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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:26) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Imperial garrison).
Governor Papius Arundel and Ashori Monoceros.

Ashori Monoceros had not returned to New Alderaan as a happy camper. It seemed like Yekaterina Hanson was finally off of her back...but for how long? She decided to *selflessly* volunteer herself for a Delaya clean up crew and return back to the planet. The Imperial garrison had been destroyed in its entirety when Ash left. Now she returned, promptly going to the site where she knew she'd find Papius if he had indeed survived the assault from Major Passik and all of her damn pilots.

The woman's face was covered by a black hood. She had hung up her Rebel uniform to take an unauthorized trip to the garrison. Those who she traveled with trusted her. She had no need to cover her rear like she had to around the likes of Xergo and Hanson. Her boots carefully kicked over the rubble covering the way to the bunker. She felt angry. Damn the Rebels for causing all of this! What if they had killed him? Seriously injured him? She used a specific code to open up the doors leading down into the bunker. With a final look behind her shoulder, she crept in. For now, Ash was truly *alone*. The distance between herself and the Rebels was necessary. She was quickly growing bored of being associated with them.

The Imperial garrison on Delaya was like an iceberg. What was seen on the surface paled in comparison to what existed below the surface. In the bunker almost all of the Imperial personnel had survived the attack unmaligned, along with AT-STs and TIE Strikers. It was clear from this level of organization and construction that the Empire intended to stay on Delaya a long time. A *very* long time. Governor Papius Arundel was reviewing casualty figures and repair estimates in his subterranean office, already planning the rebuilding and expansion of the garrison. Because they were attacked by Rebel starfighters he was also planning to requisition naval support to protect the spacelanes. If anything, the attack had caused the Empire to entrench on Delaya rather than retreat. He would not be dispatched that easily.

It was good to see that the Rebels hadn't done a quarter of as much damage as they thought they did. The boisterous celebrations on New Alderaan had grated at Ash's nerves. She pushed her hood down as she moved through the corridors beneath the garrison. This was where she belonged. Her comrades were beginning to realize that. She only wished she could gather some new information for Papius. There was nothing to report since the attack on Delaya...the one she had failed to warn him about. The red haired woman was eventually led to his makeshift office by a Stormtrooper.

The irritation was present on her face as she walked into the office and stood before him. "Governor," she said. She didn't launch into an explanation as to why she didn't warn him. She took the responsibility while feeling relieved that neither of them had sustained injury in the battle. "I apologize for not contacting you." The next time she stabbed Kat, it would be through the heart.

As Papius tilted his head up at the interruption and saw Ash a rash of anger fueled his body, causing him to slam his fist down on the desk. "Why didn't you tell me they were planning something?!" he asked her, snarling, and practically foaming at the mouth. He rose from his desk, and circled around it until he was standing in front of her. He grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her violently, all the while glaring into her eyes. "Whose side are you on anyway?" he asked her, viciously, before releasing her from his grasp. "I ought to have you thrown back in a cell until the end of days," he informed her, before moving back towards the desk.

She had known this was coming, yet she couldn't stop her anger from boiling over. She stared at him with her vividly green eyes, allowing him to shake her and threaten her before she said a word. She stomped towards his desk. "Did you forget that I'm posing as a Rebel?! I have to keep them believing my act." Ash stopped right in front of his desk. "You *know* what side I'm on. In order to continue providing you with information, I need Rebels off of my ass! One of those damn Rebel women followed me around from the moment I found out the plan until the moment I returned after it was over. I *tried* to contact you!" She said, pulling her comm from her pocket. She slammed it down on his desk. In her call history, he'd see the times she had tried to initiate a call then had to cancel it immediately all due to the Hanson woman. "If you're going to start doubting my alliance to the Empire, then maybe you should throw me in a cell! How can you trust my information when you don't trust *me*?!"

"What is good is you posing as a Rebel if it doesn't get me the intelligence needed to prevent a disaster like this?" Papius shot back straight away, his face flushed red with anger, and the veins in his temple throbbing. "Tried? Tried?! Tried?!" he repeated, until he brought his hand down so forcefully that it smashed her comm. "If you don't succeed, there's no credit for an effort," he continued, before turning his back on her. He was breathing deeply, panting like a beast of burden, as he attempted to steady himself. "Alright. Alright. Alright," he said, before moving to sit back down at his desk. "Commander Xergo happily reunited with her family?" he asked, as he moved back to reviewing his datapads. He was determined to continue his assault against her, wherever she was.

They were both feeding off of each other in the most destructive of ways. Ashori had been frustrated by the presence of Yekaterina Hanson. Failure was something she hated, and it was the flame to her gasoline at this very moment. Her body felt hot all over. She was nearly breathing fire as he smashed her comm, sending tiny pieces flying all over the ground. She looked like she was ready to explode when he began trying to deflate the situation. Reluctantly, Ash sat down in one of the seats at the front of his desk. She crossed a leg over another. "I wouldn't say happily. Whatever you did to her messed with her head. As of when I left this morning, she was still on New Alderaan with the bastard." Ash reported with a sigh. The color in her cheeks started to fade back to normal. "Jelena Rodney is attempting to become a leader within the settlement. It's ... pathetic."

"Where is their daughter?" Papius asked, in the most sinister way possible. His live feed from Callista's nerf had been abruptly terminated, causing him to wonder what her situation was. "Good. Good. Leave her be. Let her have a little happiness. Let her think it's over. Let her think she's safe. Then, and only then, will we make our next move," he said, as he looked towards her. The anger in him had stirred a passion for him, and as he rose again, something else had risen. He moved towards her with the swiftness of a predator seeing her more a possession than a person. Without giving her a second thought he flung her cloak from her body before moving towards more intimate articles. As he undressed her, his hands moved aggressively over her body, pawing at her and groping incessantly. His face lowered, biting at her lips, before shoving his tongue into her mouth, practically down her throat.

The young woman sensed that he knew something about Commander Xergo's daughter that she didn't. "Not back home yet. Where did the bastard hide her?" She asked curiously. Had he schemed something new up already? She was going to watch Xergo and wait for the right moment to attack. It would come again, as would the time for killing those with Rodney blood.

The way he approached her was like predatory animal. It caused her blood pressure to rise once more. She was not able to be on Delaya with him as much as she'd like to...and so, she was going to make this worth the wait. He quickly disposed of her clothing. Each layer fell to the ground until her familiar, pale body was exposed. His aggression served to awaken her lust and bring it to the surface. She groaned, her own needy hands reaching for his tunic. She rapidly began undressing him from the waist up. Her tongue attacked his ferociously. Her teeth lightly nibbled on his tongue, releasing it only to yank off his tunic and move right onto his trousers. "I hate being there." Ashori growled, prying herself away from his grasp. She fell to her knees in front of him. His trousers, and anything underneath then, came crashing downwards with her. She looked up at him and gave him an innocent smile that was incredibly contradictory to what she did next.

"If you hate it there you should use that as motivation to succeed at your mission," Papius suggested, but before he could say another word she was on her knees in front of him.

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