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Randy Bowling and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:21) in the Chandrila system: Chandrila (Hanna City: Spaceport; Imperial Garrison) and Sonthi.
Flight Lieutenant Haven Anson, Captain Caligula Howe, and Strueypt Paik'eb.

It did not take long for Spark to gain some notoriety. With her most recent finds and discoveries, people were starting to talk about this new treasure-hunter-for-hire. On a normal basis, she would receive simple orders and retrieve them. Nothing wrong with making some quick currency here and there, but she was hoping something on a grander scale. Something she could live off of for the next year or so. She did not have to wait that much longer.

An order came through her ship's system and spoke of a planet in another galaxy called Chandrila. The money it would cost to get there was out of her reach, but when she read how much they were going to be paying? There was no way she was going to decline. This particular mission was acquiring about a certain necklace which was worn by one of the founders of one of Hanna's churches. There was a blueprint attached to the message which showed the vault beneath the church floor where the necklace was located. Spark thought it over for quite a while and decided that the money may be worth the trouble.

Entering in through Chandrila's atmosphere was the rough part in her opinion, because she was never sure if the shields would hold up. Luckily for her, they did this time. With the money she was getting on this mission, she had plans on getting a few things upgraded for the SS 5448. Entering into the dock, she landed her ship and cut off the engines before she even dared to open the hatch. Soon enough, the hatch opened and a ramp was produced which allowed Spark to begin stepping out of the ship. Heavy booted feet collided with the ramp until she reached the floor and that's when the ramp reeled itself back in and the hatched close. Gloved hands rose to her her violet strands, gathering them up to put them into a ponytail as she walked off the dock.

The city was quite beautiful and something she has never seen before. For a while there, she was getting lost by just the architecture alone! "Alright...Get a hold of yourself..." she said softly to herself. Reaching into the leather waist coat and pulling out a small electronic device. She pressed the button and then appeared a holographic screen that showed the church. With a couple of swipes of her fingers, she found the location. Quickly turning off the device and putting it back inside her coat, Spark began to head towards the destination of Hanna's church.

She was trying her best not to draw attention to herself and just kept to the buildings she was walking by. Head lowered down with headphones in her ears, but she was not listening to anything. Softly humming as if she was, letting people think that she was in a world of her own. The church was glorious and she stood there awestruck while taking it all in. Silently she stepped up the stairs, entering through the large double doors, and that was when they were having a service. "We're gathered here today to honor our beloved friend and brother..." The Pastor spoke to the people gathered, but stopped when Spark came in. A little wave of her hand and she quickly sat herself down into one of the pews in the back.

The service lasted quite a long time and Spark was beginning to become a bit on edge. After a few friends and family members gave their speeches, the pallbearers were summoned to the front. Each one of them grunted when picking up the casket and carried it out. Once they were out the door, everyone followed except for Spark. She quickly got up from the pew, walked down the aisle while looking at the hologram again. "The entrance should be..." Whispering to herself, standing on the stage and looking around. "Here." It was beneath the pulpit. Getting onto her hands and knees, she began to feel around for some sort of lever that would open the door. From the corner of her eye she spotted a button beneath the pulpit and she quickly pressed the button. A sound of buzzing erupted beneath the floor and the pulpit turned to the side to reveal a stairway to the basement. She could feel the cold, dry air brushing across her body and she immediately could smell death.

With the use of the hologram, she was able to provide herself with enough light to make it down the stairwell. It was there she found many stone caskets in columns and rows. She looked over the names of each one, trying to find the name that would match the one in the message. Soon enough she found Markeus Thulmos's all the way in the back. Such a grand statue of him standing with a staff in one hand and the other gesturing to the caskets before him. The device was put back into her coat and she began to look for a way to open Markeus' tomb, but there was not any. She took a step back and looked at the statue again. "No..." Eyes widening when she realized that the statue was Markeus' casket.

She was pacing back and forth, trying to convince herself that it was worth it. Disturbing the dead by destroying his resting place? That didn't sit too well with her. She thought it was going to be easy. a casket, grab the necklace, and leave. No. It had to be this. After much debate, the money outweighed her beliefs. A blaster was retrieved from inside her coat and was aimed at the head of the statue before she pulled the trigger. The blast sent the head into pieces and even the skull was mixed in. Slowly stepping up to it to examine the damage, she spotted something sparkling beneath the destruction. "YES!" Now she was happy for her decision. Standing on the tips of her toes, she reached inside the neck, and pulled out the necklace. It was gorgeous! The necklace had various pieces of gems and the charm held a soft, blue glow. "Thank you!" Saying just before she laughed and stuffed it into her pocket. Making her way back up the stairs, entering back into the church, and hitting the button on the pulpit to have it move back to conceal the staircase. Luckily for her, no one else came into the church while she was in the tombs.

"Easy as pie." Saying with a smile as she walked down the aisle of the church with both hands in her coat pockets. Head swaying from side to side, sending her ponytail to wave about between her shoulder blades. Using the toe of her boot to ease open the door and she was outside. Just got to get to the dock, board my ship, and I'll be home free! That's what she was hoping for, at least.

Had she struck as little as six months ago, she likely would have gotten away with her theft easily, as the local Ringali Shell Security Force was not very competent and was easily overmatched when confronted with even the slightest of skilled opponents. However, this was a dark time for the people of Chandrila, and the local security had supplanted by the might of the Imperial Army and Stormtrooper Corps. Unbeknownst to her, a silent alarm had been triggered, drawing an unusually strong Imperial response. The Governor had implemented a 'broken window policy' where even the slightest of offenders were dealt with, to deter the more serious crimes from occurring.

Upon exiting the church she would unexpectedly see the presence of an Imperial All Terrain Defense Pod (AT-DP) with its heavy laser cannon trained upon her. Flanking the walker was a squad of dreaded Stormtroopers, whose forms were hidden by their intimidating white body armor that glimmered in the moonlight. "Halt!" the voice of the squad leader bellowed from beneath his armored dome, as he observed the woman through his polarized lenses that includes the multi-frequency targeting and acquisition system that provides basic information on her visible weaponry. The squad of soldiers were all equipped with the BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle, the workhorse of the Imperial arsenal, whilst one soldier in the rear wielded a much larger T-21 light repeating blaster.

Overhead the distinct screen of twin ion engines could be heard as a pair of TIE/gt patrolled overhead in close air support. The ground tactical variant of the classic TIE starfighter was equipped with a weapons package designed to be used against surface targets. For what was likely petit theft it was decidedly overkill ... but overkill was the Empire's trademark/

Unfortunately for her, the mission was not sent until a few days ago. Perhaps the person who hired her knew that she would be caught? She was not entirely sure. When the door was opened to let her go outside, she stopped in her tracks and her lips parted at the sight of it all. Her eyes looked over everything. From the Stormtroopers to the vehicles, these guys were not kidding. The moment when the command went out, Spark had her hands up to signal surrender. "This is a bit much, don't you think?" Trying to yell out to them over all the engines of all the vehicles there. There were no visible weapons, but there was the DH-17 blaster pistol inside her coat and that's all she had with her. The rest of her weapons and belongings were on her ship.

The Stormtroopers approached her with caution and removed the weapon from her coat along with any other personal belongings that could aid in her escaping. They placed her hands in front of her to put her hands into binders. There was no way she could get out of those!

A Reconnaissance Troop Transporter (RTT) arrived on scene that contained even more Imperial Stormtroopers. It was clear that she was being made an example of so that others would be deterred. By now a droid had arrived as well, shining a light on the woman as its camera recorded her for broadcast on Imperial Holovision to publicly shame her and highlight the quick response of Imperial forces to the local population that was losing faith in the Empire following recent Rebel gains. Once she was secured in the rear compartment of the RTT the larger, lumbering craft began to make its way through the streets of Hanna towards the Imperial garrison.

When the RTT arrived at the pre-fabricated garrison base, the Stormtroopers unceremoniously removed her from the transport. "Keep moving," the squad leader commanded, from between two barely audible *clicks* of his helmet's comm system as they escorted her inside of the Empire's stronghold on the peaceful planet's capital city. Once inside she was led down a series of hallways that all seemed to blend into one another before she would find herself inside an interrogation room. It was stark and cold, as its purpose required, with nothing but metallic colored durasteel walls, a bland table, and two chairs that were all bolted securely to the floor. One wall was made of reflective transparisteel, from which even the simplest of minds could deduce they were being watched from behind.

That was something she was not expecting. Did they really bring a robot in just to broadcast a feed to make her an example to others? Uncalled for! Lifting up a foot and using it to thrust against the robot to send it tumbling down the stairs. No. She wasn't going to allow that. Not without a fight. This was something she was used to, because she has been caught quite a few times before. It was just not on a scale like this!

During the ride, she was looking out to see what they were passing by and taking a note of all the buildings to add to her memory. When they reached the base, she was practically thrown out of the vehicle, but she smiled at them and kept on moving. "I am, I am. Man..." Shaking her head and rolling her eyes. Then came the long series of hallways the led into another one. How could these guys navigate in this place? Each hall looked like the last. Eventually they brought her to a room that was cold and metallic. It kind of felt like the tomb she just came out of. They forcefully placed her into one of the two seats and bound her to keep her from getting up. Head turning to look over at the large reflective wall and she stuck out her tongue to show that she knew they were there. Letting out a long sigh, leaning back into the chair, and just waiting on the interrogator to come do their job.

What may have seemed like an eternity was in reality only a few moments before the door to the interrogation room suddenly raised upwards to reveal the presence of Captain Caligula Howe, an Agent in the Imperial Security Bureau. His cream colored tunic clung to his well conditioned human chest, while black trousers ran down his long legs before coming into contact with finely polished synthetic leather boots. After crossing the threshold to enter the room, he swiftly stepped to the right side to allow the IT-O interrogator a wide berth to enter the room.

The black sphere floated ominously into the room, with a series of sensors and painful looking probes clearly visible. Once the droid had joined the duo in the small room the door once again sealed, silencing the outside world, and allowing only the ominous sounds of the interrogator droid's repulsors to fill the air. "Name?" the ISB Captain asked, as he moved swiftly towards the side of the table opposite her. When he arrived he leaned forward, placing the palms of both hands upon the table surface, as he leaned forward to leer at her with his steely gaze.

She knew this routine. Make the criminal sweat it out and have them reach an almost breaking point until there was some sort of fresh air entering the room. Not for her. Lips stretching outward when she yawned, laying her head back onto the top of the chair, and closing her eyes. Right when she was about to fall asleep, the door opened and entered in a sharp-dressed-man. Let us be clear, she wasn't crazy about him. Was he the guy that's supposed to interrogate her? Nope. Her eyes shifted over to the black sphere hovering as it came into the room and it looked to be armed to the teeth with all sorts torturing tools.

Easing herself up in the chair, sitting up to straighten out her back, and she shook her head to wake herself up. Clearing her throat softly, she stated her name. "Strueypt Paik'eb." Those bright eyes looking to the man who happened to lean in closer to her. "What's your name? Like to know who I'm addressing when telling my story." Canting her head to one side, glaring into the man's eyes.

"Strueypt Paik'eb?" Captain Howe repeated, stumbling over the pronunciation, and butchering the name as only a human could. "Run that name through our database," he said towards the mirrored transparisteel that was behind the woman. It would now be clear that more than simply he was involved in this affair. He paused, as he pulled back from the table and took the chair opposite her. He studied her features, as a hand came up to stroke at the sharp angles of his chin. He did not recall encountering one of her species before, but then again there were simply too many of these alien filth to bother remembering them all. "My name is of little import, Strueypt," he said to her, as he bought time for the agents in the next room to gather information on her.

The silence was eventually broken by the sound of his comlink beeping, as it was revealed that this name was not in any Imperial files. His left hand instinctively moved atop his right, rubbing it gently as he tried to think of his next line of questioning. "What business did you have with that foolish local cult on the surface of Chandrila?" he asked, as he studied a representation of the artifact she was caught with upon his datapad. To him, it was nothing more than a piece of junk that should have been shattered to pave way for the Emperor's New Order. He was one of a generation of close minded, simplistic individuals that had allowed Palpatine to come democratically to power.

Those full curved into a bright smile when she heard him attempt to pronounce her name. It amused her beyond belief and yet she stifled a laugh. Her eyes began to look around the room, looking at every blank, dark wall and imagining it being redecorated or painted a new color. There was no doubt that this room was meant to put people in discomfort, but what's the point of that? She'd be more free to open herself up in a room she was comfortable in. This whole interrogation thing just confused her. "I'm not going to be in your database," she said quickly after he gave the command. To prove her right, all they needed to do was wait.

There was no longer a need to wait with the comlink came through for him. "You should trust people more," saying with a smile and a nod of her head. His question made her sigh, but she eventually answered. "I'm hired to go after certain items of interest for those who hire me. That..." Motioning her head to the datapad he had with him. "Was what my employer paid me to get..." She began looking around for a second before she leaned forward to whisper to him. "Is there something going on here? I mean...those were a lot of guys just for a simple breaking and entering. Who you trying to find?" Leaning back a bit and smiling. "You know...for a price...I can find whatever and whoever you're looking for." Hint!

"Credits?" Captain Howe stated, somewhat incredulously, as he placed the datapad back down upon the table and leaned back in the chair. He had hoped it would have been something more interesting like the resurrection of an ancient Chandrilan society to inspire revolt .. frankly a matter of pure black market finance seemed almost a waste of time. He sighed, almost dejectedly, as he rose from the table and prepared to issue summary judgment to sentence her to the space mines of Kessel ... but before he could he was once again interrupted by his omnipresent comlink. When he realized who was on the other end of the line, his eyes widened somewhat, and he awkwardly cleared his throat. "One moment," he said to the prisoner, before he hurriedly stepped out of the room to leave her solely with the droid.

She felt a bit insulted by the way the man spoke to her. Like he was disappointed that it wasn't for a larger cause. "Yea, credits. Some of us have to scratch and claw in order to survive...unlike you." If he could get nasty with her, she could do the same right back to him. It wasn't her fault that she let him down. That was all on him. The man shouldn't of come into the room with high expectations like that. "One moment?" Asking with a curious expression and looking at the droid hovering about the room. "What is my punishment?" Calling out after him until the door was completely shut behind him. A long sigh slipped through her lips, lowering her head down, and just looking at her lap. Her legs were only good looking things in this room! Might as keep checking herself out until they find out who to do with her.

The door would eventually open revealing a much diminished Captain Howe who seemed to be more pale than when he last saw her. "Your presence is required ... elsewhere," he said vaguely, with deliberate intent. As he stepped away from the door it was revealed that the Imperial Stormtroopers had returned to escort her to her next destination. It seemed as if he had been somewhat neutered by his superiors and even the lifeless interrogation droid seemed to have had the wind knocked out of it. "Well, get moving," he said to her, unable to make eye contact with her, following the chastisement he had just been subjected to. Such was often the position of the low-level cog in the Imperial war machine.

An eyebrow was raised when seeing the man reappear in the room and he looked quite different than before. His skin had lost color and seemed to be scared for his life. When he stepped off, he was replaced by a group of Stormtroopers and they came to remove the locks from her. "Required? W-what do you mean?" Some of the Stormtroopers took her by the arms, hoisted her from the seat, and shoved her forward. Mumbling a few words in her native tongue that weren't very pleasing when they told her to move. "This is getting ridiculous, guys." Shaking her head when they lead her out of the room, down the corridors a few more times. She looked to the Stormtrooper to her right and whispered, "Hey...Where do I get armor like that?" It was an honest question. Even though the armor was bland, but she could spice it up a bit.

The Stormtroopers ignored her nervous banter and merely escorted her to the upper level of the garrison at blasterpoint, before they eventually arrived on the roof that contained a rather large landing platform. A small Imperial shuttle was present, and the ramp at the aft section of the craft had already been lowered as if awaiting her arrival. The trooper on the left pressed the barrel of his E-11 blaster rifle into the small of the woman's back roughly, attempting to get her to move forward and board the craft. "Get on board!" he ordered, coldly and with no sense of respect or consideration, as he bullied her from the safety of his armor. The other trooper motioned to the shuttle and they clearly had no patience for the situation given the new nature of their orders and who issued them.

Nervous? Hardly. She was just impatient and wanted to get this entire thing over with. Their guns made her feel uneasy, but she knew that had orders. They were simply moving her from one position to another. There was no doubt in her mind if they disobeyed, they'd be punished. A little grunt from the barrel pressing into her back and she shifted her weight to keep the pressure off. "Where's this going?" Hissing when the gun was pressed harder into her back and she had no choice. Long strides carried her to the ship's ramp, booted feet colliding with the ramp when she ventured her way up it. Now she was nervous. That was clear. Getting onto a ship and having no idea who was on it or where they were going. "Hello?" Calling into the ship as her eyes looked around, trying to spot if anyone or anything was there.

The pilot in the cockpit of the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Sonthi could not be bothered with her at the moment, but as soon as she boarded the craft she ran her hand over the controls to raise the boarding ramp. "Strap yourself in ... or don't," Flight Officer Haven Anson dryly shouted back at the passenger compartment, before running her hands over the controls to activate the maneuvering thrusters that would blast the small shuttle off of the landing platform and into the lower atmosphere. This was something of a demotion for the dashing young Corellian pilot, but she had learned not to question her orders, and dutifully operated this system hopping milk run as if she were attacking a Rebel cruiser. "Someone must want you real bad," she said, revealing more than the serious ISB or Stormtroopers would have, as she descended the shuttle's wings to create its distinct profile. Gradually the blue sky faded away to reveal the darkness of space illuminated only by the distant presence of stars that lit the heavens. Without giving the 'passenger' any further warning she moved her hand over the hyperdrive controls the moment the navcomputer had downloaded the familiar coordinates of the Imperial Oversector capital, and in an instant the shuttle surged forward as it made the jump to lightspeed and the starscape became nothing but a surreal blue blur.

Lips twisting to the side when hearing the pilot's voice, Spark listened and did just that. Finding an empty seat, she plopped herself down onto it, and began fastening the straps to keep her in place. The pilot seemed to know what she was doing, because of how well she handled the ship. It made Spark wonder if the pilot used to be something more than a transporter. Both hands grasping the straps, clinging onto them to prepare herself for whatever may come next. Hearing the pilot's statement, Spark's attention looked towards her. "Want me? These guys don't even know me." Letting the pilot know that Spark wasn't around this sector. Right after she said those words, the sudden thrust caused Spark to be pushed back into her seat and she simply held on tight.

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