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Sean Brandt, Christopher Levy, and Brian Peterson.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:22) in the Aquilea system: Aquilea (Gordon: Spaceport).
El-Nay Darr, Dyrdek Roujier, and Rais Triestar.

The Mandalorian mercenary called El-Nay Darr was assigned to track down another mercenary who had caught the attention of her Imperial minders. The individual in question was a human named Dyrdek Roujier ... an Alderaanian. Personally, she did not think it was a good idea for the Imperials to contract someone whose planet they had just obliterated, but she was simply a tool that carried out orders, rather than a decision maker. The petite young woman was wearing her overtly bright orange set of Mandalorian armor in the Nite Owl style of two decades ago, which while a foreboding image, nevertheless did not conceal how small she was compared to her male counterparts. Fortunately for her, Roujier was on the planet Aquilea, a short trip down the Hydian Way in the Colonies. She never knew what to expect on a mission like this, as her first instinct was to draw her weapon when meeting a potential rival and enemy. Her head tilted towards the taller, masculine Mando'ade she had been paired with her, to her great distress. "I do not know you, but I imagine you're more diplomatic than me. You should probably do the talking," she said, turning over the lead to him, to her great discomfort. She had been relegated to a sidekick and she did *not* like it.

Rais Triestar couldn't help but chuckle at the shorter, not to mention fairly younger, Mandalorian. His own armor, painted in midnight blue with yellow piping accents, heralded from the era of the True Mandalorians. A pair of custom DE-10 blaster pistols were holstered to the thigh plates of his armor, colored to match the look. "You're right, you don't know me very well." Rais could probably talk to people better than El-Nay, but from his experience, two mandos marching into any place usually didn't get around to saying very much. When their kind showed up people knew what to expect, and it was almost never a casual conversation. Their target had been sent to handle some kind of deal, or so their intel suggested, located in the hangar of an old spaceport that had since fallen to relative disuse. For all intents and purposes the place seemed abandoned as the pair of Mandalorians made their way further inside. Once they reached the hangar bays, Rais pulled up a holographic map on his gauntlet, checking to see just which one they were meant to head into. With a motion to the far left one for El-Nay's benefit, he headed over. The old doors no longer functioned automatically, but that wasn't a big concern. Rais worked his gloved fingers in to get a grip on it and flung the thing open, making no effort to be the least bit quiet about things. "We're here for Dyrdek Roujier. If that happens to be your name, save us the trouble and step forward."

Dyrdek Roujier was standing beside a derelict speeder speaking to one of the hunter's who used this old hangar as a way station when the stranger made himself known to the room. As he turned to take in the sight of the newcomers, his right hand went down to his thigh to ensure his trust Power 5 was still handy. It was seated comfortably in a holster ready to be quickly drawn if necessary. He was wearing lighter armor than he would normally, mostly because he hadn't expected any trouble. Dyrdek's garb consisted of tan and black fatigues with a black cloak to keep all of his goodies out of eyesight. Dyrdek weighed his options for a moment; thinking to himself, "Should I just end these fools here for interrupting me?" He also made a quick note of the escape routes out of the fairly large hangar. The two interlopers were only a few meters away, well within range of a skilled shooter. Behind him was another set of heavy cargo doors, but that route would surely end him. The other people in the hangar were standing probably wondering the same thing at this moment. Dyrdek sighed heavily and took a step towards the Mandalorian that spoke, "So, what exactly do you want with Dyrdek Roujier?" He figured at this point it'd be better to just see what they want before shooting them.

"What he said!" El-Nay said, as she shifted her weight to the side, and nodded towards Rais Triestar. As she looked across at the man they were after he did not look that impressive, but she began to wonder if there was something about him that she was missing. No one had ever accused her of being a good judge of character or a talent scout, so she had to figure that the Inquisitor and Major Eona understood something about the man that she did not. Her hand moved to the side of her helmet, bringing down the targeting scanner over her right eye. This gave her a much better view of the man, as well as an 'easy' target should he not be willing to come willingly. Oh how she wished he wouldn't come willingly, and the fingers of her gun hand were already beginning to squeeze open and closed excessively. If she were in the lead she would have simply stunned the man and captured him like a bounty, but it seemed her compadre was the talk it out type. Oh well, she thought silently to herself ... some people just did not like to have any fun.

No one started shooting as soon as they barged in, so things were off to a good start. A quick assessment of just what Rais had come storming into was made, but so far as whether or not this man was worth their time, well...Rais just didn't care. He was being paid to find the man and find him he did. "Private message from a potential new client. For his ears only." Whether or not the others gathered cleared out would be the next little hurdle. If they didn't, well, El-Nay might just get her wish. The instructions were to make the offer to Dyrdek, and only Dyrdek, so that's precisely what he intended to do.

Dyrdek took this moment while the large Mandalorian spoke to take his new opponents into his mind clearly. He always hated getting into fights with Mandalorian's. They just never gave up, and the fights were always ugly. Dyrdek immediately thought something was up because they didn't exactly come into the hangar firing. If things did go ugly, he'd take out the girl first. They were always full of nasty surprises, and he hated surprises. "A private message?", Dyrdek said, intrigued. He looked around the room and whistled loudly before speaking, "Everyone get out of here, I need to have a chat with my two new friends". And at that moment the room cleared, quickly. Leaving the three of them remaining in the hangar large enough to hold a few hundred. "Go on then, I'm all ears."

"Are you sure talking is better than stunning, Rais?" El-Nay asked, loud enough that Dyrdek would surely hear it. She shook her head, letting loose an unprofessional, untrained sigh, before shifting her attention towards their would-be target. She watched as the other cleared the room, giving them a two-on-one advantage should it come to that. She backed away, towards the door they scurried out of, to ensure that no one else came in. Beneath her helmet she was already studying the hangar they were in ... potential escape routes, potential areas of cover. This was not ideal ground, but she did note that the ceiling was high enough to make use of her jetpack. "You've been selected for an opportunity to be part of an elite team of mercenaries," she said, inflating the job a bit, as she wanted to make herself sound more impressive than she actually was. If she knew how the Inquisitor and Imperial Intel really felt about her and the team she would be quite miserable, but fortunately for all considered El-Nay was ignorant, and rather easily swayed.

A cleared room, no shots fired. This was proving to be much easier than Rais had anticipated, but then again, it's not like they'd charged in and started gunning people down. There was a lot to be said for the benefit of taking the path of least resistance. A glance was spared towards El-Nay as she secured the exit, and with her in place, he approached Dyrdek. "More importantly, they're offering a significant retainer fee." Rais reached to his belt and, rather than producing a weapon, pulled free a datapad which was offered out to Dyrdek. It contained a contract, already filled in with Dyrdek's information, which was no doubt a little odd. The issuant was Saber Enterprises, and as to the credits, was substantial enough to retain the Mandalorians, and he was receiving the same offer. All it lacked was his confirmation of acceptance. "You get the next few minutes to think about it, then the offer's gone."

Dyrdek grinned widely as he stepped forward and retrieved the datapad from the Mandalorian. He was more than aware of the smaller bounty hunter moving to his rear by the door the others fled through. At this moment Dyrdek had considered a few path's. He could easily remove both of them from the picture at this time, his confidence and arrogance were astounding. This Mandalorian though had mentioned creds immediately, and nothing is sweeter to Dyrdek than cold hard cash. He took a moment to breeze over the datapad. He was impressed, they had enough information on him, and it seems something big is going down, just from the retainer put on offer here. It made sense to him that they would send hunter's to find him, as he isn't exactly *safe* in the sense you could invite him to a conference room. "Okay ... so an elite group of mercenaries?" Dyrdek laughed, he honestly thought this was fairly humourous, but he knew there was some exchanges going on with the powers that be in the galaxy. Getting the most skilled hunters and mercs on your side could definitely turn the tide on something big. He almost felt flattered they thought to come after him. Could be better than this goose chase he was currently on. "Sounds like a deal. The creds are good enough. What's the plan?" Dyrdek asked wryly as he confirmed his information on the datapad and agreed to the terms.

Rais waited while Dyrdek looked over the agreement, remembering when it had been presented to him. Only one hunter had come to recruit the Mandalorian, but she had been plenty to convince him to take the offer. At the end, though, the credits were what made him stick, and he knew damn well that was the case for almost anyone in their line of work. He shared in Dyrdek's laugh about the elite mercenaries deal; it was flattery, just a way to make the hunters feel better about taking on terrible jobs. All the same, this new recruit to the team was ready to come aboard, which was good enough. Rais held out his hand for the datapad once Dyrdek confirmed. "Next, we visit the boss. Do you have a ship?"

Dyrdek handed the datapad to the Mandalorian and took a moment to look him over before offering his hand for a handshake. "I do have a ship, parked not far from here. This hangar is old and doesn't exactly have power to open the big big doors that let things in and out." he chuckled a bit and turned to look at the other hunter. "I suppose we should cut to introductions before moving on. As you well know already, I'm Dyrdek Roujier. Who are the two of you?" Dyrdek finally took his hand off the blaster strapped to his thigh and took the moment to brush back his wiry brown hair from over his right eye.

"I am El-Nay Darr, perhaps you've heard of me?" El-Nay said with a mix of eagerness and arrogance, as she took her attention away from the door and proudly placed her hands on both of her hips. "You're doing the smart thing coming along with us," she said, although she almost wished there *had* been a fight. She was impressed that Rais managed to defuse the situation, but perhaps the next one would not be so eager. With the situation at hand, she moved her hand to her helmet, as she raised her hand to the helmet, deactivating the targeting scanner, which returned to the top of her helmet.

Rais turned his head to look over towards El-Nay, the helmet moving with the motion. "I think most know you better by your nickname, *kih verd*." With a chuckle he turned his attention back to Dyrdek, moving on with the introductions. "Rais Triestar. We're docked not far from here as well, a Bantha-Class shuttle. You won't be able to miss it. I'll send you coordinates for our rendezvous point once we break atmosphere." With that Rais turned, motioning for the no doubt deeply offended El-Nay to follow. It was time to bring the newest addition to see just who, and what, he was working for.

Dyrdek pondered for a moment. He really didn't take the time to pay attention to other mercs. So he had no idea who either of these two were. "Well okay sweetheart, 'fraid I can't say I've heard of ya." he said slyly to her as she stood there showing her apparent pride. "Seems like the big guy here has a sense of humor though, so I do believe we'll get along just fine." Dyrdek chuckled and started for the door exiting the hangar. "So, should I go get my rust bucket and just meet you guys at the rendezvous or are we going to pile into your shuttle? I don't mind leaving my baby here, she's hidden anyways".

Beneath her helmet she was a font of rage, her skin was flushing a bright shade of red, and her hands clenched into fists. "Do not call me that again," she snarled, placing her helmet almost practically in front of Rais' chest. This was not the professional behavior that she should have been conducting herself in front of a new recruit. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Dyrdek approaching, and broke off her potential attack of Rais, coming to heel like the attack dog that she was. "Next time," she muttered, before moving back towards the door in preparation for their trip back to the Interrogator.

Rais had gotten the younger Mandalorian all riled up, which was exactly what he'd intended to do. There was no real clever reason or plan in place, it just entertained him to no end to watch her get angry enough to explode. Fortunately for everyone, though, El-Nay remembered that they had a job to do. Her threat had a little laugh escaping, and then he shifted his attention back to Dyrdek. "If you want your ship, I suggest you bring it with you. If not, well, there's plenty of room on mine for one more."

Dyrdek found El-Nay's temper to be somewhat lightening. He could tell from her terse attitude and disposition she was trying to prove herself. She had sprite that one. Dyrdek was also obsessively cautious. Leaving his ship here would safe guard it and ensure that if anything went south going forward, he'd be able to get back to it and get out of town. He opted to ferry along with Rais instead. Dyrdek had more experience stealing ships than most would claim, so if it ever came to that. It wouldn't be a problem. "Well, in that case Rais. I'll tag along with you in your shuttle." Dyrdek laughed out loud for a moment. "It will give us a chance to bond." It was obvious Dyrdek was being sarcastic. Especially laughing at his own crude sense of humor. He could care less for these two, he wanted to get to wherever they were going so he could meet the mastermind behind the contract he just agreed to.

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