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Christopher Levy, Andrew Massey, Nate Lentz, and Anonymous.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:1:35) in the Yavin system: Argo and Yavin 4 (Great Temple).
Sergeant Caii Altera, Commander Derek Atio, Lieutenant Purga, Trooper Alanya Rockturne, and Corporal Seekith Shardin.

The battered hull of the Rebel blockade runner rested in the lush, tropical vegetations of the fourth moon of the planet Yavin. It was here that the Rebels had chosen to set up their primary base and it was here that the Argo had found itself in need of service. For the greater part of two months the corvette had served as an armored transport, ferrying men and materials from all across the galaxy to Massassi Station. With the base operational and their mission seemingly accomplished, the Argo was once again to return to duty running the Imperial blockade, attempting to accomplish another series of daring missions for the Alliance.

On the ramp that extended down to the jungle floor Commander Derek Atio leaned against one of the pillars that extended the ramp down. Most of his crew had been reassigned and sent to various posts at the base or sent off on missions never to be seen again. It was time for some of the replacements to arrive and he had no idea what to expect. The life of running back and forth to Yavin 4 had tired the man ... the stress of knowing one slipup could lead to the Empire discovering the base and threatening everything they had worked so hard to accomplish.

Trooper Alanya Rockturne moved like a wraith, aloof and separate from the others at the small outpost that was rapidly expanding into the center of operations for the fledgling Alliance. Whispers followed her wherever she went, words following her movements about the base, and with good reason. She was part of an elite group, within an elite organization. SpecForce troopers already had an almost legendary standing amongst the regulars, but the Infiltrators? Despite their value, the nature of their work made them stand out. Their weapons were the vibroknife and the garrote or a single shot placed strategically from a distance that could swing a whole operation one way or another. SpecForce troopers operated outside the normal confines of rank and structure, earning ire from regular officers, but immense respect from regular troops. She took to doing punishing runs around the complex to pass the time, waiting for her new assignment. Tracking and hunting kept her skills sharp, picking of Stintaril's with that modified BlasTech A280 rifle. She even occasionally brought back larger game, such as Aquatic Gundarks and Armored Eels when she decided to fish the many rivers of the jungle planet. She did not know the meaning of relaxation ot slacking off it seemed. She was however, disappointed when her new assignment came down...shipboard operations. A waste of her talents, but she was not one to even complain about orders, much less think of disobeying. Thus it was that she was walking towards the 'Vette, an oblong duffel bag in her left hand, that A280 suspended from a sling around her chest, the scope carefully covered keep moisture off of the eyepiece. She was dressed in a forest green, breakup camouflage pattern jumpsuit that she had made herself to match Yavin's particular flora and fauna, the jumpsuit bereft of all identifying marks and badges. She approached the man standing by the hatch, and dropped the duffel bag on the ground, snapping to a parade quality salute, her voice level but intense. "Sir. Trooper Alanya Rockturne reporting as ordered, Sir!" She said, her blue eyes fixed forward, ignoring the tickling of her dark hair at the nape of her neck in the humid jungle breeze. Her feet were drawn together, at rigid attention as she awaited a reply. Most SpecForce troopers had a disregard for normal military decorum, Alanya however, obviously did not.

Corporal Seekith Shardin stood near the hatch to the Argo. The large Cathar had been scanning over a data pad that detailed the new armaments, or "toys" as he called them, that were being loaded.  He had spotted Alanya walking up but had waited for her to address him before saying anything.  He slow shot her a his famous Cathar grin as he looked her up and down.  Her camo's were nice, but didn't match the dark blue Urban style camos he was sporting.  With an up-nod, he start his line of questioning, "Woah, chill it down trooper.  You our new Pot-shot?"

Lieutenant Purga came out of the Massassi Temple, looking over the ship he would soon take to co-pilot. He was eager to get in there and get a handle of the operations he would be handling. The Duro blue flight suit and carried two duffle bags. One with his own electronics he was either building and programming or ones he had completed that might be of some assistance during ship operations. the other was simply his cloths and other possessions. He approached the ship, neglecting to initiate any conversation with his new crew took it upon himself to head for the cockpit and check out what this thing could do.

Commander Atio nodded once to the new Trooper that had been assigned to the ship's commando unit. Many of the members of the unit had come and gone before he barely got to know them, but he was glad to see that were replacements were being assigned to the ship. He did not want to head back out in to the war zone without a full compliment. "I'm Commander Atio," he said in a pleasant enough tone. Although the war had taken a toll on him personally, he still tried to bring a jovial nature to his job, especially when dealing with new crew members. "That walking carpet over there is Corporal Shardin," he said as he looked over to the massive Cathar, "If you can get past the fleas ... you may find him pleasant enough company." His eyes turned to the Duro dressed in uniform and moving onto the Argo, curious as to why he did not choose to report in with the others.

Rounding the side of the Argo, Sergeant Caii Altera was shaking a datapad as if that somehow would make it work. A mildly angered expression was framed by his dark, shoulder-length hair. Unshaven for days, he appeared not to have slept for days. His attire was an odd mix, consisting of loose fitting pants, mostly everything dark in color, an armored breastplate that was marked with a strange symbol right over his heart, and a turned-backwards mechanic's cap. Caii was all sorts of strange, when he couldn't get his bearings in a new place. Pocketing his datapad, hearing the introductions as he approached, he gave a lazy salute, his eyes on the one who called himself Atio as he spoke, "I'm Sergeant Caii Altera.. Can someone tell me, please.. Where can I find some food, and maybe some powercells? Nobody has told me a kriffin' thing since I've signed the papers."

Alanya nodded her head in response, glancing towards the Corporal before resuming her eyes forward position. "Pleasure to meet you, sir. And you, Corporal." She said stiffly, not commenting upon the Commander poking fun at the Cathar's body fur. She remained quiet for a moment...and then turned slightly shocked at the disrespectful way in which the...whatever he was, addressed a superior officer. But she remained silent, turning back quickly. Where was a Sergeant when you needed one? She kept her eyes forward, waiting patiently to speak again.

Seekith slapped Atio on the shoulder as he would an old friend, "You know you love my mangy hair. Permission to show the trooper to her new quarters?"

Commander Atio turned his attention to the newcomer and furrowed his brow slightly. Now, that was truly a sight to behold. The young man looked as if he had been living in a refugee shelter instead of a Rebel base. By the smell of him, he needed a bath more than he needed power cells. "Sergeant," he said in a tone less cordial than the one he had used with those prior, "I do hope you intend to make yourself more presentable before we depart." He lowered his head slightly, shaking it in dissatisfaction. "Corporal," he said in an authoritative tone, "Take these two on board. Get them settled in the barracks. See that your new medic gets himself cleaned up and in uniform before the first case he has to treat is one of his own infections." With that, he nodded politely to the individuals and made his way back inside the vessel to look for the curious looking Duro he had seen earlier.

Purga finally reached the cockpit and set his electronics bag next to the chair he would inhabit. he felt like he was in heaven as he examined every inch of the control panels, all the operations, safety and back up systems. He sat down in the chair for a few moments before the young Duro realized he had completely forgot to even check with his superior officer. He ran out of the cockpit and back towards the exit, avoiding anybody carefully he went past. Purga found Commander Atio. "I'm sorry, sir. I completely forgot to report in to you! I'm sorry, sir," you would think he was begging forgiveness for killing somebody.

Seekith just nodded and waved for the two to fallow him up the ramp. As he went he went about describing the different parts of ship. As he made it to the turbo lift, he stopped and turned around, "Either of you ever been on a CR90 before?"

Alanya paused, she had already reviewed the schematics for this class extensively once she had gotten the information about which ship she would be assigned to. But she had never actually set foot inside of a CR90, so she simply shook her head back and forth. "No, Corporal."

"And mister smelly man back there?" Seek asked of Caii. The man's "ruggedness" was starting to offend his feline sense of smell.

Caii shook his head a little. He tried not to let the comments bother him. After all, he didn't believe he smelled that bad anyway. It's been worse. People get stuck places, no showers are available, it can get bad. "No sir, can't say I have."

Commander Atio smiled at the over-eager Lieutenant and his near-frantic apology. He took his hand and extended towards him, placing it steadily upon the shoulder. "Try not to worry about it," he said in a reassuring tone, trying to steady the Duro. "Well," he continued withdrawing his hand and adjusting his uniform slightly, "Now that we're here why don't you go ahead and report in?" He cleared his throat, becoming more formal as he sat down in the captain's chair. It creaked audibly and there was an ominous cracking noise. The old girl would give any day now he worried. "A captain is nothing more than his chair," he explained to the junior officer.

"Alrighty then. Let's head up to the barracks and get you two settle in." As if on cue, the doors opened behind him as he stepped so. "Hope you don't mind bunking with the crew, Rockturne."

"Oh. Thank you, sir. It won't happen again!" Purga hurried back to the cockpit and got his things to bring them to his bunk.

"No, Corporal. That will be adequate." She said evenly. She would of had to bunk with others while undergoing her training, not to mention the exercises that went along with the training, and then actual missions. She did not seem to be bothered by the lack of privacy. She stepped to the edge of the turbolift, to allow room for the other new assignment. She had picked out details as she had walked, and found the ship in a sad state of disrepair. She was not sure how one could even call such a rust-bucket operational. Much less battle ready.

"Good because some 'regular' soldiers," He did the air marks as he said it, "Throw fits about bunking with the members of the ships crew. I just didn't want to be the one to break your heart. And please, outside of the missions, call me Seek."

Never fell too far behind, but certainly took his time in his following. Looking around slowly, making mental notes of his new home/workplace. To some, this may have been a rust-bucket, but to him it felt more like home than pretty much anywhere else he's been in the past few months. A soft smile came to his face as he listened to Seek explain his reasoning. It was all good to Caii. He was just ready to get something done, and put his somewhat slacker-lifestyle behind him for a while.

Commander Atio nodded to the junior officer who he watched scurry off to the barracks. He rocked back and forth in the rugged, old chair that had seen so much action. It creaked, but did not give out as he had feared. "Well old girl," he said, talking to his chair, "It would seem we both have a few adventures left in us." With that, he rose from the seat and walked back down through the corridors of the vessel and into the turbolift, before meandering his way down to the shipboard barracks to join the assemblage. "Corporal Shardin," he began as he caught up to the group, "Once these are settled ... continue with the lead-out. I want to be prepared to blast off when the last of the new crew comes aboard later this week." His attention shifted to the new commandos, looking them up from head to toe. The survival rate for a new trooper was very low and he was not sure how attached he should become.

Seekith through on a mock look of dejection, "Ah, I wanted to take our new shooter out to see how good she is with that A280."

Alanya nodded her head. "Yes, Corporal." She said, understanding his experiences, but obviously not his request to call him by a first name. "A bunk will do fine." She said before she turned as the Commander approached, and came to attenion suddenly, her eyes forward again but silent this time. Her eyes flashed over to the Corporal for a moment, before they returned forward, staring at a bulkhead.

"Very well, Trooper," Commander Atio said, replying to Seekith's request. "...but just rifles," he said in a voice that was more stern than usual, "Last time you test fired your T-21 in the local jungle we were filling out paperwork for most of the afternoon. Understood?" His eyes narrowed as he stared at the Cathar, signifying that he was indeed serious.

"It's good to be back aboard, Cap," Seek said before nodding for the trooper to follow him.

She nodded her head slightly, and placed her bag down, zipping it open and removing two power packs, sliding them into the carriers on her belt, always up for a little target practice. Perhaps she could bag a few more Sintarils before the left. The small rodents made excellent practice, picking them off at long range, although she had to crank down the power and the A280 to prevent the power bolt from annihilating the small creature. An A280 at full power could cut a fully armored Stormtroper in half at medium range. Needless to say something so small hardly stood a chance...she straightened to attention again, addressing the Commander. "Sir. Shall I return with enough for the crew, sir?" She asked, her tone serious.

"Whatever you kill," Derek informed her with a smile, "Make sure it is not wearing a Corporal's uniform. Around here they look a lot like the wildlife." His face turned to Seekith for a moment, shaking his head in wonderment of what he had gotten himself involved with this time.

"But they don't taste as good as things in Commander's uniforms. Or so I hear." Seekith playfully tapped the T-6 Thunder heavy blaster pistol strapped to his right thigh. With that he exited the barracks, ducking his head to not hit the door frame on the way out.

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