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Alice Bee, Robert Bell, Sean Brandt, Liz Dorner, Bob Halula, Christopher Levy, Jaina Roberts, and Thomas Rogers.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:31) in the New Alderaan system: Blue Haven and New Alderaan (New Aldera: Rebel command center), in the Rhinnal system Rhinnal (Rhire: Dagon Tong's safe house), and in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Captain Rhobert Dartanyn, Lieutenant Vance Dajus, Commander Dillon Hobbes, General Bri Quabil, Major Elayne Passik, Parka Pepper, Sergeant Avary Renault, Lady Jelena Rodney, Commander Julia Starfall, Captain Dagon Tong, Ve'rail, and Commander Iyah Zoran.

Jelena Rodney remembered Corporal Lovora Rikki from her time with the commando unit on Rhinnal. Even though she was safely hidden on New Alderaan the news had reached her of the commando's capture at the hands of the Inquisitor, and her heart ached for the woman. Therefore when she received data claiming to be the flightplan of the transport carrying Lovora from Corulag to Esseles she wanted to believe it was real, she *needed* to believe it was real.

In the command-in-control center of Ringali Station a holographic representation of the Fulcrum symbol appeared, in an attempt to mask her location. "This is Jelena Rodney reporting in," she said, in an anxious voice, as she wanted to give the information faster than she could speak. "I have been provided a datadisk detailing the flightplan of an Imperial shuttle carrying Corporal Lovora Rikki," she informed them, while simultaneously transmitting the data to the station. The data was pure and unaltered, containing an Imperial data file detailing the ship being used, the time of the flight, and the route it would be taking. "It seems she's being transported from the Inquisitor's command ship to a classified location on Esseles," she continued, as she tried to make what sense of it she could. "To get there they'll have to take the Perlemian Trade Route, past Chandrila and Brentaal IV," she explained, hoping that they could do something to rescue the woman. "I am sending Commander Xergo and what troops we have, but I'm afraid that won't be enough. Please help her," she said, as she concluded her plea for assistance.

There seemed to be no cooling off period between the bombings on Rhinnal and the next mission. Major Elayne Passik was seated inside of the command-in-control center next to Commander Dillon Hobbes. One of her hands was in his. Since they had arrived back from Rhinnal, she had refused to let go of him. It had been a hard day. Right now, they needed each other to be okay again. It was against her best judgment that she was sitting in on Jelena Rodney's transmission from New Aldera, listening to her talk about Corporal Lovora Rikki, who had been captured some time ago. She watched Jelena provide her information. Her plea reminded her much of the one that had taken her to New Aldera many months ago. Mug Zoran had made a plea for anyone to assist in rescuing his wife from the clutches of an Imperial Governor. As silence took the room, Elayne was reminded that she was the only one who had helped then, and she would be the first to speak up now. She lifted the cigarra from her lips with her free hand. "I will support her. The Corsair Squadron is capable of assisting Xergo in her efforts." She told Jelena, glancing over to Dillon. She couldn't believe that they were going to leave the station again so soon. She puffed on her cigarra anxiously.

Parka Pepper stood somewhere off to the side and behind Jelena Rodney, at her typical parade rest with hands behind her back. One corner of her mouth dared to drop into the makings of a frown, despite her best efforts to conceal it.

It had been a rough time as of late, as they'd bid a painful farewell to Jelena's former stepmother, Htaere Ka`a Sha`ar, before her departure from New Alderaan as a result of a 2.7million credit bounty placed on her by her mother. Parka remained silent yet present while Jelena sampled the pains of adulthood. There was only so much she could do.

When Jelena finished her transmission, Parka offered a casual smile, mirthless as it was. "Looks like you need a stiff drink," she commented lightly. "If it's any consolation, the first transport Htaere sent is due to arrive tomorrow with medical supplies and food items. Last I heard she was headed to Chandrila for a refueling." Parka was definitely not card-carrying member of Htaere's fan club, but she had to give the Hapan noble a bit of credit. In fact, she found herself almost missing the annoying heiress. With no one to pick on and berate endlessly, she'd have to volunteer for an intel job sooner rather than later to keep her preoccupied.

She shifted towards Jelena and put a hand on her shoulder. "You doing ok?"

Sergeant Avary Renault wasn't privy to the transmission, but he had received a docket with the emergency marching orders. A pipe, aromatic smoke wafting from the bowl, sat on his dresser, the A280 blaster rifle in his lap, half disassembled. The weapon was old but reliable; regular service could keep it functioning for another hundred years, or so it was said, and he had every reason to believe it to be true. Like everything else within his small quarters aboard the station, the blaster was kept immaculately clean. The habit was a hold over from the Imperial Academy, where he had spent the better part of his formative years training to be an officer within the ranks of the Imperial Army.

Looking over the docket brought back the memory of the failed mission to rescue Corporal Rikki. He had accompanied Sergeant Judah then, a fellow former Imperial turned rebel fighter. Someone he could share some semblance of a connection with, unlike the bulk of those here who tended to view him with apprehension at best and outright hostility at worst. Some understood, of course. Many didn't. Thoughts turned towards Reilly for a moment, remembering their brief talk inside the abandoned storefront during the snow storm. They were clouded, however, by the foolishness of the situation that had landed them there. Now, it seemed, more lives were going to be risked for the salvation of a woman that was shockingly alive, but certainly not worth the potential expense of manpower and resources.

Avary paused his work on the gun to take a few slow puffs from his pipe. Still, it was the mission. He would be there, risking his life in an effort to save another. Foolish sentiment...but a part of the ideals he now stood for.

The holoimage of the human female slightly resembled her father. There seemed a strength to the young woman that Claudius had lost decades ago. The message was similar to the reports she'd gathered. Similar enough to consider the data to be true. There was always the risk of a trap, but years of experience gave the spy a sense about these matters. Some might call it the Force but Ve'Rail chalked it up to over forty years of exposure to the denizens of the galaxies.

What was shocking was the major present at the meeting. Not only had this lower ranking commander spoke before those with higher ranks, but the display of affection... or was it weakness, it was hard to tell in some species ... was out of line at such a gathering, or anywhere while on duty for that matter. The Bothan had to remind herself that the Alliance needed everyone and not everyone was properly trained on protocol. "Rag-tag indeed," Ve'Rail thought to herself while awaiting the Ambassador or the General to reply to Miss Rodney.

A separate holo appeared off to the side, a miniature image of Dagon stood, leaning on a desk. The blue and grey scale of the holo image didn't she'd any light on where he might actually be, or why he wasn't there to lead a rescue mission for the Rebels. He was in civilian clothing, and from the looks of it, a few layers, so that probably meant Rhinnal. "This mission should be rather straight forward. Rebel fighters will intercept the transport shuttle, force it into a tractor beam lock, after which the shuttle will be brought into the docking bay. If the imperials don't surrender immediately, I would recommend using either explosive or mechanical/thermal means to gain entry to the cockpit and clear back towards the ramp. If at all possible, I would also recommend putting a few shooters in an elevated position with a view down into the cockpit and back through the ship. Anyone behind those guns needs to be a competent sniper, so as to minimize the risk to our personnel, both the breach team before they are in the line of fire, and the rebel we are rescuing, in the event that some idiot thinks a single human shield is going to save their life. Any questions?" His speech done, dagon picked up his cigarra and took a drag, waiting for comment or concern.

As usual, General Quabil listened to everyone, taking in what was being said and what was being omitted and processing it accordingly. She was more cautious since the events that led to the death of Derek Atio but this rescue seemed feasible, but..."I understand the importance of leaving no one behind if we can, but will we gain anything militarily? Will the shuttle be confiscated, baring any explosions." Her glance drifted to the holo image of Commander Tong. "Of course, any victory, no matter how small is a defeat to the Empire but lives are at stake. As the military commander of this sector, I would be remiss if I did not point out the amount of resources begin spent on this mission may be better used elsewhere." Hard words, but that was part of the position she held.

Vance had stood with the General and as any good aide would do, tugging on his uniform to ensure it was set as well as it could be. The liaison officer silently took notes as General Quabil spoke to those assembled for the meeting. The Lieutenant was planning to send this information back to the HQ to let them consolidate it with other notes regarding Inquisitorial work and prisoner transfers.

He hadn't been privy to such information in the past, so these notes also were helping him understand the massive bureaucracy that the Empire wielded and how the parts interacted with each other. In this case, it was the Emperor's Inquisitors, the penal system and the Imperial Navy.

The junior Lieutenant waited for the General to finish before adding a thought of his own on what Alliance High Command would wish to add as a focus point to the operation. He nervously cleared his throat before speaking in his professional, yet unsure, tone. "If we do more forward with the rescue attempt, I would also like to propose we add some data gathering elements to the mission if we can fit them in without affecting the integrity of the attempt. The destination of the prisoner would be of great use to us in the future. Even if we do not choose to engage in the rescue attempt..." He hesitated as some audible responses to his statement made him feel immediately guilty for mentioning it, "...I suggest that we still attempt to track this shuttle to the destination for further use. Perhaps a better use of our resources would be not only rescuing Corporal Lovora Rikki but others present at whatever detention site she is being transported to."

He stood idly by the General after finishing his quick add-on to the conversation, and went back to taking notes. He kept his eyes down on the datapad not only to keep diligent on the note taking task but to also avoid any eye contact with the others that surely didn't enjoy his larger picture approach to how the Ringali Shell operated.

Rhobert Dartanyn sat in the briefing room of Ringali Station to listen to the inbound feed regarding the prisoner transfer. He worked diligently on his datapad during the quick message and finally stopped a little while after the feed went away. He watched those in the room begin some chatter and noted the positive support showing quickly for the rescue attempt. He wished in some ways that he could share the same enthusiasm, but there were some rather glaring questions that popped up as he had heard Jelena provide the intel. Perhaps it was the pessimist in him or maybe he had seen more than the rest have when it came to palms up military operations gone wrong because of intel, but how simple the intel had come to them regarding this virtually unescorted movement of a high value prisoner worried the Captain. He had concerns, but hoped they weren't justified.

Once the General spoke up and seemed to mirror his thoughts, he relaxed a bit knowing he wouldn't be the only one to receive the brunt of the frustration from those assembled. The Captain eventually stood, waiting for Vance to quip in his thoughts and the General's nod that he could speak before walking to the center portion of the room where the holodisplay sat. The senior navy officer linked his datapad to the console to display his visual aid and the screen lit up with the route the shuttle was going to take during its journey. The information rotated at a steady pace so anybody in the room could see the information from time to time.

Once everybody quieted down a bit, the Alderaanian spoke. "I have to concur with the General on this one in that I am generally concerned on multiple levels about the viability of this operation. Where the General's concerns are with manpower and utility of personnel, mine center around the ability to pull it off on such a short-fuse with situational complications and some intelligence concerns."

"From a strategic naval perspective, the modified Strike Cruiser could be used to draw the Imperial transfer ship out of hyperspace and give us an opportunity to board and seize the vessel. But without knowing who is onboard, I can't say for sure that the prisoner would still be alive by the time we got to her. As a high value target, I imagine their standing orders are not to leave her alive at any cost."

"My largest tactical concern is the problem of bringing our prey out of hyperspace without also inadvertently tackling commercial and private traffic along the same route." He motioned to the transit path the shuttle was taking on the screen, pointing at the very vital planets it would stop at along the way. "I would have to coordinate with the intelligence side to minimize or eliminate this risk by using eyes on intelligence of the vessel being in transit. Also, we would have to disable the vessel quickly enough for the wells to be turned off so as to not pull anybody else free from hyperspace going between the two points we interdict."

The Captain noticed that he wasn't receiving many positive looks from the crowd, and that didn't surprise him one bit. At this point he figured that he might as well lay it all out there. "Also of note is that this intelligence seems somewhat contradictory to normal protocol on moving a high value target as it does not have an established military escort. I'm not sure if the Imperials are simply short on larger ships and hyperspace capable escorts as they chase our ghosts around the Shell or if this is an invitation of sorts."

Rhobert Dartanyn keyed off his display and hugged his datapad to his stomach. "Obviously, if we move forward you have my full support. I'd recommend having as much intel as possible on the specifics of the shuttle's movements and have at least three capital ships on station for the mission. Our Primary Objective would obviously be the return of Lovora Rikki back to us safely." Rhobert frowned at the fact that he had to specify the required condition of their own, but understood that such having clarifications were necessary sometimes in the border of morality some of the local units played with. "The Secondary Objective, as long as the team can come up with a plan to make it work, would be to utilize the shuttle's mission to either gather further intelligence on the destination or use it as a decoy to lure more Imperials into a trap. If you need further naval assets to make this happen, please let me know and I'll provide what is needed. This I will leave up to your ideas, but the destination of this shuttle would be valuable to us in that we could save many more from suffering the same fate that is planned for Corporal Rikki, as Lieutenant Dajus has mentioned."

The Captain took a few steps back away from the center of the room but remained standing in case he was called upon for further analysis or if anybody wished to chime in on his thoughts.

The Bothan glanced from the one speaking toward the general. "If I may, General." She waited for a nod from command before turning her attention back to the naval officer who had just given a report. "The shuttle is heading for what the Imperials call The Void, which is located on Esseles."

Bri nodded to the Bothan spy. Her hands had been folded on the table top but now the left one moved to her lips as she thought for a moment. As her hand returned to the table, she spoke to the group. "We have intel from a few sources," nodding to the white Bothan and then to the holo of Jelena, "so I am not concerned with that. However, have we considered if an attack on this secret base would prove more rewarding?" The general tried to have several options available. There tended to be little out of the box thinking during war, but sometimes taking a step back was needed in order to achieve more goals.

Commander Dillon Hobbes was aware that Major Passik had been held captive and tortured by the Empire, and as he stood quietly in the back of the combat information center he hoped that this was not triggering her. He did not know Corporal Rikki, nor any of the commandos, but despite that he did not want any Rebel to remain a prisoner of the Empire. He stepped forward towards the holotank where the familiar map of the Ringali Shell always remained. "There's only one system in which we stand a chance, Captain Dartanyn," he said, as he shifted the map to the Chandrila system. "We destroyed over a dozen of their capital ships there. Essentially we've denied them an entire squadron's worth of ships," he said, as he looked from Captain to General. "Our patrols report four Star Destroyers at Corulag where the flight is originating. A Super Star Destroyer and two Star Destroyers at Esseles where they're headed to. Brentaal has three Star Destroyers. It *has* to be Chandrila," he said, as he put the Chandrila system on the display. "If your cruiser can pull it out of hyperspace here, then our fighters can disable it, and you can get your team aboard," he said, as he shifted his attention to Sergeant Renault of the SpecForce. Ultimately it would be up to General Quabil to authorize the plan, and so he remained silent and looked to her.

Julia Starfall looked down at the holo image and tried her best not to look too annoyed at the situation. She had just arrived at this base a week ago and was quickly assigned to working with Support Services. It wasn't a bad position to be placed in, and it helped that she spent time on a smuggler's ship before being formally introduced to a rebel cell. Looking around the place, she did notice the only positive to come out of the destruction of Alderaan. People woke up. The Empire was, in fact, an evil, corrupt government, willing to destroy a peaceful society, just to show its power. As she watched the people around her argue and debate the merits of the plan, she took solace in the fact that there were so much more young people than there were in the previous years.

"Who's being assigned troop transport duty?" Looking decidedly at Sergeant Renault. She had an idea of who was being assigned, but she wanted to at least look interested in the plan.

The orders came down almost as abruptly as the mission itself. Avary had, on some level, assumed he would be thrown into a command position sooner or later. While the rebellion had enjoyed several victories they all came at a cost, and unlike the Empire, there weren't a dozen ready officers waiting to fill in lost command positions. In a purely practical way, it made sense, too; Avary had been groomed for this sort of position, and a squad level command was the perfect place to start. When it came to the sentiments of those who would now follow him, though...that was another matter entirely. Sergeant Avary Renault was a core worlder, unashamedly so. Being lead by a former Imperial didn't sit well with most.

All the same he was here, present for the briefing and conference, listening while the merits and methods of the operation were deliberated. For the most part he kept silent, hands folded behind his back in parade rest, assuming the position quite naturally. It almost surprised him when a question was directed his way, his mismatched eyes turning towards the woman who asked. He'd heard her name, of course, but hadn't formally met her until now.

"I suppose that's more a question for Captain Dartanyn, or whoever will be handling the naval logistics. So long as my men are on board and ready for the interception, my role in the operation is covered." It probably wasn't what Julia had hoped for in an answer, but years at the academy had drilled into him the importance of operating within the strict perimeters of one's rank and duties. Excessive knowledge was hazard. It was something that Sergeant Renault was beginning to believe he might have to work on changing.

The general glanced at all those gathered both physically and via transmission. The weight of so many lives fell to her. "We have all heard the risks. It seems the plan is our best option. I approve with the stipulation that we do not expend resources if we find the mission near impossible once the shuttle has been pulled from hyperspace. If there is any sign that Corporal Rikki has been compromised we scrap the rescue. Understood?"

It seemed fair to give the operation a chance. Elayne was, indeed, forced to think about the past while they spoke about rescuing Corporal Rikki. She was painfully aware that there had never been a rescue attempt for her. Those involved assumed she was dead, and in some ways, Elayne wished she had been. She was morally drawn to this mission. She wanted to help, despite the skeletons in her closet. "Understood. Commander Hobbes and I will assist in the rescue." Her eyes flashed towards Dillon. They didn't need to trade any verbal words for him to understand what was going on in her head. Corporal Rikki had been gone for far too long. If she could be brought back, physically, it was questionable if she would come back mentally. This seemingly shot-in-the-dark mission was only half of the fight... A fight which Elayne would be a part of.

Reporting in from the Pelta-class frigate Blue Haven, a holographic projection of Commander Iyah Xergo appeared. She had supported her niece, Jelena, in the rescue of Corporal Rikki. She had been there when Jelena received the information from a very unlikely source. Because of that source, Iyah had some concerns which she kept to herself. She was relieved to hear that others were willing to help, for the power of her frigate, and those within it, surely wouldn't be enough. "Commander Xergo reporting in. My ship is en route to Ringali Station now. As Lady Jelena stated, I carry all the troops that we were able to spare." New Aldera was still protected. Iyah would never leave the planet exposed. "I thank you all for your efforts. Let us do our best to bring Corporal Rikki home."

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