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Cody Anderson, Christopher Levy, Sarah Riggs-Shute, and Michael Whittaker.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:3:14) in the Brentaal system: Warspite.
Captain Tiberius Anson, Lieutenant Valo Revan, Vice Admiral Claudius Rodney, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Colonel Verus Theus.

The subtle hum of flowing power was heard throughout the pristine conference room. Polished black surfaces reflected every imagine within the room, perfectly matching the silver lining of the grand meeting table. Clad in his perfectly maintained white uniform, Colonel Verus Theus silently stood by an oblique window. His grey eyes gazed across the distant starfields, the man quietly contemplating the grander schemes in life. Arms clasped behind his back, the officer waited patiently for the arrival of his superior. There had finally been moderate progress achieved in his quest against his secretive foe; perhaps he was the only officer of any service to actually procure results. Slowly turning away from the window, the man began a relaxed pace down the side of the room. His polished black boots echoed as they clanked upon the durasteel floor, with a glance occasionally given to the conference room doors. He had only met with this supervisor once and even then it was in passing. The man silently pondered how an actual correspondence with her would unfold.

A briefing, the first for the newly promoted Lieutenant. The conference room doors hissed open with a whine of servos. Twin brown pools quickly surveying the room and its occupants. By force of habit, his trained eyes hunted for a secondary exit, the control point of the room where he could see everything from all angles, and the potential threat posed to his person. But, the only one he found was the Colonel. Like a good soldier, his armed raised in salute as if on natural instinct. Yes, Valo had been trained a proper Stormtrooper. Every inch of the soldier screamed dangerous from the careful way he walked to the way his eyes seemed to constantly hunt. Never stopping to rest or settle. "Sir." His voice was harsh, cold, one accustomed to barking orders. He had been a Non-Commissioned Officer before being bumped up to officer. He knew how to run a squad, but now he was running two. Which meant briefings, generally as a foot soldier you never did see the higher ranking officers. But, here he was climbing the was all so amusing.

The door to the conference room opened suddenly, revealing the presence of Admiral Claudius Rodney, the Regional Governor of the Ringali Shell Oversector. The middle-aged man had a determined look upon his face, the bags between his dark eyes indicating he had little opportunity for sleep the night before. The well-pressed grey uniform that adorned his aged body was a less a product of his professionalism or more a sign of his wife's devoted care, as she had long since taken over the duty of maintaining his uniform. There was no time for formalities or greetings ... there was a war on ... and by many accounts it was a war they were losing. "Colonel," he said coldly, moving briskly past the man to take his seat at the head of the conference room. Hands gripped the cold metal chair as he slipped in front of it and sat down, lavishing in the brief opportunity to take a load off his feet. His eyes blinked several times as he situated himself, hoping he was not about to be informed that the Rebellion had just scored another major victory in the region.

The Admiral was not alone as he made his presence known in the conference room. Inquisitor Serine Thanor was not but a few steps behind him, almost in pursuit as she entered the area with purpose and a foreboding grace. Dark crimson robes known only to the Inquisitorous swayed about her steps as she briskly advanced towards the scene, taking a position directly behind the Admiral where she would not sit, but stand ever watching the proceedings with an uncanny intensity. Despite little being known about Serine, rumors were quick to manifest themselves, often times wild and ridiculous claims were taken as truth among the officers within Warspite, and it was oftentimes that the truth was even more horrifying. Her purpose here was clear, to ensure victory within this sector by any means, and her direct authority stemmed from the highest powers of the Empire. For this occasion, she was to listen and to advise. Dark gray eyes peered to the other occupants, one was familiar to her, the other... unknown. She hoped this conference would be better than the last, with solutions given instead of an overwhelming supply of problems.

With a swift raise of his forearm he returned the salute of his Lieutenant, the one ally he held within the conference room. Grey eyes turned to face the Regional Governor. "Admiral" A flicker of recognition flashed within the Colonel's gaze as the Inquisitor entered the room. Given no acknowledgement himself, he only offered a curt not to the woman. Formalities concluded, Theus took his own seat at the grandiose table. His fingers danced across the data terminal located at his chair, with the holoprojector in the middle of the table suddenly coming alive with blue transparency. The proud emblem of the Galactic Empire slowly rotated in the silent air above the projector:: "The 317th has made progress identifying initial members of this terrorist cell. The Alliance group itself is still to be considered highly dangerous, especially as my unit begins uncovering their identities." A slight subtext was present in the Colonel's words. A previous report had indicated he did not believe the Cormond garrison attack was an inside job. High Command did not share his point of view.

Like all soldiers he had heard that the hunt for the rebels and inflicting a decisive defeat...had been very elusive. The war was not going well, but it could only be a matter of time Valo was sure before the rebels were crushed. Of course defeatism had to be monitored and crushed if present. Which was what partly the ISB was for. After dispensing with formalities with the newly arriving brass, the Lieutenant found himself easing into a seat. His ears perked to listen to what his commanding officer had to say in regards to the current status quo and situation that was present before them.

Admiral Rodney quietly listened to the briefing that the Colonel was presenting, his right hand coming up to his chin to rub at it softly. "I cannot believe that one Rebel unit is perpetrating these atrocities, Colonel..." he informed the man, shaking his head at him in quiet disbelief. "Surely they must have at least a regiment deployed to the surface..." he suggested, his tactical mind more in line with large scale battles than special operations. "You really believe that a select group of individuals has been able to accomplish all this?" he scoffed, seeming a bit unimpressed with the man's deductive reasoning. "I doubt the Rebellion even has operatives that skilled!" he commented, the older commander clearly in the dark and naive about certain aspects of the fledgling Alliance.

She continued to watch the meeting quietly, not yet anything that demanded her vocal attention, however, she couldn't agree more with the Admiral's assessment. It was ludicrous to suggest just one unit, and even if that were the case, how hopeless would the Imperial operatives be if they could not handle just a handful of Rebels hiding in the shadows like rodents. It was pathetic just to think about it and the Inquisitor was hopeful that Claudius was now willing to exhort the Empire's full potential to fully snuff out this infestation.

"If it was a regiment, sir, the local Intelligence and ISB assets would have discovered it long ago. This unit is small, relying upon stealth and surprise as its primary tools." The Colonel knew he had an uphill battle to explain his reasoning. His personal background in the infiltration field had endowed him with knowledge not easily imparted to the rest of the Empire. "As for their skill, we must examine their attacks. The strike against Major Pek Eklon was perfectly executed, as was the assault against Lieutenant Wilton's residence. They also likely have Imperial assistance." His swift fingers once again rapidly tapped across his access console. The Galactic Empire insignia transformed into a personnel profile of a young brown-haired woman. "This is Reilly Judah, formerly an Imperial Navy officer. Her husband was executed for conspiring with the Rebellion, and we have positively identified her as an active member of this terrorist cell." The Colonel paused as this, allowing his superiors to realize that the Empire was indeed vulnerable to dissent and betrayal.

"If it was a regiment sir if I may, then we would've found support facilities, and other structures that would've given indication that a larger force was in the area. The evidence points to a small cell no doubt trained for this kind of operation." The Lieutenant piped, though a tad hesitantly. Not to mention supporting a regiment was a logistical nightmare. Like the Colonel, he too had read through the reports and he had drawn similar conclusions that ran parallel with the Colonel's. "As the Colonel says we must look within for some kind of explanation. I find it highly unlikely that these...attacks would've been executed so perfectly without some kind of inside Intel to help assist in the operation..." And with that the Lieutenant shut need to end up in front of a firing squad for angering the wrong people.

Claudius' eyes looked across the room, noting the representatives from Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Security Bureau were both absent. Plotting against one another no doubt. He listened to the words spoken by the Colonel and the junior officer carefully, but it went against every lesson he had learned in his career in the service. Unfortunately, the man had served in the military back when large divisions of battle droids and Clone troopers faced off across and entire galaxy. This was a different kind of war, utilizing guerilla tactics and hit and run assaults, for which he was ill prepared. He let out a tired sigh as he deferred to the Colonel's judgment ... for the time being. "Very well, gentlemen..." he began as he tilted his head slightly to study him more carefully. "Let's say you are right ... how do we deal with this type of threat?" he asked of both of them, moving back in his seat as his elbows uncouthly connected with the tabletop to support himself.

"Hunt them, Admiral, as they have hunted us." The Colonel's tone was coldly calculating. He knew their foe had no mercy or compassion, which was the standard propaganda of the Alliance. No, the men they faced were just as ruthless as the Empire. Fitting, as no doubt some of them came from Imperial ranks. "If we use excess force they will simply disappear. Martial law will only serve to drive them from Cormond, relocating their operation elsewhere. We must respond to their attacks in kind- capture their members, assassinating their leaders, destroy their safe houses. A heavy hand will not work here. We must use our refined scalpel." The Colonel's gaze shifted from the Admiral to the Inquisitor, ensuring they both understood the gravity of his words. This was no typical Rebel scum they were confronting, but something far more sinister.

"First to fight an insurgent campaign, you eliminate the source of support of the opposition. If you eliminate their logistical base of operations, their sources of intelligence, material support, and weaponry then the insurgents will be fighting blind. We must tread very carefully. I think we should identify the area with the most reported activities and start from their. The situation requires...a degree of delicacy. If we use blunt force then we risk alienating the local population. However, their are always the small segments of a community that can be bribed or intimidated. Isolate them from their neighbors and we find out where they are operating from. First however we should cut out of the cancer from within. Once we eliminate their source of information..." He pointed towards the woman on the holovid... "once its silenced they will lose crucial information. Operations that have been going so perfect will start to get...messy. We hunt them down one by one, and if we can find intelligence on their hide out then so much the better. We crush them in one fell swoop."

How... delightful. The two officers were speaking only what the Inquisitor had mentioned on quite a few occasions. Perhaps finally the Admiral will see the need for overwhelming initiative. Serine nodded to the two present rather impressed to see the solutions that she so desperately requested their obviously less equipped and unintelligent peers. "Colonel, Lieutenant. I have to agree completely to your suggestions. I would also like to mention that out of all of the tactical officers that spouted nonsense, finally, you two revive my faith in this establishment." Fingers lightly tapped upon the back of the Admiral's chair, as if cementing her resolve to take the other's advice. It would be wise for Rodney to carefully yet sincerely ponder the possibilities, allowing the Rebels free reign to do as they pleased was about to change.

Before the Admiral could speak the communications panel activated, the static voice of Captain Tiberius Anson announcing itself through the comlink. "Milord," the vessel's commanding officer began, unaware of the importance of the meeting he was in. "The Star Destroyer Indefatigable has arrived with the new garrison," the Corellian officer explained, having been instructed to inform the Admiral. "General Zethe would like to begin landing troops with your permission..." the voice continued, pausing for a reply allowing only static to travel through the comlink.

Admiral Rodney nodded politely to Colonel Theus and Lieutenant Revan, as he shifted his attention to the comlink. "Very well, Captain," he said in using his official voice that he reserved for only the most pressing of orders. "Inform me when the landing is complete," he ordered as his hand moved towards the comlink, deactivating it rather quickly. He would have to order a repair crew to look over the device, unaware that the signal degradation was caused by the fact that both Intelligence and the ISB were recording all of the transmissions.

The Colonel silently noted that he would need to review the composition of the new garrison. While he would not directly be blamed if any tragedy were to befall it, the officer did not care to risk tarnishing the repuation of his unit. Theus was contently surprised the Inquisitor had agreed with the recommendations of the Wolfpack; most influential members of High Command never allowed themselves to admit the Rebellion was an actual threat. "The 317th has agents stationed throughout Cormond, accompanied by constant monitoring from the Swiftsure. When they venture from their hideouts to strike our forces they shall not simply slip away next time." While the Colonel had effective ideas, the officer knew he required results. The sole operation by the unit had been a success, but abducting a Black Sun lieutenant wasn't exactly why the Imperial Security Bureau had decided to form such teams.

Claudius stood up swiftly, the back of his legs slamming against his chair and forcing it back awkwardly. "Very well, gentlemen. You have your mandate. Now deliver results..." the officer said coldly, as he looked to each of them with a focused look of determination. He took a long moment to stare both of them in the eye, making it a personal manner between gentlemen. He wanted them to know that if they failed they would not merely be failing the Empire, but him directly ... which he considered to be the greater offense. With no fanfare or tearful goodbyes, the Regional Governor brushed past those in attendance and hurried from the room to supervise the deployment of the garrison.

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