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Sean Brandt, Rachel King, and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:2) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Captain Serra Eona, Apprentice Inquisitor Kia Kaen, and Inquisitor Serine Thanor.

It had been an interesting day, to say the very least. Captain Serra Eona did not know for certain what fate the Major would be facing, but she had a feeling it wouldn't be a good one. The report had been taken at face value, too, and faced with the issue of his bodyguard she doubted the Grand Moff would read much more into it than what she had provided. He was an intelligent man, yes, but he did not have a mind for espionage. She gone for a routine visit to the gym for exercise then showered at her quarters and was, just now, pondering her next move. It dawned on her then that there was a particular someone, or pair of someones, that she should pay a visit to; the report had been interesting to say the very least, and it was one of several things she planned to address with the freshly recognized apprentice. Rather than go through overt means, Serra decided to play a little game. Intel had their own backdoor networks and ways through the data stream, so she leaked a message out into the primary database, making sure it was flagged from her office. The data packet was tiny, consisting of two words. "Lets Meet." If Kia were still trolling around inside the data streams of the Warspite, no doubt she would catch it. Serra was curious if the girl still was.

Kia was busy in her quarters, she already had an entire corner of the small room set up as a tech station that even the security and techies aboard the Warspite would envy, her own personal 'nest', she was determined to supplant Zevrin as the spider in the data streams aboard this ship. She was currently monitoring all internal communications, trying to catch up on everything that had happened during the time she had been away. Kia tilted her head at the two word message, grinning to herself. Pausing in her organizing, she sent a message in reply, the origin would be flagged as anonymous which is what she had intended for her little set up, "Your place or mine?" She turned a small circle in the slightly cluttered quarters, she had her work station next to the data center corner, and her bed, there wasn't much to unpack, but she had plans for the space.

Serra of the first times she had genuinely done so aboard the ship. Well, that was not entirely true, she sort of had when she had first come across this girl. It was, of course, not a warm expression, but rather a sort of professional pleasure in learning of a talented new upstart with whom she anticipated, and hoped, to work closely. The Captain could not help but wonder if Serine truly knew what she had in the girl, but regardless, so long as the usual jealousies of the sith didn't get in the way, Kia would no doubt have her chance to shine. The return message sent a less obvious one as well; the girl was mobile. Even better. Serra replied, this time ensuring her message was anonymous as well...showing that Intel could play along to an extent when it came to the covert data game. "Mine." That would do. She lit up a cigarra and sat back, waiting.

With a rush of glee, Kia grabbed her datapad, checking to make sure that both of her lightsaber hilts were clipped in place at her hip. She straightened her tunic and grinned slightly as she double checked her folder with the data cards and picked up both the folder and her customized data padd. She was leaving Sanu in Serine's quarters, and finally had freedom to roam about the ship, in a limited fashion, she had to actually be going to *do* something. Quickly exiting her quarters, Kia palmed the door locked and set off to Serra's office, the fact that she had not needed to ask directions was probably amusing to Intel officer. After a few minutes of travel, she tapped quietly on the door and waited patiently to be admitted.

Amusing? Yes. Surprising? Not in the least. Serra would have been surprised if much more communication than those few words had been needed. The Intel Officer was a reasonably good judge of people, particularly when it came to how capable they were, and little would shock her when it came to how much Kia could potentially achieve. The tapping on the door had her getting to her feet, not in any evident rush but not moving slowly either. When she opened the door, Kia would find herself greeted by the shorter but older woman, as bland and expressionless as ever, a soft haze in the quarters from cigarra smoke. Her uniform was on except for the jacket, which hung by the door, revealing the custom holster that fitted over her undershirt and held the DL-18 blaster in such a manner that it was all but invisible when she was fully dressed. She made a motion for Kia to come in, taking a drag from the cigarra in the process. Provided she did, of course, Serra would let the door shut and lock it before speaking. "First, congratulations are in order. The fact you're here at all means you survived the trials. First round, at least."

The beaming smile betrayed the teenager, Kia was damned proud of herself for the way she handled the trials, even knowing it was the first one in a series of many. Stepping into the quarters, she gave a slight bow in acknowledgement. "Thank you! I'm officially Master Thanor's apprentice now. Which means I'm no longer the strange stowaway / former prisoner hanging out around her. At least I think I was a prisoner, Kerrie didn't treat me too well that first day..." she trailed off, frowning slightly, then almost as fast the mood brightened again. "You wanted to meet this time? I hope that information proved useful."

Such a happy looking face. That probably would not last, not unless she had some sort of undying need to be joyful. Serra had met a fair amount of Sith in her time, and none of them smiled like that. All the same, she did not want to ruin the girl's happy moment. "Must be a good feeling." She took another inhale and moved over to her desk, picking up a datapad while she spoke around the cigarra. "It has, but nothing actionable yet. You'll understand that when it comes to handling Imperial officers, things have to be handled a certain way. Sith get a little more freedom than we do in that respect." She looked over the datapad, then handed it to Kia. What was on it? Major Kerrie Kiley's official records. "What can you tell me about this woman?"

Tucking her own datapadd under her arm, it would not do at all for those to get 'mixed up', Kia scanned the records, the look on her face hardening and the happy blue green eyes looked almost like a storm driven sea color. The mutter was audible but maybe not entirely understandable, "There's a person I wouldn't mind a garbage squid eating..." Looking up to meet Serra's gaze, the data padd was offered back, "She's incompetent, irresponsible, and generally fails to complete even simple tasks without taking something trivial personally and flying off the deep end. When we first met on Esseles, she threw a glop grenade at me, and hit me with a stun bolt, then had me strung up against one of the walls in an interrogation chamber and nearly killed me due to negligence. Master Thanor saved my life and the rest is history. Kerrie though ... she's a flake. I knew some people like her on the nets, they want to be important, but really they're second or third string to the people with skills and in power."

Serra watched Kia's reaction, and though she was unable to tell just what was said in that mumbling, the fact it happened at all said plenty. She listened rather intently to what Kia had to say and then, after another inhale, spoke. "My assessment wasn't very different from your own, and the Grand Moff was informed of as much in a private meeting earlier. His daughter affirmed my assessment. I have a feeling Major Kiley won't be a problem for much longer, but if you have time, I'd like for you to keep an eye on her. She's passionate in a way that breeds danger, and if she intends to do anything drastic, we should know before anyone else. You're obviously free to share details on this with your master, but no one beyond that." Another datapad was lifted from her desk, this one eyed as well before she offered it out to Kia. "Secondly, there's the matter of this." It was Kia's Intel dossier...including the flag for her immediate detention.

Kia took the datapad without hesitation, not realizing what was on it, her expression went slightly grey as she got to the part about 'immediate detention', "Whoops?" then she fumbled slightly as she almost dropped the datapad, she blinked repeatedly looking up at Serra. "They're looking for me? Ty always said they probably had just thought I died in the accident too. I always meant to look ... I just ... things kept coming up ... Are you going to arrest me now? I can tell you now the cell door wouldn't appreciate it...and neither would Master Thanor. I haven't done anything really illegal since I was brought on board."

Serra took another drag from the cigarra, letting the exhale of smoke add to the fine layer of it in the room. "Arresting an Inquisitor's apprentice is a fast track to demotion or death, or both. Even if that weren't the case, well...I have every reason to believe your loyalties to the Empire aren't in question at this point. Besides, if they ever are, I imagine your master will punish you far worse than any of our prisons ever could." Serra liked Kia, but there was always a practical reason for what she did. Friendships never got in the way of her work, something Serra took some pride in. "The jedi was either stupid or lying. I would guess the latter. Either way, someone is actively looking for you. I'll take care of your status so far as Intel is concerned, but your family is another matter. It would be easy for me to arrange a believable death record and get it in their hands, but how you want to handle it is ultimately between you and your master. If you want me to see to it, I will. If not, you need to. Either way, this hunt can't continue. It's a trail that you're not going to want following you, especially not with that many credits on the line."

The sharp look that Kia gave could have pinned Serra to the wall, "No! They are my family, they deserve to know I'm alive and well, for the most part. Even if they don't find out everything about what's going on. I'll ask Master Thanor if I can contact them so they can at least stop worrying. I can't imagine how horrible these last eight years have been for them." Kia reread the report, the faintest of grins quirking the corner of her mouth, she had grandparents *and* an aunt that were worried for her. "Maybe ... if I put the information in right ... that many credits could buy a lot of hardware..." She shifted slightly, narrowing her eyes at the list of charges again, "They're short by about half, by the way. I know I wasn't the best of people then, I was younger and learning my way without someone to show me the right path. That usually leads to not hanging out with the right types of people, I'm not justifying what I did, just know it won't happen again. I wouldn't take back any of what I did either though. It led me to here."

Serra sighed. It was a response she probably should have expected, but that did not make it any less disappointing. That look was noted, but when Serine ripping her door apart had not managed to phase the agent's outward cool, a death stare from a fifteen year old apprentice certainly wasn't going to do it. "I understand and sympathise, but you're going to need to be harder than that to survive in the world you're in now. I know you're still young, but as soon as Serine took you in, you started living in a very harsh and brutal world. I suggest you talk to your master, but if you want the opinion of a professional, cut the ties. Money won't be an issue for you anymore anyway. You're an Inquisitor, or soon to be one. Not some gutter hacker struggling to meet ends." Another inhale, exhale. "As for your past...forget it. Your record will be wiped anyway, for all intents and purposes. It'll remain in only a few discreet places."

Kia puffed up slightly, "I was never some gutter hacker! I have my own funds, legitimately earned by the way, selling patents and some of the things I created. I turned to data slicing because it was fun, and I was bored." The rest of what had been said finally sunk in and she crossed her arms, "It may be harsh and brutal, but everyone has a family, they've been looking for so long, telling them I'm dead would be unnecessarily cruel. That's something I have to learn as well, right? When and where is the best time to exercise my particular skills? Being cruel or hurtful just to 'cut ties' and make things simpler for myself would be taking the easy way out."

Serra shook her head, laughing rather dryly. "Tell yourself whatever you want. Closure is all they need, and a death certificate is simple and effective. They mourn, then they move on." She doubted she could convince the girl, though. Either Serine would have to convince her, or they would figure something else out, but Serine was sith. Even the nice ones were cruel in their ways. She did not even bother to address the justification of the slicing. When Serra said the past was behind them, she absolutely meant it. Still, there was one more nagging suspicion she wanted to clear, and she would do that with her follow up statement. "Follow the logic, and you'll see."

"So you found that connection too. I don't know what you have on her, but it's probably wrong." Kia offered the datapadd back to Serra, before turning her own over a few times in her hands. She's not as bad as people make her out to be..." Said with the certainty of a fifteen year old.

"Very little, I admit, which is unusual. No matter how well a person hides, we can usually find them." Serra took the offered datapad and set it aside. This was going to be a moment of truth, one that would go a long way to set the tone for how they would progress from here. Serra was always careful, always observing, always making sure she was playing the right angle. Now was her chance to get a real feel for Kia. "Who is she?" Blunt and to the point. She wanted to determine just how Kia would react to this.

"Who is a very interesting question, on the nets you can 'be' anyone or anything. The person behind the screens though, her name is Jenna. I never found out her last name, and I was one of a handful that knew that much. She was originally from Coruscant and I think she was there when the Jedi Purge began, a lot of her earlier work was denouncing that. I haven't spoken with her in nearly four months." Kia said.

Details. Not many, but more than Intel had been able to find. It was an important bit of information. "A contact you might do well to seek out again. Figure out a cover and try to reach out to her. She's someone we're very interested in." Serra would, of course, be adding what Kia told her to the file. It was valuable intel that had more or less fallen into her lap. She took another drag from the cigarra, the last it had, and then snuffed it out and tossed it in a small disposal. "That's all for now, unless you have something you need to discuss. I'll look forward to seeing what the Major is up to, as well as our friend with the Security Bureau."

Kia pulled a small, very small, device from her pocket and pressed it to the top of her shoulder, the metallic grey surface seemed to ripple and it was very difficult to pick out that there was something there at all unless you were looking directly at it or for it. "Scan on frequency Echo-Echo-nine-two-one. For audio video feeds." The teenager sounded accomplished.

Serra lifted a brow as she witnessed the device being produced. It was not quite like anything she had seen before, and the Captain had seen quite a few unique gadgets in her time with intel. She waited while Kia set it up and spoke to the thing, watching to see what it would do...and when it projected an image, sound and everything, the slightest shift in her expression occurred. The agent was impressed. That was no small feat. "Nice toy." The words were meant as a genuine compliment.

"Did you tune to that frequency? it will broadcast whatever it sees and hears, I'm working on improving the audio range, so far if the person is much further than about six feet away, it starts getting distorted, I broke the video feed down into it's basic components and it recompiles on the device monitoring it. That causes about a fifteen second delay, which I'm working on. A lot can happen in fifteen seconds." Kia beamed under the praise, taking it for what it was. The small device was not projecting a visible image but a digital recording. The implications for using this little prototype were instantly obvious, place it on something your mark was likely to always have on them, and follow their every move.

Serra turned to her desktop and, thanks to some of the nifty surveillance software that intel had at their disposal, was able to tune in to the frequency that Kia had mentioned. Sure enough, there she was, looking at herself on the display looking at herself on the display, and so on into infinity. Impressive indeed. "We'd need to patch it to an encrypted frequency, but otherwise this thing is damn impressive. I'll keep it between us for now, but once you've got it figured out, intel would be happy to back it with a little funding." Kia was turning out to be more valuable every minute, and Serra was truly wishing they had gotten hold of her before the Inquisitor had. That said, in time, she might still depending on how things played out.

"It's not intended long range, so encrypting it would really just add to the delay it has. I just wanted to show you that there's more to me than just a Dark side apprentice or a data slicer." Kia pressed on the top of the small device and the feed cut off. "As far as Kerrie ... I could ask Master Thanor if it would be acceptable for me to request her as a training partner."

Serra cut off the feed on her screen when it went black, turning back to face Kia as she switched off the device. She moved from the table to where her uniform jacket hung, reaching into an inside pocket to produce a pack of cigarras. She plucked one free and lit it, setting the remainder neatly on the corner of her desk. "Major Kiley could still be worth something in the field, at least. She seems desperate for approval. If we can get the Grand Moff out of her head, she might still serve as a loyal soldier to the Empire." Inhale, then slow exhale. "In other words, train all you want, but keep her in serviceable condition for now."

"I know how not to break my toys. I'm not a child." Kia gave the Captain a wicked little grin. The transmitter had gone back where ever it had been kept, and her hand unconsciously brushed both of the hilts at her side, the pleased look back in her eyes, it was clear from the way she kept 'accidentally' touching the hilts of the weapons that they were a result of the trials the girl had gone through. "I can ask if she be made to spar with me. I need to learn normal weapons as well as energy weapons. "

Serra gave a small huff of laughter at the remark about toys. Kia, for all her brilliance, did show how much of a kid she was now and then. This, along with her sentiment for her parents, were remnants of that child; a child she felt reasonably confident would not survive terribly long now that she was going through the trials for the Inquisitorius. "Fair point. Whatever the Major may be, she's still a trained commando, and evidently knew what she was doing once. Might be worth the time to pick her brain a bit." She took another drag, then an exhale. "I can see you've got a couple of other toys your fond of." She made a motion towards the pair of sabers. Might as well let Kia gush a bit over her accomplishment.

"One I claimed, the other ... I think he gave me to be an ass. It's still mine though. I can't wait to start training with them. I've only ever seen the weapon Master Thanor uses in action. I don't consider Ty any sort of example on their use." Kia paused a moment, "what weapons do you prefer?"

Even Serra, for all that she appeared to take great pleasure in nothing, had to admire the beauty of a lightsaber in the hands of someone skilled in its use. They were impressive weapons, but without training, they were more hazard than help. Still, when used to their full potential, little could rival one. "Your assessment seems pretty accurate. Someone who knows how to put one of those to use certainly doesn't have any need to make bombs." She'd become quite familiar with that whole incident by now. At the question, she took a quick inhale then slipped a hand behind her back. The straps that criss-crossed her undershirt would reveal their purpose, as a simple DL-18 blaster pistol was produced from a holster that would be concealed were she wearing her uniform jacket. "DL-18. Cheap, easy to find, easy to buy. I tweak them a bit for a little more punch, but otherwise keep it as is." Why would an Intelligence Officer carry a cheap, mass produced gun? It certainly seemed below her station, but then again, Serra always had reasons.

"I'm a terrible shot. I never saw the point in learning to shoot when I could blow something up far easier. I should probably learn, I guess. " Kia eyed the blaster almost warily, "Did you know the post pack on a blaster is one of the easiest things to detonate?"

It had only been a day since Serine relocated her newly christened apprentice to an adjacent room, now affording the young Kaen more freedoms and liberties, but now the Inquisitor did not know where Kia was every moment of the day. She had initially confined the teenager nearly exclusively to Serine's chambers to protect her from prying eyes and also to potentially keep her out of mischief and danger. Before the advancement to Inquisitor Apprentice, there had been a whirlwind of activity and training, attempting to prepare the child for whatever may be thrown her way, and once the pieces had been picked up, she had been all too eager to give Kia more leeway. However, as Serine sat idly in her own chambers, mentally absorbing all of the events that had happened in rapid succession, she began to grow more anxious ... that her apprentice had been reallocated to another room. Kia had survived her first trials, but there would be more to come and the child did not even know how to use a lightsaber yet. They did not have time for Kia to go gallivanting around the ship, she mused to herself, when the real issue here was that the Inquisitor missed the close proximity to her apprentice. A bit flustered, Serine shot up from her desk to go inquire on just what Kia was wasting her time on. It was obvious Kia was not in her chambers as the Inquisitor would have sensed her easily if so... no.... she was somewhere else. The journey through the hallways led her to Captain Eona's chambers, where Kia's presence was the strongest. Serine inspected the new door that had been placed in and decided to ... knock this time, not nearly in the rage she had been on their first meet.

"Everything has its purpose when it comes to killing. Bombs, guns, vibroblades, lightsabers...each has its unique advantages. Not that you'll have to concern yourself over that sort of thing." Serra slipped the pistol back into its concealed holster, taking another drag from the cigarra. The room, though neat and clean and barren in all other respects, sported a permanent haze about it from her habit. The ventillation system did wonders, but it couldn't entirely get rid of the slight fog. "There's a reason it stays hidden, and why Intel Officers are officially unarmed at all times. People generally guess we're carrying something, but so long as they don't know what or where, it's hard to target." She was considering saying more, but heard a knock at the door. Unexpected guests? Well now. She turned back to the console and, with a motion of her hand, revealed to Kia that the Captain had her own little bit of surveillance; a camera mounted down the hall, showing her who was out there. Her other hand was moving near the pistol again, but once she saw the figure of Serine standing there, she stopped. "Well...pleasant surprise." She moved to the door to open it. "Come in, Inquisitor." She made a politeish gesture to invite Serine inside, but avoided formality beyond that in this particular instance.

Before Serra had even spoke, Kia's head turned to the door as the knock was heard, blinking repeatedly, she realized she forgot to leave a note as to where she was going. The girl straightened slightly, watching the door to see if it exploded off it's hinges again. A little disappointed that it was answered in a non-door threatening manner. She gave a respectful bow to Serine as her Master came into view, "Master." She looked a little sheepish at having forgotten to leave something as simple as a note, hoping she hadn't missed something she was supposed to have been at.

This was indeed a far better time to have a conversation with the Inquisitor than the last time she visited the Captain. Other than restlessness, the situation surrounding Serine recently have been wholly positive as her apprentice not only came back alive, but in the possession of two fully intact lightsabers. As soon as the door opened, eyes flicked to Kia immediately with a frustrated glare. In addition, the heavy odor and smoke of a freshly lit cigarra became prominent and that was very irritating. "Captain I would appreciate it in the future if you refrain from exposing my apprentice to this filth." She snapped a bit aggravated, as this disgusting toxin had no place being breathed in by Kia. Besides revulsion of Serra's habit, she found the woman at least passable and her apprentice could be spending her time with far ... far worse. The Inquisitor was still a bit abrasive, clearly in her choice of words. "Kia, did you wish to continue to wear your lightsabers as decoration or would you perhaps wish to learn how to wield them?!"

Serra did not pick up on the little signs of Kia's awareness of the presence, which was unusual, and something she noticed in retrospect. Of course she as aware as anyone that those who trained together in this Master and Apprentice relationship tended to form some sort of bond, but the nature of it was something she neither could nor cared to fathom. The remark about the smoke got a brief pause from the Captain, followed by a light shrug of acquiescence to the demand. She took one final inhale and tossed the cigarra in the disposal. Of course the Captain had every intention of smoking however much she wanted in her private quarters, but now wasn't the time to start picking fights over habits. The admonishment that Serine focused on Kia was a little amusing, but Serra wasn't here to be amused. "Forgive her, Inquisitor. I requested this meeting with your apprentice, regarding a few things of interest. I'm sure she'll be glad to fill you in." She was going to toss the ball into Kia's court for the moment, see how she decided to approach the handful of things the two of them had gone over earlier.

The teenager spared a quick but thankful look at the Captain, her attention quickly snapping back to Serine, "I want to learn how to use them properly, Master, of course I do. I was offering personal expertise and opinion on the developments around Major Kiley, and giving information on another data slicer that has been plaguing Imperial Intelligence," there was a brief pause that Serine might pick up on, Kia *had* given true information, but she hadn't told everything she knew on that topic. "Also, the Captain informed me that I had an arrest warrant out on me by Intel. Can they really arrest teenagers? *and*," Kia was rambling, obviously trying to distract Serine from being upset at her. "And and! There's a reward out for information about me ... from my *family*!" The last bit almost had her hopping, that still made her excited to know, not very dark Jedi'ish, but she could not be perfect.

Serine eyed the Captain cautiously while narrowing her eyes, not clear on how she felt about Kia being pulled into meetings and the level of trust she had in Serra. Her apprentice was young and inexperienced in dealing with Imperial Intel and this could have been easily a set-up or ruse, as children were often too loose with information. "Perhaps next time you will inform me." The Inquisitor was actually torn in her feelings with these developments. She of course believed Kia earned more freedom, but it had merely been a day ... and Serine had to be honest with herself ... she was not ready to give her apprentice this kind of freedom. Kaen was far too vain in these situations. She waved off the matter of Major Kiley, believing she had wasted far too much time agonizing over that damned fool, but the remaining of the information Kia was spurting out nervously was interesting ... very much so, and somewhat alarming. She was not privy to the information regarding the slicer and was not at all appreciative she was only hearing about this now. Silver eyes flared with the realization that perhaps Kia was shielding Serine from vital information, as their own allegiances were directly in line with those of the Imperial Intelligence, the Inquisitorius being a branch of the organization. "And when was *I* going to learn of this data slicer and your shared association?! Are you protecting her, Kia?!" She angrily growled. Perhaps the Inquisitor was being far too lenient on her apprentice, and she was not at all derailed to the idea of punishing her right in the Captain's office.

Serra had a feeling this would become a somewhat delicate situation, but the rapidness with which it had was surprising. Granted, the fact Serine was honing in on this hacker contact of Kia's was pretty much what the Captain had hoped for; she could never put pressure on the girl like the Inquisitor could, so it was a matter of getting the Inquisitor to do just that, something she had no doubt would be easily accomplished. For now she kept quiet, letting the two handle their discussion for the time being.

Kia seemed to wilt under the angry glare from her Master, almost to the point of taking a step back. Quickly shaking her head, the teenager winced at realizing the information she hadn't thought worth mentioning was probably what caused this outburst. "No! I'm not protecting her, Master, I promise. I didn't think it was important. I'm sorry, I should have told you, but sharing life stories hasn't been exactly a high priority ... Jenna ... Mali ... helped me deal with my parent's deaths far more than anyone else did. Maybe I was unintentionally shielding her because of that, but I'll tell you everything I know, anything I know about her..." The girl wet her lips, watching Serine cautiously, still trying to seem like she was smaller than she was.

"I will stress this only once Kia..." Serine began, obviously aggravated, but the young girl's quick response and apology did much to quell what could have been a dangerous accumulation of anger. "...*any* individual plaguing Imperial Intelligence is also our concern, though you will learn that Inquisitors specialize in handling the undesirables that individuals, such as Captain Eona here, are not capable of, and I do not mean impetuous and arrogant ex-senators." Said as an intentional thorn to the Captain. "I refer to those that command the Force. It is our prime directive to hunt them down and eradicate them if they are unwilling to see the error in their faulty judgements. Understand? Now what is this about an arrest warrant and a reward from your family? These are both trivial and not worth your time. It would be effortless to waver these. That was your old life, it does not exist anymore." Said sternly, all of this was obviously clouding Kia's judgement and Serine was all too painfully reminded of her apprentice's youth.

Serra found the little jab at her rather amusing, considering it was the Inquisitor's own apprentice who had been keeping secrets. She didn't say anything, though; rather, the Intel Officer let it slide off her back like water. Only after the mention of the old life and the family did she bother to put in a few words of her own. "I advised sending the family a death confirmation. Something Intel could handle easily enough. The warrant has already been handled." Serra hadn't finalized things so far as the warrant went but it was, after all, as good as done. Fixing something like that was a very minor bit of work. Serine had a certain pettiness about her, but that went hand in hand with the pride of a sith, though it was only just shining through in little snippets here and there. Serra decided to delay any further revelations, seeing as the one she was debating wasn't particularly relevant to the situation at hand, and she'd decided it wasn't something she was ready to trust this pair with just yet. So for now she kept her words limited, letting their discourse play out before her.

"I think Jenna might be a Force user, Master, she always would vanish when a raid would happen, and reappear a few days later. I didn't realize that until the Captain showed me the lack of information they really have in on her." It was said in a rush, before she had really realized the rest of what Serine had said. She didn't care so much about the arrest warrant, but she had been looking forward to contacting the people looking for her, her family. Kia had opened her mouth to protest before closing it quickly, biting her lower lip, she still hadn't broken that nervous tell. "Captain ... may I have the datapad with Mali's file on it?" Once the datapadd was in hand, she began filing in more information than she had stated previously, not looking up to meet Serine's angry silver gaze. "I hadn't wanted to accept the offer of conveniently dying via paper trail, Master, but if that is your desire, I will abide by it."

"You believe she may be a Force user?!" Her pulse quickened as an eerie sense of desire glimmered in deep silver, nevermind that Kia had failed to alert her to this individual who could have already been apprehended. This was vital intel and it was a shame that currently her apprentice had no tangible skills in wielding a lightsaber or Serine personally would have expended resources in tracking this ... Jenna Mali down with Kia by her side. This could be a valuable instructional tool for the young Kaen and now the Inquisitor was fully invested. Serine turned to Serra abruptly and with inspired energy. "Captain, I require all the information on this target as well as your assets backing the discovery and seizing of Jenna Mali. This just became your priority." Said directly with a dutiful sense of authority as Serine recruited the Intelligence Officer to their cause by her right as an Inquisitor. The topic of family and the arrest warrant was so far below the importance of this new development that Serine brushed it off as mild discontentment. She dared any fool to come attempt to arrest her apprentice as they would meet a gruesome end, but to keep that from being a mild annoyance, she agreed with the Captain's assessment. In addition, the Inquisitor also acknowledged Serra's clever strategy to remove the possible hindrance of the family's search. "Very good, Captain. I appreciate your swift dealing with these issue." It was not impossible for Serine to give praise when it was due, it was just so rare any officer performed adequately in her presence. Her attention shifted back to Kia. "Family ties will only hold you back or would be used against you. The Captain's solution is an elegant and simple one to prevent any unnecessary and deadly interactions." She paused for a moment, hesitant on disclosing information about her own family history, but ultimately decided it would make for a good example. "I killed my own father in my first Inquisitorius trial, Kia." Said darkly and it could be instantly measured that this was a warning, not from Serine herself, but from the very nature of being an Inquisitor. "By not severing ties, you will condemn them to a bitter death. Is that what you want?" Kia should just be thankful Serine was not Tremayne, or she would have required Kia to sever the ties in person, with dual lightsabers into their chests. No one can manipulate you with family members when they are all dead.

The mention of the hacker being a potential force user had Serra's brows lifting. The fact Kia hadn't felt like this was worth sharing before was rather bothersome; it was more than vital intel on the woman, something that would have been extremely useful to know. She handed over the datapad, trusting that with Serine around there wouldn't be any effort to manipulate it beyond including the necessary additions. The sudden and energetic enthusiasm in the sith was noted. "As you say, Inquisitor." The work of tracking down a hacker might not be her actual duties these days, but Serra had to maintain the facade that IntOps had crafted for her, and if that meant going after this woman, then so be it. It would be a victory for Imperial Intelligence anyway, and that was a benefit worth noting. "Of course, Inquisitor. Better to handle such things swiftly and efficiently. Lets us focus on the real problems." That was more or less a motto the Captain tended to live by. She pushed off from her desk and went to her jacket, plucking out the small box of cigarras and lighting a fresh one. Yes, Serine had spoken poorly of them, but with all of this going on the habit got the better of her for the moment. "We've had little luck tracking down this Mali person, though if she's a force capable individual, then it makes much more sense why we've faced such difficulty." As effective as the Captain could be, chasing down and eliminating a target capable of force use was exceptionally difficult. Not impossible, of course, but difficult.

Kia nodded quickly at the last bit that Serra had said, "That's what made me think of it! It would make sense... You had more information on -me- than a known 'terrorist'? Unless you all just like following teenagers around, which would be a little creepy, not gonna lie ... then you should have had -some- information on her. Right? If she can use the Force though," she had finished her edits to the file, and offered it back to Serra, still looking a more than a little chastised at being yelled at, "and I know her family was killed on Coruscant, that's ... that's one reason we hit it off and started talking." Kia bit her lower lip, looking between the other two, and just sighed, "Can't it be that I'm off somewhere, safe and sound and they don't need to worry anymore about me? Why do I have to get paper-dead? I don't want them to get killed, but it seems unnecessary to cause people I don't even know or really remember much of pain just because they're an inconvenience." She was ready to get yelled at again, watching her Master cautiously.

For the time being she would not explain why they would keep so much information on a teenager. It was a question for another time, something they could address at a more convenient moment. When it came to the parents, though, Serra sighed and shook her head. What Serine had said evidently hadn't quite sunk in, so the Captain was going to try and lay it out for the girl in a way that would settle the matter. After a deep inhale from the cigarra, of course. "They're offering a fifty-thousand credit reward for information regarding your whereabouts, a search they haven't given up ever since you went to ground. If you think they'll be happy to know you're off somewhere alive, you're mistaken. They already believe that, or they wouldn't be looking for you." There was the slightest hint of irritation in her tone. Barely there, but present. Another drag, then she continued. "As long as you're alive, they will keep looking. Successful or not, they will be an ever present representation of your past, ensuring that it stays alive and well. Either you die on paper, or they die in the flesh. Those are your options, Kia. You're fortunate that you have the opportunity to make the decision yourself. Most, as the Inquisitor pointed out, don't."

Kia looked petulant, that was the only word for it, she understood the reasoning, but that didn't mean she had to *like* it. Nodding her agreement, she stared daggers at the floor, obviously unhappy with the whole situation. "I won't go against what's best ... and I promise not to try and undermine it either. At least make it something non-tragic? You know what, no, I don't care, I'm not going to have a say in this anyways. Just ... do whatever."

The sulking was unfortunate, but it wasn't Serra's problem. Kia's attitude was Serine's to deal with. For the Captain's part, things were more or less set in order. She knew what had to be done, all that remained was to set things in motion.

Serine was highly insulted by the audacity of the Captain to light yet another cigarra despite her direct objection to it only moments ago, but her attention was being divided to her irritatingly sulky apprentice. The Inquisitor usually had the benefit of being irate with only one individual at a time. As the conversation between Serra and Kia developed, Serine's vexation began to shift more towards Kia due to the Captain being well spoken and her apprentice acting like an infant. She grit her teeth with a scowl, very uncomfortable that someone would see her apprentice in a light that was anything short of exemplary. "If you have time to sulk, you have time to train." Said coldly to her apprentice before aggressively motioning to Kia then snapping her hand to the door, a clear indication that it was time for her to leave. Serine was disappointed in her apprentice, but also concerned that she may be breathing in too much of this smoke that was now beginning to fill the room again. As Kia removed herself from the room like any grumpy teenager would, the Captain would now have the Inquisitor's full disdain though there was a glimmer of respect alongside of it as Serine stared at the other woman. Without words, she stalked over to where Serra's jacket was hanging, reached into the pocket and ripped free the small pack of cigarras. With the box clutched tightly in her right hand, Serine presented it to the Captain before crushing it completely. In a threatening and combative motion, she threw the obliterated package to Captain Eona's feet that was accompanied with a long heavy glare. Satisfied that her message was received, she exited the room briskly, her attention now focused back to the brooding youth.

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