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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:29) in the New Alderaan system: New Alderaan (New Aldera: Mug Zoran's homestead) and Retributive Strike.
El-Nay Darr, Ashori Monoceros, Callista Nilar, Major Sierra Rodney, Commander Iyah Xergo and Mug Zoran.

As El-Nay Darr's Kom'rk-class starfighter emerged from hyperspace in the New Alderaan system a proud and excited grin came over her face. "Hah! I knew I could do it!" she boasted, as she momentarily let go of the controls to look at Sierra and Callista. "See. The *right* Alderaan this time," she again boasted, as she began piloting the craft in the direction of the planet. "We'll have you home in no time, 'Princess'," she declared, using the nickname that she heard the family sometimes call Callista because of her tiara. As they entered the atmosphere of the planet she steadied the descend, to minimize the turbulence on the way down. Gradually the clouds receded and the New Aldera settlement came into view. Realizing she had an ISB Major on board her ship, she discreetly landed on the outskirts of the settlement. With the landing complete, she looked for guidance from Sierra. "Do you want me to stay on the ship? Do you need a weapon?" she asked, realizing that there were quite a number of people in this camp who would string Sierra up if given the chance.

Callista had been so excited all the way back home. She snuggled her gigantic, de-bugged, nerf and told Auntie Sierra and Nay-Nay all about her Mama and Daddy. "You did it!!!" Callista cheered for her friend happily. "Yay! You're the bestest, Nay-Nay. Thanks!" She, of course, was wearing her tiara. She wanted to show off her prize possession. No sooner had the ship landed did Callista release herself from her seat. She ran forward to El-Nay and squeezed her tightly, then began gathering her things with her tiny arms.

New Alderaan. Sierra felt like she was tempting fate each time she came back to this place. She didn't want to see it end up like the Alderaan that she had grown up on. Sierra smiled. "Yes, thank you for getting us to the proper destination." The ISB Major stood. She didn't dare dress like an agent when she came here. She kept her face covered discretely by a hooded jacket. She patted her hip, feeling the blaster pistol that was concealed there. "I've got a weapon. Let's hope I don't have to use it. Stay on the ship. This isn't going to take long. I miss my home and I want to get back." Sierra explained, pondering if Claudius would arrive home to chaos or calmness. Bending over, she took Callista's suitcase in one hand and the little girl's hand in the other. "Say goodbye to Nay-Nay." She said.

"*Byeee *Nay-Nay*! *Love you*!" She blew her a kiss. "Orange is the best!" And off she went. The two navigated through New Aldera while trying not to gain too much attention. Sierra wasn't even worried about seeing her mother this time. She simply beelined for Callista's home and knocked on the door when she arrived.

Ashori Monoceros had returned to New Aldera with a wedge on her shoulder. She needed to prove herself. Right now, it was *her* fault that Papius was living in a bunker where the old garrison had stood. He was going to need to rebuild which would take time and credits. Until the Rebels began plotting their next big move, Ashori had nothing to deliver to the man she loved. The day had been dragging for her. She had handed out food to refugees, did some training, and now was headed into the residential area to retire for the evening. That was the moment when everything changed: she spotted Callista Nilar. Her relationship with Papius had warranted her information as well. She was aware that Callista had been staying with none other than the Grand Moff's family. She paused, hiding herself so she could watch a hooded figure march their way towards Mug Zoran's home. Ash only guessed that it was Sierra Rodney, for a Grand Moff would be a fool to come here. Her green eyes went wide with excitement. There was no better prize for the Governor than the woman he hated most.

Mug Zoran was counting down the seconds until the arrival of his sister-in-law and the return of his daughter. He was sitting on the front porch of the home that Callista had designed, nervously rubbing his hands together. He was filled with restless energy, wanting to spring forth and run around the settlement, waiting for his daughter to be returned. "It won't be much longer, my love," he told Iyah, but in reality he was speaking to himself. He had thought himself a simple, patient man, but the separation anxiety caused by Callista's time spent on Esseles was eating at him. And then in the distance he spied Sierra and Callista approaching. "Callista!" he yelled, as he rose from the porch swing, accidentally bumping into Iyah. He raced down the steps, out the front gate, before moving to intercept the pair. "Baby!" he announced, as he dropped to his knees in front of her, wrapping his arms around her tightly. "Mommy's home!" he told her, as he looked over his shoulder at Iyah. His family as finally reunited.

Iyah Xergo wanted nothing more than to be reunited with her daughter. It seemed she was doing better, having been helped through this recovery process by none other than Mug. At this point, she was sure it would be beneficial for everyone if Callista came home. And so, Iyah anxiously paced the porch. "It's taking so long.." She wanted Callista to be there immediately. Her eyes glanced towards the street. It was Mug who saw Sierra and Callista closing in on them first. Iyah was two steps behind him, dashing towards her daughter. She, too, dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around Callista. She planted a kiss on her daughter's forehead. "Callista! I missed you so much!" Iyah was crying. Finally, *finally* her princess was back home.

Callista squeaked. "*Daddy*! *Mama*!" The girl ran much quicker than you'd imagine those little legs could go. In an instant, she was surrounded in her family. "Mama! Daddy! Mama!!!!" She wrapped her arms around both of her parents. She was making happy noises because she had missed them both very much. "Mama, Daddy! I had so much fun with Uncle Claudius and Auntie Sierra!" She reported. "I got to see a circumcision! Uncle Marcus and Auntie Zara wore crowns!!!" She pointed to the one on her own head. "And...and...and!!!" She wanted to tell them everything. She'd be a nonstop talking machine for the next 48 hours.

Sierra released Callista Nilar. While the little girl reunited with her family, Sierra set her belongings on Mug Zoran's porch, including the giant nerf. Beneath her hood, she became teary over their reunion. She could see how happy they all were. It pulled at her heart strings hard. She was ready to return to her family. Drusilla would object to such a cuddle session, but she thought Ewwiekewwieikkie might like it. Slowly, she approached Mug and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Callista was a delight to have. She is welcomed in our home whenever."

When Callista said she saw a 'circumcision' Mug assumed she meant his nephew Darrus, and he cringed slightly, feeling for the little baby. "Marcus and Zara wore crowns to the circumcision?" he asked, finding the whole thing to be a bit odd. "You're so excited. I'm glad you had a good time, ragamuffin," he said, before rising up to allow Iyah closeness with Callista. "Thank you, sister," he said, as he extended his hand to her. He never thought he would be shaking hands with a member of the Imperial Security Bureau, but there he was all the same. "She seems to have had a wonderful time. If we can ever return the favor, please, do not hesitate," he volunteered in the heat of the moment, but he probably should have checked with Iyah first.

Her eyes went wide hearing the word 'circumcision' from Callista's mouth. "Princess, it's 'coronation...' Sierra corrected her desperately. She looked at Mug. "Sorry about that... Ewwiekewwieikkie thought it was a 'circumcision' too." There was peace between the ISB officer and the Rebel. In another time, perhaps they all could have been a big, happy, semi-normal family. Instead, Sierra took her brother's hand and shook it. "You're welcome. I'll remember that, Mug." Before releasing his hand, she stepped in closer to him. Her mouth lingered near his ear. "Callista's nerf plush was bugged. We suspected it played some part in Iyah's torture. The devices that we found within it are gone now." She informed him, stepping back. "Take good care of her. We'll all miss her." Her eyes turned on the brown haired girl who had sold her and her husband on having a daughter. She was currently reuniting with her mother, squeezing her tightly while telling her all sorts of stories. Sierra approached them slowly. She smiled. "Okay, Princess, I gotta get going. I'll miss you."

"Mamamamamama!" Callista had jumped into her mother's arms. Iyah stood, holding her daughter whose arms were locked around her neck. "Daddy, why *wouldn't* you wear crowns to a circumcision?" She asked him, totally missing her aunt's correction. Her eyes landed on her mother's face. "Mama, don't cry! Daddy and me made you a bed." She informed her. "You can sleep with my new friend." She said, pointing towards the nerf on the porch. When Sierra approached, Callista reached towards her to hug her. "Bye, bye, Auntie. Come visit me with Nay-Nay, Dru, and Ewwie soon!" She wanted to live right next to them. She loved her family. She didn't understand the division of war. The little girl settled back into her mother's arms.

It felt so good to have her family back together. Iyah's shattered heart was all fixed. She felt better simply having Callista there. Her sweet, innocent affection made Iyah's love for her that much greater. "You made me a bed?" Iyah asked, pretending like she hadn't been sleeping in it. She looked at the nerf, though she didn't know that was how Papius had been making his recordings. After seeing Sierra in action with her daughter, she couldn't hate the woman. "Thank you," she said quietly to her, watching her daughter say her goodbyes. Iyah began carrying Callista back towards the house. "How about you and Daddy show me this bed?"

Mug was overjoyed to have both Callista and Iyah back, so much so that he offered Sierra only a meager goodbye. He would feel bad later, but he knew she would understand. "Yes. Let's go see," he said, excitedly, as he bent down to pick up Callista. Carrying her, he led Iyah into the house, a complete family once again. "Welcome home, Callista," he said, as he crossed the threshold to enter the property. Once down, he began going up the stairs, which had several landings to accommodate Callista's design. Before too long the entire family had reached the living quarters, where he deposited his daughter on the ground, and waited for Iyah. "Okay. I hope you like it, because neither of you is ever leaving again," he declared, only half joking, wishing he could really keep them all in a bubble ... safe.

Sierra Rodney left the residential area feeling good. She was busily thinking about her own family, both those that were already here and the additions that her and Claudius were making. She really did hope they had a sweet daughter like Callista in the future. For now, she had a son to prepare for. She had been meaning to get started on his room while she could still easily navigate through it.

The red haired Rebel had decided to wait for Sierra close to the only port on the outskirts of town. It was the least risky, and thus, Ash was sure that's where her ship was. As darkness covered New Aldera, she prepped a flash grenade. The little whore seemed to be paying no attention to the world around her. In the outskirts of town, Ash through the flash grenade and stepped out from her hiding spot. She was wearing a helmet on her head so the effects of the grenade didn't hurt her too. Sierra had been blinded and deafened in the blast. Ash could hear her cursing. She could see her grab a blaster pistol. It seemed the girl wasn't so stupid as to come unarmed. Ash stepped up, holding a thick, metal nightstick. Blaster fire was going to draw too much unwanted attention. Sierra was to be a prize for *her* Papius. She didn't want to share her prize.

"Fuckshitdamn." She cursed in rapid fire. The light had come from nowhere, but she hoped El-Nay had seen it from the cockpit of her ship. She knew she was in trouble in an instant. *Someone* had managed to figure out her identity. She remained calm, grasping at her weapon. She couldn't see. She couldn't hear ... and she wasn't going out without a fight. Sierra reached her arms up in a protective stance. Her ears were ringing. Instead of aiming in front of her, Sierra thrust her blaster skyward. The chances of her hitting her enemy were not great. The chances of El-Nay seeing Sierra send up a warning shot? Likely, especially when she *knew* how these people felt about an ISB *Major* sneaking around. She was squeezing the trigger when something heavy and hard collided with her forearm. The grotesque sounds of bones breaking made Sierra let out a scream...a scream she couldn't even hear. The blaster pistol hit the ground. Sierra didn't try to find it. Her vision had barely returned. Her eyes were watering so much that nothing was clear. The was a weird shape that was closed to her. As Ash held up her nightstick to hit Sierra once more, Sierra sent her boot colliding with the person's gut. "Get away from me!" She snarled, clawing at her eyes with her still functional hand. She needed El-Nay *again*.

El-Nay was sitting in the cockpit of her ship when she spotted what seemed like an explosion, followed by a blaster shot into the sky. "Oh no," she said, before placing her familiar orange helmet with its distinct T-shaped visor over her head. She ran down the ramp of her ship, before activating her jetpack, sending her careening through the air in the direction of the commotion. As she arrived she saw that a Rebel was attacking Sierra, trying to restrain her. The chances of them making it off the Rebel safe world seemed small now, but she was not going to let this Rebel choke out Sierra. She brought her hand up to the side of her helmet, bringing the targeting scanner down over her eye. With her other hand she raised her blaster pistol, using the scanner to aim past Sierra towards Ashori, but she could not get a clear shot. "I'm afraid I can't let you hurt the lady," she declared, before activating her jetpack once again and sending her soaring towards Sierra and Ashori. In the melee that ensued she hoped she would knock the attacker out, forcing her to release her grasp on Sierra. "I'm sorry, milady," she said, just as she collided at her jetpack's top speed.

Ash coughed. It seemed that she had underestimated Sierra. She was willing to fight back. Ash *needed* this. She refused to let Sierra leave. As the attack continued, Ashori got her hands around her neck. Killing Sierra was out of the question. What good was she dead? She simply wanted the woman to pass out so she could take her back to Delaya. To her surprise, something bright orange came to cause her hell. "Who are you!?" Ashori snarled. Sierra was fighting against her, but only able to claw at her with a single hand since she had purposely broken the woman's other arm. "I'm afraid you get so say in the matter!" She spat. The wild Mandalorian took a damn fine wager against Ash by deciding to play chicken. She held onto Sierra, watching her approach. Okay. The Mandalorian could hurt them both.

*Shit*! Sierra couldn't die. If the Max Rebo concert was cancelled one more time, Drusilla would never forgive her. The Rebel's hands were around her neck. El-Nay had shown up, but she understood that there wasn't a shot to take here. She had become the human body shield for someone who figured out her secret. As much as Sierra fought, she couldn't get away from the woman. Breathing was becoming more difficult. Her heart was beating rapidly, fighting for life like the rest of her body. Why couldn't she get this damn Rebel off of her?! El-Nay's course of action was *not* one she was prepared for. Sierra was barely hanging on to consciousness, and now she had a Mandalorian, in full armor, bounding towards her at the top speeds of a jetpack. She couldn't even see clear enough to tell when the collision was going to happen. She stopped fighting Ash and, instead, held her good arm in front of her stomach and straightened up her body so the woman would collide with her upper torso. She felt weak and woozy. As her eyes closed, as she began to lose her grip on reality, El-Nay collided with them. Ashori was knocked out on collision and tossed to the ground. Sierra hit the ground with the weight of the Mandalorian on her. She hurt all over her body so much that she began to weep. Over all the pain, it was the fear for the safety of her child that stood at the forefront of her weary mind. "Get me to the Retributor!" In her mind, the words came out clear and strong. In reality, they were barely audibly between her sobs.

El-Nay closed her eyes as she expected to impact both Sierra and the Rebel, colliding awkwardly as the trio crashed into the ground. The commotion had begun to attract attention, as a Mandalorian in orange armor was hard to ignore. She pressed her hands down to lift herself up, and she shook her head repeatedly to shake the cobwebs loose. "As you command, milady," she said, before rising up to her knee and looking towards Sierra. She took hold of the woman carefully and then blasted them out of the settlement back towards the ship. "Your husband is going to kill me," she warned her, in flight, already sounding scared. As she landed in front of the ship, she delicately carried Sierra up the ramp and settled her into her seat, and even going as far as to fasten her safety harness. She then jumped into the pilot's seat, preparing the ship for takeoff. "I'm sorry, milady. I should have went with you," she said, fearing what would be waiting for them aboard the Retributor. Blasting off the surface of New Alderaan she quickly had them back into space and ready for the jump to lightspeed. Under her helmet she was a ball of nerves, sweating, and feeling nauseous. Sierra looked to be hurt ... bad ... and a lot of it was her fault.

The extent of Sierra's injuries was something she wasn't ready to process. Right now, the pain was enough for her. She was bleeding more than she should be. This was not the way the trip was supposed to go. She had opted to have El-Nay wait because it was all supposed to be simple. Her thoughts were completely centered on her son. Her good arm continued to cradle her growing bump where she prayed Bruce was still doing well. This wasn't going to kill, she wouldn't allow for that. The mention of her husband made her feel clingy. She *needed* him. She needed him right now. She didn't care how he treated El-Nay over this because of how badly she needed to be reunited with him. She sat within her seat, eyes closed. Her head slowly shook from side to side like El-Nay could hear it rattling. "No. It was my call." She groaned. Sierra didn't speak much. It wouldn't be long before she'd have access to proper medical treatment as well as the love of her life. They hadn't reached the Retributor when Sierra succumbed to the pain and passed out slouched in her seat.

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