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Liz Dorner, Robert Dunmire, Todd Fitzgerald, Nate Lentz, Christopher Levy, Tom McDevitt, Amy Paris, and Thomas Rogers.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:9:22) in the Sriluur system: Argo, Outrunner, and Ruul (Ruul City: Grujo's shop and Spaceport).


Nash Adiras (death), Commander Derek Atio, Grujo, Flight Lieutenant Tesla, Lieutenant Leo Kincaid, Petty Officer Tashi Ling, R2-X4, Lieutenant Riffa'rdac'olounasa, Corporal Seekith Shardin, Sergeant Aami Tina'da, and Captain Dagon Tong.


The Corellian Corvette Argo emerged from hyperspace in the outskirts of the Sriluur system. The system was the site of the recent, brutal subjugation of the Weequay homeworld by the forces of the Galactic Empire. The Weequay were putting up a brave resistance against the Imperials, but were drastically overwhelmed by the Empire's might. The Argo's latest assignment was to attempt to slip through the Imperial blockade and provide much needed resources.

Commander Derek Atio's first concern was the ship's modified transponder. If it was not functioning this mission would be over ... quick. "Lieutenant Ardac," he asked immediately after the ship emerged from hyperspace, "Report."

"Sir, transponder is functioning properly. Shouldn't have any problems." Ardac announced, coolly.

"Let's see what we're dealing with," Commander Atio said as he leant back in his chair, "Full sensor sweep."

"Aye, aye Commander. Commencing full sweep of Sriluur system in two, one..." Ardac tapped away at his control board, scanning the system as far as the Argo's systems would allow. He kept his eyes open and alert. He received several pings, each registering as spacecraft. A few buttons later and he turned to the commander with a grim expression. "Sir, there's an Imperial Star Destroyer, and a few squadrons of TIE fighters. They appear to be on patrol, I don't think they know we're here."

"Command warned us this would not be easy," Commander Atio said stoically. He turned his attention to Tashi next, "Lay in a course back to the Vergesso Asteroids ... I want to be able to get out of here in a hurry."

A brief twitch in her lips, and the cigarra shifted to the side of Tashi's mouth. She sniffled and turned brandy-brown pools to the navigation computer in front of her. "Done" she answered in stoic obedience.

"Steady as she goes, Mister Ling," Commander Atio said quietly as he ordered her to move the ship towards the planet.

Shielded from view, Tashi's teeth gritted in arrogant frustration. The address he designated her with still boiled her blood no matter how many times she heard it. She drew a dangerously deep drag on the cigarra, the tip flaring to a vibrant orange as it receded noticeably. The flash of irritation didn't detract from her piloting skills though, and the ship crept cautiously towards the atmosphere.

Leo Kincaid sat in his usual pose, one knee up, back against a bulkhead, one leg lying on the ground next to him, a checklist in his lap and a load of supplies all around him in various piles. Not just a load, a huge load. Enough for a rebellion, which is exactly why he was doing inventory. This was a package for the Weequays, straight from High Command, and a lot of important people wanted to know that they got everything they needed. Medical supplies, rations, weapons, tools, and various other assortments of equipment were separated meticulously. His eyes showed that he was weary, but his cause let him dutifully count, recount, and check for as long as was needed.

Ardac straightened in his chair, his shoulders rising abruptly. Red eyes turned to the pilot in irritation...smoking, again. Then they shot right back to his control board. "Commander, we've got company...four TIE fighters, hostiles, approaching head on. We've been spotted." The Chiss physically relaxed, as if forcing himself into a trance. His hands moved smoothly across his controls, ready to power up the shields at a moments notice.

"Easy everyone," Commander Atio said quietly, "We were expecting this."

Sharp-tongued pilot Tashi Ling's eyes narrowed on the incoming craft before taking hold of the control column with both hands. "Everyone buckled in?" she grumbled, shifting the column tightly so that the ship dove into a tight arc to the left. One could nearly hear the aged hull creak and groan under the strain, and Tashi's train of thought derailed for a nanosecond to offer a silent encouragement that the old welded panels and jury-rigged repair work would hold.

Ardac heard the faintest sizzle. He thought, for a moment, it was the pilot's cigarra. He turned to say something about it, finally, when a shower of sparks exploded out of his control panel, singeing his eyebrow as he turned to avoid it. With a pop-hiss, the sparks fizzled out, and Ardac looked at the Commander, annoyance thick in his tone. "Well, there goes the transponder...and my eyebrow."

"Blast," Commander Atio exclaimed in frustration, "We'll never get through the blockade now ... Tashi engage the hyperdrive."

Tashi plucked the near-spent cigarra from her mouth and lifted a booted foot, snuffing it out on the thick black rubber sole. "Not gonna happen. We're going nowhere fast. Better get on the horn and start requesting a weapons hold status or else we're target practice."

There was the slightest hint of concern in the back of the Chiss' voice as Ardac stood, hunching over the controls. "If we still have communications. Sir, critical system failure. We're losing systems all over this hunk of junk."

The sound of a Human voice was heard over the ship's communication systems, "Unidentified transport, this is Lieutenant Tesla. Our preliminary inspection reports your systems have failed. Do you require assistance?"

"Inform the pilot that we will repair it ourselves," Commander Atio said to the operations officer.

Laughter busted out on the bridge as the small feisty Corellian woman bristled with amusement. "Oh this is just rich" she chuckled at the Imp's transmission.

Ardac answered back in a cool and political voice, a complete contrast to how serious their problems were. "Lieutenant Tesla..." Ardac began to transmit back when the communications failed. He grinned lightly. "I would Commander...if we still had communications...they just bought it. I'm surprised we're not belly up. Orders?"

Tashi rubbed an eyebrow wearily, evaluating the system readouts on the display. "We might have enough juice to make it..." Tashi's eyes lifted to the viewports " that small moon...maybe...if we all offer up words of encouragement."

"That's our play then," Commander Atio said to Tashi, "Ardac ... tie in the emergency power and transmit an electronic transmission to that TIE fighter that we do not require assistance, nor will we be entering the quarantine zone."

"Aye, aye." Ardac brought up a quick list of what systems were still functioning, and rerouted power to communications from the least important. Typing up the exactly what the Commander said, he beamed an electronic transmission to the TIE pilot, Lieutenant Tesla, and then cut communications back off, leaving the power route intact incase they needed to make an emergency communiqué. "Transmission received, sir. Might as well pray to the closest god. Quay, isn't it?" A grin crossed his bluish lips.

Muttering a few warm fuzzy tidbits under her breath in hopes the powers that be would smile upon their misfortune, Tashi guided the Corvette to the designated moon, limping along precariously, half-expecting the ship to simply rumble apart at any given moment. It was nothing short of an absolute unmitigated miracle that got the Argo to the satellite's proverbial doorstep. Tashi's brown eyes narrowed slightly, looking over the rock on which they intended to put down. "We're shooting blind here. This look safe enough to drop this bucket?"

"It'll have to be," Commander Atio explained to Tashi as he strapped in the harness around his waist.

The crippled Corvette descended through the atmosphere, albeit with much ferocity and jolting about. Tashi did not even offer an apology for the turbulence, as it was far beyond controllable. She found herself being thankful alone that the ship did not split at the seems when moving from the cold dead of space into the warmer ozone. As they skimmed the dreary surface, Tashi pointed to a particularly hideous looking valley, a maw of jagged rock. "How about that? It'll be tricky, but it offers natural barriers as our defenses...and we need to stay hidden for a while to get this damned thing running."

"I haven't seen a surface that rough since before you put on your makeup this morning," Commander Atio jokingly replied to Tashi, "Strap in and bring us in."

The gaunt frame of the fiery-spirited brunette twisted in her chair to glance over her shoulder at him. Something wild and infernal burned in her eyes as she scrutinized him sharply with the intent of committing horrific atrocities on him...mentally at least. An audible growl escaped her gritted teeth as she shook her head. Seething still, she moved the Corvette into position over one of the flattest parts of the valley, which still did not say much for the terrain. The repulsors rotated and the ship began to descent, the landing gear uncoiling below the ship. What may have been a reasonably smooth landing fizzled out as the overtaxed engines groaned an ominous death gurgle before sputtering out. The thrust of the repulsors wavered a few times before dying out altogether and the Corvette plummeted the last fifteen meters, crunching hard onto the landscape and rocketing about everything within its shaky metal walls. Jolted about her chair tight against the crash restraint, Tashi winced. When the ship finally settled and all was still, quite literally...she straightened up and forced a sugary sweet smile. "That was just lovely. It's been a real treat, folks. Let's do this again sometime."

"Well, at least we only landed in a barren wasteland," Ardac muttered under his breath, dropping back hard into his seat.

"It was either that or have the Empire extend us their best...which I'll pass on" Tashi shrugged, un-strapping herself and climbing to her feet, taking a moment to stretch.

Kincaid was shaken by the sudden crash landing, and his eyes went wide with the realization that all the supplies went airborne just as he had, being thrown into disarray, weapons being damaged, rations being strewn out all over the deck, and precious medical supplies being utterly destroyed. His face creased into a frown, looking as though he were about to cry, his eyes wide and twitching with every reverberating bang...he tried to swallow the lump in his throat as he picked himself off, luckily okay from the hard landing. "What the..." He couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence as he realized he now needed more supplies and ship parts too.

Commander Atio un-strapped his harness. It was a rough landing, but it could have been a lot worse. "Tashi," Derek said as he rose from his seat, "Let's get down to engineering and see how bad the damage is. Ardac, better get outside and check the external damage."

"Oh goody, how I missed my morning constitutionals." Ardac slipped out of his seat, still agile in his advancing age. He checked his sidearm, the standard DH-17, before strolling down to the exit ramp.

Commander Atio strode from the bridge with Tashi, hoping she would not jab a shiv into his gut the moment they were alone in the turbolift for his earlier comment.

Tashi ran a hand over her chocolate brown pony tail before pausing to root for her cigarras. She scowled upon finding the pack in her pocket, largely crushed when she was smacked against the sides of her chair. She shook her head in dismay. "There's no hope now," she muttered before shuffling off after him towards the belly of the ship...

Tong was smoking a cigarra in the conference room. The entire ride down had been an adventure that he was not happy about, but at least he had managed to shed the hated rebel uniform. Dressed in grey combat overalls and armor, he looked like a mercenary. The MSD-32 pistol was still on his thigh, and he'd left the EE-3 on the table while he waited on the briefing to begin.

Corporal Seekith Shardin sat at the table to Tong's right. The thrill seeking Cathar had enjoyed their crash landing over an hour ago but knew that it was now time to work. He was already in his gear but his weapons were still up in the armory. Being the heavy weapons specialist he tended to carry only the big guns, and they could be a little difficult to carry around the ship all the time.

Aami made her way into the conference room quickly and quietly took a seat at the far end and waited for the briefing to begin.

Lieutenant Leo Kincaid strode into the conference room, trying to keep himself together after the tragedy that was their landing. He was far less intimidating than the others, looking more like the guy who would throw you an extra power pack if you needed it, but he maintained a stern expression in light of the seriousness of the situation. He had nothing to say off the bat, but he definitely had a lot of questions. And paper, for a new supply list. He took a seat with the others at the conference table, looking at at Seekith, then Tong, then to the door.

The door slid open, announcing Ardac's entrance. The operations officer had only recently made it back into the ship, and he did not look happy. In one hand he held a cup of coffeine and the other a datapad with list of the all the ship's external damage that he was able to get a look at. The Chiss sat down, red eyes taking account of each person individually.

As Ardac looked at him, Seek unfolded one arm and gave him a smart-alecky little wave. "You look blue ... Do you need a hug?"

Ardac raised his brows. Un-amused, to say the least. He took a sip of his coffeine, setting it down, elbows propping on the edge of the conference table. "Are all Cathar lacking in professionalism as you, or is it a unique trait?"

"That's enough. Both of you shut it so we can have this briefing and complete the objective. No one benefits from sitting on this rock a second longer than needed." Tong spoke in a dead voice as normal, thickened by cigarra smoke.

Commander Derek Atio strode into the conference room looking stoic and grim faced. He took a seat at the head of the table and folded his hands triangularly.

Ardac rose momentarily as the Commander entered, and settled back into his seat only after his superior had.

Last, but never least, came the lanky meandering form of spitfire Tashi. She eyed the lot somewhat pleasantly, remarking to herself what an assortment of oddballs this was. She carried with her a small waste basket and slapped it down on the table in front of her seat, a note taped to it reading "Complaint Department: Inbox." Casually she dropped into her seat, nudging it backwards slightly to prop a booted foot up on the edge of the table. Light brown eyes shifted to their fearless leader as she wove her fingers together behind her head.

"The power plant is fried," Derek said grimly, quick and to the point, "It's not something we can fix. The new transponder we were provided was obviously meant for a ship with a more powerful unit. It's now obvious that when we turned it on we experienced a total overload. All systems are offline and that's not going to change. We need to get a new power plant and we need to get off this rock or else we'll all end up in that prison we just left. Is there any external damage?" he asked Ardac.

Ardac skimmed over the datapad he held, clearing his throat of coffeine before speaking up in a bored and uninterested, but still oddly professional, tone. "The fact we can still use hull singularly is about the only good news I have. There's nothing too severe, but the landing gear's stabilizers are bantha fodder. If we manage to get up, we can't afford to come down as hard we did again."

Derek nodded. That was somewhat of a relief. "Supply," he inquired, "Anything we can trade for those parts?"

"Well...on today's menu we have mashed rations, fried blasters, and our ever famous mystery medpacs" Kincaid nodded, almost serious, and just incredulous at the havoc wrought by the brutal landing they had taken.

"Alright," Derek said as he sunk down into his seat at the table, "Lieutenant ... I want you to proceed to the nearest mining town. Tashi will accompany you and identify the parts we need. Do whatever you have to in order to secure the new power plant." He paused for a moment, "Whatever you have to ... do I make myself clear?"

Kincaid leaned in a little closer after several minutes of silence. "Sorry...we have scraps, enough to bribe locals not to report us, at best. You're perfectly, sir." Kincaid sat back in his chair, back to all seriousness.

"While we're on the subject, this was the last cup of coffeine." Ardac said dryly, sipping liberally from the small vessel.

Tashi was still lamenting the peripherals. "No cigarras are crushed...this is just horrible," she mused quietly shaking her head.

"Captain Tong," Derek said as he turned his attention towards the commando, "take your team to the spaceport ... find us a new transponder. Better I don't know where it came from."

Tong had a moment of difficulty not lecturing the ship's commanding officer on his squeamishness, but he fought past it with the help of his cigarra. "You have a size of ship in mind?"

"Better be something small," Commander Atio stood from the table. "Move out. Meet back here in six hours."

A dark eyebrow singularly arched as Tashi studied Tong from across the table. "You got another one of those you'd care to part with?"

Tong turned his flat, dead, predatory gaze on the officer for a moment and then pried a pack from the harness that sat over his armor. A moment later, they were sailing through the air towards her. "Don't crash anymore and it won't be an issue." With that, he was on his feet and heading for the ramp, having collected his EE-3 in stride.

The moon's desert-like climate meant most days were long and hot, and a lot of time was spent just hiding form the sun. On the outskirts of the mining town, a few merchants stood around under their small, makeshift tents. The largest had a clay-like building and looked like several ships had crash-landed leaving piles of old metal parts of all sorts. It did not seem like anyone could keep an inventory. The merchant appeared to be the bulky Houk hauling a piece of an old hyperdrive from one end of his lot to the next, ignoring the scorching rays of the sun.

Leo Kincaid walked casually through the stifling heat, or as casually as one could stranded on a remote world with a ship that would not move. He nudged his head towards Tashi and stopped for a moment and then nodded up towards the Houk hauling the equipment. "Look at the size of that thing. I bet you we could get what we need from him, got any ideas off the top of your head?"

Tashi regarded the Houk with a half frown. "I dunno. Think we can interest him in some of your mystery medpacs?"

The Houk was not accustomed to people standing on the edge of his lot, and did not take kindly to it, either. The beast of an alien dropped the hyperdrive component, unconcerned with its well-being, and lumbered up at them angrily. "Hey, hey, hey! You no loiter on my spot. You buy or you go!" he Snarled adamantly.

Kincaid snickered, pondering what kind of creature the brute was. "I suppose, he looks like he could use some...uh oh...greetings! We come to buy." Kincaid nodded vigorously. "You can help us?"

"Grujo help you? You funny. You pay maybe I give, but no help." The Houk waved his finger at them, rubbing grease and oil off on a dirty apron.

"Right, we pay...if you have our part. You accept supplies? We can pay with more supplies than our credit is worth!" Kincaid smiled, as if seeming earnest, not knowing if the bluff would work.

Tashi's eyes were following his fingers in disdain. It was all she could do to keep her nose from crinkling as she contemplated whether the stuff on his apron really was grease and oil. "And we're selling cookies," she chipped haphazardly.

Grujo's eyebrows, or what passed for them, rose at the mention of credits. "Grujo accept credits, Grujo accept many things. What part you want from Grujo? Grujo has hyperdrive parts, stabilizers, engine components..." The burly Houk rattled off a list, counting away on his fingers. A loogie was hocked and spit off into the distance. "No lookie too long, you tell part, you pay I give. No ifs, Grujo not like ifs. What part?"

"Okay then...we need an ionization reactor and regulator..." He seemed to ponder the specifics... "Mason-Branger 7085 if you've got one. We have a lot of supplies that I bet you can't get around here that would worth a lot of credits. You like?"

"You say if again and Houk not like if. Maybe Grujo has both parts, but Grujo want good credits. Or Grujo will accept human female as trade." He leered at the woman, patting the muscular bulge of his gut. "Grujo definitely have reactor, he remembers well."

"Maybe Grujo can sell both parts together, but cred must be real good. Good cred, better than Empire cred. Good cred or no part for tiny people." The Houk seemed awfully scatterbrained as he prattled on, turning away to heft up a random piece of equipment.

Kincaid laughed to hide his nervousness, thinking on his feet, but not quite trusting the Houk. "We'll take the reactor, you Grujo will like trade. We give you medpacs, you get lots of credits, and how about blasters. You sell blasters, Grujo become rich." Kincaid put a heavy emphasis on the last word to get the thing's mind off of Tashi as he reached out and put a hand on her forearm as if to tell her not to react.

The Houk pounded his fist onto his chest. "What Grujo need blaster, medpac for? Grujo healthy, strong. I take cred, you will give good cred. You not find part anywhere else for many, many miles, Grujo guarantees."

Kincaid frowned, knowing he could bargain. "But Grujo not find good blasters, and new medpacs anywhere else. We guarantee. Also, we do you service. Grujo have problem? We take care of one knows Grujo was responsible."

"Strong and healthy won't repel blaster bolts, buddy," Tashi mumbled. She turned her head so that her words were for the Lieutenant's ears only. "He's bluffing anyway and losing focus. He just gave himself away referring to the reactor as two parts and then just now as one. Keep driving. I think we can break him."

He hoped the offer would sound lucrative enough. Money was not everything, everyone could always use a friend, or so Kincaid hoped.

"Why you talk like Grujo now? Not before. You try mock Grujo, try tell him how Grujo runs business? Grujo not need blasters, Grujo take care of own problems." Then Tashi spoke up, sparking that Houk temper. "You talk like Grujo not here and hear! Grujo want super good cred for part. Who make trade anyway? Human female or human male? You don't try trick Grujo."

Kincaid shook his head furiously, with wide eyes. "No, we think you are big, strong, maybe strong enough to know that everyone should use your name!" Flattery... this was Kincaid's cup of tea. "Maybe you have competition? We take care of competition, then everyone says, Only Grujo can take care of you around here. And I'll be making the trade. She's with me, you really wouldn't like her, she looks okay on the outside, but she is much like bad ship" Kincaid pointed to a large piece of wreckage, hoping to distract the Houk long enough to shoot Tashi a dirty look and raise his finger to his lips.

Grujo seemed to think for a moment and then bellowed at Kincaid's apparent joke. "Aaah, so like Hutt on inside? Grujo think that funny. Grujo like you. Grujo has no competition, Grujo best there is. Come with Grujo, he show part, we make deal. Bad-ship woman stay off Grujo lot, not leave Hutt-slime trail." He wrapped his massive arm around Kincaid's shoulder, dragging him along towards the part under the tent.

"Yeah that's real funny," Tashi mused, eyes rolling. "I was at a disadvantage to begin with since I'm apparently the only one who isn't fluent in Big Dumb Oaf" she chuckled to herself, eyes panning the lot keenly.

Kincaid smiled as the large creature half embraced him and shot a look at Tashi over his shoulder, as if she should know what to do by leaving and packing the supplies for an imminent trade. Then, he walked, trying to raise his laughter loud enough to drown out her mutterings.

It worked, luckily. Beneath the tent sat the part. It was not in perfect condition, but was serviceable. The Houk released Kincaid, patting the part lightly. "Grujo keep all ju...inventory...nice and working. Grujo will trade for creds. Also blasters since Grujo like you. I know people who will buy. What number creds you give for trade?"

Kincaid frowned, his brow creasing, then decided to go with the truth. "I've never had to buy one of these before, but we are a little short, we could spare you two thousand, no problem. We must have some for food, or else female..." Kincaid pointed over his shoulder to where he came from." like angry Hutt." He laughed at his own joke, finding the comparison all too humorous, hoping the humor would satisfy the Houk.

"Part in very good condition. Houk understand what you mean about female. Houk wife eat like two Hutts, she big as one." He chuckled, slapping Kincaid on the back, hard enough to leave a bruise but not knock him over. Friendly. "Grujo will accept two thousand cred, that good cred, and also ten blasters, only if working though. This deal, you accept?"

Kincaid laughed, wincing slightly but letting the pain subside before sticking his hand out to offer a standard human handshake. "Two thousand creds and ten working blasters, I accept deal. I like you Grujo, you're a good businessman." He was beaming like the twin suns of Tatooine, partly because he was glad to get off this rock and partly because he truly did like this Houk.

"Grujo tell you, he best there is...for one hundred cred, Grujo carry part to ship. But you can also strap to Hutt-woman, use slime-trail to drag." Another belly-shaking laugh as he grabbed a datapad from some nook. He kept records.

"Deal Grujo!" The trek was seemingly short back to the ship considering the long adventure they had embarked on and had yet to finish.

About half a standard hour of shuffling through and test firing blasters, Kincaid brought back two cases of five each with the desired amount of credits. Though the crew was not happy about the price, there was a unanimous understanding of how important it was.

After that, it was only a matter of making the transaction official. With one last pat on the back, Grujo sent them on their way with the part. It was a good business day for the Houk.

Tashi had long since returned to the ship and was seated comfortably in a semi-reclining position and enjoying a cigarra in the fresh air. As the newly appointed Hutt, it was now her job to lie around...and do nothing.

Nash Adiras, a native of Corellia, took in a long drag on his cigarra as he tightened a bolt on his hyperdrive. "Amazing," he thought to himself sarcastically...his hyperdrive gave out four times before it finally kicked into gear. The fact that he invested so much of his hard earned credits into a ship that was falling apart irked him.

The trip out of the ship and to the row of hangars that passed for a spaceport was uneventful to say the least. Tong had kept his eyes up for security, and found it to be light enough that they could rob the place and fire less than fifty shots. But that was not the goal. So Tong led what appeared to be a small band of mercenaries into the hangers, looking for a suitable craft. The YT-1300 was perfect. He brought his team to a halt just outside to speak with them quickly before any violence could ensue. "Alright, simple sweep and clear of the ship. Nothing fancy. But any occupants, we heard into the cargo bays, alive if possible. Any questions on this assault plan? You two are battle buddies for this. You don't go anywhere without each other. Side arms or E-11s are best in here. Conditions are going to be cramped."

Nash made a mental note to not buy another hyperdrive, or anything for that matter, from a one eyed Rodian with a spice habit. After this next job, he planned on investing in a new hyperdrive, one that actually worked when he needed it to work. His right hand reached down for the panel that covered the innards of the machine, quickly putting it back into place. A sigh escaped his mouth as he removed the greasy gloves from his hands.

Seekith nodded his understanding. He glanced down at the BlasTech E-11 in his hands, which looked even smaller in his big paws. He had been trying to frown too badly, but he missed his big gun. Oh what I would give for even a disruptor or concussion rifle right now...anything but a puny E-11.  He had even complaining to Aami the trek there. He turned and looked his sad eyes at her, to convey those same thoughts he had already whined to her about.

Aami looked at Tong and then Seekith as she pulled out her blaster pistol. She gave Tong a nod and prepared herself.

"Alright. Let's move little one," Seekith said to Aami, "Remember, just stay close to me. If I get shot, you plug your finger into the hole so I can keep shooting."

"Alright, you folks have the engineering spaces, I'll take the living quarters and the cockpit." And with that, his MSD-32 disruptor pistol, the bane of Merr-Sonn designers, came free of its holster, while he left the EE-3 on its sling. Tong was the first one up the ramp, and moving silently, worked to clear the spaces he had taken responsibility for.

Seekith moved up right behind Tong, with his E-11 raised and ready. As he made it to the top of the ramp, he turned left instead of right, heading for the engineering section.

Aami followed close behind Seekith looking around as they walked up the ramp, her pistol at the ready.

Jix placed his hydrospanner on top of the hyperdrive, rubbing his tired eyes. He had spent all morning attempting to repair his ship from the overheating most of the ship's systems endured. Indeed, owning a heavily modified ship had its price.

R2-X4, an astromech droid, wheeled through the corridors of the YT-1300. To his amazement he spotted a group of unknown visitors aboard the ship and began beeping wildly and loudly as he sounded the alarm.

Seekith heard the droid before he saw it. Thinking fast, and not thoroughly enough, he ran up to the droid and punted it as hard as he could in the direction of the engineering room. Instantly realizing what he had done, the large Cathar grinned.

With a whirl of discomfort R2 went flying through the air and landed on its back in the engineering part of the ship, "Beep. Whirl. Boop."

Tong would have closed his eyes in irritation, but his cold, methodical mentality won out, and he simply gaze a hand signal for them to speed up, and get done, while he moved at a silent jog, checking all the angles, his disruptor pistol's muzzle focused on whatever his eyes were. He moved through the living spaces, and into the cock pit, and then back to the ramp to wait, and cover his squad.

The alarm klaxon startled him and Jix almost fell backwards. The sound of the alarm mixed with the shrill of the R2 unit's mechanical cries was enough to give him a headache. If it wasn't for the R2 unit screaming, he would have just passed it off as another ship malfunction. His hand shot down to his waist, his hand grabbing the DL-44 he had slung in a holster on his belt, whipping it out and holding it in front of him.

Seekith quickly moved down the hall in the direction of the droid. He signaled with his left hand for Aami to follow, while his right thumb switched the E-11 to the stun setting. He stopped just at the edge of the door way into engineering.

Aami covered her ears as they got closer to droid. "Someone shut it off!" She pressed harder trying to keep from going deaf.

Jix quickly turned and grabbed onto a red wire, yanking it out of the slot it was plugged into, causing the alarm to stop crying. "What is it?" He yelled at the little droid.

R2-X4 beeped and shook violent on its back, unable to right itself.

Hearing the other man speak, Seekith crouched next to the door way waiting to see how it played out. If Tong could get the part they needed fast, then they would not have to shoot the guy.

Jix aimed the blaster ahead of him, his right index finger rested gently against the trigger. "What could possibly be happening now?" He thought to himself, realizing that he's had the day from hell.

Seekith quickly put just the rifle into the door way, fired a quick stun coil into the center of the room, and yanked it back.

Tong had taken a kneeling stance, the MSD-32 not wavering in his hands as he periodically checked down the ramp, and then back towards the engineering spaces. This was taking too long. The ship was not a cruiser. It was a simple freighter.

Aami realized the droid had been shut off and removed her hands from her ringing ears and blinked a few times. "I forgot how annoying R2 units can be." She sighed with relief as the ringing left.

Seekith tapped his comm unit and spoke a simple phrase in a low tone to his captain, "We got a live one."

Perhaps it was simply a false alar...and of course, the sight of a blaster rifle being aimed inside the same room Jix was in changed his mind about that. The stun coil was about three inches away from knocking him out. "Sithspit!"

Seekith smiled as he heard the curse. He raises his voice and yelled around the edge of the door frame, "Good Afternoon! This is Gorhay of the local divisions of angry Jawa union. Due to a lack of accessible ships on the hills, we are now first to come and steal directly from your ship.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could through out any weapons you may have, laying down on the floor, and not move. Thank you!"

Aami laughed at Seekith's remark. "Yep that will work. Thanks a lot Seekith now we don't have to shoot him." She said in a smartass tone as she pats him on the back.

Seekith turned back to whisper to Aami, "Tell Captain Tong that I have this one pinned down. If you guys can get the transponder we can leave ASAP."

"Captain Tong said not to split up didn't he?" Aami looked up at him and raised an eyebrow.

Seekith gave her a wide-eyed look and tapped the comm unit she was wearing.

How could he let this happen so easily? Apparently Jix needed to also invest on locks for his ship. "I just put this thing together and now you're going to rip it back apart?"

Tong did not need to be told, as he came up behind them, and gave a nod back to the ramp. "Both of you go get the part, and guard the ramp. I'll take care of this." And with that, he pulled what looked to be an incendiary grenade from the harness that held the power cells and grenades for easy access. After a moment, he pressed a button, received a beep in response and pitched it into the room. "That is an incendiary grenade. It's rigged with a remote detonator and is tamper proof. You will either throw out your weapons, and step to the door with your hands raised, or you die screaming. You have five seconds to make a decision."

Seekith tapped Aami on the shoulder to fallow him as he moved past Tong, towards the cockpit of the ship.

Aami blinked and turned to follow her battle buddy. "Hey wait up!"

"Alright, alright!" A defeated Jix tossed his blaster out of the room. "I'm coming!" He slowly began walking out of the engineering room, unsure as to how many opponents he would face.

As Seekith made it into the cockpit, he let his E-11 sling back behind him as he started took around. Without looking back at her, he spoke to Aami, "Cover down the hall for me. Shoot at anything that isn't super pissed and has three scars on his face."

Aami nodded to Seekith and turned to cover the hall as he looted the cockpit.

Tong stood alone, two meters back from the hatch that the pilot would be coming out of, his disruptor pistol raised already, so that it would be at center mass for his target. "Alright, on your knees, keep your hands up. Is there anything of value on this ship, credits, arms, cargo. And trust me, your life depends on this answer. Lie to me, and I'll leave you in a state that your droid will sweep you up."

Upon hearing the man's voice, he stopped dead in his tracks and dropped down to his knees as he said, his hands raised in the air. "There's uh, a few blasters in my quarters along with a couple hundred credits, but that's it."

Seekith ripped open a control panel and spotted the transponder they were looking for. In one big movement, the item was ripped from the console, tangling cords and all.  He turned and gave Aami a winked, "Look what I found just laying around under some machinery."

Tong made sure that he had the man dead center in his sights, his dead brown eyes locked on the prisoner's. "Any traps that are going to hurt one of my men or me?" his voice was as cold as if it had passed through a voice scrubber and his aim was unwavering.

"None," Jix stared down the barrel of the weapon, which was nothing new. This wasn't the first time a blaster was held at his head, so, he had learned how to keep his cool when your life was in danger.

Seekith tapped the comm as he started to move back down the hallway, "We got it, sir."

Aami turned to face him. "... You know I'm amazed you didn't get shocked."

Leaving the weaver stance to aim with one hand so he could operate his comm with the other, he spoke quickly. "Check living compartment. Be careful. Might be a few hundred credits, and a few weapons in there that we can make use of." As soon as he was done speaking, he returned to the two handed grip, and waited for confirmation as to the loot they might make off with.

Seekith turned mid stride head down a different hallway. He swept into the room with the E-11 raised in his left, and the transponder still held in his right. The rifle looked almost like a pistol in his hand.

"Will you stop that!" Aami followed Seekith quickly down the hall and into the room.

"Stop what?" Seekith asked as he handed her the transponder.  He quickly start to rummage through the room for weapons and credits. As he found the credits lifted them to show to Aami. He only pulled out 180 credits and left another fifty sitting in there. He raised his finger to his lips to show Aami that he did not want anyone to know that he left the guy some credits.

Aami nodded and smiles as she held the transponder close. "Hurry up so we can go."

Seekith quickly stash the credits in his pocket and then start looking for the blasters. As he bumped the bed, the top half shifted. He lifted it up to reveal a large stock of blaster pistols and rifles. His eyes grew big as he spotted the payload.  A Stouker concussion rifle! The blaster and the E-11 were quickly loaded into the bag. As Seekith left the room, he now carried the Stouker instead. He tapped his comm again, "We got it all sir."

"Good. Evac as planned." Tong nodded softly, and fired two shots. The first was meant to disintegrate the man they had robbed. He knew they could not leave witnesses. It would only lead to the transponder being caught before they could really escape. He had nothing against the man, but that was the business he was in. He meant to disintegrate him, and then the second shot struck the droid, aiming to render it useless and fried.

Jix' baby blue eyes continued to stare down the barrel, wondering how long it would take before...and that was as far as he got. His thought was cut short by the blaster that was in front of him. The bolt smacked him dead in the face instantly disintegrating him into nothing.

The bolt R2-X4 that let loose a loud beep as its entire circuit board was fried and rendered useless.

Seekith was just about to make it down the ramp when he heard the disruptor go off. He stood still, staring down the hall and waited for Tong. His eyes were huge and his mouth was slightly open.

Aami ran into the back of Seekith and fell back. "Hey! Why did you stop?"

With the deed done, Tong holstered the weapon, and headed from the engineering space. The ship was clear, and he nodded to Seekith. "You heard me. Evac. Back to the ship. We got what we needed and more."

Seekith stepped closer to Dagon with a somber look on his face. He leaned in close to whisper into his hear so the Aami could not hear, "I don't mean to question you sir ... but you did not need to do that."

Aami stared at Tong. "Wha..." Aami jumped to her feet and stomped over to him pushing Seekith out of the way. She gave him a hard stare "There was no need for that Tong."

Tong looked his heavy weapons specialist directly in the eye, his icy gaze not wavering. There was no joy, and no anger there. The only possible tell the man had was that his voice was a bit quieter than normal. "It was necessary. He reports the robbery, and this entire exercise only makes sure we don't make it to where we need to go. We don't leave witnesses. You are both Cuy'Val Dar. You no longer exist to the galaxy. Now get back to the ship. We don't have time for this. If you really want to whine about it, and seek a transfer, we can discuss it in orbit. And that is not up for question or debate. Move." There was a particular emphasis put on the last word, as he finally made contact with his combat medic.

Aami stared at him coldly saying nothing.

Seekith let Tong pass so that he could take up the rear. As he came started to move he spoke Aami but in just loud enough of a tone that Tong could hear, "We may be Cuy'Val Dar but we are also member of the Alliance, not bullies of the Empire." Seekith's anger filled eyes were still locked on Tong's. He stepped back signaling that he would prefer to Tong to lead them out.

Tong did not move, only kept his eyes on Aami a moment longer, and then to Seekith. "You don't like it, get out of my unit. You can't fight a war from Kessel, which is the best you could hope for if he reported this." And with that, he was down the ramp, and headed back towards the Argo.

Aami followed Tong holding the transponder tightly. She was very angry with her Captain and was not about to let him hear the end of what he had done.

Commander Derek Atio sat in the conference room. It had been more than six hours since the two teams had set out. He was becoming restless.

Tong brought the duffel bag filled with weapons and credits back to the ship, and dropped them on the conference table, lighting a cigarra as he did. He would have to deal with the insubordination of earlier before they deployed again, he was sure. But he dropped the transponder on top the bag, and waited to see if there was anything else.

"Good work, Captain," Commander Atio said as he reached onto the bag and retrieved the transponder. He slid it across the table to Ardac. "I want this installed right away."

Ardac picked up the new transponder, turning it over a few times, inspecting it closely. "Where'd these scratches come from? Did you pry it out with your teeth?" He narrowed his eyes at them, before rising to get on the task. It would only take him a few standard hours.

Leo Kincaid sat smiling in the conference room, smug as he could be. A new ionization reactor and regulator sat in the ship, he had told the Houk to just leave it wherever. His job was done. "Be sure to thank the Hutt for me."

"I trust it wasn't too much trouble to get, Lieutenant?" Commander Atio said as he hoisted up the new power planet. He would install this damn thing himself.

Commander Derek Atio strode into the bridge of the Argo and took his usual seat behind the flight crew. He looked towards the operations officer stoically, "Ardac, report."

"All systems online, we're green across the board." Ardac reported coolly. He tapped the newly liberated transponder, praying he did not get another spark shower.

Commander Atio stood from his seat and walked in-between the pilot and co-pilot. He looked up at the planet Sriluur which loomed in the distance. He paused for a moment, his gaze turning into a focused glare, "Then let's finish this."

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