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Kit Gwynne and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:28) in the Essesia system: Interrogator.
Dimona Xirie Nuebla and Colonel Mark Veller.

Once again, Mark found himself in the training facility to evaluate yet another Bounty Hunter. He was beginning to regret volunteering for this duty. Not only did it take him away from other duties, but his opinion of Bounty hunters as undisciplined, reckless, loose cannons was still unchanged.

He squared his shoulders and stood attentively waiting for the next bounty hunter on the list. Questioning the wisdom of volunteering he might be doing, that didn't keep him from completing the duty was agreed to it. Besides, the High Inquisitor was depending on his evaluation for the success of future missions. He was not about to fail in his assessment of the bounty hunters merely because he disliked their chosen profession.

At 1.85 meters tall, Mark tended to look a bit on the thin side, though he was by no means skinny. Well muscled toned was what his medical report stated. Dressed in a casual uniform that allowed free movement, he waited for his latest evaluee to enter the training room.

Mark's opinion of Bounty Hunters was most definitely not going to change with the next candidate he was about to evaluate, and in fact, this might prove to be far more of a challenge than all of the other hunters combined. This was a unique individual for certain, and although Veller had never once met this woman, he would just *know* it was her coming down the hallways making quite the commotion. Her voice was distinct and unruly, and he could even hear her from inside of the training facility. Dimona Xirie Nuebla was making gestures and comments to every person she passed in the hallway. Some of the gestures were friendly and playful accompanied with a large grin and a wink, some gestures were flagrant and shameless, while other gestures were rude and obnoxious. The responses she got in return were priceless, they ranged from flattered, to affectionate, to downright furious. She laughed all the same no matter the response, soaking in the attention like they were warm rays from a star.

Dimona practically waltzed right into the training facility full of eccentric energy before scanning the room quickly to determine only Veller was inside. "So, I heard someone in here wanted to check me out." She waved to the otherwise empty room in a grandiose fashion. "Looks like you're the lucky bachelor then!" Headstrong and mischievous, she walked towards the man, stopping a few meters from him before slowly turning around in a full circle giving him the entire view of her athletic form. The woman was attractive, tall and well-built but her attire was bizarre. She wore what appeared to be an armorweave jumpsuit, at least it used to be, as it had been torn and damaged so many times that huge chunks of the suit had been replaced and sewn in an unruly fashion. What looked like dozens of different scraps from different armorweave suits were woven into the overall piece like a hasty patchwork. A simple brown leather jacket worn open and over the ensemble was the only thing that looked like it survived Dimona's wild antics.

Once she finished doing a full turn for Veller, bright green eyes looked at him expectantly. There was something very peculiar about her eyes, a whimsical but unhinged gaze was ever lightly gleaming. She was not quite sane. "Well? Buying me a drink, or what, handsome?" Perhaps Dimona mistook the request for evaluation as some form of blind date, or perhaps she was messing around, it was always hard to tell what she was truly thinking. Now it was her turn to check him out, and she did so, walking around where he stood and eyeing his form with a rather coy smile that met his eyes after she finished surveying him. He was quite the looker, and she wondered if the higher-ups were purposely hiring only attractive officers. It sure made things more pleasant! "Damn hun! You're going to make it hard for a girl to stay faithful, that's for sure!" She said before bursting into laughter, so much so, that she had to wipe a few tears away after she finally calmed down a few moments later. Her wide grin never left her charming features, and she continued to stare at him as if she were thinking very unprofessional thoughts.

To say the High Colonel was in a mood was an understatement. His ice blue eyes narrowed as the flighty bounty hunter bounced into the room. *this* is what the High Inquisitor wanted him to evaluate? He thought he had it bad with El-Nay, but she had the excuse of being too young. Rais and Alexis, while surely, he could deal with. But this... Mark found he had reached the end of his patience and her complete lack of decorum finally frayed his temper.

The last straw was her laughter. His eyes went cold and his expression blank, striking with speed and deadly precision. Planting a blow square and powerful in Dimona's solar plexus, his caught hold of his temper just in time to keep it from being a killing one. Barely. As it was, Dimona would be left gasping for breath and unable to move for several minutes on the ground as her solar plexus went into a spasm from the blow.

As Dimona fell to the ground, Mark followed it up with a knee to the chest and growled, "If you ever enter my training area in that manner again, I will kill you. This is a combat training area and will be treated with the proper respect." After ensuring Dimona would stay down for a little while, he got up and stalked out of the training area, notifying medical to check up on her and make sure she recovered from his blow. In his mind, Dimona had placed herself in the same category as El-Nay. Walk point and take the first shot.

Well! It usually took people a bit longer to fly into a near murderous rage around her, this one apparently had a hidden temper! Dimona was actually a bit surprised as he moved in to assault her after what she considered harmless and flirtatious banter. She had always assumed guys liked that sort of attention, but perhaps not this one, as he apparently took himself way too seriously. His blow landed squarely where he had intended as Dimona was caught off guard but also oddly receptive, and in no time she was completely sprawled out on the ground. The hunter was fully stunned on the floor, rolling a bit side to side to catch her breath in strained wheezes and gasps. Trying to force air into her lungs was difficult enough but it was made impossible once Veller placed a knee upon her chest which pressed upon her diaphragm that was already desperately trying to function properly. Struggling to breathe can be a scary experience, but throughout this process, fear or even anxiety was completely absent from Dimona's eyes. Instead, excitement and disappointment. Excitement because things were happening as she actually wanted, and disappointment because she couldn't breathe in enough air to actually speak to him. He was really missing out on some clever and obnoxious humor.

Once High Colonel Veller left the area, only then was Dimona finally able to get in a huge gasp of air and restore function to her bruised and spasming diaphragm. The first few gulps of air were immediately released in a series of laughter that burst from her in an uproar. This was just so hilarious, of course she knew she had been summoned here for training exercises, but that would have been super lame and boring. But getting out of that requirement had been far easier than she could have ever hoped.

"At least buy the girl a drink!" She called out to no one as the room was empty, so her response was for her own self amusement. "I try not to get so physical on my first date, but I guess some men are just too enamored by my charm. They can't help it," she said to herself with a huge grin as she laced her fingers behind her head and crossed her ankles. She was still lying on the floor, but comfortably, and patiently waiting for her next misadventure. Afterall, it would be rude to leave knowing that the medical response unit was on their way. Thus, she hummed softly to herself in great contentment.

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