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Erin Highberg and Christopher Levy.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:9:13) in the Y'Toub system: Nar Shaddaa (Corellian Sector: Meltdown Café).


Major Kerrie Kiley and Alexis Lyra.


Kerrie Kiley stepped into the Meltdown Café. Her Clawdite form was currently shifted into that of a Human female and she was once again able to dust off her old Mabari armorweave combat jumpsuit that had not seen much use since she rejoined the Empire. One of her old contacts told her that her former associate Alexis Lyra was on Nar Shaddaa. She logically reasoned that the best place to find her would be in one of the moon's many bars. Unfortunately for her there was a bar on every corner and her search for Alexis had already taken several hours. She rolled her eyes beneath the silver dome of her helmet and the vast assortment of aliens and lowlifes that were arrayed in front of her. She was just about to give up when she spotted the familiar sight of her old friend sitting at a table towards the back. She flashed a cocky smile over in her direction as she stode towards her table.

Alexis Lyra was a woman of action and had quite an addiction. Well, maybe not an addiction, but a much fondness of a certain beverage. In her line of work it was certainly needed to give her a certain satisfaction or a way of celebrating a job well done. She usually kept to herself in bars, maybe not so much if she had a little too much to drink. But that was beside the point. She was taking a sip of whatever ale was on the tap when she glanced upward from the booth she was in when all of a sudden her jaw dropped. Of course this caused the glass to spill all over her black bantha leather pants. She swore some as she set the glass on the table then looked back up to Kerrie...she thought she was dead, long gone. She blinked again and shook her head in disbelief. She had to have been seeing things. She blinked a few more times. Nope, and there Kerrie was, coming towards her booth.

Kerrie gracefully slid into the booth across from Alexis. She smiled as she raised her hands to her head and removed her blast helmet. She placed it on the table in front of her and shook her brown hair loose. She sighed contently as she became more comfortable and relaxed. "I figure'd I'd find you in a place like this," she explained with a sly smile, "I just didn't realize how long it would take me."

Alexis finished wiping what was left of her ale off of her. She took a deep breath as she raised a slim dark brow. "I had gone straight to your death." She said with a confused look on her face. She then laughed slightly to the other's comment. " know me." She glanced down to the half empty glass of ale in front of her. "Well, I make myself hard to find for a reason...and you have found, why were you looking for me?" she said with a slight canter of her head.

"I tried to kill the piece of poodoo and he offered me a job," Kerrie explained to her with a confused expression on her face. Even though she had lived it, she still did not believe it. "I had my chance to kill him, but I missed. Now it's my job to make sure nobody else gets to take a shot at him," Kerrie informed her former colleague. "Anyway ... the reason I came to find you was that I have a job that is right up your alley ... if you can stay sober," she said with slight chuckle.

Alexis blinked a few times as she sat back. "So you mean to tell had a chance to kill the man...and you didn't take that shot?" She shook her head. "I'm sure something had to have happened for you to join...his side. And well...what kind of work did you have for me?" She said as she crossed her legs under the table.

"Oh I took the shot," Kerrie said proudly before pausing and lowering her head, "I just missed." Kerrie reflected on what had happened between her and the Admiral before refocusing on Alexis, "He convinced me it was in my best interest to work for him. I really was in no position to disagree ... I didn't get thrown out an airlock." Kerrie laughed for a moment, trying to cover her pain. "The work leaves a sour taste in your mouth," she said, answering the question, "but the pay more than makes up for it. It's in the Ringali Shell. There's an uprising that needs dealing with and Imperial force isn't always the best way politically."

Alexis brought her hand up to her chin as she drummed her fingertips on her cheek. She inhaled deeply and sighed. "Best way...politically...hmm. What exactly would I be...doing? But, you know I'm all about what goes in my pocket. And as long as I get to drink even a little bit." She paused and dropped her hand back to her knee, leaning back some.

Kerrie looked over her shoulder at the patrons that flocked through the bar. Eventually she judged the threat of revealing the information would not be too great and turned her head to look at Alexis again. "There are people causing problems," she explained in a cold, blunt tone, "and these people have to disappear before they inspire others to cause problems."

Alexis nodded a few times. She reached out to her glass and gripped it in her right hand. "So what I usually do? Ahh. I'm good at that." She shot Kerrie a playful wink as she brought the glass up towards her lips to take a few sips of the half empty glass. She set it down again after a few moments. "When is needed? I'll have to make some new least to get to Ringali Shell if I'm needed sooner than later."

"The sooner the better," Kerrie said in an eager tone, "The situation is getting worse every day. Believe me ... I wouldn't have come all the way out here if it weren't important."

Alexis nodded. "Alright. Did you want me to go back with you? Or just...?" she asked Kerrie as she raised a brow.

"We can leave as soon as you're ready," Kerrie told her, as she looked over the sordid clientele of the bar, "I don't want to spend another minute longer here than I have to."

She took a deep breath and nodded. "Alright well let's get out of this terrible place then," she said as she finished off her ale and stood up. She motioned for Kerrie to lead the way, "After you."

Kerrie slid from out behind the table and groaned lightly, holding her side. The recent developments had forced her out of the hospital early and the long flight seated in the cockpit had caused her to stiffen up. She shrugged it off and grabbed her helmet from the table and proceeded out of the bar. Adjusting the helmet back on her head she made her way with Alexis back towards the spaceport where the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Sonthi was docked.

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