take Governor Papius' stupid garrison and burn it to the ground. She was growing more and more tired of their planet's Imperial occupation. At the same time, she was doing everything she could to keep her family safe. She frowned, watching the Stormtroopers close the restaurant. She looked distraught. Governor Arundel had won time and time again. This time, she wanted to do something. She had to be led back to the speeder to stop her from doing something stupid on the spot. Once they had drove off, Zara sighed. "It's time for a change."

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