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Cody Andersen, Nigel Casantini, Brandon Derive, Christopher Levy, and Thomas Rogers.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:4:26) in the Essessia system: Equity.


Flight Lieutenant Bival Rhett, Flight Lieutenant Sarden, Flight Officer Zan Shelby, and Flight Officer Yarrik.


Bival Rhett fidgeted nervously in the cockpit of his T-65B X-wing, double-checking everything and second-guessing even Ziggy's calculations on his first time out in several weeks. The Corsairs had lost a couple of X-wings in the last few weeks and thankfully no pilots, but he was determined not to lose another X-wing on his watch or face Anira's wrath at doing so. The astromech beeped, signaling that they were about to emerge from hyperspace in the vicinity of Esseles just as the mottled azure sky beyond his cockpit first filled with streaks of black and then emerged as black blanket with pinpricks of light that did not twinkle in the way they had in the night sky of Pii 3. As data began pouring in from the space around Esseles, Bival visually scanned the space around him as his fingers drummed against the control stick. With more data, he began to split his attention between his sensors and the space around him.

Flight Officer Zan Shelby nervously handled the controls of his new T-65B X-wing fighter. Checking the flight controls, head-up display and crosschecking the control panel with R5-D4's calculations. Zan hoped his new X-wing fighter would last longer the previous ones. Zan awaited to emerge from hyperspace, he welcomed the sight after spending the last couple weeks cramped up inside a rebellion space station. Officer Shelby received a seemingly helpful response, "well R5-D4 I hope you're about that for both our fates." As Zan's X-wing emerged from hyperspace, he began a quick scan of the space around his current position. Zan took one giant deep breath, alright R5-D4 here we are, "Hopefully we will have some fun this time."

The Corellian Engineering Corporation Space Cruiser Equity moved across the shipping lanes near Esseles. The vessel's captain looked over the crew members in front of him, making sure the young officers maintained a vigilant watch at their stations. "Keep your eyes open," the Captain said, motioning to the co-pilot who focused on the ship's sensor systems.

A single blip appeared on Bival's scanners, sitting ripe for the pickings in the shipping lanes. He pushed his throttle forward with one hand while maneuvering his ship toward the cruiser with his other. "Corsair Two, we've got  a live one, do you copy?" he spoke coolly into his comlink, shaking off his earlier anxiety about being back in his craft.

Shelby replied over the com, "Two copy, over."

"Follow my lead. I'm going in," closing in range, Bival activated his targeting computer, loading two proton torpedoes for firing, and locked onto the Space Cruiser Equity. The distance closed rapidly to firing range and in a moment's notice, he heard a firing tone and pulled the trigger.

The Space Cruiser Equity was rocked by the proton torpedoes from the first X-wing. The vessel's shields were disabled and its hull took minor damage, and the captain sprung to life, "Get off a distress call."

Zan led his X-wing fighter behind Corsair one, Zan replied a command over to R5-D4, "R5-D4 arm the proton torpedoes for launch on my mark. We're going to make this attack short my little buddy." Zan lined up his approach vector tightly so that the hull of the Space Cruiser was centered on his heads up display. Zan yanked back tightly on controls as he fired off the armed proton torpedoes at the Space Cruiser's hull.

The crew of the Equity covered their eyes as an explosion ripped through the ship. The second volley of proton torpedoes had hit their mark, and caused considerable damage. However, hope was not lost as the co-pilot transmitted a distress call to all nearby craft.

"Two contacts bearing down on us. TIEs. Two, break contact and take one down. I'm on the leader, " Bival declared to his squadron mate. Just as he was about to force the surrender of an Imperial ship, once again there were interlopers. While deactivating his targeting computer, Bival pulled his X-wing around to bear down on the lead TIE/ln. With his droid howling a warning at him about closing speeds, Bival pulled the trigger and fired off a salvo of crimson energy at the TIE/ln.

Lieutenant Sarden grumbled as the bolts skipped harmlessly off his wing panels, the ship shuddering just a moment as it continued its high pitched wine towards the enemy. His voice rang out in the com unit to his wingman, "Tallyho, two contacts, twelve o'clock low. Keep them off that cruiser. She's already wounded."

Zan pulled away from the the transport and engaged after the second TIE/ln fighter. Zan thinking to himself, "You're mine you SOB." Zan aimed the center of his head-up display onto the hull of the second small TIE/ln fighter. Zan fired off a large burst of laser cannon blaster shots at the second TIE/ln.

Flight Officer Yarrik jinked left to avoid the shot. Well his hull was starting to take a beating as Yarrik made a quick maneuver that brought him behind the prick that shot at him. He aligned him with his targeting array and then fired. Rounds chewing their way towards the X-wing.

Zan attempted to weave sharply to the left and right to avoid the rapid blaster fire coming from his six. Luckily the shielding took the majority of the laser damage, but he believed he had a chance at another pass at this guy if Corsair Seven did not get involved this time.

"Don't lose it, Two! Get out of here! I'll cover you!" Bival tersely called over the comlink as Ziggy updated him on his wingman's condition. He did not want Zan to lose another ship.

Lieutenant Sarden turned his craft easily, dropping in behind the undamaged X-wing, which was presumably the leader. He hated the rebels, because they had been playing run and gun during every engagement he had flown in, and he had yet to bring one down. He aimed to correct this one as he depressed the dual triggers, sending the short burst of green laser off towards the X-wing's engines.

"Two, that's an order! You get out of here," Bival growled over the comlink. Losing men was not an option. His shields were blown away and flames burst from parts of his ship he had not known were flammable while sparks and acrid smoke emerged from instrument panels in his cockpit. "Well, I can't exactly return my X-wing with Anira in this shape without an Imperial to claim for it ... tag 'em and bag 'em, Two! Take the safety off," Bival pulled his ailing craft around to bear down on the TIE/ln that had nearly taken out Zan. He could barely draw a bead on the TIE/ln in his craft, but he did so, and pulled the trigger roughly, hoping some of the Force came through and helped him along.

''My ride is toast! Send a pickup crew after you bag these bastards! Punching out!'' the Imperial pilot barked as Yarrik smacked the ejection button and was propelled into the darkness of space and waited.

Zan pulled the X-wing off to engage behind the TIE/ln leader, weaving the X-wing back and forth to center the TIE/ln's hull on his head-up display. Before firing off laser blasts from his laser cannons, he replied to R5-D4, "Wish me Luck". Zan jammed down the firing button to fire off bursts of laser fire onto the TIE/ln.

There was a sudden flair in the TIE/ln, the ejection circuits activating, and jettisoned Sarden into space. The rest of the craft detonated behind him.

Bival switched his comlink over to broadcasting frequency, buoyed by their unexpected victory. "Imperial Space Cruiser. Your escorts have been destroyed and you are defenseless. Surrender your craft to me," he was attempting to be civil and left out the ultimatum of destruction.

The captain of the Space Cruiser Equity replied defiantly over the comlink, "We do not negotiate with terrorists." The transmission was followed by static as the damaged Space Cruiser continued to cruise towards Esseles.

Bival coasted his limping craft in behind the Space Cruiser, lining up his targeting reticule as precisely as he could. He was desperate to capture any Imperial craft, strategic advantage or not. Gingerly, he squeezed off a burst of fire from his laser cannons at the rear of the damaged Space Cruiser.

The cockpit of the Space Cruiser Equity erupted in a massive explosive. The explosion continued through the remainder of the vessel, erupting in a massive debris field. There were no survivors.

Over the comlink, Zan reacted to Bival's destroying the Space Cruiser, "Damn it Bival, not again."

"Alright, Two. Let's go home. Don't tell me that. Capturing is an option, not a requirement, " Bival spat back at his wingman while punching the coordinates into the navcomputer. In a moment, he was whisked away into hyperspace, heading back toward their base when the shakes returned and overtook him, staying with him for a long time.

Zan replied overzealously over the com channel, "But I would at least once like to capture an Imperial Cruiser. Or is your bloodlust too uncontrolled for that, Seven!"

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