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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:27) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Lady Drusilla Rodney and Major Sierra Rodney.

Major Sierra Rodney stood in front of Drusilla's closed door. She pounded on it, hard, as to be heard over the pulsating jizz music. "Dru!" She called out. "Something came from you in the mail from Max Rebo!" Sierra wondered if she would need to get a blow horn in order to be heard over the music, or if she would need to call for Ensign Sheppard to climb up the side of the house and knock on Dru's window. Sierra stepped back, letting out a long sigh. She looked down to Bruce, who was in his sling as he usually was. He looked like he wasn't phased by the volume of the music. "Not you too. You can't get into jizz yet. You're too little."

Drusilla was laying in bed surfing the HoloNet with her jizz music turned up so loud that she would be deaf by 30. She missed Prince Pollix, or rather, she missed being treated like a Princess-to-be. When there was a knock on the door she let out a pained groan that teenage girls were known for, dramatically rolling her eyes. She assumed she was about to get yelled at for having the music too loud, but when the subject turned to Max Rebo she leapt from the bed and ran towards the door like Ewwiekewwieikkie running towards a dessert platter. She opened the door quickly, and immediately shifted her eyes up at her excitedly. "What is it? Where is it? I want it now!" she demanded, in a high pitched whine.

If Sierra ever needed to get Dru out of her room again, apparently ‘Max Rebo' were the magical words. She stored that away for future reference. It was impossible for Sierra not to smile when she saw her stepdaughter. She thought about seeing her and Bruce together the previous night. It gave her hope...hope that everyone could get along *somehow*. Sierra held out the small, flat box containing Max Rebo's latest album, which did not release for another month, as well as a special note written to him from her. It wasn't a means of bribing. In fact, Sierra had been surprised to see something addressed to Dru from him. "Here." She said, stepping forward as to avoid Drusilla slamming the door in her face. Yes, Sierra was a teeanger once. She understood how teenage girls were. "What is it?" Sierra tried to play down her own excitement.

Drusilla snatched the package from Sierra and ran back towards her bed, but she made a point of not shutting the door behind her. She even stopped a moment to turn off the music so that Sierra actually stood a chance at hearing her. She opened the package and what she was caused her to become so excited that she let out a shrill scream. "Oh. My. Germanicus," she said, invoking the name of the founder of the dynasty with near deity like reverence. "Do you know how much money I could make selling this?" she asked, Sierra, as if she suddenly had credit signs in her eyes. "We could be rich again," she said to her, as she reached the album and wrapped her arms around it, hugging it for dear life. "This is a-ma-zing," she informed Sierra, as if she did not know.

She had no idea how the girl lived in that loud music. Her ears adjusted to the unnatural quiet of Drusilla's room while following behind her. She worried for her daughter's hearing. At least technology in hearing aids had improved over the ears. Sierra stopped beside the bed, watching Drusilla unwrap the package at top speeds. Her scream brought on a gentle laugh from Sierra. She saw that it was the unreleased album. In all honesty, Drusilla's reaction shouldn't have surprised her ... but it did. She laughed again, shaking her head. "If you want to sell it, that's your decision." Slowly, she lowered herself to sit on her bed beside her. "That isn't all the good news I bring. There's something else..." Sierra teased her by not immediately revealing the second surprise. She liked traumatizing her family with happy things.

"More good news?! Well, isn't today my lucky day," she said, as she placed the album down upon her dresser and focused her attention on Sierra. "Did the jeweler finally finish polishing and cleaning the jewels that I safeguarded within Ewwiekewwieikkie?" she asked, as most of the family jewels had been badly tarnished by being partially digested by her adopted Squib sister. "Oh, you know..." she said, as her eyes wandered down to her half-brother, Bruce. "The next time you guys are just going to up and leave I am old enough to watch him," she said, as she broke eye contact and looked towards the floor. "I wouldn't charge you ... much," she said, before quickly adding the last word.

She chuckled. "No. I heard that'll take longer than they estimated due to severe damage." What a ride those jewels had been on. Sierra was *still* finding gems throughout the house with her feet. When Drusilla mentioned her half-brother, Sierra reached into the sling and pulled him out. She laid him down on the bed between them where the boy could coo at his sister. "I appreciate that, Dru. Maybe you can help out with his next feeding? It's relaxing." She commented while watching her squirming infant son. "I have a feeling we have a little jizz fan on our hands. You'll have to teach him about the good bands." She reached over to gently tickle Bruce's tummy. He immediately let out a loud giggle. "Prince Pollix is downstairs to take you on a date." Sierra informed her stepdaughter. "He will wait as long as it takes for you to get ready. Despite what happened, I will allow you to go on two dates with him a week. You must return home before curfew, and it he ever does *anything* wrong to you, you are to tell me immediately. Okay?"

"You know what the real tragedy is, Sierra?" Drusilla begin, as if she were about to say something empathetic. "If you had adopted Melickielickie before we fled Delaya I could have saved twice as much of the treasure," she said, before performing the hereditary pout, and lowering her head in shame. She paused a moment as she listened to Sierra suggest she help with the feeding. "You do mean with Bruce, don't you? I don't think I could go through an Ewwiekewwieikkie feeling," but quickly began relieved when she continued talking about the boy. She almost did not hear Sierra when she informed her that Pollix was hear. "What?! He's here?! Why didn't you tell me?! What am I going to wear?! My hair is a mess!" she shouted, as she jumped from the bed and ran into her closet. "Curfew!?" she shouted from the closet in hysteria. "I won't even be ready by curfew," she said, before letting out a dramatic sigh. "What could he do wrong?!" she asked, as she emerged back in the room carrying six dresses.

A tragedy? Sierra thought the right word was a ‘blessing'. Melickielickie was so small. She couldn't imagine the girl being able to hold the same kind of volume that Ewwiekewwieikkie had. No, no. No Ewwiekewwieikkie feedings. Bruce's feedings are easy. It's just formula in a bottle." She explained It would be more to get Drusilla involved in a few months when Bruce began eating baby foods. Sierra remained seated on the bed watching Dru freak out over her date with the Prince. She could understand. If she had the same size wardrobe as Dru, then Sierra would never know what to wear. Sometimes she thought it was good that she lived in her uniform for the most part. Sierra rose, leaving Bruce on the bed. Since he could not roll over yet, she knew he was safe. "Don't worry. You'll be fine." She looked through the six elaborate dresses. She selected a green dress, taking it from Drusilla's hand. "Why don't you wear this one? You'll look very beautiful. Put on your dress and I'll help you with your hair." Sierra shied away from the last question. "Um. Well... If he doesn't treat you right, or if he tries to *touch* you anywhere *private*.. ." Motherhood. Sierra was *so* glad that Ewwiekewwieikkie did not have a boyfriend. She hoped to avoid getting out the puppets for demonstrations for a few more years.

Drusilla gazed upon the green dress that Sierra had selected, before moving her mouth from side to side in contemplation. "Alright. Good choice. That way if he doesn't like it I can tell him *you* picked it," she said with a smile, as she scurried back into the closet to get changed. "Oh he's much too shy to touch me. I'm the one that has to..." she began, but then remembered who she was talking to and silenced herself. Eventually she came out of the changing room wearing the green dress. "And to think it was *only* 8,000 credits," she informed her step-mother, before moving to take a seat at her vanity. "I'm ready for you to fix my hair," she told her, she activated the lights, which shined much brighter than usualy.

"Exactly," Sierra sighed. She returned to the bed while Drusilla went to change. Sierra's mouth hit the ground. What did she *say*!? Jelena had previously warned her about her younger sister being an initiator. Suddenly, she had second thoughts about letting the Prince take Drusilla out. In fact, she that they should refer back to Claudius' idea by hiring Kerrie and a detail of all female guards. The windows would need barring as well. "Drusilla!" She squeaked. "Be ladylike!" Sierra really needed a manual on parenting a teenage daughter. Her fingers massaged her temples as she looked towards Bruce. "Hurry and get big so you can help me and daddy beat up Pollix." She whispered to the boy. When her stepdaughter emerged, Sierra clapped. "It looks wonderful!" She said as she rose from the bed and moved towards the vanity.

First, she picked up a bottle of hair spray and applied some. Then, she selected Drusilla's brush and began working it through her hair. "Do you want to keep it down or put it up?" Hair was something she understood. At least she had years of experience with it.

"I am the very definition of a 'Lady'," Drusilla said, as she smiled into the mirror proudly. "Hey. I heard that!" she said, as she turned her attention towards Sierra. "Besides, Papa already gave him a terrible beating. He's a bleeder, you know," she said, as she shook her head at what a weakling he was. Still, he was a Prince. "I think I shall have you put it up," she informed her stepmother, as she turned her attention back towards her reflection in the mirror. "I deserve to be a Princess, you know," she said, as if she were talking about as something carefree as a cloud formation.

"I saw that. The holovid is still everywhere." Sierra snorted. She had to admit that she had watched it several times just to see her husband beat up the outsider. Behind her, Sierra began to softly manipulate Drusilla's brown hair. "I know you do. Prince Pollix is very interested in you..." Sierra wondered if Dru had talked the boy into taking her back to his home planet previously or if it was the other way around. "Perhaps you will be a Princess. For now, you are only fifteen. Enjoy yourself while you're still able to be free of responsibilities. When the time comes, if Prince Pollix has proven himself to our family, then I will talk your father into allowing you to marry." She looked at Drusilla's reflection in the mirror. They had known each other for some time. Sierra could remember all the times she teased her with guilt. She could also remember feeling protective over her.

"You will?!" Drusilla exclaimed loudly, as he face lit up. She suddenly looked happier and more excited than even during the Max Rebo concert. It was not that she was in love with Pollix, but she was in love with the idea of being Princess. "Well, then. That would make you just about the best stepmother in the galaxy," she informed her, as she watched everything in the mirror being done to her hair. "When I am Princess of Onderon I will remember this kindness," she said, as she got way ahead of herself. This was becoming the longest, most pleasant conversation the two had had since Sierra became her mother-in-law. "So at the ball..." she said, as a smirk slowly crept on her face. "You're pregnant ... *again*? So soon?" she asked, as she tried not to imagine her father that way. Unfortunately, she had HoloNet access so Marcus and Zara had shown her where babies come from.

Sierra blushed. It wasn't easy being a stepmother. There were far too many HoloNet movies out there depicting evil stepmothers. She hoped to space herself from that persona, while still watching over Drusilla. "Ooh, thank you, *Princess*." Sierra smiled down. She was purposely taking a little longer to do Dru's hair because the conversation was enjoyable. She felt like there was a relationship that they could have still there, she simply had to work for it. "All I ask of you is that you include a father-daughter dance at your wedding. It'll mean a lot to your papa, even if he wants to beat Pollix bloody." She laughed. Sierra wasn't joking.

For a second time, Sierra blushed, only this time it was so much more red and noticeable. She knew that Dru has seen the video of Marcus and Zara. It took a lot of work on parental controls to ensure that Ewwiekewwieikkie never saw it. "Oh. Um. About that.. It wasn't a very tactful pregnancy reveal, was it? I'm sorry you had to learn about it like that, but yes, I am pregnant again. I hardly expected it to happen so soon." Something in the water, or maybe Auntie Mae's ice cream? As she finished Drusilla's hair, she came to stand beside her. "With how much younger I am than your father, it makes sense to have another baby so soon. I'm not trying to be insensitive to you or Ewwiekewwieikkie. I love you both *very* much." She smiled. "It's still a lot of change to adjust to. I'm here for you if you ever need someone to talk to ... or someone to therapy shop with." Her smile grew. "Bruce loves you very much. You make for a great big sister. Just please, please don't shape his eyebrows while I'm away." Sierra was teasing.

Drusilla listened to every word Sierra said, as she turned around to look at her, with a serious expression on her face. She reached out with her hand, placing it upon Sierra's forearm. "There is something," she said, as her face grew decidedly more serious. "If I were to marry Pollix..." she said, as she looked down and began to chew on her lower lip. "And papa were to kill him..." she continued, as she slowly looked up at, seeming slightly afraid. " you think they would let me stay a Princess?" she asked, almost terrified of the answer. Her eyes widened slightly, as she waited for an answer, hopeful that it was the one that she wanted to hear.

"Yes?" Sierra became serious. She had not spoken to Drusilla about dragging her back to Esseles, or anything else since they had returned. Worry started to grow in the pit of her stomach until the question came out. Internally, she was laughing. Externally, it took everything not to burst out in laughter. To Drusilla, that was a real problem. She sighed. "That would be a complex situation, my dear." She said, patting her hand. "Once you are a Princess, you will *always* be a Princess. With all the children in our home, I can't afford for your father to be jailed for killing Pollix." It didn't matter how much Claudius wanted to ... or how much Sierra would like to see it happen.

When Sierra told her the news, she clutched her heart and exhaled deeply. "Oh that's wonderful," she said, before rising gracefully from the seat in front of her vanity. The Prince was waiting, and she knew enough to keep him waiting, but not too long. She moved towards the door when she stopped suddenly, turning to look at Sierra. "Turn around, please," she instructed Sierra, as she looked towards her stepmother. "...and ... and! Cover your ears!" she instructed her, before folding her arms in front of her chest and waiting for Sierra to comply.

Her eyebrows arched. "O-Okay." Sierra did as Drusilla instructed, slowly turning around so that she was facing away from the bed and her smiley little infant. She could hear his little coos until she covered her ears. "They're covered." She reported to her stepdaughter. Sierra was just as bad as the rest of the family. She couldn't stand secrets. Her hands were loose at her ears so maybe, just maybe, she'd be able to hear what was happening!

When Sierra was turned and covering her ears she moved towards the bed where her half-brother was sleeping. She leaned down, placing a quick kiss upon the top of his head. "And goodbye to you too. Wish me luck. Wouldn't it be something if your sister was a Princess?" she asked him, as she smiled down at the baby. When done, she turned on her heels and left to check on Prince Pollix, not having the courtesy to tell Sierra that she could uncover her ears or turn around. There was a renewed spring in her step knowing that her path to becoming a Princess was clear once more.

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