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Sean Brandt, Christopher Levy, and Shawn Lovelett.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:28) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Captain Serra Eona, Sergeant Major Jonas Garrett, Kia Kaen, and Canna Omonda.

"Deep Orbit, Essesia System. Prisoner Detention Block, Imperial Star Destroyer Warspite. Preliminary Interrogation of Prisoner RA-B one-seven, Canna Omonda, former Senator of Chandrila. Captain Serra Eona of Imperial Intelligence, Operations Bureau, presiding. Sergeant Jonas Garrett, Imperial Security Bureau, assisting." The official log was opened with those words, spoken with the even calm that so characteristic of the Captain. She sat, legs crossed, hands resting in her lap, dressed in the subdued black uniform that, despite lacking the showmanship of the more overt forces of the Empire, carried with it the full terror and dread of Imperial Intelligence. Omonda had been brought in prior to either of them, placed in the chair and left in silence for several hours. After the open of the log a silence was allowed to linger, her stern but passive expression leveled on Canna, utterly unwavering. Only after several minutes did she speak. "Prisoner RA-B one-seven, please state your full name." So the process began.

The young woman sat in a mostly darkened room, the light of the data padd she was working on casting a blue-white glow up on her features, leaving her face in stark contrast. Kia Kaen knew something had happened, there was a minor buzz going on about some prisoner, and the ships logs showed a prisoner transfer onto the ship. She had piggy-backed onto Zevrin's data feeds when she copied the information Serine had ordered her to get, so she had to just find the right cell, and listen in. Coming in at the middle of the rather official sounding intro, she called up the names of the people mentioned, pulling up a brief bit of information about the two names she'd heard, Serine had only told her not to damage anything or leave the room. Nothing was said about spying on the rest of the ship. "This looks promising," She was talking to herself, but that was nothing new either, calling up an internal messaging system she would start sending the proper commands to initiate a silent connection between Serra's datapad and her own. Humming quietly to herself.

Jonas Garrett sat in silence across from the prisoner, he wore a cream tunic with solid black pants tucked into polished black boots. Jonas' steel blue eyes observed the woman as she sat there, before her a steaming cup of caf which he had placed. So far the woman's actions showed she was rational to a point. Jonas leaned back into his chair, and glanced off to the side the Captain hadn't ordered for any tools so he waited, with his hands in his lap, watching her awaiting the next order. The past ten minutes he had been tapping his left forefinger against the table every half a minute for ten second intervals attempting to gain some sort of reaction out of the woman to gauge her.

The former Chandrila Senator had been humbled by her experiences this past day, and her mind lingered on the brave security force that had fallen in a vein effort to protect her. As she sat in the cold, unforgiving durasteel chair she could feel a twinge of discomfort in her back and hind quarters ... it was different from the plush, upholstered chair she had occupied only one day ago. Her expressionless eyes looked back at the Captain, wondering how much longer she would be subjected to this boorish behavior before she would meet her fate. "You know my name, Captain," she said, both exhausted and disgusted, before rolling her eyes and tilting her head downwards.

The look from Garrett was, of course, noticed, but she made no physical or clear acknowledgement of it. She simply watched Canna, waiting patiently for whatever reply she would give. What eventually came wasn't surprising in the least. It was the very sort of thing that Serra expected, really. "Prisoner RA-B one-seven, please state your full name." The words were repeated with near perfect precision. It was all part of the process, after all. It took time and calm effort to break down a prisoner to the point of being useful. Some could be broken faster than others, of course, but it was always just a matter of time.

Garrett stopped tapping as soon as the questioning started, he leaned back into his chair since he was not running this current operation or interrogation. Jonas remained silent his gloved hands sliding up to the table, and glanced towards the Captain asking if he was required or not with just a look.

"Oh all right ... if only to speed this process up," Canna relented, releasing a deep seeded sight of frustration and despair. "Canna Omonda," she began, as she raised her head up to make eye contact with the female officer opposite her. "Senator Canna Omonda," she repeated, correcting herself, and adding the appropriate level of emphasis on her former title. "Now do get on with it," she insisted, folding her arms defiantly in front of her chest.

"Let the record show that Canna Omonda has been removed from her senatorial position." Spoken as a simple fact. The data pad was given a small shift, lined up with the corner of the table. Once more she felt the look from Garrett; when she settled her hand in her lap, that was his cue to stand down for the moment. He would undoubtedly be needed, but not just yet. "It is known to Imperial Intelligence that you have had frequent and friendly contact with the terrorist movement known as the Rebellion. Please explain, in detail, the nature of your relationship with the Rebellion." There was no doubt that Garrett would be coming into play shortly as they got into this part.

Jonas relieved for the moment, as he waited for Canna's response. The lack of tools would mean he would have to get his hands dirty, he slid the gloves off from his hands very slowly, and neatly folded them up in to the corner of the table, before reaching over to the middle and taking her cup of Caf.

"The Emper- the Chancellor had no authority to disband the Senate. I will go to my grave representing the people of Chandrila as their lawfully elected representative," Canna said defiantly in response to the Captain's dismissal of her title. "I know of no such 'rebellion', Captain. I only know of the free people of Chandrila exercising their rights as free beings against the tyranny of your master," she chastised defiantly, a flush of color coming to her ornately formed cheeks.

Kia's interest was certainly peaked at the mention of the Rebellion, she hadn't been able to learn anything about them really other than propaganda, and that had irritated the young woman, quietly typing on the datapad, an anonymous question would pop up in chat bubble style in the corner of the datapadd, "What did the prisoner do in the meetings with the Rebellion? Could you ask that? Are you going to hurt the prisoner? Why was the Senate disbanded?" They were rather bold questions and her youth was plainly evident, but the connection didn't flag as hostile, so it was clearly an Imperial signal generating the question bubbles.

"Are you then, Canna Omonda, admitting that the population of the planet which you formerly represented have chosen open rebellion against the right and just law of the Galactic Empire? If this is the case, then we will have no option but to consider the entire planet under terrorist control. Considering that you once served alongside the Emperor prior to being relieved of your duties, I'm sure you understand what that would mean for Chandrila." It was only after she said this that she noticed the little questions popping up on the data pad. A brow lifted and she picked it up, glancing over the transmission briefly before passing it to Garrett with a pointed look. "See to this." She had no intention of revealing to the prisoner that something strange was going on, but even though it was an Imperial signal, she didn't want to take any risks.

Jonas' eyes shifted to the datapad's screen from Canna, his fingers slid over and took hold of the datapad and examined it quietly, then raised his left eyebrow ever so slightly glancing up towards the security cameras. "I will see to this personally, Captain." The cold voice said, as he rose from his seat, and then turned to walk away. He thought over who would perform such actions so he stepped outside of the room for a moment. He entered into the data pad, 'Imperial Operation Command line 640, designate counter command.'

"Your Government is illegal. The people of Chandrila are free citizens of a Republic that will be restored, and the more you attempt to control them, the less control you will find yourself able to exert, Captain. It is an old story, and not a terribly good one I'm afraid," Canna explained to the Captain, bored with this Imperial propaganda and rhetoric she was forced to listen to. Death would be preferable to this.

Patience. Serra displayed nothing but patience once the datapad was in Garrett's hands. It was one of the most important tools at the disposal of any agent, and she seemed to be blessed with an abundance of it. "The Galactic Empire is the legal ruling government, and therefore those who hold power by its law are legal and right in their representation of the Emperor's law. You, Canna Omonda, are explicitly implicating the entirety of Chandrila in involvement in active rebellion. The punishment for such involvement is execution. If you choose to stand by your current statement, then your testimony here and now will serve as sufficient grounds for the termination of the entire population of Chandrila. If you wish to alter your statement to implicate specific rebel operatives, then now is your chance." Serra was, of course, curious as to just what Garrett was finding out regarding their uninvited guest on the datapad, but it would have to wait for now.

Kia grinned as she saw the backtrace on her connection, "Well hello to you too." Typing quietly again, she debated just shutting the connection off, since they obviously weren't going to ask her very reasonable questions. "I can assure you I am the least threat aboard this vessel. Now, can you tell me more about why this person was taken captive?" Reaching up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind an ear, she was making a conscious effort not to chew her bottom lip. "The questions were quite reasonable. I don't know why you didn't just ask them. If I had been *trying* to hide, you never would have been able to back trace me."

Jonas did not get annoyed when he did not get a proper response, he slid a control unit into the datapad and started to backtrace the signal. When it routed back to the offices of the Inquistor he straightened his uniform slightly. The steel blue eyes shifted back to the security camreas if it was the Inquistor she would have indeed known the counter command sign. Yet there was no one stopping this signal for the moment, and typed. 'I will listing this incident in my field report.'

"Oh please make that error, my dear Captain Eona," Canna said, letting loose a confident laugh from deep within herself. "We have seen your methods on full display on Ralltiir ... and what has it gotten you? Nothing but more defiance," she explained confidently, becoming quite defiant to this line of questioning. "So, yes, by all means blast Chandrila as you did Ralltiir and watch as every neighboring system takes up open arms against your Empire!" she said, a cruel smile curling upon her lips, as she emphatically slammed a palm down upon the table in front of her.

The pressure of innocent deaths was an easy go-to and often worked, but it was quickly becoming clear that it wouldn't suffice in this case. There was an art to this process, after all, and part of that was knowing how and when to re-direct the methods without revealing that it was necessary to do so. The Serra watched and listened, she was learning where this woman drew her strength, and through this what she would have to break before any real progress could be made. "You seem extremely confident in the willingness of your neighboring planets and systems to defy Imperial law. You have this...delusion of some great rebellion rising up to crush what you seem to think of as an evil, oppressive force in the galaxy. Yet the loyal citizens of the Empire vastly outnumber those who have chosen to lash out in violent opposition. How do you suppose it is that we know of so many rebel operatives, find so many of those who think like you? How do you suppose we root you out with such little effort? Such things would be impossible if so many disagreed with the rule of the Emperor. Most are quite happy to live in peace under Imperial rule. It is this rebellion which brings death and destruction to otherwise calm and content worlds."

The teenager rolled her eyes, even though it could not be seen by the obviously stuffy officer on the other end of the datapadd, typing again, "Oh no ... an incident report ... I suppose you all are being paid too much to find out any real information ... Go on back inside, you're obviously not going to be useful out in the hallway." Grumbling to herself, Kia leaned back on the wall of the room. Her attention returning to the audio/video feed from the cell.

Jonas was able to analyze from the lack of control that clearly he was speaking to someone younger then himself, also someone not versed in standard Imperial procedure. These facts didn't anger him, he would have to simply follow through with the interrogation. He slid the datapad beneath his arm, and stepped back into the room. He placed down the datapad onto the table, and started to circle the table, stopping when he was behind Canna.

"Oh yes, Captain, very happy. What's not to love?" Canna asked rhetorically, as she raised both of her arms to motion towards the bland, drab room they were in. In her opinion, the Empire had drawn not only all the color out of the galaxy, but this small room as well. "The dissolution of the Senate, the destruction of Alderaan, and the atrocities going on at this very moment in the neighboring system of Ralltiir are just a few of the recent examples of Imperial crimes against civilization that will ultimately lead to your doom!" she again said, emphatically, not thinking very much of this Captain. She appeared to be a complete devotee to the propaganda issued by COMPNOR.

The willpower and defiance were undeniable; the woman was a fanatic. It didn't mean she was impossible to break, only that it would take far more than some double-speak reasoning and contradictory rhetoric to pull it off. All things in time. Garrett received a nod before she spoke. It was his turn to take over. "Sergeant, please escort the prisoner to her containment cell. The preliminary interrogation is concluded." Serra rose, then, leaving Canna in Jonas's hands while she picked up the datapad and stepped out of the interrogation room and into the hall. Orders would soon be passed down as to how Canna was to be treated; no contact with any sentient or near-sentient beings or droids, irregular feeding, constant, bright light. Periodic noise pollution in the cell. She would let her stew in that for a week or so before bothering with her again, let the slow-burn torture take some effect. Then she would talk to her. For now, however, she was looking over the messages on the pad, and decided to send a reply of her own. "Name?" she keyed it in, and sent.

Jonas reached over the table, and took hold of his gloves, his time was wasted by investigating the mysterious slicer, he would have to list it within his report and then send an inquiry to get an answer. Jonas finished pulling the gloves tightly upon his hands, he placed both of them firmly onto Canna's arms guiding her to a standing position. "Yes, sir." Jonas said simply, and started to guide her towards the door.

"Think back to your youth, Captain," Canna said, as she was led from the room to meet her next fate. "Remember the free air of the Republic that you can no longer breathe," she implored, as she was dragged away. Her spirit had not been broken by this first step, and it would take quite a bit to fracture the resolve of the former Imperial Senator.

Kia was muttering under her breath as she watched them, "And these people are paid for this?" She eyed the latest reply, wondering if it was the same stick in the mud. Her reply short and to the point, "Kia. Is this the same person who has a stick..." She trailed off, not typing the rest of the thought.

Youth. Serra remembered her youth quite clearly...and attempting to reach out to it betrayed how very little most knew about the sort of youth that could create a woman so very well suited to her place within the shadowy depths of the Intelligence Bureau. "Unlike you, Canna, I am still very much free." Spoken simply and debatably heard by the former senator, but whether it was or not mattered little. She would see the woman again, work on her as was her duty. For now, as she headed to retire to her quarters, she keyed in a reply to the message. "Apprentice Kia. Always remember your place in the machine of the Empire. -Captain Eona." A signature, just to show she was not the aforementioned stick.

Her eyes went wide for a moment, not realizing how quickly they got their information, Kia would give them points for gathering intel, just not using it. "Master Thanor has stated I am to be her apprentice, yes. So you can gather information, do they actually pay you to act on that intelligence? Or is that just another oxymoron?"

The message, when it appeared, actually caused a small grin to form at the corner of Serra's lips. The girl had some serious bravado; something that seemed to serve the Sith well in her experience with them, when it didn't lead to their deaths. Rather than offer any response she simply powered down the pad and tucked it away, continuing on to her quarters. Serra had a strong feeling this was only the beginning of a very interesting chapter in her service.

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