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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:4) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Votrad: Petrus Flosgermen's apartment).
Petrus Flosgermen and Luna Ta'em.

The morning sun broke through from a window in the Demon's bedroom. It splashed over the scene currently taking place inside of his bed. Luna had been *out* when she fell asleep in the family room. She barely had the strength to remove her backpack before sleeping. It was nearly empty. She'd lost all his riches on the floor while their bodies moved together. The thief felt no regret. Something entirely unexpected had come from her arrival. She wasn't sure exactly what happening, but she was ready to see where it all went. The woman was so tired. It was the perfect opportunity for him to take advantage of. Her limbs were limp when he bound her. She was as defenseless as could be. Her subconscious was too busy feeding herself dreams of Petrus; a man who fucked like a God.

She was the first to wake, having become irritated by the light shining into her face. Her deep green eyes opened. In her mind, she was still lying on top of him on the floor. "Hmmm..?" But she certainly wasn't anymore. The plush mattress was soft against her back. His arms were around her like they were passionate lovers, not a cat and a mouse...though who was which was seriously questionable. When she tried to stretch, nothing budged. Her arms were heavily bound behind her back. Her ankles faced the same treatment. The weight of his body acted like a paperweight. Even if Luna wanted to move, she wasn't going to.

She tilted her head downward. Her teeth scraped across his shoulder to roughly stir him awake. "Wakey, wakey, eggs and bacy." She sung to him, adding in soft, innocent kisses that contradicted who she was in every way. Something good had happened here, as she saw it. He didn't want her to leave. The feeling was mutual. She saw a potential partner in him. She imagined all the things they could do together. Was he ready for that level to commitment?

When Petrus awoke he felt a throbbing in his temple brought on by the night's drinking and the intense fight and lovemaking that had broken out between him and his captive. He turned his face, covering his eyes as the cursed crept in across the bedroom. "Ungh," he groaned, unpleasantly, as he started stir, stretching his arms and legs to aid in his waking. "Good morning, Luna. Glad to see you're still here and that you survived," he said, before taking his left hand and rubbing it roughly against her beautiful short hair. He looked at for a moment and felt tugging at his heartstrings, which was an unfamiliar sensation to him and one he did not like at all. He left her without warning, swinging his legs over the bed and rising too quickly. He stood there for a moment beside the bed, slightly hunched over, as he tried to collect himself. He slowly staggered into the refresher, barely able to steady himself. He grabbed hold of the sink and considered what he was doing ... it was not at all like him to show affection. It was weakness on his part and he did not tolerate weakness. He shook his head as he looked at his reflection, disgusted at himself, as he took hold of a wet washcloth and some antiseptic. He returned to the bedroom, quickly rejoining her on the bed. He put the antiseptic on the washcloth and began cleaning her cuts and bruises from the night before. Even as he was doing it, he could not believe he was doing it. "Did you sleep well?" he asked, making unfamiliar small talk, as he busied himself with cleaning her.

"Your head hurts, doesn't it?" She watched the way he recoiled at the bright sun. Something strange was developing around them. Luna was a detached kind of person. Her affection was given to a robotic cat, not a man. A man who possessed emotions, strength, and the ability to break her from within. Her face nuzzled against his shoulder. The blood had dried. Her nose still ached. It had been an extremely wild night. She smiled. "Good morning, Petrus." She sounded chipper. She wasn't the one who'd been drinking the good stuff before initiating a fight. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head while his hand roughly styled her short hair. There were men who said the short hair made her boyish. There were men who said it took away from her appearance. And then there was Petrus, a man who clearly found something he enjoyed. Her eyes refocused on him. Hmmm...

And then he was gone!

She mumbled something incomprehensible while he disappeared into the refresher. Had she done something wrong? Had he awoken and found himself disgusted with her bloody, bashed face? Luna didn't know what he was doing until she smelt the antiseptic. Inside her chest, something that had long been dead began to stir. He was cleaning her wounds. The act made her want to wrap him up in her arms and kiss him passionately. She closed her eyes, shutting herself off from him briefly. What was going on? A stinging sensation ran over her face. "T-Thanks..." What was she to make of this? He was being sweet to her after a night of violence and sex. He didn't bring up all the credits on the ground, or anything else.

"Like a rock. What about you?" It felt good to get cleaned up. There was more visible blood on her face than clean skin. Her eyes opened once more, "I know how to fix your hangover. If you take the binds off, I promise I won't leave *and* I'll remove all of my clothing. When you feel better, you can bind me again, okay?" Her voice was authentic. She wanted to help him. *Wait!* She wanted to help him..?

Petrus snorted when she made her attempt to influence him to remove her binders, before bringing the cloth away from her face. The blood was gone, but the outlines of the cuts and bruises were still there. She was beautiful. "Does that work?" he asked her, as he moved his face towards her. He placed a tender kiss upon her split lip, sucking it between his own lips, and biting down upon it lustfully. "And how are you going to fix it?" he asked her, as he climbed on top of her, pressing her back down against her cuffed arms. "Maybe ... maybe I like you better with it on," he informed her, before his face descended to kiss her again. When the kiss broke he looked at her for a moment, and felt that familiar, uncomfortable stirring in his loins. There was something much too intoxicating about her that inspired him to action more than any other he had encountered.

Petrus collapsed helplessly on the bed when he finished, and reluctantly moved to remove the restraints at her wrists. "Do you know what the only way to find out if you can trust someone is?" he asked her, as he tossed her cuffs aside willingly. "Trust them," he said, as he stretched out in the bed to relax after all that had just occurred. "Did I hear you say your last name was Ta'em? Or was I drunk?" he asked, as he rolled onto his side to examine her carefully. A plot had been developing in his mind during their intercourse, but until he was sure he did not dare mention it. And, if he was correct, was she evil enough to consider such a prospect. His hand moved to brush the side of her face, before moving to muss her hair again. "You have a wonderful stylist," he added, with a sly grin, as he placed a rough kiss upon her lips before she could respond to any of his questions. His long journeys through the outer rim had prevented him from developing a relationship, so most of this was all new to him ... she was growing on him.

Fulfillment pumped through Luna's veins. After yet another round, her decision not to leave had been officially solidified. She liked this one. Still trying to catch her breath, her eyes fell on him. Until that moment, she had been unable to use her arms and legs. If she had wanted to leave, she wouldn't have been able to. Now he freed her. He was testing his chances with Lady Luck by giving her power over her limbs. Luna didn't make a break for it. Instead, she *smiled*. Turning her head to the side, her pretty eyes flickered towards his face. She was happy to nuzzle her head against his hand. She was even happier to share such a wonderful kiss. Their occupations didn't really call for traditional relationships, not that they were about to have something resembling traditional. "Thank you, I do it myself," she told him when she could finally speak. Lazily, Luna rolled onto her side. She propped up a leg on his. Her finger brushed over the stubble on his face.

"Mhm. Ta'em is my last name. It sounds like you've heard it before. I can see the wheels turning in your head. What are you thinking about?" Did he know about her family? The Ta'em had fallen into a blinding light over the Holonet lately. She suspected that he had seen what she had; a Ta'em who had married into nobility.

Petrus' eyes went wide, feeling as if he had just won the lottery, when she confirmed his suspicions about her heritage. "Yes. I think *everyone* is familiar with Zara Ta'em after her holonet scandal," he said, before adjusting his position on the bed so he could see her recording droid that resembled a cat. "I trust no one would be interested in *our* footage," he said, with a snicker, before focusing all of his attention back on her. "Have you been to their castle?" he asked, probing, perhaps a bit too obviously as a plot began to develop in his mischievous brain. There was opportunity here ... and where there was opportunity there were credits ... he was now *doubly* pleased he did not end her life the night before.

Laughter filled the room. Ooh yes, little sister had her body put on display by the Holonet. Luna had considered reuniting specifically with the intent of robbing her blindly. She didn't know her sister had married the Nerf Herder. To her, Marcus Rodney was a man with deep pockets; man worth screwing with. His follow up question put them on the same track. Was he thinking what she was thinking? She snickered. "I'm sure we would become rich off the credits from our videos within days. But... I keep the cat recording for us, not for them." The cat droid was nuzzled up on the bed, head on its paws, continuing to watch them. Senses within the droid kept its attention where it belonged. It also provided Luna with her only form of companionship.

"I haven't. I hear it's on Delaya in the northern region. There can't be too many people living there. What an easy target." Her hand dropped to his shoulder. "I haven't seen my sister in years. Abridged version of a long and ugly story; she thinks I'm dead. I *did* see that she married and made herself valuable. I've considered a visit, but I think I might need a partner to do that. Clearly you've been thinking. Let me hear what you've figured out."

"An easy target?" Petrus asked, wondering if she was serious, or whether she was baiting him. He listened to her continue, telling the sad tale of how her family came to separate. "So she fucked her way to a life of riches and luxury, while you have to steal to survive?" he asked her, as his hand again caressed the heavenly soft skin of her cheek. "You're her sister. She should have to share it with you," he said, painting a vivid picture of the potential to take from them. "I hear she's pregnant ... might even become a Duchess..." he continued, fueling what he hoped was a potential for jealousy and rivalry that could further inspire her to join the fiendish plot that he had not yet unveiled to her. He was a vile man who would do anything for the right profit, and it was beginning to show why he had earned the nickname of the Demon.

"Easy for sure. I can't imagine the Rodney playboy would object. He'll take one look at me and wish I was the Ta'em he'd knocked up." She laughed once more. She did not envy her sister's life. Doomed to carry some noble brat's offspring? No thank you! Her eyes remained on him. He was right. She did deserve some of the fortune. Her sister was treacherous in unforgivable ways. As a result of Zara, the Ta'em had met their doom. She was thinking, thinking quicker thanks to her new, inspirational partner. She deposited herself out of her thoughts soon. "I never thought of it like that. She's always been the chosen one. I should get a cut, damn it. I took care of her." Luna had felt anger towards her sister for a long time. All she needed was the right push.

"I... might have an idea." She ran her hands down his chest. "She's pregnant. He's weak and rich. Why don't we steal her? We can tip off the Holonet to her kidnapping, making it highly publicized. After that, we'll demand a ransom. With all the pressure and eyes on him, that playboy will give us anything we want. It doesn't matter if he loves his fuck toy or not." He clearly didn't. The news of her sister's pregnancy had leaked in the same breath they'd been married in. Marcus Rodney was trying to be a good boy for appearances...likely for the sake of becoming the Duke of Delaya.

Petrus was impressed with Luna's plan, as if he had come up with it on his own. "You're evil," he said, as he leaned his face in to tease her with another brief kiss. "Yes. You should get a cut..." he started, before planting another kiss upon her. "...a very big cut," he repeated, before he placed a further kiss and was upon her again. His lust for her was insatiable it seemed, and he wondered if they could take their hands off themselves long enough to make the trip to Delaya. "I'm starting to get attached to you," he foolishly revealed to her, as he stared down at her still bruised face. "If this is all part of some setup I'm going to be awfully disappointed ... and awfully impressed," he added, before lowering his face to plant a real kiss upon her, forcing his tongue between his lips, and tackling her tongue like their tussle on the floor the night before.

It was best to show her true colors right from the beginning. He needed to see the depth of her dark passenger. In her mind, she had kiboshed the idea of traveling to Delaya to attempt to carry out the kidnapping. Kidnapping a human was difficult. She imagined her sister must weigh a hefty amount since she was carrying a litter. Petrus would be able to do the lifting while Luna carried out the acting that would lead to them becoming oh so much richer. She kissed him. Was Petrus 'the one'? The fact that he was putting fuel in her fire made her question it. He wanted to do this with her. It was even he who brought it up, not Luna. There was something entirely sexy about a man who'd bring up betraying your family for credits...

Each time their lips met, she fell into it as if she was diving off of a cliff. Together, she was *alive*. His revelation was, indeed, surprising. She'd lived under his apartment for a week while he was there, completely unknown to him. She wished she'd attempted to rob him sooner. Luna didn't respond right away. She allowed him to drag her over that cliff with a passionate, hot, wonderful kiss. Her hands touched his face, his neck, and his chest. Her tongue made for a valiant warrior, moving this way and that against his tongue. Luna was reluctant to stop kissing him ever again. She might have opted not to if this idea hadn't been so damn good. "Mmmm.. I'd love to take credit and say this is all a set up. Too bad it's not, huh? We have to act like silly people who are attached to each other." Her lips brushed against his. They didn't kiss, only teased. "We'll go to Delaya and pose as a couple. I'm sure Zara will be so happy to see me again."

"*Pose* as a couple?" Petrus asked from above her, feigning hurt as he frowned down at her. "You mean we're *not* a couple?" he asked, as he moved his face up a bit to playfully bite at her nose. "Do we have to leave *right* now?" he asked her, before moving down for another kiss. As his lips connected he wondered what was getting into him. This was not the way he normally acted around people he just met, particularly ones who had just tried to rob him. Still, the amount she had planned to make off with was a pittance compared to what they could potentially earn from kidnapping the newly wealthy Lady Zara Rodney. "Do you think she'll be relieved to see you're alive?" he asked her, almost laughing, as their devious plan ran over his mind. She was the perfect partner for him ... almost as evil as him. *Almost*.

"Owww..." She whined playfully. "Oh, we *are* a couple, we simply aren't the kind of couple my sister is going to open her arms to. We only have to pretend that we're not evil to the core criminals who want to break her husband's bank." She grinned at him. He couldn't be left single...oh no. Luna wasn't going to find another man with the same strain of crazy as hers. Petrus was off the market until his next bitch murdered her and used her body as lovely accent. She made a thoughtful noise in her throat while they kissed. The plan was solid. The only part that hung in the air was when they would carry it out. His kiss reminded her that she realllyyy enjoyed being close to him.

"No. We'll leave when we damn well please." She decided, placing kisses on the corner of his lips. If this actually worked out, then Petrus would need a much bigger safe to hold all of *their* credits. "I'm sure she will be. Her long lost sister will have finally come home. It'll be so melodramatic." If she had the desire to have a relationship with her sister, then she would have already gone to Delaya. This was strictly all about business. "When should we leave, *Demon*?"

"Are you sure my core is evil, Luna?" Petrus asked her, as he arched his left eyebrow down at her. "I know I've penetrated you to your core, but you haven't been that deep inside me yet," he said, with a wicked snicker, before reluctantly rolling off her. "I could stay in bed with you all day, Luna ... but the problem is that could easily turn into a week," he explained, as he swung his legs over the bed and moved towards his closet. Turning around to look at her from afar he saw her cuts and bruises and thought of a way to use everything to their advantage. "Nothing would cause your sister to let her guard down more than concern for you, should she suspect you were in an abusive relationship and needed her help," he suggested, as he began to dress himself, realizing this was the first time she would be seeing him fully dressed.

She considered his question. Currently, she felt like he had the most delicious, wonderful core. He struck her fancy in all the right ways. "Well... Maybe. You *did* think about milking my pregnant sister for credits before I did. Some would say that's very evil." Waitno. He needed to get back on top of her and ravage her for the millionth time! She may have seen every part of his nude body, but his experience was different. She *still* wore her catsuit, having slept in it after he wore her down. She rolled over onto her stomach, propping up her chin in her hands. "A week could turn into a month..." She followed his train of thought. Nothing would ever get accomplished.

This morning, her face was swollen and ruined. It still ached, but that took a backseat to everything else going on. Petrus knew ways to make their little lie seem more real. Her face lit up. "You dirty, dirty genius. If you keep talking like that, I'm going to bind you to the bed." She didn't think she'd ever stop being lustful around him. Luna rolled to the edge of the bed. With her feet underneath her, she rose. She zipped up her crotch region, then moved towards the window. "I've been living underneath you, FYI." She swung out of the window without another word, scaling down to her makeshift home quickly. All she needed to do was grab a duffle holding several changes of clothing, a couple of weapons, and snacks. She took her shortcut back to Petrus' apartment. "Didya miss me?" She questioned, beginning to collect her swords from the ground.

"You'll always be beneath me," Petrus told her, aggressively, as he exerted his dominance over her. When she returned he moved towards her swiftly, with a look of near rage in his eyes, as he took hold of her roughly. "Don't go leaving me like that again. Not even for a moment. Do you understand?" he asked, squeezing her sides, and digging his fingers into that catsuit to get at the skin beneath. His eyes were glaring down at her, and there was a bulging vein in his right temple. "You are *mine* now, and before we go to Delaya, or even leave this apartment, you need to understand that?" he said, acting nearly psychotic, as he expressed his possessiveness of her. When he finished his jaw was clenched so tightly, and his eyes appeared bug-eyed, as he waited for her absolute submission to him.

The bag dropped to the floor. He was as furious as a bull all over again. Only he didn't tackle her to the ground the very moment he saw her. Instead, he snatched her in his strong grasp. Luna squeaked. She didn't understand what was happening. It was like day and night from the few minutes she'd been gone. As soon as he spoke, she felt turned on again. Their level of commitment to each other had just gone up several hundred levels. Luna didn't object. She swallowed the information like a good little submissive girl might. Her body belonged to him. Her time was his to use as he saw fit. He could be possessive with her every night for the rest of her life if that's what he wanted. Held tightly with her Demon so hot that she could feel the heat radiating off of him. "I'm *yours* now. I understand where I belong. I'll be right by your side until you tell me otherwise." Luna promptly submitted to him.

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