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Alice Bee, Bob Halula, and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (35:1:15) in the Lybeya system: Blue Haven.
Lieutenant Vance Dajus, Commander Iyah Xergo, and Mug Zoran.

Vance Dajus hoped the communication system was up to the task of sending this message, it was the first time he had attempted to use it. The Lieutenant straightened his khaki and brown uniform out before completing the connection sequence and activating the link. He smiled formally at the person who materialized in his view. "Greetings Commander Iyah Xergo, are you receiving this signal properly?"

Iyah's signal wasn't the best ever. When the dark-haired woman appeared on the screen, she looked appropriately cool in every way except her eyebrows, which furrowed while she stared at the fuzzy communication. "One moment Lieutenant..." She fiddled with the keyboard in front of her. Nothing else seemed to be working, so, she'd give force a try. Her little fist bashed against the terminal until the picture cleared up. "Hello, Lieutenant Dajus. Sorry for the wait. Do you have new orders for me?" Her new recruits were coming along well, especially one oddly named man. She felt they were ready to be in the field, aiding in the war against the Empire.

"Yes, Commander. I've received authorization from Alliance HQ to have you transferred from your current location to the Colonies. I am a liaison in the Ringali Shell for Commander Atio. Your ship will be adding much needed concentration of force for use against Imperial assets." It was obvious he was being overly elaborate and official to make sure he was covering all of his protocols by default, he always felt awkward passing commands to officers of higher rank, and this was the first assignment he had ever been tasked to do. "Can you please provide a readiness report? How long until you can be underway and in the area of operations?"

Yesss! *Finally* she'd be on the move again. Granted, her work as of late wasn't wasteful in any way. She was good at speeches and even better with people. Recruitment was her game when she wasn't fighting. The woman patiently listened to everything that Vance had to say, already calculating how long it would take to reach the Colonies from the Lybeya system, where she was currently located. She was itching to join with the others. "Two to three days, Dajus. My men have been awaiting your orders. The ship is ready to fly to your location now." She reported to him smoothly. In a war, you never knew when you'd be needed. Iyah's fingers could be seen dancing in front of her, already beginning to set a new path for Blue Haven to travel. "Is there anything else I should know?" She asked the man.

"Imperial Forces in the area have been growing of late, so use pirate points or masking your ID may be necessary." Dajus seemed happy with the prospect of additional help coming into the sector. He glanced offscreen for a second before returning his gaze back to the Commander. "They station should be able to accept docking with your ship, Commander Atio and myself look forward to meeting you and your crew. We can discuss, at that time, your strengths and what you can add to ongoing operations and perhaps open up some more possibilities. Are there any supplies you are short on that we should add to our acquisition plans?"

It was time for Iyah to feel appropriately nervous. She felt that luck had carried her through the ranks, at times. She was nervous to meet Commander Atio, who she had heard so much about. Instead of letting her mini panic attack show, she jotted down the notes that he had given her. They would need to be careful to ensure that her ship didn't end up as fragments in space. "Ah, yes, I'm looking forward to it as well. Thank you for all the information. Maybe you can put in a good word with Commander Atio for me?" She said, smile breaking out on her face briefly. It was gone within seconds. "In all seriousness, we're running out of food. I recruited from the Alderaan refugee camps in Delaya. I swear half of the food was gone overnight. Those men were starved. We'll be running dangerously low by the time I reach you."

"We will have food placed on the plan, thanks for the heads up. I'd try to put a good word in with the Commander for you but I'm afraid I may not have the clout to do so..." He had a lopsided frown on his face as he glanced reflexively toward the doorway in the room he was in, he was having complications integrating with this tight knit crew. "Safe travels, hope to see you soon. Lieutenant Dajus from Ringali Station, signing off."

Life on the Blue Haven had been incredibly interesting lately. Commander Xergo found herself in a weird, and potentially damaging, situation for the very first time. That situation was called Mug Zoran, the recruit who she couldn't stop herself from getting tangled up in. The first night together should have led into a morning of guilt that concluded in her stomping out the flames that had only begun to form around them. The problem was that Iyah never felt guilty. If anything, she felt like the universe had tossed her a bone. That bone just happened to be in the form of a wild-haired man. She still conducted business accordingly. She was a little more outgoing with the new trainees just because she wanted to make sure Mug knew how to defend himself. When they were called to fight, she wouldn't be able to keep a constant eye on him. She needed to be reassured that he would be okay.

After receiving her new orders, the frigate began its travel towards the Colonies. Commander Xergo was exciting for what came next. She was a smart young woman. Whether she actually believed it or not, she had something to bring to the table. Her conversation left her feeling like everything was going in the right direction. Her crew would be fed. They would get to fight, just as they had wanted to. Only when she was certain that all precautions had been taken to avoid Imperial intervention, she took back towards the living quarters of her ship. It had become normal for her and Mug to meet up there nightly. She seemed to care less about people finding out now, often allowing him to spend the night just to stay close to him a little longer. She had gone out of her way to give him with a tiny communication device, disguised as a pin, which she could page him on to let him know the coast was clear. Inside of the 'professional' area of her bedroom, she summoned him. She had snuck in dinner for the two of them prior to her talk with the Lieutenant.

Mug Zoran had spent most of his time aboard the Blue Haven undergoing basic training with the Rebellion. Prior to coming aboard he had never handled a weapon, engaged in physical combat, or performed any kind of technical function. Now he had a basic proficiency in each, but it would take a lot more training for him to reach proficiency, and perhaps he'd never make it to expert. When his small comm beeped letting him know that it was time to see Xiyah again, a smile crept onto his face, and he rose from his workbench excited. He placed the rifle he was working on down, and removed the goggles he had been using, placing them aside for now. He moved through the corridors of the ship, brushing bast the growing crew with new recruits from their sweep of the Alderaan system. He knew the way to access her quarters, and he was quick to enter before anyone noticed him coming in. "Scuttlebutt says we're moving," he said, excitedly, as he entered her cabin. Like many of the new recruits he was eager to get into the action.

Commander Xergo fully intended on cracking the whip on the new recruits over the next few days. She didn't know exactly when they'd be called to action. For Mug, it was, unknowingly, the calm before Hurricane Xergo hit. The woman never missed a beat. When they were together outside of privacy, there was no way of telling anything more was going on between the two. She lifted her head to the sound of the doors opening, then sliding shut once more; *Mug*. A smile cracked over her calm features. She stood to greet him. "That's absolutely correct. We're off to the Colonies to aid in the Rebellion. It's only going to take us a few days to arrive. So," she stopped in front of him, "You might want to enjoy it tonight. You'll be too tired to move tomorrow." Her arms wrapped around his waist. She appeared to put together. Not a strand of hair stuck out from the tight bun which held her hair. She was wearing a jacket sporting a patch to indicate her status as Commander. Her greeting finished with a sweet, but short, kiss. She drew away from him before he could get too comfortable. Always leave 'em wanting more, right?

She lowered herself down at a little table for two in the sitting room located just outside of her bedroom. There, dinner awaited the two. "Are you ready, Mug?" Ready for what awaited them in the Colonies.

For some reason that Mug could not explain the sweet kiss that Iyah greeted him with each night always felt like their first. There was a sweet, innocence to their romance that refused to give in to the power of lust. While they were intimate, it was like two inexperienced lovers just beginning their entry into adulthood, rather than two seasoned professionals going at it through the night. "I don't know if I'm ready, Iyah, but I'm certainly willing to try," he said to her, optimistically, as he moved towards the small table where they often shared meals. He was quick to pull out the chair for her, showing basic manners and chivalry, as he did each night. He was a bit old fashioned, owning to a lack of experience, as most of what happened between them he had learned through watching holovids. "I'm so excited and nervous I don't know if I'll be able to eat much," he confessed, as he took his seat across her and began to inhale the aroma steaming off the food in front of him.

Their relationship was special. Iyah cherished him and the deep connection that they shared. She was becoming more comfortable with letting her exterior shell fall when he was around. Mug being old fashioned was perfect for her, as she, too, was old fashioned. She appreciated how gentlemanly he was with her. It made her feel like she didn't need to be in control all the time. Sometimes, he could take the lead. "You could have trained for years and you'd still feel the same way. You're going to be fine. All flirting aside, you've grown a lot since we met. I consider you one of the best new recruits ... cute too." She winked. "My only advice is to take a deep breath when the time comes. You'll gain more confidence the more times you do it. That's how it was for me." Iyah was starving. She didn't work well on an empty stomach, so she began eating shortly after she sat. She understood Mug's lack of an appetite. She'd thrown up on the battlefield her very first time. It was an amazing first impression for her commanding officer. "Eat whatever. We aren't in danger of running out of food anymore. There will be more for us when we arrive at our destination. I feel like I just started putting meat back on some of you refugees." Underneath the table, she began working off her uncomfortable boots. When she freed her socked feet, she ran them along the lower half of his leg.

"You flatter me Iyah, and inspire me," Mug said, as he stared at her across the table, longingly, as if she were kilometers away. His heart seemed to beat slower when he was around her, and time seemed to pass more slowly, as he enjoyed second that he was in her company. "Yes. There wasn't much to eat there," he said, as he forced himself to eat some of the braised nerf that was being served to him. Given the hunger and starvation he experienced back in Tarkintown it was hard for him psychologically to waste food. Even when he was not hungry he would eat what was offered to him, just to avoid seeing it go to waste. He let out a soft sigh as her foot began to play with him, and he felt the urge inside of him that seemed to always come around this time. In the entire time they had been aboard they had not made it to desert once.

Iyah's cheeks burned to his compliments. If anyone else said those things to her, it would have been meaningless. Mug made it count. He also made her an incredibly happy woman. Before he'd changed her life, she didn't know what she'd do when the war finally ended. Now, it was easier to daydream about living with Mug. Something as simplistic as going to the grocery store with him sounded massively appealing. In fears of scaring off the only man she'd ever been serious with, she didn't tell him about her non-sexual fantasies. She giggled. "Thank you. I'm so happy to have you in my life. I used to be one crabby, lonely old woman until you made me feel young again." She grinned. Yup, old at the fresh age of nineteen. She wasn't going to shove any food down his throat. What they didn't eat would get eaten later. She was much more interested in adding fuel to the flame that burned inside of her for him. Iyah didn't need any desert. She had all the sweet right in front of her. Her foot continued to play with him slowly. To her surprise, her mouth opened before her brain did a quality control check. "Have you ever thought of what life will be like someday when the war ends? For *us*." Her foot inched further up.

"You're not old, Iyah. And I doubt someone so sweet and lovely as you could ever be crabby," he said, before putting down his fork and inhaled sharply as her food moved further up into dangerous territory. He wanted to crawl directly across the table until he ended up in her lap. However, he instead rose from his seat, and circled 'round the table intil he stood before her. "I don't care what my life will be like after the war, as long as it's with you," he said to her, overwhelmed with a complex of array of love and lust that his inexperienced young mind had an impossibly difficult time processing. "I want you," he cried out, almost pathetically, as he had done so many nights prior. His hand moved to the side of her face, stroking her cheek, which caused a series of bumps to form on his arm from the intoxicating sensation of simply touching her. He shuddered and very nearly finished right there and then before they had even got started, for no matter how much he experienced her, neither his heart, nor body had relaxed in her presence.

The thing was, Mug saw all the good parts of her. Behind her secured doors, it became possible for Iyah to be a gentle young woman. Her dark eyes followed him around the table. With each step, her heart pounded harder. She knew what was coming. To deny their wants would be stupid. Iyah hadn't denied herself after that very first time. The hunger she once had for dinner had changed. All she wanted to do was feel him slid inside of her while their bodies wrapped together. She turned, readying to stand up and chase him off to her room. His response to her question was... wonderful.

"It will be."

His pathetic cries for her were just too much. She shivered in her seat to the touch of his hand. "Then you'll have me." She quietly replied to him, rising so suddenly that she knocked her chair backwards. Disregarding it, she stepped over it. Both of her small hands planted on either side of his cheek. Her eyes looked in his. She kissed him. She kissed him *hard*. The Commander only wanted to steal all of his breath away so she could initiate the chase. Just as it seemed she'd lead them to her bedroom, Iyah stopped kissing him. She stepped back, sliding her jacket off of her shoulders. Turning around, she made her way towards her bed. A trail of clothes would guide him right to where he needed to be. The final piece of clothing, just at the end of the bed, was her little red panties.

Mug's heart was racing, as if it were a pod in the outer rim circuit. He followed her into the bedroom, kissing her passionately with each step, while simultaneously trying to extract himself from his uniform. He noted that this sort-of thing was a lot easier *before* he signed up for the military and ended up with a complicated uniform. He was quick to get his black vest off, followed by the blue shirt that lay beneath. The boots, which by the look of them, was the most expensive thing he ever possessed, were in the process of being kicked off when he tripped. He stumbled, quite unfortunately, sending them both forward onto the bed. "Sorry!" was the only word that escaped his lips as he crashed down upon her naked form, his pants wrapped around his ankles, and one boot still remaining. He was hardly the lothario, and his naivety and inexperience might have been out of place were Iyah not so innocent herself.

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