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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
718 years before the Battle of Yavin (683BrS:3:4) in the Alderaan system: Alderaan (Aldera: Universal Medcenter).
Baron Germanicus Rodney (Darth Crassus), Magnus Rodney, and Baroness Raeni Rodney.

Raeni Rodney had spent far too long idle in a hospital bed. There was a point where she stopped feeling weak and began regaining her strength. That was the point where the doctor's orders to 'rest' became impossible to follow. The Rodney Adoption story was *all* over the HoloNet. There were several very fortunate reports who had been allowed to interview her while she was in the hospital, but otherwise, a much needed boost to Germanicus' image had come. People who Raeni didn't even know sent gifts to the hospital for their growing family. The smell of fake flower arrangements was beginning to get to her head. She wanted to go home *now*.

That *now* had finally arrived. Doctor Chin, who seemed to have a lively fear of the Baron, had delivered the good news: she was free. Her body would continue to recover, but everything would be uphill from here on out. Raeni was changing out of her hospital gown and into a dress more suitable for her stature. She could see Magnus, the small Twi'lek boy, cuddled up on the long, padded window seat. He was still sleeping. Raeni's eyes fell on the boy who had not left her side since her injuries. She felt a softness inside of her that she could not describe. The boy was weak now. He needed to be nourished, protected, and instructed. Snuffing out those feelings, she turned away from Magnus towards her husband. Her little family had been there for her in her weak moment...and the moment when she needed them most. "I'm so glad to be leaving this place. I've been spoiled on Delaya. The natural noises of the city are nothing but a burden now." Yup, Raeni was a little ray of sunshine.

Baron Germanicus Rodney was pacing around his wife's hospital room, growing quite impatient with how long it was taking her to be released. His attention shifted from Raeni to Magnus, wondering what they were to do with the boy. He did not want to take him to his undersea abode on Delaya, and if he were going to begin the next phase of his plan they would need to take up residence in Aldera and become fixtures at court. "I wanted to talk to you about that, actually..." he said, slowly, especially after what she had just said. "I will never become King hiding under that lake on Delaya," he said, as he sat down on the foot of her hospital bed, which the nurses told him to stop doing as it might disrupt her leads. "I think we should move to Aldera," he told her, as he looked towards her, trying his best to smile. He was not sure how she would react.

She stopped moving as her hands fiddled with the laces at the back of her dress. Her head turned towards him. Germanicus made a good point. If they went back to Delaya and hid beneath the lake, the press would forget about them; the world would forget about them. The probability of Germanicus becoming King would decrease by too much. The move to Aldera was in the cards, the only variable had been *when*. Raeni did love the seclusion of the sea lair and the presence of all of her favored beasts, but the pieces were in motion. They needed to play a bigger part to ensure that Germanicus succeeded. She let out a little sigh, stepping slowly across the room until she stood before him. "I agree with you. We have swayed the public to be in our favor. We have to remain here and, as much as we'll both hate it, spend more time at court. Just promise me that we can go back sometimes. Our sea beast will miss us." She smiled softly. "Does that mean you're taking me house hunting?" She winked, settling on the bed beside him.

"Yes. We won't forget the sea beast," Germanicus replied, having failed to mention that it was the sea monster who was responsible for the death of his master. "It's no place to raise a child either," he added, acting as if he was referring to Magnus, but he knew that she was pregnant with their own child. "I never wanted to live here," he said, as he rose from the bed and moved towards the window. He pulled back the shades revealing the bustling city of Aldera with its bustling traffic and massive population. "I suppose if I'm going to rule here I should at least live here," he said, as he turned to look at her, smirking. He moved back towards her, and began helping her with the back of her dress. She could not very well leave undressed. "House hunting? Oh dear. Next thing you'll be wanting a castle," he joked, as he finished with the dress and circled around in front of her.

"You have a point. If we raised the boy on Delaya, he would act more like a nerf." Raeni was still oblivious that she had become a mother to *two* within the same day. The fact that the child within her womb had survived the attack from Darth Diabolus already spoke as to how strong the child would be. Raeni looked out the window over the city. Delaya still possessed most of its natural beauty. It had yet to be heavily civilized like Aldera. "You don't have to enjoy it. There will always be Delaya when we need to reconnect to nature." Her hands brought her hair over her shoulder to make it easier for him to finish closing the back of her dress. The young woman laughed softly. "I'll only want a castle once you're King. Consider it a coronation present." She smirked. She took a step forward so she could kiss him. It wasn't happening quite like she imagined it, but life had begun to fall into place. She was already so far away from what she had once been. In all seriousness, she wouldn't be picky at all in what she required of a house for she had shared a hut with four families once. Their kiss ended when she heard Magnus begun to stir. Her head turned, briefly looking over the boy. "We're parents now, Germanicus. I didn't expect it to happen so soon ... or for the child to be a Twi'lek." She giggled.

"There's worse things to be than a nerf herder," Germanicus told her, as his attention shifted back towards the sleeping Magnus. Despite the fact that he had murdered his entire family he somehow lacked the evil to wake him up. "They used to call me that when I was young ... to tease me. I'll make them all sorry," he told her, in a revealing moment where he displayed a flash of anger. "Once I'm King you can have your castle. The job comes with one," he informed her, just before her lips connected with his. He pressed his lips back against her fiercely, while he moved his hands to the small of her back and the top of her butt to draw her closer to him. "However, first there is something we must do," he told her, cryptically, as he did not entirely trust these walls. "Life is full of surprises, but it is the will of the force," he told her, as he turned with her simultaneously to look at Magnus as he woke.

The tidbit of information on Germanicus' past made the darkness stir within her. She wanted to crush everyone who ever doubted her husband, for he would rise as the next King of Alderaan. "*We'll* make them all sorry." She looked at him, feeling his anger. Raeni's body pressed into his tightly while they kissed. A calm, warmness washed over her. It pacified the part of her that wanted to *immediately* train as hard as she had been before she'd gotten hurt. Her arms locked around his neck tightly like she wasn't going to let go. His cryptic words made her curious. She would ask him more when they were away from the medcenter and its lack of complete privacy. Her eyes met with Magnus, who rolled from side to side while he fought to cling onto the last seconds of sleep.

The boy's eyes slowly opened. The first thing he saw were the people who took him in. Magnus' face lit up quickly. He was especially happy to see his *mother* on her feet again. It had become clear to Raeni a couple days ago that her and Germanicus had done the boy a justice. He accepted them like a duck to water. "Mommy..?" He yawned. "Mommy!" He scampered off of the window seat quickly. He collided with Raeni and Germanicus' legs. His stubby arms wrapped around them both. "Mommy, you okay now?" He looked to Germanicus. "Daddy, is Mommy okay?" He had a big smile on his face. This was the best version of Magnus that they had seen yet.

Germanicus had never been called 'daddy' before, and the initial wave of happiness that brushed across him caused him to once again feel the sickening call to the light. It staggered him slightly, which made him break eye contact. Gone was the haunting call of his master, replaced only with the voice of his family, whom he genuinely loved. Before he could react further, the young Twi'lek wrapped his arms around them. He turned his head, looking to Raeni, as if asking her what they should do. "Yes. Mommy is okay," he said, as he moved his hand to gently pat the young boy on his bald head. "You ready to go home?" he asked her, as he shrugged his shoulders at the unexpected session that they found themselves in. In a short period of time he had unexpectedly become a husband, a father, and the Dark Lord of the Sith.

*Mommy*. A single word struck her to her core. In that instant, she was transported back to the spice mines. She was only slightly older than Magnus when she had begun working within the mines. What she remembered most about working in the mines was crying for her mother when she was scared or hurt...and her mother not listening. While her mother had been attempting to survive, it caused her great pain in her younger years. Raeni fell back into the moment as her instincts fully awoke inside of her. That wasn't the mother she was made out to be. If Magnus was scared, she would come. If Magnus was in pain, she'd make him feel better. If someone ever caused Magnus pain...then they would die. Emotions coursed through her body. She *wanted* to be the young Twi'lek's mommy.

A smile broke out on her face. The force had called them together for a reason. "Yes, I'm all better now, Magnus." She reached her hand down to hug him back. Her heart had finally accepted the boy. "I'm ready. Let's leave now before they force me to stay another day." Raeni took Magnus' hand in one of hers and Germanicus' in the other. "Daddy needs to decide where we're going to live." She snickered at her husband.

Magnus' face lit up a second time as his father confirmed that his mother was better now. "Yay!" He jumped up and down while still holding onto them. He had remained in the hospital the entire time feeding off of both of his parent's emotions. He'd been antsy with Germanicus and irritated with Raeni. Even he had started making faces when Doctor Chin left the room.

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