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Christopher Levy and Alexander Oliva.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:4:5) in the Brentaal system: Bentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate) and in the Corellian system: Corellia (Tyrena: Vrask Holm's estate) and Vendetta.


Zek Correson, Vrask Holm, and Trassk.


Trassk stood patiently on the landing platform on the East side of Enkido's estate. There were no cargo containers stacked this time, however. Instead, all that was prepared for shipment was a single carrying case. As darkness fell over the Cormond skyline, Trassk lifted his head towards the glimmering stars to look for the transport he was expecting. This smuggler had proven himself to be reliable, which is why he was selected for such an important assignment. He snarled as a wisp of cold air breezed across his face before turning his attention back down towards his chronometer.

"Another loader,"  Zek Correson thought. He was glad enough the credits were worth it. The craft skimmed the air briskly before making its way near the platform. It descended until the landing gear prepared to dock itself on the platform. He set it down with ease. He left the cockpit chair to be greeted by the individual again. He shuffled out of the spaceship by stepping down the ceiling platform. He grabbed his attention from the occupant who invaded his intelligence. He approaches the recruiter, "Another shipment?"

"This one is different," Trassk explained, "Human." He stepped forward, and dropped the carrying case down in front of the smuggler. "This is the entire shipment ... do not open it. You need to take this to Corellia. There's an estate northeast of Coronet where you will deliver. They'll be expecting you, but you don't have much time."

"Don't worry ... Trandoshan...," Zek's gloved digits retrieved the briefcase as he began to divert his direction towards the shuttle. "Don't worry, she's the fastest ship in the entire galaxy," he tried to encourage the Trandoshan to ensure that the package will make its arrival yet again on Corellia, his home planet. The platform lifted as he made way towards the cockpit. He set down the briefcase beside him while he set the controls to make its blast out to Corellia. He lifted the landing gears as the transport's ion engines throttled to send him blasting towards space. It took him at least five minutes to reach into space. He realized the planet was just right there. Just like what the Trandoshan said, "you don't have much time." "Not to worry, buddy...," he spoke to himself.

The ion engines were set on full blast where Zek made that radar locate for the estate he was reaching for. Tyrena it was. Despite the fact entering into Corellia, he rather not face any hostile problems. Upon entering Corellia, he slowed the freighter's engines a bit as he skittered across the planet to find the estate. "Ah-ha!" the radar picked up the estate on Cormond on Corellia. It halted where the landing gear lowered themselves. It connected on to the marble platform until the air pressure released. The freighter's staircase descended upon control. His gloved digits gripped the briefcase as he left the cockpit again. He made his way out of the cockpit to meet them.

The entrance at the end of the walkway, which led towards the landing platform, slowly open. From the entrance emerged an older Human, Vrask Holm, flanked by two armed Human thugs. The entourage moved deliberately down the walkway towards the smuggler who had just landed near their estate. Their leader did not know what to expect. This Enkido from Brentaal was an unknown in this part of the galaxy, and he were unsure of his intentions. However, credits were credits and he would at least allow the upstart Rodian an attempt at proving his worth on a grander scale. The crime lord came to a stop ten meters from the smuggler, while one of his thugs continued to proceed forward towards the transport. "I believe you have something that belongs to me," the crime lord said to the smuggler, "Turn it over to my ... associate ... here and be on your way."

Zek's brow shifted. The smuggler is not stupid to situations involving organized crime, and this was not surprising. Organized crime in the Breental System? Wow, seems he will be getting a more hazard pay if they recruited him more often ... hell maybe a official position, but it might be more cautious. The moment the associate approached, he handed the briefcase over to the accomplice. He aw the man return to the entourage before the man in charge, "How much will I be getting out of this?"

"The Rodian will deposit credits into your account after I contact him," the crime lord explained, before turning on his heels and heading back down towards the walkway leading to his estate. He wad followed by one of the thugs, who was carrying the case, while the other remained to ensure the smuggler left in a timely fashion.

Zek scowled to the explained comment. He made way back into the ship before making departure back into space. He was glad to have left Corellia again. He was planning to see what other star systems are occupied at the moment. Meanwhile, he intercepted a transmission from someone named Solo. He might meet up with the renegade and his big walking carpet later.

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