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Christopher Levy and Alexander Oliva.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:3:12) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate) and the Corellian system: Corellia (Doaba Guerfel: Spaceport) and Vendetta.


Zek Correson, Trassk, and Vrak.


The Trandoshan thug Trassk stood on the landing platform on the East side of Enkido's estate. He noted that the shipments had been increasing at a noticeable amount since the local authority had become caught up in the rebel activity in the sector. It was good for business, and their little criminal organization was quickly becoming one of the largest in the sector. They would soon have the attention of the Black Sun if they kept increasing at this fast a rate. His attention then quickly turned to the stack of cargo containers that had been arranged. It seemed like it was all there, but nevertheless he went to the cargo terminal to verify the shipment.

The Corellian freighter set a foot above the marble. Landing pads joined the concrete floor before the ceiling ramp descended. Out came the human smuggler, Zek Correson. Wry eyes investigated the gentlemen named Trassk. He sipped a bit the Corellian Ale kept in a little bottle hung from his belt. Approached the individual named Trassk, "Trassk?" He awaited purposely for his response.

Not making any time for introductions, Trassk motioned with his right hand towards the stack of cargo containers. "This shipment has to go out immediately," he explained, "It's going to Corellia. The contact, Vrak, will meet you in the spaceport at Daoba Guerfel."

Once again the name has been mentioned of the planet and contact. He kept it in storage meanwhile he hit the remote of a robotic unit coming out to retrieve the confinements. The cargo was taken back into the freighter where the Empire nor Ringali Shell Security Force will scan over it. "What'll be the pay?" he asked firmly in that raspy yet deep voice of his. Awaited patiently for his answer before ascending the ramp towards the cockpit to blast off out to space.

"Five thousand," Trassk informed the smuggler, "It's a standard rate."

"Alright. See you...," he proceeded to enter the ship. Seems he is not coming around to get a good hazard he had to suck it up. Went over to the cockpit as he started off the controls. The landing gear lifted up after the ship continued to hover above the platform. The freighter's ion engines thrust once the ship was aligned to set off course towards Daoba Guerfel. The ship took off towards the outer rim of the planet. He realized his destination was Corellia as well. He knew Corellia like the back of his hand. Might be surprised to make a visit there. Once the ship was outward to space, he set the controls on towards Corellia. Corellia was not that far, and this drop will just be quick. He leaned back as the ship was set on autopilot. He took a nap for at least a couple of hours till he was informed they were at the planet.

Zek woke up to discover the alarm system had awaken him just a couple of hours later. He turned off the autopilot as his hands had taken control of the YT-1300. The ships entrance to Corellia was not a strange one. The ship swooped down until he found the spaceport called Daoba Guerfel. Home sweet home he thought to himself. Correson went on continuing his way towards the spaceport. Upon his arrival, he descended towards a area so he can land. The landing gear once again parted from its resting area. Set the ship down with ease and activated the ramp. Zek got out of the seat that allowed him to make his way down the ramp. Spotted someone in the clear that presumably to be Vrak, "Are you Vrak?"

Vrak stood quietly in a dark corner of the spaceport. He emerged from the shadows when he heard his name. He was a Twi'lek, and peered at the Human with his piercing eyes. He was nervous by nature and wanted to hurry this transaction as quickly possible. "Shh," he began, "Not so loud. Who knows what kind of monitoring devices CorSec has." He paused for a moment before continuing, "Unload the shipment ... quickly."

"Whatever you say...," he said in a husky tone to only insult the Twi'lek, but he may not notice. The robotic unit began to pick up the priceless cargo. Taking its sweet little time down the ramp until it was stationed before the man, "You're going to take it from here or you got it yourself? I bet the CorSec squad wouldn't to capture one of the best smugglers in the galaxy." So far he has become one.

Vrak hurriedly checked the data register on each of the cargo containers. A clever grin appeared on his face as the results came across, "Good. Good. It's all here ... you should leave," Vrak explained, "and quickly. We don't want to draw too much attention."

"Of course not," he reported the robotic unit to make it's way back into the freighter. "Besides, I hate coming to this planet," he quickly went over to the cockpit. Enabling the controls again where the freighter started hovering. He shifted the landing gear and deactivated the ramp again to lift. Prepared to takeoff towards the galaxy and go to Breental for some more Corellian Ale. He started to take off towards into space once again.

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