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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy,.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:27) in the Chandrila system: Chandrila (Hanna City: Assembly Hall).
Trooper Kaiya Crion, Yekaterina Hanson, Commander Kerrie Kiley, Inquisitor Jessa Thrope, and Captain Thaddeus Updike.

Commander Kerrie Kiley stood within the halls of the Chandrila Assembly in the government quarter of Hanna City. She was decked out in the full regalia of her black Storm commando armor, and was armed with a rifle, and an array of grenades. In front of her stood what was left of the assembly after months of assassinations, arrests, and executions of assemblyman from across the planet. The Imperial occupation of Chandrila had warranted the roundup of the last of the government officials as the last bastions of democracy on the planet were torn away by Imperial might As she looked down over the huddled mass of older men and women, none of whom had any combat training, she felt ashamed that her skill ... and that of her unit ... had been tasked with such a purpose. She would rather be trying to do something useful like hunt the Rebel cell, but instead her unit was once again being tasked with political maneuvers. Unexpectedly they had lost power, but the visor of her helmet allowed her to see perfectly in the dark. "Crion, see if you can find out what happened to the power station," she ordered her least favorite commando, if only to get her away from prisoners. Their targets had a habit of getting clawed whenever she turned her back.

Kaiya Crion had gotten over her last mishaps on Chandrila. The Cathar was hungry to redeem herself in Thaddeus' eyes. What they were to do was very specific and it involved killing. Kaiya excelled at killing. Her species, as a whole, was good at it. She had been a terror for Kerrie to have on her team. She made funny faces behind the Commander and even 'accidently' whacked her with her tail on a few occasions. At last, the time she had anticipated came...only, the Cathar wasn't as happy as she should have been. In fact, she was standing off to the side and listening. "Hmmmm..." There was a ruckus outside. It was hard to determine what was going on by sound alone. She inhaled. The smell of burning and explosives was impossible to miss. "Nyahhh!!" And it smell sickening. Kaiya pawed at her nose while it twitched. It was then that all the power went out and she was cast into darkness. It wasn't troubling for her. Cathar's vision, like their other senses, was much better than that of a human. She drew herself close to Thaddy. Her tail brushed over him to let him know she was there. "Commander, I hear ships outside. Lots of 'em." She remarked. "It smells like a bunch of stuff got blown up. Ewww! It's disgusting!" She coughed. Kaiya's senses were even stronger than a regular Cathar's due to selective breeding. She stuck out her tongue and seemed to grow majorly uncomfortable.

Captain Thaddeus Updike had grown concerned by what was happening around them, but did not express himself in the same manner as Kaiya. Instead, he attempted to raise additional Imperial units on the comms. "Commander, confusing reports coming in," he began, before reaching out and grabbing hold of Kaiya to attempt to focus her. She had the attention span and excitement of a loth-cat at times, which while exciting in the bedroom, often caused him to have to focus her during battle. "There's been an attack on the power station. Reports of multiple enemy squadrons. Unknown casualties. Power ... *obviously* ... out throughout the entire government quarter," he reported, confirming what the Cathar's heightened sense of scent had already told them. "Prepare a defense," he ordered a squad of commandos, as he wondered if this power disruption was the prelude to a Rebel rescue operation. "Be mindful," he said, as he brought his right index finger up to the Cathar.

The Inquisitor was taking her time in joining up with the commandos in the government quarter. The Lepi was too busy on her comlink. "I can't believe Emperor sent me here, Prav!" Jessa snapped. She had been in an utterly terrible mood since she was shot by the Mandalorian. Finally, she seemed ready to open up and talk about why she'd been sent to Chandrila. "I don't understand His Majesty. He sent me here to get Rodney moving *and* to steal his kid?! First he moves me around from idle battlefield to idle battlefield and now *this*?! Do I look like the stork!?" She spoke of the bird and the sweet tale of how babies came to their parents. No one wanted to hear the *real* story of how mommy and daddy got dirty seventy-five different ways to produce a baby. When the lights went off, Jessa exhaled. "Warm my carrots. I'll be home soon." She demanded, terminating their discussion. She stepped forward into the center of the government quarter. Jessa dramatically announced herself by lighting not one, but *both* of her curve-hilted lightsabers. "Commander Kiley, I see you've rounded up the enemies."

Commander Kiley listened to the reports from the excited Kaiya and the businesslike Thaddeus, which combined to tell her one thing ... they were in the wrong place. The most elite unit in the legion had been tasked with rounding up a bunch of bureaucrats while a bunch of raw troopers and heavy armor was being picked apart by the Rebel cell. "Yes, Inquisitor. It took all of five minutes," she reported, with a bit of snark from beneath her helmet. "However, we're receiving mixed, albeit vague reports, of a Rebel attack at the power station," she said, echoing what Captain Updike had briefed them on moments before the Inquisitor's arrival. She had experience working with Inquisitors before, but had she known how this one had terrorized Claudius and Sierra she would not be responding in such a professional manner. "We could be the next target," she added, before checking to make sure Updike had ordered the appropriate defenses. "Do you want us to move these prisoners out?" she asked, awaiting further orders, while itching for a chance for *real* combat.

Thaddy couldn't understand what it was like to have a Cathar's nose. She obsessed over the smells and how they affected her throughout his report. She still listened. The power was out. The Rebels were attacking *elsewhere*. Kaiya had missed her chance at a battle...but maybe not yet. He refocused her, forcing her mind to derail from all the smells. She fell serious at his order. "Yes, Captain." Kaiya parted from him to help the other commandos prepare. She relied on her nose heavily in times like this. Something was coming...she hoped to smell it first. There was another smell that struck her: a Lepi. The Inquisitor had joined the battlefield.

Jessa was hopeful that *someone* would come bursting through the doors with hopes of saving those awaiting their execution. Kerrie relaid the information too her. "Damn, I wish we were at the power station." The Inquisitor needed more action than attempting to kill a helpless Sierra Rodney. "Let's make sure we're the next target" Jessa said mysteriously. She left Commander Kiley, and, instead, turned her attention on the prisoners. Her red lightsabers illuminated their terrified faces. "Hmmmmm. Hmmmm..." They were fearful but there was *one* who struck her as less fearful than the others. Dispelling both of her lightsabers, she made her way over to an old, male politician. She squatted deeply in front of him. "I smell a Rebel." Her nose twitched. She reached into the man's vest pocket, pulling forth a comm. She threw it in his face so hard it made him bleed. "Call in your Rebels and let them know you require their assistance. Bring them to me, or I'll kill you ... *slowly*." To demonstrate her point, Jessa grasped the man's boot with her paw. In a swift motion, her lightsaber flew into her paw. It ignited, and she used it to sever foot from ankle. "There's a little ... motivation." She laughed.

Kerrie watched as the Inquisitor confronted the assemblyman she suspected of being a Rebel, cringing beneath her helmet as she severed his foot. She was not one for torture, as she had been tortured at the hands of the ISB years ago when she had first been captured by the Empire and turned into a weapon. "Inquisitor, we are unfriendly ground, in a foreign structure, with no intelligence on the size, strength, or composition of the enemy force," she reported to the Inquisitor, as she took several steps forward. "We are also in the possession of several high value targets that the Emperor, himself, has commanded we detain. It is unwise to invite attack," she said, but as she uttered the words she felt her voice was falling on deaf ears.

Kerrie's words did not go over well with the Inquisitor. She listened to the foolish Commander try to sway her to a different battle plan. She disliked how she brought up His Majesty. Jessa turned her back on the man with the freshly severed foot. She pumped herself up to her full height. "*And*?" The venom was back in her words. Commander Kiley was about to become the new way for her to drain her spleen. She stepped forward once, twice, and a final time to make the space between them as small as possible. "The Emperor only summoned me here because *you* weren't doing a good enough job!" She snarled. "If you want to argue with my tactics, then maybe you should run to the Rebellion yourself! Now! Show me your *true* face!" Jessa's hand flickered outward. With a powerful push, she shoved Kerrie's body back towards a wall. "You all are as stupid as your Governor! We will *wait* here for the Rebels!"

"Gaah!" Kerrie cried out as she invoked the wrath of the Inquisitor. The telekinetic thrust by the woman had no counter, and she soon found herself pinned against the ornate, marble wall of the assembly. She struggled against the unseen grip, her arms and limbs flailing as she fought in a vein effort to free herself. "Ugh! Ugh!" she groaned, but soon became exhausted and simply allowed herself to go limp. What she said about the Governor infuriated her, but with the potential of Rebel attack looming she knew that *now* was not the time to argue the merits of Governor Rodney with the Inquisitor. Reluctantly she brought her hands to the side of her helmet, and unfastened the clips that held her helmet on. Removing it she revealed the image of an attractive woman in her late-20s, with ornately braided hair that kept neat under the helmet.

Captain Updike's eyes lit up under his helmet as he watched the Commander make the mistake he knew she was capable of making it. "This is it..." he whispered to Kaiya, as he shifted his attention from guarding the prisoners to watching the Inquisitor. In his mind he was about to get a field promotion back to command of the commando unit. He could almost taste his victory, which caused him to take an anxious step towards the fray. If the Inquisitor was going to do something ghastly to the Commander he wanted a close view.

Kaiya's tail whipped excitedly through the air. This was *better* than killing people! This was Thaddy becoming Commander Updike again. "Yay!" She whispered to him quietly. She didn't dare approach what was going on. She could see Kerrie just fine from where she stood. It was nice seeing the smug look wiped off her face. Commander Kiley had thought Kaiya would be punished for her previous actions, but she'd been so wrong. The Inquisitor seemed so angry. This was it!!

The Lepi stepped forward towards Commander Kiley. They were very close again, with Jessa looking at her like she was a bug in her way. She examined Kerrie's fake face and sniffed. She *knew*. "Oh, Commander. You're not fooling *anyone*. If you aren't going to listen to me properly, I'm going to have to start hurting you... Do you *really* want that?" She leaned toward, resting a paw on the wall just above Kerrie's shoulder. "Now, what's going to happen here is that we'll *wait* for the Rebels to show up. When they do, we'll kill them all. I'm not hauling these prisoners off until I've painted the walls with Rebel blood." Her voice had a sickly sweet tone to it. "And if you can't manage to behave yourself during this affair, I'll send you to the sickbay to rot with the Governor's wife. Got it?" Jessa couldn't resist the urge to brag. She felt big and bad in her new sector.

Yekaterina Hanson and a squad of Rebel troopers dispatched from the frigate Blue Haven were on approach to the Chandrilan assembly. None of them knew what to expect, but if a rescue of the assembly was possible they needed to make an effort. The unit made its way towards the structure in the cover of darkness afforded them by the bombing of the nearby power station. As they breached the structure they made use of their superior intelligence to arrive at the level above where the assembly was being held, which was usually reserved for observers. None of them knew what an Inquisitor was, so they were expecting nothing more than standard bucket heads to be guarding the prisoners ... and they had dealt with their like before. In the battle to come their overconfidence would be their undoing. She tossed a smoke grenade down into the next level, which exploded upon impact and started filling the hall. From up above the Rebels sprung and began opening fire on the Storm Commandos and the Inquisitor with their varied array of rifles and blasters.

Before Kerrie could respond to the Inquisitor's threats her eyes went wide as she could see the grenade falling behind the Lepi. "Grenade!" she called out, as she instinctively moved to place her helmet back upon her head to avoid being blinded by the smoke. "Now's your chance, Inquisitor," she groaned, before reaching down to pull out her highly polished KYD-21 blaster pistol. "Open fire!" she ordered the commando unit which, despite the presence of the Inquisitor, was still under her command. "Aim for the origin of the blasts," she instructed her men, as she carefully aimed her KYD-21 over the Inquisitor's shoulders and waited for a blast to appear. As soon as she saw one she carefully aimed her pistol at the origin, before pulling back the trigger and unleashing a deadly bolt of crimson energy hurdling at the target. She could not see through the smoke, but she could hear the scream of a Rebel wounded as her blast dissipated.

Kaiya's ears perked upward. "Thaddy they're..." She began just as the smoke grenade exploded around them. The Rebels were too far away for hand-to-hand combat, so she was forced to grasp her E-11 blaster and begin shooting. The smoke only made her vision useless. Her other senses went into overdrive. She viciously shot a Rebel who fell over the railing into the area where the commandos were. Her ears perked again to the sound of... "Explosive!" Kaiya dropped her blaster, quickly moving onto all fours to cross the room towards none other than her Thaddy. If the grenade went off, it was going to kill *him*. With the full force of her strong Cathar body, she knocked him forward. In the same motion, she grasped the grenade. She landed on the floor with it underneath her armored body. It exploded. Kaiya let out a scream. Her armor had only protected her so much. She was bleeding. She let out a pathetic cry.

It was questionable how far Jessa would have gone if the Rebels had not arrived. She closed her eyes tight. Smoke exploded all around them. The Rebels had come in from above and were now threatening the safety of her prisoners. Jessa cursed, moving into a deep squat. With a burst of energy to her feet, she made the jump to the level above them. Her eyes remained closed as both lightsabers met with her paws. She locked the hilts together to create a staff-like weapon. For Jessa, seeing her enemies wasn't essential. She could feel them now that she was paying proper attention to the mission. The Inquisitor began mowing down Rebels. The blood red of her lightsaber cut through the air with each motion. She was drenched in Rebel fear. "I knew you'd come if I called!" She yelled, ripping the blade through a man's midsection. She was drawing closer and closer to Yekaterina.

Captain Updike was returning fire into the upper level of the assembly when he suddenly heard Kaiya yell, but before he could react she had viciously shoved him out of the way. He did not see what happened next, but her certainly heard it. He scrambled back onto his feet, moving as quickly as he could to his fallen trooper and lover. "Medic!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, before rolling her over onto her back. "Get up to the next level!" he ordered the men, but he remained on the ground level with the fallen Kaiya. "You're going to be okay," he promised her, as he held her close. The Rebels would pay for this.

What was supposed to be an easy rescue had turned into a pitched battle. "Those aren't Stormtroopers, those are Storm commandos!" Kat warned the Rebel troopers, as they began to return highly accurate fire. She was used to the bucket heads not being able to hit the side of the barn, but these elite troopers were hitting the mark more than she was comfortable with. But then, before she could react further, she saw the red blades of the Inquisitor penetrate the smoke. "Fall back!" she orders, as she realized they were in over their head. One of the Rebels had been killed right in front of her, which prompted to her to begin to run for her life, but she did not get very far.

The Cathar was feeling the extent of her injuries. She rolled her head and continued to cry. She was a bit of a baby when it came to pain. In seconds flat, Thaddy was there. Beneath her helmet, she smiled. "I know, but you weren't gonna be okay, Thaddy." She couldn't very well stand back and let him get blown away from her forever. Kaiya trusted him. Once he was there, she let herself fall into unconsciousness. Her only hope was that when she awoke, Commander Updike would be her boyfriend.

Jessa was busy proceeding through the Rebels who had been ballsy enough to show up. This would be the first win for Governor Rodney that she claimed. She hoped that the Emperor would be pleased with all of her work, for she had been trying *very* hard. Jessa had, nearly single-handedly, destroyed the Rebel force upstairs. The smoke hadn't cleared yet, but she could sense the life force of each weak, weak Rebel. She was tired of the smoke. She was tired of not being able to see properly. One of the Lepi's paws pointed towards a wall. With a powerful Force push, she destroyed a section of the wall. Fresh air began to clear out the smoke. She didn't need her vision. What she needed was for the Rebels to see what *she* was doing. Reaching her paw back out, she snatched up one of the remaining Rebel soldiers. In a movement alike to what she had done to Sierra, she concentrated her energy on their body. Her anger was so wild that she quickly went overboard and the body literally exploded right in front of Yekaterina Hanson. There was a rain of blood and guts around them. "Awww. Where are you going? Where's all that Rebel confidence?!" Jessa screamed. She ran towards Kat, knocking her across the upper level of the building. In one powerful pounce, she landed right beside the woman. Jessa crouched down and roughly removed Kat's blaster helmet. She dug her paw into the woman's hair and forced her to look at the carnage of her friends. "Look at it, scum. That's what I'll turn *every* Rebel who dares enter this sector into." She released the woman's head. "Run away. Go tell your little friends about what you've seen here."

Yekaterina let out a horrified scream as the trooper exploded in front of her, causing a rain of blood and guts to shower down upon her like in a HoloNet slasher vid. Before she could get further away the Inquisitor was upon her, knocking her across the upper level of the structure. She hit the ground ... *hard* ... and at this point she began attempting to crawl for very life. Again the Inquisitor was upon her, clawing at her short hair, which caused her to let out a powerful scream of agony. She was prepared to die, but that did not mean the notion of it did not terrify her. When the Inquisitor told her to run away she froze for a moment, before rising back to her feet and scampering her off like a wounded, frightened animal. She would tell them what happened alright, but she doubted anyone would believe her. She did not believe it herself.

By this point Commander Kiley and a squad of commandos had reached the upper level to join the Inquisitor in the aftermath of her bloodbath. She recognized Kat Hanson from the Alderaan Guard, as she was once part of the protection detail of the Rodney children before they joined the Governor in the Ringali Shell. She was surprised to see that she had become a Rebel, but was even more surprised by what the Inquisitor chose to do next. "You're letting her go?" she asked, as she tilted her head like a confused animal. "We have wounded, but none of the prisoners escaped," she reported, as she stood beside the Inquisitor. "I've ordered our transport in," she continued, before taking a look at the blood and remains that were splattered about. "You have indeed painted the walls in Rebel blood," she said, feeling a little queasy beneath her helmet, despite all she had seen over the years. "I'll need to learn to take you as literal, Inquisitor," she reported, before turning to check on the status of the transport and the wounded commandos.

Inquisitor Thrope watched coldly as the Rebel woman scurried away like a mouse. She hoped that more Rebels would come as the word spread of her existence. For now, she turned to look at Commander Kiley, who hadn't learned her place yet. What was it with all of Rodney's men?! She could see it was going to take a lot of effort to show everyone where they stood. Jessa let out a long sigh and turned towards her. "Good, good. I don't want to waste too much more time here. I've got a Rodney boy to steal." She admitted to Kerrie as she placed the curve-hilted lightsaber at her other hip. She lingered near the Clawdite, pondering why she decided to wear a human face. As a Lepi, Jessa's appearance was significantly different from that of a human. It was hard to take someone seriously who wasn't even above five feet tall. It was something that had driven her in her younger years as she was the runt of her litter. Now she could inspire fear in even the biggest of men...and she enjoyed it.

Kerrie had turned and started to walk away until the Inquisitor mentioned the 'Rodney boy'. She stopped, dead in her tracks, as she considered the implications of that statement. She had grown so distant from the Governor and his family she was not even aware that the child had been born. She considered her next actions *very* carefully. The Inquisitor had already displayed she was more than a match for her, so rather than a direct confrontation, she would quietly return to her troops and warn the Governor the moment she was out of sight. She should have known that the Empire would not have sent another Inquisitor just to capture a bunch of assemblyman.

Jessa made her way out of the assembly. She was running high on an adrenaline rush. In her mind, she was successfully carrying out the Emperor's orders. She had put Rodney in a better place and pried the force-sensitive child from the womb of his wife. Soon, she assumed the Emperor would recognize her talents and reward her with knowledge and power. As she left the assembly, she called out to Kerrie. "Hold onto those prisoners for me. I've got a plan to draw the Rebels out..."

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