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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:29) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate) and Retributor.
Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

The small Bruce Rodney has been fussy all morning long. It seemed that Sierra couldn't make the boy feel better. At this point, she was sure he needed a nap but he resisted. The boy was a fighter, and while that meant that he had stood up to Darth Vader, it also meant that he wasn't giving up any time soon. Sierra was learning how to juggle Bruce at work. "Okay, Bruce. We've got to go spend some time with Lieutenant Meham'ohoroiv'cloca." The boy responded like his father might, with a grunt of disapproval. Sierra collected her datapad, her son, and left her office. They needed to destroy the Rebels that kept struggling for Chandrila, which meant that the Grand Moff needed to be well-informed. She knew exactly where to find the woman: the holotank. Though she was certain that Meham'ohoroiv'cloca slept, Sierra had never seen the woman anywhere except at the holotank. Her son was still making unhappy noises as she reached the holotank. "Thank you for meeting with me, Lieutenant." Sierra greeted her.

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, the Retributor's tactical officer, was once again hovering over the holotank attempting to monitor the comings and goings of every Imperial resources within the Ringali Shell. While doing this, however, she was also attempting to eat a lunch consisting of a raw eel. She had hoped to be finished by the time Major Rodney arrived, so when she saw the mother and child approaching, she did her best to choke the food down. When Sierra spoke she raised a single index finger, while bringing her other hand up to cover her mouth. As she finished chewing, she swallowed, and wiped her mouth before continuing. "It is my duty to meet with you as the Grand Moff's aide," she reported, matter-of-factly, as she stood at attention in front of the woman. "Whilst you were away there was an incident in Chandrila," she began, before moving towards the holotank where a replay of the latest starfighter raid appeared. "We unfortunately lost another Victory-class Star Destroyer *and* a pair of Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers," she reported, as the three ships went red in the holotank and then disappeared off the board. "We no longer have adequate forces in the system to both bombard the planet *and* defend the nebula perimeter. Our forces are stretched too thin and their starfighter forces completely outclass ours," she reported, grimly, but expressed no emotion in either her voice or her facial expression. She spoke with an exotic accent that was not from this region of the galaxy.

Sierra spotted the woman taking her lunch at the holotank. Meham'ohoroiv'cloca took her job more seriously than anyone else on the ship. The woman worked hard...and she did her job well. She deserved a most valuable player trophy or *something*. Sierra made her last effort to hush her young son before the woman began speaking. Sierra leaned over the holotank and watched the replay while listening to her. She frowned. In the time they were gone, more bad news had poured in. "A Star Destroyer *and* two Dreadnaughts were lost?" Sierra began entering information into her datapad. The meeting with Vader was very different from the one with the Emperor, yet they both had the same result: everyone was a lot more inspired to take out the Rebels. "Alright. What would you recommend as the best next move?" Sierra had yet to realize that her son, tucked in his little baby sling at her chest, had fallen asleep. The sound of Meham'ohoroiv'cloca's voice was soothing to him. "This is all bad news. We *need* a win against the Rebels..."

Meham'ohorovi'cloca looked at Sierra with her cold, red eyes from across the holotank. "In space the Rebellion has superior starfighters, while on the ground their commando units are more experienced and highly skilled," she concluded, as she circled around the holotank until she was nearer the woman. "While in theory overwhelming force seems like a sound tactic against a smaller enemy, in reality we are simply serving them up a host of targets from which to choose," she explained, as her hand moved over the control panel to show the sheer number of assets currently at Chandrila. "The Rebellion can, at their leisure, strike at our forces and pick them apart, and then retreat back into their holes like rats where we cannot strike at them," she explained, as she looked over the disposition of the forces. "I would advise a strategic redeployment of our forces to keep them out of the crosshairs of the Rebel cell. However, His Majesty wishes us to continue our punitive strikes against Chandrila..." she said, before lowering her head to continue her next words. "I believe we are dealing with an unsound stratagem. I believe we should withdraw from Chandrila and give the Rebellion nothing to attack. Our current policy on Chandrila is *not* working ... we are losing," she concluded, bluntly, as she turned to look at Major Rodney. "Your child has fallen asleep," she reported, as if it were the weather report.

She sighed. Chandrila was a mess. Meham'ohoroiv'cloca had come up with a sound plan: withdraw. Sierra wrote a brief explanation of her options that she would report to Claudius when their meeting had concluded. "You make a good point, Lieutenant. We're losing numbers and resources far too quickly on Chandrila. We can't afford to lose anymore. Is there any other confirmed Rebel activity throughout the sector? I will bring this information to the Governor." Sierra told the Chiss woman. At the woman's words, she looked down into the baby sling. Bruce had cuddled up comfortably and was now snoozing. Sierra's jaw dropped. All her efforts and it was *this* that put the boy to sleep!? She looked at Meham'ohoroiv'cloca, knowing full well that the Chiss' voice had put the boy to sleep. "Oh thank goodness! He woke early this morning and wouldn't go back to sleep." She explained.

"Since arriving in the Oversector there has been confirmed Rebel activity on every world within the system, save Corulag," Meham'ohorovic'loca reported, with a nod of her head. "Our Intel forces believe we are facing multiple Rebel cells spread across several systems, however..." she said, as she was reminded that Major Rodney, herself, hailed from the ranks of the ISB. "By examining the dates and locations of the attack I do not agree. I believe it is more likely that we are facing a single cell that has been hopping from system to system to confound our efforts," she reported, correctly, but she was in the minority. "I believe that Intel has either fallen for a Rebel deception to give the appearance of greater strength, or they have willing inflated the size of the force we are up again to request additional funding and resources," she informed the Major, despite the fact she was condemning her colleagues. "Oh. That is fortunate then," she said, concerning her son's falling asleep, as she possessed no maternal instinct of her own.

She liked to believe that she wasn't like other ISB officers. She rarely used deception as a weapon and had never changed information to support her own personal agenda. Sierra wasn't an idiot. She knew what went on within the ranks of ISB officers. She had allowed herself to play that game for far too long. "I'm sure you're not far from the truth, Lieutenant, as difficult as that makes your job. Perhaps we need to send new officers to collect Intel...ones that aren't so corrupt." Most people were corrupt within the Empire. "There's nowhere else we can focus our efforts? We're just stuck in this Chandrila hell, aren't we?" You couldn't exactly disobey the Emperor ... not unless Claudius *wanted* to be force choked to death. Sierra made some additional notes on her datapad. Her movements were more careful now that she realized that Bruce was asleep. She wondered what Claudius would have to say about this terrible affair they were all involved in.

"I made my recommendations to Colonel Zevrin, but she informed me as I was not a human there was no merit to my analysis," Meham'ohorovi'cloca replied, for the first time displaying a bit of emotion in her voice ... she had been wounded. "With respect, Major, I do not believe there is any analysis I can provide or any persuasion you can apply that will convince the Governor to withdraw from the plan put forward by the Emperor," she said, coldly, as she moved away from the holotank. She had considered this and realized short of the Rebels making an error they likely would not turn the tide on Chandrila. "If you consider, for a moment, the position of our opponent you will see that their purpose in the region is to disrupt our forces ... not for military purposes ... but to inspire the populations of these world to give support to their cause ... be it manpower, materials, credits ... and we are allowing them to do so by presenting them with ample targets to attack," she reported, as she looked sympathetically towards her. "Simply by playing the game we lose," she concluded, with a firm nod of her head. "I understand this is not the answer you wish to hear, but I am not skilled in the art of deception," she said, and only then did she allow a frown to curl upon her blue face.

Sierra hated Colonel Zevrin. She had no doubt that the woman would creep back into her life again. For now, there were so many wrongs to set right. "Lieutenant, the days of your superior saying something like that are over. The Governor trusts your opinion. It is worth its weight in credits and then some." She moved towards Meham'ohoroiv'cloca with her datapad in hand. The woman was smart. She saw through what the Rebels were doing. There would be no way to rid Chandrila of the Rebels, because even if they were physically gone, they had already spread their faith in change around the planet. It would lead to localized revolutions and more casualties. "No, no. It is a perk that you aren't skilled in deception. There's more than enough of that around here, Meham'ohoroiv'cloca. I will bring this information to my husband. Like you, I doubt there will be any way to persuade him to stop the attack on Chandrila. His Majesty was very specific in what he wanted of the Governor. I only wish there was a way to turn the tides. I take it you aren't hiding any Star Destroyers between your fingers?" Sierra attempted to crack a rather bad joke with the Chiss officer. Meham'ohoroiv'cloca had put Bruce to sleep. The least she could do was not leave with the woman feeling down.

"Thank you, milady. Your words are much appreciated," Meham'ohorovi'cloca replied, as she offered her what passed for a smile among her people. When Sierra made her next comment, she narrowed her eyes, and raised her hand in front of her face. "No. I assure you. I am not hiding any resources," she said, somewhat confused, as she turned her attention to the holotank to verify that she had all of the Star Destroyers' locations currently on display. "There is always the option of pulling forces from other systems and redeploying them to Chandrila, but then all we would accomplish is giving the Rebellion a fresh selection of targets, or, and perhaps more likely, they would strike at the locations in other systems where we stripped resources from," she explained, as she clung the holotank, hovering over it. "Perhaps until we have an opportunity to properly regroup we could halt our efforts to police the nebula perimeter. While the Rebellion would be able to pass freely through the system, we would not be exposing any soft targets to them, and we would still have the ships *at* Chandrila to comply with His Majesty's command," she said, as she continued to study the situation.

She felt bad for Meham'ohoroiv'cloca. It was a reminded that she and Claudius were not the only people that Zevrin had been unpleasant with. She didn't think it sounded like a good idea to pull forces from other systems. The very last thing Claudius needed was a second Rebel attack occurring elsewhere. At that point, they might as well fly the Kwai into the volcanic surface of Mustafar. "Oh, no, it... It was supposed to be a joke..." Sierra tried to clarify to the Chiss. She made a mental note to never take Meham'ohoroiv'cloca to a comedy club. She offered yet another solution to the current problem, and what might have been the best one. Looking defeated, Sierra nodded her head. She was going to have to return to the Governor and force-feed him bad news. She felt that they were *both* going to need pudding by the end of the day. "I appreciate you looking at this from every angle. I know this situation isn't easy." Sierra reached over, slowly patting Meham'ohoroiv'cloca on the back. She would deliver all the options to her husband and let him decide. Pulling out of Chandrila simply wasn't an option.

"Oh yes. A joke. Very humorous, milady," Meham'ohorovi'cloca said, as she tried to process it. "It is my duty to provide the most accurate tactical analysis possible," she reported, before she found herself literally pat on the back. "If there is anything else I can do, please do not hesitate to ask. My purpose is to serve," he said, before bowing her head in obedience. With that, she returned to her duties aboard the bridge of the Retributor, reflecting on her conversation with Major Rodney, and the pleasantries that had been exchanged between them. While matters of personnel were something outside her responsibilities and therefore not a matter for her to comment on, privately she was glad she was dealing with Major Rodney rather than Colonel Zevrin.

Sierra blushed. Having to explain the joke to Meham'ohoroiv'cloca made her feel *very* silly. Sierra was glad that there was one other person on the Retributor who was doing their job properly; no lies, no deception. It was nothing but the cold, raw truth with the tactical officer. Sierra felt that they had a good conversation amongst themselves. More importantly, she felt the need to watch over Meham'ohoroiv'cloca to ensure she was never abused again. Before leaving, Sierra offered the woman a smile. "Thank you. If you think of anything else, please feel free to reach out to me." She nodded her head and made her escape. She didn't shy away from bringing Claudius the bad news. She retreated right back to her office, briefly checking a new datapad which had magically appeared on her desk. Ugh. More reports to review *later*. She checked her husband's schedule once to ensure that no one would be in his office before she proceeded on forward. Upon entering, the first thing she did was scoop Bruce out from the baby sling and place him in his bassinet. They had opted to let him sleep in Claudius' office, as Sierra typically saw more traffic. With her boy tucked and her datapad in hand, she approached her husband's desk and sat. "Hi you. How are things going on your end?" The affair with Vader had made her all the more watchful over him. She *never* wanted anything like that to happen again.

As difficult as the ordeal had been with Vader on Mustafar, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney was not quite ready for more tactical briefings on how bad things were going on Chandrila. No matter how bad the war effort was going the arrival of Sierra always warmed his heart and put a smile on his face. As she sat across from him he smiled at her, before reaching out and placing his hand upon hers. "Well no one is using some form of mystical energy to strangle me ... so there's that," he said, as he attempted to make light of the situation. "How did you find things on the bridge?" he asked her, wanting the news straight away, rather than dancing around it.

She offered him a smile. Good news. Bad news. Regardless of which, she liked being his adjutant. It gave her the opportunity to work beside him in everything they did. Her hand held his softly. She couldn't imagine herself being in any other position these days. Claudius managed to get a laugh out of his wife. "I need to add that one to my quotes for your autobiography." She winked at him. "Oooh, a mess. While we were away we lost *another* Victory-class Star Destroyer as well as two Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers." Sierra frowned. She set her datapad upon his desk, first pulling up the damage report and sliding it in his direction. "Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca has suggested several different options for your next move since we can no longer bombard Chandrila and defend the nebula perimeter. She assumed pulling out isn't an option..?" Her eyes flickered up to his face. She scooted closer to his desk, flicking her finger across the datapad's screen to show him the variety of options Meham'ohorovi'cloca had provided.

"I hope the book is successful. With all these children we'll have years of Auntie Maeland trips to budget for," Claudius said, with a smirk, before the conversation grew more serious. "More losses? Ugh," he groaned, as he leaned back in the chair and rolled his eyes. Nothing was going well on Chandrila. "No ... no we can't pull out ... or else I will have survived Vader to be executed by the Emperor," he said, before rising from the desk and moving towards the bassinet in the other side of the office. "What do *you* think? You're not a novice anymore," he asked her, while he leaned over the bassinet and watched their son sleep. "I wish I could sleep so peacefully," he said to her, as he waited for her help in making a decision.

She laughed. She had just seen an ad for Auntie Maeland this morning. The Chocolate Rapids ride looked fun. She could imagine Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie slurping up the chocolatey stream. "Ugh. No. No more visits with him." Sierra remained seated. She turned to watch Claudius as he stood over Bruce's bassinet. The little boy was *out*. It surprised her that he asked for her advice. Sierra always tried to learn about each situation that came up as much as possible, then provide him with all the information to make a good decision. Claudius had been doing this far longer than she had, as she was only a Major and he was a Grand Moff. She thought on her meeting and what she should advise him to do. "You could. Go ask Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca to put you to sleep. She made Bruce fall asleep. I need to ask her to read a bedtime story so I can record it and use it with the girls..." Sierra looked at her datapad.

"Well, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca had suggested moving nebula perimeter security to provide some sort of resistance over Chandrila. She also pointed out that we are fighting a losing war there. There's no reason to pour so many resources into Chandrila when we're losing them. I believe that if there are Rebels on Chandrila, then there are likely Rebels on more planets in this sector. We should find them and attack them. The Rebels ran to Chandrila quickly. If they see their forces suffering elsewhere, they will stretch themselves thin trying to save everyone. Remember? They fight with their hearts. You should take *some* of the forces off of Chandrila, but leave enough to make an impression. When the Rebels are stretched thin, they'll be most vulnerable to failure."

"I hate to tell you this, but there were times during briefings where I did find myself dozing off," Claudius informed Sierra, before moving away from the bassinet so that they conversation would not wake up their son. He returned to her, taking a seat next to her rather than opposite her. "I was never a strategist or a tactician. The whispers that I am a politician are true," he confided in her, in a moment of vulnerability and self doubt. "Whatever you two think best I'm sure will be alright," he said, as he reached across to her, and placed his hand upon her thigh. "...but we cannot ignore the Emperor's command. If she advises us to strip our forces at the nebula, and remove some of the ground forces from Chandrila ... then see to it," he said, as he lowered his head, feeling quite exhausted from all this.

"Your secret is safe with me, Claudius. Our son was out within minutes. That has to be some kind of record." She placed a hand on top of his. She gave it a gentle squeeze. "No, you may not be a strategist or a tactician, but you have a team of good people to help you succeed. You *are* a Grand Moff and you're good at it. We've been struggling through a steep uphill battle with the Rebels as of late. I know how easy it can be to doubt yourself right now but..." Her free hand brushed his face. "I assure you, you're still doing great. I will speak with the Lieutenant again. I know that we have to keep a presence on Chandrila, but I wonder if we can't explore other options." She scooted closer towards the edge of her chair. Her knees bumped against his gently. She tried to offer him her strength in every way. The days weren't about to get any easier until the Rebels were out of Chandrila. Slowly, Sierra stood in front of him. Her hands met with his forehead where she massaged his temples. "It was an early day today. Let's go home. I'll make your favorite meal, massage you until you beg me to stop...oh, and briefly let you escape from the stress." She leaned forward to kiss his forehead. "When we arrive in the morning, I will meet with Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca and we will come up with the next step."

"You flatter me, my beloved, but the brave soldiers and sailors who perished in the Battle of Chandrila would not think me such," Claudius told her, feeling genuinely guilty about the lives that had been lost. "Yes. By all means. Speak with Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca and work out the details," he said, before unleashing an exasperated sigh. At this point he would rather be the governor of some backwater world in the outer rim, but his pride would not allow him to fail. "All those things? Really?" he asked her, before rising to his feet and extending his arm to help her up. "Then by all means let's get a move on," he said, as he winked at her. "Stress is one enemy I am happy to flee in the face of," he told her, as he moved towards the bassinet, feeling bad that they would have to disturb him.

She frowned. Claudius' humanity was something about him that she loved. It also made him feel the loses. She took his arm and slowly rose back to her feet. She gave him a playful smile. "All those things." She confirmed. She stopped over Bruce's bassinet and carefully lifted the boy. He let out a little groan but did not wake up. Sierra cuddled the boy against her shoulder. "You can go back to sleep when we get home, my love." She promised her waking son with a kiss on his cheek. Together, all three departed from the Retributor for an evening at home...

The smell of cooking food lingered in the Rodney estate. Sierra was finishing up cooking dinner. She was glad to be home ... and even happier to not be wearing her boots anymore. Since the amount of children in the house had expanded, Sierra had learned better than to keep her crisp, cream tunic on. She got in the habit of changing her top within a few minutes of walking in the door! Bruce was seated in his bouncer with a blanket on him on the floor beside Claudius. He was fighting drifting off to sleep. His eyes closed for a moment, then opened right back up. It wouldn't be long before he went out again. She lifted her head from her work and looked towards the two loves of her life. They needed to bring the family back together. Sierra worried with the Rebels too close for comfort. She wanted Drusilla, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, and Bruce to all be safe. She could watch Bruce by keeping him close, but she could bet that Drusilla wouldn't be overly receptive to being carried around in a baby sling. Not to mention, the added weight would break Sierra.

She moved towards the table holding two plates of food. The first she placed before her husband. The other, she left in her place. "Goodness, he's so cute." Sierra smiled down at their son.

Claudius sat next to their son while Sierra was left to prepare dinner. He leaned over his chair watching as Bruce struggled to stay awake, which reminded him of himself during long shuttle flights and tedious briefings. When Sierra returned he smiled up at her. "Do you hear that?" he asked her, as he paused for a moment, but there was no sound. "Silence. I enjoyed it at first, but now I tell you I miss the chaos," he said to her, as he reached out to take his plate for food. "You must recover Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie," he told her, though he could not believe he was saying the words. He breathed up the aroma coming from the food before smiling towards her. "It smells wonderful. Thank you," he told her, before he dug in to his home cooked meal.

The lack of noise seemed unnatural in their household. Sierra had gotten used to the noise created by all of their wonderful children. There wasn't even the sound of pulsating jizz music. She sat down while feeling like they were missing something...multiple somethings. "I miss it too. Ewwiekewwieikkie's greetings are the best." The Squib certainly made her feel loved when she walked through the door. Then there was Melickielickie, who was quickly warming up to their family. "I agree. I will go get them immediately." Her stomach growled so loud that even Bruce's eyes opened. "...Immediately after dinner, that is..." She blushed shyly. "Any time, my love." She started eating. She giggled as a thought crossed her mind. "Can't you imagine how insane our house will be in a few years? I hope Ewwiekewwieikkie likes giving piggy back rides." Bruce hadn't known what quite to think of his *two* adoptive sisters. He was content to just stare at the blue blob that was Ewwiekewwieikkie. "I'm going to take Meham'ohorovi'cloca to go get Dru back. I'm going to require a good tactical officer to get us through that..." She was just settling into her dinner when her comm went off. It wasn't her work comm, it was her personal one. "And there's the end of the silence." She said, rising to go find her comm.

"We'll have to expand. Maybe a private tea house," Claudius suggested, as the model builder within him crept forward and imagined expanding the property. "Oh no ... Drusilla," he said, as his fork fell upon his plate. "What with Lord Vader's summons I had completely forgotten..." he said, feeling like quite the ineffective father, lowering his head in embarrassment. "Onderon is a complicated world. The most fearsome of the Rebel cells started there," he informed her, before attempting to finish his meal. "No. Sit and eat!" he pleased with her, as she rushed off towards her comm. There seemed to be no rest for him and his wife as they dealt with two sectors under Rebel attack and a family growing in number by the hour.

"A private tea house would be nice, I'll admit." Sierra only paid attention to her comm until she saw it was her sister, Zara, who was calling her. Whatever she had to say could wait until after dinner. "Ah, it's just the *commoner*. She can wait." She sat back down, placing her hand on top of his. "Oh my Claudius, don't beat yourself up over Dru. The summonings were immensely stressful and we had no choice but to come home and immediately get back to work. She and the Prince haven't wed yet. I've seen no signs of it on the HoloNet. Our daughter is *not* the type to marry so quietly that it isn't even on the HoloNet." She reassured him. "I understand. I'll bring Troopers with me and stay extra vigilant. We will return all of our children to this house ... Whether they like it or not." She could hear her comm begin buzzing again. It grated on her nerves while she tried to enjoy her meal. Finally, Sierra gave in and picked up. "Zara," Sierra let out a sigh. She didn't cover up her irritation while her sister-in-law went into a full rant about a ball on Delaya the following week. She was speaking so quickly that it was difficult to keep up with her.

Her quick talking made it so the conversation did not last long. Sierra set the comm down when it was over. "There is to be a ball in Delaya. Zara has been given permission from Arundel for you to be able to attend." She reported, sounding more like an adjutant there for a moment. "Will you be my date?" She winked playfully.

Claudius was relieved when Sierra informed him that there was nothing on the HoloNet concerning his daughter's marriage. "You're right. I'm certain she's waiting until she negotiates a deal for full HoloNet coverage," he said, with a smirk, as he once again tried to make light of a difficult situation. "Should one of the troopers accidentally discharge their weapon and hit the boy I would not discipline them," he said, as he smiled to his wife while discussing the 'accidental' murder of his potential son-in-law. Claudius blinked slowly when he heard the news, taking a few moments to process it. "Delaya..." he said, longingly, as he looked towards her. "I have not been to my home in so long. I thought to have never been able to see it again..." he confided to her, as his voice began to crack. "Yes. Yes of course I will be your date!" he said, as a sense of joy returned to his face for the first time since the Mustafar incident.

She laughed behind her hand. "See? You're getting better and better at finding the silver lining." She laughed even harder. They had talked about the many things they'd do to hurt Pollix. This was tame considering some of the other options. "Discipline them? No... That Trooper would be getting a nice promotion." She wondered if she should take a sloppy Trooper with the hopes that they would 'accidentally' shoot Pollix and end everyone's worries. She felt gratitude to her sister-in-law for enabling Claudius to step foot on Delaya again. His happiness bled into her instantly. Sierra beamed from ear to ear. "When the party gets lame, we'll escape and enjoy our favorite parts of Delaya." Sierra's head was filled with happy thoughts. It would be like a childish dream come true to dance with him at the ball. She had been to so many balls in her time, but they were all massively uncomfortable with the way her mother paraded her around like a desirable object. This time around, she'd get to spend it all with her loving husband. She stood, glancing downward at their sleeping son then towards her husband. "Okay, my *date*. Go wait for me upstairs. I'll get Bruce in bed and then I'll pay up on that massage I promised you."

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