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Erin Highberg and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:8:31) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle).
Yekaterina Hanson, Nona Jast, and Lord Gaius Rodney.

A new day dawned over the planet Delaya, and the Lord Gaius Rodney had spent much of proceeding evening on his balcony in the cool night air. His thoughts were plagued with the growing unrest in the city, but it was the breathtaking image of his fiancé that captured his imagination and kept him up much longer than he intended. The brief kiss they had shared only intensified his passions for the young woman, and it take every ounce of restraint to not barge into her chambers and take what would soon be his. As the morning reached a reasonable hour, he finally moved from the balcony and changed back into his uniform, as he expected to have a lengthy day of meetings concerning the looming crisis. But, before he would face all that, he decided to descend the single flight of stairs that took him to the level where Nona had been placed. As he stood outside the door he brought the back of his hand upwards, and knocked three times with his knuckles. "May I come in?" he asked, after clearing his throat, hoping that he was not disturbing her.

She awoke in the morning, still a little frazzled over the fact she was in a foreign place surrounded by strangers. There was a small balcony of her own that she decided to look out of. The little sleep that she managed to get... Those dainty feet bare as they padded along the marble floor. She wore a simple light yellow night gown. Small thin straps over her shoulders as she reached for a long sleeve white over-coat or robe. The cool morning air hit her flesh as she opened the doors to let light into her small modest room. Her long wavy locks of blonde a bit disheveled. She ran a hand through those curls as she heard the knock. Bright eyes widened as she heard the voice of her future husband. Small blush traveled over those freckled cheeks as she turned to face the door. "Please, enter." She spoke loud enough for him to hear as she let an arm drape over the front of her abdomen, hand gripping at her forearm. She looked down, a little embarrassed with how unpresentable she looked. For better or for worse, right?

When Gaius opened the door he was immediately struck by the fact that she was still in her nighttime attire, and his cheeks flushed red suddenly as he awkwardly broke eye contact with her. "I'm sorry ... I didn't realize you weren't dressed," he said to her, sounding like a boy who had just seen something he was not supposed to see. "How did you sleep?" he asked, quickly shifting subjects, before moving deeper into the room. The fact that this room was one day intended for their child was not lost on him, and as he avoided staring at her revealing attire, he instead took note of the room, its decor, and whether a child would even be comfortable here.

She gave a laugh and looked down to her nightgown. "But, I am dressed...just not formally." Small laugh left her lips as she watched Gaius pace the room and avoid looking at her. Nona couldn't help but giggle at his nervousness and unease. She took a step closer to her future intended closing distance between them as her eyes searched for his. "I slept well enough. It'll take time to get used to my new surroundings." The woman couldn't help but canter her head, reaching a hand up to tuck a few strands of blonde behind a small ear. "And how did you sleep?" She asked as her arms moved from gripping her forearm to dangle at her sides, exposing her body a little more to the air and to him.

"It was hard ... to sleep," Gaius confessed, as he turned his head to look at her, taking in every inch of her feminine frame that he was getting his first solid look at. "What a wonder to wake up to..." he said in a way that was very forward, and he began to close the distance between them. When he came to a rest in front of her his hands were quick to move at her sides, at firs caressing them gently, and then firmly grasping at them in masculine fashine. He took her in a way that while not rough, was by no means gentle, and he would nearly lift her off her feet as he drew her close to him. His face descened towards her, and his mouth enveloped her lower lip, biting at it gently before his tongue made every effort to dart into her mouth. He could no longer stand the polite, formal talking, and was determined to make his move.

Nona took in a small breath as she stood there, looking at him. The little they did say to each other spoke volumes. Perhaps the real motive to him seeing her wasn't to see how she faired, but maybe to ease his own desires and lust. She shivered slightly as those hands moved to her sides. She blushed at his comment about what she looked like. Though he'd literally sweep her off of her feet as his movements were full of intent. It was clear to her what was on his mind now. But, rather than fight it, she was just as receptive. The taller man pulled her frame to his, lips crashed into each other. Small moan escaped her mouth into his as that thick strong muscle managed to push past her lips and into her own mouth as her own would meet his. Eyes fluttered shut as she moved her arms up to his shoulders, almost clawing at the material of his suit.

Gaius broke the intensity of the kiss, but only long enough to begin the process of remove the blast vest that covered his tunic. As that was carelessly discarded to the floor, his attention next moved to the brown uniform tunic that he hastily unbuttoned, exposing the toned features of his physique to her for the first time. Despite being in his late 30s his position in the guard made it necessary for him to maintain peak conditioning that resulted in him having the body of a man nearly a decade younger. Before he removed any more of his uniform, he moved his head down and placed a tender kiss upon those waiting lips against. She could now directly feel the warmth of his flesh directly, and his reddening skin that was fueled with passion by his rapidly beating heart. Although it was not his first time, in many ways it felt as if it was, as this was the woman he intended to spend his life with.

Palpitations in her chest as he broke the kiss. She caught her breath as she took a stumbled step away from him. She watched as he disrobed. It would be easy for her as all she had were an overcoat and a gown. A shrug of those shoulders were given as that white robe would fall like liquid from her body and pool at her bare feet. She watched as he struggled to remove his own clothing. Eyes scanned over his muscular physique. Tongue moved over her lips as she swallowed hard. Those hard angular features only causing her own body to flush. His lips hit her own as Nona moved to her tip toes, lips pressing against his own as his warm flesh was felt against the exposed flesh of her own body. The only thing that she wore was that simple night gown. Hands moved up and down the muscular features of his arms, those fingertips dancing over his skin. Eyes closed again as her own teeth found themselves nipping at his own lower lip. Clearly she was not opposed to his advances.

Gaius could have spent the remains of the day underneath his beloved, but it seemed the galaxy had other intentions and his comlink began to beep incessantly. His green eyes rolled to the side in frustration as he heard it, but decided not to disturb Nona. He had yet to learn how to balance his career with his newfound engagement. His arm reached around her, embracing her, before pulling one of the satin sheets up upon them to keep them from catching a chill in the cool, morning breeze that was blowing through the open window. The way he felt made him think this was all too good to be true.

Nona stirred as she heard Gaius' comm start to beep. She gave a small groan as she opened those bright blue eyes, looking up at him. "Duty calls, so it seems." She spoke softly as she nuzzles into the nape of his neck, running her nose against that scruff covered chin and jaw line. She had to admit that she was also very reluctant to move from her spot in bed. She was quite taken aback at the level they felt drawn to each other. She couldn't help but gave a content sigh as her hand moved down his chest, fingers intertwining with his as she gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

"Whatever it is ... it can wait," Gaius told her, as he was glad to be laying there in her arms. He was intoxicated from her presence, and it clouded his judgment, and caused him to ignore the comlink even as it began to beep again. "I'm sorry," he said to her, as he made a mental note to write up the guard that was so persistent in violating their moment of solitude. "Is there anything you'd like to do? Anything you'd like to see?" he asked, as his fingers moved through her blonde locks, playing with them happily, before placing several, gentle kisses upon her forehead.

A small smile formed over those soft brims. Eyes fluttered as she heard the tall man apologize. "You don't have to be sorry. I understand. When you've been put in a position of leadership, you're assumed to becon when called." Those lightly freckled cheeks blushed as the man peppered her face with those gentle kisses. She was a bit surprised at his affection. She felt quite lucky that his touch was gentle. He was kind and loving, and she felt it. "Is... Is it safe for us to be out in public?" She asked as she had a genuine concern for her own safety as much as his own.

"In my lifetime of two wars I have never seen anything as dangerous as a hungry man," Gaius confided in her, as he considered how much of the deteriorating situation he should reveal to her. "For generations we had an agreement with Alderaan. We would take their industry, pollute our world, and produce what they needed ... and in exchange they would feed us and keep their world unscathed," he explained to her, not feeling particularly proud of the arrangement, but it was one that had existed for a millennia. "Now we have a world to feed and we have lost our main supply of food. And in addition, most of the Alderaanians who were off world when the planet was destroyed are flocking here in droves. We can't hope to feed all of these people," he continued, doing his best to sum up the complex series of events that had brought them to this point. "The Empire is in no great mood to feed a bunch of people whose world they just destroyed ... as they're likely to Rebel. And we've been having trouble getting food shipments in, because of the debris field, and the fact that the Empire doesn't want a bunch of merchant captains coming here and reporting back on what happened through the galaxy..." he continued, having run out of ideas as to what to do about the situation.

Nona listened to the man as he spoke. Sadness struck her as she shook her head. She rolled away from him, her hand letting his go as she let her back face him. The curvature of her hip being able to be seen by that sheet. Her mind wandered slightly as she took in a deep breath as she slowly exhaled. "There... May be something that the rebellion could help with. Or I can see if Kuat can donate provisions." She didn't want to speak of her sympathies towards the rebellion. She didn't know how he would feel about it. She hid a blush by hiding her face from him entirely.

"The Rebellion?" Gaius replied, sounding somewhat skeptical at the notion. "What could they possibly do to help?" he asked, his voice trailing off slightly as his eyes wandered over the curvature of her womanly figure that was just out of view beneath the sheet. "How can anyone hope to stand up to the Empire? They can ... they can destroy worlds," he said, in sheer terror after witnessing what had happened when the Death Star arrived in the system. "Do you think Kuat would help?" he asked, sounding excited at that notion, as he realized the importance the planet held because of their massive shipbuilding program.

"As a senator... Stripped of her title... Democracy has died." She turned back around to face him. That sheet resting against her hips as those perky round breasts were now revealed, exposed to the cool morning air. "I'm sure I can convince Kuat to assist in any way they can. I don't have a delegation to appeal to, I can go directly to the source. But the prosperity of this world is just as much my concern as yours if I am to call if home." Eyes glanced up to that chiseled jaw. She swallowed hard as she felt a little... Estranged at that moment. She swallowed hard as she then looked back down, staring at his chest.

"Thank you. Thank you so much..." Gaius said earnestly, a tear welling up in the corner of his eye, overcome with the raw emotion of just how kind his bride-to-be truly was. He leaned forward towards her, moving to press his lips against hers once again. This was not a kiss of lust or fashion, but one of sincere gratitude. It was then that comlink began to beep obnoxiously again, and as he broke the kiss he let out an exacerbated sigh, grabbing hold of the comlink and throwing it to the ground below to smash it so that it would no longer disturb them.

Nona gave a genuine smile as she heard that thank you. And before she could move, his lips moved against her own in a tender embrace. Eyes closed as she met that kiss with one of her own. But, like anything else that mattered, his comm would beep. Eyes widened as he gripped the communication and threw it. Upon hearing it smash, she gave an amused giggle. Hand came up to hide that smile as she shook her head. "You could have answered the call..." Nona spoke softly as she reached up and brushed the back on her hand against that scruff covered cheek.

"Whoever it was is going to have to get used to the fact that I am soon to be a married man. Priorities change," he said with a laugh, as he began to sit him, and get himself more alert. While he was talking a big game to make himself seem confident in front of his fiancé, in reality he really should have answered the com. "You were saying you'd like to see more of the place?" he asked, as he began to make sense of the mixed pile of clothing that had been so carelessly discarded in the heat of their passion. Normally, he would leave this to the cleaning staff, but he did not want such idle gossip to get around the castle before their nuptials.

As much as Nona knew he needed to go, she didn't want him to leave. Maybe she should speak softly of it... But when she sat up, she pulled that sheet up over that chest as she watched him look for his clothing. She gave a soft sigh. "There's... A refresher unit in here, yes?" She could use a shower or a bath... Or both. S hand came to that frazzled and unkempt blonde hair as she shook her head. "I... Should bathe." She gave a small laugh as she stood up, letting that sheet fall off of her body. She moved to him and reached for that robe, letting that nightgown stay on the floor. She looked up to him as she waited for an answer.

"Of course there's a refresher!" he informed her, although he was not quite sure where it was. "It's..." he said as he moved forward, opening one of the doors and stepping into the darkness. "This ... this is a closet!" he shouted back out into the bedchamber, before remerging into the room. "It's gotta be this one!" he announced to her, moving swiftly towards another door. When he attempted to open it ... it would not budge ... and he began to grunt as he struggled with the door handle to get it open. Eventually the door gave way, but he pulled so hard it caused him to go flying back to the floor. When he looked up at the open door he was mystified to see that there was a bricked up wall, as one master suite had been broken down into two smaller ones. "Well that doesn't make any sense at all!" he said, before finding himself back up into a standing position, and dusting himself off. Lastly he moved towards a third door, opening it to find the illusive refresher. "Ah. Here it is! Right where I thought it would be," he told her proudly, turning to grin at her happily.

Nona watched in amusement, watching him move from door to door, trying to get one open, stepping in. Then one that wouldn't open to cause his naked body to hit the floor. "Oh my dear heart!" She exclaimed as she moved, also naked, over towards him. But he stood up and moved to the third door. Nona would move towards that third door, looking to the size of smaller area. "Please tell me the one we will be sharing is bigger... And with a bath." She looked up to him with hopeful eyes. Every woman needed a large bathroom. She was no exception. "It should be big enough for two people that is." Small grin formed over those pink lips as she moved past him and through the door, hips swaying as she walked.

Gaius cheeks flushed red with embarrassment ... both sets ... as he considered whether or not to tell her the true purpose of the room she had been assigned. "This ... this is actually meant for our children," he said, bringing his hand up to rub the back of his neck, as he looked down awkwardly. He had only just met her, and suddenly he was forced to begin discussing topics like the children they would hopefully one day have. In the past arranged marriages for somewhat commonplace, but in recent generations people had married for love, and truthfully in his youth he had expected that to be the case for him. While he found her to be beautiful with a wonderful heart and personality, talking about the marriage contracts and expectations as if he was in the midst of a trade negotation seemed somewhat foreign.

Her own freckled cheeks flushed as he spoke. "Uh...*oh*!" She said as those bright eyes of her widened. She gave a dutiful nod. "Well... I'm sure there should be at least one or two more rooms. I want at least three children." She said as she turned to face him in the doorway. She could sense his unease. Bare feet carried her towards him, moving to rest her hands on his shoulders. "You seem as if you had witnessed the worst possible thing..." She kissed his chin. "Gaius...we do not detest each other, we have an instant attraction. I'm not worried of where my heart will be years from now, as I'm more than sure it will be yours. Do not show any remorse or unease of our future. Perhaps we should have waited for our nuptials to be intimate, but, I am glad I've spent as much time with you as we have. It's been my honor, truly." She planted a gentle kiss onto his lips, hoping to reassure him of any doubt he may have.

The kiss did much to sooth his mind and reassure him that they were doing the right thing. His lips met hers eagerly, and his arms moved around her tightly, pulling her against his body in a loving embrace. "Wait. Did you say ... three?" he asked, his eyes going wide suddenly as it dawned upon him. "That's going to take a lot of baby making!" he said to her, sounding quite sure of himself, before his hands began to roam over her body in a playful, almost ticklish manner. He would do this for several moments before he caught himself, and frowned slightly. "I just hope we have a world to give them. We live in such dangerous times. I never thought the war would reach this system..." he said, unable to escape what was going on around them ... in fact, he should not, as it was his duty to look after these people.

There was a frantic knock at the door, and then the door was opened, revealing the presence of the female Alderaan Guard who introduced Gaius to Nona in the spaceport. Yekaterina Hanson had served in the guard for a decade, and was fortunate to have been assigned to Delaya when the Death Star entered the system and destroyed her homeworld, killing almost the entirety of her unit in one swift strike. "I apologize for the intrusion, Milord, Senator..." she said, quite embarrassed given their naked state, and she brought a hand up to conceal her rosy cheeks and sly grin, before turning her back to him. "I have been trying to reach you on your communicator. Perhaps you turned it off?" she explained, nervously scuffing her boot upon the floor. "There's a food riot in progress, and we wanted to alert you. The Duke has dispatched the guard into the city to disrupt the rioters," she informed him, and then waited for further orders, should there be any.

Their embrace was interrupted, and she reluctantly moved into the refresher, hiding that nude body of hers. Bottom lip bitten as she blushed bright red and looked up to Gaius. "I told you, you should have taken that call." She looked down as she listened to the other woman speak. Concern swept over her face. Hand moved to cover her mouth as she leaned up against the wall. "You should go... I'll be here upon your return." She spoke softly as she knew the well fare of his people were a priority. A soft sigh was given, as much as she didn't want him to go, it was his duty. And she knew what that meant. Arms moved to wrap around her body, covering up what she could as she gave a small nod.

"Please. Wait outside, Hanson," Gaius said, and watched as the embarrassed woman moved from the room and closed the door behind them. Once they were alone, he turned, following her into the refresher. He moved towards her suddenly, reaching with his hand to caress the side of her face. He held his hand there, gently caressing at her cheek and behind her ear, before lowering his face towards hers to plant a loving kiss upon her lips. His tongue darted from between his lips and found its way inside of her mouth, rhythmically rubbing against her tongue, and teasing at the roof of her mouth. He held it there for an instant, before pulling his face away. "I'm sorry. I shan't be long," he reassured her, reluctantly moving from the refresher back towards where he could begin gathering his uniform.

Nona met his lips with her own, returning that passionate kiss. Tongue gently danced against his as his entered her mouth. Soft sigh escaped from her as he pulled away. Tongue swept over her lips as she gave an understanding nod. She'd move further into the refresher as she turned the unit on. In the small corner, shower would rain from the shower-head. She'd speak out over the rushing water as she stepped in. "I shall be here upon your return." She gave a soft moan as the water hit her naked body. She'd bathe and dress and perhaps do some exploring of their part of the palace. She didn't want to keep him or distract him. She'd only hope for his safe return.

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