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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:18) in the Alderaan system: Black Star and Delaya (Imperial garrison).
Governor Papius Arundel, Yekaterina Hanson, Ashori Monoceros, Major Elayne Passik, Commander Iyah Xergo, and Mug Zoran.

A crowd of Rebels was currently shoved into a U-Wing headed towards Delaya. Ashori Monoceros was in trouble. Sweat rolled down her neck and back. Currently, she was on a mission to attack her lover's garrison in order to save Commander Xergo. Since straying from her Rebel roots, Ashori had kept in contact with Papius Arundel...until a certain comrade made it completely impossible for her to do so. Stabbing Yekaterina Hanson had been essential in her and Papius' other evil plots, but this time, the woman's untrusting nature got in the way of Ash warning the Governor of what was coming. She had even tried to use her comm to reach him before she left New Alderaan. Yekaterina continued to breath down her neck, thus making it completely impossible. She was fearful that Major Passik's force would be strong enough to seriously hurt the Governor. As the craft exited hyperspace just outside of Delaya, Ash let out an anxious sigh.

Major Passik had given them orders to dock at a specific station close to the garrison. The moment she began attacking from above and drawing attention towards her fleet, the small group of on planet Rebels would attempt to find Iyah Xergo using the maps of the garrison that Mug had provided. Everyone was on edge, though for different reasons. Iyah had been gone for some time. There was no way to tell what kind of person they'd be rescuing. Beneath her hand, Ash smirked. There was one thing she was certain of: Papius had done a number on the Rebel commander. The smirk fell away as she patted Mug Zoran on the shoulder. "There she is!" She exclaimed. "We'll get Commander Xergo back today."

Mug Zoran was thrilled that the Rebellion was finally moving to rescue his fiance, Iyah Xergo, from the Imperial forces on Delaya. He had not seen her in so long, and he had nearly given up hope when the orders came. More than that, he missed Callista, and knew there was too much risk in bringing her back *before* this mission had been completed. He was glad to be with Ash and Kat, as he thought their personal connection to the Commander would be needed for this operation to be successful. As he sat in the U-wing he tried to prepare himself for the battle to come, but all he could think about was Iyah. When Ash tapped him on the shoulder it brought him back to reality, and he offered her a half smile. "Thank you. Thank you so much," he told her, as he placed his hand upon hers. Her confidence was inspiring.

Yekaterina Hanson was dressed for battle. She knew Delaya better than anyone in the mission, but the planet they were returning to was not the same one that she left. So much had changed, and the Imperial presence had only increased since the last battle. She had been watching Ashori like a hawk, as she would never again trust the woman who so brutally stabbed her during the last Battle of Delaya. She feared for Iyah, who had been in captivity so long, and was determined to do everything she could to rescue the woman and reunite her with her family ... even if it meant sacrificing her own life. Checking the power cell on her A280 blaster rifle, she slung the strap over her shoulder and prepared herself for the mission to come. "Don't worry," she said to Mug, who perhaps was too emotionally involved to be here. Her eyes then slowly moved to Ashori, watching her always.

Beneath the surface, Ash felt angry with Kat. She would never forgive herself if this mission led to the death of the Imperial Governor who had her twisted around his little finger. Though she smiled at Mug, she knew that she wouldn't think twice about killing the Rodney bastard should she be ordered to. Her hand dropped from his shoulder. She could feel that they were descending into the Delaya atmosphere. The ship rumbled. Yekaterina's eyes were burning a hole through Ash's back. There was tension within their little team. Mug was too emotionally invested. Yekaterina had no trust in Ashori...and Ashori...well, you know all about that. The ship settled within the appropriate port. No one got comfortable. Ash moved towards the hatch to finish putting on her armor before the big moment arose. She had reviewed Papius' new garrison. She was sure she knew where to find him if she could get away from her group. *Sigh*. She was ready to abandon the Rebels for an Imperial life. After all, it sounded pleasant to live in the garrison instead of on New Alderaan with all the pathetic refugees.

Through their communication, Major Elayne Passik's voice broke through. "Preparing to enter Delaya." She said calmly, letting her ground crew know what was about to come. "Remember your mission and do not let anyone stray from it, Mug Zoran. I can't promise any of you that you'll survive. We're assuming Commander Xergo is being held on the lowest level of the garrison where the jails are. My fleet will do their best to take on the brunt of the battle, but we can't kill everyone." She abruptly ended the transmission. Elayne was now preoccupied with that was before her: a mess. She had taken part in the first bombing on Delaya. She didn't like losing, which was perhaps what had brought her back to the planet. The Corsair fleet appeared in the bright blue skies of Delaya. Elayne could see all the destruction of the city. The people of Delaya needed to be liberated. There were many Rebels pilots who felt the same. In addition to her own squadron of twelve X-wings, she also had twelve Y-wings and numerous fighters making their way towards Delaya. This was only wave one. She didn't want to show the Imperial Governor all of her cards immediately. As she changed her comm's frequency to speak to her team, she could be heard lighting a cigarra and taking a long drag. "You know the drill, men. Let's whip some Imperial ass and fuck some shit up!" She slammed her fist down before both of her hands took hold of the X-wing's controls. As they began to light up the skies, Mug Zoran's group officially had the go.

Governor Papius Arundel was sitting calmly in his office at the Imperial garrison when the alarm began to sound. "What is it?" he demanded to know over the comm, but he got his answer before the officer on the other end of the line had a chance to answer. From his viewport he could see Rebel starfighters descending from above, attacking his garrison. "Launch fighters. Immediately!" he ordered, slamming his fist on his desk, behind a clenched jaw. He moved toward the turbolift quickly so he could descend to the operations bunker. His anti-starfighter batteries began firing at the oncoming fighters, while a squadron of TIE Strikers prepared to launch.

Mug Zoran breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the voice of Major Passik over the comm. Readying his weapon, he was the first to burst from the U-wing and make the surface of Delaya. Fortunately, they had enough intelligence to locate Iyah, but he wondered if they had enough of a force. The rebel strike team rallied behind him as they entered the garrison, just as a Y-wing unloaded a bomb that brought down an AT-ST walker near them. Once inside it was hall to hall fighting, as the unprepared Stormtroopers were quickly dispatched, before regrouping as the alarm went off and taking up better defensive positions as they attempted to move lower towards the cell block. A blaster bolt nearly took his head off, but Yekaterina stepped in from behind him and pulled him out of the way at the last minute.

"Watch your head," Yekaterina said, before dispatching the Stormtrooper with an aimed shot from her A280 blaster rifle. Up and down the corridor laser blasts flew back and forth as they traded shots, causing her to look at her chronometer. She knew that the longer they took to reach the cell block, the greater the Imperial defenses would be. Grabbing hold of a frag grenade off her belt, she primed it, and tossed it down the corridor to where the Imperials had set taken cover. She grabbed Mug once again, and pushed him behind a wall, while covering her ears. "Fire in the hole," she warned Ashori and the rebels as an explosion erupted down the corridor, magnified by the enclosed space. Debris and the remnants of Stormtroopers soon rained down upon them. "Forward," she yelled, before moving into the debris, firing unaimed shots in the smoke. They had to reach Iyah soon.

"Oh Governor, you've been a bad, bad boy." Elayne growled. Her X-wing pointed in the direction of the garrison. Several other starfighters followed her. "Knock out their turrets! I want all their big guns down!" She shouted, launching a bomb into a pit of TIE Strikers which had yet to ascend into the sky. "Suck it, you bastard!" Major Passik was a bit of a potty mouth. It was for the better that Mug's daughter had not been around to witness how she was once she got comfortable with someone. "Wave close are you? Shit..!" A Y-Wing was destroyed near her flank.

Below, Ashori Monoceros was officially inside of the Imperial garrison where Papius, in theory, also was. Using her blaster rifle, she struck down Stormtroopers. Right now, her survival was key. She couldn't save the Governor now. Thankfully, he had quite a force that the Rebels would need to plow through before reaching the Governor himself. Ash stepped back at Kat's warning, covering her ears with her hands. The frag went off, causing a rain of people parts to scatter over them. They were on the move again. "According to the map, we're getting close." She announced to her team. "We should see the holding cells soon." She kept an eye on Mug. He was a liability. Emotionally blind, she didn't think that he would live to see New Alderaan again.

Inside the holding cell sat Iyah Xergo herself. Though there was chaos above her head, she showed no signs of excitement. Papius had left her with another tormenting video taken from the perspective of the nerf plush of Sierra Rodney playing mommy to *her* daughter. Over the video, the Grand Moff's wife read the classic story of the Three Little Nerfs, complete with various voices for each character. Iyah had been broken. She realized that she couldn't even compare to a scummy ISB officer. Commander Xergo had given up. She lay on the floor, defeated.

Mug stopped momentarily to look at the map, they were only one turn away from the cell block now. He turned to Ash and Kat, as he showed them on the map where they were, and where Iyah was expected to me. "We're so close," he said, in a desperate, pleading voice. As he turned the corner he opened fire, but moved too quickly to and was rewarded with a blaster shot to his left shoulder. He dropped slowly, taking cover behind the wall, but was unwilling to give up. Not now that he was this close to the long overdue unification with his wife. "Save her," he pleaded, as he looked up towards Kat who was trying to drag him away.

Kat tried to stop Mug from rushing, but there was just too much passion in him as she feared. When he went down, she was quick to grab him and drag him away. Their unit had taken casualties and she was tempted to withdraw before they all got wiped out, but Mug's pleading caused her to fight on. She grabbed hold of a flash-bang grenade and blindly tossed it in the direction of the remaining Stormtroopers between them in the cell block. When it exploded it gave off a blinding light and deafening sound that distracted them and gave Kat and the others the opening they needed. Surging forward in one final charge they gunned down the Stormtroopers and cleared the path between them and Iyah.

Mug brought up the rear of the charge, no longer able to hold his weapon, as his right hand was raised up across his body to apply pressure to his wound. He stepped over the bodies of the fallen Stormtroopers and moved to the cell containing Iyah. As he did not have the access code, he placed a small explosive charge on the panel, before moving back and detonating it. Moments later the panel exploded and the door to Iyah's cell opened. "Iyah!" he screamed through the smoke, before surging into her cell. It had been too long since he last saw her and his heart melted. He rushed towards her, despite his own injury, and crouched down next to her. "Are you alright? We've come to rescue you. I'm sorry how long it took," he said, as he attempted to help her up, which caused him a great deal of pain.

"Mug! Stop!" Ashori yelled. He was proceeding too quickly. Mug wasn't a seasoned warrior. This was too much for him...yet Ash had brought him in hopes that he would be killed on duty. The man was shot, painfully, in the shoulder. He dropped. Ash rolled her eyes. Wounded...but it wasn't fatal. Kat had appointed herself as Mug's official babysitter. "It's too dangerous." Ashori argued as another surge of Stormtroopers appeared. "If we don't get out now, we may never get out!" They were so close. She could see that Kat wasn't going to stop. They were going to save Commander Xergo or die trying.

She closed her eyes and covered her ears for the second time. This time when they moved towards the cell block, they had an advantage. Ashori shot down Stormtroopers while keeping an eye on Mug. All in all, what was left of their team did successfully reach Iyah's cell. Once the door was blown off, Ash stepped back to observe and watch out for enemies.

The metal door holding Iyah in her cell suddenly burst forth. It slammed against the backwall of the cell. Iyah didn't move. Papius had demonstrated what kind of power he had by bringing Callista to the garrison base and torturing Iyah with her. This all could have been a fucked up plot to wreck her all over again. Her head weakly lifted. "Mug..?" She could hear his voice, but the smoke blinded her at first. Slowly, it cleared enough that she could see the man she loved so much. She felt so many emotions in that moment. The most powerful one was sadness. She was speechless. "You.. You came..." She had been through hell and back again. She had lost weight...and her spirit. Her eyes fell on his injured shoulder as tears streamed down her cheeks. "Mug." She cried harder. She stood on uneasy legs, gradually turning to face him. Her shaky arms wrapped around him suddenly. "Mug!"

"Oye. Bastard. You need to get your people out of that base immediately." Major Passik shifted her comm back to his frequency. "I'm gonna light that place up. My second and third wave is here. Get your woman and get the fuck back to your house." She ordered him as her voice cut out. There was nothing more thrilling than killing Imperials. They had taken her she would take down Papius Arundel. A group of starfighters reunited with her having taken out the last AT-ST. "Don't get cocky people. We still have a big ass tumor to remove. Take out the garrison!" She yelled, releasing bombs rapidly on the upper part of the garrison. "Good luck, Zoran..." She said quietly to herself. If he managed to survive, then he deserved one hell of a pat on the back.

Mug turned towards his beloved Iyah, pausing from the intensity of combat to bring his face close to hers. His nose connected with hers, rubbing back and forth slowly, until his love for her culminated in a deep, passionate kiss. "Iyah, I love you, but we have to go," he said, as he took her by the arm with his one good arm and began leading her back from which they came. "Move it! Back to the U-wing!" he ordered, as he stepped over the bodies of the fallen troopers to navigate back through the winding corridors of the garrison. "We'll be home soon," he promised his wife, as they pressed on ... they were making good time. They had almost escaped.

Kat knew that if they did not get out of the garrison *now* the Imperials would surely have enough time to get organized and stop them. She had rifle at the ready, but so far everything was clear from where they had entered earlier. But then a squad of Stormtroopers appeared in front of them, closing off the point at which they came in and cutting them off from the ship. She opened fire with her rifle, but they soon found themselves pinned down against the wall. They were so close ... yet so far. Her attention turned to Ash, reluctantly, as she would need her help for the final charge. "Cover me," she said to her, before she crouched down and moved forward down the hall, firing off blind shots.

Iyah was in a state of shock. Mug was *really* there. She had gone through such emotional trauma, first suspecting that he was dead, then wondering why he had yet to come. Now he was here. Slowly, her love for him cut through all the other problems filling her head. She began to nuzzle her nose back against his. "Oh, Mug." It was *over*. This time Papius would not have her again. They kissed, quickly trying to make up for all the love they hadn't been able to give each other over her imprisonment. "I love you, Mug. Get me out of here..." It was a plea, not an order. Her Mug had changed so much. He became a leader in order to save her. Using him as support, they made their way back towards the entrance of the garrison. She longed to be far, far away from here. She missed her home...but most of all, she missed her family.

Ashori could see that Commander Xergo had been broken. The woman looked exhausted. It would take time for her to make a complete recovery. In that time, Ash could cause more problems ... if they managed to survive this. It seemed that Papius had employed more Stormtroopers and sent them rushing towards the cellblock. It was harder to keep going on...especially towards the end. There was only one last squad of Stormtroopers between them and freedom. Ash nodded her head to Kat. It was time to regain that woman's trust. While Yekaterina charged, Ash loyally shot down Stormtroopers. Together, they somehow managed to clear the path for the remaining members of their team to continue through.

Outside the garrison, all hell had broken loose. Elayne's squadron had managed to knock out all of the garrison's large guns. They were now focused on taking out the building itself. At the topmost layer was hit, pieces of the garrison's walls began to fall down to the ground. Some collided with Stormtroopers, but it would also create a new obstacle for the Rebels to work through. "Looks like we've got some more visitors." She said, spotting TIE Strikers whose top priority was to stop them from destroying the base. "Wave three, take care of them. Everyone else, drop your bombs on this damn garrison and let's go home to celebrate!"

When Ash and Kat cleared the path towards the U-wing, Mug surged forward with his arm around Iyah to support her. As the breached the structure he got a full view of just how effective Major Passik's forced had been in attacking the garrison. It was the victory that the rebellion needed, but all he was focused on was his personal struggle to recover Iyah. "Get to the ship!" he yelled to the rebels, as he struggled along through the battlefield, past the burning hulk of the AT-ST to get aboard the U-wing. Once inside he, helped Iyah to a seat in the passenger compartment. Kat and the other rebels were right on their heels. In short order everyone was aboard and ready for the trip back to New Alderaan with their rescued commander secure.

The light outside the garrison seemed so bright that it hurt Iyah's eyes. She blinked away her tears, staring up at the starfighters that polluted the sky. The garrison was on fire. Iyah shook. She breathed in the dust anxiously. Now that she was leaving her cage behind, she would have to begun *true* recovery. They had successfully made it. With Mug's help, she was seated and buckled. Her hand wouldn't release from his. She couldn't afford to be separated again. Her heart hurt. Her head hurt. The only thing that was clear was Mug. The commander dropped her head. She began to cry as the Rebels returned to the U-wing. It launched up to the sky. Again, they left Delaya behind in a rush. It was over ... right?

Elayne spotted the U-wing exiting Delaya. She laughed and laughed. "You damn bastard! *You did it*!" Her laughter could be heard during their short communication. Beneath her, the garrison was exploding. She pulled her steering device upward as she, too, began to make her departure. The woman wore a wide, crazed smile. Perhaps they had restored hope to the people of Delaya.

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