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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:4) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Medcenter).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Commander Sierra Rodney.

Sierra Rodney had made herself a home inside of her husband's medcenter suite. From there, she obsessively tried to work out a way to free Zarcus and quickly usher Papius off of Delaya. There were datapads around her. She had requested all the hospital footage from Gaius so she could find the mysterious girl who she felt was the key to solving all these problems. She had also used a resource to have the remaining hair's DNA constructed. She was expecting the results any minute now.

There were so many things wrong with the medcenter footage. The girl simply wasn't there. In the places Sierra *knew* the girl had been, she wasn't there. The corruption was like a disease. Trying to be clever, Sierra accessed older footage from the time when Julius was still alive. Seeing the girl, she was certain she could have made it in and out of the medcenter without anyone noticing her...or stopping her. Yet there was nothing! *Nothing!* The young Duchess cursed under her breath as her eyes lifted from the video she had watched way too many times. She softened while looking at her sleeping husband. She had been like a damn vulture since returning to his side. The woman was watching his back, checking his food for toxins, and noting *anyone* who walked in the room.

All of a sudden, she heard a notification signifying that she had a new message. The contents of that message turned *everything* upside down. The results of the DNA testing had arrived. She unfolded her legs and sat back. She pressed her face into the palms of her hands then ran her fingers anxiously through her blonde locks.

A Rodney was behind all of this. (D)

Another day had done wonders for Claudius Rodney. While he was not up and about, he was nevertheless out of bed and in a chair near the window. It reminded him of his father's final stay in the medcenter, when he went to visit him and saw him sitting in this very same chair. Was he already that old? With the blanket that had been draped over his lap and the hot cup of tea on the table next to him he certainly felt old. He was even being 'handled', as no one had bothered to tell him what Governor Arundel was up to. He had no idea that his brother and sister-in-law were in jail, nor was he aware that AT-STs were in the streets of Leiliani and the refugee center named in honor of his daughter was being torn apart. He was the Duke in name only.

The situation outside the medcenter was out of control. Sierra was aware what was happening to her city. Taking into consideration Claudius' position, she didn't thrust the weight onto him. The news that had just been delivered was leveling. It was enough to make Sierra *seriously* consider if they could run away from Delaya and hide well enough that no one would ever find them. This wasn't the Leiliani that she wanted her children to see. This wasn't the Leiliani she had grown up in. Defeated, Sierra rose from her seat. She crossed the length of the room and lowered herself into the chair beside her husband. Her hand slid into his and gave it a squeeze. She would need to part from him to attempt to clean up the mess that was unfolding before her. Her heart was split...should she protect Claudius or try to protect the city?

The one bright spot in Claudius' wife was Sierra, and she had responded to his latest mishap exceptionally well. When she sat beside him he reached across from her, placing his hand upon her's and squeezing it affectionately. "I've missed you," he said weakly, but he was speaking much better than he was just the other day. In a few more days he hoped he would be back to his old self again. He smiled at her happily, before moving to pour her a cup of hot tea as well. His hand moved to his cup, trembling slightly and spilling some, but eventually got it up to his lips where he was able to sip on it slightly. "How is Marcus?" he asked, not referring to his arrest, which he was unaware of, but the wrestling between them. It was his hope that he had given as much as he had gotten. A false hope, but a hope all the same.

"And I, you," Sierra couldn't make it through all of this without him. The mishap had been enough to remind her how precious life was. Her hand squeezed his back. Seeing him slowly regaining his strength gave her reassurance: her husband would be okay. "Oh, thank you!" She said as she picked up the cup of newly poured tea. He was doing so much better already. Sierra thought that getting him out of bed would help improve his mood...hopefully. She blew on the steaming liquid before drinking some. The mention of Marcus reminded her of Papius and Zara. "Marcus... He is well." She stated. What if he wasn't? Sierra had no idea what torture Papius was putting them through. He seemed like the kinda guy who wasn't above hurting a pregnant woman. She looked towards Claudius. "I need your wisdom, my love." She did *not* want to open this can of worms.

She clutched his hand a little harder. Her other hand moved to take the cup from his hands. The last thing he needed was to spill burning hot liquids all over himself. She set it aside. "Marcus has been wrongfully arrested for attempting to assassinate you. Papius is attempting to nail him for all of it. Everything that's happened." She was becoming more concerned by revealing this to him. "Meanwhile, there was also another attempt on your life. It was the girl again...I'm certain it was the one who was responsible for what happened to me." She paused, letting him digest the huge bite she was feeding him.

That was not the news that Claudius expected at all. He was hoping perhaps his younger brother had a black eye, a broken bone, or *something* from their roughhousing. But he never expected that the Imperial Governor would have dared to arrest his brother. "What?! Didn't you inform him that we were simply quarrelling?" he asked, his cheeks flushing red, and his heart rate monitor beginning to sound like a battle alert aboard the Star Destroyer. But, before he could get overly concerned about his brother's arrest there was the news that there had been another attempt on his life by the same servant girl that tried to poison his wife. "Was she arrested?" he asked, leaning forward in the chair so that she could hear him more clearly without having to raise his voice. Much had happened in the very short time he had been out of the picture. It seemed that if he was not on alert all day, every day, then the galaxy as a whole fell apart.

She sighed, "I'm getting there." Her other hand rubbed his leg. She eyed the heart monitor. It was going to get worse. Sierra had *no* good news for her husband. She, too, leaned forward to drop the volume of her voice. "I *tried*. I awoke at your side while she was in the room. I pursued her. I told cousin Gaius to lock down the medcenter. I *told* him." Her eyebrows knotted. "I chased her to the elevator." She adjusted the sleeve of her shirt so he could see where the dark bruise on her forearm was in varying states of healing. "It was too late. I took the stairs. Gaius was there with the guard when I reached the bottom. He did something very bothersome. He pretended like he didn't know what I was talking about, made it like I was hysterical, and had me sedated. I was fortunate enough to yank out some of the witch's hair...which leads us to the most disturbing part of the story." She was paranoid that someone was watching them here. It was exactly like Arden all over again. Sierra leaned in. Her lips were right at his ear. "I had the DNA tested. There is no doubt about it. This girl is a *Rodney*. I don't know the exact relation. I do know that she has been wiped of the medcenter's footage. My gut says that Gaius is in on this. He failed to deliver the complete footage. He left an opening for the girl to get away. He is so close to the situation that no one would suspect him." She kissed his ear, scooting back slightly.

"He sedated you?!" Claudius asked, feeling as if he did not have all of the information. He could not imagine any justified reason for Gaius to have his wife sedated, but at the same time his cousin did not strike him as someone bold enough to do something like that on his own. Either way Claudius was furious and his vital monitors showed it. "A Rodney?" he asked, as he felt the room begin to spin. He was becoming incredibly lightheaded, and he began to lower his head and massage his temple with his index fingers. "I fear there is more going on here than either of us understand," he said to her, wishing he could get up out of this chair and see to it all. But he knew he was not yet capable of it. He hoped that his wife was capable of acting in his absence, but with an Imperial Governor run amuck, his brother in jail, and another Rodney attempting to kill him he was slightly concerned.

She nodded her head. Oooh yeah, Gaius had her sedated and drooling over herself. She could see how worked up her husband had become, both by his vitals and his expression. Sierra rose. She stood before Claudius, leaning down to embrace him and anchor him in the difficult time. "I'm going to find out exactly what is going on. There is one matter that I need your help with. Zara and I met with the Governor. I thought that explaining the situation would lead to Marcus being freed. That is not so. Papius wasn't having any of my logic. The meeting did not go well. It resulted in Zara punching the man in the nose. Now she's being held under the assumption that she, too, is a traitor. I don't know what route to take to have them freed. I thought about trying to account for where they were during certain events, but that's impossible. I highly doubt they've positioned dozens of cameras inside of their own chalet."

"She struck him?" Claudius asked, sounding absolutely aghast at the notion. There were many things he could make go away, but striking an Imperial Governor was not necessarily one of them. "Things have gone too far in my absence," he declared, before attempting to stand up. He got about halfway out of the chair when he felt suddenly lightheaded and collapsed back into the chair without any grace or dignity. He let out an exhausted pant, his hands gripping the arms of the chair as he tried to collect himself. "On second thought..." he began, before losing his breath, and deciding to take another sip of tea to open up his airways. "On second thought, inform Governor Arundel I would like him to come here," he instructed her, but wondered if it was inadvisable for him to be seen in such a deteriorated state. It might inspire him to be even more bold if the Governor felt that he was out of the way.

Sierra wasn't going to let him go anywhere...and apparently his head wasn't either. When he tried to stand, Claudius fell back in his chair. A firm look crossed her face. The Duchess placed herself in his lap, seated sideways. She embraced the fact that she could act as a paperweight right now. "No." She objected. "He is not to come here. The man is a vulture. He cannot see you like this, nor will I allow it. You're out of commission until I see a doctor clear you. You can work through me. You *have* to work through me. I came for your advice. So advise me, Grand Moff Claudius."

Claudius let out a continuous sigh, echoing his earlier one. As he felt confined to the chair there was nothing to do but lament his situation at times. "Usually when a subordinate officer gave me trouble I would simply send Kerrie to *convince* them," he said, with a soft chuckle, before moving to finish his team. "I have no authority over this new Governor. And Grand Moff Praji views me as a rival. Contacting him directly would only make things worse," he reasoned, as he stared off into space while finishing his tea. "I would consider a bribe in this instance. He is young. He is ambitious. The kind of a man that can be bought," he said, reluctantly, but it was probably the best course of action for that kind of man, or so he thought.

Nothing sounded better than sending Kerrie to do the convincing. Sadly, that was out of the question. As Claudius thought aloud, Sierra listened. She understood that going over Papius' head to Grand Moff Praji was idiotic. It would land them in a world of hurt. She nodded her head. "I was also thinking a bribe might be the best way to go. What can I offer him that he won't say no to? I feel it necessary to have Zara and Marcus released as quickly as possible. It'll lighten the load, so to speak." Her hands ran over his chest affectionately. She would have massaged his shoulders, but she worried one wrong move might hurt his head. Sierra's motions were gentle. Even her words had become softer and soothing.

Claudius pursed his lips as the wheels began to turn inside of his brain. "The man clearly wants power. He's a governor who wants to become a Moff. Unfortunately, I don't have the authority to promote him," he said, with a firm nod of his head, as he considered their options. "Therefore we must make his legitimate promotion easier," he reasoned, but that was easier said than done. It also would not be something that could be done in a timely manner, which would mean that his brother and sister-in-law would be stuck in their cells. "We must find him some legitimately Rebels and allow him to take credit for it," he said, decisively, but he had no idea how to do that. He was convinced there were Rebels on Delaya, but the Alderaan Guard had not managed to find them. Could Sierra? And could she do so in a timely manner?

Claudius' suggestion was easier said than done. It would cause Sierra to abandon her search for that girl and delving into Gaius. However, it was the best way to free Zara and Marcus. It was her turn to rub at her temples. If life kept going like this, she was going to gray before she was twenty-five. After thinking for a minute, she spoke. "Okay. If anyone's up for the job, it's an ISB agent, right?" She kissed him on the lips. He had given her exactly as she had asked for. At the conclusion of their kiss, Sierra backed her way out of his lap. She glared at him. "You still aren't allowed to push yourself. If you do, I'll stick Zara on you after I get her out. That girl is pretty vicious. She broke the Governor's nose." Sierra turned to face the city that was causing her so much trouble. She was determined to take control while Claudius was out of commission.

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