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Sean Brandt, Rachel King, Christopher Levy, Shawn Lovett, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:27) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Lieutenant Allegra Ames, Flight Lieutenant Haven Anson, Captain Tiberius Anson, Liliya Benedt, Captain Serra Eona, Sergeant Major Jonas Garrett, Commander Augustus Hood, Kia Kaen, Major Kerrie Kiley, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lieutenant Bethany Sheppard, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Flight Lieutenant/Flight Captain Randi Trainor.

"...and that's the time I single-handedly destroyed the Rebel blockade runner!" Lieutenant Randi Trainor explained with a squeal of delight before slamming her two palms together rapidly to simulate an explosion. The young pilot had been regaling the newly arrived with tales of her exploits at the cafeteria ... most of which were greatly exaggerated or downright fabrications. After finishing the story she took a gulp of the glass of cold blue milk she often enjoyed at breakfast, leaving a remainder of the drink upon her upper lip similar to a mustache. "Now where was I," she continued, her blue eyes widening and a genuine smile forming upon her milk-stained lips. "Oh right! The time I saved the Inquisitor all by lonesome..." she boasted proudly, with an emphatic nod of her head that caused the two blonde pigtails she continued to wear to bounce up and down as well.

"I step away to the refresher and I come back to find you having delusions of grandeur!" Lieutenant Bethany Sheppard quickly interrupted, as she returned to the table full of young pilots on the Star Destroyer's mess deck. "Wipe your mouth!" she insisted, as she looked at her friend's messy face with her usual sense of disbelief, before retaking her seat across from her. "Don't tell me she told you about the time she made the Kessel run in twelve parsecs?" she questioned, as her young blue eyes glanced over those seated on either side of the long table.

"I was just getting to that!" Randi quickly countered. "Or was it fifteen parsecs ... I never quite remember..." she murmured to herself, pursing her lips back and forth as she tried to remember, all the while stabbing at her breakfast with her fork in a vain effort to engage it. As she filled her mouth with food it was clearly she was more occupied with the script of her next story than she was the dining experience and several crumbs found their way escaping her mouth and tumbling to her uniform below.

" mean she didn't really do all that?" a somewhat disappointed Flight Lieutenant Haven Anson replied with a frown, throwing a puzzled look over towards Lieutenant Trainor, unsure what to make of her. She had only recently graduated from the academy aboard the Vensenor and through the machinations of her father she had found herself assigned to his ship. He had advised her to seek out Randi, as he described her the best natural pilot in the fleet, but had warned her of some of the young Corellian's eccentricities as well.

"Well ... she did some of it," Bethany was quick to point out, as she more daintily ate her meal. "Like she did save the Inquisitor," she conceded, before having the good sense to stop speaking while she consumed a portion of her breakfast. Privately, she was quite jealous of some of Randi's legitimate exploits as the personal pilot of first Grand Moff Rodney and then Inquisitor Thanor. She had longed to be a pilot like those gathered at the table, but instead found herself at the flight controls of an Imperial Star Destroyer ... a terribly slow and unwieldy vessel when compared to a starfighter.

"She's my bestie," Randi quickly pointed out, referring of course to Inquisitor Thanor. "I fly her all over and we just go chopping heads off left and right!" she exclaimed, thrusting both of her hands out to either of her to simulate the act of chopping someone's head off, only to send food particles flying in every direction. She was indeed quite proud of her position of honor of serving the Inquisitor, and her assault ship was much more fun to fly than the Grand Moff's shuttle. She leaned back in her chair with quite a sense of pride as she looked over the rookie pilots, but alas she leaned back too far and the chair tipped, sending her tumbling to the floor. After an embarrassing moment on the floor, she rose back to her seat through a chorus of laughter, which her shattered mind interpreted as applause. "I meant to do that," she said, before returning her attention to the waiting glass of milk.

The laughter quickly subsided as the piercing sound of the ship's notification system activated, and all prepared to receive the morning announcement. "Good morning..." Lieutenant Allegra Ames began in a polite voice that was obviously fake. Clearing her voice she ran over a series of mundane talking points mostly relating to the vessel's constant state of alert due to the unpredictability of Rebel attacks. "...and finally all pilots and crew members are instructed to muster on the flight deck at 1100 hours for the promotion ceremony elevating Randi Trainor to the rank of ..." there was a long pause as the junior officer struggled to comprehend the next part of the announcement. "This can't be accurate!" she yelled, breaking the character of the polite announcer, without thinking to disable the intercomm. "What do you mean it's accurate?" she yelled again at the staff who had transcribed the orders. "Damn," she said after a gasp when she simultaneously realized both the orders were accurate and she had left the comm system on. "Ahem ... all pilots and crew members are instructed to muster on the flight deck at 1100 hours for the promotion ceremony elevating Randi Trainor to the rank of captain," she said in a hurried tone, with disgusting oozing from each word as she painfully got through it. "That is all!" she concluded in a huff, before abruptly shutting the comm system down without taking the time for her usual forced pleasantries.

Upon hearing the news that she was going to be promoted to Captain she could not hardly believe it, and from her excitement she spit her entire mouth full of blue milk across the table at Bethany. "Yippee!" she exclaimed, as she climbed onto the table and began dancing on everyone's tray of food. The various breakfast foods she had selected began flying in every direction on those that had foolishly chosen to sit with her. For most of the newly-assigned pilots it would be their last meal with the easily excitable woman.

On the bridge a sense of rage filled Commander Augustus Hood as he listened to the announcement of Lieutenant Trainor's promotion. Gritting his teeth he stormed down the command walkway towards Lieutenant Ames' position in the crew pits. "Give me that pad, Lieutenant!" he ordered, but before giving her time to comply, he reached down and snatched it from her grasp. A pained groan escaped his clenched jaw as he confirmed the promotion orders were indeed accurate. No longer having any need for the datapad, he carelessly threw it back down at her before storming off in the direction of the captain's ready room.

"Gah!" Allegra exclaimed as the datapad slammed into her shoulder, furrowing her brow in anger as she glared up at the Commander. "Well I certainly didn't write the order... " she murmured, as she bent down to pick up the datapad with one hand, while rubbing her bruised shoulder with the other. "What are you looking at? Get back to work!" Allegra barked at the enlisted personnel down in the pits with her, angrily raising a gloved hand in a vain attempt to menace them.

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca silently observed the confrontation between the executive officer and the operations officer, choosing to refrain from making any comment. Privately, she felt the promotion of Lieutenant Trainor was insignificant and something that the officers should not let affect their performance. Her red eyes glared towards the distracted personnel in the crew pits, having a far greater impact at spurring them back to duty than Allegra's villainous theatrics. "Back to work," she echoed, in a cold, emotionless voice that would cause the hairs to stand up on the arms of those unaccustomed to her.

Without bothering to request permission to enter, Augustus barged into the Captain's ready room in a display of unprofessionalism that was uncharacteristic of his reputation of being the most professional member of the ship's crew. "What is the meaning of this!" he exclaimed with ferocity as he came to a halt in front of the Captain's desk. He could not accept that the least competent officer he had ever encountered had managed to remain in the service, let alone receive promotion and preferred assignments.

Captain Tiberius Anson had grown accustomed to managing difficult and eccentric personalities as a result of serving several years as the captain of Grand Moff Rodney's command a ship ... a man who had a well-deserved reputation for collecting people. He allowed his executive officer to have his tirade and purge his rage before attempting to speak himself. "Calm down, Augie. You're liable to give yourself a stroke if you keep up this behavior ... and I think we'd both agree that you've had enough health issues as of late," he reasoned in a calm and collected manner.

Augustus realized there was logic in his captain's words and released an exasperated sigh before calmly seating himself in a chair on the opposite desk. "Sir," he said properly, but with still an air of frustration as he regained his military bearing. "As executive officer I am responsible for flight operations. As such, 'Lieutenant' Trainor is under my auspices ... and I did not approve her promotion ... nor would I," he added, perhaps unnecessarily, as he awaited the Captain's explanation for the oversight.

"As I am sure you are no doubt aware, Randi has made a powerful friend," Tiberius began, trying his best to explain the situation. "Inquisitor Thanor has requested this promotion and I have no choice but to honor it, lest I end up having the lash taken to me as well..." he continued, before entering a few keystrokes on his datapad to bring up her service record. "You know two years ago she held the rank of Captain. She was one of the top flight instructors aboard the Vensenor..." he explained, as his eyes skimmed over the details of her exemplary service record up until that point. "Then one day there was an accident ... three Cadets died and she barely managed to escape with her life..." he said, his voice growing low as he cringed somewhat. "The strain of that day made her the eccentric you see today, but her superiors aboard the Vensenor said she was the best pilot they had, and from everything I've seen so far I'm inclined to agree," he concluded, nodding his head as he slid the datapad over towards the Commander. "Cut the girl some slack, eh, Augie? Let her have her ceremony. Let her have her rank back and see if she can't get something else back, huh?" he pleaded, realizing an order would only be temporary, and it would be more beneficial to change the man's point of view.

Augustus silently listened to his superior recount Randy's service record, privately admitting that he had never taken the time to review her record due to his disdain of her behavior. "I have never questioned her ability in the cockpit, sir. No matter how unorthodox her flying may be, she nevertheless has exhibited masterful control of her craft..." he said, conceding somewhat of a compliment. "However, she is not merely a pilot ... she is also an officer in the Imperial Starfighter Corps and at that her performance is abysmal," he concluded, rising from his seat so that he might return to his duties. "I will conduct the ceremony without comment or protest for the sake of all parties concerned, sir," he said, nodding firmly, before turning about face and marching back towards the bridge.

Within the chambers of Inquisitor Serine Thanor, the woman was briskly preparing for the ceremony to come. Her deep crimson Inquisitorius robes were being closely inspected for any slight marring in the fabric. It had been so long since Serine actually wore these robes, she was concerned they may be damaged. Satisfied that they were completely pristine, not even a hint of Nexu scratch marks, she began to pull the lavish robes over her armorweave. It had been a long time coming, but at last her personal pilot, Randi Trainor, would be getting the respect she deserved. It mattered not that the woman was completely unkept, unsanitary and obnoxious, as far as the Inquisitor was concerned, the woman that had saved her life on countless occasions was above the pitiful drabble that continuously surrounded her. Serine's intense silver eyes flicked to her apprentice, Kia Kaen, who was currently practicing her lessons. She mused that the young girl was ready for the Inquisitorius trials... "I will be attending a ceremony Kia. I trust you will find ways to entertain yourself."

Kia had been studying a datapad until she paused to watch Serine's movements. Idly fiddling with the settings on her datapad, she was trying to figure out what the ceremony was for without outright asking, some of her 'data specialist' ways hadn't been fully nor likely ever would be fully driven out of her. "A ceremony? Can I go this time? I'll be as quiet as a... well not a mouse, those explode too easily ... I'll be hardly noticeable!" The young woman had pushed up to sit indian-style on the bed, looking as intently eager at getting out of the room as she possibly could.

Serine paused for a moment to consider her apprentice's words with fair assessment. It was true that Kia had been very well sheltered, perhaps a bit too much. There was no doubt that the Inquisitor was obsessed with ensuring that not only was Kia trained enough to survive her first trials at the Inquisitorius, but to keep her out of prying eyes that were embedded in every single wall and refresher in this cursed ship. The only place she truly felt safe was her own chambers that she had scoured every inch of for any surveillance... which was one of the reasons the room itself was so barren of any type of decoration, save a well-loved potted plant that Serine had personally charged Kia in caring for. The woman crossed her arms as she eyed the girl with a scrutinizing gaze. "Perhaps you are ready. The ceremony might be extremely bland." Said as the Inquisitor looked around the room, realizing it was terribly bland... "Very well." Concluded in favor of her young apprentice.

"I mean ... I guess I could start assembling the new micro-explosives I was reading about. I'm pretty sure I know all of the right parts..." Kia trailed off, looking far too innocent for her own good, glancing over at the equipment and tools she'd been gathering. "Really?" The speed with which she scampered off the bed and started getting actually 'outside of room' presentable was fast enough to impress even the harshest drill instructor. It mostly consisted of making sure her clothes weren't rumpled from laying on the bed to study and hopping around to tug on her boots and lace them quickly. A few moments later and she was standing normally once more and looking up at Serine with a quite pleased expression. "Thank you for allowing me to accompany you, Master Thanor." She was trying very hard to hide the glee in her tone, and remain as calm and collected as she could.

Sanu, the huge feline-like Nexu beast, was completely sprawled out on Kia's bed with his stomach exposed and his paws gently twitching in the air as it dreamt of something ... probably chewing on some unfortunate soul's leg, or attempting to ambush Kia during his master's training exercises. He had taken completely over the young lady's bed and was only stirred awake with the hasty sounds of movement throughout the room. Things were happening! Instantly it bound to its feet and started play-nipping at Kia's heels as she hurried around the room with impressive speed and enthusiasm.

It suddenly dawned on Serine that it would be quite the scene to bring the large fearsome predator with them, but perhaps that would derail who was supposed to be the center of attention, and that was her pilot Randi. Maybe next time she mused to herself and it actually brought just the slightest hint of a smile to her lips as she envisioned the gasps of terror that the nexu strolling beside Kia would cause. Her attention focused back to her busy apprentice, witnessing the small whirlwind of activity. "I believe you have earned a place by my side from now on ... but with that comes other consequences." She warned. "It is time you take your first steps to becoming an Inquisitor." Said with an air of darkness and foreboding. Not many survive the first trials, let alone the make it into the ranks of the Inquisitorius.

Kia had tried not to trip over Sanu as she was getting ready, ushering for him to sit back down. Bending down, she grabbed a sturdy looking controller and turned it on, she'd gone through three of these already, but each one was an improvement on the last, setting the controller on the floor, little wheels popped out of the bottom and it started scooting around the floor. It already had bite marks and a claw puncture on the top of it, but it still worked. Turning back to Serine, she gave a sheepish grin, "I didn't want him to get bored.. so I started making things for him to chase. He's learning if he just catches it, it keeps moving and he can catch it again." She had trailed off talking about cat toys at the expression on Serine's face as she began speaking of consequences. "If you think I am ready, Master, I will do my best."

At the appointed hour the hangar bay of the Star Destroyer Warspite filled with hundreds of personnel representing the various branches of the Galactic Empire. The stark white armor of Imperial Stormtroopers stood out among the crowd, next to the darkened flightsuits of the destroyer's starfighter wing, for whom attendance was mandatory. Adorned in standard olive-grey uniforms were officers from the Imperial Army and Navy, while a scattering of cream and black uniforms represented the more menacing presence of the Imperial Security Bureau and Intelligence. Normally a promotion of this kind would not be as well attended, but rumors had been circulated that the Inquisitor would attend and no one dared to offend her.

On a small platform that had been temporarily erected in front of those gathered at attention, Captain Tiberius Anson stood in quiet repose as he waited for the appointed hour. His eyes looked towards Commander Hood with one final, subtle encouragement to do the right thing. The Corellian captain had become used to pomp and circumstance that came with serving aboard a command ship, and with the Admiral's promotion to Grand Moff he fully expected his political roll to expand, but he was here to crush the Rebellion ... not award medals.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney was patiently seated in the front of those gathered, alongside his aide Liliya Benedt. His eyes inevitably stared at the chronometer on the wall and hoped the ceremony would move along briskly. He had considered not attending and sending his aide in his stead, but Randi had served him faithfully and in deference to her emotional instability thought it best to attend and not risk spoiling her moment. Still, there were vastly more important things for a Grand Moff to do.

Liliya was seated comfortably between the Governor and Major Kiley, delighted to be present with all of the energy in the air, this being her first time witnessing a promotion ceremony. However, she could tell that not everyone completely shared her excitement. No one would dare say anything disrespectful, especially not with the Grand Moff personally attending, but she could still sense that many were not at all pleased with the turn of events here. The ever alert aid could pick up subtle cues that many could not due to her programming that was designed to recognize very slight gestures as a form of communication. With datapad in hand, she made note of who was attending the ceremony as occupants began to fill in. A warm smile passed over her gentle features as she turned to the distinguished man that sat to her left. "This is a good showing, Milord." Her bright spirit clearly visible as she turned to Kerrie who sat on her right to try to share her enthusiasm with the other woman. For the past few weeks, Liliya had been trying very hard to win Kerrie over. She understood exactly why the woman did not care for her, feeling replaced and unnecessary, but Benedt wished nothing more than to befriend the emotionally battered woman. She was hurt when Major Kiley did not so much as even look at her causing Liliya to recall a bit of her passion for the occasion, her smile fading a bit as she realized she may never make amends with the other woman.

Jonas Garrett stood at the back of the group. The tunic's collar had been digging into his skin during the entire ceremony, it was a mild annoyance compared to the training he had gone through. The steel cold blue eyes shifted along those present bringing up what he could of their files he had been memorizing. When Jonas took in another breath of recycled air from the Warspite he felt the collar of the tunic dig a bit closer into his neck. He allowed his left hand to rise, he let a gloved finger adjust the black material of the uniform, the badge indicated he was a Sergeant within the Stormtrooper Corps, he could feel the weight of the blade launcher against his left wrist, he knew that he should have kept the weapon back in his bunk, but once again the thought of vigilance pierced through the forefront of his mind. He returned his arms back to his side, a smile blossomed across his face as he attempted to look much like the rest of the those gathered in the room. Jonas's boots fell across the metal plating drowned out as people started to pair off into conversation, he took hold of a passing glass of champange, and looked as if he was taking a sip, as he awaited to see if any of them chose to engage with him.

It was a hell of a ceremony for a single pilot, but given the dossier on the woman's current activities, it was not particularly surprising. Inquisitors were the sort of people who got their way, and when one was in the good graces of an Inquisitor, those benefits often extended to them. Serra Eona had never been on the receiving end of such, but she had witnessed it. It had barely been a full day cycle since she'd arrived on the Warspite, but she wasn't about to miss this ceremony, and stood in the rank and file, dressed in the clean black uniform of Imperial Intelligence. On the short side, slender in build, short hair that fell about in a semi-kept way; Serra was nothing to draw much attention. The Captain, like most in her Bureau, wore no obvious weapon. Her eyes took in the entrance of the Inquisitor in a casual way and the ceremony itself was observed with polite interest. She clapped when it was time to clap, offered conversation of a non-descript but somewhat engaging manner when needed, and was careful not to overstay her welcome among those indulging in the celebration. A small abundancy of mental notes were all she took away as she returned to her temporary quarters.

The moment Serine Thanor and her apprentice Kia Kaen entered the area, people instantly took notice. Not only because the Inquisitor had an overwhelming commanding presence, but this would be the first time the majority had ever seen her apprentice in training. There had been many rumors of a girl being tortured or fed slowly to the ravaging Nexu, but now they would witness the truth to the matter. For the past few weeks, Serine has grown even more bold than ever, rejuvenated with a vastly improved working relationship with Grand Moff Rodney, and devastating leverage against her rival Arden Zevrin thanks to the slicing skills of Kia and the diversion tactics of the Inquisitor. It appeared she was attempting to grow her influence with an increasing entourage with diverse and unique skills. She spotted the Governor and quickly diverted her path to approach him as she believed it was her right to be in his company... but a scathing look was quickly given to Liliya... of course she was there. Brushing that off immediately, she was not going to raise hell now... but she would delight in making that woman extremely uncomfortable by sitting directly next to her. It was unfortunate for Major Kerrie Kiley that she was currently sitting in that spot because it was soon to be claimed by the Inquisitor. Serine approached Kerrie with intense purpose and as she spoke, it was not a request but a stern demand she expected to be followed. "I will be sitting there Major, and my apprentice next to me." Despite the two patching their rocky history... there would be no leeway afforded to the Clawdite.

Kia had, as promised, remained silent and observant as they walked into the ceremony. Likely the least intimidating person in the entire room, she still carried herself confidently, gone were the mechanics overalls and pilots jumpsuits, she looked a proper apprentice in a simple tunic top and slacks. Keeping her steps in sync with Serine's, she remained a measured half-step behind and to her right. Halting only when she came to a stop by the chairs, she gave a flat look to Kiley, and absently rubbed the bridge of her nose, she still hadn't repaid that broken nose she'd first gotten aboard this ship. All other thoughts were cut off when she heard Serine refer to her as her apprentice, this warm fuzzy of pride rushed through her at that acknowledgement, it was more than Ty had ever done.

The desolate face of Major Kerrie Kiley was unmoved by the words uttered by the Inquisitor, and the only thought that crossed her mind were, 'it figures'. When the seating assignment had been drawn up she was rather phased by the presence of Liliya by her charge's side, and it seemed as if the young Alderaanian upstart had usurped her completely. So it made sense then when the Inquisitor informed her she would be moved further down the totem. Broken as if someone had dropped a glass from the table, the young woman rose without so much as a word, stepping politely aside to allow the Inquisitor to have the seat. It was only when she rose that she detected the presence of Kia as well, having been caught unaware that she had been allowed into the general population. She swallowed awkwardly, a bulge in her throat constricting against the black collar of the uniform. It was time to beat a hasty retreat. She looked over the crowd for a moment seeing an empty seat next to Lieutenant Ames, thoroughly understanding why so few would sit next to her. "Lieutenant," she said coldly, without making eye contact, and taking a seat dejectedly next to the officer.

"Major," Lieutenant Allegra Ames replied in an equally cold tone, not so much offering even the slightest of glances in Kerrie's direction. This was a tough ceremony for her to attend, feeling she had been of far greater service to the Inquisitor than Randi. Her eyes could not help but scan over the teenager that followed behind the Inquisitor, with a thousand different stories quickly developing in her head, each the more outrageous than the next.

Liliya noticed immediately when the Inquisitor entered the area, softly dreading it, but she was also completely intrigued by the much younger woman by her side. A special note was placed into her datapad to investigate this matter and perhaps she would get lucky and overhear some chatter regarding this surprise. She felt relatively safe sitting right next to the Governor and Kerrie as there were no available seats anywhere for Serine to sit, very much wanting to avoid that woman's unstable wrath. Liliya still had disturbing thoughts about the altercation in Rodney's chambers those many weeks ago that had started a cascade of unpleasantries in addition to knowing exactly the horrid kind of creature Serine's master was. She continued to jot notes down cheerfully until she realized Kerrie was being uncompromisingly removed from her position allowing the Inquisitor to sit right next to her! Liliya did her best not to betray what she was feeling but the uncomfortable adjusting in her seat and the soft scooch and shift towards the Grand Moff was a complete giveaway. Her entire excitement for the ceremony was totally crushed instantly and the woman slowly pulled in on herself emotionally as well as bringing the datapad closer to her chest as if that was going to protect her from anything. She nervously stared straight ahead refusing to make eye contact with the Inquisitor. She hastily started checking the chronometer on the wall ... please be over soon.

Claudius stared at the officers gathered on the platform, as if to say, "get on with it!" As the Inquisitor took her place further down his row of seats, he also noted the presence of Kia Kaen. One of them was hard enough to deal with, but two of them was an entirely different thing altogether. Instinctively, the older man reached for Liliya's hand and comforted it gently, wanting to do his best to comfort the young woman in what was quickly becoming an ordeal for all those concerned. Truthfully, he had been oblivious to the friction between Major Kiley and his new aide, believing the former would be relieved to be rid of her tedious administrative tasks. However, he was wrong, and as he rose in power he became increasingly aloof and oblivious to the feelings and machinations of his subordinates. It was quite possible that the Alderaanian Grand Moff simply had bitten off much more than he could chew. Finally, he threw a nod in the direction of Commander Hood, insisting that this show get on the road.

Commander Augustus Hood stood at the center of the platform wanting the ceremony to be over before it even began. His eyes briefly hovered on the Inquisitor, their last encounter flashing in his mind as he understandably tensed up. He swallowed with some apprehension, his brown skin bulging against the collar of his uniform. Finally he motioned with his right arm to those standing guard at the door, signaling it was time to let the Lieutenant in to commence the ceremony.

When the doors opened a sight no one was quite prepared for suddenly appeared ... Lieutenant Randi Trainor strode calmly across the flight deck in a professional manner wearing a black Imperial officer's uniform that appeared immaculate. Her head was high as she walked forward in a confident gait, her usual psychotic grin replaced with nothing more than a satisfied grin. As she arrived on the platform in front of Captain Anson and Commander Hood she snapped her booted heels together and nodded to each of them in proper military precision. "Sir, Lieutenant Randi Trainor reporting as ordered!" she said succinctly.

"Hmm," Commander Hood laughed softly as Lieutenant Trainor arrived in front of him. Finally, she appeared like a proper Imperial officer. "Lieutenant Randi Trainor," he began, in a loud and boisterous voice that carried through the hangar so that all present could hear. "In recognition of meritorious service to the Empire you are hereby elevated to the rank of Captain in the Imperial Starfighter Corps. Congratulations," he said, refusing to allow his personal feelings on the matter to affect his performance and jeopardize his career and perhaps his life as well. His hands moved to the young woman's shoulder as he made the necessary adjustment to the number of code cylinders that adorned her uniform.

"Thank you, sir," Randi said as a sense of an enormous pride filled her, having regained her rank after two long years of suffering. As she turned to face the crowd she could not restrain herself any longer and the subtle grin turned into a well-deserved smile. Those gathered in attendance erupted in a chorus of applause that she took in for several moments, her blue eyes gazing upon the crowd in deep gratitude. Her eyes lingered on Grand Moff Rodney for a tender moment and exchanged a firm nod. Finally her attention shifted to Inquisitor Thanor, and when she lay her eyes upon her she tilted her head to the life and gave her a knowing wink. She was now Captain Randi Trainor.

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