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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:31) in the Essesia system: Interrogator.
Captain Hakan Jarl, Dimona Xirie Nuebla, and High Inquisitor Serine Thanor.

Dimona had been forced to spend many days in the confines of an uninteresting and barren holding cell. The hours slowly and painfully drifting by with very little interruptions was so mundane and monotonous that the thrill seeker would have lost her mind if that had not happened years ago. It was hard to even gauge how long she had been imprisoned for she could not tell what time of day it was at any given point. The only hiatus she received from this dreadful existence was a tray that had been slid through a small opening in the door that contained a bit of food and some drinking water. The food ended up being just the worst possible thing ever, but she knew what it was meant for. It was a ration bar that contained the necessary nutrients to keep her alive. Begrudgingly she ate every bit to sustain her, for at least this promised she was being kept alive for something. At this point, the hunter mused, she had fallen below the title of abused pet. Being an abused pet would have been preferred because at least she would have received some attention. Frustrated and seemingly forgotten, Dimona slammed a fist upon the doorway, attempting to pull anyone's attention towards her cell. "I'm so bored in here!!!" She yelled in desperation before she began to repeatedly smack her forehead against the cold metal surface. "Damn, this sucks real bad." She whispered to herself.

Doctor Hakan Jarl was preparing for the second of High Inqisitor's interrogations, with the hopeful optimism that it would not result in him vomiting like the previous session. He also hoped, perhaps foolishly, that the near fatal injuries sustained by El-Nay Darr would reel in the Inquisitor's *enthusiasm* and prevent a recurrence. His techs were in the process of moving the same monitoring devices he had used on El-Nay into the cell that contained Dimona. Her attitude was distinctly different from the Mandalorian, and she did not all seem like a woman who was about to undergo a brutal interrogation. Perhaps she was simply unaware of the Inquisitorius and the unspeakable acts of torture that were only whispered about certain portions of the galaxy, or spread in false rumors by loose lipped junior officers in the mess. "You won't be bored for long," he said, flashing her a brief, almost wicked grin, as he ignored her and saw to his instruments.

When she heard commotion coming from the other side of the door and the sound of it sliding open, Dimona jumped backwards with a thrilling giggle. Finally, something was happening! "Oh thank goodness!" She exclaimed in an overwhelmingly enthusiastic way as she witnessed a group of people apparently setting up some equipment. "Oh? Is this all for me? You shouldn't have!" She backed up to allow the crew space for their work, being rather cooperative and curious. She took a good look at this man who addressed her with a friendly though devilish smile. "You are way better looking than that other guy I met!" Once again she blurted out rude things about Hunter's appearance and then regretted it a moment later. "Damnit, don't tell him I said that. He already thinks I'm a bitch."

Hakan did not take what Dimona said as a compliment, because he knew Luscri well enough to know that he was by far the most disgusting officer aboard the ship. "You are quite talkative. That may just save your life," he was quick to inform her, while stepping aside the allow the technicians to bring in a large interrogation table. The table was rather intimidating ... flat, cold, black. Many had met their deaths on this table at the former High Inquisitor, Tremayne. With a motion of his hand that was barely noticeable, four Imperial Stormtroopers moved into the room, and began the process of moving Dimona onto the table. It was an arduous, exhausting process that frustrated him, which prompted him to move to his instrument bag. He produced a small syringe, depressing it slightly to shoot out just a drop of the liquid to ensure it worked properly. He slowly moved towards her, menacing her with the needle. "Either stop and get on the table ... or I'll have to sedate you," he warned her, as he nodded to the Stormtroopers to get a little more physical with her.

Dimona's eyes went wide when she saw the four Stormtrooopers coming in and began aggressively moving towards her. She assumed they wanted to grab her and throw her upon that table, well that sounded like foreplay to her so she was all too willing to give them a hard time for the moment. She was extremely agile and slipped through their grasp, and they were obviously getting frustrated as she gracefully bounded around the room avoiding capture. "You guys never asked permission to molest me. You have to work for it!" She gleefully grinned and laughed as she accidentally knocked over some vital equipment, causing monitors that were supposed to watch her vitals go smashing to the ground. Dimona looked down at the mess she made with mock concern. "That was so my fault, guys." With that pause, it gave the Stormtroopers a chance to grab her rather roughly due to their agitation and drag her towards the doctor who had a syringe awaiting the woman. When the question was presented to her, she pondered for a moment before answering. "Why can't I have both, handsome?" She said rather coyly to the man before she abruptly volunteered herself on the table. "I wanted to get on the table from the beginning, I just didn't want rumors to spread that I was easy, you understand." And a wink was given to the Stormtroopers as they bound her upon the interrogation table.

Handsome, he thought to himself, feeling himself slightly falling for Dimona's act. There was the softest trace of a blush on his cheeks as what she was saying got under his skin. "Very well," he said, feeling confounded by the woman, and her unusual behavior. Perhaps Luscri had insight into what lurked beneath the surface of this woman. After all, it was his job to work on her brain, while he worked on her body. When the final preparations were complete, he hurried from the cellblock to find the Inquisitor and inform her that her next subject was ready for interrogation. He had a bad feeling that the Inquisitor and the bounty hunter would not mix, and that it could lead to a catastrophic conclusion. Thankfully, he thought, he would be there to ensure that neither went too far.

The High Inquisitor, knowing that soon the prisoner would be ready for questioning, was reviewing the details of her file. The information was clearly lacking and incomplete, but what they had on Dimona was telling. The Bounty Hunter had a near flawless record of successful captures, heists and even a few assassinations. Her more recent ventures entailed smuggling valuable trinkets and sculptures for a renowned Hutt family. She had performed a few commissions from the Empire in that past, the most recent of course was the Jelena entanglement. But that is what made this rather confounding. Out of Dimona's entire history of accomplishments that they had on record, why was the Jelena capture the only one botched, and apparently on purpose? And why the reckless abandon by crash landing in the hangar bay? These two events did not make sense to the Inquisitor. Besides the Hunter's daring exploits, there was limited information on the woman herself. The majority of the reports were vague at best and gave Serine no real indication of the kind of person Dimona was. Doctor Hunter Luscri had done a preliminary evaluation of her psyche a few days prior. He suggested Dimona had shown narcissistic tendencies and had a tolerance for pain. The Inquisitor was not sure how much she could trust that initial assessment. Serine's thoughts were interrupted by a message from her surgeon that the prisoner was prepped accordingly. It was apparent that soon she would conclude her own appraisal and opinion of that bounty hunter.

Once the doctor had concluded his duties, Dimona had once again found herself abandoned in a deary uninspiring room with merely her thoughts to keep her occupied. However, those thoughts were clearly entertaining her for the woman could not help but to grin widely at the prospect of her fate. The hunter squirmed against the restraints with building giddy anticipation, her imagination running rampant with the many scenarios of what may come of her. This was the third time she had been tied to a table by Imperials of some fashion. "Could they be any less original?!" She thought out loud with a resounding laugh. "Ah well, they're trying at least." She spoke to hear her own voice to keep her mentally spry, lest she fall back into the tedious lulls of uneventful boredom. She had a suspicious inclination that something grand was going to occur shortly and she wanted to be ready for it. Though she could not move her arms, she could flex her fingers and thus Dimona began to tap her knuckles up against the table she was strapped too in order to keep her momentarily occupied.

Hakan was waiting outside of the cell, impatiently, having reviewed Major Luscri's psychoanalysis of Dimona. He felt that the report was inaccurate ... perhaps dangerously so ... and it was important to him that he alert Serine before things escalated and became out of hand. This was not the kind of political infighting that so plagued the Imperial hierarchy, where officers routinely falsified reports about one another. In fact, he had grave doubts about the man's competency in questioning Dimona, and felt that their very objective could now be at risk because of it.

Once Serine turned into the hallway containing the interrogation ward's holding cells, she was surprised to find the master surgeon awaiting her in front of the room containing the prisoner. His duties should have already been performed and finished well ahead of her arrival. This breech of protocol agitated her somewhat but she assumed there was good reason for this intrusion. Serine did not like to be bothered immediately before or during interrogations. She stopped before him with a respectful nod towards the other. "Doctor, you have something you wish to report?" Silver eyes flicked over his from impatiently, as she was eager to begin questioning the prisoner. If what he was about to report hindered those expectations, she was going to be irate. "I trust the patient is of good physical standing." said as eyes narrowed towards the man.

"Milady," Hakan began, before coughing to clear his throat so that he could speak more clearly, and in a better understood voice. "While subject Nuebla is in peak physical condition..." he began, with a nod of his head to imply that it was *his* surgical skill that had ensured such. "Her mental condition is ... bizarre. I believe that Major Luscri has failed in his duties to properly analyze her prior to her encounter with you," he continued, as if he were throwing his rival under an oncoming speeder bus. "If he had, we might know the proper diagnosis, but as we do not, I can only recommend that you tread lightly," he suggested, delicately, in full reminder of what had happened with the interrogation of El-Nay Darr.

"Enough!" She snapped at the doctor angrily to hide the fact that she was reeling from this new onslaught of information. Though she had directed some of her ire towards him, she was truly furious at Doctor Luscri for so clearly failing in his duties. She had already been infuriated with him for taking certain liberties with her prisoners that she did not approve of, now she hears he might have completely blundered his assignment and put this entire operation at risk. She could not even double back and have Luscri reperform the analysis, it was far too late for that. Serine had no choice but to continue on as she had planned but with a certain amount of hazard. The Inquisitor was certain that Dimona knew the information regarding the whereabouts of Jelena but exposing that information from someone who was psychologically compromised could be extremely difficult. This was quickly turning into a whole different situation that she had not properly prepared for. "You are dismissed, Doctor." And with that Serine abruptly turned from the man to key in her code into the panel. Immediately after, the door slid open revealing the bound Dimona popped upon the interrogation table. With a few steps inside, the door slid and locked closed behind her.

Dimona had no idea that there had just been a conversation about her, since the walls were apparently sound proof, which was too bad, she would have liked to overhear it. So it came as a sudden surprise when the Inquisitor quickly entered the room and Dimona also caught sight of that doctor leaving before the door's closing blocked her view. The hunter's eyes went wide and she gasped heavily, barely able to squeak out a single word breathlessly. "Oh!" Ever since that day she had the pleasure of witnessing Doctor Luscri get tossed around and slapped in front of her by that woman, had she had the sneaking suspicion that she would be getting a heated visit from the Inquisitor. She had awaited this moment with growing anticipation. Dimona managed to gather her breath after the initial and delightful shock. "I just want to say that I'm a big fan of your work! A big fan." said sincerely with a wide grin across her charming features. "You probably don't remember me, but I was witness to when you absolutely demolished that idiot El-Nay Darr with an entire wall." Said with awe as if she had been present to a monumental historical event. The fortune seeker absolutely understood the destructive power the Inquisitor commanded, and that her life was likely to be completely forfeited shortly. However, that perilous knowledge did not hinder Dimona in any way. Instead of fear and trepidation, there was readiness and expectancy gleaming in her bright green eyes.

Initially Serine stayed silent, just observing Dimona. She Immediately recognized that this was going to be a unique challenge. The Inquisitor decided to ignore the majority of this woman's antics if they were not pertinent to the task at hand. She could not let the prisoner think she had flustered her in any way. She visually inspected the restraints and the integrity of the table as she walked fully around to ensure nothing was compromised. For a brief moment their eyes met and Serine caught that look of excitement and zeal coming from Dimona which caused the Inquisitor to pause briefly. Extracting knowledge was always extremely more difficult when the prisoner expected to die, their motivation to withhold information becomes their one last goal in life. Usually Serine was able to override that by instilling intense fear or pain. However, that was not what she was seeing here, with Dimona, who very clearly desired this meeting. Did she have a death wish? Was she attracted to pain? It would have been far more beneficial to the Inquisitor if Doctor Luscri actually did his job and informed her on what mental condition was actually ailing the prisoner. She decided to start where she usually started, an introduction to the charges, and unlike the false ones she threw out against El-Nay, these were real accusations. "Dimona Xirie Nuebla, you have been charged with reckless endangerment, mass homicide, conspiring against the Empire, assisting in the escape of the fugitive Jelena Rodney, and destruction of His Majesty's Imperial property."

This was the first time Dimona had ever been so close to Inquisitor Thanor before. She had seen her at a distance, she had seen her on recordings decapitating officers, but this had been the first time she was within arm's reach, if she could move her arms that is. She took every opportunity to follow that woman with her eyes as she walked around the table. "Damn ... hun. Does anyone ever check you out?" Dimona blurted in response to Serine's rather attractive athletic form snugly encompassed in a tight armorweave ensemble. "Maybe not because most of these ships have only woman officers, have you noticed that?" And then it dawned on her that maybe that was why there was a serious lack of male officers, did the Inquisitor kill them all after looking at her lustfully? A sheepish grin slowly formed on her face as if she was privy to an inside joke. "That's why there are so few male officers... Well, do the females check you out?" It was then Dimona could not help herself and burst into laughter despite her obviously dire situation. She had to force herself to stop by biting her lip, but giggles still escaped her unintentionally. Dimona could tell that she was very close to being eviscerated, and in a mock panic started to wave her bound hands back and forth in apology. "Just girl talk! Don't be pissed! It's just girl talk."

Serine was absolutely appalled by the prisoner's behavior. "What." A statement rather than a question was replied from the bewildered Inquisitor. Despite never once hearing words so senseless and deranged coming from an interrogation subject, Serine found herself glancing down at her attire in reaction to the captive's exclamation. Then immediately regretting that action. She looked, Serine could not believe she looked! "Silence!" She yelled as a fist slammed down dangerously close to the side of Dimona's head. The Inquisitor was quickly losing control of this situation and she needed to reign in that authority once again. Perhaps giving Dimona something to concern herself with would curb those insane outbursts and focus the attention on the direction Serine wished. She could not continue to allow the prisoner to instigate the pace. A small thin vibroscalpel was removed from a pouch on Serine's belt and its sudden emergence caught the light of the room to gleam ever so softly. Eyes traced over Dimona's form, planning the best approach. The hunter had plenty of clever snarky remarks, but perhaps that would change when her body started to be dismantled, small pieces at a time.

Dimona hushed with the other woman's flare of impatience and anger, but the silence did not last long. Soon she caught sight of the small blade in the Inquisitor's hand and her heart rate started to increase rapidly. "Oh.. what is that for?" Said with growing anticipation while slightly fidgeting against the restraints as she began to breathe more regularly. "You don't want to tell me... I understand, that would be spoilers." Dimona was rather clever, she could imagine what the Inquisitor was going to do with that precision cutting tool. And that primal fear of danger and distress was causing adrenaline to ever increasingly rush through her bloodstream. Little did the Inquisitor know, that was what Dimona cared about, that overwhelming sensation that had already began. Her pupils started to dilate as that hormone began pumping through her system and now hazy eyes peered up at the Inquisitor. "Before it gets a little...macabre in here, I was wondering... The last time I was interrogated by an Imperial officer... I got a kiss. Is that standard procedure? I'm ready if it is."

Serine decided she would start with the left arm. Dimona was wearing very minimal clothing so she did not have to concern herself with cutting through material to get to the skin. The unimportant dribble coming from the prisoner was quickly forgotten. The Inquisitor was about to begin the proceedings, hovering the vibrascalple above the woman's shoulder but halted instantly once she heard that Dimona had been interrogated before. Silver eyes snapped up to look steely at the other woman. "Who were you questioned by? When was this?!" She growled with a vicious temper. How was that information left out of Dimona's files? Serine had scoured every bit of detail regarding the bounty hunter and found no mention of previous lines of questioning.

"Oh! Oh ... damn her name, it was ... something weird. This was about a year ago I think? I can't really remember. Hold on, give me a minute..." Dimona strained to remember that bit of information. She could clearly see that Officer's face in her mind, but the name was eluding her. What she could also see clearly was the enraged face of the Inquisitor starting at her. "Give me a damn minute... Oh! I got it, her name was Min. Min Traebor! How could I forgot. We had a lot of fun together." She gave off a small happy sigh as she replayed those particular adventures in her thoughts. She had been hired to capture Marcus Rodney, one of her most favorite abduction jobs of all time. Min then hired a mercenary to kill her, but Dimona had survived and came back to steal Marcus back from Min's clutches. "She sent four platoons of stormtroopers after me!" Dimona's thoughts were exclaimed out loud unknowingly. That whole era of hijinks had been hilarious and fun. "Ah, good memories, thanks." Her eyes that had been glossed over with memories now cleared as she looked to the Inquisitor with a soft smile. "So, do I get that kiss now or nah?"

"The insolence..." How dare Min withhold information that could have been pertinent to this case! It appeared this story ran deeper than she even knew, and that Dimona held onto even more information than previously thought. It seemed apparent now that the Inquisitor was going to have to give Major Traebor an unannounced visit after this interrogation was concluded. And Min had kissed Dimona during an interrogation? Even more questions for the incompetent Major when Serine got her hands upon her. What else this bounty hunter had stored away in her crazed brain had yet to be seen, and it was the Inquisitor's job to find out. "Dimona, you recklessly destroyed my ship and you carelessly killed my officers. Now I am going to dismantle your musculature and tendon structure piece by piece until you are nothing more than a hollow cavity of sinew and disembodied tissue." Although calm, she spoke in a dark demeanor that was laced with loathing and caustic malice. The vibroscalpel drew towards Dimona's left arm, puncturing just below the elbow deep enough to pass the many layers of skin but shallow enough to spare the underlying muscles. The medical utensil was then dragged down the arm towards the wrist, cutting along the way and leaving a deep but clean wound. Almost immediately after the first incision, blood started to pool up along the laceration and then drip down onto the table below.

"Yeah, it was spectacular, wasn't it?" She responded to the summary of that infamous crash landing that was the highlight of her very likely shortened life. Dimona could tell the situation was shifting toward a rather gloomy path now, but she had been expecting this, yearning for it even. If she was going to die, she wanted it to be dramatic and theatrical. In that regard, Dimona did not think she could even hand pick someone more appropriate than the High Inquisitor to be her executioner. This was going to be an unique experience and she wished to savor every moment for as long as possible until she eventually succumbed to death. "Well, sign me up. Let's go." Said almost impatiently. Green eyes locked onto that vibroscalpel as they grew wider and wavered with budding apprehension. She watched it lower towards her arm and she inadvertently flexed the muscles beneath the blade with fearful anticipation. Dimona's heart was racing at this point, feeding an over-abundance of adrenaline throughout her entire body, causing small tremors and brief muscle spasms in her arms and legs. The bite of metal into her skin and the drag across her arm flaying it open caused a heavy gasp followed by a wave of pain. Eyelids fluttered momentarily as dilated eyes rolled back into her head briefly. Her left arm would have involuntarily shuddered but for some reason she was not able to move it. Besides the restraint, it was being held down somehow... she felt pressure holding her arm perfectly still.

Serine continued the procedure as cuts were made along the wrist and then along the elbow as well. The blade was then steadily brought to the inside of the laceration to repeatedly nick through the connective tissue binding the skin to underlying muscle. The vibroscalpel expertly glided down the arm to fully sever the surrounding flesh before the entirety of the forearm skin was peeled backwards and pressed down to reveal and completely expose the detailed musculature and tendon latticework underneath. This was not a proper operation, the Inquisitor had no mind for the prisoners well-being so no steps were taken to hinder the blood flow, and soon it puddled around the bounty hunter in a growing pool of crimson. "There are many more muscles in the forearm than the upper arm." Serine began callously. "Though there are some muscles here that move the arm, the majority are responsible for wrist, hand and finger motion. Some muscles curl the fingers, some extend the fingers while others bend the hand at the wrist." The point of the blade hovered over a group of muscles as if she was giving a demonstration. "For now I will be focusing on a group called the Flexor muscles. These are the muscles that flex the fingers and hand, bringing the fingers towards the palm and the hand closer to the arm." The scalpel lowered towards the tendon connecting a muscle to the pointer finger. The white fibrous tissue was completely cleaved, detaching it fully from the bone before the majority of the muscle was dragged partially outside of Dimona's arm to rest upon the table. "You have now forever lost the ability to curl that finger."

Dimona writhed against the restraints in absolute agony as a muffled moan of distraught and anguish was caught in her throat. In response to the building wounds, her body rushed pain-combating endorphins through her bloodstream. Now her blood chemistry was a collective concoction of various hormones causing a very significant physiological response. It was not immediately apparent, but the woman was starting to get a buzz from her own body over-producing chemicals due to the stress. Her vision was fully blurred now due to the reaction of adrenaline completely dilating the pupils. Dimona was beginning to become disconnected with reality. Hazy unfocused and distant eyes brushed over her mangled appendage with interest and she aimed to test out the Inquisitor's statement. Attempting to flex her pointer finger caused the muscle to indeed perform its duties ... but because it was no longer attached to the finger bone, it merely contracted and spasmed on the table above the arm as if it were a Mandalorian slug. "Eww!" Dimona loudly exclaimed despite the sheer horror of what was befalling her. "I'm not going to need it anymore ... anyway ... am I right?" She said in a growing drug-induced daze before her attention was distracted by a horrendous itch on her right arm. She struggled to reach it, trying desperately to rub her cheek on it but she was just shy. With limited options she blew air towards it with enough force to calm the irritation. "Phew, got it. Now what is going on over here?" She turned her attention back towards the unsightly image of her left arm and detached muscle.

Serine had to pause for a moment to consider the absurdity and lunacy of what she was witnessing. She had never once seen such prisoner behavior. Typically about this time, the subject would be screaming in terror, the psychological strain alone would be enough and panic would set in with the understanding of their horrendous fate. Then with the pain in addition to that, the Inquisitor normally broke her captives quickly. Serine was so focused on the psychological aspect to this torture that she did not yet realize there was a unique physiological effect happening with Dimona, and thus she missed it because it was so atypical and unexpected. Perhaps it was too soon to judge the prisoner's response, so Serine continued with her agenda of detaching the finger muscles from the hand. Soon four lengthy moist muscles and attached tendons were displayed in a fanned out arrangement above the arm in a grotesque but surreally beautiful fashion. Though the muscles were severed from the hand, they were still continued further up the arm so they continued to receive blood and were not fully disembodied.

The stress, anxiety, tension and trauma were certainly affecting Dimona, but that was why her body was pumping so much endorphin and adrenaline. She convulsed heavily and nearly every muscle of her body tensed, including the butchered ones as surge upon surge of misery fell upon her. She was becoming less and less responsive with every severed muscle, the chemicals flooding her body were outpacing the pain the Inquisitor was unleashing. Intense moans soon fell to soft whines and before long, only gentle ragged breaths were the only sounds coming from the woman. With the last muscle detached, there was no reaction from the woman but merely a benign sigh that eased from her slowly. The over-production of endorphins won her this battle causing Dimona to be completely detached from reality, isolated in her own private world of chemically induced delusional euphoria. Glossy unfocused eyes unseeingly gazed up at the ceiling as an ever so slight smile hinted at her features.

Now Serine was certain something was wrong and irregular. She immediately halted her actions to inspect the bounty hunter more closely. There was not even close to enough physical trauma for the prisoner to fall into a coma, nor could she possibly be dying. There was indeed some blood loss, but it was only coming from the severed arteries from the skin, everything else was wholly intact. Perhaps she had been too hasty in sending off Doctor Jarl so readily. She had used his expertise before with the interrogation of El-Nay but figured she did not need such assistance this time. The Inquisitor could not afford to ruin this interrogation, it was too important, and she had not even asked Dimona the location of Jelena yet! In a panic she slammed the intercom button on the wall that was connected to the Interrogation ward's medical facilities. "Doctor Jarl, your consultation is needed in the detention block. Now!" She nearly screamed in trepidation for fear of losing her only connection to the Jelena dilemma. Serine angrily paced around the table with building anxiety and at a loss for what had happened.

Doctor Jarl knew this would happen, and when the Inquisitor summoned him he was already prepared. When he arrived at the interrogation his chest was puffed out slightly, and a confident smile was plastered onto his face. "I am needed, then?" he asked the Inquisitor, as he moved closer towards her. To be near her was to experience the closest one could come to bliss in service of Imperial Intelligence, and he savored each moment as if it were a fine wine. When he saw the condition of Dimona, he moved towards her, wishing he could review her vitals electronically, but had to rely on his old medical training. "You do not make things easy," he said to the Inquisitor, before placing two fingers upon Dimona's neck. He timed her heart rate with a chronometer affixed to his left wrist. The results were so startling that he found it hard to believe, causing him to double check. "Inquisitor, I have not experienced such a result since a sex therapy course I took junior year at the Rhinnal State Medical Academy," he said, feeling quiet embarrassed about reporting it to her in such a way. "I ... I believe you overexcited the woman," he said, before taking a step back, unsure of how she might respond to such a report.

Serine was nearly livid when the Doctor strut inside, and he did not make an effort to hide the fact that she needed him. The Inquisitor could not even chastise him about it because he was correct. She was forced to bear his arrogance for the time being, as long as he was able to fix this mounding issue grinding her interrogation to a halt. Serine was vastly knowledgeable with the human body and how it functioned, but the complexities and intricacies of the mind were beyond her capabilities. She did not like the way this was sounding when the doctor started to mention questionable elective choices. Serine paused for a moment, realizing what the doctor was implicating but refusing to fully accept that diagnosis. "Is that your conclusion from a mere pulse reading!?" She snapped angrily at him, in a bit of denial that his reasoning could possibly be the full explanation.

"Not merely the pulse, Inquisitor. The pallor of the cheeks. The slightly absent look in her eyes. The involuntary muscle reflexes around the lips..." he informed her, reading off a list of physiological signs that had helped him form his assessment. "However, I will of course confirm with a blood test," he said to her with a nod, before placing his bag of instruments on the table next to Dimona. He produced a small needle, and began the process of phlebotomy that would withdraw a small sample of blood from the middle of her right arm. When the blood sample was taken it was swiftly analyzed by the medical computer, alerting them that there was an abnormal amount of endorphins, confirming his suspicions. "Inquisitor ... this patient has the highest endorphin level of any patient on record. She is experiencing a state of euphoria that is normally only seen with unsafe level of spice use. Exceptionally rare," he informed her, before packing everything back up into its case. "Perhaps if Major Luscri had done his job this could have all been avoided, and you would now have the information you need," he added, getting in one more quick dig, before moving away from Dimona.

Serine was completely at a loss here as hands were placed on her hips and she began to pace around the room in deep contemplation. Admittedly she was relieved that her prisoner was not in fact dying in the least but it was extremely embarrassing on what had actually occurred and that further complicated the interrogation. The Inquisitor never had a situation where neither pain, dismemberment, threat or drugs could get the answers she wished. Apparently all of those things had been present in one form or another upon Dimona with no success. This was confounding, but in addition to this irregular situation, Serine did not fathom placing either this Interrogation or the one of El-Nay up for review on any of the databases, high security or otherwise. The Inquisitor was confounded for a solution here because this was a unique hindrance in which she had no other similar experiences to fall back on. She had to defer to the Doctor again which irritated her beyond her comfort. "What would you suggest, Doctor?"

The Doctor knew what was necessary, but was afraid that the Inquisitor's impatience might make it somewhat of a problem. He swallowed nervously, causing his Adam's apple to momentarily bulge in his neck, stretching the collar of his tunic to its limits. "Inquisitor ... endorphin levels like the ones we are seeing cannot simply be corrected through artificial or medical means," he explained to her, somewhat nervously, as he prepared to tell her the conclusions. "The body has a natural process for lowering these levels. For now, I recommend painkillers and giving her body the time to reach a baseline level," he said to her, before breaking off eye contact and looking away, in case his recommendation did not fit her schedule.

Of course the doctor's recommendation would anger Serine. It would mean everything she just attempted for the past few days meant nothing and it would bring Dimona back to square one with no answers and nothing to show for her efforts. But what else could she do? The prisoner was near catatonic, unresponsive and likely did not even know where she was. She was not sure how long it would take for Dimona to stir from her induced state, but she had pitiful little alternatives and a looming deadline to start getting real answers. "Fine! Quickly, Doctor." Serine growled with impatience and an unrest that was difficult for her to control. She could not believe she wasted so much time that could have all been avoided if Doctor Luscri had done his job! The Inquisitor could not even fathom how much failure was shoved into a two day period. She *was* going to get answers, there was just no other alternative for the High Inquisitor at this point.

A soft moan eased from Dimona as eyes that had been absently and lifelessly staring up at the ceiling began to waver and focus. The woman was finally coming around after a self-induced euphoria that lasted a considerable amount time. She blinked quite a few times, trying to focus her vision. "I think... I blacked out ... or something?" Said while weakly tilting her head to get a better gander at her circumstances. The last thing she had remembered was her left arm being dismantled muscle by muscle but then everything that happened following that was one big fuzzy haze. To her surprise, her left arm had been reconstructed and wrapped expertly with a bandage. Dimona was still strapped uncomfortably to an interrogation table but she remarkably felt no discomfort or pain ... anywhere. It was then when she noticed the Inquisitor was sitting across from her in a chair, looking extremely impatient and perturbed. "Is fun time over?" Dimona said with a wink and a sly grin. "Did you miss me while I was out? I missed you."

It took Serine no time at all to cross the distance between the chair and the interrogation table, to loom menacingly over Dimona. She had been forced to wait for the hunter to come around after the Doctor had injected her with painkillers and then performed minor surgery on her left arm. The Inquisitor had used up all of her patience waiting the span of time and desired non of the other's antics. A swift and punishing backhand connected with the side of Dimona's face for her insolence. However, Serine had to be careful not to abuse this woman too much for she knew the potential consequences. The only thing she had left to coerce Dimona with was her freedom and her possessions. "Tell me where you took Jelena Rodney and I will pardon your transgressions and have your ship repaired."

The back of the Inquisitor's hand landed harshly on her cheek with enough power to snap her head to the side so that it smacked into the metal table. The copper tang of blood tinted her tongue as her lip was split with the blow. Though she realized she was being harmed, the painkillers in her system prevented her from fully appreciating the notion and she started to laugh softly to herself. "Is that what this is all about?" More chuckles as she shook her head in mild disbelief. "Hun, why didn't you just start with that?" Dimona had no real reason to withhold information regarding Jelena. She did not align herself with the Rebellion or the Empire, she was a free agent willing to work for any and all sides providing the job was daring and exciting. "I'll tell you, but I will warn you right now, the story is so dull and boring you might pass out." She took a shallow breath while gathering her memories. The recent activities had clouded her mind and made it difficult to focus her thoughts. "So The Nerf Herder, myself and El-Nay Darr were hired by Grand Moff Rodney to locate Jelena after she ran off. Well, come to find out we found her slumming in the ghettos of Esseles looking mighty pitiful and dire. I really felt for the girl. I figured she ran away because her dad was a capital ship sized asshole. Her dad *is* a capital ship sized asshole so fuck that asshole. We dropped Jelena off at her grandparent's place, a huge castle on Delaya in the Alderaan system, because asshole." After she was satisfied she answered the Inquisitor's question fully, Dimona looked up at Serine with a mischievous grin. "So ... was it good for you too?" And one would likely need to be as crazy as Dimona to fully understand her depravity.

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