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Christopher Levy and Tara McLaren.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:13) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Major Kerrie Kiley and Lieutenant Brianna Visla.

Kerrie Kiley was in her empty room, sitting silently on the edge of her cot looking over a datapad. It contained the report on Lieutenant Brianna Visla and the Clawdite commando did not have a pleased look on her carefully mimicked Human visage. She let out a dejected sigh as she tucked the datapad under her arm, and stood from the cot and began walking towards the door. It was time to introduce herself to her newest officer. She was not a particularly social creature and she did not have what some called 'small talk', but she was required to interview all new members of her unit. As she paused in the corridor outside the Lieutenant's quarters she stopped to adjust the crisp, black uniform that adorned her diminutive frame. Once she was content with her appearance she brought her left hand up to the control panel next to the door and depressed the alert. She attempted, but failed, to force a smile upon her late 20s face.

The lieutenant was indeed in her quarters. At present she was doing a series of pushups on the floor, albeit it in an unusual way. She was doing it on a mat that was normally used as a trap by bounty hunters, one that operated by increasing the gravity on a target until they could no longer stand. Brianna must have been a glutton for punishment, however, because she was using it to exercise. When the alert sounded, she would call out "Enter please" and immediately leap up to her feet and stand at attention. She was wearing only the bodysuit that was normally worn under trooper armor.

When the door opened Kerrie was visibly surprised to see such an attractive woman standing before her. She had read in the bio that she was part Hapan and after spending so much time with the Lady Htaere she was accustomed to their beauty, but it was unusual for one of her Storm commandos. "At ease, Lieutenant," she said quickly, never being one for formality. She was no Academy graduate herself ... she was a draftee, and it showed in the less than serious way she carried herself.

"Yes, sir." She stood at ease, though her position shifted only slightly. She would move to deactivate the gravfield generator mat. It was currently set to a little bit more than Carida standard. Apparently she was interested in not softening from her Academy shape. She was tall...1.8 meters...and very toned. "Can I offer you some...water...sir?"

"Water?" Kerrie said, sounding confused as she canted her head and looked her over more carefully. "Oh. No thank you," she said finally, as she brought the datapad up from under her arm and looked at it carefully. "Carida, eh?" she said, reading it aloud at certain key intervals. "Do you know why they chose you for this assignment, Lieutenant?" she asked, as she shifted her weight to her right side to await a response.

The small cabin of the the newly graduated lieutenant was very neat and clean. There were ample places for the Major to sit if she so chose. "No, sir." Brianna shook her head curtly, her shoulder length red hair bouncing slightly as she did so. "Are you sure you would not like to sit, sir? I can only speculate it is because my performance in suppressing a small insurgence during my Omega exercise was graded well, sir. That, and my recent completion of commando training."

Kerrie nodded her head politely and took a seat in one of the chairs, daintily crossing her legs as she looked up at the much taller woman. "You can think that if you want," the Major replied curtly, as she looked over the datapad once again before tucking it back away. "But the truth is the Empire doesn't take the war seriously here. It's the Core and they refuse to commit resources here because it's ... 'embarrassing'," she explained, as she let out a frustrated sigh while pulling the cap from her head. "We've lost two teams of commandos since we began our operation here ... and what do I get sent as replacements? Children," she admitted, perhaps revealing too much of her views on the subject. She had been drinking and it showed.

"Yes, sir. I admit I am unworthy of service to the Empire, sir. I only hope that my performance of my duties will not bring too much shame to the Emperor." Her green eyes did not seem to show any kind of deception. She seemed perfectly happy to believe that the Empire had assigned her there because they did not wish to commit quality officers.

"Have you been briefed on what happened to the last Commando squad, Lieutenant?" Kerrie asked, her eyes drifting down slowly as she played it through in her head yet again. It was something she would be hard pressed to get over. Her hand shook slightly as she considered it, playing it over like a holovid stuck on repeat.

"No, sir." She moved to sit down on a seat across from the Major, barely sweat from the exercise. The girl was very dedicated to exercise, but one usually expected that much from an Academy graduate. "It is not my place to ask, sir. I am given whatever information the Empire requires me to have and should be glad for it."

"They were killed in action on Esseles," Kerrie admitted coldly, as she crushed the hat in her hands without realizing she was doing it. "That probably isn't something the Empire would want to admit, but nevertheless it's the truth and I won't spare you it," she stated plainly, before her eyes eventually drifted down and she realized what she had done to her hat.

"I did not join the Stormtrooper Corps in order to advance myself socially, sir. I will gladly sacrifice myself in the service of the Empire." There must have been a story behind this Hapan female joining the Imperial military. By all appearances she must had better prospects than being a rare woman in the service of the Empire. Perhaps her dossier would say more.

"Then why did you join the Stormtrooper Corps, Lieutenant?" Kerrie asked, her voice raising slightly, as if agitated, before she shifted again to calm herself. "It is not exactly a branch of the service that is welcoming to our sex," she admitted, nodding her head to emphasize her words as she spoke.

"My father was..." She paused in mid sentence. Obviously she was more used to areas that did not require social niceties. "...that is to say, I believe that my father was a trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic." From the way she spoke, it sounded like she was not permitted to state with certainty who her father was. "It's in the blood."

"Following in your father's footsteps?" Kerrie asked, as she flashed a brief smile over towards her. "My father owned a shipping company ... but lost it..." she said slowly, without going into greater detail. From the way she spoke, along with her tense body language it was clear it was something she did not feel comfortable speaking about. "Anyway, I don't think I could see myself as a freighter pilot," she said, as her eyes blinked, as if she was coming out of a brief trance.

"Yes, sir. My prospects at home are...likewise not good, sir. The Corps is my life." It was obviously that she was really performing above her weight class. She had not made any major faux pas so far, but she was used to only giving curt official responses.

"Well let us hope it is not your death, Lieutenant," Kerrie said, as she rose from the chair and walked towards the younger woman. Her eyes tilted upwards and she looked at her with an air of puzzlement about her. "Any questions about your assignment, Lieutenant?" she asked, as she put the notoriously crumpled hat back above her head and positioned it the best she could.

Brianna stood at the same time as her Major did, obviously not wanting to be sitting while her superior was standing. "I would be curious as to our first deployment, Major, so that I might best prepare. I am also completely satisfied with being part of the security detail for the Grand Moff's household. Whatever the mission, I am ready."

"Our primary assignment is the protection of the Grand Moff and his family," Kerrie said, continuing to look up at the taller woman. She hated the fact that she was consistently in the company of individuals who were so much taller than her. "But soon we will be doing the ultimate service for the Emperor ... rounding up treacherous officers!" she exclaimed, stomping down a booted foot as she angrily relayed the information.

"Yes, sir. I am certain the Empire will punish them, sir." She didn't seem to be personally affected by the revelation that they would be going after traitors. She did not seem to have a mean bone in her body, it seemed. "Do we expect resistance by the troops serving under them, or will they surrender their superiors?"

"No loyal Imperial soldier would dare oppose the Grand Moff's arrest warrant. As for the officers themselves ... they will surrender ... or they will die a traitor's death," Kerrie sand angrily, as she raised her left hand up and clenched a fist in front of Brianna's face. "If they had any honor they would kill themselves before we even had a chance to arrest them," she admitted, as she suppressed the urge to spit as she spoke of the villains.

"Yes sir." Brianna did not seem to be intimidated by having a fist thrust in front of her face. "I have no problems executing arrest warrants, sir." It seemed to be rather difficult to get the young lieutenant worked up, and she seemed a very positive sort of person for someone who was called to wreak death on the Empire's enemies.

"A personal question, Lieutenant," Kerrie began, as she moved back down to the seat and got herself comfortable again. "As you may be aware from reading Lady Rodney's dossier ... you are not the only Hapan in the sector..." she began, setting a preamble before her inevitable uncomfortable question. "Why are you not in the Hapes Cluster?" she asked, realizing it might be a difficult thing to discuss. However, she wanted to know the motives of all who served beneath her.

The lieutenant sat shortly after Kerrie, placing her hands in her lap as she tried to stay proper. "As I said, my prospects back home are...less than stellar. My mother..." She paused, before correcting herself. "...I was born to a Duchess. My father was not around, and he would not have met...the Duchess' family's standards. I am not any kind of a prospect for a marriage in any of the social classes."

"A Duchess?" Kerrie asked, as she laughed slightly at the prospect. "Well, well, Milady ... should I curtsy when I stand before you?" she asked, playfully folding her arms in front of her chest as she leaned back in the chair and studied her features once again.

For the first time Kerrie managed to get a reaction from her that showed real vulnerability. Lieutenant Visla's eyes seemed to register a damaging blow at the joke. "Sir, I am afraid I did not...adequately explain. I am considered a bastard. My social status in the Hapes Cluster would only be improved if I had been born in a lower social class."

"Oh. I am terribly sorry, Lieutenant," Kerrie said quickly, as she forced a more subdued expression on her face. "But it is who we leave this world at that matters, not who we enter it as. Keep that in mind..." she said, as she was quite satisfied with the woman's answers. However, she would still need to see the woman in combat before she could decide if she was worthy of being a commando in her unit.

"It is of no concern, sir. My...relations..." She seemed to have caught herself from using the word family, careful not to make a claim which could hurt her in the long one. "...are right to have disowned me. I will be happy to sacrifice myself in service to the Emperor."

"Have you ever seen someone sacrifice themselves for the Emperor, Lieutenant?" Kerrie asked, sounding quite disillusioned. "It is not as glamorous as the holovids make it sound..." she explained, as she rose from her seat and walked right over towards her. "The men who occupied this room before you gave their lives for the Emperor. It was terrible, and it accomplished nothing," she confided, as she bit on her lower lip, to keep a negative expression from curling on her face.

"We had close to the standard number of casualties in my graduating class at the Academy, sir. The platoon I led in putting down the insurgency had a small number as well." The Lieutenant was apparently very nonplussed about the likelihood of her dying. "I will attempt to stay alive as long as it does not impede my ability to accomplish the mission in front of me."

"Do try and stay alive, Lieutenant," Kerrie said, as she began to walk towards the exit of the small cabin. "It is such difficult paperwork whenever an officer in my command is killed in action," she explained, as she stepped out of the small room to hurry about her business. There was much she needed to attend to before she could conduct her operation to sweep up the treasonous officers.

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