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Josh Barton, Sean Brandt, Christopher Levy, and Shawn Lovelett.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:33) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Derek Atio, Trooper Cullen, Jane Minersha, Trooper Jorra Morlo, Corporal Lovora Rikki, and Trooper Kanner Varrik.

Deep within the protection of the Ringali Nebula, Commander Derek Atio stood outside a large grouping of freighters and shuttles that kept the Alliance's Support Services operation. He clung to a datapad, looking it over, and attempting to correspond each container to the numbers in his inventory. He was not much of a clerk, but with weapons and equipment of this nature it was essential that the right cargo got to the right destination. Of a container full of medical supplies ended up on the front lines of Ralltiir, while a hospital was re-stocked with blaster rifles ... there would be dire consequences. With the Empire's ratcheting up of operations across the region, it seemed these resources were needed more and more.

Jane Minersha yawned a bit, running what might pass for a clean rag across her forehead to mop up some sweat. That escape was a close one, and one of those turbolaser shots hadn't quite been fully deflected by the shields. The matte black armor panel had been quite damaged, but fortunately, she kept spare parts aplenty for occasions like this. She had had to weld some together, but with some help from some of the stations droids, she had managed to remove the damaged plates, wrestle the replacement out of her cargo hold, cut it to shape, test for integrity, and fit it into place. It was all a bother. That gunner had been pretty good to hit her during that wild flight. Final welds in place, she set the torch on its hook, grabbed a durasteel headed sledgehammer, and tested the welds with a few good smacks. A hand scanner showed not even a stress fracture and, satisfied, she dragged the equipment back inside the ship. She would find some use for the damaged panel ... if anything she could make little trinkets ... or melt it down for scrap.

Ship armor was not the only sort that needed the occasional repairs and mending. The commando plate had served Corporal Lovora Rikki well, and in turn she spent no small amount of time buffing and cleaning and repainting as was needed. Lovora was, like many of the grunts involved in this war, full of the ideals that the Rebellion stood for, her head brimming with promises of freedom and the battle for the people. As she reported to the hangar bay where the ships were to be loaded, the sight was exactly the sort of thing sh had imagined; a lot like the shipping and receiving back home, but with a certain honest grunge about it. She hefted the Z-6 repeater onto her shoulder, her lips turned in a satisfied grin as she took it all in. Not that she had much time to do that.

"Hey, Love, over here!" Trooper Jorra Morlo. One of the guys she had come through the academy with, and an excellent rifleman. He motioned her towards the rest of the squad that would be serving escort for one of the ships, and Lovora jogged to catch up.

"Yeah yeah, I'm comin. Don't get your undersuit in a bunch, Frosty." The five of them walked together, finding their way to the ship they were assigned. As it happens, they were getting there just as the ship's captain was coming down from her repairs.

"No! This one goes here!" Derek yelled at one of the Gamorreans struggling to load cargo onto the Heretic's Avenger, and instead directed him towards the nearby Caritas Ascendant. "...and that one goes there!" he yelled over to the two Rodians operating a repulsorsled that was meant for Captain Minersha's craft. All he could do was sigh as he sunk deep into himself, checking off another two cargo containers on the manifest. "We'll have you loaded before too much longer, Jane," he said, as he saw her coming down the ramp. His attention then scanned towards the SpecForce personnel heading towards them. "Is that for here?" he asked, before turning his attention back to the pad.

Hammer resting on her shoulder, hair a bit of a mess, a big dark smear on her forehead where the 'passibly' clean rag had been used to wipe away sweat, Jane grumbled a moment before responding to Derek. "After this job, I need to resupply. Running missions for you takes its toll." running a quick inventory in her head, she had about three more hull panel replacements left for anything bigger than starfighter cannon damage, and other spare parts were getting thin besides. Weapons, fuel, and food were always well stocked, but when the rest of the ship was being neglected ... well ... her trail of thought drifted for a moment as she saw the rebel special troopers coming towards her ship. She gave the woman ... Lovena? Lovana ... Love something ... names had escaped her for a moment ... an appraising and somewhat apprehensive look. "You're here a little early." she said, another soft grumble escaping her lips as Sprocket came rolling quickly from a small door on the opposite end of the docking bay, pursued by an angry looking Ugnaught with a wrench. Dragging behind the R2 unit was a net with what looked like a scrapped R2 unit inside. A quick look said that was indeed what it was, and a warning glance at the short creature, given by the not too pleased looking blue woman weilding a heavy sledgehammer made the tech chasing her R2 unit think that the other way was a good direction to run. Attention back to the squad of troopers, she spoke again "I'm not leaving for at least another two hours."

Thanks to the casualty rate of the conflicts they had been involved in, Lovora had ended up head of the five, if only because the others had not reached the first class rank just yet. It was a sad situation, really, but when they were spread thin, it's simply how it had to be. They all seemed to be more buddies though, lacking an obvious leader, but Lovora was the one who spoke up when they were addressed...after offering a crisp salute to Commander Atio "Corporal Love, reporting for duty, Commander. We're the ones assigned to this ship." The use of nicknames was an old hold-over from the days of the clones; not all of the commando units had adopted it, but hers had. Some officers didn't approve, but unless told otherwise, they tended to stick to it. When Jane approached, she got much the same treatment, though Lovora looked a bit surprised at what she said. The others were a mix of similar surprise and confusion, but left it to Rikki to speak. "Oh, sorry Captain. We know how it is, yeah? Better early than late." The hints of a grin never seemed to abandon her lips, something of an ever present prideful myrth hanging about her.

Kanner Varrik wore the only thing he owned a beaten old Bantha hide jacket that now had a stain running down along the backside. He took very little pride in the fact that the sight of the stain was being obscured by the DC-15x rifle along his back. He made his way across the crowded deck. He caught sight of the Captain that he was told to report to, he made a grimace as he caught for a second between the fold of two soldiers that were arguing over a sabacc game he sheepishly hung back as the captain was already addressing a fellow trooper, and decided what the hell. "Trooper Kanner Varrik of the blind hawk bat commandos reporting for duty." He said, after readjusting his old cap.

Another soldier. Jane wondered if, just this once, she would be on a mission where she would not be shot at. Well ... she did not *really* mind being shot at, as long as she was not hit. Blaster scars were so unbecoming, and she was tired of repairing turbolaser damage. Her head swung to Varrik slowly. "I'm not leaving for another two hours. Why don't you folks relax for a little while, maybe grab some food?" She intended to do just that. It had been nearly twelve hours since the last time that She had refueled herself. And she was going to see if she could requisition five blaster pistols. If they worked, great. If not, she could fix them easily enough. A bit of time in a shower would not go amiss either. "The cargo is still being loaded in any case." She fished in one of her cargo pockets on her pants, pulling out what looked like a pair of finger length black cylinders, handing one to Love, the other to Varrik. "These will let you know when the ship is ready to leave." Doing nothing but thinking, the devices began to hum with vibration and gave three quiet beeps before settling down.

Another soldier showing up was a bit of a surprise, but a smile popped onto her face when she recognised the sniper who they'd picked up last time they were planet-side. All the same it was strange to have a newly assigned soldier. She took up where the Commander had to leave off while he worked on getting the shipments together. "Corporal Love. We're from Echo Company." She seemed about to say something more when a transmission came in. She took it over the comlink in her ear, and with a somewhat surprised look she glanced first to Kanner, then to the others. "Ok, new assingments in. Me and Varrik are with this one, you guys are two docks down. See you back home, I guess." They said their own goodbyes and headed for their assignments, while Lovora went to say something more to Kennar. She didn't get the opportunity, though, as the Captain...and their CO for the time as it seemed...spoke up. "As you say, Captain. It's your show. We're just here to make sure it goes smooth." She took the stick, giving it a few looks before tucking it into a pouch on her belt.

Kanner took the stick before slipping it into the top left corner pocket of his bdu jacket. "Great" he said, with a sigh. Since landing on the station it had been a constant flux of motion. He was half tempted to take another swig from the old flask in his jacket but decided against it with his new commanding officer a few feet away so instead he took in a slow breath. "Well I'll be in the down time lounge." He said, as he then turned and started to make his way through the crowded deck floor towards the makeshift lounge. When he arrived he wasn't surprised to see that every seat was taken, he let out a tired breath, and pulled off his rifle, and let it come to a rest against the wall, where there was only bit of free space. He could feel the pull of sleep but knew that it was going to be one of those days where he would not be able to crash until the mission was over. "All in the glory of restoring freedom to the galaxy." He muttered aloud.

A larger than average barabel stepped up to Kanner, and flashed his sharp teeth, "Do you have a problem, trooper?" the barabel asked, as it took hold of Kanner's bantha hide jacket, and lifted him a couple inches off the ground.

Kanner could feel the strap of the rifle dragging against his skin as he was lifted into the air, and he squeaked out, "Everyone knows the rules in the Downtime lounge no rank, no trouble." He said, as he reached into his jacket's lower right hand pocket, he could feel his fingers slip into the grooves of the vibro knuckler, he did not activate it. He was exhausted, and was about to go on a mission but he sure as hell didn't back down. "All I was saying was this isn't what I planned on, I didn't want any trouble." He said through gritted teeth.

"Well you have it now small one." The barabel hissed on it's s, as it said that it's coal black eyes narrowing as he tightened his grip upon Kanner's bantha hide jacket. Then he started to lift Kanner up even further the crowd around them started to part.

Kanner did not activate the vibro knuckler so he swung as hard as he could downwards into the face of the Barabel who screamed as the metal connected with his face. He twisted as best as he could in mid air, his side striking the table, Jana his DC-15x rifle knocked over three different drinks that belonged to a group of off duty engineers in the middle of a sabbacc game, simultaneously they all rose. "Sorry....could you guys deal me in?" He said with a chuckle, as he tried to catch his breath. He barely rolled out of the way as the barabel kicked at where he was a few seconds ago, then two of the engineers charged the barabel knocking him into a another group of people. His jacket was now a certified mess, and all around him people were now yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs, as the chaos spread out people were looking to alleviate their anger and they had found it. At the outline of the crowd he caught sight of a single MP screaming into his comlink, and suddenly everything was about to get a lot worst. He slid the vibroknuckler away into the back of his jacket, he checked his chrono the MPs would be here any minute it had only been a second to check the chrono. That's when a fist struck him across the face, his gloved hands striking against the shattered glass of former drinks. "Uhhhhh..." He managed to squeeze out of his lips as he felt a boot strike his right side a follow up to the heavy punch. Out of instinct he grabbed the leg of the being that was kicking him, following up by pushing up into a crouch sending them onto their back, and he swung hard as he could with is left fist, and then his right, between punches he caught sight of who he was fighting it was the Rodian CO from earlier. It brought him back to reality, and he climbed off of the Rodian, and started to weave himself through the crowd of people. He could feel his heart racing, and could barely feel the bruising beginning to blossom all over his body. That is when he reached the door and it opened with a hiss, he kept running right into a group of MPs who grab him, that is when he felt the device in his jacket started to vibrate, he produced the small device and then glanced back towards the man, and he let out a very low unheard whimper, he glanced at the name plate on the man's jacket, it read 'Cullen' he was 1.85-meters and looked like a human version of the barabel that had beaten the stuffing out of him in the lounge a few seconds ago.

"Let him go, we have to deal with the rest of the crowd." Cullen said, as he released Kanner. "If I find you were involved in this Trooper Varrik, you will be brought up on charges." Cullen said as he released Kanner, and produced a blaster, and started into the lounge.

Kanner watched as the door closed with a hiss behind them, he could hear the muffled chaos behind the door, and then the sound of a single blaster bolt, he assumed it was a stun bolt, and soon people were starting to file out in cuffs. Kanner did his best to slip between a few other officers and started to make his way back to the ship, the entire day had certainly not gone as well as he planned, he figured he might be brought up on charges post mission and that was what he was dreading. He made his way back to the freighter that he had arrived on, and started up the ramp he pulled his hat down a bit further to hide the shiner that was beginning form on his right eye.

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