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Sean Brandt, Michelle Green, Christopher Levy, Alexander Oliva, and Jaina Roberts.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:F1:1) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Derek Atio, Sergeant Zek Correson, Sergeant Reilly Judah, Duchess Ava Khalessi, and Corporal Lovora Rikki.

Commander Derek Atio stood in the command center on the converted gas mining station the Rebel sector command was utilizing as a base of operations. The week had started out so well, with the mission to Kooriva netting them four new support ships, but the news that the division of forces between Kooriva and their base on Rhinnal had resulted in disaster caused him the gravest of his personal injuries. The defection of the Grand Moff's daughter had been a propaganda coup, but beyond that she was a teenager who had risked their life to help them, and they had failed to protect her. What he imagined the Empire was doing to her now was something that caused a sickening feeling in his stomach, and he held himself personally responsible for the failure. He had been sober since the new chief of staff arrived, but now for the first time in a while he expected to be drunk by the end of the night.

Ava was still sleeping by the time her little Droid unit stated to sound that there was something happening in the needing room with Commander Atio. Looking up from her pillow her long brunette locks a frazzled mess as she looked at the C2 unit groaning "Ugh do I really have to?I have having such a wonderful dream of home. With me..." Ava fell silent looking towards the side as she sighed "My family." She said softly before slowly sitting up on her bed, she was wearing a long white night dress, how was it that the young diplomat found herself so far out in space and yet still had so many things to remind herself of home, of life she should have been living with her mother and father thought here she was fighting. Slowly rising from her bed Ava slowly walked towards the small refresher, stripping from her night dress she quickly washed up, grabbing a towel from a nearby shelf, Ava wrapped it around her body, R2-C1 was beeping away as the dome part of his head moved side to side. Walking out she looked down at him "Oh calm your circuits I'm not naked now, besides your not the one I'm worried about." She said tightening the the towel around her body as she looked up at the door. "Maybe you should locked for me please R2-C1." zooming over R2-C1 did as she asked, placing the end of one of his utility arms into a small circular hole against the wall he moved it side to side quickly locking the door from the inside as Ava started to look for something to wear for the meeting with Commander Atio and the others. Tossing under garments behind her a pair of long white bloomer type bottoms fell over R2-C1 head blocking his site causing him to unlocked the door by mistake, unable to see he started to move side to side about the room and near the door that quickly opened. Looking over her shoulder Ava watched as her Droid zoomed out from her room wearing a pair of her undergarments over his head " *R2-C1 get back here with those now*" She called out quickly moving to the door looking down the direction he was heading to in chaotic hurry buzzing and screeching about.

Sergeant Zek Correson resided in his private quarters going over recent events. The past few days were awfully stressing, as the former smuggler had caused slight mayhem back on Kooriva. His unit successfully acquired new vehicles for the Rebels, but Zek had put the diplomat through harms way. Yet, the mission was accomplished despite the casualties which involved some Gamorrean guards at the Pleasure Emporium. Zek wouldn't count out the possibility of being a wanted fugitive. His past life consisted of bounty hunters chasing him through his smuggler years. Using his datapad, the Sergeant went over few details and possible roster changes. He's not learned whom was promoted, or will not accompany him. The Sergeant did close in on something interesting on Ralltir these few days. He might consider putting together a task force, and acquire more details regarding what was happening down there. Despite the condition of Ralltir, Zek's suspecting an Imperial base located there, possibly hidden. All this was suspicion, nothing concrete, however. The Sergeant might do bit of recon work alone using his personal freighter to gather whatever intel he could dig up. Whatever was vital to the Empire, is presumably valuable to the Rebels. Leaving his personal quarters, Zek wandered down the corridors heading to the commander center. Along the way, he spotted an R2-unit passing by with women's undergarments. His brows furrowed, as he glanced back only hear a female's voice shout. He instantly noticed it was Ava. "Is that your droid taking your undergarments?" [d]

This wasn't the first time Reilly was involved in a failed mission. This was the rebellion after all, it was one failed mission after another with a few choice victories in between. She had filed her formal report earlier in the day but had yet to face any superiors. At least it was Atio and not Tong. Her mind was not on where she was going, so when a droid sped by her she nearly fell over it. "Watch where you're going you kriffen...are those ... no, I don't want to know." Head shook, loosening a strand of brown hair that tended to flop over her eye when free. Arriving at a lift, she punched in the command center and awaited to be transported to that level. The door opened, revealing the delipidated center and Atio at the far end. A few crisp steps brought her near enough to him to offer a salute.

Corporal Lovora Rikki shared space with other commandos, a barracks type setup that was on the opposite end of the personal quarters reserved for civilian staff and ranking officers. It meant she missed the R2 unit with the undies on its dome, but even had she been in the same area, she likely would have missed it. As it was, she had been wandering aimlessly around the command deck, thinking back on the loss of the safehouse and, more importantly, Jelena. Lovora did make her way to the command deck though, a few beats behind Reilly. Her usual civilian attire, complete with orange and green jacket and jack boots, was her chosen outfit for the time, with the SE-14 blaster that had killed a handful of ISB Stormtroopers that night strapped to her thigh. Her physical healing had moved along nicely; Lovora no longer needed a crutch or cane, though there was still a significant limp in her step as she made her way in. The once chipper commando was in a more somber mood this time, certain she would have to again face the failure to protect their asset, and the intense guilt she felt for being one of only two survivors from the Imperial raid on Rhinnal. Atio was, of course, given a salute, after which Reilly got a ghost of a smile from her as Lovora took her place, waiting on the others.

If the Commander were taken seriously, his meetings might have stood a chance of actually getting off on time, but instead he felt he was always being made to wait. He offered a nod to Reilly and Lovora, before switching on the holographic image of Rhinnal. "Well Captain Tong isn't going to be happy about that," he explained, shaking his head at the two commandos, as he moved the zoom on the image to the city of Rhire. "It would appear that Jelena activated a comlink provided to her that the Empire was able to use to triangulate her location, and therefore locate the safehouse," he complained, bitterly, before clenching his hand into a fist, and slamming it on the old holoprojector, which momentarily deactivated the image. "The ship she was loaded onto departed the system, and it's anyone's guess where she could be now," he said, breaking off eye contact with the duo, as his voice nearly cracked, as the emotions came to the forefront. "We don't have the resources, the manpower, or the intelligence to do anything about it. High command won't authorize any attempt at a recovery," he admitted to them, his voice cracking a bit more now. He would definitely be digging up a bottle of Corellian whiskey when this was over.

Reilly nodded to Lovora before returning her attention to the CO. As he spoke, she grew angry. So the kid was a traitor yet Aito seemed upset that they'd lost her. Her not their fallen comrades. A scowl crossed her face but she bit her lower lip to hide it. Eyes shifted downwards, avoiding looking at anyone. After a deep sigh, Reilly looked up at Atio once again. Shoulders straighten, looking more Imperial than a rebel. "Sir, I take full responsibility for this. I should have checked the fugitive for tracking devices."

Lovora had filed a report detailing the events of the evening, but she hadn't yet actually faced any of her superiors since. It didn't help her mood that, given how things had played out, the report had to also include the events surrounding Morlo's death. The handful of data entries she'd submitted carried quite a few bodies in it. Atio's obvious distress at the loss of Jelena didn't help things, either. Lovora squared her shoulders some, trying for all the world to look the professional commando. "That's not fair on Reilly, Sir. I spent all day with Jelena. Still, we should have..." Lovora trailed off. What the hell could they have done, really? "...I'm sorry, Sir." The Corporal certainly felt the weight of the responsibility for losing Jelena to the Imperials. Comlink or not, she should have helped stop them, or had the good graces to die trying like everyone else in the safehouse.

With a loud groan of annoyance Ava watched at her droid unit started to crash into things before he turned a corner "*R2-C1 please not that ... way." She sighed softly before leaning back into her quarters, hearing Zek she poked her head out looking down at him nodding, she was hiding her body from his sigh. "Yes... Seems like the little guy is scared of my undergarments as well" She said chuckling down at Zek teasing him once again. Smirking sighed "if you would be so kind before he ends up in front of anyone else..." She heard several people laughing as the Droid unite made his way further around. Placing hand over her face she shook her head " Zek please stop him *now*" She begged her face flushed with red before she backed away letting the door close in front of her. Rushing over to the pile of clothes she had with her Ava didn't bother with anything too large this time, grabbing a pair of her thankfully many undergarments she had on hand Ava dressed quickly as she could in them before grabbing a simple slimming black dress that was more comfort and casual than most of her dresses. Grabbing her brush Ava did her best to tame her wild brunette locks. Smoothing her hair she slipped her feet into a white pair flat type dress shoes, looking around the mess of her quarters she dug around finding a locket.

Opening it up two hologram appeared one of her mother and the other of her father. Smiling Ava closed it and wrapped it around her neck, making sure it was clapped tight she headed towards her door and set off outside, she only prayed she could get to her Droid before Commander Atio possible seen it. Running she was able to spot R2-C1 and run up behind him before he zoomed into the meeting room "Get over here you son of a bit..." Ava cut herself off as she snatched her bottoms form the top of R2-C1's head "Oooohhh you are so dead when we get back to my quarters!" Ava said out of breath as she hit her bottoms in a tight ball behind her back as the two of them headed inside with others, blowing her brunette locks out of her face she smiled politely. Ava seen the meeting was already staring as she moved around everyone and stood in the back listening, she was more embarrassed about her lateness, slowly R2-C1 followed Ava as he made a soft noise trying to apologize to Ava. Her brown orbs looked down as she placed a finger over her lips telling him to be quiet.

The Commander stopped speaking to Reilly and Lovora when the ambassador and her droid arrived ... late. He threw her a sideways glance, making a mental note that if she had spent so much time getting dressed she might have made the first part of the meeting concerning the Rhinnal operation. Derek let out a tired sigh, as if his lungs were deflating, and transferred all of his weight onto the side of the holoprojector. He broke off eye contact with everyone, bringing his his hands together, and intertwining the fingers as he entered a state of deep contemplation. His head tilted backwards, and eyes move skywards as he reached a horrible, but inevitable conclusion. "We have to face the fact that Jelena is not conditioned for interrogations..." he said, as he looked at the upper bulkhead rather than anyone in the room. "It'll take the ISB less than an hour to break her. We can't go back to Rhinnal," he said, before breaking off from the group and moving towards the large viewport, staring off idly at the swirling purple, pink, and blue nebula gas. He wanted to punish the viewport, but with how old and broken it was, he fully expected it to shatter and suck them all out to their deaths. "None of you are to blame," he finally said, after an awkward silence, before shifting his attention back to them. "What we need to do now is regroup, and move to our next operation to score a victory and regain momentum," he said, doing his best to shake off the setback and act like a leader.

This was definitely not the Empire. No one was at fault? No wonder there were so few victories. Disciplinary action was needed. Reilly sighed, and relaxed her stance. She kept her eyes on the commander, wondering what was going on in that head of his. Maybe if or when Tong returned she and Lovora would get their asses handed to them as was proper. Though it did feel good to not be disciplined. Arms moved toward her back, hands intertwining when they met at the small of her back.

The reassurance from the Commander helped, but it didn't assuage the guilt that Lovora felt. She absolutely blamed herself for the lives lost, likely including Jelena's. Considering that Reilly was a medic, Lovora thought of herself as the only real commando of any rank there, and that put her in the hot seat. All the same she kept her mouth shut for now and listened, wondering what they were going to do going forward. In all reality this wasn't likely as serious a blow as she felt it was. For Lovora it was a serious blow, but for the Rebellion is was just one among many setbacks.

Seeing the commanders look Ava her glance moved down as her face flushed again, she was biting down on her bottom lip hard. She was going to hear it from him after the meeting was done she just knew it. Hearing him side Ava looked up, she had didn't know what had happened but with the atmosphere in the room something bad was about to occur of already had she could tell that most of the people inside the room had the look of guilt written all over their face, she had seen that look so many times in her life she knew it just from a glance. She hated herself even more now for running so late, what kind of ambassador was she if she couldn't arrive to a simple meeting on time like the rest. She was even yelling at herself now admitting that if she had been up sooner she would have heard that someone had been taken. Ava's eyes fell down as she listened to the commander speak, how was it things seemed to go right one moment then turn to hell the next, she couldn't even blink without something falling around her these days. Looking up the young women listened to the others speak waiting to hear what the next course they would be taking, she needed to understand that even with her title she needed to be wherever the rest where, she needed to know the plan so mistakes like this wouldn't happen again.

Abandoning the image of Rhinnal for the moment, the holoprojector zoomed out until it displayed the entirety of the nearby Bormea and Darpa sectors. He had no idea where to send them or what to do next, but he certainly could not reveal that to them. Nor could he simply put it to a vote, as this was a military operations and not a democracy. He was not a military man ... he was an engineer thrust into command because everyone who outranked him kept dying. He either was lucky, or unlucky, depending on how you looked at. He bit his lower lip, his eyes scanning the six rotating spheres as if the answer was somehow written there ... but it wasn't. As he stared at the images for the first time he began to wonder if the Rebellion had lost the battle for control of the Ringali Shell. Broken, he lowered his head, staring at the base of the transmitter, thinking of nothing more than the need for a drink.

"Sir..?" She wasn't sure what to say but something needed to happen. Were they supposed to be looking at something? Was there a new mission? Was there a chance of leaving and drinking heavily? "Perhaps...we the Captain?" Not that she was looking forward to Tong's take on recent events but it seemed that Atio wasn't quite sure what to do next. Maybe it was just the way he always looked. Reilly didn't have great confidence in him but he was in charge and needed to at least continue the meeting if this was even a meeting.

Some direction would have been welcome, something to focus on other than their failure. Lovora couldn't think of anything to say; she just glanced awkwardly around at those gathered, remembering Ava quite well, and how good it had felt when they'd rescued the diplomat from the Imperials. Fortunately, Reilly spoke up. Lovora's eyes turned towards Atio expectantly, hoping the Commander would get his wits about him and be able to give them some kind of orders.

Ava moved forward as she took her place next to the commander, placing her hands in front of her one on top of the others she started to speak to wherever one could hear her. "I know it has been hard on each of us. I know that we have made sacrifices. That we have lost many comrades, but we can not give up hope. We have to fight and press forward, we have to show these Imperial dogs who they are against. Show them what the rebels are made of. That if we bleed we do not stop fighting." She said slamming on hand down on the edge of the table where the hologram was. The look on her face turned hard and cold almost. "We can not give up. We won't give up we shall take whatever fight comes our way and show we are not going to let them weaken us." Ava said looking at everyone in the eye. "You can not show weakness, you can not blame yourself for something that happened to someone, you have to know that there are risk that come with this job. They knew it and even if it hurts we have to move forward with the plans." She said softly regaining her composure.

The Commander turned his attention to Reilly, as she was the first to speak, momentarily bringing him out of his malaise. "I only wish I could reach Captain Tong, but he's been on that operation with Agent Zeiss, and is on a communications blackout," he admitted bitterly, before Ava started in with her pep talk. He listened quietly and respectfully as the Alderaanian noble spoke softly, with words that had weight. "You're right," he said to her, as his mood began to improve, and his chest puffed out with a renewed sense of purpose. "She's right," he repeated to Reilly, Lovora, and the others gathered in the conference room, raising his voice this time. "What we have here are six targets. Each one overflowing with Imperial targets. They can't defend them all," he said, for the first time since the meeting began sounding as if he knew what he was doing. It would just be a matter of finding the right one.

"Do you *have* a mission for us, sir?" Okay so there were targets. Probably ninety percent of the system had targets. Was there a plan? She doubted it. The mistakes made on Rhinnal set them back. They needed to regroup; figure out where they could do the most good. "Is there some way we can assist in determining our next target?" *Or can we go?* She hoped that last part was just in her mind.

The mood in the room was awful, and Lovora wasn't in much of a place to help it. If anything it was feeding her own terrible state, but she made an effort to straighten up and look more the part of the soldier again. Her hands folded behind her back, she was waiting for something, anything, when Ava started speaking. As devoted as she felt to the cause, as much of a true believer as she was, the speech certainly touched the young commando's heart. While it didn't remove the pain of their recent losses, there was a very clear change; the sorrow was being supplanted by a sense of determination. As Ava finished, Lovora gave a nod to no one in particular, affirming her own faith in what they did. Now it was on the Commander, or anyone, to bring it home.

Ava smiled slightly towards the commander nodding her head. "We may be small but we have heart, let's show them just what we can do... All of us." She said including herself in the fight. "We can not stand around playing the pity party we have to strike where it counts, we have to make sure we are all on the same page though. We can go in half cocked and firing at random targets..." Ava looked at Derek and spoke softly "I know you did not want to lead us, but you are the one person we look up to, we depend on your guidance and support just as much as the next person. We are a team, and even if you do not wish it sir you are the captain and we follow what you say." Ava finished as her eyes looked up at the commander. "Lead us and we will follow, we will fight and we will win even if it's small things." She said looked at the group before stepping back. "I'll fight even if my services are needed." She admitted before falling quiet.

Zek Correson had preoccupied his time overseeing reports and brief intel he acquired from his source. Going inside was the hard part, granted infiltrating this specific hidden base would take immerse amount of time planning. Aside from experiencing Ava's garments hoisted away by her R2-unit, the former smuggler reminisced old fond memories with the diplomat in similar situations. Now, things had changed for the better. Entering the Commander Center, dark eyes shot around gazing upon Commander Atio, Ambassador Khalessi, Lovora, Rielly. Motioned inside when he observed the others, hearing the last tidbits of Ava's words. He virtually could smile, but refrained when in the presence of Commander Atio. Stood at ease glancing over the six targets Commander Atio addressed. "Six targets. One is the golden ticket to paradise, sir?" Making himself present, as the datapad holding all the minor details about their next operation, hopefully land them some kind of victory. Although, Sergeant Correson was feeling sorrow for the previous commandos being captured and detained, an operation he'd like to see go underway and retrieve them.

"Yes, but which one?" Derek quickly asked the newly arrived Sergeant, before nodding his head to dismiss Reilly. "Rhinnal is too hot right now. Chandrila? Back to Brentaal?" he asked, in rapid succession, as his eyes darted over the six spinning globes in front of him. "Esseles has become too fortified recently to risk anything there. We haven't touched Corulag..." he quickly mentioned, as his eyes studied over the best estimates of Imperial resources allocated to each of the systems. He had not bothered to mention Ralltiir, one of the first planets to offer support for the Rebellion, which paid the price for its crimes in the form of a base-delta-zero orbital bombardment from the Imperial starfleet.

The entry of Zek couldn't have been timed better. Between Ava's speech and the presence of the commando's senior officer, Lovora was getting the sense that things were at least about to start heading in a more positive direction...or at least towards a chance to act, and to make up for the horrific failure of Rhinnal. It helped than in another couple of days she would be cleared to don her armor again and get back to field work. She couldn't wait for the opportunity.

Glances among them all, noticing how the Commander was indecisive about choosing what would become the Rebel's newest location for resources. However, something much more vital had caught the Sergeant's attention. "Ralltiir." Using the datapad, Zek Correson had linked up the portable device with the console. Right hand flickered, sending the holo-images of the planet Ralltiir. "Ralltir, Commander. The planet did provide supplies and resources to the Rebellion. But word got out a regiment of Rebels were stationed there, sending in bombardment runs. Virtually cities were destroyed, and landscapes dried out. We're looking at a barren wasteland, full of desert, and could be Tatoonie's newest best friend, if possible. But, an informant of mine back on Corellia has told me the Imperials have a secret base hidden there, presumably." Changing holograms, he showed a potential hidden base located underneath the ruins of Grallia. "Ralltiir's biggest spaceport could be the location. My inside source on Corellia said they're testing something big, we don't know. Not big as the Death Star, but could be a little crazy than a Twi'lek's bedroom. But my informant said there's a possible convoy being deployed sunrise three days from now. The transportation is being sent across the desert to the city of Cambriele, which is under Imperial control."

Of all the defeats that the Rebellion had faced, Ralltiir was the most brutal. In other systems they had faced Stormtroopers and enemy agents, but on Ralltiir they faced the entire might of the Imperial military. Cities were leveled. Tens of thousands of civilians were massacred. And a large portion of the Rebel cell was obliterated. "They'd have to think we'd be pretty stupid to get messed up on Ralltiir again," he said, as he zoomed the holographic image first to Ralltiir, and then the capital city of Cambriele. "They've pulled back a number of their forces. It's become a mop up operation. I don't think they'd expect us to launch a strike there..." he said, bringing his left hand up to stroke at his chin, tilting his head to the side to examine the planet. "Rikki, we picked you up on Ralltiir, didn't we?" he asked the heavy weapons specialist, folding his arms in front of his rather portly stomach. "What would you need?" he asked Correson, having nearly made up his mind to approve the operation.

Lovora remembered Ralltiir well. She was a private back then, fresh to her unit, only a few engagements deep into the war. It was her first time experiencing loss, but it had been at a distance, and lead to her promotion and subsequent assignment to this group. "Yes, Sir. It was during the bombing. I ended up on your ship, actually. Well, not yours, but...anyway, yes, Sir." That had been one of the single most intense engagements of her young life. It would be one hell of a walk down memory lane going back.

"Stupid is, stupid does. No matter the consequences, if this helps us turn the tide of things, I'd put my life on the line, Commander." Implicating his full entrust to seeing the Rebellion restore the galaxy to it's original form. "I'd need five men, or women. A slicer, and medic on the team. Sharpshooters and anyone else available. Prefer if we keep this task force small, wouldn't want to be turning heads with a large front." Showing possible locations where to land on the holo-screen. "I have two options on how to enter. One, we can enter using an Imperial shuttle, make a delivery. Two, we'll land on the outskirts and make our way to the base. Again, the base is hidden. We're uncertain where it's located precisely, Commander."

The Commander listened to what Zek needed quietly, nodding his head at each request slowly, and making a mental note of each one. "Very well, Sergeant," he said, after considering the request, his eyes moving past Lovora and Ava as he spoke. "Take one of the Lambda shuttles we just picked up on Kooriva. Assemble the personnel needed. Depart in four days," he ordered, professionally, before he dismissed the personnel. "Oh, and, happy new year," he said, laughing slightly to himself, having forgotten thus far to celebrate. It was the perfect excuse to have a drink, he thought to himself, before brushing past everyone assembled. "Nice speech," he whispered to Ava as he passed her, before slapping Correson on the back jocularly, offering him the best support he could.

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