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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:32) in the Essesia system: Kwai and Retributor.
Commander Allegra Ames, El-Nay Darr, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Commander Sierra Rodney, and Colonel Arden Zevrin.

The flight from Delaya to Esseles had been a somber affair with very few words exchanged by the irregular group of Rodneys and staff that crammed into the Lambda-class shuttle Kwai. When the swirling blue column of hyperspace faded away, transitioning into a vibrant starfield and the distant planet of Esseles and the bulk of his fleet he exhaled a sigh of relief. "Well ... looks like I can still use a navicomputer," he said, in a bit of black comedy, before he began programming an approach vector towards his massive command ship ... the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Retributor. As he looked next to him at the injured Sierra he tried to offer a smile, but it was hard. She was injured. Kerrie was in the rear of the shuttle injured. Ewwiekewwieikkie was burping up gemstones. They needed to get everyone to a doctor, but he did not even know if Doctor Tohan survived the Battle of Delaya. His hands slowly made his way to the controls as he began accelerating towards the Retributor. "This is the Kwai. Requesting landing clearance," he said, before transmitting the clearance code to the ship. The bridge crew was shocked to hear the Grand Moff's voice. He had not been aboard in more than two months and they never recalled him piloting his own ship before.

Sierra couldn't even recall a majority of the flight from Delaya to Esseles. She fought in and out of consciousness while mentally cursing the cat who had injured her. Today, she had learned a lesson: she would never fight a Cathar again. She did her best to keep the pain at the edges of her mind. Worries filled her for her family, Kerrie, and the planet that they had left behind. She knew she needed to get to a doctor, but Pilaq had been on Delaya... *Pilaq*... She stared out into space, hoping that he had managed to survive. "Mmm..." She groaned softly, realizing that they had reached the Retributor. Imperials wanted to arrest her by whatever false pretenses that Papius Arundel had set. She trusted her husband's judgment and allowed him to take the wheel on this one.

...But why was Ewwiekewwieikkie burping up gemstones?

She looked at him, offering him her own small smile. "We can figure everything out..." She mumbled to him. She sat up, peeling her bloody backside from her seat. "Ugh." She felt like throwing up. All the intensity of the battle was crashing down on her. They were granted access back to the Retributor, a relief. "El-Nay, how's Kerrie holding up back there?" She asked. That poor Clawdite had been through so much abuse lately. She worried that Kerrie wouldn't make it. She worried that *she* wouldn't make it. She internalized much of her pain to keep her husband from losing his sanity. Right now, she needed to hold onto the last of her strength.

"She's fucking shot," El-Nay replied, dryly to Sierra from the rear compartment of the shuttle, as she sat, applying a primitive bacta batch to the wound. "...but all things considered this is one of the less serious wounds I've seen her with," she said, with a snort, from beneath her helmet because she did not want to face what has happening exposed. She could feel the wings of the shuttle fold up as the shuttle entered the belly of the massive dreadnought. "Um. I just shot a Storm Commando Captain, and I'm pretty sure I heard them say you were a fugitive," she said, nodding her head towards Sierra. "...are you sure we should be here?" she asked, as she looked out the viewport at the countless Imperial officers, Stormtroopers, and miscellaneous personnel who filled the hangar bay.

"Thank you for the report, Miss Sass." Sierra groaned. "I guess that's comforting..." Poor Kerrie. She was going to invest in a bubble for that woman. El-Nay's question was answered with silence at first. "Mhm. Claudius knows what he's doing. This is also the only place where we're going to get the medical attention we need. No matter what happens, I need you to not cause a scene." She didn't know how Claudius was going to work the fake offenses from Sierra's record. She had seen Papius' order. He was calling her out as a Rebel sympathizer. He thought she was aiding the Rebellion, which was something she had never done. When the ship came to a stop, Sierra removed her seat belt but remained seated. Her hands met with her face. She didn't know the best course of action. Would a peaceful surrender keep her family from suffering? She peered at Claudius from between her fingers. She wished that time would freeze. They could go relax on the Sea islands instead of panic over what came next.

"Thank you for the vote of confidence," Claudius told Sierra, but as he landed the Kwai on the deck of the Retributor he had not a clue what he was doing. It simply was the only place left to him where he had people he could trust. He had handpicked and trained this crew during his time in the Imperial Navy. If Arden Zevrin had not replaced them all he knew he could count on them. As he moved from his seat he was careful to help Sierra up, moving her delicately to the rear of the shuttle. "You ... take Commander Kiley to sickbay. Do nothing. Say something," he said, as he pointed his finger directly on the visor of the Mandalorian's help. He then turned his attention to Ewwiekewwieikkie who hiccuped up a priceless gem. "What ... what did you do?!" he asked Drusilla, angrily, as he rolled his eyes. "Oh I don't have time for this!" he said, as he threw his hands up in the air dramatically. He would deal with the children later. As he lowered the ramp he could see a group of Imperial officers had already gathered. "Medic!" he called out, as he helped Sierra down the ramp.

Commander Allegra Ames, Operations Officer, moved swiftly towards the Grand Moff and his entourage. "When we heard about Delaya we feared the worst," she said, before motioning to the crew members to help Sierra and Kerrie onto a stretcher. "The HoloNet is reporting that your own guard led an uprising, aided by the Rebellion, which was successfully put down by Imperial forces under Papius Arundel," she said, dutifully, with a firm nod of her head as she walked with him. She was careful not to tell him too much ... as the images they had received were nothing short of horrific. "The Rebels will pay for what they did, milord," she said, as she resumed her capacity of chief asskisser aboard the Retributor. She gave a look towards the Governor's wife and Commander Kiley, biting her lower lip and frowning. "It looks like you barely made it out," she said, before noticing that he was wearing an Alderaanian robe rather than his uniform. She reserved comment, but the Imperial sycophant clearly did not approve.

She trusted him with her entire being no matter how dark the situation was. It seemed that everything had come crashing down around them. It took so much strength to move even with Claudius' help. She clung to him. "I.. I'm sorry I can't be with you during all of this.." She whispered, giving into the fact that she needed to take care of herself and their baby. To her disapproval, she was loaded onto a stretcher. She turned her head towards her husband. "C-Claudius..." Everything ached. She was so lightheaded. At long last, Sierra gave in to pain. Her head fell on the plush stretcher and she passed out. Tears continued to roll down her cheeks. She couldn't be by her husband's side.

El-Nay Darr blinked under her helmet when Sierra passed out, finding the whole situation of the past two days to have been the most dramatic of her young life. She need a cigarra. Once Kerrie was situated on the stretcher, her attention turned to Drusilla and Ewwiekewwieikkie. "Hey, kid. Where are you going with that Squib?" she said, rubbing her hands together. She had yet to be paid for all of our assistance, and with the way things were going she had series doubts in their ability to pay.

It was some time before Sierra Rodney regained consciousness. She endured some time in the bacta tank where the deep claw wounds on her back and head healed. Her arm was popped back in place, a painful occurrence that she would feel gratitude for not being awake to experience. She was laying in the medical bay in a recovery bed *alone*. Kerrie was gone. El-Nay was gone. "Mmm..." There were IVs pumping fluids into her and numerous monitors hooked up to who knew where. When her eyes opened, she recalled *everything*. She closed her eyes tight. She wasn't ready to face reality. What if something had happened while she slept? What if she had lost Bruce to the Cathar in the Alderaan Guard headquarters? She quietly began to cry. She couldn't do it. She couldn't do it without *Claudius*.

Claudius Rodney had moved into the Retributor's sickbay to be beside Sierra. He was exhausted and he needed a shower, but he did not move from the chair next to Sierra's bed. Allegra had brought him datapads containing reports of Zevrin and Thanor's actions while he was away on Delaya, but he had not even picked one of them up. He had skipped a briefing planned by Meham'ohorovi'cloca to show him the tactical situation and ignored all efforts of the medical staff to offer him food or even some water. He was traumatized by what happened to his wife, his family, and to his people. He did not even know what members of the family were still alive. Was Jelena back with the Rebels? Where were Marcus and Zara? And, what had happened to Pilaq? Most of all ... what had become of his mother. He could not get the image of the burning ruins of Leiliani that he witnessed from the viewport of the Kwai as they left the planet. Governor Arundel would pay for his crimes, but from what he briefly heard from the Lieutenant the Empire had credited him with a 'victory' over the Rebellion. It seemed he was out of step with the Imperial regime. When he heard Sierra murmur he almost leapt out of his chair, before leaning forward over the guardrail of her bed. "Sierra? Sierra speak to me," he pleaded ... he could not get through this without her.

Her eyes flew open the instant she heard his voice. All of the monitors indicated a significant increase in the beating of her heart. She wiped away the tears, grasping one of his hands with one of her own. "Claudius.." Relief washed over her. There were so many unknowns. His home planet had been wrecked by the war between the Rebels and the Imperial forces. No one knew what had happened to the remainder of their family. There were so many horrible things happening but Sierra still had *her* immediate family. "You haven't been taking care of yourself..." She chastised him, life lighting up in her eyes briefly. She looked towards the monitors, attempting to make sense out of them ... and failing miserably. Her throat felt dry. It was hard to verbalize her first question. "Is... is Bruce okay?" She was desperate to know. She could never forget what it was like to lay beneath the Cathar as she attempted to squash her, fearing the worst for her baby.

Tears began to well up in the corner of Claudius' weary eyes as he saw Sierra come back to consciousness and speak to him. It was a small ray of light in the darkest of days he had ever known. "I have others to take care of," he said to her, as he reached across to place his hand reassuringly upon her stomach. He then stood up and reached over her, pulling down a monitor so that she could see it. He pressed the activation button bringing up live 3D imaging of the very healthy fetus that would become their son to her. "He is fine," he told her, before moving back down to the seat so she could get an unobstructed view of the monitor and see for herself.

"You do. I'll be resuming my responsibility of taking care of you then." Her hand brushed over his cheek. They had each other. In the end, that was what Sierra needed to make it through another day. She felt reassured before he showed her the monitor by the way he touched her stomach. She quietly watched him turn on the monitor. It didn't matter how many times she saw him, the sight of Bruce always shocked her and touched her deeply. She stared at the monitor which depicted a picture of their son looking more like a baby than ever. His individual fingers were sprawled out. It looked like he was happy cuddling inside of his mommy. Tears rushed to her eyes before she could stop them. Claudius had set her free from a huge stresser. Her baby boy had survived. Her head turned to look at her husband. "He's okay." She sniffed. "He's okay..." She leaned forward as much as she could to wrap him up in her arms. She was back. She would not be removed from his side again. She would be here through every step of this recovery. Over his shoulder, Sierra could still see the monitor. She started laughing in between crying. "Oh my goodness, Claudius, look." Bruce had turned. It was easier to see his developing facial features. But what was that? Was that... Was that ... a Rodney pout?!

Claudius was crying too, although he was too exhausted to realize it. As he looked at the image of his future son on the monitor he was overcome and finally, after the ordeal that they had all been through, his resolve broke and he became a sniveling mess of a man. It was as if a great dam had broken in each of his eyes as suddenly a torrential wave of tears flowed from them. "I have failed," he revealed to Sierra, before leaning forward and burying his blubbering face against her torso. What had transpired had affected him in such a way that he was only beginning to realize. The mammoth scale of what had happened was crushing him like a giant weight. He did not know what to do next. He was *scared*.

Sierra held him tightly. It was time for him to crumble. The backlash of what had happened would hurt them for a long time. At first, she said nothing. She wanted him to release everything that he'd been holding back. Her hand ran over his back to comfort him. Her chin rested on his head. "No. No you didn't." She whispered to him. The weight that was crashing on him was so massive that it seemed visible. There was Sierra, determined to help him hold up the weight. Her other hand moved through his hair. "Why are you blaming yourself, Claudius? You've spent your whole life making sacrifices for Delaya and working for the better of that planet. This isn't a reflection of you." The determination was back in Sierra's voice. She held him to her, showing him that it was okay to lean on her. When she couldn't stand by herself, she depended on him. Likewise, she was here to keep him up.

The medical gown that Sierra had been changed into while unconscious was now stained in his tears as he used their time alone to unleash all of the pain and hurt that he had been subjected to this day. "I sacrificed nothing," Claudius admitted, as he pulled his head up from her stomach to look at her. "Over the past two decades I had hardly spent any time on Delaya. I lost touch with my people. I saw *none* of this coming," he admitted to her, as his hands moved over her body, desperately searching for her hands so that he could cling to them. "Was Jelena right?" he asked her, and then broke eye contact, instead choosing to look at the floor. He already knew the answer, but he needed to hear it from Sierra.

Both of her hands connected with his. Her fingers locked in between his. It felt like their hands was the only thing stopping the couple from being blown away by the events of the day. "No one saw this coming. It was unpredictable. Even if you had been more present on Delaya, it would have ended the same. It all happened so quickly." She pressed her forehead into his affectionately. When everything had been destroyed so thoroughly, Sierra wasn't entirely sure how to go about fixing everything. Somehow they'd rebuild, piece by piece. His question was one that she knew the answer to. She realized it when Jelena had departed to join the Rebellion. "Yes," she said just quietly enough for him to hear it. Back in the Retributor, she had no doubt that eyes were watching them. She leaned forward, her mouth lingering near his ear. "I had to let her go. She belongs with them." They needed more places to hide. Until her arrest warrant was undermined, they couldn't return back to their home on Esseles. She wished she could read her husband's mind to see where he was at with everything. All along, it was them who had been wrong. She continued to cling to him. "Can we take the family back to Esseles?" There was so much to talk about.. So much to say where the ISB couldn't hear them.

Claudius sunk when Sierra confirmed his suspicions that his daughter may have known more than he gave her credit for. Now it was too late to have that discussion with her. As much as he hated to admit ... perhaps she was better off. When she spoke of Esseles a smile appeared on his face for the first time all day. "Yes. Yes I would like that," he said to her, as he leaned back in his chair, and began to dry his eyes. "I have no idea what Drusilla and Ewwiekewwieikkie were up to..." he said, shaking his head, before bringing his hand up to rub the side of his head. He still had two children left in his care to watch over with a third on the way. He still had time to make things right and be a better father. "I would resign if the Emperor would let me..." he said, without even realizing he said it, but he knew all too well that His Majesty would never allow such a public break. If he ever left the Empire he now knew he would suffer the same fate as the rest of the Alderaanians.

She was slow to sit herself up all the way. Everything felt much better. She scooted towards the edge of the bed, dangling her legs off of it. Seeing his smile brought one to her own face. They were going back to the only home they really knew. Her hands gently dried his eyes. There would be more tears shed for Delaya, tears which she'd be right there to catch. "Is Ewwiekewwieikkie still throwing up gems..?" She rose from the bed. She began to remove the monitors which were stuck to her skin. Both of her hands rested on his shoulders. It was surprising to hear him say that he would resign if the Emperor would allow it. She wondered...really wondered hard if that was an option. Arden Zevrin could continue her evil ploys without harassing Claudius and his family. If he remained as a Grand Moff, that damn woman was going to put him in an early grave. "Shh..." She said, kissing him suddenly to stop him from saying anything more. She didn't want people out hunting her husband. "Let's go home. We have much to talk about." She adjusted until she was only holding one of his hands. She cared not for the fact that she only wore a hospital gown. They were *leaving*. She began guiding him away from the sickbay. Where were the girls?

"Easy!" Claudius said when he saw Sierra begin the process of getting up. "What are you doing? The doctors aren't finished with you yet," he chastised her, going into full overprotective mode for both her and their unborn son. "I am not carrying you through the flightdeck in front of all of my officers dressed only in that!" a red faced Claudius told her, as she was moving much faster than he expected. "The last time I saw her ... she was ... I don't know what to do about Drusilla. She's incorrigible," he told her, but before his protests could continue her kiss came and he was silenced. He was momentarily silenced by her passionate kiss, but after a few silent blinks he regained his composure and renewed his determination. "At least let me get you a uniform!" he pleaded, trying to reason with her. He had learned quick that once she made up her mind there was no stopping her.

Sierra was guilty of having one mode: high speed. She wasn't good at taking it easy until her body physically demanded it of her. She realized that she was doing nothing good for her husband by acting like she hadn't just taken a beating on top of being fifteen weeks pregnant. Even Pilaq had told her she needed to take it easy... Pilaq... She stopped. On top of her recovering body, the gown's open back showcased more of her body than she was content with other people seeing. Her cheeks turned red. Point taken. "Okay, *okay*. Can you get me a uniform? I'll have the doctor check up on me one more time before we go home." Claudius had won. She lowered herself back down on the bed. Admittedly, she still felt so weak. Her head rose. "I love you, I'm sorry. I promise I'll take it easy from here on out." No more raiding enemy headquarters or doing wild things to ensure even Dru's safety. For once, she needed to start giving herself some attention. She'd seen that pouting little baby boy. He reminded her of how much she wanted him to arrive at the appropriate time, healthy. Though she had never admitted it to Claudius, she, too, had wanted a son for some time.

When Claudius heard his wife instruct him to get her a uniform it became clear who wore the pants in the marriage, and where he stood. "Yes, milady," he said, with a dramatic bow, before departing sickbay and moving through the corridors of the massive vessel. As he walked through the corridors he could feel the eyes of the crew upon him ... judging him for wearing his Alderaanian attire. He began to move more swiftly, gasping for air once he reached the privacy and safety of the turbolift. As it slowly ascended the the command tower he could not wait to get down to Esseles. When the lift came to a stop he moved to their quarters, where he quickly gathered the cream and black uniform of the Imperial Security Bureau for her. He looked at his own grey-green uniform hanging in the closet and decided they would all have a much easier time if he changed into it. When he was dressed he moved back through the behemoth of a vessel until he returned back at Sierra's room in the sickbay. He paused, dramatically trying to catch his breath as he moved to the chair. "They're building these ships too big," he said, with a soft chuckle, before he laid out Sierra's uniform at the foot of her bed for her. "Is there anything else you need, milady?" he asked, before flashing her a quick smirk.

She laughed at his dramatic bow. She wasn't trying to order him, promise! As she said, she had the sickbay doctor look over her. The man warned her about making sure she rested and didn't over do it. He reminded her that she was pregnant, something that needed to finish sinking inside of her erratic mind. The doctor had not been gone long when Claudius returned to her room. She saw him, dressed in his grey-green uniform once more. It felt symbolic of the fact that their life would be centered around the Empire once more. "When I'm well again, I'll give you piggy back ride through the corridors." She giggled softly. What a scene that would be! She opened up her gown and slipped out of it. Her body was looking flawless again thanks to the healing powers of bacta. There were no bruises or reminiscence of the Cathar's claws. Her eyebrows rose. "Well... Do you have any of that Auntie Mae's ice cream?" She teased him. Sierra slid into her top. She grasped her trousers next, sliding into them from the side of the bed. She stood, attempting to button them repeatedly until the button popped off of them. "Oh gez..." She gave up, adjusting her cream top to cover the pants she couldn't button. "Am I acceptable, dear?" She asked him, twirling slowly in front of him to showcase the fact that she *really* needed a new uniform. Her belt sat awkwardly on her stomach. She didn't even bother shoving her feet into her boots. That wasn't happening. "Let's go find our daughters." She smiled.

When Sierra mentioned Auntie Mae's ice cream his heart sunk even further than it already had. He suspected it was now near his ankle. "Zara ... she was going to the medcenter ... do you think..." he said, not finishing the thought. He did not have to. Sierra would know the question he meant to ask. When she appeared dressed before him barefoot, he shook his head at her, knowing what the other officers would think. "Not without some footwear!" he insisted, before bending down and picking up her finely polished black boots. "I didn't care these all the way down from our quarters just to leave them here, young lady," he said, before raising his right index finger and wagging it at her.

Zara... She thought of her *very* pregnant sister-in-law. Oh no... She froze. "She must have gotten away..." What of Marcus? Livia? Jelena? It seemed like they would never know who had survived and who was lost forever. Sierra made a face at her husband. "You're a terrible servant!" He was making her laugh again. He *always* was the ray of sunshine in her life. At the darkest of times, he still made her feel alive. It was these times in her life that reminded her how much they were made for each other. Sierra slid her feet into the highly uncomfortable boots and finally, she was ready. She gave last desperate attempt to look professional by patting down her hair with her hand. "Can I have you seal of approval now, Governor?" She winked, rising from the bed in a much better place than when she had been placed there. "We'll find the girls if we follow the trail of gems... Poor Ewwiekewwieikkie." She wasn't moving around nearly as quickly as normal.

The door to the room opened suddenly revealing the unmistakable presence of Arden Zevrin. The young, blonde ISB officer had been watching from her office as the couple dealt with their dramatic, unexpected, and *unwanted* return. She raised her gloved hand, which was balled into a fist, and rapped it against the door that was already opened three times. "Knock, knock!" she said with obnoxious pleasantry, before she sauntered over to Claudius and Sierra. "So wonderful to see you both back. You've been gone too long. You were always forgotten," she said, before winking softly at Sierra. "*Almost*," she said, with a quick snort. "I hope I'm not interruption," she said, before she slid over to the bed Sierra had vacated. When she sat down she bounced her several times, grimacing. "Not very comfortable," she added, before looking up at them. It was then that she puffed out her chest, debuting her new rank insignia. It seemed that she had been promoted to Colonel in their absence. Quite the achievement for the manipulative woman. She looked at Sierra, pursing her lips, as she considered what she was witnessing. "Leaving so soon? You only just got here," she said, before lowering her lips into a frown. When they left she hoped to never see them again, but despite her best efforts with Gaius Rodney here they stood ... alive and well.

"Much better," Claudius said with a smile, as he saw Sierra completely dressed in uniform. He was preparing to leave the room with her when the door opened and he was greeted with the most unpleasant site in the galaxy ... Arden Zevrin. His displeasure could not be contained and a pained look quickly came over his face, before he looked up dramatically and audibly groaned. He had almost forgotten that she would be here waiting for them when they got back. As he looked over her insignia he noticed the promotion and came to the conclusion she had been rewarded, rather than punished, for the actions he considered to be heinous. He wanted to get down to Esseles more than ever. "Actually, we are," he said, sternly, as he glared at her.

There was one person that she did not want to see above all others: Arden Zevrin. Her signature blonde hair was the first part of her that Sierra saw. Like Claudius, her face sunk immediately as the witch entered the room. She inched closer to him. Her eyes followed Arden like a hawk. Sierra would not be placed back under thumb by the woman who enlisted her to seduce Claudius. Arden had made a mistake by uniting them... At least, that's what Sierra thought. She glared at the woman. Her tongue tapped the top of her mouth, readying to spout the words that she hoped would bring her down. Instead, she stopped herself. It seemed that the woman had received a promotion in their absence. It made her sick that people like Arden were being rewarded. The games she played were pathetic and terrible. "I'm sure we'll be seeing you around," Sierra said as her parting words. The woman had gained power over Claudius because of her. She had seen it before. He'd rather sign away people's deaths than see her executing. Clenching his hand, she led him away from the room with not another word to Arden. "I think that's our cue to leave."

Finding Ewwie and Dru was easier than Sierra thought it would be. They hadn't made it far from where the shuttle had landed. "Drusilla!" The sound of her voice said that her youngest daughter was in trouble for pumping the Squib full of jewels. She bent down near the furrier of her daughters. "Ewwiekewwieikkie... How are you feeling..." She looked concerned. She wondered how many gems would come out of the poor girl before she was empty.

Drusilla was busy tickling Ewwiekewwieikkie. Each time she tickled her the Squib became giggling loudly, which caused her to cough up some of the gemstones she had been force fed. When the gems came up, Ewwiekewwieikkie began to cry, and roll over onto her side, but Drusilla was much too busy polishing and cleaning the gems to care. She figured she had rescued about half of the gems so far. If she did not get them out of her adopted sister before they were digested it was going to take a lot of disinfectant to clean them and gloves ... definitely gloves. "Oh. Sierra. Glad to see you're all right," she said to her, without even looking up, as she arranged what was left of the family jewels all around her.

Ewwiekewwieikkie laughed hysterically each time Drusilla tickled her, causing her to flail about violently until she coughed up another gem. Throwing up over and over hurt her and each time it happened she started to cry, but before she could get too sad she started laughing from more tickling. "Sierra!" she said, bouncing up and giving her a big hug, which applied more pressure to her belly and caused her to spit up a rather large stone onto her chest. "Ooh shiny," she said, as she looked at it. But then she began to cry again, rubbing her own belly. "Tummy hurts. Tummy hurts. I need ice cream!" she declared, before coughing and producing another gem. "Shiny!" she said, before starting to cry again.

What... what was she even watching here?! "Uh, thanks for your consideration Drusilla..." Before her eyes, Sierra watched Ewwiekewwieikkie cough up a gem. Her face shrunk even more than when she had seen Arden. She felt terrible for her daughter! She embraced her a tad bit too tightly which resulted in a large stone appearing on her chest. Given its size, she wondered how Ewwie had ever gotten it down her throat... then back up. "Let's get you home, Ewwiekewwieikkie. We'll get your tummy feeling better and then I'll get you some ice cream." Sierra promised the little Squib. "We're all going back to Esseles now. Come on, Dru." Sierra plucked the gem off of her chest and handed it to Drusilla. "Don't you have a large handbag you could have used?! She's your sister!" With the Rodney family gathered and in semi-good condition, they all headed back to the Kwai shuttle to rest and begin recovery from the events on Delaya. Sierra watched Claudius anxiously. She hoped he'd be okay when all was said and done.

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