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Nigel Casantini, Brandon Derive, Elisha Henn, Ishtar Hernandez, and Christopher Levy.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:3:20) in the Ralltiir system: Emissary.


Lieutenant Jinn Eston, Flight Lieutenant Hampton, Lieutenant Kerkos, Flight Lieutenant Bival Rhett, and Flight Officer Zan Shelby.


The mottled blue sky of hyperspace that the eye could not quite focus on fell away, as his X-wing emerged in space near Ralltiir. They would ventured further from their nebula base than ever before to keep the Imperials guessing at its location, and also to keep them on their toes by hitting them in vulnerable locations. Bival checked his instruments as information began populating his sensors. Ziggy reported nothing in the immediate area, and so Bival cast his attention back to his systems monitors while waiting for Zan to emerge from hyperspace, suppressing a yawn and rubbing at his eyes.

Zan held his breathe before entering his T-65B X-wing into hyperspace with an approach vector in the Ralltirr system. Zan pulled his nerve shaking hand onto the throttle, sending the craft into hysperspace. Zan felt nervous about something that had plagued his current dreams. Something that scarred him as a young teenager. It did not take too long until Zan Shelby's X-wing exited out of hyperspace and into the Ralltiir system. Zan checked his communications and flight control readings, they both read normal.

"Bring us out of hyperspace, Chip." Lieutenant Eston said to his executive officer. A scream from the engines and a small sonic boom were small signs of the ships presence, dropping out of hyperspace with no reason to suspect foul play, traveling along at a leisurely pace. It was routine.

Ziggy trilled mournfully as first a hyperspace signature and then an Imperial ship emerged from hyperspace in range of his scanners. Bival keyed his microphone as he flipped the switch to lock his S-foils in attack position. "Lock S-foils in attack position," he said over the comm, bumping his throttle up to attack speed and placing his hands on the flight controls.

Zan replied with a tint of sarcasm, "Oh great. This should be interesting." Zan placed his S-foils into the standard attack position, and prepared to throttle upward toward attack speed

Bival eyed up the Corellian Space Cruiser, centering it in his targeting reticule, hesitating for a moment, thinking to himself, "We better go. I've got a bad feeling about this." He activated his targeting computer, which swung out and turned on, showing a schematic representation of the Space Cruiser. He activated his comm to speak to Zan, "Switching to torpedoes. We're going in." In a brief moment, he closed the distance to the Space Cruiser and his targeting computer signaled him to fire. "Hits away!" he called as he pulled the trigger to fire two proton torpedoes.

The cruiser rocked with the powerful blow as blips and sounds of all types lit up on the consoles of the ship, all of them not good. Lieutenant Eston cursed under his breath as he fell forward on the controls. "Where was that fire coming from? Bring up the sensors, charge weapons! Evasive maneuvers!" he barked orders out, his words feigning complete control, as if he and his crew were not caught completely off guard.

Zan locked onto the cruiser with his head-up display and yell over the comm, "It's away" Signaling he had fired off his proton torpedoes toward the center of Corellian Engineering Corporation Space Cruiser.

Another powerful blow is struck against the cruiser. The lights on the bridge dim and sparks fly from various control panels. "Hull breach!" a crew member yelled. "Seal the breach! Hard to starboard!" was the Captain's reply, "Send out a distress signal! We won't last long against those fighters. Prepare another hyperspace jump and make it quick!"

Lieutenant Hampton, a pilot in the Ringali Shell Security Force picked up the Space Transport's distress call on his comlink. "Damn!" he said to himself, altering course to intercept the starfighters attacking the space transport. He looked at his head-up display and detected the two X-wings attacking the Space Cruiser. He activated his comlink, broadcasting to all ships in the system, "Attention pirates ... you must break off your attack now or I will be forced to fire upon you. Over."

Bival opened a channel to all ships to respond to the Z-95 rattling his saber, "Yeah, we'll deal with you in a moment. Imperial Space Cruiser, if you value your lives, power down your engines and defenses and surrender to me. Jettison in your escape pods and we will spare you your lives." Bival brought his X-wing around, switching over to his squadron's channel to speak to Zan, "Go for the engines. Make sure she doesn't escape." Bival targeted the Space Cruiser's engines with his targeting computer, lining his craft's nose up on the rear of the craft before squeezing the trigger to fire another round of proton torpedoes.

One final explosion and that was the end of the starship's existence, its cargo, officers and crew lost to the space and all its cruelties.

Bival swore, having once again destroyed a ship on attempting to force a surrender. He had hoped to maybe make up something for what happened last time and maybe retrieve a souvenir, but that was not his luck. He punched the comm to Zan again, stifling his curses, "Go after the Headhunter! He doesn't stand a chance against us."

Zan was leaning toward attacking the Z-95 Headhunter, but his morals inside himself were urging him toward withdrawing. Zan switched back to his laser cannons as the main purpose of fire, he did not want to destroy another ship nor end another life. It seemed the war was already getting to him. And yet Zan engaged the Z-95 Headhunter, even though he did not wish to. Zan spoke over the comm, "Corsair Seven, could you cover my six in case of any surprises"

"Two, I got your six. Let's take 'im down," Bival responded to his wingman.

Zan positioned the center of his head-up display onto the center of the Z-95 and fired off a volley of laser cannon burst fire.

Hampton grabbed control of his flight stick, and angled his ship away from the incoming laser fire. "Gaah," he groaned as the laser fire impacted the hull of his starfighter, but upon checking his sheild indicator he noticed no damage had been incurred. "Phew," he said as he toggled his weapon system over to concussion missiles. He maneuvered his craft towards the X-wing that had just fired upon him, and waited until he heard the familiar ding that indicated the missiles had locked. He squeezed back on his trigger unleashing two concussion missiles at the attacking X-wing.

Zan screamed over the comm with rage, "Corsair Seven, Corsair Seven, a little help here." The X-wing controls violently shake and rumble, while sparks fly from the control panel inside the cockpit. Zan was in terrible danger and in desperate need of help. Zan thought to himself, "Help Me Corsair Seven."

Bival watched as Zan's X-wing shuddered under the hits and then lost power to drift off into space with spider webs in his transparisteel cockpit and small jets of his cockpit's atmosphere venting into the void. He dialed his comm over to the Rebel emergency band and cursed before keying his microphone, "Rescue One, Rescue One, this is Corsair Seven. Corsair Two needs live retrieval. It's getting cold out here. Bogie is still in the area. I'll provide house cleaning while you're en route, over."

Zan just sat and waited for a possible rescue vessel to arrive and rescue him from his own mess. Maybe next time Zan should listen to his own morals for once. Zan looked toward the silent calm of space and though silently to himself, "I hope you blow that son of a bitch out of space Seven. Too bad you can't hear me."

Bival cursed again, swearing along to himself, "Zan, you hold on, buddy. We're gonna get you out of here." He rolled his X-wing over to bring the loitering Z-95 into his crosshairs while turning off his targeting computer. Switching over to his laser cannons, he set them to quad burst, intent on doing as much damage to this guy as possible. Bearing down on his target, he squeezed the trigger.

"Damn," Hampton cursed to himself as the laser fire impacted his starfighter's shields. He noticed that his shields had fallen to only one third remaining, and decided to stay in the fight. With his concussion missiles still selected he maneuvered his craft into the appropriate position behind the remaining X-wing. He grinned as his hand gripped the trigger, unleashing a second volley of concussion missiles at the X-wing.

The concussion missiles plowed into his shields from behind, throwing his ship forward as they drained his shields and scorched the rear of his ship, eliciting a warning yelp from Ziggy as Bival slammed into the controls of his ship.

Zan looked out of his cockpit window in shock and awe, thinking of the increasing possibility of ejecting into space. Zan did not want to do it, but he had very very little choice left. Zan gave a deadly look to the ejection controls, and took a deep, slow breathe. Zan strapped himself in tightly and yanked on the ejection controls sending Zan flying outward of his X-wing fighter. He feared the worst for his droid, Zef.

Bival cursed aloud, "Zan, I won't leave you, buddy! And I won't leave you to him!" Bival was enraged by the Z-95. "How could an inferior ship defeat me?" he thought to himself as he pulled his stick back and to the left, rolling around to fall into position behind his slower pursuer, his finger tensing on the trigger stud to fire his laser cannons at the Z-95.

Despite Hampton's skills as a pilot, the laser cannons from the attacking X-wing impacted nearly dead on. Sparks flew through his cockpit as his shields were completely down, and his hull was reduced to only fifty-percent. For a moment he considered his options, and then decided that dying for the Galactic Empire was not in his best interests at the moment. He reluctantly maneuvered his craft back towards Ralltiir, and accelerated to his top speed.

Bival grimly lowered his throttle while pulling his X-wing around to target Zan's X-wing. Mission doctrine required that he destroy the craft so that no trace may fall into Imperial hands. He squeezed the trigger, crimson bolts of energy leaping across the distance to strike his wingman's craft.

Zan watched as Corsair Seven fired upon and destroyed his former X-wing ship. Zan prayed that His droid Zef survived the explosion, but he was starting to lose hope and Zan began to feel tired. Zan felt extremely tired, like he wanted to sleep. Zan possibly would not last much longer without medical attention, hopefully Zan would be alive in time when the and Zan he could still see Corsair Seven making sure the area was safe enough and not leaving a friend behind.

All hope was not entirely lost for the stranded pilot, as it were and after a long pause. "Copy that, Seven" crackled over the communication line. The YT-1300 Scavenger made a jump forward into hyperspace, only to drop a few moments later into the close proximity of the transmitted coordinates. Lieutenant Kerkos caught sight of the ejected pilot and maneuvered closer before giving the OK to deploy a rescuer to retrieve Zan.

Bival tipped and waggled his wings at his wingman who he could see was slowly drifting in space in his jumpsuit, so close and still so unreachable because there was nothing he could do for him now as a voice emerged from the static-filled silence of his scrambled communications system.

Bival pulled his craft around for another pass to ensure the safety of his wingman and rescuer. No way was he going to leave before Zan was safely aboard the YT-1300.

Kerkos only waited long enough for Zan to be pulled aboard before sealing the doors.

Bival locked his S-foils into cruise position while Ziggy calculated the return jump to hyperspace. Moments later, his X-wing disappeared from the area, the only sign of their trespassing the debris floating through the dead of space.

Zan felt very weak, the weakest since Zan was captured during occupation of Naboo and was questioned by interrogation droids while aboard an Imperial cruiser. Zan could barely keep his tired eyes open and was in dire need of medical attention. Next time he would listen to his mind first, hopefully Zan would survive the night.

The ship slowed, humming softly before a slight shudder launched the YT-1300 into hyperspace after the X-wing.

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