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Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:8:15) in the the Kuat system: Kuat Drive Yards Orbital Array.
Major Arden Zevrin.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* The sound of a medical monitor beeped incessantly inside of a high end medical suite within the Kuat Drive Yards facility, which orbited high above the planet Kuat. Through the expansive viewport that dominated the wall to the left of the patient's bed a massive array of Imperial warships were under construction ... an impressive arsenal for the increasing intensity of the Galactic Civil War. An omnipresent 2-1B medical droid watched over the patient, and had been instructed to never leave the room. The patient was being the best possible care, and no expense was being spared to restore them to their previous capacity.

In the bed the green eyes of Major Arden Zevrin blinked slowly, as she lay motionless in the second month of recovery from the near-death trauma she had experienced aboard the Star Destroyer Warspite. The amount of electricity that surged through her body when Major Kerrie Kiley threw her into her terminal and monitors would have killed most ... but she had willed herself to live if only to get revenge. The force at which she had impacted caused several of her vertebrae to be fractured and her spine had been damaged, requiring a slow and difficult rehabilitation process. The electrical burns that covered most of her body required an extra long stay within the bacta tanks to properly heal.

Stripped as her position as sector officer for the Imperial Security Bureau in the Ringali Shell she now found herself without power and influence. High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne would be no help to her now, and in fact he had not even made inquiries into whether or not she had survived her ordeal. Kuat was the one place where she could retreat to lick her wounds ... after all, it was her home. There were still those here who would give her aid, and enough of them wielded enough power with the influential Kuat Drive Yards that given time they might persuade the military to give her another avenue with which to gain power.

That bitch, she thought to herself, regarding Major Kiley ... she did not think she had it in her. It would figure that it would take her being shot to find her spine, she continued thinking to herself, getting steadily angrier, which caused her heart rate monitor to beep and her fists to subconsciously ball into fists. She would deal with Kerrie when the time was right, and her mind retreated to the past when her mentor, Wulf Yularen, had captured Kerrie and tortured her until she submitted to Imperial service. Before she would kill her she would repeat some of those same tortures the late Colonel had used so expertly to break her. She relished the idea of it, and as a cruel, vindictive smile formed upon her supple lips her tongue slithered and licked at them eagerly.

Her thoughts then drifted to that of the young Jelena Rodney ... the little brat who had managed to conduct major espionage right under her nose. How could someone as naive as her manage to operate without my noticing, she wondered to herself, and hurriedly played back every encounter the two of them had. She had thought it was Htaere ... the outside ... and had acted on that assumption and nearly killed her in the process. She would have respected the young woman's duplicity had it not ended her career and nearly resulted in her death. Despite the fact that she ordered the Grand Moff to bring his family to the Ringali Shell, she nevertheless did not feel at fault for Jelena's actions. She too would find her way onto her revenge list ... she did not think it would take much effort to break the pampered teenager, but she would enjoy it all the same.

Then there was the unmistakable object of her wrath: Grand Moff Claudius Rodney. The mere thought of his name sent her spiraling downward in her rage that caused the medical equipment to beep rapidly as her vitals responded. "Argh!" she roared angrily, more like a creature than a woman, as she ripped the monitors from her body, and sat up swiftly in the bed. She would get no revenge laying here in a medical bay, she realized, as she pulled the intravenous from her right arm, causing a sudden flow of blood.

She swung her legs over the left side of the bed, and allowed each of her naked feet to touch the cold, durasteel floor one at a time. She closed her eyes and grit her teeth as a shiver ran through her body from the coldness, but she endured it and rose to her feet gingerly. She attempted to take a step and nearly collapsed, but managed to maintain her balance by thrusting her hands out in front of her. "You can do this," she said to herself, as she looked over towards her objective ... the viewport ... the first step in a series of goals that would ultimately lead to her revenge.

Each step felt like a kilometer as she made her way to the viewport, having to stop after every three or four steps to cease her labored breathing and catch her breath. "Ugh," she groaned, as she finally reached the transparisteel viewport, and then surged forward to place her hands upon the sill to keep herself upright. In the distance she could make out the mammoth shape of an Executor-class Star Dreadnought ... it was the Retributor ... the new command ship for Grand Moff Rodney that was nearly ready. Her green eyes narrowed as she glared at ... a symbol of strength for a weak man who needed to compensate for something.

It was only then the medical staff burst into the room, panic-stricken by the lack of data they were getting from the patient ... they had assumed she had abruptly died. "Ma'am, you really should not be up. Please return to your bed," the medical droid said, in its calm, robotic voice, before attempting to physically move her back. "Are you all right?" the Kuati nurse asked sympathetically, as she put her arms around Major Zevrin in an attempt to both comfort her and lead her back to the bed.

"Am I all right?" Arden asked without any hint of emotion as she looked to the nurse with dull, lifeless eyes that seemed glazed over. "My dear, I have never been better..." she said cheerfully, before she started laugh uncontrollably. What started as the softest of cackling began to build into a crescendo, emanating throughout the entire wing of the Kuati medical facility. To Arden Zevrin there was nothing in life more pleasurable than the opportunity to exact revenge.

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