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Erin Highberg and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:1) in the Essesia system: Retributor.
Petty Officer Lenna Senn and Major Reek Trolg.

Major Reek Trolg was in the gymnasium aboard the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught Retributor. He had been released from sickbay following the bombing on Esseles, but the doctors had not restored him to flight status. He had limited range of motion in the shoulder that was shattered by the beam and, while they would not tell him, the doctors worried that he would never be able to fly his TIE fighter again. To him this was unthinkable ... the end of his life's passion of flying. He did not know a life outside of the cockpit and, despite being advised not to, he had rushed his physically therapy and been overexerting himself trying to regain his full range of motion in his arm. He was doing twice the regimen of pilots much younger than him, as he recklessly worked his way back to duty.

Lenna was a bit worried about Reek since the bombing. She had managed to get cleared to be able to visit him while he was in sick bay. But, she knew where to find him as he'd of course overdo his physical therapy. Lenna moved down the corridor towards the gymnasium. She moved in through the sliding metal door and saw the blonde. Hands on her hips, she shook her head. "Thought I'd find ya 'ere!" She said in that thick accent. She was more upset because she had found out he was logged in earlier that day anyway. A soft sigh left her lips as she shook her head, arms crossing over her chest.

When Lenna entered the gymnasium the junior officers began to move away from Reek, as rumors had begun to swirl, and none of them wanted to bother them. He turned to Lenna, his muscular form drenched in sweat, and flushed red from his rapid heartbeat. He was wearing only a pair of barely there gym shorts, which gave her ample view of the toned physique that life in the Imperial service had chiseled onto his manly form. "Won't get back in the cockpit sitting in a bed in sickbay," he said, panting heavily, as he moved to grab his rag, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He was overdoing it.

"You 'ave ta take it easy." She said as she walked closer to him. She shook her head. "Ya can't overdo it, ya may do more damage then good." Lenna walked over to Reek and was about to drag his ass out of the gymnasium in front of everyone else there. "Look...we can do this the easy way or the 'ard way." Lips pursed as she probably showed a little too much demand from him in front of his peers.

Some of the officers could be heard snickering as Lenna chastised Reek in public fashion. He wanted to keep working out, but not as much as he wanted to calm Lenna down and escape the gymnasium. "Okay. Okay," he pleaded, as he waved his hands up and down in an attempt to silence her. Once he agreed, he collected his gym bag, and headed out into the corridor with her. "I'm sorry. I just really want to get back into space, before they declare me permanently unfit and assign me to a desk at flight ops," he explained to her, in a rare display of vulnerability and emotion from the seasoned group captain.

"Yer not gunna do that if ya 'urt yerself more by over workin' yer shoulder!" She had spoken those words as she escorted him out of the gymnasium. She placed a hand on his good shoulder as she then placed a hand on his cheek. She pulled him forward and pressed her lips against his own in a forward move, not really caring who sees. After a moment she pulled away from him and smiled. "I realleh care 'bout ya, Reek. I just don' want ta see ya do somethin' stupid." She wasn't all the reassuring, but maybe that kiss would count for something. "I've got the whole rest of the night off, though. So, we're goin' ta yer bunk." She wouldn't take no for an answer.

That first kiss was enough to snap Reek out of his state of melancholy from not being able to pilot his TIE. The sweet sensation of her lips upon his immediately made him feel alive again. He pressed back, and brought the hand from his good arm up to the back of her head, running through what little hair she had. The kiss broke too soon for his liking and he pulled his face away, exhaling a long breath as he slowly opened his eyes, smiling at her. "You don't have to ask me twice," he said, as he led her through the seemingly endless corridors of this massive Star Dreadnaught. When they arrived at the turbolift and were by themselves, he again made a move, practically forcing her against the wall of the lift as he placed a more ferocious kiss upon her lips. His good hand moved up again, but this time to grpe her chest, squeezing at it beneath her shirt until just before the door opened at the crew quarters level.

A smirk laden her features as she followed down what seemed like an endless row of hallways. That was something she'd never get used to. As they came up to the turbo lift, she'd figit a little, but once inside she was almost attacked. Their lips locked as she felt that hand move under her shirt. Lenna gave a small moan as she pushed him off. "Hey, wait till we get ta yer place, at least." She gave a laugh as she kissed again, this time biting on his bottom lip, pulling at it ever so slightly. She felt he'd appreciate her treating him like a normal human. She pushed him away slightly and gave him a rather cute and playful grin. She was a little taken aback at the amount of friskiness he was showing.

A smirk laden her features as she followed down what seemed like an endless row of hallways. That was something she'd never get used to. As they came up to the turbo lift, she'd figit a little, but once inside she was almost attacked. Their lips locked as she felt that hand move under her shirt. Lenna gave a small moan as she pushed him off. "Hey, wait till we get ta yer place, at least." She gave a laugh as she kissed again, this time biting on his bottom lip, pulling at it ever so slightly. She felt he'd appreciate her treating him like a normal human. She pushed him away slightly and gave him a rather cute and playful grin. She was a little taken aback at the amount of friskiness he was showing.

Lenna blinked as she felt like she was dragged into his cabin. Lenna laughd a little as it didn't take long for him to almost assault her. She gave a moan and moved her hands down her body to lightly grip his wrists. She pulled away from their passionate lip lock and almost pushed him off of her. "Slow down there tiger." Lenna said as she held him at arms length. "Before ... that. I wanna ask ya a question ... and if ya give me an honest answer, we can stay 'ere all night doin' whatever it is ya want..." She gave a smirk as she'd kick off her boots. That short red hair a bit of a mess with him running his fingers through it. She looked up at him and cocked her head slightly. "I gotta know yer real name. I'm not about ya yell out '*Reek*!' in the heat-a-passion." She laughed softly and moved over to his bed, sitting down at the foot of it, hoping he'd answer her question.

Reek had never been cockblocked by his call sign before, but that was exactly what had just been happened. He backed up away from his heart pounding, the sweat still glistening upon his flesh, as he watched her move towards the foot of his bed. He swallowed nervously, and there was nothing he could do to hide it as he was completely exposed to her. "My real name is Hunter," he said, as he moved towards her and the bed, desperate for her now. "Reek was a call sign I picked up in the Academy for an unfortunate problem I suffered from back then," he answered cryptically, as he sat down on the bed next to her, moving his arm around her, and drawing her closer towards him. "Permission to land, Technician Senn?" he asked, with a wink, before moving his face towards her in a deeper kiss. As he kissed her, he simultaneously pushed her down onto the bed, but did not yet roll atop her.

She turned her head towards him as he spoke. The tension between them was thick enough to be cut with a knife. Lenna gave a smile as she heard him. A small laugh escaped her as she didn't need to know anything else. "Sorreh... I just don' wanna be yellin' 'Ohhhh Reeeekk!' in the middle-a-things." She watched as he sat down beside her. Lenna gave a nod to his question. "I like yer name." She said as she was pushed down onto the bed, but before he could roll onto her, she'd move to straddle him. Knees landing on either side of his waist. Lips moved over his, a flurry of passion behind her lips as she forced her tongue into his mouth. Hips rolled over and down his hips, grinding her body against his own. She would have gripped both of his wrists and held them above his head, but she didn't want to do more damage. Maybe she should have left him in charge.

Reek threw his head back against the pillow as she straddled him, lustfully looking up at the beautiful, young flight technician that was upon him. "I like yer name too," he said, imitating her accent poorly, with a slight smirk. Life aboard a starship was often lonely, and while he had from time to time taken up with a girl in a port, he had never been involved with a member of the crew before. There was something about her that drew him to her, but he could not quite figure out what ... maybe it was the hair. He bucked his hips instinctively, almost like an animal, grinding his crotch into hers forcefully. He reached up with his one good arm, running his hand over her stomach, and then further up where he began to fondle her. Their shared near death experience on Esseles seemed to only bring him closer to her, and his desire for her was now immeasurable. The line between lust and love continued to swirl back and forth in his head as he stared up at her with eager anticipation of what was to come next.

Lenna could only roll her eyes to his poor imitation of her accent. She leaned downward and shook her head before her lips met his. Those bright eyes soon shaded over as her hips rolled over his, the heat between them in those simple pants was far too noticeable to be missed. Hunter was handsome, a pilot, what could anyone really see in a short sassy short red haired technician. She let those soft lips knead into his own, taking in that slight salty taste from the sweat over his upper lip. That strong pink muscle, flicking over his own lips before she forced her tongue into his mouth. Her own fingertips, slightly calloused from working with machinery, slipping under the hem of his own shirt. She'd drag her nails into the flesh of his chiseled abdomen, almost wanting to leave a mark, not caring if she had caused a slight tinge of pain. Perhaps that would get his mind off of his arm.

As a pilot he was used to having his hands on the controls, and as an Imperial officer he was used to being in command. The fact that she was taking control was a little foreign for him, but he also found it a little bit hot. As her fingers ran over his chest, practically clawing at him, a series of content moans began to escape his lips. "This is intense," he said out loud, but he imagined that he had only though it. Each kiss that she gave him was returned with equal force, but because of her position on his body he did not have the ability to reposition himself or take control. All he could do was take his own hands, and move them around her back, where they began to roughly move up and down her back, pawing at her, as he bucked his hips against her. This girl definitely knew what she was doing and that was more than a little intimidating.

Pearly whites bit down on his bottom lip as she gave a little tug. A small growl emitted from deep within her throat. She sat up as she pulled his hands off of her. Hem of her shirt caught by her hands as she pulled that tank up and over her head, tossing it aside. Those simple breasts now visible. Nice perky globes of flesh with that housed nice pink nipples, now taut. Her hands moved back to his chest as she gave a small laugh to his comment. "Ya 'ave no idea, 'unter." She pulled his shirt up, struggling to pull his shirt up and over his head without hurting his arm. Lenna gave a slight shiver as she could tell from his body language that he was enjoying her little bouts of dominance. She leaned down and kissed at his neck, almost nibbling at his skin. Lips found the lobe of his ear, biting slightly. Tongue lightly moving along his ear. Her breath hot and heavy as she let her hands move over the skin of his chest. "Ya like when I take charge don't ya?" Her breath hitched as she bucked her hips against his, making sure the fabric of her pants and his shorts would stretch further over that large tent he was pitching.

Lenna gave a deep breath after catching her breath, a bit exhausted. She wrapped herself in the bedsheets as that short red hair was a bit of a mess. She moved a little closer to Hunter as she'd drag her fingertips over that arm. "Are ya okay? I prob'bly should 'ave maybe been a bit ... gentle." Lenna gave a laugh as she leaned in and kissed his shoulder. "Though, it was fun." A grin crossed those soft lips. Gave a little but if a laugh and took in another slow breath. She was hoping that he wasn't in any pain.

Reek stretched out in the bed, feeling quite exhausted after the experience with Lenna. In truth, she *had* injured his shoulder, but he was not about to mention that to her. "I'm great, Lenna. It sure took my mind off of all that was going on," he said, as he rolled over onto his good shoulder so that he could face her and continue their pillow talk. His hand gently moved to what little hair she had, rubbing it affectionately, as he smiled across at her lovingly. "I hope this isn't a fling..." he said to her, nervously, as he had begun to develop true feelings for the brash young technician.

And there it was. The words. She rolled over and leaned over to the floor to grab her pants. A cigarra case and lighter were fished out as she grabbed one of the slim sticks and bright it to her lips. She lit the end until it would cherry, sucking on it slowly. The smoke would fill her mouth and lungs as she removed the cigarra from her mouth to blow a cloud of smoke I to the air as she would moved to sit up slightly and lay on her back. "I... I don' really know what this is ta be sure." She took another drag from the small thin stick and then slowly exhaled the puff of smoke into the air. "Yer mah superior. I would 'ave ta get transferred." Those lips pursed as she looked over to him, as that slight fear would fill her eyes. She looked to him for some kind of sign.

"Fortunately the Empire is quite corrupt, Lenna," Reek replied, coughing slight at the smoke from her cigarra. He stared across at her lustfully, finding something alluring about her as she lay next to him. "You won't need to transfer. It's a privilege of my rank," he said, with a wink, before he inched closer to her. His body was now directly pressing against hers, and she would be able to feel his heart still rapidly beating from their intense lovemaking. His bad arm weakly wrapped around her, drawing her near, until he was able to place a kiss upon those smoky lips.

Lenna's lips locked with his after spoke and moved closer. She closed her eyes and indulged for a few minutes. She pulled away and gave a long drawn out sigh. "I ... neveh wanted any of this." Lenna took another drag of the cigarra and let that smoke move from her lips to curl into long white tendrils that would soon dissolve into the air in his room. "I was just a girl who wanted 'er own shop. Not ta work as a technician fer the Empire." And there was her truth. The most honest she'd ever been with another creature. She just wanted to work on ships. But here she was, fixing and modding fighter ships for something she didn't believe in. She felt her cheeks flush as she looked down. She could feel his body against hers as she glanced over to him.

Reek listened to her words carefully, furrowing her brow as she explained her situation to him. "Why did you enlist then? Running from something ... or someone?" he asked her, as he tried to understand more about the beautiful young woman who was sharing his bed. "It seems like you could have easily had your shop with the skills you've displayed working on my TIE fighters. Certainly the Empire didn't teach you *that*," he was quick to point out to her, as he was quite impressed with her technical prowess. It seemed like there was a lot more below the surface of his gorgeous pixie that he had not yet discovered.

Lenna took in one last long drag of that cigarra, exhaling that smoke up into the air in a large puff of white. She put that butt out on the side of his bed and set the butt next her on the table. She gave a shrug of those shoulders. "Maybe I said too much. But, mah uncle runs the ship. No one knows we're related. I'd like ta keep it that way. But, my parents died... he looks after me." A simple explanation was given under the circumstances. She looked over to Reek and blinked a few times. "That information can't be told ta anyone." She looked into Hunter's eyes with her own pleading greens. She couldn't let that information get out, and hoped she'd have his word. Wasn't trust something relationships were built on? She sighed again. She leaned into him and kissed his cheek, hoping he'd get the idea.

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