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David Cole and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:19) in the Kessel system: Kessel (Cabra the Hutt's palace).
Baroness Hanna Ardent and Cabra the Hutt.

Within the throne room of the palace of the gangster Carba the Hutt a large Trandoshan enforcer moved slowly towards the dais carrying a simple bucket. It was still early and many of those who had taken up residence had not yet stirred, and the newest arrival, Baroness Hanna Ardent, was sound asleep against the filthy flesh of the Hutt crime lord. She was wearing nothing but an uncomfortable metal two piece outfit that barely covered the two areas that ought to be covered. She was filthy, her red hair matted from sweat, and most of her chest and stomach was covered in vomit from her unsettling experience with the Hutt's hookah the night before. Without any warning or compassion the Trandoshan swung the bucket so the entire contents of cold sewer water would roughly fall upon the 22-year-old Baroness, abruptly waking her from her much needed slumber. As she dreamt she had hoped her experience had only been a nightmare, but the sudden jolt pain from the cold water caused her to immediately snap back into reality. As her eyes suddenly opened wide she let out a massive scream as the horror of the reality she now faced came crashing back down upon her. Horrified, she began to pull away from the Hutt as far as the leash would enable her. Exhausted and afraid she finally gave in and the tears began flowing from her beautiful young eyes.

Hanna needed a little bit of a boot to the rear. She had thwarted Cabra's advances and then preceded to throw up and pass out near him. Cabra smirked as he was just thankful he did not have to kill her on the first night. As the water was dumped on the Baroness, Cabra even said to his henchman, "you could have used better water than that." The henchman came back over with similar water used to bathe her, as it was dumped over her head while she was starting to cry. It would not be as cold, and would wash drain down into the rancor pit below them. As Cabra saw Hanna crying, the Hutt slowly brought her closer to him as he said "My apologies for how rude my soldiers my prize ... you are to be bathed in better water than water for miners. Would you like some of the smoke again? It might calm you down?" He needed to calm this poor Baroness down before she had a heart attack. Hitting that hookah again, he blew a bit more smoke into her face and said "You may lay against me and tell me what is upsetting you so much...besides the obvious."

Hanna started coughing again as the smoke was blown in her face, unable to deal with the foul aroma that was still very knew to her. She stood there, dripping wet, a hideous mess looking like a creature that had been left out in the rain. She was shivering, she was frightened, and she was alone. "Wh-why are you doing this to me?" she asked, sounding quite helpless and pathetic as she inhaled sharply to try and stop the flow of tears that was pouring from each of her eyes. "I have done nothing to you. I do not deserve this," she pleaded, before lowering her head dejectedly while trying to remove some of the moisture from her red hair. "If it is a question of money I am sure my father can raise what you demand. Release me ... please," she said, the anger removed from her voice, and instead replaced with an inconsolable sadness. Her heart ached as she longed to be returned to her family and her home ... she simply had not been raised to accept such a horrendous lifestyle.

Cabra would snap his fingers and two female servants brought towels over towards Hanna. He let a little slack on the leash go, as a sign of good faith as the servants began to brush those red locks and towel off her body, so she was not so cold. But Cabra was going to be matter of fact about his reasonings behind her capture "I cannot release you at this time...your father made a grave mistake. In fact, I would have killed him if you were not offered as a prize by someone on your planet. So, either your father dies, or you accept this life for the foreseeable future..." Glancing at her steel bikini clad form and actually offered Hanna the hookah and nodded for her to take a hit of her own "Who knows, you may come to like certain aspects of your capture."

Just as Hanna felt some normalcy as the two servants dried her, the horror once again was brought to the forefront of her consciousness as he threatened the life of her father. "No. Do not kill him. You mustn't!" she pleaded, as she pushed the two women aside and moved closer towards the Hutt. "He will pay you. I promise. In fact, he'll pay you double," she scrambled, the words flying from her mouth like a swarm of birds as she hurriedly tried to plead for both of their lives. The young woman knew he did not have the kind of credits she was talking to, but in her desperate it did not stop her from lying. She swallowed in fear, her throat bulging noticeably as she did so. "We have many assets we can barter with. Estates. Ships. Businesses," she said in a frenzy, thinking of anything and everything she could to end her captivity and spare her father.

Cabra just shook his head as he said "You will never know, but I have worked it out with someone on your home planet. You will serve two years in enslavement to me and I will consider your father's debts paid off. And I am sorry young one...your father's assets are all in trouble anyways." Cabra's hand slid to Hanna's cheek again, caressing it softly as he continued to speak with her "If you behave and obey me, I promise to make your time here agreeable. If you serve me with pride...then you have my word that once your sentence is complete, I will send you back unharmed. But you will need to play the part of a pretty human pet to a Hutt. Understood?" Cabra was trying to reason with her, and hopefully the Baroness would comply.

"Two years?!" Hanna screamed incredulously, as she collapsed helplessly against the vile filth of the Hutt's flesh. She could not believe the words that were coming out of his disgusting mouth. She suddenly felt very cold, and did not think she could last two days, let alone two years. The thoughts that were going through her mind ranged from despair to a desire to simply die rather than endure two years of this torture. "I am no pet. Do you understand me, creature?" she asked him, as she folded her arms in front of her chest and began to rock back and forth in a near trance-like state as the shock overcame her. Surely this could not be happening, the little voice in her head repeated endlessly as she failed to cope with the graveness of her ordeal.

Hanna had slumped into his skin and into his arms inadvertently. Cabra would slide an arm around Hanna's waist, pulling her close and against his skin. His other hand slid to her hair, slowly running his stubby hands through those fiery red locks as he wasn't going to give her anything ... as far as leeway was concerned as he spoke "You will learn to accept your position in life and serve me. In return, I will make sure you are well taken care of while here." Glancing down at her as he asked her "You will be here two years. I would rather not, but I have put pets down before. Some have begged for it. It would disappoint me greatly to have to do that; as I think you will make a nice addition to the palace." Glancing at his tank of frogs as he asked "Now, my darling Baroness ... please bring me a frog...and a very small one for yourself, if you wish to impress me." He knew Hanna, or any human would vomit at the thought ... but he wanted to see just how game she was for this.

"Ugh. Gross," Hanna murmured as the Hutt's hands roamed over her body and through her hair. It was the most repellent sensation she had thus far experienced in her brief existence, and not one that she longed to experience again. "Serve you? Serve you?!" she repeated incredulously as she stared into the face of the Hutt, whose eyes seemed to be the size of her entire head ... he was an intimidating presence to be sure. When he asked for the frog she pursed her lips, as her young eyes slowly moved from the slug-like creature to the bowl that was near the dais. She let out an exasperated sigh, turning her body away from the bowl, and without looking she cautiously inserted her hand. Grabbing hold of the frog it began to squirm in her grasp, which caused her to recoil in fear. "Ah!" she screamed from the startling sensation, releasing her grasp, which dropped the frog to the ground before it tried to hop away. "They're alive?! You eat them alive?!" she shrieked in horror, as she shook her hand violently to cause the liquid from the tank to fly off.

Cabra was a bit upset with her, as she had knocked the liquid to fly off and soak the ground below the dais, and let the frogs roam free. The Hutt was none too pleased over this, as he grabbed Hanna's leash and yanked her violently back against his skin and said "Yes, they are alive. And to prove your worth, you will eat a very small frog whole one day in my presence." Meanwhile, two Gamorrean guards came over and immediately grabbed Hanna and took her off the dais and placed her in the center of the room, which was a huge steel grated area. The drop off below her feet was a good 30 to 40 feet below her as she stood over it as Cabra said "But...after that little stunt ... I am not sure if I wish to keep you. Perhaps I should let the rancor eat you. I will tell your father of your death and your death will pay off his debt to me." Two servants came and grabbed the frogs and began to clean up the tank near the dais as Cabra asked "Why should I keep you alive Baroness Ardent?"

Hanna grunted and squirmed, unsuccessfully attempting to shrug off the Gamorreans who were roughly dragging her to the center of the room. As she was placed on the grate she could hear the murmuring of the Rancor, and she began to quiver with fear as she looked towards her Hutt captor. "You would kill me ... over a frog?!" she asked furiously, unable to believe that such a trivial offense could result in the termination of her life. She was from home and the civilized society in which she had grown up, and did not fully understand what those present here were capable of. She stormed forward, angrily, as she once again approached the tank of the paddy frogs. "I can't believe *I* am doing this," she muttered under her breath, as she once again grabbed one of the frogs. "Eww!" she squealed as she tossed the frog into the Hutt's waiting mouth, before turning her head so that she would not have to watch him devour it.

"You have not behaved once since you have been here...if you plan on being like this ... then I have no other choice." Cabra was not playing around, as the guards knew ... he had pets eaten for all less offenses. But then Hanna took her first step in obeying the Hutt, by bringing the frog to his mouth. It was more of a toss then gently feeding it to him. She turned her back as he eat the frog loudly, burped and then said "One day, you will feed me and not want to cringe at the sight of the frog." Reaching over to take her leash, and bringing her closer to him on the dais as he said "Kneel on the dais, my pet. Now answer for me, is there a name you've always wanted to be called? One that you used as a secret name when all the charming princes of your planet wished to lure you into their clutches? I wish to learn more about you..." Learn more about her, and use it against her was more like it.

Hanna looked down at the cold, dirty dais for a moment, but did not kneel. "I will not kneel on that. It is cold. It is filthy..." she began, but stopped herself from going further as she was beginning to learn and understand that she would just end up threatened once again. "I mean, do you want precious prize to have filthy, bruised knees from kneeling on such an unpleasant surface? I would think not..." she quickly pointed out, as she offered the softest traces of a smile to the creature. "Have a cushion brought, or perhaps a rug of some sorts," she insisted, but not in a demanding tone, as she attempted to use logic to negotiate with the Hutt. "And no ... I did not 'charm' Princes. I have not yet engaged in courtship at the insistence of my parents who sought to procure a proper match," she informed him, as she waited for him to make a decision on her request for a more delicate surface.

Cabra smirked, as he thought this was a request, he would actually oblige to. Hanna had a point as one of the servants brought a plush silk cushion placed on the dais ... allowing her to kneel down in his presence as he said "A good pet should have a comfortable place to rest near their owner..." Once she would kneel in his presence, Cabra asked "Isn't the whole arranged marriage thing a bit antiquated?" There was the Hutt, busting out the 64 credit words here. However, he would ask again "What was a name you always envisioned yourself having behind closed doors for a lover?" The Hutt's hand continued to tease her leash as he glanced down at her, saying "We may be giving you a leather bikini set to wear instead. The steel gets pretty harsh for my pets, long term. You will only need to wear that for formal Palace meetings and events."

"See, you can be reasonable," Hanna said, bowing her head slightly in a form of respect, as she had been trained in etiquette classes years earlier. Gracefully, and without being forced, she knelt on the cushion gracefully on her own terms. "There. Satisfied?" she asked, as she held the position for him, as she slowly began to accept the hopelessness of her situation ... at least for the time being. "It is my duty to my family to enter an arranged marriage. As it was my mother's duty, and her mother's duty, and so on for countless generations. What you call 'antiquated' ... we call 'tradition', which is something to be proud of," she said, with a firm nod of the head as she continued to be somewhat obstinate. "As for thoughts about a lover ... no, such thoughts have never entered my mind. Why do you ask this? Does my name displease you?" she asked, biting her lower lip in a feigned pout as she attempted to make him believe he had hurt her feelings.

"Your name is beautiful, as you are ... but I wish a different name for your time here." Glancing at her a bit. The Hutt did find her attractive; but given certain plumbing and intimacy issues ... the Hutt was not in a spot to act upon his urges in a carnal manner. But he could treat her like a prized pet, as he asked "You will be introduced at events as my pet...and I'd rather not call you 'Baroness Ardent'. I want you to fall into the role." Nodding in respect to the fact she was kneeling and obeying him. His chunky digits lifted to Hanna's chin, raising it up a bit to look into his eyes "We will also teach you how to dance as well from one of my prized entertainment servants. I will wish you to dance for me from time to time."

"What name do you wish for me?" Hanna asked, perhaps suspecting that if she went by her real name her presence might be discovered and a rescue attempt made. She filed this bit of information away in the back of her head as she continued to listen to the creature carry on with his instructions. "Dance for you?" she asked, fighting back every impulse to roll her eyes in bewilderment at this request. She could not believe that she, one of the most important women on her homeworld, had been relegated to serving food and dancing. "To do so I would require adequate footwear. If I were to stub my toe on the hard surface, or perhaps even fall, then I would be of no entertainment value to at all," she keenly pointed out to the Hutt. She was testing his limits and proving him to discover what she could get, and what she could not, as she had begun to come to terms with her fate and now focused on her comfort.

The Hutt had a perfect name for her, one that made him yearn for his home planet. He nodded and said "I will not give you a Hutt first name...perhaps after you obey, and you become my companion ... if you ever live to see that day ... then maybe, we will discuss it. But for now, I am naming you after a sky on my homeworld: Evona. You will answer to 'Evona'. As for shoes while dancing, we will allow that. What you consider 'flats' will be used for dancing purposes." Glancing at her body as well, sliding a hand over her arm, he continued "We will also have your septum piercing with a small piercing, to give a bit of jewelry for your dancing." Cabra was glancing as he said towards her "Do you any requests pertaining to your stay here? I will see if I will accommodate them."

Hanna listed as the Hutt gave her a new name, fully understanding he could call her anything he wanted and there was nothing she could do about it. Just as she had become pleased with the revelation that she would receive shoes, the news of the pierced septum terrified her. Her right hand went to her face suddenly, covering her nose as she panicked while imaging how awful it would likely look. "Oh please do not do that. It would hurt ever so much, and I doubt it would flatter my style," she insisted, as she uncomfortably broke eye contact with the Hutt once more and looked to the ground. "As you have stated, you do plan to release me in the future ... and on my world such decorations are not used. It would be a great disservice to me," she said quietly, as a few tears began to appear in the corner of her eyes once more. She most decidedly did not want to be pierced or marked in anyway.

The Hutt could be reasoned with to a point. On his trips to her home planet, he never saw a woman with any piercings beyond their ears. As she started to sniffle, his fingers slid back to her chin and said "I will respect your culture and leave the piercing out. But you will learn to dance and serve properly Evona. In time, you will show affection to me as well in however you wish."His hand back upon her leash, as he brought her face closer to his and said "Before I let you rest for a bit, I wish for you to show me any sort of affection that you feel comfortable with. Show your owner how much you appreciate the concessions that I have made for you, Evona..."

Hanna was quite relieved he informed her that she would not be receiving a piercing, and was able to lift her head and reveal her face once more. "Thank you," she said pleasantly, as she made sure to maintain her manners despite all that was occurring. She would endeavor to act as ladylike as possible throughout her captivity so that she would not lose herself. When she heard his request, she raised up from her kneeling position and move closer to the Hutt. That smell ... she had yet to get used to the smell, but she fought very hard not to let her nose reveal her displeasure for fear it would upset him and jeopardize her newly won privileges. Reaching forward with her hand timidly, she patted Cabra's side repeatedly, as if he were some strange animal at a petting zoo for her to observe.

Cabra was pleased at what Evona did at first. He was not expecting her to make out with him or tease him or anything. She was learning to respect him, slowly but surely. As she patted his side, his large hand caressed those red locks, meeting her gaze and smiled as a Hutt could. He requested "Now you can lay next to me and we will put you in your new outfit once the sun rises." Cabra let the pet lay against his skin as the lights of the Hutt's lair were dimmed. He gazed down at her again, saying "Goodnight, my pet..." His large hand slid to the redhead's hip, but did not trail over to her rear and remained there.

As Hanna lay down, she curled up into the fetal position and clung to the cushion for emotional support, as she had been quite traumatized these past days. As she closed her eyes, silent tears began to flow again, as she tried her best to fall asleep. Sleep was the only escape from her torturous prison, but it did not come soon enough, and she was forced to endure the mental and physical agony of laying on the hard surface in chains before she finally passed out.

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