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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:3) in the Y'Toub system: Kima and Nal Hutta (Bubla the Hutt's palace).
Chuvak, Reg Collingwood, and Oola Dulovic.

The palace of Bubla the Hutt in the wastelands of Nal Hutta towered above the barren lands it surrounded. Deep within the structure was a dungeon level that contained prisoners and slaves from across the galaxy ... many of the female variety. The recently captured Amaran, Oola Dulovic, had been unceremoniously deposited into one of the cold, empty cells. It was damp, dark, and groundwater was seeping through the stone and creating mold. The cries of unfortunate beings filled the halls and each time a guard walked by there were impassioned pleas for assistance.

Chuvak, the Shistavanen who had captured Oola, had been standing outside Oola's cell for the past hour ... watching her in silence. He had become hungry for the young Amaran and hoped that once his master, Bubla the Hutt, was finished with her that he might be given her. But, for now, she belonged to the Hutt and we would not dare touch her, but he would look. "Soon," he said, as he stepped forward, and wrapped his paw around the bars of her cell. He snarled at her, showing the piercingly sharp fangs of his jaw. His large tongue slid from between his mouth, licking his lips as he eyeballed her.

Oola had been been beaten by some of the Hutts other men, her left eyes was swollen shut, her bottom lip had a rather nasty cut, she didn't have any broken bones but she would have scars from under her fur... Once some of the patches grew back, for now she sat in her cell the muzzle still around her mouth as she sat trembling from cold. She didn't like this feeling, knowing that she was spending her last few moments in such a place. Slowly she looked up with her good eye at Chuvak who was trying to scar her but his methods were childish and weak.

All Oola could do now was look at him and laugh in amazement at his foolishness the muzzle started to squeeze tight around her head and snout as she laughed, it would crush her skull if she tired to even say anything but the pain it was causing her now was worth it to show Chuvak that she wasn't scared of him. All the young Amaran was scared about was what the Hutt was going to do, they had a nasty temper one not to play around with, and she killed one of them thought she would never have met Reg and learned as much as she did because of him.

Chuvak stood there, watching her laugh, with the full realization that the last laugh would ultimately be his. "You are making this harder on yourself than it has to be," Chuvak warned her, as his yellow eyes pierced the darkness to glare at her. "We want the human, Captain Collingwood, he again reminded her," as the two Gamorrean brutes who had been aiding him in her torturous interrogation again came upon the scene. He then stepped aside, to give Oola a better view of them, with their gleaming weapons.

Slowly her eyes looked at the weapons they held, she didn't know where Reg was and with that she knew he was either on his way or long gone by now, she only hopped it was the first option. Looking away she still didn't give him to them, thought they could not kill her himself was the only thing keeping Oola alive at this point. She didn't make another sound this time, the muzzle was already three sizes to small for her and it was making it hard for her to think, knowing if she tried anything her skull would be crushed thought maybe a quick death would have been better. Though she didn't have to say anything to make her point a crossed to the hunters, bring her right hand up she lowered all but on finger towards the men, the middle as she smirked to herself slightly.

Before Chuvak could ask her again for the whereabouts of the human smuggler, a large rumbling began to fill the dungeon, as the building began to shake and rocks began to tumble. Eventually the nose of the Kima penetrated through the ceiling of the dungeon, as Reg Collingwood had recklessly crashed his ship through the structure to bypass Bubla the Hutt's security and attempt a rescue of his beloved Oola. Unfortunately, he had not given his plan much thought, and following the impact he was flung forward into the control panel, breaking several ribs. Eventually, he made his way out of the freighter, with his T-6 "Thunderer" heavy blaster pistol at the ready.

The two Gamorreans were crushed by the falling debris, but Chuvak was only rendered momentarily dazed. His yellow eyes locked onto Reg as he descended from the ramp of the crashed freighter, and he began to surge forward at a speed faster than any human could possibly react to. His jaw opened wide, and almost instantly closed down upon the human's wrist, his fangs digging into the flesh and locking on in a deadly grip.

When the jaw collided with his arm, Reg immediately dropped her blaster pistol and unleashed a blood curdling scream. His arm began to gush blood, and he attempted to pull his arm away, but the Shistavanen's jaw was relentless and would not release. Desperately, he reached down, and grabbed one of the fallen pieces of debris with his left hand, and smashed it onto the creature's skull, cracking it, and disabling him. When he freed his arm from Chuvak's mouth the blood began to flow more rapidly, and he had to stop to tie a piece of fabric around his wound to stop the bleeding before he bled to death.

"Oola!" he cried out, as he reached to pick up his heavy blaster pistol once more. Taking aim at the lock to her cell he quickly fired off a blast from the weapon, forcing the cell door open. He moved forward, lethargically from the blood loss, and now looking a ghastly shade of pale. "Look ... look what they've done to you," he stammered, as his hazel eyes looked over her heavily to his great dismay. "I've got to get you ... get you out of here," he said, as he placed his good hand out against the wall to keep himself from keeling over on the spot.

As the building started to falling around her cell, she watched as the rocks crushed two of Chuvak's men killing them. She knew the only way to get the muzzle off was the fingerprint of the one who put it on and he was outside of her cell under a ton of rock. Watching as Reg made his way off the she tried to warn him about Chuvak but it was to late, watching as the wolf clamped his jaw around Reg's wrist she grabbed the bars tight and started to tug on them hard doing her best to free herself, thought it was impossible. Looking down she seen the hand of the man who muzzled her, bending down she did her best to pull the body closer to her cage watching as her love screamed in pain.

In a panicked rush Oola's claws sunk into the man's wrist and pulled harder till the body scooted closer to the cell. placing her head down she put the thumb to the lock and waited, it read false several times. Her eyes darted back and forth between Reg and the hand. Growing she started to snarl as the muzzle became tighter against her head, her ears were pinned down, jaw clenched tight. Till finally the last time the locked beeped and unlocked from the muzzle allowing her to take it off. Watching as Reg was able to get Chuvak off of him.

Stepping back from the door of the cell she watched as he blasted the lock off and rush over to her, she didn't care about what she looked like what worried her was his condition, the bite was far worse than anything she could ever cause, and she was stronger than him now. Standing up she shook her head "Never mind about me, we need to get you out of her and dress that bite." Oola said in a raspy voice, draping his arms around her neck she started to walk over to the ship, the shouts of other started to draw closer as she limped over to the ship. Reg's body felt like it weight just as much as the ship in her state. Heavy and large, she knew it would take a miracle to get him safely on and fly out before anyone could follow.

Once she was able to get Reg inside she looked down the ramp, seeing more of the Hutt's hunters she snarled "Oh no you don't!" She barked grabbing Reg's blaster, the weight of it brought her down slightly as she aimed, firing she was sent back slightly thought for the hunter he was shot in the head killing him immediately. Soon she was in a firefight having more hunters blasting inside the ship. Ducking behind one of the crates she took a moment to gain her breath, Reg's body was laying in the doorway of the rec room . She couldn't let him die not here, quickly she moved. Turing around and sitting on one knee Oola started firing at each hunter killing them. She could hear a ringing in her ears as the blasting stopped.

Sighting the Amaran stood up as fast as her wounded body could and hopped over to the ramp where she slammed her hand down on the controller to raise it up. Soon she moved back pass the Rec room towards the cockpit where she took a seat in Reg's chair, grabbing the manual controls she started the ship up again, she didn't know what the hell she was doing only that they needed to get the hell off the rock and out of the Hutt's grasp again, she didn't have much training but she used what she knew and what she seen Reg too to fly away from the falling bundling and off the ground. She was shaking hard causing the ship to move side to side as she dodged gunfire from below.

A weakened Reg was in no position to assist Oola as she took control of the Kima. Fortunately, he had begun teaching her how to pilot the freighter in case anything like this should ever happen. He was lying helplessly on the floor in the rec room of the freighter, being jostled around as she pulled the ship out of the remnants of Bubla's palace and began leading them away from Nal Hutta. He wished he had the strength to help her, but at the moment all he could do was apply was pressure to his wound to keep himself from continuing to bleed out. As the freighter pulled away, the Hutt's thugs continued to fire at them, but the small craft's shielding easily deflected what ground fire was directed at them.

Oola was doing everything in her power to remain calm but she knew that if she didn't understand how to fly the Kima then everything they just did was for nothing. Quickly she started to pilot the ship up into the atmosphere she could hear a beeping sound but not sure where it was coming from till she looked in front of her seeing a small ship taking fire at them, Oola still didn't know now to use the weapons so doing her best she took the controls and moved them a hard right banking out of the direction of the blast, continuing to head out into the void of space she look at the control panel. She didn't know what more to do then to jump into hyperspace, Reg never told her the rules about that and right now there was no one in sight and they needed to get out of there fast Placing her hands onto the control she pushed it forward as the Kima started to jump into the blue void she now knew why he would always tell her to strap in before hand as she felt the g-force push her back into the chair.

Feeling the ship lurch into hyperspace she was flown forward pressing the auto pilot, falling to the floor she gasped but wasn't hurt to badly, Looking up she saw Reg's body still on the floor, moving as fast as she could she made her way over to him. "Do you have a first aid kit?" She asked placing his head in her lap, she didn't want him to bleed out and she needed to get them to a place where they could lay low for a lot longer than a day. She forgot all about Naboo, about the enclave about Ni. Her people were safer without her there and that's all that matter to the young girl, that and getting Reg help. "I don't know where we're going Reg, I don't know how to get you help, I don't know what to do." She said placing a hand on his wrist and gripped tight applying more pressure to stop the bleeding. A tear ran down her cheek as she held him close to her. "Please I need you Reg and I'm lost more now than ever without you!"

A weakened Reg felt the Kima enter hyperspace, and he breathed a sigh of relief at the realization that they were now seemingly safe from the clutches of the Hutts. "It's in ... it's in the cabinet," he said, as she embraced him lovingly on the floor of the ship. "I'm glad I taught you to fly," he told her, offering what weak of a smile he could muster, given his lethargic state. "Wherever you set the hyperdrive to take us is better than here," he assured her, as he began to shift slightly, sitting up and using the foot of the sofa as a back support. "That was some rescue!" he said, giving her a cocky smile in the first show of confidence he exhibited since their rendezvous. He pressed his hands down upon the floor, boosting himself up onto the sofa in one great heave. He let out a tremendous cry as he stumbled back onto the sofa, the pressure causing more blood to flow from his wound, reddening the cloth. He closed his eyes, exhaled a deep sigh, and began to breath shallowly as he awaited Oola's much needed care.

Oola smirked a little as she watched Reg joke lightly though as much as she tried she couldn't seem to really get into the joking mood. Watching him lift himself off the ground but stumble back against the sofa she looked in horror as his closed started to become stained with blood. Rushing over to the refresher she pulled open the cabinet and ground the medical kit. Taking the box in her hands she ran out and fell in the floor to her knees where she opened the med kit. "I need you to tell me what I need to use! Reg I need you to focus on me!!!"She said looking at him as her hands moved about inside the box trying to figure out what she needed.

Reg's eyes looked towards Oola, but only stayed open for a few brief moments. His eyes had a glazed over, glossy look to them, and he could now barely focus. "The bacta patch..." he said weakly, his voice only slight audible, and trembling slightly. He then slumped down on the sofa, his eyes falling heavily shut. He would have gladly given his life to save Oola from the clutches of the vile Hutt crime lord who had imprisoned her, but he hoped that he would not have to do so at this given moment.

Oola didn't know what else to do but thankfully she found what he had told her to use, grabbing the bacta patch she moved quickly, taking off the blood soaked rags that he had used to stop the bleeding. Paling the patch over the wound, Oola didn't know how they worked really only that they healed him and her from the first accident they were in the first time they messed with a Hutt. She whimpered softly as she watched helplessly, hopping the patch was doing it's job, she really needed more training in all field if Reg pulled through. Softly she spoke "Reg you can leave me, I don't know what to do, I can't live alone out in the galaxy . I can't lose you." She said softly watching him "I love you Reg." She whispered softly taking his good hand into her own and held it tight, it was not a matter of time to see if she was able to save.

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