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Brandon Dellinger, Liz Dorner, Greg Edwards, Todd Fitzgerald, Carrie Forde, Billie Ingram, Christopher Levy, and Thomas Rogers.
One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:9:29) in the Yaga system: Anxates and Argo.

Commander Derek Atio, Trooper Jake Dayga, FRN, Lieutenant Leo Kincaid, Petty Officer Tashi Ling, Corporal Jargo Marx, Lieutenant Wes Thrum, and Captain Dagon Tong.


The Corellian Corvette Argo emerged from hyperspace in the Yaga system. Intelligence reported that the Empire was moving largely unprotected bacta tanks through the region. It was their hope that such a mediocre shipment would go unnoticed by pirates and the Rebellion. Therefore, inside the Curich-class shuttle Anxates the Empire had placed a valuable cargo in the form of a new Human Replica Droid named FRN.

On the bridge of the Corvette, Commander Derek Atio hovered nervously behind his bridge officers. He did not like operating behind enemy lines, but he also realized that the enemy controlled almost all of the galaxy and such luxuries were not possible. His attention immediately turned to the transponder and his gaze fixated upon Officer Ling, "Mister Ling, is the transponder working?"

The lithe five-foot five-inch frame of Corellian-born Tashi Ling sat in a semi-reclining position in her chair, feet propped up on the edge of the console and crossed at the ankle. She chewed casually on a sugary piece of bubble gum as brandy brown eyes darted across the monitors for a quick assessment. "At the moment...but who's to say that won't change" she replied haphazardly, one corner of her mouth dropping in a subtle frown.

Commander Atio nodded once to Tashi and felt a bit more relaxed, "Do you have the shuttle on sensors yet, Mister Ling?"

There was a pause in the conversation again as she prioritized blowing a sizey pink bubble. When she was good and done, she bothered to answer. "Affirmative, Miss. Mindin' in it's own damn business."

"Lieutenant Thrum," Commander Atio said as his attention turned to the pilot, "Bring us to within weapons range."

The ever attentive azure gaze of Lieutenant Wes Thrum was scanning constantly over the readouts before him, position, speed, relative speed against their target... The man never seemed to relax, he was the exact opposite image of his fellow bridge officer... His head shifted on a swivel at his name before Wes focused his attentions forward on the controls once more. "Aye, sir, Closing at a relative seven megalight, estimate weapons range within the next thirty seconds."

In the cold depths of the space that was the Yaga system, the Corvette Argo's engines grew a degree brighter as it eased ever closer to the shuttle 2,500 meters off their bow. As it closed, it came in just above the plane that the shuttle was maneuvering on, less conspicuous perhaps to the shuttles pilots, and a better firing position for the bristling weaponry of the Argo.

Wes guided the corvette the last meters into firing position, and once there, would ease the ships controls back to match the running speed of the Shuttle running ahead of them. "Sir, firing range achieved, slowing to match target speed and awaiting further orders."

"Lock turbolasers on target," Commander Atio said to Tashi as he stared at the Imperial cargo shuttle through the viewport.

A chocolate eyebrow arched, and for the first time in hours, Tashi drew straight in her chair. "I was hoping you'd issue some command" she smirked. With the weapons locking tightly on the shuttle, a small indicator beeped to life on the array before her. "" she waited for the green flag, all the while entertaining the thought of blowing it to bits.

"Fire," Derek growled angrily as he sat upright in his chair.

The woman grinned. Those dirty Imps. With that, she compressed the firing stud, throwing a volley towards the shuttle in relentless aggression.

The Curich-class shuttle shoot violently as the turbo lasers impacted the undefended craft. The piloting crew moved over the controls quickly to try and send the vessel into hyperspace, engage the shields, or something ... but it was too late. The small craft's main reactor had gone offline from the third volley and slowly game to a dead stop in space.

"Open the hangar bay and envelop her, Lieutenant Thrum," Derek ordered to his pilot.

Wes eased back on the engine controls as he saw the shuttle go to a dead float and brought the Argo directly above the shuttle, the 150-meter corvette dwarfed the smaller craft as it closed its distance, and with a well placed nudge of the maneuvering thrusters the Argo slowly descended on its target, the bay doors sliding back into their recesses as Wes triggered the bay control. "Aye sir, closing, bay doors open, lowing the magnetic field now." Another guiding tap of the Corvettes thrusters would slowly bring the ship to a relative halt as the Curich-class shuttle passed through the lower bay doors of the CR90 corvette. Another guiding series of commands on the panel before him would order the electromagnetic field back online before the bay doors would be allowed to close once more. "Capture complete sir, holding."

"Get us out of here," Commander Atio quickly ordered.

"Aye, sir, bringing us around, running computations for the Vergesso System belt, hyperspace in forty-five seconds." The engines of the Argo flared brightly to life once more as Wes set into full thrust. The body of the corvette rolled slightly as its pilot brought her around to their escape vector. Wes checked his position, alignment, and angle once more before he cycled the hyperdrive online. "Jumping now." The stars in the viewport seemed to stretch and blur as the low whine of the hyperdrive resonated through the hull of the ship, another 5 seconds later and it was enveloped in the relative safety of a hyperspace tunnel. "We're away, sir."

Tong had been ready since the plan of action was announced. Dressed in the standard wear for his Cuy'Val Dar, which sadly, was simple combat fatigues, with his EE-3 and hated MSD-32 disruptor pistol, he was waiting at the hatch so they could enter the bay, affect breach, and clear this shuttle.

Jake Dayga was a big man. Close to two meters tall, with uscles on his muscles and a two day growth of beard, the Corellian was ginning form ear to ear. "They shot this thing to pieces," he said as he stood outside the shuttle, A280 rifle propped over his shoulder. "How many guys you think are in there? Six maybe? Maybe twelve. I hope it's twelve." He rubbed his upper lip, then laughed, "Hey, I ever tell you the one about the Twi'lek and the Wookie?"

Leo Kincaid stood at the back of the boarding party, ready to go in, he cradled an A280 blaster rifle, but more so as a safety measure. His job was not to clear the ship, only to inspect the cargo and inventory it, taking what they could. He looked at Tong, "I suppose you want to clear the ship first, or do you need another gun?", though he wasn't planning on going aboard until the crew had cleared it.

Jargo was prepared as well, anxious to see a little action after spending a little too much time in the sack. He was dressed up in his finest combat fatigues, even went so far as to shine his DC15. And last but not least when he heard there was company coming he put together a nice bouquet of thermal detonators for the welcome party, god he loved his job. As the local Combat Engineer he got to do all fun stuff such as blowing things up if needed. When he came bounding down to join the boarding party he looked like a kid about to get a present. "Howdy, how's about we get this here can opened up?" He smiled brightly, almost comically at his squad mates. One didn't serve in the 501st Legion without getting a certain taste for battle.

"Alright, can it. Dayga, Kincaid stay back and cover. I'll accompany Marx up to the hull. Marx, you're going to be cutting us a way in. Everyone clear?" Tong kept his eyes on the craft, and his finger on the trigger of his carbine.

"Sir, yes sir!" Jargo quickly replied adopting a more disciplined attitude for his Commanding Officer. He shouldered his firearm and from his utility pack produced a fusion cutter. He moved to the hatch staying low incase any of the imperials inside got any funny ideas. Once upon the hatch he lowered a set of tinted visors to shield his eyes as he applied the cutter to the exterior of the hatch. The blue flame emitted cut through the hatch like a hot knife through butter and in no time at all Jargo had a nicely shaped hole cut out for them. Once finished he placed a thermal charge on the outside to blow the hatch in. He signaled everyone to cover. "Fire in the hole!" He hit the detonator and the hatch was blown inwards.

"Yes, sir." Jake didn't get paid enough to talk back, the joke could wait for later. He took a few steps back, then leveled his rifle at the hatch. Anybody comes out of there's gonna have some pretty big holes in them. Teach them to do whatever they'd done. Jake flinched slightly as the detonator went off, then he dropped to a knee and peered into the hole. If anybody was standing there, they were grease now.

Tong turned and moved out of the way of the charge, and turned his head away from the blast. Once it was all clear, he waved what had to be his partner, because it was his only other rifleman, ordering him in just after the Captain himself. Tong hit the ramp, and immediately went in, the EE-3 up and ready instantly as he swept for targets in the first compartment, and only a second after the breaching charge had gone off.

Leo Kincaid held his blaster steady at the hatch, still in the rear of the group, waiting for them to storm in and clear the way.

Jake followed after him, keeping his rifle pointed down the hall, over Tong's shoulder as they moved inside. "You think any of them have grenades?" He asked while Tong swept for targets. "Or a flechette launcher. I saw a guy hit by one of those once, it was pretty gross." Bacta tanks, bacta tanks, bacta tanks. Nobody was shooting! "These Imperials are pretty dumb, huh?"

"This ship isn't cleared yet." Tong turned and moved so he could cover the door of the cockpit. "Make sure we're secure while Marx makes us a whole to finish the job through. MARX! Get up hear and get me into this cock pit."

Jargo rushed in behind his comrades, rifle posed to take out any potential resistance. Unfortunately all he found was bacta tanks, "Kravtiz..." he cursed. He heard his name called and got on the move double-time." You got is boss, one door way comin' up!" Marx took a slightly different approach this time. He knocked open the door's control panel revealing the interior circuitry. After crossing a few wires he mangled to hot wire the door causing it top open partially at the bottom. He took out a flash bang and pulled the firing pin and rolled it under the opening. "Fire in the hole!" He turned his head away form what would be a brilliant white flash.

As soon as the flash bang went off, he was through the door, weapon up. He was left handed, so the left hand side of the cockpit was his. And the pivot of his EE-3 showed that as he sought out targets instantly.

The shouts of several Human male voices were heard from the cockpit after the grenade went off. Eventually a series of perhaps four blaster bolts began firing randomly from the cockpit.

"Yeah, secure, on it." Jake swept through the cargo bay, sticking his rifle in anywhere it didn't seem to be wanted before heading back towards the cockpit. "We're clear down here, nobody's..." Jake had apparently been a little slow, as he heard a boom, then saw some blaster fire. He was missing the action! Jake dropped where he was, then just started firing through the open door of the cockpit as fast as his rifle would go.

The first two men on the left were Tong's priority. And so that is where the three round bursts from the EE-3 went. The first two rounds to the chest, and the third to the head on each man. The technique was meant to ensure a lethal or incapacitating hit no matter what, which was aided by his tactical scope.

"Frack!" A bolt almost took his head off as the occupants began firing randomly. Jargo whipped around the right corner along side his CO. There were two Imp. Officers on the right who did not look too welcoming. He pumped them both with a few shots from his DC15 in the chest, a few rounds too many perhaps but if wanted something dead you had to do it right.

In a matter of moments the blinded, disoriented crew of the shuttle were reduced to smoking corpses. There were no additional Imperials left aboard the craft.

Jake, meanwhile, was still randomly firing from outside the cockpit without actually hitting anything. His guys knew better than to get in the way of his blaster fire, right? Sure. "I got ya covered guys!"

"Shuttle Secure. Kincaid, get in here, catalog this, and strip this burnt out tub to her guts if it's anything useful. We clear?" Tong turned, and moved back to the ramp before speaking to the supply officer, and when he did it had been a shot across the bay. He paused, letting his weapon hang from its sling, and waved the man in. "You're safe now."

Kincaid looked at Tong and shook his head slowly at the carnage they had just wreaked and the relatively long wait time, his arms were tired and he dropped his blaster rifle, letting the sling keep it hanging from his shoulder. "I was wondering when I would get to go in..." He walked aboard, completely sure that everything was dead, making his way to the cargo bay, as if it were his own ship. He took a quick look around and decided to start from one end as he pulled as a pad to inventory the stuff. He looked up from his pad at one of the bacta tanks, only to see a human form floating in it. He dropped the datapad immediately, as with his jaw, and blinked in disbelief. "Guys! We got a live one here..."

Tong lit a cigarra, and let his supply officer shake his hand. At least it was not a combat medic in his face. The revelation that there was a living thing in there was certainly news. "Dayga, check and make sure it isn't a hostile."

Jake got up off the floor in the middle of putting another power pack into his rifle, he had bled the first one dry with 'suppressing fire' through the cockpit door. A job well done, he'd probably gotten at least one of them. Maybe all twelve. "Huh? Yeah sir!" He slapped the new power pack into place, then went to go look what they'd found. When he got there, he whistled, "Hey, I think we got some Imp chick. Looks kinda...floaty. They supposed to floaty like that?"

Behind the glass, she remained offline and looked as if she was in a deep sleep. Submerged in water her shoulder length hair would float around her pale and child-like face as she floated lifeless in her tank prison. Unaware of what was going on.

"Hey, she's kinda cute. Think she likes big guys Kincaid?" Kincaid snickered at the man's comment, then shot back. "I found her first"

Jargo idly shifted over to see what was causing all the commotion. What met his eyes made his jaw drop. "Frack me...a suspension unit..." He had heard of such units in theoretical class back at the academy, but to actually see one up-close was astonishing.

Kincaid quickly looked down at the bacta tank controls, working to drain it so he could remove what he thought was a woman. He watched as the liquid drained out slowly and he opened the tank up, swallowing a lump in his throat. "Where do you suppose she came from?" He reached in, picking the form up and shifting its weight into a bearable position over his shoulder. "Go grab a repulsor bed, or a medic, or anything" He had no clue as to what they were going to do with one more, but he knew that it was important to make sure she was functioning and to find out where she came from.

All Jake said was, "I got dibs."

"Grow up, laser brains" Jargo remarked giving Jake a charley horse.

Tong blinked a minute, and then radioed back to the bridge while he listened to the chatter. "Bridge, we need a hover bed out here. One live one in the bacta tanks, or we can cart her out in the tanks. Take your pick and let me know."

"Acknowledged," Commander Atio responded over the intercom from his position on the bridge. He then rose from his seat and headed towards the bridge turbolift to investigate the matter further. He took the lift two levels down and walked down the corridor where he was met with a repulsorbed. Stepping forward into the hangar he saw the familiar sight of the shuttle they had captured and walked towards the carved opening. "One of the ship's crew alive?" he asked as he and the repulsurbed emerged inside the shuttle.

"I sure didn't shoot him and then throw him in one of the tanks. Sounds like a woman in one of them." Tong replied.

Jake waited with his rifle held casually over his shoulder, "I'm just saying, I got dibs. I called it, it's fair." In Jakes mind, he was absolutely right, and perfectly willing to deck anyone who disagreed with him. "Next time we find some girl in a bacta tank all floating and being pretty, then you can call dibs."

Kincaid shook his head as he lowered her form down onto the repulsorbed. "A female human by the looks of it, if I had to guess I'd say it was a prisoner, but why here, why in a bacta tank on this shuttle?" The intel we got said nothing about anyone on board." Kincaid was in disbelief, staring at her.

"In one of the tanks?" Derek asked in a confused tone, proceeding towards Lieutenant Kincaid, "Uh, what's the situation, Lieutenant?"

"Now that's a very mature thing to say Jake, I'm so glad we got brains like you around here." Jargo said with just a hint of sarcasm. He looked back at the girl curiously.

Kincaid shot a dirty look to the large newcomer toting his blaster. "You're an idiot. I doubt she goes for the all brawn, no brain type anyways."

"Only one way to get the answers we're looking for," Derek explained, "Open it!" Derek placed his palm across the unconscious woman's face as she was laid out on the bed. "Who are you?" he asked quietly, not expecting an answer.

The words that had entered her ears caused her to slowly open her dark eyes and glance at all the faces around her. "Hello...My name is can my knowledge assist you..." she said with a voice that sounded rather soft-spoken and almost child-like.

"Don't get jealous guys, I'm just too much man is all. Imps go running and girls start screaming when they hear the name Jake Dayga." He grinned a huge smile, then turned to the repulsor bed as the girl woke up. Uh oh, officers were in the way though. Jake stepped up behind them, looking over their shoulders at the woman and waving.

Commander Atio snapped a quick glare over to Trooper Dayga before returning his attention to FRN. "A droid..." he said quietly, stating the obvious, "and a very unusual one at that."

"But don't droids got beepy parts?" Dayga asked.

"Someone wants to clean the refresher," Derek said in a matter that could easily be heard by all.

"Are you the Governer Tavira?" FRN would ask Commander Atio. Her eyes would look to him from the corners. Her face remained serious as she waited for his reply.

"Governor uh..." Derek repeated, "No. I'm not." He then turned his attention to Lieutenant Kincaid, "Looks like we have something here more than bacta tanks."

"Frack me..." Jargo thought he was having a techie's wet dream. Lord how he would love to get his hands on her technology and find out what made her tick. His natural techno curiosity took over him faster than he could control his mouth, "FRN, what function do you serve? What are your operation parameters?"

Kincaid's eyes were wide in wonderment. "I'd say, you think they're gonna miss this?" Kincaid snickered then went suddenly silent at the prospect of having something too hot to handle.

"Wouldn't you?" Derek quickly shot back at the Lieutenant.

Tong moved back aboard the shuttle, a thick stream of smoke rolling from his nose. "And standing here staring isn't going to get us any closer to being done. It wouldn't be the first time we've bitten off more than we should have."

"Hey hey!" Jake put his hand on the Jargo's shoulder, "I called dibs, no fair moving in after I called dibs, you gotta wait your turn."

"Bug off Jake, this is serious stuff!" The corporal shook his hand off making it clear he would pull rank if he had to.

"The only thing either of you is competing for is who gets to clean the head if you don't knock it off," Atio barked at the troops.

"Enough of that. You could be calling dibs on a meat grinder..." Tong growled at the new transfer.

"I do insist that I be taken to Governer Tavira at once." FRN would say before looking to the person whom asked her yet another question and blinking a couple of times. "I am and administrative droid assigned to Governor Tavira."

"Aww great, now you got them mad at us." Jake humped, waved at the girl again, then headed towards the shuttle's ramp. "If there's nobody respects dibs, then it's no wonder the Imps outnumber us." Probably had better health care too.

"Well, somehow I don't think you're going to run into him around here," Derek explained to her. "You ever heard of this Tavira fellow, Captain Tong?" he asked.

"Governor of Eiattu. Grand Moff. Might be worth picking the droid's brain after all." Tong's voice had a thick sound to it as smoke escaped his lungs.

"'Grand' Moff?" Derek replied in dismay, "Great." He snapped a gaze at Leo, "Next time ... someone else picks the target."

"I'll do it, sir!" Jake volunteered.

"The hell you will, ahem, I mean, with all due respect, sir, I think I'm the most qualified to examine the droid...sir." Jargo interrupted abruptly.

"Shut it, Dayga. And if it's his personal assistant, it might have preloaded files. Codes, who knows. If the droid brain on the Argo can talk to this thing, or even that damned astromech, it might be worth it." He glanced at the two people who seemed all to eager to get their hands on a droid.

Kincaid looked offended by the statement from Atio. "Hey! I got you a ship full of perfectly good bacta tanks! Who would have guessed we'd have some Grand Moff's personal droid on board?"

FRN continued to lay there listening to all the commotion. "If I am not at the destination on which I am assigned, then I wish to request knowledge of my present situation..." FRN would ask as she waited for someone to reply.

"Up the creek, I'd say..." Derek replied to FRN's question with a nervous smile.

"You're somewhere between the unknowns and Hell. Don't worry, we will report you to the proper authorities, they will retrieve you." Tong took another long drag from the cigarra, and waited to see if she would bite.

Jargo saw he was getting nowhere fast and the officers were getting tetchy, time to make himself scarce. "Permission to be excused, sir, that is if Im no longer needed."

"You're clear. Just make sure you secure your gear. We're too low as it is." Tong nodded a bit, and shifted his carbine a touch on it's sling.

"Yes, sir!" Jargo clicked his heels and saluted before scurrying off to secure his gear and get some rack time in before they had to hit another rock.

"Tell me the current location of up the creek..."FRN would ask once again, "so that I may report to the proper authorities of my current whereabouts." FRN remained serious before closing her eyes to do so. "Please lead me towards the main computer so that I may make contact with the proper authorities, so that I may let them know I have not seen Governer Tavira yet..."

"Somehow that doesn't sound like a good idea," Derek observed.

"The computer system is failing aboard our ship. Asteroid damage. This is Sergeant Revan, Stormtroopers. We will get you to the Grand Moff as shortly as possible, and notify him of your delay, but right now any attempts at communications view the ship or transmitters could result in catastrophic feed back, and permanently end all missions." Tong would have rather shot this droid and been done with it, but Intel like this was hard to give up.

"Please tell me who you are? I'm afraid I have not downloaded your faces into my databank." FRN would ask once more as she waited for a reply. "and Aaso...what do you need of me? Name your objective?"

"All will be explained after we have a chance to examine you," Commander Atio explained, "Can you walk?"

"Allow me to investigate walking..." she would say before lifting herself up and maneuvering herself to sit on the side of the bed before pushing herself off. She landed gracefully before slowly rising herself. She was a very short droid indeed, standing about 5'3 as she looked up to Commander Atio as she waited for a response for her action.

"Do you have combat capabilities?" the Commander asked.

"I was made only created for administrative purposes," she remained standing there perfectly still as she studied Commander Atio's human features as they were burned into her databank.

The Commander nodded at her quietly and then turned to Captain Tong, "Regardless, twenty-four hour armed guard."

Tong gave one of those looks to the ship's CO, and debating commenting on that one. "Turning my men into MPs now?" Rescue missions, guard duty...not even Tong wanted to know what was next.

"Such are the times we live in," Derek explained.

"Aye. Such are the times when my pay check isn't large enough, and I'm too far away from my objective. Alright droid, we're going to store you while we affect repairs, so move out." Droid brought back bad memories, and he did not care for them in the least.

FRN would then soak in every word as she now acknowledged the fact that Commander Atio was in fact the leader of this rabble of humans. She would then turn to the human who asked her a question. "My databank does not have a file on this ship's interior..." she said before looking away and appeared to stare off into space.

"That is why you will follow my directions, and we'll get you to storage." And by storage, Tong meant the brig. A Force cage should hold this one.

"It's too old for that," Derek said with a laugh. He then turned again to Captain Tong, "Better get her to secure quarters until we arrive."

"Aye...sir..." Tong gave a nod, not to the CO, but to the droid, and gestured with the muzzle of his EE-3. "Alright, out this way. Straight ahead."

FRN would nod in compliance before following the human without saying another word. She had a rather slow, but almost graceful walk about her. She kept her eyes straight forward the whole time she was lead to secure quarters. Their destination would remain unknown to her until they would arrive.

Those secure quarters were indeed the brig. And after Tong had prepared a Force cage, he stood by a control panel, and waved towards the small cell." Step inside and deactivate. We'll have you to your destination shortly."

FRN would stand there a moment to scan the room before slowly making her way inside. She would then stop in the center of the room. The sound of something switching off could be heard as she stood there with her head hanging low and her eyes closed.

Tong activated the force cage shortly after, and took up his com link. "This is Tong. I want a guard at the brig, I really I don't care. And you'd better be armed." He stood and remained impassive and emotionless even when he was relieved, just lighting a new cigarra on his way to his rack.

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