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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:13) in the New Alderaan system: New Alderaan (New Aldera: Mug Zoran's homestead and Rebel command center) and Thrifty.
King Ebareebaveebeedee, Yekaterina Hanson, Callista Nilar, Lady Jelena Rodney, Commander Iyah Zoran and Mug Zoran.

Mug Zoran was seated in front of a monitor in the makeshift command center in New Aldera. He had been staring at the screen for hours monitoring space traffic that was coming in and out of the system. For most days it was uneventful, as the hidden safe world received very few arrivals to minimize the risk of detection. His eyes went wide when an unscheduled, unauthorized blip appeared on the scanners. "Commander, we have an unidentified contact emerging from hyperspace," he shouted, as he leaned back in his chair and glanced over towards Commander Xergo and Jelena Rodney. In the back of his mind he was wondering if they had been discovered and would now have to evacuate their new home.

Iyah Xergo was glad to have returned home following an abrupt meeting with her brother-in-law and his wife. After all the occurrences on Delaya, it made her feel uncomfortable to be there for any duration of time. She feared the Governor capturing her and Mug again. It had been difficult for him to rescue her before. If it happened a second time, would it be impossible to save them? She was standing over the Holotank with Jelena Rodney, her unexpected niece. "We'll be able to lend a hand in the planned attacks on Rhire." She said. She turned as Mug approached her and Jelena, offering him a smile that quickly faded. "Are you able to scan the transport?" She asked him. Their thoughts were headed down the same road: New Aldera had been compromised.

Before anyone could react the holotank that dominated the center of the command center came to life, displaying the giant blue fur covered head of King Ebareebaveebeedee. His yellow eyes blinked slightly as he gazed upon those in assemblage, but he did not see the one he was looking for. "Greetings, stranger ones," he declared in a booming voice, accentuated by the crown he wore upon his head, which was adorned with what appeared to be a fork. "By terms of the grand bargain with Princess Callista I, King Ebareebaveebeedee, Illustrious Chieftain of Junkyards, am here with my Momship for your trash," he declared, before nodding to his crew members to begin the ship on its descend to the colony.

What came out of hyperspace was something Iyah could have never prepared herself for. The holographic image of the head of the Squib King Ebareebaveebeedee was a total surprise ... and a welcomed one at the same time. She had spent time with Melickielickie and Ewwiekewwieikkie. There was not a vicious bone in their bodies. Though Iyah did not know exactly *who* this was, she felt that they weren't here to hurt her. Maybe it was a crazed Squib hobo? "H-Hello." She said awkwardly, trying to find her footing with the Squib who was clearly off his rocker. As he brought up Callista and declared who he was, a story that her overly excited daughter had told her came to mind. She said she had met the King of Squibs and told him *all* about her home. Iyah blinked, looking over her shoulder at Mug. "Uh... Thank you, King Ebareebaveebeedee. The Princess will meet with you when you land." Iyah stepped away from the holotank. "That was a fork on his crown, wasn't it..?" She took his hand, leading him out of the command center. Callista was spending her afternoon with Kat, who she had now decided to call 'Auntie Kat'. Iyah thought it would be good for her after the trauma she had endured. "Is this a good idea..? You know how we feel about royalty."

Jelena Rodney was equally confused, as she was well aware of the Squib King due to her adopted sister Ewwiekewwieikkie, but she and the other Rebel leaders were concerned that the King now knew about New Alderaan. When she heard the name 'Princess Callista' it all suddenly made success, and she lowered her forehead into the palm of her hand. By the time she raised her head, Mug and Iyah were gone, and she was quick to rush out of the command center after them. "Commander, what exactly did your daughter agree to?" she asked, as she was concerned about the Squibs possibly getting upset and giving away New Alderaan's location. As she stepped out into the daylight she could see the Squib momship already making its descent. "I have a bad feeling about this..." she confided in them, as she began remembering some of the lessons of Squib culture she had learned from Ewwiekewwieikkie.

Mug could not believe that his daughter had negotiated with the King of the Squibs, and stood speechless during his greeting, and still had not uttered a word by the time Iyah had led him out of the room. "Unfortunately, we adopted a royal watcher," he reminded his wife, with a broad smile. "Apparently the King was not able to understand that Callista is only a make believe Princess," he said, as he began walking towards their house. He stopped when Jelena, his niece, caught up to them, and looked at her with a sheepish grin. "I'm not sure what she agreed to. We're going to go and try and find out now," he informed her, as he brought his left hand up to the back of his head.

Callista truly did love her celebrities. She somehow kept up with the going ons with Marcus and Zara simply because she loved them so much. The little girl had been disappointed that she missed out on the last trip to Delaya, mostly because she wanted to invite the twins to come to Auntie Maeland with her. Iyah came to a stop, looking at Jelena. "We'll do what we can the make the best of this delicate situation. I won't let the location of New Aldera become exposed." She said. Iyah had a bad feeling too, but the Squib King had already arrived. Chasing him off the planet wouldn't be wise. She continued moving towards their home. "I remember Callista said that King Ebareebaveebeedee was very nice. Maybe he'll be reasonable..?" She moved through the front door.

Princess Callista was seated at the kitchen table. She had set up her plastic tea set at the table. There were tiny cups filled with nothing. The bright pink plates each had a single cookie on it. One seat was occupied by Callista, another by Kat, and another by Callista's gigantic bantha plush. "Auntie Kat, will you please pass the teapot?" She asked, grasping the small cup in her fingers. She brought it to her lips and pretended to sip the last remaining drops of imaginary tea. In her excitement over the tea party, she had dressed up Kat in a bonnet and a purple boa like she had seen someone wear at her aunt and uncle's ball.

Yekaterina Hanson had found a second life for herself on New Alderaan, which it turned out was much like her original career. On Alderaan, and later Delaya, as a member of the Alderaan Guard she was tasked with defending members of the House of Rodney. Now, in a sense, she was continuing that duty as young Callista was the adopted granddaughter of the late Duke Julius of Delaya. "Yes, of course," she said, as she reached for the toy tea pot. Daintily, she poured the imaginary contents into Callista's cup. Her attention shifted for a moment when she heard some commotion in the camp, prompting her to put the teapot down and move towards the window. She adjusted the purple boa as she peered through the blinds seeing a lot of movement in the streets and what seemed to be a very strange ship landing.

As the Thirfy landed on the outskirts of New Aldera the ramp began to lower and a flood of Squibs began to exit the ship, who began running around the camp to grab hold of everything that looked like trash. Unfortunately, New Aldera was being built with used, second hand, and refurbished parts that made *everything* look like trash. When the initial wave of excitement was over King Ebareebaveebeedee descended the ramp and began to inspect the camp, flanked by his honor guard. His yellow eyes went wide as he took everything in, fascinated by what appeared to be a city made up entirely of trash. "Hmm. Princess Callista is rich and powerful. We strike a bargain," he said to one of his guards, as he began walking about, randomly picking up everything he could get his paws on.

"Thank you, milady!" Callista squeaked once her cup was filled with imaginary tea. She happily brought it back to her lips for a second sip. Beneath the table, her legs moved back and forth. It didn't phase her when Kat stood up because she was already busy giving her bantha more tea. The sound of the door opening made her perk up. "Mama! Daddy!" A second later, Callista stood at the door in front of her parents. She tried to wrap them both up in her arms.

Outside the house, people were beginning to panic. Iyah realized they needed to quickly solve this problem. The people of Delaya and Alderaan had been through enough. "Callista." She smiled, embracing her daughter. "It seems your friend King Ebareebaveebeedee has come to make good on your deal." Iyah sank into a low squat. "Callista, what kind of deal did you make with him?"

The little girl's eyes widened when she heard the *King* was there. "*Oooh King Eba*... Ebar... *Ebbie*!" It didn't matter how many times she had heard her aunt and uncle pronounce the name, it never stuck with her. She paused, bringing a hand up to her chin to scratch it. The trip to Skor II had been so exciting, then going to Auntie Maeland had been even more exciting. All the details hadn't made it to her parents. "Umm. Mommy, I told him he could have our trash. He wanted it really bad!" She explained. "And...and ... we don't use trash, but they do! They make big, big hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee buildings out of it!" She spread her arms out wide.

Mug's eyes went wide when he heard Callista say that the Squibs could have all their trash. While he had limited exposure to Squibs outside of Ewwiekewwieikkie, he had a firm understanding that their definition of trash was much different than the Squibs. He turned, looking out the window and seeing Squibs running everywhere. "Oh no. Iyah," he said, as he reached out to her, grasping at her arm for support. "And what did you get in return?" he asked Callista, hoping that perhaps there might be a silver lining to this potential catastrophe.

Jelena Rodney had grown up with a Squib that while technically was an older sister was mentally younger. She felt she could handle this, but as she began to move towards where the King had landed she realized she could not. Ewwiekewwieikkie was but one Squib, but now it seemed as if there were a dozen Squibs running around grabbing anything and everything. Even things that were bolted down they were prying off and grabbing. The community she had worked so hard to build and see come to life was being ransacked ... but not by the Empire ... but the Squibs. She reached down to her comm, desperate for help. "Commander Xergo, we need the ... uh ... Princess ... to speak to the King before we're all living in tents," she said, in an incredibly panicked voice, as she moved towards the King.

Iyah was going to need to have a long conversation with her daughter about making arrangements with royalty...especially Squib royalty. She gulped, imagining the Squibs carrying off every shiny, metallic object on the planet. She clung to Mug, feeling like they both might need to sit down. "W-We'll figure it out..." She didn't sound confident. One Squib was difficult to handle. Now there was a whole ship of them on New Aldera! "We may need all the ice cream in Auntie Mae's to fix this problem." She whispered to her husband. Jelena's desperate voice on her comm made her feel all the more anxious. She plucked her comm from her uniform. "I've got her. We're coming!" She turned around. "C'mon, Princess. We've gotta go say hello to your friend.

The small girl climbed aboard her mother's back. "Ummm... I can't remember, Daddy. Sorry..." Her eyes sunk as she began to worry that she was in trouble. Jelena sounded unhappy too. Her arms wrapped around her mama's neck, and off they went. "Bye Auntie Kat... I'll be back." She promised before the door closed behind them. She was carried towards where the Thrifty was docked. "Wow! Lookit all the Ewwies and Melickies!" She said, pointing towards a Squib in the process of removing a shiny arm from a droid.

"Hmm," King Ebareebaveebeedee murmured as he spied Callista arriving riding on the back of Iyah. "Princess Callista," he said, staring at her, while scratching at his chin. "I see you have a slave to ride. I bargain one hat to ride this one," he said, as he moved towards Mug and began poking him to inspect his potential prize. "There is indeed much trash. You are very rich. We take it all," he informed her, before turning towards his guard. "Now, for your goods," he said, before clapping his hands. Moments later two of the guards came forward with a large chest. They opened it, dumping the contents on the floor. It was a ton of miniature statues of Grand Moff Rodney, the latest Big Time Hero of Beyond-Squib Eliteness. "Grand bargain," he said, as he winked at Callista, and gave her a thumbs up.

She shyly waved at the King. "Hiii." Callista didn't understand what the word 'slave' met. The little girl giggled when he talked about riding her father. "You're so silly! That's my daddy and this is my mama! Daddy, can you give King Ebbie a piggy back ride? They are so fun!" Callista's eyes went wide when she saw all of the miniature statues of her uncle. She let out a happy laugh. "Ooh, mama! Can we send one to Auntie Sierra? She was bargaining for one. Can I use one for my tea parties? She had no idea what she had done. Callista was as kind hearted as they came. She was happy to see King Ebareebaveebeedee again.

Iyah sighed. She couldn't be mad at her daughter over the mishap. It was all a big misunderstanding. She carefully placed Callista down on the ground. Why did the Squib King have so many statues of Claudius..? Iyah decided not to ask. "King Ebareebaveebeedee, it's an honor to meet you. There seems to have been a misunderstanding between you and my daughter. My daughter isn't a real Princess." She said quietly as to not hurt Callista's feelings. "Callista wanted to share our trash with you...the kind of trash that we aren't using." She said, pointing to a Squib who was attempting to dismantle a house. "Maybe we can work out a new deal..." She didn't know if candy and ice cream would work on the King like they did on Ewwiekewwieikkie.

King Ebareebaveebeedee listened to what Iyah had to say, but he did not believe her. Instead, he raised his paw and pointed at the tiara on top of Callista's head. "Nice try, stranger one," he said, before dismissing Iyah. "I have a crown. I am a King," he informed Iyah, as he nodded his head. "She has a crown. She is a Princess," he declared, as he thought about what was going on here. "A renbargaining... Hmm..." he said, as he brought his paw to his chin and began to process things. "I see. You want more Rodney heads?" he asked, as his yellow eyes went wide and he moved towards Mug. Walking behind the man, he reached up to grab him by the back and began attempting to ascend him. Unfortunately, as his feet attempted to use the waistband of his pants to give himself a boost, he resulted in knocking the man's pants down to the ground. "Oof," he said, as he fell back to the ground, dusting himself off. "Broken," he muttered, as his guards rushed to his side to pick him back up.

Jelena Rodney had been speechless, completely aghast by the sight that was unfolding in front of her. "Your Majesty, as the leader of this community, such negotiations need to be approved by me," she said, pleading with him, but any attempt to dissuade him was quickly silenced by the arrival of a mountain of miniature statues of her father's head. "Oh dear," she said, as she looked down upon them, as the last thing the Rebels of New Alderaan needed was another reminder that she was the daughter of an Imperial Grand Moff. She brought her hands up to cover her face and shield her embarrassment, before looking towards Callista between the fingers of her hands. What a mess, she thought to herself, as the Squibs began making a 'trash' pile in the center of the camp. Unfortunately, everything was an essential component of the camp.

Callista was listening to the conversation above her as much as possible. She saw that the King was taking apart people's homes. While she didn't often think of Tarkintown, she still remembered it. Everyone had been living in tents. It had been really horrible. Callista had been so sad until her parents showed up. She wanted to make everything better for her parents...and Jelena too. Matters only became worse when King Ebareebaveebeedee tried to climb her father, which made him lose his pants. "Ohno! Daddy!" She squeaked, trying to help him out with his pants like he helped her out with her leggings beneath her dress. She stepped forward to the King, adjusting the crown on her head. The sun gleamed, making it sparkle in the light. "K-King Ebbie." She said, grasping at his clothing and yanking on it gently. "Will you please stop taking apart our houses? Lots of people worked hard to make the houses. Evil people made the planet where I lived disappear. I didn't have a house for a long time." She explained to him, sliding her little hand in his. "Please stop. You can come have tea with me, okay? I'll share my cookies with you."

King Ebareebaveebeedee listened to Callista, and when she was finished he let out a long, slow growl. "Put back! Put back!" he said to the Squibs, before exhaling in a deep sigh. "Hmm..." he said, as he brought his paw to his chin again. "I will have tea and cookies," he informed her, as he summoned his honor guard. With his escort in place he began moving towards Callista's house. Meanwhile, the Squibs began begrudgingly returning the items they took from the camp. This was not a good bargain at all, they included.

Mug had been temporarily pantsed by the overzealous King, but with some help from Callista he managed to dress himself again. Fortunately, it seemed that Callista knew just what to say to deescalate the situation and return the camp to its previous state ... mostly. He began moving with his wife, Callista, and the Squib entourage to his homestead which would apparently play home to a summit with the King of the Squib Polyanarchy. "I hope these aren't imaginary cookies," he whispered to Iyah, as he wondered what kind of *real* refreshments they could offer the King and his staff.

Iyah felt so embarrassed. She wasn't sure how to fix the Squib mess other than to call for Ewwiekewwieikkie to help in sorting things out. That was one statement she never thought would cross her mind. "Me too... She's doing a good job. Let's hope she can make a good deal with them." Iyah kissed Mug's cheek. "I'm sorry he pantsed you. I hope that we can laugh all this off within a few weeks." She smiled. The deconstruction of New Alderaan had stopped for now, which set Iyah at ease. There would be more attacks that pulled them away from New Alderaan. She needed to leave knowing there weren't a herd of Squib ready to rip everything apart.

When everyone arrived at the cupcake house, Callista was more than happy to be a good hostess. She ushered King Ebareebaveebeedee into her home and even pulled his chair out for him at the table. She sat him beside her large bantha plush, then darted towards the refrigerator to collect a bottle of blue milk. She set it on the table. She left a final time to grab a package of cookies which her mother had brought home for her. Callista sat in her chair. She did her best to pour blue milk into the small teacups for her and the King, but inevitably spilled. When each had milk, she began distributing cookies onto the tiny, pink plates. She sat across from the King, smiling. "Hihi. Ummm.." She thought about what Auntie Zara might do. "Y-You can still have our trash, but the kind of stuff we *aren't* using." She specified to him. "Like this." She wiggled off of her seat, darting over to the garbage can. From it, she pulled out a piece of crumpled aluminum foil. The sun caught it, making it shine. "Like this!" She ran back to show him. "You should go see my auntie and uncle on Delaya. Their planet is big. They have stuff that people don't use anymore too. My uncle is a Rodney too!" She explained, accidently pushing Zara and Marcus in front of the speeder bus.

King Ebareebaveebeedee stood in front of the house, examining it for a moment before stepping inside. "...and you said she was not a Princess. Hah," he scoffed at Iyah, as he stood in awe of the most beautiful house he had ever seen. When he returned to Metrobig City he would need to bargain with his engineers to build him something similar, but larger. He sat down at the table, surrounded by plushes, as he waited for the promised cookies. "Om nom nom," he mumbled, before grabbing all of the cookies and begin to force them into his mouth, causing crumbs to fly everywhere. He gasped when he saw the aluminum foil, rising from his chair and scrambling over towards her. "Mine! Mine! Mine!" he declared, before snatching it from her, and wrapping both of his arms around her. "Yes. We take this. We give you statues to honor your hero uncle," he said, as he began to jump up and down. "A big trash planet?" he asked, as he listened about Delaya. "Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Where?" he asked, as he leaned in, his yellow eyes going even wider. Callista was at it again.

King Ebareebaveebeedee made Callista giggle so much! He was very silly! It reminded her of her bestest friend in the whole wide world. She gave him a big squeeze while bouncing in his arms. "Yay!!!" She really liked the statues of her uncle, not realizing that the citizens of New Aldera would not feel as excited as she. "Delaya!" She squeaked, suddenly stopping. "I... I don't know how to get there. My auntie and uncle have *really* big crowns. They are even bigger than mine." She continuing explaining excitedly. "They are trying to clean up their planet by making the skies pretty. They gotta make the ground pretty too." She released the King to shove a cookie in her own face. She ate it in a fashion alike to what he had.

The King's paws were crinkling the aluminum foil, causing it to reflect the light in a multitude of ways. He had become mesmerized, and was on the verge of becoming hypnotized. It was not until the young girl began mentioning big crowns that he began to listen again. Ebareebaveebeedee was getting excited by this news, so much so that his arms began to shake. "We will go to this Delaya and bargain for their treasure," he said, as he began to formulate a plan that would lead to the ultimate bargain. "Hmm. Hmm. Hmm," he murmured, sending an opportunity to strengthen his hand. "*You* will bargain for the Squibs!" he declared, pointing at Callista proudly. "I appoint you ambassador," he said, with a firm nod of his head, before returning to play with his aluminum foil. He felt with Princess Callista representing him these Delayans would give twice as much for half as much.

"Yay!!" Callista began to dance around the King. Unlike her parents, she loved Delaya. She wanted to go play with Marcus, Zara, and her young cousins. "Yay! Yay! Yay! Mommy, did you hear him?! I'm an ambassassassdor!" She tackled her mother. "Just like Uncle Claudius! Auntie Zara and Uncle Marcus will be so happy to see us! I bet they miss us!" She snuggled Iyah excitedly. She didn't understand what she had gotten herself into...

...But her mother did. Iyah saw that King Ebareebaveebeedee was not going to be swayed now that Callista had directed his attention on Delaya. She hoped that Marcus and Zara had something to offer him. She squeezed her little Princess. "I'm proud of you, Callista. You did a good job saving New Aldera." She ran her fingers through her daughter's lengthy brown hair. Iyah's chin turned towards Mug. They had *just* been on Delaya discussing the possibility of what they could do for the planet. The conversation had been cut short. Maybe it was time to finish it.

As the chaos around New Aldera began to subside Jelena Rodney was left alone in the center of the camp with a thousand miniature copies of the statue of her estranged father. Alone, she crouched down and picked up one of them, examining in silently, as she studied the features of his face. It was hard to reconcile the fact that this man was both a leader of the villainous Empire that had destroyed Alderaan and caused untold suffering to billions, and the father who had taken in Ewwiekewwieikkie during the last war. There seemed to be no black and white in the war she found herself on the other side of her father in. As she began to scoop the statues back into the crate the Squibs had left behind she looked around. "Uh. Little help?" she asked, but none came, and she was left there to place each and every one back in the crate ... alone.

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